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An INSPIRING Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I hope this Sunday morning finds you all well…and comfortable. I know so much of the country is dealing with excessive heat as we are. We are entering Day 8 of a heatwave up here in Jersey…one we were supposed to get relief from yesterday in the form of a line of massive thunderstorms and plenty of moisture to wash away this oppressive heat.

What we ACTUALLY got was thunder and lightning for the past couple of nights, and a 5 minute shower yesterday afternoon, but it wasn’t enough to even wash away the poor, sad drooping blooms on our flowers! I’m hoping with my fingers crossed that overnight we will get something a little more substantial! I think many of us could use a reprieve  from all of this sticky heat!

As for our Drive today, don’t worry – the AC is pumping! However, I think you’ll be happiest to know, as I was, that I was pleasantly surprised over how many of our JaSam vidders seemed to have been INSPIRED again over the past couple of weeks. I know it had to be INSPIRATION from within their JaSam-loving hearts, as we don’t have any coming from our former favorite soap…so it means all the more that our vidders did such beautiful work for all of us to enjoy! The fact that they are INSPIRED to not let go just yet INSPIRES me to do the very same!

Thank you so much to each of you talented, wonderful, generous vidders for sharing this lovely gift with all of us when we need it most! You guys keep the JaSam Love alive, and for that, so many of us are eternally grateful!

Much love to each of you…and to all those willing to take this Drive with me this week!

Let’s go…

“The Things We Never Did” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Falling Slowly”    Credit: tenpointoh1

“Beautiful” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Stars” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“Losing Your Memory” Credit: brittcb4

“Kisses Down Low” Credit: msnotsoanonymous

“Still”  Credit: aproditebeauty

“Skyscraper” Credit: nightstorm23

“Whenever It Rains” Credit: aproditebeauty

And…because we cannot ignore the significance of the dates this past week, here’s a Classic Vid celebrating Jason and Sam’s Proposal:

“He Proposed” Credit: aproditebeauty

Never let go of the Love we found and enjoyed as Team JaSam! It brought us all together and gave us tons of wonderful memories to hold onto! 

Stay cool!


Not Ready To Give Up Yet, Either

Good morning, GHers.

My house is so quiet and solitary now that I actually had some time to myself, so I pulled out the laptop and decided to post about today’s GH (Yesterday’s by the time you guys read it).

What a great episode! No fake masked people, or onslaughts of newbies…just good ol’ fashioned beloved GH characters all on the same page over the devastating loss of Edward Quartermaine. As it should be. Even Trey and Starr were on today because of Edward, albeit indirectly. I just love it when my GH feels, looks and sounds familiar.

For the record, Ron Carlivati’s name is always listed as the headwriter, but the credit for each episode goes to the script writer whose name is listed with editor, Elizabeth Korte’s. Today’s script writer, therefore, was Scott Sickles, and considering he is new to the GH writing team, added after the clean sweep of longtime GH personnel, the episode struck a chord with me.

I thought everything about the episode seemed “right”. From the drama and turmoil at the Quartermaine Mansion, to the heartbreak Sam’s sisters are feeling over Sam’s situation, I watched and understood every scene because it made sense. And that is something that needs to be a little more consistent on GH. There are days that I watch and think, “Who are these people?” because the characters that I both love and love to hate are acting completely “off”. If only the feel of today’s show was one that became the norm, I would feel a whole lot more connected to my beloved soap.

Yet, though that consistency is lacking, Monday’s touching episode pointed out one thing for me. Like Sam, I am not ready to give up yet, either. Not on Jason coming home, not on my soap coming out of this alive and kicking, and not on GH in general.

How could I not feel that way after seeing that Quartermaine house filled with…genuine Quartermaines! Not long-lost relations that we feel no connection to, or ghosts of the people we loved, but real, in-the-flesh Quartermaines! Fighting and back-biting and arguing as though they never stopped! I really had forgotten how much I missed Ned, and even Skye doesn’t bug me as much when she’s part of the hullabaloo. And as much as I have detested A.J. ever since he slammed Jason into the tree, it’s nice to have some life back in that mansion again after all these years! I will take Quartermaines over Mannings on any calendar day of the year!

Having Edward’s will read was a classic moment, as we would expect nothing less from Tracy. I loved the bickering back and forth, and Tracy’s true-to-form bitchiness, even in the sacredness of the moment. I did like that Diane, a bitch in her own right, was the attorney to deliver the blow, because she was not going to cower to Tracy…or anyone for that matter. I thought that gave it a little extra. What I am confused about, and what is niggling around in my brain, is what change Heather could possibly have made to Edward’s will, or what it was that “she knew that the Quartermaines didn’t.” I don’t like loose ends. I don’t like inconsistencies, and I guess that is my main bone of contention with GH right now. I need that settled, and sooner, rather than later, please.

I have never been a Lulu fan, but I thought her talking to Sam about wanting to have a baby was something that would happen, and I enjoyed that. I also liked that her scenes with Maxie, mostly because I love that Maxie is the one trying to deal with heartache instead of Spinelli. While I a may not be crazy about the idea, I also thought it was very clever how they walked Maxie right into that corner where she felt her idea of becoming Lulu’s surrogate was a great idea. Personally, I would rather see Maxie getting back to work somewhere – anywhere, but I am just happy to have her back, so I guess I’ll take it. 🙂

I must say I also really, really loved the whole Davis Girls scenes…I hated that Sam and her family left things the way they did. I loved that her sisters made the move and asked Sam to come over for dinner, and I loved that they focused on their nephew, because any aunt would be willing to jump through hoops, even the one they think is denial, in order to be able to enjoy their nephew or niece. Trust me. I speak from experience.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the writers are using all of Molly’s romantic tendencies to give her something constructive and smart to do! Having her write a novel was BRILLIANT! I wrote a novel when I was Molly’s age, and like Molly, I did it just for the satisfaction, but chickened out of submitting it anywhere out of fear, so I thought that would resonate with a lot of girls like Molly…and me. It made total sense that she would be afraid of rejection, because unless you have a friend like Starr, who has a dad in the publishing business, it just seems like a huge, lofty dream to have a novel published. Way to go on that, writers! I will take Molly churning out romance novels over hooking up before she’s ready every single time! Molly is jut too smart to make the same old mistakes; especially when the Molly I know and love would have learned from the mistakes of the women in her life.

Finally, Sam’s scenes just touched my heart and made me sad; but in a productive kind of way. Sad, because Sam and Danny are trying to go on with their lives, and Sam is trying desperately to be stable and calm and even happy for their son, but all of that is happening without the benefit of Jason’s presence and love in their loves. *sigh* Just like the rest of us are trying without his presence onscreen. It can’t be anything but sad when we think about how much Jason and Sam love each other, or how much they went through on their way to having everything they wanted, before it was all stolen from them before they could even enjoy it all together. It’s just sad.

I also said it was productive because it reminded me that this is the season of “Believing”. It’s the season on miracles and magic. It made me want to remind you all to take a page from Sam’s book, and in the face of even the best of friends, like Spinelli, refuse to stop believing that Jason is out there and coming back to the loves of his life! Sam’s resolve gave me strength to square my shoulders, tip my chin up, and declare that “I Am Not Ready To Give Up Yet, Either!”

What about you?

Do you still believe that in the end, “Love will win out and that it always does?”

I sure hope so…that is The Beauty of GH.


A Heather GEM to inspire your Belief: “I Believe In You & Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

A THANKFUL Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…In Spite Of Everything

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I hope and pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you shared the day with those you are most thankful for.

As most of you know, holidays only mean one thing at my house: Family. Family. And more family. Now that the holiday is over, and the leftovers are gone, everyone has departed, and we are back to being on our own again…until the next round at Christmas. 🙂

I’ve had some long, sleepless nights over the past week…I always get a bit anxious when I am responsible for pleasing so many people. The silver lining to my insomnia being such an issue this past week was that it meant I had plenty of time to watch JaSam vids…from the classic to the most rent. And since the overwhelming sense of THANKFULNESS is still with me, I began to feel very THANKFUL for the gift we were given in the form of daytime’s Best. Couple. Ever.

Listen, I know we’ve had a rough year as JaSam fans. I know that we had a tough loss in losing half of our Super COUPLE. I know that some of us think we should give up the ghost on thinking that Jason will ever be back (not me!) However, IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING, we are taking a THANKFUL Drive this week, because especially for us JaSam fans, these vids will remind us that it was better for JaSam to have loved and lost (and left us SO MANY INCREDIBLE MEMORIES), than never to have loved at all.

So, to that end, I found some “THANKFUL” themed vids, and I know that looking back at these ( many of which are Vintage JaSam), you will realize that we still have so much to be thankful for when it comes to our couple and their AMAZING history. There’s enough JaSam love on YT to help us keep that love alive…and to keep us feeling THANKFUL that we part of their legacy.

Chin up, jump in, and prepare to feel THANKFUL  all over again!

“I Just Wanted To Thank You” Credit: mcdela02

“Thank You For A Love So Beautiful” Credit: AfterTheRAin

“Thank You” (w/voiceovers) Credit: GGlvr06

“I Have You To Thank” Credit: CKellyRM

“Thank You For Loving Me” Credit: bthpeters

“Thank God I Found You” Credit: ajisfine09

THANK YOU All for taking the Drive with me. It’s still one of my favorite things about the weekend!

Have a fabulous Sunday! Be well!



A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Celebrating Jenn & Steph!

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. I will admit that I only really watched GH on Friday when Sam was on – the one other day she was on, we lost power due to the condition of our transformers around here. 😦

I will tell you that I did have the TV on a couple of times this week (when we did have power), and I just do not like the whole face mask thing with Duke/Faison AT ALL! Ugh… I am hanging on by my fingernails, but luckily Sam and Danny and the thought of Jason coming home to them keep me from letting go.

Well, that and the vids all of our vidders keep dreaming up! Thank goodness for all of the motivation to hold on they provide us. How grateful am I for each of them? EXTREMELY GRATEFUL!

I am also very grateful for you guys, my friends, and want to wish two very special friends, Jenn and Steph a ton of birthday wishes! Jenn’s birthday was this past week, and Steph’s is coming up this week, so as we take our Drive, let’s be sure to celebrate in their honor!

As a gift to you both, I hope you enjoy every single and special JaSam moment put together and tied neatly in a (birthday) bow for your enjoyment (and ours).

I love you both to pieces! xoxox

“I Dreamed A Dream” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Brokenhearted” Credit: LumiSnBJaSam

“I’m Gunna Love You Both Forever” Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“Tonite” Credit: aproditebeauty

*Her First Vid* “What About Now?” Credit: Pernilla Frid

“Won’t Give Up On Us” Credit: Mary H

“The Soul Never Dies” Credit: SwishandFlick17

And…if, like me, you really did need a reminder of just how much Jason and Sam loved each other over the past nine years, and how much they wanted a life together as husband and wife, this vid is for you! The vidder has given us an incredible gift…something to truly be thankful for!

“Jason & Sam | The Proposals” Credit: luckiBelle

*wipes tears*

Know that as I drop each of you off, I am leaving with a renewed devotion to our favorite couple! There will just NEVER be another couple like them, and I will keep fighting for them to be back in each other’s lives…and in ours! I hope you will, too!

Love you all! 


Yeah…”WHAT IF?”

Good morning, GHers.

I’m sorry. I really needed to process all of my thoughts before posting. And I had to get through writing all my heartfelt letters to TPTB.

Well, I will say this: if Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini wanted to get us thinking about “What If?”, they sure did. Just not the way they planned.

Instead, that JaSam episode got me thinking about “What If Ron Carlivati and Frank Velntini Had Never Come To Crap On Our GH?”


While I was just soaking up all of the Jason and Sam LOVE and HAPPINESS I could get before Steve leaves GH, during every commercial break I stopped to scratch my head and thought, “If he knew how to write JaSam, then why DIDN’T HE?” I mean, it was obvious he understood that Steve and Kelly are sooooo good at showing us a side to Jason and Sam that made us all fall in love all those years ago. You know what I’m talking about. The playful, yet heated, sweet, but deep-as-their-souls connection they share. My goodness! Jason laughing as Sam was praticing the “her-hee-hoo” breathing, their adorable scenes with Sam trying to get Jason to keep his hands to himself during Lamaze, and even the Jason feeding Sam – and himself – ice chips. No other couple can do heat one moment and fun the next as well as Jason and Sam, thanks to their alters, Steve and Kelly.

It made me incredibly sad to think that so much of that was wasted since the time this new team came into the leadership role at GH.

It most certainly had me thinking “WHAT IF? WHAT IF RON CARLIVATI HAD NEVER BEEN MADE HEADWRITER?” I mean, say what you will about Garin Wolf’s awful decision to write the Franco Honeymoon, but before that misstep, we had romance, we had legacy characters onscreen like Monica and Edward, and we had FAMILY moments to smile about and to remind us that GH was founded on core families! *tears* And you know what? say what you will about Bob Guza’s years of darkness, but at least he made moments of LIGHT mean something!

As I watched yesterday, I was tortured, more than “rewarded” by thoughts of “What If?” 

  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had not been set on this dead end road because of Heather’s lies, and Sam reacted exactly that way, not letting herself be manipulated by a woman sitting in a mental institution? You know – WHAT IF she had actually used the instincts she uses to make a living?
  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had enjoyed more moments of love and romance and increased hormones, as so may couples do during a time when they are reveling in the fact that their love created a new life? They were on the road to doing just that up and until RC took over the headwriting position. (Remember the cabin?) What a waste!
  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had been able to share the moments that strengthened their bond, respected their commitment to each other, and even honored their Love Story? Jason and Sam fell in love while bonding with each other and Sam’s unborn baby. Why not give them “the works” when it came to this baby – their baby.
  • WHAT IF…this pregnancy storlyine, and the waiting period for this child of LEGACY FAMILIES, was actually filled with scenes with those LEGACY CHARACTERS, like Monica, Edward, Alexis, and hell – even Tracy? Just imagine the amount of longtime viewers who might have felt a renewed connection to their long beloved soap?
  • WHAT IF…instead of tears, pain, sorrow and separations, this pregnancy had been filled with what we saw yesterday? Laughter and wonder, happiness and togetherness? There was such a golden opportunity here to bring people together again – and I am not just talking about Jason and Sam, though they are first on my list! I am also talking about Spinelli and Maxie (though it just felt so much more “right” with the beautiful Kirsten Storms back in the role). I am talking about Monica and Jason, and Monica and Sam, because they already had a history of a good, strong relationship. I am talking about The Davis GIrls. I am talking about The Grandmothers – bonding and perhaps trying to one-up each other in a bit of friendly competition. Families who have been part of our own families are what viewers want to connect with – not newbies who mean nothing to us! WHEN, DEAR GOD, WILL WRITERS AND EPs GET THIS???
  • WHAT IF…instead of dead babies and baby funerals, we had just what Sam dreamed of? Live, beautiful babies, and baby showers? I don’t know about you, but there is enough real sadness and heartache in my own world. I don’t want to turn on the TV to struggle through more tears and sadness! I want to turn on the TV to be transported, albeit only for an hour daily, to a happy place, where dreams do come true and true love does win out!
  • WHAT IF…the writers had taken the least traveled road here, and instead of writing a tragedy on the day of this LEGACY BABY’S birth, had actually written a fun, sometimes funny, but thoroughly celebratory event, as they did in Sam’s fantasy? Oh, how much more fans could have looked forward to, and enjoyed it! So many JaSam fans refused to tune in, simply because of the fact that they knew it would end with the ugly and cold reality RC wrote instead. How sad is that?

And finally…

  • WHAT IF…Jason had not been written out as the lead in his own storyline – you know, the storyline that helped to secure his character’s LEGACY, all so that Mr. Carlivati and Mr. Valentini could force John McBain into that lead spot? Into Jason’s Spot!?! What if Steve didn’t have a reason to feel that he could walk away from GH without leaving his fans completely devastated? As things stood when he made that decision, I imagine that Mr. Burton already thought that he had “left” the storyline and place of importance he held for all of the fans. All he did was make it official. Yes, I know all about the house in Tennessee, and the kids in school, but NO ONE will EVER convince me that he would not have found a way to make it work IF HE REALLY THOUGHT he would continue to be doing something worthwhile for all of us!

Which leads us to…

  • WHAT IF…The Beauty of GH was not ripped out from under all of us because a couple of guys came in here and refused to listen to what the fans wanted? WHAT IF we were all looking forward to what came next for us on this journey, instead of feeling like we’re getting ready to say goodbye? I am already wondering when my last post will be. Steve’s last day, marking the end of JaSam? On the 3rd anniversary of Bella Mafia in October? Or should I just give up now and just like Sam, suggest that “Maybe we should just give up. Walk away with (more than) two years of really beautiful memories, instead of destroying it, by trying to hold on.” *wipes tears*

We shouldn’t be thinking about THE END, but we are. And I place the entire blame for that SQUARELY on the shoulders of Misters Carlivati and Valentini.

No matter what I decide, I want you all to know one more thing I can quote Sam on: “I will love you ALL for the rest of my life. If I die tomorrow, or if I live to be 100. Even if I never see your faces,” even for the first time, I will never forget the place you guys took up in my life, and in my heart, when I needed you most. What I want is for you guys to really hear me on that, and understand the depth of my appreciation for each of you.

Like I said to my beloved Stephanie yesterday, JaSam Made Us Family. And no one can EVER take that away. Not even the stupid, lazy AIC. 

Today’s Lifeline: (This is the one silver lining to that JaSam Fantasy – that it will live on in our hearts because of our talented friends like Heather) “Look What We Made When We Made Love” Credit: aproditebeauty


This Day In JaSam History

September 7




A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…In Honor of Ro’s Birthday! <3

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

I just finished packing, and giving the house one more once-over, so that it’s spotless upon our return. As much as I enjoy vacation, there is still nothing like sleeping in one’s own bed, and being in one’s own house. I am trying to fight the feelings of anxiety that come whenever I travel for more than a weekend away from home. *sigh*

Luckily, I have this Birthday Drive and the fun task of finding the perfect vids for my BFF Ro (@rosieshadow), and for all of you to enjoy, while I am actually on the road. 🙂

I will have you all know that there may never have been a Bella Mafia for more than a week if not for Ro. Yup, the very first time I posted, she commented. I emailed her back to say how much I appreciated her comment, and there began a friendship that I can only describe as a blessing from above. She encouraged me with every post, and urged me to keep posting and trying to get GH fans to tune back in and to be positive. After reading Ro’s first comments, I felt like Bella Mafia was something that could bring all of us positive people together, and here we are, almost three whole years later.

Thanks, Ro. Not just for your role in getting Bella Mafia going, but for being a friend when I was going through the worst of my surgeries, and felt that I couldn’t talk to anyone else from my “old life” because I felt so disconnected from everyone. (One of the first signs of depression) Because of Ro’s encouragement, I found a passion in Bella Mafia, and went on to “meet” so many of you, whom I have come to love and appreciate and can no longer imagine my life without.

Join me in wishing Ro a birthday as wonderful and spectacular as she is! To know her is to love her, and I am so glad I got to know her!

Happy Birthday, my dear friend! I love you!

~Bella (She was the first person to ever call me that, and it “stuck”!)

For you… All of our favorites!

“That’s Worth Fighting For” Credit: HarperAnIdiot

“I Still Do” Credit: HarperAnIdiot

“The Way We Were” Credit: vridore

“The Way We Were” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Dream A Little Dream Of Me” Credit: luckiBelle02

“Once In My Life” Credit: Randeeni3

“I’m Your Man” Credit: fightinirish1289

“HOME” (How apropos) Credit: TheVintageGH

“You Don’t Know Me” Credit: SarahCG

“”Feeling Good” Credit: luckiBelle

“That’s All” Credit: TheVintageGH

“Something Special” Credit: JerseyBelle2

“You’ll Never Find” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Everything” Credit: athena606

And with this, I remind everyone, including Ro, to “Hold On” Credit: luckiBelle02

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s vids…at least almost as much as Ro and I did! 🙂 Please take a second to comment and like each vid! Our vidders deserve the love!

Have a great Sunday!

Much love to all,



This Day In JaSam History

August 4

2004: (If only he’d said “Don’t Go” this time around.)




August 5







Good Morning, GHers!

I am almost sure that just like me, you have heard that SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when they are most inconvenient.

Take Johnny. If anyone’s got a load of secrets, it’s The Mob Prince himself. The worst thing that could possibly happen to a guy with secrets, and a habit of seeing and talking to dead people (he happens to be responsible for killing), is a hidden camera trained on his every word and deed. I mean NOTHING good can come from this! Yup, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when the camera is constantly rolling.

Heather Webber may have scored herself some huge points with her boss with the Johnny Cam, but she also scored some major attention from the  police  based on the fact that she’s known by Anna to be a LOON, first and foremost, and totally obsessed with Luke to boot. Put those two things together and you’ve got the perfect motive for removing Anthony’s dead body from the Quartermaine patio and “planting” it elsewhere. SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when you’re so crazy you’ve earned your own ringtone, and especially when your secrets are hanging out of your purse!

Speaking of crazies and ringtones, Todd Manning isn’t too far behind Heather, but where as Heather may be criminally insane, Todd is insanely criminal! How dare Todd say that he wants to help Sam in every possible way, and still refuse to tell her that her baby is alive?!? I just don’t get it, and I just don’t think I will EVER be able to forgive him! Todd, more than anyone, should know that SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when you have to face the terrible damage you’ve done to someone daily as she brings you your coffee.

Oh, Lord. Stupidity grates on my nerves. Always has. Unfortunately, there is no better word to describe this storyline surrounding our Jason and Sam. One year ago this week, TODAY, IN FACT, Jason was fighting to convince Sam to become his wife. Anyone else remember Jason nearly pleading with Sam to marry him, because it was “no longer enough to say the words anymore? He wanted to PROVE IT TO HER!” *crying through the flashbacks* Still, Jason had to do two things before he could convince her: 1) Make Sam believe that taking that step would not mean that she would lose what they had, and 2) Assure Sam that she would have him, every day, for the rest of his life. Do the writers expect us to believe that Jason made those promises so lightly that he’s forgotten them? Or that Jason doesn’t know how to fight for the woman he loves? Perhaps RC doesn’t know that Jason, but it’s his job to know, because WE know, and hopefully have been diligent in telling RC! Still, he is determined to shove this unrecognizable Jason down our throats. The one who bemoans the loss of his wife when she’s not there, and then lets her walk away when she is standing right in front of him?!? The one who says ridiculous things like, “I’ve been honest, can you say the same to me?” Oh Jason Morgan, give me a freakin’ break! You told Michael about Sam kissing McBain, but failed to mention that you ran and kissed Liz! How was that honest? And you didn’t tell Sam, she just happened to get an earful! Yeah, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when your wife overhears Lizzie’s brother trying to keep his sister from dropping her panties for yet another emotionally unavailable man! NOT because you told Sam your secret yourself, so please!

I AM A JASAM FAN. TRULY & TOTALLY. I love BOTH characters!

But RC isn’t writing Sam in character either! From the beginning of this McBain, a.k.a. “shove OLTL’s hero down our throats” storyline, Sam has been acting like someone else! Sam would never be confiding in a cop about anything! She would not be turning to another man about her rape, or her husband’s reaction to it, nor would she be “needing” him there when she read the new paternity results! Come on! I guess, like with Jason, he expects us to forget that even before Dante was known as a cop, Sam shut him down when he started digging with a “Cute, but no that cute.” Sam is fiercely loyal. so this crap hs never washed. But having Sam make out with McBain was all kinds of wrong. I will shout that from the mountaintops. What I will not do, however, is lay blame at her feet that does not belong there. I really took issue with a few people’s POV on Twitter yesterday. For those who were calling Sam a hypocrite, I am going to need some clarification. Uuum…it was Jason who told Sam he wasn’t going to give up on her or their marriage when Sam said what they had was broken, not Sam. So, though kissing John was wrong, wrong, wrong, the hypocrite is Jason for saying e would fight and not give up, and then turning around to do just that – and then kissing Liz!  For those who thought Sam had no business being upset about hearing that Jason had kissed Liz, get the hell outta here! For all of Jason’s whining that he “doesn’t know whether or not Sam still loves him“, Sam told him that she not only does, but that she always would! How could he, pr anyone, expect her to react to the news as though she is made of steel and shouldn’t feel anything? Her guilt doesn’t lessen the pain! And finally, for those who took issue with Sam’s not coming clean to Jason about her kiss with McBain at Jason’s mention of his name, I wonder just how many of them would have confessed to their husbands in the presence of Saint Liz, the patron saint of One Night Stands! I know I wouldn’t have! Why would Sam? So that St. Liz could look down from the pedestal she dug out of the garage and dusted off for this very occasion, and prescribe Sam’s penance, which would be to have to endure knowing that Jason was offered relief sex? I wouldn’t admit to my weight in Liz’s presence! Yet, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when the devil himself – or in this case, herself, is there to pick them up and use them against you!

I will never understand how Jason could honestly stand there, after seeing Sam’s reaction, after hearing the hurt in her voice at him not wearing his ring anymore, and watch her walk away, and think, “It’s better this way.”

W. T. F!!! I am convinced that Jason’s balls were crushed to smithereens by the protocol medicine Robin made for him, because nothing else could explain this showing of female parts (or, *clears throat*, the one female part.)

Jason has got to get the hell away from Liz and her pseudo-benevolence and fake support that nearly choked her, and he needs to get in Sam’s face and fight like the mobster he is! He better break into her room at Alexis’ and make her listen. Or track her ass down, tie her to the back of his bike, and drive her to their cabin and not let her go, until he has shown her all the ways that he loves and misses her!

First, he better put his wedding ring back on and remember the vows they said to each other as they exchanged those rings. You don’t get to enjoy more than fifty years of marriage by approaching it like a wuss! Then maybe Jason (and RC) should sit and watch This Day in JaSam History, like the rest of us. We, and more importantly, Sam, need THAT Jason back!

Holding on tightly (to Jason’s neck!),


Today’s Inspiration: “JaSam: Love’s Holiday” Credit: lalachik

This Day In JaSam History:

July 12

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2005: Credit: NickyM96

2010: Credit: AddictiveSoapCouples

2012: Credit: luckiBelle