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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane In Search Of Truths

Good morning, GHers.

I hope you are enjoying the last Sunday of the summer! ūüė¶ I am so sad to say goodbye to my favorite season!

As we move towards the fall and the next phase of the storylines on GH, I have to wonder what the truth will be among all of the rumors, spoilers and crapola running rampant on the internet. So, today, I’ve decided that we are going In Search Of Truths.

Truths; not just a truth.

While the baby truth is among the most important truths, there are also some truths that we need to rediscover and reaffirm for ourselves, such as the fact that Jason and Sam love each other more than anyone else in the world, and that they have always meant to be together. I want us to remember the fact hat Jason and Sam wanted a family more than anything, and that marriage was more than just a ceremony. I want us to stand firmly upon the truths we already know, but may have forgotten  Рor even pushed out of our minds in frustration.

Yeah – let’s go In Search Of Truths. Haters and their lies and delusions be damned!


“Help Me Hold On”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“There’s A Place For Us”¬† Credit: jasamlova1028

“How Do I Live?”¬† Credit: JaSamFanForeverLove

“I Turn To You”¬† Credit: yugottahitpeople (For My Vanessa)

“There You’ll Be” ¬†¬†Credit: mandysonly

“No I Can’t Believe That It’s Over”¬† Credit: tenpointoh1

“Slow Dancing”¬† Credit: ashleycramni

“I Won’t Let You Go”¬† Credit: packernut13

“We Keep Marchin On”¬†¬†Credit: tenpointoh1

“Just The Way You Are”¬†¬†Credit: CocoaGirlie4

I hope you took a moment to like and comment on our vidders channels! They deserve it!

Can I share one more truth with you?

I wathced the Joiz scenes on YT, and could not believe that they actually played the “warning” music! Haaaaaaaaa!

And Jason trying to maintain his personal space each time the walking whormone invaded it? Hilarious! 

Liz admitting that she knows the kiss on the bridge was just a rebound thing? Much appreciated!

And Liz confirming for all of us that she lives for the moment when her victims are most emotionally vulnerable and desperate, by saying to Jason, “And since you and Sam are getting a divorce”… (twisting the knife of his pain in deeper) Priceless!

Thanks, ho! We knew it.

So Jason didn’t pull away in the nanosecond she kissed him. I get it. He’s a jerk. But honestly? Who expected anything less?

What matters now is The Truth that follows.

We’ll have to wait and see what that is.

Let’s just wait it out together, okay?

Love you all, 



When There Are No Words…

Good morning, GHers.

Well, I am hanging in there with and for all of you, but truly, I just have no words on yesterday’s show, or the ¬†promo, for heaven’s sake. So, I will do what I promised to do one day almost three years ago…I will share The Beauty Of GH, even ¬†if it’s a bit retro.

It’s the best I can do with what I was given on Wednesday. *shrugs*



This Day In JaSam History

September 12




September 13


2005: (One of my all-time fave JaSam convos) Part 1: Part 2:



Today’s Lifeline: “Better Man”¬†¬†Credit: jmsg411

“Never Can Say Goodbye”…

Good morning, GHers.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost a loved on this date 11 years ago, and I pray that we never forget how many lives were lost, and how many heroes were made on that day.

Let’s take a few moments to remember: A 9/11 Tribute¬†

This is, and will always be, such a sad day for America, and so many people need our prayers today. I think the best way to honor the memory of the many lives lost is to take every possible opportunity to be kind to someone, to lend a helping hand, or to find a way to make our great nation better in any way available to us.

And of course, to pledge to Never Forget. 

God Bless America.




I hate goodbyes.

In fact, I have been known to slip out of my fair share of going-away and retirement parties before I had to say goodbye, because I would just rather not. ¬†I would rather my last few moments with the person be moments of happiness and laughter instead of sobs and tears and runny noses.¬†And those aren’t even final goodbyes, but goodbyes none the same.

So, you can only imagine the hot mess I was at the end of today’s JaSam scenes, right?

Heavens to Murgatroyd! Just when I thought Steve and Kelly had squeezed every last tear out of my swollen, puffy eyes – they go and pour their beautiful hearts into those last thirty seconds they shared at the close of their scenes, and the tears were rolling all over again! Oh, the heartache they make me feel because of the heartache Jason and Sam so obviously STILL feel over not being together! They will forever hold the title of Most Incredible and Believable Supercouple for me! Period.

*blows nose*

You know, once I was able to see through the tears again, and went back to rewatch the scenes, (Thank You, SimplyGH for being such a dependable source for us all) I decided that as JaSam fans, we must find the positives where they can be found, because even though Steve is leaving soon, I will always take the positives over the negatives. And there were definitely some positives for the JaSam Love Story.

First of all, I know it took Jason way too long to step up for his wife (thanks to his headwriter), but doggone it, he is stepping up now – so I’ll take it! More than that, I think the writers are purposely using Jason’s insistence now more than ever because of this statement: (please start at 2:37 to avoid “the” Jiz.)¬†

More important than the fact that Jason is stepping is the fact that at this juncture in their relationship ¬†– at the point when he feels he is closer to losing Sam than ever before – Jason seems not just determined, but downright desperate, to do exactly what he explained to Liz as “the one thing that bring them back together.”¬†

I think that hearing Sam describe her fantasy about what life could have, would have, should have been, (all while that pathetic, desperate, hoping-for-scraps little mouse looked on nosily) made Jason do something he rarely does – and that’s hope against hope. Only Sam has been able to inspire that in Jason. Time and time again, Sam has awoken something in Jason that he, himself, thought was non-existent. Jason has often said that he thinks in absolutes; he “doesn’t think about what didn’t happen, or wonder if things could have been different.”¬† In fact, he “can’t stop”. ( See¬† Now Jason is obsessing over what “didn’t happen” when Sam’s birth report was filled out, and “wondering” if things were different than what’s universally believed to have happened that night ¬†– and maybe Sam’s baby is still alive.

Wow. That is The Power Of Love, people!

And I will take it on my screen, and as part of the closing chapters of this JaSam Love Storybook.

Even more amazing? Jason is actually saying these things aloud – to the woman he walked away from time and time again because he could never force this part of his brain to imagine the impossible, think about the improbably, or wonder about what if things were different with her. That was an important detail, friends, and I am hoping that you incredibly sharp viewers didn’t miss it!

Jason was clutching that file of Sam’s like a lifeline; flipping through it, studying the notes, and asking questions, all while Liz looked on in … let’s call it what it was: Disgust. That conversation Jason had with Liz about finding Sam’s baby and getting his family back together was playing through Liz’s whormone-filled little brain with as much speed and details as it replayed in ours! She knows what Jason is thinking, and when she tried to call him out on it, he firmly let her know the “why” didn’t matter. Only that he got it done *fist pump*

No wonder Liz nearly threw the file at him! *giggles*

I love that Sam had to come back to Jason’s room, even after she told him she was gonna go, because it just showed that I love ¬†Sam for all the ways we are alike. ūüôā Sam hates goodbyes, too. She could barely say the word without breaking down, and the word itself literally broke big, bad Stone Cold Jason Morgan down.

The depth of their love for each other was nearly overwhelming – the them and to us. I totally understood what Sam was saying when she said that if they were together while facing this, she could die happy. It was her way of telling Jason that his face was the last she’d want to see. *pulling out the tissues AGAIN*

Jason wanting so badly to touch his wife the way he always has, and struggling to keep himself from doing it, was a beautiful moment. The fact that he couldn’t avoid touching her altogether was even more so. And that embrace, where they were both in tears? RIPPED. MY. FREAKIN’. HEART. OUT.

And when Sam said, “Goodbye”, almost as a question, and Jason choked up and said, “Don’t say that,” I sobbed, because I said the exact same thing.

“Don’t say that!”

When it comes to JaSam, I “Never Can Say ¬†Goodbye”.

Watching them struggle with walking away, not knowing if it would be for the last time made me realize how hard it will be for all of us to watch them do that at the end of Steve Burton’s incredible run as Jason Morgan.

Here come the waterworks…

I am tired of goodbyes. 

What about you?

Don’t forget to use your voice to tell TPTB just that. It still matters.¬†

Love you guys,


Today’s Lifeline: “The Power Of Love”¬†¬†Credit: JasamAreSoulmates


This Day In JaSam History: 

September 10


September 11




A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Without Really Knowing Where We’re Headed

Good morning, Beloved GHers!

Well, we may not know where the show is going anymore, and we may not even know where we’re going, BUT we do know that on this Sunday morning, we are going down Memory Lane together! That’s enough for me!

It was an emotional week, and I know many of us are just done, but after reading your comments, emails and fb messages, I am going to try to hang in there for as long as I can. If you guys think you need me, I need you all that much more!

So, let’s see what each day brings from here on out, and leave our goodbyes unsaid until they’re absolutely necessary.

For now, however, let’s take this Drive together, being comforted by the fact that we are not alone in our combination of love and frustration.

Here we go…

“I Have Been Blessed”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“Loss of Baby Morgan”¬† Credit: charmedlover251

“We’re Having A Baby”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“What If?”¬† Credit: ashley1282008

“The Heart Never Forgets”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“One More Try”¬† Credit: ssassy75

And because I will never tire of How It Should Have Been…

“JaSam / Just The Dream”¬† Credit: LoriJoGH

Love you guys,



This Day In JaSam History

September 8 





September 9

2005: Part One: Part Two:




Yeah…”WHAT IF?”

Good morning, GHers.

I’m sorry. I really needed to process all of my thoughts before posting. And I had to get through writing all my heartfelt letters to TPTB.

Well, I will say this: if Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini wanted to get us thinking about “What If?”, they sure did. Just not the way they planned.

Instead, that JaSam episode got me thinking about “What If Ron Carlivati and Frank Velntini Had Never Come To Crap On Our GH?”


While I was just soaking up all of the Jason and Sam LOVE and HAPPINESS I could get before Steve leaves GH, during every commercial break I stopped to scratch my head and thought, “If he knew how to write JaSam, then why DIDN’T HE?” I mean, it was obvious he understood that Steve and Kelly are sooooo good at showing us a side to Jason and Sam that made us all fall in love all those years ago. You know what I’m talking about. The playful, yet heated, sweet, but deep-as-their-souls connection they share. My goodness! Jason laughing as Sam was praticing the “her-hee-hoo” breathing, their adorable scenes with Sam trying to get Jason to keep his hands to himself during Lamaze, and even the Jason feeding Sam – and himself – ice chips. No other couple can do heat one moment and fun the next as well as Jason and Sam, thanks to their alters, Steve and Kelly.

It made me incredibly sad to think that so much of that was wasted since the time this new team came into the leadership role at GH.

It most certainly had me thinking “WHAT IF? WHAT IF RON CARLIVATI HAD NEVER BEEN MADE HEADWRITER?” I mean,¬†say what you will about Garin Wolf’s awful decision to write the Franco Honeymoon, but before that misstep, we had romance, we had legacy characters onscreen like Monica and Edward, and we had FAMILY moments to smile about and to remind us that GH was founded on core families! *tears* And you know what? say what you will about Bob Guza’s years of darkness, but at least he made moments of LIGHT mean something!

As I watched yesterday, I was tortured, more than “rewarded” by thoughts of “What If?”¬†

  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had not been set on this dead end road because of Heather’s lies, and Sam reacted exactly that way, not letting herself be manipulated by a woman sitting in a mental institution? You know – WHAT IF she had actually used the instincts she uses to make a living?
  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had enjoyed more moments of love and romance and increased hormones, as so may couples do during a time when they are reveling in the fact that their love created a new life? They were on the road to doing just that up and until RC took over the headwriting position. (Remember the cabin?) What a waste!
  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had been able to share the moments that strengthened their bond, respected their commitment to each other, and even honored their Love Story? Jason and Sam fell in love while bonding with each other and Sam’s unborn baby. Why not give them “the works” when it came to this baby – their baby.
  • WHAT IF…this pregnancy storlyine, and the waiting period for this child of LEGACY FAMILIES, was actually filled with scenes with those LEGACY CHARACTERS, like Monica, Edward, Alexis, and hell – even Tracy? Just imagine the amount of longtime viewers who might have felt a renewed connection to their long beloved soap?
  • WHAT IF…instead of tears, pain, sorrow and separations, this pregnancy had been filled with what we saw yesterday? Laughter and wonder, happiness and togetherness? There was such a golden opportunity here to bring people together again – and I am not just talking about Jason and Sam, though they are first on my list! I am also talking about Spinelli and Maxie (though it just felt so much more “right” with the beautiful Kirsten Storms back in the role). I am talking about Monica and Jason, and Monica and Sam, because they already had a history of a good, strong relationship. I am talking about The Davis GIrls. I am talking about The Grandmothers – bonding and perhaps trying to one-up each other in a bit of friendly competition. Families who have been part of our own families are what viewers want to connect with – not newbies who mean nothing to us! WHEN, DEAR GOD, WILL WRITERS AND EPs GET THIS???
  • WHAT IF…instead of dead babies and baby funerals, we had just what Sam dreamed of? Live, beautiful babies, and baby showers? I don’t know about you, but there is enough real sadness and heartache in my own world. I don’t want to turn on the TV to struggle through more tears and sadness! I want to turn on the TV to be transported, albeit only for an hour daily, to a happy place, where dreams do come true and true love does win out!
  • WHAT IF…the writers had taken the least traveled road here, and instead of writing a tragedy on the day of this LEGACY BABY’S birth, had actually written a fun, sometimes funny, but thoroughly celebratory event, as they did in Sam’s fantasy? Oh, how much more fans could have looked forward to, and enjoyed it! So many JaSam fans refused to tune in, simply because of the fact that they knew it would end with the ugly and cold reality RC wrote instead. How sad is that?

And finally…

  • WHAT IF…Jason had not been written out as the lead in his own storyline – you know, the storyline that helped to secure his character’s LEGACY, all so that Mr. Carlivati and Mr. Valentini could force John McBain into that lead spot? Into Jason’s Spot!?! What if Steve didn’t have a reason to feel that he could walk away from GH without leaving his fans completely devastated? As things stood when he made that decision, I imagine that Mr. Burton already thought that he had “left” the storyline and place of importance he held for all of the fans. All he did was make it official. Yes, I know all about the house in Tennessee, and the kids in school, but NO ONE will EVER convince me that he would not have found a way to make it work IF HE REALLY THOUGHT he would continue to be doing something worthwhile for all of us!

Which leads us to…

  • WHAT IF…The Beauty of GH was not ripped out from under all of us because a couple of guys came in here and refused to listen to what the fans wanted? WHAT IF we were all looking forward to what came next for us on this journey, instead of feeling like we’re getting ready to say goodbye? I am already wondering when my last post will be. Steve’s last day, marking the end of JaSam? On the 3rd anniversary of Bella Mafia in October? Or should I just give up now and just like Sam, suggest that “Maybe we should just give up. Walk away with (more than) two years of really beautiful memories, instead of destroying it, by trying to hold on.” *wipes tears*

We shouldn’t be thinking about THE END, but we are. And I place the entire blame for that SQUARELY on the shoulders of Misters Carlivati and Valentini.

No matter what I decide, I want you all to know one more thing I can quote Sam on: “I will¬†love you ALL for the rest of my life. If I die tomorrow, or if I live to be 100. Even if I never see your faces,” even for the first time, I will never forget the place you guys took up in my life, and in my heart, when I needed you most.¬†What I want is for you guys to really hear me on that, and understand the depth of my appreciation for each of you.

Like I said to my beloved Stephanie yesterday, JaSam Made Us Family. And no one can EVER take that away. Not even the stupid, lazy AIC. 

Today’s Lifeline: (This is the one silver lining to that JaSam Fantasy – that it will live on in our hearts because of our talented friends like Heather) “Look What We Made When We Made Love”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty


This Day In JaSam History

September 7




What Cannot Be Erased

Good morning, GHers.

Before I say anything GH-related, I just need to ask for your prayers and good thoughts for my friend and therapist, Gladys. I was due to see her today, and instead I received a call from her office canceling because her husband suddenly and unexpectedly passed. My heart was not just broken, but troubled all day. Gladys has talked me through some of the worst times of my life. I cannot tell you how desperate I felt about being at a complete loss as to what to say to her during hers. She has lost not just her husband, but her best friend and a true life companion. They, like Nelson and I, did everything together, and loved each other’s company, and luckily that is What Cannot Be Erased. It is hard for me to stop thinking about her and her loss. Knowing you guys will be lending your support to lifting her up helps me more than you know.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


In matters far less meaningful, I did not watch Wednesday’s episode. I do plan to watch today, and I dare say that I am hopeful that we will at least have something to walk away with. We will have some more beautiful and loving moments to add to their Love Story and History; more of What Cannot Be Erased. And if not that, because who really trusts RC or FV? But if nothing else, we should have some great scenes for all of our FANTASTIC vidders to create for us something to hold onto when our JaSam Love Story comes to a premature end.

One thing I will ask all of you is to please not allow our anger and bitterness to keep us from sharing in one last hurrah as the JaSam Family we have been since 2004. Let’s share this together and enjoy our united front for what could be the last time. And when it’s over, let’s, together, remember that we “shouldn’t (just) be sad that it’s over; we should be thankful that it happened…AND that it happened so beautifully for so long.”

Also remember that Steve, in his latest interview, said FV told him “he could come back anytime”. Let’s make FV see that there’s a HUGE REASON to MAKE that happen.

I plan to dust off my Twitter password. I hope to see you all out there, loving our couple as one, CLASSY, LOYAL AND FUN fan base once more.

I love you all,


Today’s Lifeline: “Love Of My Life”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty


This Day In JaSam History (Which Cannot Be Erased)

September 6


2006: Hard, but so important to show how much their LOVE was always there:


The GH I’m Watching

Good morning, GHers.

I have not watched yesterday’s GH, nor do I think I will. However, I thought I’d share with you the GH I have been watching…which included the JaSam we all knew and loved. *tears*


Today’s Lifeline: ¬†The first vid I ever posted on Bella Mafia was made by my dear DaysFanAlways, so I thought she might be able to throw us all a lifeline… “Memories of Us”¬†

This Day In JaSam History

August 27


August 28

2006: Part 1: Part 2:


August 29


2006: Part 1: I skipped Part 2 for your own protection!


August 30



August 31






September 1


2005: Part 1: Part 2:

2006: Was hard to watch on this day, so I skipped it



September 2






September 3




September 4


September 5

2006: Again – couldn’t do it to you guys, or myself

I hope you are all getting ready to tune in to our JaSam Day tomorrow…and I hope that with all of this extra time we have on our hands, that everyone is calling and emailing and writing in to let them know how disgusted you are to lose a vet like Steve!

It’s now or never, people!
Much Love,