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“Let’s Not Buy Trouble”…

GHers, the explosions and bombs may be behind us, but the excitement certainly is not. There is still plenty to go around, so I am with Alexis. Everyone needs to just calm down. Get it together. Let’s think things through, and PLEASE: “Let’s Not Buy Trouble”.

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Kristina is still recovering from some a series of serious traumas, most recently the loss of her friend, Ally after the bust crash, who seemed fine one moment and was gone without warning the next. For the foreseeable future, Kristina is going to be extremely sensitive to traumatic events. It’s to be expected. Seeing your sister,  whom has already lost her hearing from the blast she was involved in, suddenly;y collapse after you helped her get out of bed would count as quite a trauma! Unlike many, I don’t for one minute think that Kristina was making Sam’s collapse about her. It is just impossible for her brain to not instantly connect this trauma to all the other traumas so freshly imprinted on her young, impressionable mind. I felt really badly for Kristina as she watched Patrick try to help her sister because I knew and understood why she was carrying so much guilt. I was glad that Alexis was close enough to step in and try to set Kristina straight. Mama Bear Davis was so right when she offered Kristina that great advice: “Let’s not buy trouble.” Kristina has enough baggage to drag around without adding the fear of losing her sister to it.

It’s always a great day in Port Charles when I can catch a glimpse of John Zacchara! he brightens up my screen with his presence. Ex-girlfriend Lulu happens upon his recovery regiment at the bar, and the two spend some time catching up.  The great thing about this scene is that GH is really doing its homework. They understand that not everyone gets all of the connections within Port Charles, and without that background, scenes with seemingly random people don’t make sense. Joh and Lulu really addressed so much of their relationship and break-up, that I felt even I was reminded of details I had filed away long ago. They were nice scenes, and it was a great thing to hear Lulu ell Johnny that she does still care about him. Johnny was reckless and lived on the edge the whole time he was with Lulu. She knows that since losing his sister, John really has no one else, and she doesn’t want to see his recklessness become carelessness. Johnny already has his family name, and all that comes attached to that, to deal with. Lulu is just reminding him not to buy anymore trouble.

I know that I will not surprise my longterm readers by saying this, but for the newer crowd, there is a story to this. (Feel free to go back in our blog’ posts to get the whole back story of my fascination with all things mobular….it’s too long to retell!) You see, I love the Port Charles Mob. I love that whole “Mess With My Family, And You Will Disappear” mindset – even if its only in the fictional setting of PC. I still get a little excited when I hear Sonny making threats and talking about the equivalent of “whacking” people! For Dante, not so much. When he walks in on Sonny doing business his way, Dante learns two things right off the bat: 1) Sonny means business when it comes to protecting those he loves, and 2) Sonny will roll right over your behind if you try to get in his way. I imagine one of those Sonny quick facts was a little harder for Dante to deal with the other, especially since up to this moment, Sonny had really been trying to build a bridge between him and his firstborn. I don’t think Dante expected Sonny to basically rip him a new one, or to be so brutal about it. When Sonny asked Dante, “Why is it that you only choose to go by the book when somebody innocent like Michael or Brenda are gonna pay for it,” I kinda winced. Of course, I did recover quickly and did smile, but I was a little surprised only because Sonny has really been pussyfooting around Dante since finding out he was his son. That was a very valid question – at least the Michael part, as perhaps Sonny forgot that Dante didn’t play by the book with Brenda. Sadly, Sonny withdrew the question with an apology before Dante could answer. Instead, he offered an all-expenses-paid vacation with Lulu. Ummm…What the Heck? Sonny realized that Dante is not going to turn a blind eye to Sonny’s illegal search and rescue plan, so he wants him out of town. Not only did Sonny suggest it, but he actually calls Lulu and tries to get her to agree to this idea. Basically, Sonny knows he and Dante have their issues as father and son, so why buy trouble?

If there is one of Sonny’s offspring who has really had more than his share of trouble, it’s adopted son Michael. He has really dealt with it all, from a very young age. Carly and Sonny had to learn to parent using the less than popular Trial By Fire method, and so many times, Michael got burned. Even now, Michael deals with way more than any kid his age should, and most of the time, his parents are too busy caught up in the messes of their own lives to even notice. It was just weeks ago that Michael revealed to his family that he was raped, and his parents barely shed a few tears before they were moving full steam ahead with both a wedding and a divorce. Thank goodness that Michael has always been able to count on Jason and Sam, and that now he has Abby. She has already helped him get though so much, and she has earned his trust. Which is why I was hoping that Abby’s advice about staying out of The Family Business would carry more weight than any of the other people who begged Michael to do the same. However, it seems that Abby’s going to have to try a little more persuasion, as the minute Michael heard about some trouble, he took it upon his inexperienced, unarmed self to chase it down – right into a dangerous trap. Hey, Michael? Don’t you have enough to talk to your therapist about? Why buy yourself more trouble – and on credit, no less?

This leads me to a pressing question. When Alexis said to Kristina that they shouldn’t buy trouble, I’m, wondering if she should rather buy a monitoring system for Molly. My son is Molly’s age, and he’s not allowed to walk all over town at all hours by himself. Didn’t Molly just tell Alexis that she walked in on someone trying to kill her buddy, Shawn? Isn’t Alexis concerned about the possibility that the guy who just attempted a murder, but stopped because Molly walked in, may be concerned about Molly identifying him? I wouldn’t allow Molly out of my sight, much less out of the same building I am in! I tell you that I was fighting anxiety the minute I saw her by Kelly’s all alone. Alexis? She’s already in therapy. Why buy more ANY MORE trouble?

Jason is dealing with all the trouble he can handle right now. The one thing he has put his own life on hold for – which was keeping Brenda safe – ended up being for nothing, as Sonny and Brenda failed to heed any of the warnings Jason had issued. While professionally that may be something Jason  would have loved to avoid, the personal cost was more than he would ever have risked willingly. It really is something to watch Jason make decisions based not on what would be smarter, but instead based on what he can live with when he calculates the cost. Shawn may be their only connection to Theo. Jason knows that. However, when it came down to allowing Shawn to operate on the honor system in going to Manhattan alone to get whatever paperwork he has on the Balkan, the only other alternative wasn’t really a choice for Jason at all.  That other choice would mean that Jason would leave Sam’s side to take care of Shawn himself, which until very recently, is exactly what Jason would have done. Not anymore. Jason said to Lucky the other day, “I know Sam can take care of herself, but when I saw her on that gurney…” and he couldn’t finish the sentence.

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When Jason was sitting there with Shawn weighing the risks involved in watching Shawn walk away alone, the only other thing he could see was Sam, lying on that hospital bed, not able to hear, and vulnerable again. There was no way he was choosing to follow Shawn, all ties to The Balkan be damned. Sam ended up in that limo and that vulnerable because of a choice Jason made. I think every choice Jason makes from here on out will require a lot more from Jason. And who can blame him? He’s not buying any more trouble for himself or for Sam. Not if he can help it.

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It’s no wonder that when he walked back into her hotel room and saw her bed empty, he immediately wanted to know if something had happened. He didn’t want to leave Sam’s side this time, and yet he did, and again Sam may have needed him when he wasn’t there. Poor Jason. How much regret can he carry on those strong shoulders?

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When Kristina started going on about Ally to Jason, and suggested that it could be something way more serious, you could see Jason’s breathing change. He was still scared to death over the possibility of losing Sam, but then he remembered that Sam is a fighter, and every time she fights, she fights to be with him. And that reminder gave Jason courage – for him and for Kristina. I loved how Jason willed Kristina to be strong for Sam, and I loved that Kristina told Jason that Sam seems invincible, so it’s hard to deal with seeing her hurt or sick. Jason knew exactly what Kristina was talking about because sometimes Sam convinces even Jason that she’s tougher than she is. It was a great moment between two people connected by the love they share for the same person. It was a lovely family moment, and those are a rare find.

Click to view full size imageWatching Jason worry and pace as they waited for Sam reminds us all that Sam really is the most important thing in his life. Kristina said it perfectly when she said, “You’d be lost without Sam.”

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When they brought Sam back into the room, the smile on Jason’s face was dazzling. I found myself smiling and wiping tears at the same time! Though he didn’t say anything while Kristina and Alexis fussed over her, I could see that Jason was overwhelmed with love and relief. When he helped her back into bed, he sat right down at her side. All he needed was to be close, to be there for her. *sigh*

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Is there a Love Story out there more perfect than that?

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You know, I also absolutely loved the very real moments between Kristina, Alexis, and Sam. They felt authentic and pure, and it made me happy that Sam has so much love. I laughed at Kristina asking what time they woke Sam in the morning, Jason answering, Sam echoing, and Alexis saying, “She’ll never make it!” That was amazingly believable! It was also nice that Jason still walked them to the door, and reassured Kristina again, not just with his words, but with the assurance that he’s going to be right there – by Sam’s side, as long as she needs him. As a sister, I know nothing could mean more.

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You know, with all of the sweetness happening in that hospital room up until that point, my JaSam loving heart was just filled to the brim with love and emotion. I was truly already beyond happy.

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Then Jason sat down next to his Fair Samantha, and he looked at her with that look that makes us all melt, and said, “I just love you so much” and my heart was in danger of spilling over. Then he touched her hair, and said, “I just wish you could hear me tell you.” He gave me goosebumps.

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Then Sam seemed to be taken aback for a moment, and said, “Jason, I just did.”

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I screamed.

Then he smiled that smile at her again…

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And my heart bubbled over.



March 4




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6 responses

  1. JasamFan

    I am so in love with GH right now I can hardly stand to be around myself, and I am sure others in my house are getting tired of me gushing about the beauty of GH. haha

    Sam and Jason, the Davis Girls, Sonny they all just make me smile.

    The Sonny I love was back today in full force.

    Sam being surrounded by her family is just the best, so happy they are showing all the love and the connection she has with her family.

    Jason.. sigh and thud.. his love for Sam is out there for everyone to see and that is just beautiful.

    Love ya Babe

    March 4, 2011 at 6:52 am

  2. trini

    Times like this I love being a girl. Thanks Angelique for writing what I’m feeling #gushinglikemollyaboutromance. Loving a little loving in the afternoon. *sigh*

    March 4, 2011 at 7:01 am

  3. samjase


    GH is so exciting right now, it’s crazy good!

    Jason and Sam have this invisible thread between them that the viewer is able to see quite clearly. It doesn’t matter what’s going on or who is in the room..their eyes and hearts are connected. I’m so in love with this couple, it’s a little scarey.

    The Davis girls! I’m one of three sisters..and let me tell you, this 4-some is not only believable, but totally endearing. Jason fits right in! Sounds crazy, but it’s true. He seems to mellow when in their presence and he LOVES that Sam has this family surrounding her. When you really love aren’t threatened by others who love that person…YOU ENJOY IT. That’s what Jason does. He doesn’t feel threatened. That brings me to Sam..THIS GIRL IS ABSOLUTELY 100% ADORABLE. Even with a hearing loss, she sparkles and shines because of the big heart she has. She doesn’t want her loved ones to worry about her. She also is able to share Jason with others which, of course, is why she
    was able to have Brenda live with Jason and not worry about it…and why she able to see him with Carly, etc.

    Good things again..and ANGELIQUE…I look forward to your blog so MUCH. Thank you for being there for us and giving us your thoughts. You’re awesome.

    March 4, 2011 at 8:40 am

  4. sarah

    You brought me to tears all over again, just reading your recaps of yesterday’s scenes, and seeing the pictures again. Our couple just takes my breath away, and I am no newbie to soaps. They are unbelievable and the chemistry is off the charts. I am choosing to ignore the dire stuff in the spoilers for Sam and any possible “illness”…won’t go there. This couple needs a happy time, and I am hoping TPTB give them just that.
    Thank you for all you do for Jasam and the fans that love them. We love you too.

    March 4, 2011 at 10:12 am

  5. mariam

    I agree with pretty everything you said about jasam. Love jase sam’s sisters and all those little smiles that he only reserves for sam. Loved alexis being a great mother to sam/krissy. But molly is ten, in therapy, saw a man about to be killed, and wandering around town by herself. In fact, Molly is always somewhere by herself. And it is a complete contradiction to the character of the rigid, neurotic, overprotective alexis.

    March 4, 2011 at 2:30 pm

  6. Sonia

    Thank you very much for your daily Jasam
    updates. You have shown ho much you love
    this couple. Jason and Sam are truly a hot
    and sexy couple. Their love look so real
    on screen.. I so look foward to see them
    every day

    March 6, 2011 at 12:12 am

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