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All Roads Lead To Sam

Good morning, GHers.

Let me begin by saying how proud I am of our Kelly Monaco. What an AMAZING journey she had on the Dancing With The Stars’ All Stars Season!

I said this all along, and I will say it again. Of the three finalists, Kelly was the one with the least amount of professional training – her first winning season  lasted less than Melissa’s first non-winning season, and she was neither a professional Dallas Cowboy cheerleader or a gold medal winning US Olympian. When you don’t have extensive experience in following a routine or choreography, and then performing it in front of a huge audience-both live and on air, (as both other finalists had), then you truly are at a disadvantage. To see Kelly reach that same stage as a finalist with the other (more experienced) girls was a huge moment for me as her fan. I could not have been more proud, and to me, the judges were right when they said more than once that Kelly was exactly what the spirit of the show was about. So in my eyes, Kelly is a true champion, and I am extremely proud that I was #TeamVally from day one.


Now, all I want is for Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati to give  Sam a storyline with Val, where they could show off all they learned on General Hospital. Please help me in trying to make that happen by contacting GH and TPTB any and every which way you know how! Sam is a P.I., it wouldn’t be the first time she’s had to take on a new career for a short time! They CAN and SHOULD make this happen!

That would be one more road that leads to Sam…as it seems that at the moment, All Road Leads To Sam. 

Once again, I enjoyed most of the show this afternoon. The Quartermaines were at their absolute best: plotting behind each others’ backs.  I so enjoyed hearing all that Quartermaine name-dropping in the discussions each side had. I loved that even though the math didn’t really make sense to me, both sides – AJ’s and Tracy’s, will be lacking the very shares that Sam will control. I love even more that Tracy, who started Sam on that slippery slope towards that bitch Amelia Joffe in 2007, will have to grovel at her feet and work her way up to kissing Sam’s cute little butt! While I am not sure that I like the idea of AJ slinking around Sam and Baby Danny, I do love that Sam will be in the thick of things with Jason and Danny’s family, and that they will all want to be in her good graces.

I pray that Sam will have a support system in her family, Spin, but it seems that the writers seem to have forgotten that Sam and Maxie were really good friends, because Maxie thinks she and Lulu are like sisters. So much so, that Maxie wants to be Dante and Lulu’s surrogate. Ehhh…I am not sure about that idea. While it will give them plenty of story over the next few months, I am just not sure that is the best use of Maxie. I guess we’ll see. Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised. *shrugs*

Once again, Duke and The Mask fail to keep my interest or inspire any excitement. I just do not, and never have, liked camp when it comes to my GH. I was always very thankful that I was too young to remember storylines such as The Ice Princess, and I just cannot understand how such a smart and internationally schooled spy like Anna Devane wouldn’t notice that the man in front of her is wearing a mask! *smacks forehead* I think that the last time I was this disappointed in a beloved soap’s storyline was when Guiding Light’s writers thought it was a good idea to clone Reva Shane Lewis. *shudders* Listen, I get that lots of people do enjoy camp on their soaps, or OLTL would have disappeared off our screens long before it actually did. I am just not one of them, and look forward to this one storyline wrapping.

I am not sure what that long-ass history lesson/phone convo the Manning women had was about…whether it was bringing people who never watched OLTL up to speed on Todd and Blair’s relationship, or if it was to name-drop Tomas’ name in Port Charles before Alcazar drops in on PC. Whichever it was, to me, it simply gave me time to fix a snack, trudge laundry upstairs, and even call to schedule the kids’ dental appointments during their Christmas break. 🙂

One thing I do wish we saw more of was the use of flashbacks and memories of Jason. Over on B&B, where Stephanie Forrester is dying after an incredible 25 year run on the show, there have been flashbacks in abundance, and they have never failed to move me to tears. More importantly, those flashbacks explain to the newer or less devoted viewer, why Brooke Logan is the one at her side in her final moments after a tumultuous history.  I will never, ever understand why GH doesn’t use those kinds of flashbacks more, especially since sometime they use flashbacks from like the day before ad nauseam.

Jason and Sam had something that only romantic soap legends have: a long, and storied history teaming chock full o’nuts with special moments, extraordinary memories, and tons of pivotal points in their time together that would lend themselves to understanding Sam’s refusal to give up on Jason right now. Sam and Jason have such an honest and true-blue love story, where they fell in love after seeing the very best of each other after initially thinking the very worst of each other. That is always so much better than love stories where the opposite happens and people see the worst of each other after thinking they fell in love with the very best. They’ve loved each other through life and death situations, nearly killed each other out of pain and anger, and found their way back to each other each and every time, using their love for each other as their compass. Why aren’t we seeing more of those moments? They are The Beauty of GH!

For someone tuning in without the benefit of having witnessed the history, those glances backwards in time go a long way. There may be someone tuning into GH after watching Kelly on DWTS who may have no clue as to why Sam is seemingly in denial about her husband’s unfortunate death, rather than having an opportunity to understand why Sam is not in denial, but refusing to accept he’s gone, because she feels that her heart would know if Jason’s was no longer beating. Glimpses of how their abiding and indestructible love came to be would give those new viewers a connection with Sam that they may never have reached otherwise.

I don’t know *sigh* …all we can do is ask them, and pray that they listen. All I know is that even for me, a lifetime viewer, seeing Jason onscreen again – even through memories, would fill a void Steve Burton left behind when he left for Tennessee. *tears*

‘Til then, I will keep turning to the incredible vidders who took time out of their busy lives over the years to leave us a huge part of JaSam’s Legacy in video form. Thank the good Lord for them. All of them. 🙂

Because of them, we have inspiration like this: “Heaven” Credit: YuGottaHitPeople

Much love,



Not Ready To Give Up Yet, Either

Good morning, GHers.

My house is so quiet and solitary now that I actually had some time to myself, so I pulled out the laptop and decided to post about today’s GH (Yesterday’s by the time you guys read it).

What a great episode! No fake masked people, or onslaughts of newbies…just good ol’ fashioned beloved GH characters all on the same page over the devastating loss of Edward Quartermaine. As it should be. Even Trey and Starr were on today because of Edward, albeit indirectly. I just love it when my GH feels, looks and sounds familiar.

For the record, Ron Carlivati’s name is always listed as the headwriter, but the credit for each episode goes to the script writer whose name is listed with editor, Elizabeth Korte’s. Today’s script writer, therefore, was Scott Sickles, and considering he is new to the GH writing team, added after the clean sweep of longtime GH personnel, the episode struck a chord with me.

I thought everything about the episode seemed “right”. From the drama and turmoil at the Quartermaine Mansion, to the heartbreak Sam’s sisters are feeling over Sam’s situation, I watched and understood every scene because it made sense. And that is something that needs to be a little more consistent on GH. There are days that I watch and think, “Who are these people?” because the characters that I both love and love to hate are acting completely “off”. If only the feel of today’s show was one that became the norm, I would feel a whole lot more connected to my beloved soap.

Yet, though that consistency is lacking, Monday’s touching episode pointed out one thing for me. Like Sam, I am not ready to give up yet, either. Not on Jason coming home, not on my soap coming out of this alive and kicking, and not on GH in general.

How could I not feel that way after seeing that Quartermaine house filled with…genuine Quartermaines! Not long-lost relations that we feel no connection to, or ghosts of the people we loved, but real, in-the-flesh Quartermaines! Fighting and back-biting and arguing as though they never stopped! I really had forgotten how much I missed Ned, and even Skye doesn’t bug me as much when she’s part of the hullabaloo. And as much as I have detested A.J. ever since he slammed Jason into the tree, it’s nice to have some life back in that mansion again after all these years! I will take Quartermaines over Mannings on any calendar day of the year!

Having Edward’s will read was a classic moment, as we would expect nothing less from Tracy. I loved the bickering back and forth, and Tracy’s true-to-form bitchiness, even in the sacredness of the moment. I did like that Diane, a bitch in her own right, was the attorney to deliver the blow, because she was not going to cower to Tracy…or anyone for that matter. I thought that gave it a little extra. What I am confused about, and what is niggling around in my brain, is what change Heather could possibly have made to Edward’s will, or what it was that “she knew that the Quartermaines didn’t.” I don’t like loose ends. I don’t like inconsistencies, and I guess that is my main bone of contention with GH right now. I need that settled, and sooner, rather than later, please.

I have never been a Lulu fan, but I thought her talking to Sam about wanting to have a baby was something that would happen, and I enjoyed that. I also liked that her scenes with Maxie, mostly because I love that Maxie is the one trying to deal with heartache instead of Spinelli. While I a may not be crazy about the idea, I also thought it was very clever how they walked Maxie right into that corner where she felt her idea of becoming Lulu’s surrogate was a great idea. Personally, I would rather see Maxie getting back to work somewhere – anywhere, but I am just happy to have her back, so I guess I’ll take it. 🙂

I must say I also really, really loved the whole Davis Girls scenes…I hated that Sam and her family left things the way they did. I loved that her sisters made the move and asked Sam to come over for dinner, and I loved that they focused on their nephew, because any aunt would be willing to jump through hoops, even the one they think is denial, in order to be able to enjoy their nephew or niece. Trust me. I speak from experience.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the writers are using all of Molly’s romantic tendencies to give her something constructive and smart to do! Having her write a novel was BRILLIANT! I wrote a novel when I was Molly’s age, and like Molly, I did it just for the satisfaction, but chickened out of submitting it anywhere out of fear, so I thought that would resonate with a lot of girls like Molly…and me. It made total sense that she would be afraid of rejection, because unless you have a friend like Starr, who has a dad in the publishing business, it just seems like a huge, lofty dream to have a novel published. Way to go on that, writers! I will take Molly churning out romance novels over hooking up before she’s ready every single time! Molly is jut too smart to make the same old mistakes; especially when the Molly I know and love would have learned from the mistakes of the women in her life.

Finally, Sam’s scenes just touched my heart and made me sad; but in a productive kind of way. Sad, because Sam and Danny are trying to go on with their lives, and Sam is trying desperately to be stable and calm and even happy for their son, but all of that is happening without the benefit of Jason’s presence and love in their loves. *sigh* Just like the rest of us are trying without his presence onscreen. It can’t be anything but sad when we think about how much Jason and Sam love each other, or how much they went through on their way to having everything they wanted, before it was all stolen from them before they could even enjoy it all together. It’s just sad.

I also said it was productive because it reminded me that this is the season of “Believing”. It’s the season on miracles and magic. It made me want to remind you all to take a page from Sam’s book, and in the face of even the best of friends, like Spinelli, refuse to stop believing that Jason is out there and coming back to the loves of his life! Sam’s resolve gave me strength to square my shoulders, tip my chin up, and declare that “I Am Not Ready To Give Up Yet, Either!”

What about you?

Do you still believe that in the end, “Love will win out and that it always does?”

I sure hope so…that is The Beauty of GH.


A Heather GEM to inspire your Belief: “I Believe In You & Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Nothing’s Gonna Change That”…


Morning, GHers!

I’ve been dealing with a little bit of our own GH around here  – my youngest came home with a raging fever on Tuesday, and we’ve been battling to keep it down ever since. It seems to be viral right now, but we’re keeping an eye on it just to be sure. For all of you moms and dads out there, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say it sucks when our kids are sick!


It was a pretty eventful day in Port Charles. It is always a good sign when the days seem to move along, and characters seem to do normal things like eat, and sleep, and change clothes over the course of days in real time, instead of “unending soap time”. I will give credit where it is due – that alone is a big improvement from where we were a few months ago. I noticed that Frank Valentini’s name is already listed as the Executive Producer, though we are still watching the written material of the co-headwriters Wolf and Altman. I also noticed a “font” change on the opening credits – I know it’s a small detail, but before preschool, I taught computers for ten years, and a little change like that always catches my eye, and makes me think that someone is being deliberate about making a change – any change, from the very start. We can be nothing but excited as our beloved soap’s further depends on all of the changes to come. It’s either be excited – or leave Port Charles now, and I am not willing to do that.

So, while things are a changing’ in PC, there are some situations or people that we can just look at and say with some certainty, “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.”

Maxie seems to think that the only way to validate someone’s feelings is to make them jealous. *sigh* While I am happy that Spin gets to interact with his beloved more often than in their now shared kitchen in the morning, I also worry that this game will leave him even more bruised and battered than he was last time he played along with his Maximista – as in his non-spousal role. It seems to me that Maxie is insistent upon getting Matt to realize what they have, and while anything can happen, it doesn’t bode well for Spin that she barely notices Spin, except for how he helps her plan along. While Maxie is certainly  capable of love and concern for someone other than herself, it’s usually only after she’s taken care of her needs and feelings first. “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.”

I would hope that any of the players involved in Maxie’s game would put an end to this before someone seriously gets hurt. I would also hope Matt would be smart enough to remember that he, too,was once used in a similar scam as the one that’s being played on him by right now by the girlfriend that became his by way of that scam, but one never knows. Matt seems to be so preoccupied by Liz, and being her shoulder to lean on, or her supply closet buddy, or whatever it is he thinks she needs, that he didn’t even stop to think about asking her to dinner right after telling his girlfriend that he had to cancel their plans because of a patient. That is not okay, Matt! Matt wants to be the one to help Liz move on, and no matter how ill-advised that seems to us, apparently for Matt, “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” At least not until Liz shows him why rescuing her usually needs to be followed up by a rescue team for the rescuer, after she blows his life apart. Matt will get no sympathy here.

If anyone was actually taken in by Liz’s excuse for why she was snooping through medical files that she was not responsible for, I’d say you need to snap out of it! That cockamamie excuse she force-fed Matt was as transparent to me as it would be to Maxie or Carly. Liz told Matt that she and Jason used to be really close, and that in some ways, they would always be connected. Matt pointed out the one connection anyone but Liz can see – Jake, and Liz went on to say how she tried to wave her magic *wand* (insert female body part) with Lucky, but he left, and now Jason is… Liz couldn’t finish that sentence, because the only thing she could have said was that Jason is unavailable to her, uninterested in her, unwilling to be her floor model this time around. As if to move Matt from suspicion to sympathy Liz turned to the whine, and told Matt that it just feels like loss after loss for her, and that sometimes she can’t breathe. I am no Dr. Keenan, and I don’t care where Liz gets off the elevator, as long as it gets her to step off of Jason’s $%@#, but I can diagnose this issue right here and right now. Liz is a fake, saintly-wanna-be, who represses her own oversexed tendencies only to attempt to keep her facade intact. If she is having trouble “breathing”, I would bet my ass that what she really means is that she is just having trouble remembering the last time some off-limits guy gave her a reason for heavy “breathing”. Don’t give me that crap about coming from some virtuous place of concern for Jason’s health. She is beside herself that she isn’t in “the know” about what is going on with him, and she is hoping that figuring it out will give her the opportunity  to find an “angle” to getting close to Jason. Let’s face it. Any time Liz has to endure a dry spell she starts to get desperate…“Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” Let’s see which doc capitalizes on that desperation first.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that Kate is meeting with some government operative trying to bring Sonny down. I have exhausted all other scenarios for why Kate keeps faking business trips out of town, and why she keeps having what seem to be meaningful conversations with someone about her relationship with Sonny. Has Kate not realized that Sonny is the least trusting person in the world, and that once he gets it in his mind that someone is keeping something from him, he will obsess over it until he finds out what? I mean, I know Kate helped Sonny face some demons, and consider some changes in how he deals with people, but Sonny isn’t a new person or anything. He always expects people to betray him, and no matter how many times Kate flirts with him, or makes out with him, or changes the fabric of the booths, or the color of the napkins in their new restaurant, “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” I actually wondered how long it would take Sonny to order one of his cronies to follow Kate and find out where she’s really going, and who she’s really meeting with.

Sonny and Sons also seem to have hit a snag. The one son who wanted to be part of Sonny’s business, follow in his footsteps, and basically worshiped the ground he walked on had to be turned away for his own good. The son from whom Sonny is begging for breadcrumbs as far as a relationship goes, wants nothing to do with Sonny’s business – not even a breadstick from the restaurant, and certainly not a pulmonary wing named in his honor, but financed with mob money. It’s kinda crazy how that worked out, huh? Sonny is completely clueless about how to repair the strained relationships with both his sons, but he’s not gonna stop trying, and “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.”

I can totally understand Dante on his turning Sonny down. For Dante, it’s a matter of principles, and while I have never really much believed that Dante’s principles exist other than to benefit him, they are his, and “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” Perhaps Dante could just remind Sonny that nothing is gonna change their DNA either, and they should just try to co-exist within their family peaceably, and not push it. But in the line of business Sonny is in, I am not sure that I would be as quick as Dante to dismiss any connection Sonny tries to build with him, because you never know when Sonny’s won’t get another opportunity.

I think we were all on the same page the other day when Michael told Jason that he was going to try to honor the life Abby wanted him to live, and we all hoped to the almighty writers that it would be true! I think we can all let out a very tentative exhale after seeing Michael show up at ELQ, being gracious and patient with his sometimes pushy great-grandfather. I loved that Michael offered to look over some of the stocks that ELQ had interest in, because it was a huge step in the right direction for Michael, and for a show trying to rediscover its history and make good use of it. The fact that Tracy behaved like a human being with the capacity to feel sympathy for one of her own was very important, in my opinion, because so much more than greed and misery drive Tracy. Love for her family, and loyalty to its name have always been driving forces for Tracy’s decisions, and though she rarely let’s that be known, it’s what proves she really could be Lila’s daughter. As for Edward, he believes in his grandson’s ability to return to his family and take up his legacy, and no matter what Michael has done in the past, “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” As it shouldn’t. That’s what being a family is all about.

Worrying about the people you love is also what family is all about. Hence Jason and Sam and the concern for each other that is nearly too much to take. Jason continues to earn top husband honors as he walked in from his apparent head-clearing ride and immediately focused on Sam’s needs – namely whether or not she had eaten. *sigh* Jason then turned to her emotional well-being, and suggested a few nights at their cabin. *louder sigh* Jason just wants to be sure that his wife is being taken care of, and that the baby growing inside of her has the best of everything. This is the Jason that Sam fell in love with, in spite of herself, and in spite of her fears and misgivings about pregnancy. Having Jason take care of her as though the baby is already theirs is a beautiful thing to behold, but it can’t be an easy thing to play along with for Sam. That;s just one of the reasons Sam is worried and upset, the other being that she was not willing to let Jason’s concern for her cloud her own instincts about his well-being. Sam fought herself to stay focused on the issue at hand, even though I would have opted for the cabin, and would have strived to get it out of him while… Well, suffice it to say I would have gotten it out of him there. Not Sam, she could barely contain her concern for and frustration with Jason’s possible medical issues, and pressed Jason on coming clean with her about why he was at the hospital right then and right there.

I loved that Jason seemed to resign himself to the fact that Sam was not going to let this go, and that she was not going to let him keep something from her – even for her own serenity. Jason sat down, and told Sam the truth – hard as it was for her to hear, and hard as it was for him to tell. The writer(s) behind, or maybe even at the core of, Jason and Sam’s relationship since their reunion had to have had a life-changing experience with a really healthy and rock-solid marriage or relationship. The way that Jason and Sam are constantly avoiding the mistakes they made the first time around is a real testament to the life lessons that someone on that writing team learned, firsthand or otherwise. Jason and Sam, since Mexico, have been careful to even step to close to the pitfalls that landed them in trouble when they were together and then fell apart. Whether it’s not keeping secrets, or not making decisions for each other, even when they seem to be leaning towards protecting each other, it seems that the painful reminders of that costly mistake forces them to love with honesty first and foremost, being ready to lessen the pain that may come from said honesty afterwards.

It’s always a hard decision to make when you know that the truth may be something hard to hear, scary, or even painful for the one you love. But when like Jason and Sam, protection once turned to the actual cause of the pain, and the subsequent falling apart of the honesty you built your love and lives with – you will learn to choose truth every time. At all costs.

This us what makes me proud of Jason and Sam, and it’s also what makes me hopeful. 

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan have built this new and improved relationship upon a much sturdier foundation, and they have reinforced it with the respect and honesty they skimped on the first time. Their commitment to honesty has made their marriage storm proof, and their mutual respect for each other’s right to hear and handle even the hardest of truths has made it fireproof.

In fact, The Morgan’s marriage is the strongest I have seen on daytime, and I think that’s where its appeal comes from. It is exhausting to keep investing in couples on a show only to have them ripped apart for a one-night-stand, or secret relationships. For once, we have a couple who defies the very cliches of soap couples!

I hope that MAGIC is never lost amidst the upcoming changes!

How can viewers not invest so fully in a relationship that FINALLY is honest, and pure, and mature, and still growing with every hurdle or hardship?

Isn’t that what we strive for in real life? 


How can I not feel completely confident in saying to you all that even in the face of new writers and huge changes ahead, I still believe with all my heart that Jason was speaking the gospel truth when he looked at his pregnant wife, and said, “Sam, I love you. No matter what happens, Nothing’s Gonna Change That!” 

Kudos to General Hospital for recognizing that the real novelty would be in creating a relationship that doesn’t fit that tired mold of your run-of-the-mill soap couple who lies, cheats, and self-implodes!

This is why JaSam is a Supercouple like no other…EVER!


Believe that “Nothing’s Gonna Change That!”

I know I do…



TGIF indeed, GHers!

WOW! It was so incredible to hear from you all today – between the comments, texts, and the emails, I felt the excitement down to my toes! The Soap Opera Digest magazine cover seems to have snapped everyone out of that funk we were all in since last week, when every day was a chore to watch the newbies run Port Charles. (Just check out those ratings!)

For those of you who haven’t seen it, or haven’t heard, I won’t say another word. It’s up to you to have things spoiled or not. Here is the link I received. You choose:


I have been smiling all day! I hope now you will be, too!

*happy dance*

Moving right along…

Each of us have probably adopted our very own set of WORDS TO LIVE BY. For some of us, they are inspirational. For others, they are a tiny bit of wisdom passed down by a loved one, or something said by someone famous. For others, it may be a political phrase, or even something they got off the fortune cookie they had at lunch that day…or 5 years ago. WORDS TO LIVE BY have no rules, except that they mean something to the person holding them dear. There were definitely plenty of opportunities to adopt meaningful WORDS TO LIVE BY by every one of our favorites (and not-so-favorites).

There is something about Ronnie Domestico that sets my creep radar off. Ever since he showed his loud mug in PC, I have gotten a weird feeling about him. He proved me right about trusting my instincts when he was shown to have a connection to Franco. My instincts have been busing for a while about this stripper bully, too. I am not sure what it’s about, but I jut have a feeling that Ronnie was a little too excited about their suspect. Ronnie was right on one thing, though. Karma is a bitch. Certainly WORDS TO LIVE BY. Officer Domestico should repeat them to himself each morning. I have a feeling he and Karma will be crossing paths soon.

I find it fitting that Liz and Ethan would be discussing poker, as Liz certainly needed to be wearing her own poker face as she spewed that nonsense about how she and Lucky made each other stronger, and how they never blamed each other, or talked about who caused more damage. Uuuummmm, what history has Liz been revisiting? I cannot stand how Liz is all about Lucky while talking to his brother, and then she’ll be at the hospital at the same time Maxie is, and she’ll be all about Matt, until Dr. Keenan breezes by her, and then she’s all about “being in the moment”m until she spots Jason and witnesses how much he loves his wife, and then she’ll be all nostalgic and needy. Liz said the very WORDS TO LIVE BY she needs to hear for herself: she needs to be rational, cautious, and really take the time to think about what she needs to do – especially for her children’s sake. The thing with Liz is that she didn’t get to where she is because she didn’t know better. She got to where she is because even when she knows better, she thinks with her whoremones, instead of her head, or even her heart.

What did I just say about Tracy and her Daddy Issues? Case in point, even when Edward confronted her about it after she was tearing herself up over how to break the news to him, he showed absolutely no compassion for her situation. What a difference it would have made if Edward supported Tracy and helped her find a way out of this miserable situation. Instead, the WORDS TO LIVE BY he chose to share with Tracy in her time of need were, “You made your bed…” meaning that now, she will have to lie in it, even if she is sharing that bed with the enemy himself. Daddy’s Little Girl she is not.

So, I am sticking to my guns, and not flaking on staying angry at Sonny. That being said, it certainly didn’t hurt Sonny that he called Anthony out on what a piece of crap father he was to Claudia. A couple of times, Sonny even stopped Anthony from talking disrespectfully about his dead daughter, because he seemed to understand that Claudia and her dysfunction were a product of having been raised by such a scumbag, and that Claudia never stood a chance when the one person who should have been willing to lay down his life for her was the one person who sacrificed hers instead for personal gain. Ugh. Just talking about that Zacchara history makes my skin crawl. I had to overlook my anger at Sonny when he gave Anthony some WORDS TO LIVE BY: “No good father would turn a blind eye to their children, or worse – to let someone do something to their children and get away with it.” (True that!)

Even Anthony agreed that those were WORDS TO LIVE BY, but he turned them right around on Sonny, who blew John’s world apart with that unfortunate truth. Anthony reminded Sonny that “Not letting anyone hurt your children and get away with it” were also words to die by. That may have caused Sonny to have an Aha! moment, as Anthony started to name Sonny’s children, and asked him which one he was willing to sacrifice. These are the things Sonny never has the foresight to anticipate. Walking into John’s penthouse with that bombshell truth will have its price. If only Sonny had stopped to think about whether or not he can afford the price tag.

Considering that Sonny has turned a blind eye to most, if not all, of his children, it’s definitely a reason for concern. I mean, as Sonny was talking about no good father turning a blind eye to his children, MIchael is completely lost on Sonny’s blind side, with only Sam and Jason to look out for him and take actions to make sure he isn’t hurt. I am not sure if it will last, or if it was just a direct answer to my please, but hearing Michael say that he is going to start living a life that would honor Abby and what she wanted for his life starting right then, were WORDS TO LIVE BY… EVERYDAY! Let’s hope he does just that, and doesn’t do another complete 180. I am so ready for Michael to leave this “I Wanna Be A Mobster” game behind. Besides, if he wants to be a  rock Starr’s boyfriend 🙂 someday soon, he’s going to want to be on the right side of the security fence at Pentonville. 😉

Will Michael ever realize how lucky he was the day that Jason vowed to always be there for him, and the day Sam came into both their lives? I shudder to think how this could have turned out if not for the trust Michael has come to have in Aunt Sam, or the wisdom Sam showed in pushing Jason to go after Michael, regardless of what Michael said he wanted. I could never list all of the times that Jason has given Michael just the right WORDS TO LIVE BY, but I will say that Jason telling Michael that he doesn’t care how angry he is at him, he will always be there to help him, reminded US that Jason is going to be Port Charles’ Best Dad – hands down. I know that we have all wanted Jason to write Michael off, and to let him clean up his own messes, consequences be damned, but Jason loves Michael like a parent loves a child. Thank goodness for Michael’s sake that someone does.

I have often given Alexis a hard time about the attention, or lack thereof, she shows her eldest daughter, Sam. If Alexis were trying to convince me she’s going to do better, today was a fantastic start! Let me just say that having a mom and aunts who are going through menopause, and having dealt with hot flashes on all levels, I get a kick out of Alexis’s struggle with it. Most of us watching are women, and watching Alexis deal with something we have all dealt with, or will all deal with, makes for a realistic connection. I love that Sam really doesn’t know how to deal with it, because I remember reacting the same way. LOL. Both Nancy and Kelly played those scenes so well, and so realistically! I also think they did a great job with how Sam told Alexis the news that she is, in fact, pregnant. I was a bit apprehensive about Sam feeling pressured to tell Alexis before getting the results, but after watching them play out, I am glad that Sam did tell Alexis the truth. Someone needed to be able to press Sam on the fact that she is finally getting the one thing she and Jason have wanted for almost of their years together, and that she should be happy about it. I was proud of Alexis for finally stepping up to the Mommy plate and delivering very timely WORDS TO LIVE BY.  Sam most definitely needed to hear that “whatever is wrong, she needs to let it go, and just embrace the moment, because it is the best time of her life!” Hearing it from her mother will hopefully help the words to sink in.

I’d bet that if we compared notes, those of us who have experienced the joys of expecting our babies would agree that it’s a very emotional time. Sometimes those emotions are at the highest highs, and sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, they sink pretty low. We worry about out children even before we ever lay eyes on them. We worry about keeping them healthy while growing inside of us, we worry about being good parents when they enter this world. We worry about their health – emotionally, physically, and mentally, and we obsess about what we can do – or not do – to ensure all three. I imagine Sam wonders constantly about how her child is doing while growing inside the chaos that should be her safe haven for the nine moths she needs to develop. I imagine that she worries about what these paternity results will mean for her baby’s future, and what it might mean for who her child will be, should the father not be Jason. I imagine that Sam is a full-fledged member of Steph’s and my Insomnia Club, and that many a sleepless night is spent with all of these racing thoughts, when she should be blissfully dreaming of wall-paper patterns, and Boppy pillows. What should be moments of anticipation wondering if her baby will have Jason’s eyes, must turn to feelings of foreboding as she has to acknowledge the possibility that she may have to look in tot he eyes of her tormentor. Our poor Sam is a mess, even if she refuses to let Jason see all of her turmoil. Thankfully, Jason doesn’t have to see it to know that Sam is torn. All he has to do is look at her, and he can feel her restlessness. So, he shares the WORDS SAM WILL HAVE TO LIVE BY until they get some answers to all of their questions. “No matter what, I still love you.”


I never went through what Sam is going through, or I would have had a problem with my headwriter in the sky, but  I can tell you how completely healing and  pacifying those words were when all I was worried about was swollen ankles, and the only shame I felt was over a need to visit every restroom everywhere we went during my pregnancy. If those heartfelt words from my husband could calm me down, imagine the effect hearing them from her husband has on Sam, who is worried about a life-altering situation!

Jason has been a dream through this entire ordeal, and he deserves all of the love and trust that Sam has invested in him.

They will get each other through this, and they will finally get to celebrate this miracle together. We had faith in that from the beginning…and it is finally going to happen!

It’s a great time to be a JaSam Fan! 


Enjoy every second!



As Always #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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TGIF, GHers!

Can you believe it’s Friday already? It seems that our looking forward to the next episode of GH makes time FLY!

With each great episode I feel that I am getting reacquainted with old friends…remembering things I’d either forgotten, or finding out things I somehow never knew. It feels like a long reunion weekend. Thanks once again, GH Writers!

I am not a gambler. Never have been. I’m not sure what it is that has never allowed me to see the draw of taking chances on something with really bad odds, but even when I was a kid, I would get nervous when my sister would take a shot at the Claw Crane arcade game down at the Jersey Shore boardwalk. It would literally make my heart contract to know that she was hoping to use that ridiculous claw to try and nab a prize. I never understood why she bothered when obviously the chances of winning weren’t that good! How could they be when no matter what time of day we passed it – it was still chock full of prizes! I need more certainty in life. I need really good odds. It’s probably why I held the same job for most of my life (before the accident) and why I’ve lived in the same waterfront community I did as a kid. I just don’t like to take chances.

Which is why living in Port Charles would have been a real challenge for me. It was certainly all about placing your bets on one side or the other, and in most cases, neither side looked that good.


Click to view full size image

I never thought I’d say this, but it seems Alexis and I have some things in common. Alexis is a little bit of a chicken when it comes to placing bets, too. Alexis’ mantra is: Why take crazy chances? She would rather know what the facts are and then make an informed decision from there. I can totally relate. 😉 (Which is why my sister calls me a chicken, too!)

Click to view full size image

 Diane, however, is the anti-Alexis. She cares a lot less about the facts and seems to ride the wave of what feels right, and good, and “groovy.” Watching Diane play the little red devil (quite literally) on Alexis’ shoulder was a bit comical, especially since there wasn’t anyone at Jake’s to play the good angel on Alexis’ other shoulder. All they had was Coleman, and he wasn’t the little devil.

Click to view full size image

He was big ol’ Lucifer himself, pitchfork pool stick and all. Alexis never had a chance. Even though I’m not a gambler, I placed my bets on Diane and Coleman getting the uptight Ms. Davis to play their game – so I guess I have beginner’s luck. Not only did she play, but Alexis literally “beat the pants off” of her playmates. I wonder if that game was legal…being that PC’s police commissioner walked in just as Coleman “dropped them.”

Click to view full size image

Had Sonny not framed Jax, it would probably have been safe to place your bet on Jax getting custody. And while Jax has certainly made me question the competence of that could’ve been decision this week, Carly makes me wonder how anyone could have handed full custody to her, even with Jax’s drug charges. Maybe Joss should’ve gone to stay with Grandma Bobbie while Carly and Jax got their crap together. Honestly, I am not sure which of the two has been the worst parent to Joss lately, but I know that at least one of them seems to have put Joss’ needs first – if only for a moment, and that’s Jax. I will admit that I sighed a deep sigh of relief. This was not who I wanted Jax to be. This was not how I wanted him to go down. I know he’s an ass sometimes, but he loves his daughter, and I cannot imagine him taking Joss’ mother from her. Let’s see if Carly can raise him one noble act…for the love of Joss.

Click to view full size image

Between Sonny’s Bi-polar Disorder and Shawn’s PTSD, I’d place my bet on Shawn. Sonny is so out of control, and so far gone from reality, that I wouldn’t trust him to pick up Joss’ diaper bag, much less to try and get her back! I don’t often side with Dante, but I silently applauded him when he shoved the truth down Sonny’s throat. This is all about Brenda…and about the fact that Sonny can’t face that Brenda may have loved him, but “he didn’t like him much anymore.” Whoa. That was a hard pill to swallow, so instead of digesting it, Sonny knocked Dante out. So much for improving father-son relations.

Click to view full size image

Patrick Drake has enough ego for two men, so having Matt add his own ego to the mix on which way to proceed with Jason was overwhelming even for me. I cannot imagine what it sounded like to Sam and Monica.  Patrick was right – Jason was the reason he came to Port Charles, but Matt is also right – it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the victory again. However, I think I was right to place my bets on Patrick’s way winning out. Matt suggested going to Robin and have her take the decision out of both their hands. I really thought Matt was on the right track, as historically, Robin tends to go with the least invasive option, but Patrick knew something Matt hadn’t thought of. Once Robin knew it was Jason they were talking about, she wouldn’t be willing to risk losing him, so she sided with Patrick – because he did save Jason all those years ago when Robin begged him. So Matt had to fold.

Click to view full size image

It seemed mother/daughter-in-law relations were about to get off to a rough start for Monica and Sam when Monica pulled her “I’m his mother” card. What a tense moment! I found myself nervously chewing on my lip rather ferociously during their exchange, but let’s be clear: I’d place my bets on Sam each time! I am Team Sam all the way! Please don’t get me wrong, no one is happier that Monica is back in Jason’s life, and that Jason seems more open to embracing The Quartermaines, but let’s be real. Where the hell has Monica been? Not only has she been absent, but admittedly by her choice. Did she really think that one visit over the past couple of years would grant her the rights to make all of his decisions, even decisions that they’ve never discussed? As I said yesterday, I really hoped that Monica would remember that Jason left these decisions to Sam the last time he faced them. More than that, I hoped that Monica would remember that it was because of his faith in Sam – to love him through whatever the outcome – that Jason finally made the decision to risk the surgery that scared him almost literally to death. Jason discussed his fears with Sam, and let her help him to overcome them. More than once. In fact, Monica was there and watched Jason put his life in Sam’s hands time and time again. She should know better!

Click to view full size image


I could literally see Sam torn between what she felt in her gut and what Patrick and Matt were arguing about, just as I could see that it hurt her to have to disagree with Monica. This wasn’t easy for her.

Click to view full size image


Sure, Sam said she is a gambler, and that she wanted to hear the odds, but maybe what no one else in that room knows is that Sam would never be willing to gamble with Jason’s life. It broke my heart that Sam really had no choice but to go with Monica’s decision to take this gamble, because certainly Sam wasn’t all in.

Click to view full size image

 Hopefully, her new family will be able to get her through these next few days with their support, and their common love of Jason.

Click to view full size image


Take a moment and let TPTB know how much you are enjoying Sam bonding with The Quartermaines, and let them know what else you’re loving! Your voice matters!


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I’ve placed my bets on JaSam…what about you?




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Is it really only Thursday, GHers?

I am counting the minutes for this next story arc to take off…I am so ready for our couple to be embroiled in a good storyline all their own!

I’m thinking we’ll finally get some good scenes today as things seem to by lining up for the *whispers* … crash.

It will be interesting to see how our fave Port Charlesians figure out HOW TO DEAL with this next crisis,and all that it brings…especially as we watch them deal with what’s already going on.

Click to view full size image

It makes me smile when I sit down to watch GH and see The Quartermaines on my screen. It makes me hopeful about GH’s future when I see them embracing their past. That’s exactly what both Tracy and Edward had to do – with Skye. They really are so fun to watch – even when they are fighting tooth and nail!

Click to view full size image

The Quartermaines are unique in that Edward knows exactly who Tracy is, and Tracy knows exactly who Michael is, and that they both know exactly who Skye is, even though they each know her to be a different person, and have different ideas on how to deal with her. It did make me raise an eyebrow to hear Skye telling Edward that she returned because of family. Edward is no longer in the prime of his life. I don’t think his heart can withstand deception like it once did, and if Skye hurts him I will like her even less. I would have hoped that Skye would have learned a thing or two about partnering with dangerous men with ties to organized crime, but apparently not. I have a few ideas on how to deal with Skye if she backstabs her “family” this time around, and they all include Jason…and his big, shiny gun.

Click to view full size image

Speaking of The Quartermaines, I am back to wanting to smack Michael upside the head. In fact I am Team Tracy when it comes to pointing out just how little weight Michael seems to give this new job package he duped Grandfather into offering him and Abby. He is totally crapping on his family and their generosity, but more than that, he is once again reminding all of us – and maybe even Abby, that even though Michael may have had too much life experience for people his age, he is also not ready for adulthood and all that entails. He may not even be ready for this adult relationship. He may be a Q, but Abby is not, and I don’t think she knows how to deal with living like one when she knows that at some point, she’ll be back to fending for herself. For Abby, it’s important to at least make a good impression so that she might at least be able to put her time at ELQ down on a resume someday, and Mikey is kinda ruining that with his Caribbean play date. Michael needs to grow up, or give it up until he learns how to deal with life as a big boy.

Click to view full size image

To be fair, Michael is also part Carly. Hmmm….I’m not sure how it happened so quickly, but Shawn seems to  have figured out how to deal with Carly almost as well as Jason. He calms her down, he doesn’t allow her to railroad him, and he knows how to work her pretty effectively.  How to deal with the adorable Joss seems to be something Shawn’s pretty darned good at, too. I know a certain someone who thinks he does EVERYTHING well – including just swaggering onto our screens 🙂 Shawn may just be at the right place in Carly’s life at the right time. She is a long way off from having figured out how to deal with not having Jason at her back and call, so it may just be good for her to have Shawn right there whenever she calls. It may also pay off for Shawn…as Carly is going to need an outlet for all of that pent-up love.

Click to view full size image

I’ll tell you what. I don’t even have to work with Robin – all I have to do is watch her at work for about 10 minutes and I want to lock her in a supply closet until she agrees to slip her resignation under the door! My goodness – how to deal with a control freak is one challenge. How to deal with a control freak with OCD is another. I’m starting to think that Robin is getting her revenge on anyone at the hospital who ever even smiled at Dr. Lisa Niles. Why else would she be coming up with crap like color-coordinated scrubs? I am so glad Epiphany is back at work long enough to tell her how she really feels – ‘cuz we know no one does it better that ‘Piph! I know it seemed childish for Patrick and Matt to be sitting in the corner bitching and moaning about Robin, but honestly – it is going to take a team effort to figure out how to deal with Robin as Chief of Staff, while still having to love her. I am curious how Robin will manage all of her newly implemented changes and surgery rotations when Jason is the one to be wheeled in through those ER doors clinging to life… 

Click to view full size image

Jason, Jason, Jason. Jason is like the clean-up crew. He comes in and cleans up everyone else’s mess. Sometimes he’s quiet, and just does what needs to get done, other times he listens to what needs to be said, and other times still, he says what needs to be said. I am sometimes surprised by people’s reactions to Jason being Mr. Clean-up. How could he be anything else? Jason woke up all those years ago not knowing who he was or what he even knew how to do. Everyone told him he was going to be a doctor. That he was brilliant. On his way to being successful. The problem with that was that those very people turned around and expected all of those same things from him. That was enough to drive anyone to the edge. Then Jason met Sonny and the pressure was lifted. Sonny didn’t expect what Jason couldn’t figure out, so he taught him a new way of life. It’s why Jason still feels so indebted to Sonny. It’s why he didn’t throw him off that terrace when Sonny, in his manic ramblings, actually told Jason he couldn’t imagine his pain because “he’d never loved anyone like this.” Wow, it’s a good thing Sonny is covered by a mental disability because that’s the only excuse I can think of for Sonny not hearing the cruelty in saying that to a man who just lost his son. But Jason’s not me. Or you. He makes allowances for Sonny because of their relationship. Within that way of life that Sonny once offered him – without a list of expectations, Jason became the person who was able to help Sonny, and figured out that it was something he was good at. So, I think he decided he would get even better at it, and that it would be his thing. And so…Jason went on and helped Robin. Jason helped Brenda. Jason helped Carly. Then came Michael, and the list goes on and on. Jason feels most like the only self he knows when he is doing the first thing he learned to do when he woke up: helping others. Saving them from themselves, or from any other danger that could be lurking around the corner. Like most of you, I have had my moments of impatience where I want to knock Jason back into the ’90’s when he is in Superhero mode…like with Carly, or Michael, and most annoyingly – the way he was with Brenda. However, when I stop and watch Jason, and really listen, like I did today, it hits me. This is still the only thing he thinks he can offer the people he cares about; to take care of them, and to clean up after them. Then I want to just hug him.

Click to view full size image

You know, I thought it was actually pretty deep that Jason would have to deal with Sonny after the roles were reversed. So many times Jason has had to help Brenda, to hold her up when Sonny has walked out of her life. This time, Brenda was the one to walk out of Sonny’s life, and Jason had to deal with Sonny’s breakdown. (On a lighter note, I will say that even off his medications, Sonny is a lot more sane and easier to deal with than Brenda ever was) No one else could have helped Sonny pick up this mess. It could only be Jason. Sonny and Brenda’s relationship – or the ending of it, has come full circle, and as Jason said, “It’s Over.” And Sonny needed to hear that,as hard as it was.

Click to view full size image

There is so much speculation and so many rumors about what happens after Jason’s accident, and I don’t even go on spoiler sites! Twitter is afire almost all day with what people are reading here, there, and everywhere. I imagine that Jason’s journey has to also come full circle in some way. In the years since his accident, he has learned some meaningful lessons on what his family lost. The fact that Jason didn’t know them didn’t ease their pain when they lost him. Losing Jake taught Jason that. I would love it if his accident, his coma, and his “dreams” led Jason to see that he is so much more than just the clean-up guy. I would love it if Jason finally figured out, thanks to what life and love with Sam have taught him, that he is really good at being a friend. That he’s really good at loving people, and making them “feel like they’re enough”. That he’s really good at being Sam’s fiance, and that he can be even better at being her husband.  I would hope that this accident that puts him right back where Jason Morgan began and Jason Quartermaine ended can teach him that he is deserving of having his own life and his own happiness, and not just the satisfaction of cleaning up after everyone else. Imagine the kind of character development that might prompt in the lives of Sonny, Carly, and Michael, just to name a few. They might actually have to live based on how to deal with their own decisions. Can you imagine a Port Charles like that?

How to deal…the possibilities are endless!


Take a moment and let TPTB know what you are looking forward to most!


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Looking forward…


“It’s Just Not Enough”…

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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

By the time most of you read today’s post, I’ll be in surgery, but I am confident that I’m going in surrounded by all of your positive thoughts and prayers, so it’s actually helping to keep me calmer than usual! Thanks so much for the support you’ve all given me. I love you guys!

Moving on…

I don’t usually like surprises, but I’ve gotta tell you that the surprise we all got on yesterday’s General Hospital may have changed my mind!

Just hearing that JaSam would be on was enough to make me smile, but the quality of the scenes we got just blew my mind…and took me way back to that era that we were talking about on this past week’s Sunday Drive. Jason and Sam having a conversation…about them…it was just phenomenally done!

But we’ll get back to that in a minute. My little JaSam heart is so full right now that if I get started on them now, I may completely forget that there was more going on in Port Charles!

Or in Florida…

Am I the only one who has completely lost track of what the heck Lulu is really doing walking around in lingerie all day? And has Mac Scorpio realized that one of his detectives is MIA? Listen, I get that Lulu is trying to find herself, or her dad, or both. I really do. I just wish that this story could have played out differently. For me, Lulu has never really been the most sensical chick in PC, but I really do believe that this may be her worst idea ever. She has not only turned her life upside down in search of her father, who just does NOT want to be found, but she’s also turned Dante’s upside down as well. Does she care that he has a job? Responsibilities? Laundry that has to get back done in Port Charles, where his mama resides? And what about her own responsibilities? Nikolas dished out a big chunk of change so that Lulu could go nuts ordering poker chips and liquor! Has Lulu made sure that someone is even on the Haunted Star to sign for those outrageous deliveries? Is it fair that Nikolas’ investment is literally floating on the harbor, with no one to look out for it, all because Lulu now needs her dad in her life? It’s just not enough of a good reason for her to behave so carelessly, and really – so selfishly. I say Dante drags Lulu back to PC, and straight to Lainey’s office for some intense therapy. Then maybe we can all forget about The Worst Little Whorehouse In Florida.

I am thrilled that Michael is finally off of his mobster kick and safely ensconced in a nice, comfy office at ELQ. It had finally freed up Jason to worry about “other pressing matters”, and has given us all a much-needed respite from the litany we’ve been hearing from Michael since he was old enough to understand what his dad’s “business” was. It just kinda bugs me that Michael isn’t trying a little harder to convince Edward or anyone else that he wants to “work his way up from the bottom”. Shooting paper hoops and making out with your girlfriend isn’t exactly laying a great foundation to build upon. It’s just not enough that Michael talks about not wanting special treatment, but hasn’t really taken the initiative to earn some real respect for his efforts. I can’t even blame Asher for resenting him. I really hope Michael does more than talk a good game…and soon.

You know, I remember when all Liz did was work, work, work so that she would have enough money to cover things like…well, I don’t really know, as her house is paid for, and both baby daddies (Lucky and Nikolas) were supporting their respective (at the time) boys. But anyway, she barely had a moment to see her boys. Well, now she’s been suspended from the hospital, and has nothing BUT time. Yet, Cam is still in daycare at the hospital, and though Liz should have better things to do than to wait around trying to run into Lucky – I can’t think of one reason why she didn’t go along on his trip to the zoo, as a chaperone! I’ve done it for all of my kids. I’m sure some of you have, or would, if you had the time off from work. I mean, obviously Cam’s poor little heart is heavy trying to figure out if his little brother can see the tigers from heaven. I would want to be with him the first time he returned to the zoo, a place where all sorts of memories will probably haunt him. (Especially since Jake was lost there, too) But not Liz. Nope. She is on the 10th Floor, while – as Siobhan pointed out – Daycare is on the 4th Floor. (This chick really likes stair climbing, huh?) I know so many viewers are all excited about a possible LnL2 reunion, but I am not. Siobhan stuck around for Lucky because he asked her to. He told her that there was more to their relationship than a green card marriage. I want Lucky to finally allow himself to be happy without the weight of Liz’s world crashing down on him. Besides, we all know that Liz will only want Lucky until she can have him. Once she does, she’ll decide that she just doesn’t want him “in that way”, just as she did when she started tripping onto the launch that rode her out to Wyndemere, where she rode…well, let’s just say when she carrying on that torrid affair with Lucky’s brother. It’s just not enough that Liz thinks “she will always love Lucky.” As a wise hitman once said, words aren’t enough. Sometimes you have to prove your love. That’s where Liz always falls short. For once, I would like for Lucky to have the balls to mean it when he says they shouldn’t be together, because for once, I’d like to see Liz focus on the two men in her life that aren’t in love with anyone else: Cameron and Aiden. (Although, if I were Robin, I’d watch my back, especially since Robin basically told Liz it was “okay” to go after a married man for the right reasons.)

No matter what Liz does or doesn’t do, the one thing I would like for all JaSam fans to do is to erase her name from our vocabularies, just as Jason basically erased her from his orbit when he told her she and Lucky were the ones meant to be together.

I always get a little pang of anxiety when I see my beloved JaSammers tweeting about some Liz rumor that detracts from the absolute nirvana we JaSam fans should all be experiencing at the moment. There isn’t anything Liz related that should worry our pretty little heads. And in some weak moment of PMS, or lack of sleep where we do allow rumors to get to us…DM a friend and get straightened out. Just please – let’s not give *whispers* “the delusionals” anything to feed on.

When all else fails…go back and rewatch yesterday’s JASAM AMAZINGNESS! That should cure you!

I know that the writers once did so many things wrong when it came to the BEST COUPLE ON DAYTIME, but I have to say, they are really just doing so many things right lately!

I loved that Jason was frustrated with Maxie pushing the issue of marriage because he obviously felt unsure about where Sam stands on the issue. I so adore when Jason is vulnerable. And what about the fact that it appeared that he was taking Maxie’s advice about proposing to Sam to save Spinelli, only to have Jackal, P.I. shoot the idea down? That was fabulous because there are so many haters out there that were insisting he would only propose because he was being “pushed into it” by Maxie or Spin. The fact that “The Jackal’s” reaction didn’t factor into how Jason actually proceeded to shut that theory down cold. I LOVED THAT!

Click to view full size image

Jason was on edge from the moment Sam came in and said, “We need to talk.” The look on his face when he said, “Okay” said that he wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s great that Sam is keeping him guessing these days, without even trying! Jason was listening to everything Sam said, but he was working overtime to read between the lines. He heard everything she said, and even what she didn’t say. Just like the good old days!

Click to view full size image

When Jason asked Sam to tell him how she was feeling, you could see in his body language that he was a little scared. Jason Morgan. Scared. It’s a beautiful thing! Yet he pressed on and asked her again, and when Sam tried to get around it by saying they had already discussed it, he didn’t let her. It was great that he thought they talked around it, when they usually just say what they mean, because it showed Sam he wasn’t willing to let this go. She needed to know that, and so did we.

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Jason also needed to know that her fears are real. Valid. She was totally right when she said that they’d gotten engaged, they’d survived his illness and surgery, loved each other more than ever, and it still fell apart. Back then, I’m sure neither Sam nor Jason could have imagined that their strong, fireproof love story could have gone so horribly wrong. But it did. And that’s not something Sam can just ignore.

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It’s not something we were comfortable ignoring either. I know that since their reunion in 2009, we’ve all just accepted that they didn’t want to talk about the past, but what Sam said today needed to be said. And it needed to be heard by Jason. *Bravo, Writers!*

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Jason acknowledged that her fears were real, but he also reminded Sam of the one thing he, and all of us, love so much about her. Sam is also one of the bravest people ever. (How cute was that scene, and Jason explaining it?) It was absolute genius for Jason to ask her how he can be so brave for all those things, and not be brave enough to take the next step!

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For all of those out there who think that Jason is feeling pressured into asking Sam to marry him, the rest of their conversation should (if you have any logic at all) disabuse them of that misconception. Jason is being relentless here, something he usually does not do in these situations. Think back. When can you recall Jason really fighting to move a relationship forward, or even to save it? He always gives in to how the other person is feeling. He never fights. Except with Sam. Jason pleaded and begged and wore her down in 2004 when he wanted her to say he was the baby’s father, and move in with him, and he chased her down whenever fear made her run. He was relentless back in 2005 when they broke up after the Hope heartbreak, and he wouldn’t let her retreat after they got together in Mexico in 2009.

Sam has always been the woman Jason has fought for, and this time, he’s fighting to have it all with her!

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If that isn’t Love In The Afternoon, I just don’t know what is!

Most significant to me was that Jason took the blame for the collapse of their great love. He wondered if Sam thought he would lie to her again, or hurt her in some other way, because he knows that his lies set off a train wreck of events that ruined what they had. I needed to hear him take that responsibility just as much as Sam. Truly I did.

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Jason told Sam that he was asking her to trust him. Again. In spite of the past. He wanted her to trust him enough to voice what she wanted, without fearing that she’d lose it all over again. *tears*

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When Sam said she wanted them to spend the rest of their lives together, the relief Jason felt was unmistakable. Sam wanted what he wanted. It was as if he were walking her through the deep end of the pool when he said, “Okay.” It was as if he were saying to her, “See? Was that so hard to admit?” But even then, he didn’t let go. He asked, “Like this, that’s all?” As in the way things are right now – without going for more?

And our sweet, scarred Sam, she said,”That’s everything.” And to her, it is, because when you’ve loved and lost on that grand a scale, you learn to be really, really grateful for another chance at reclaiming that love. You don’t want to take unneccessary chances, you don’t want to press your luck, and you don’t see a reason to fix it if it ain’t broke. Because of my parent’s divorce, I once lived like that – that afraid of wanting more than what was just perfect to me. It was a sad way to go through life, but you don’t even know it until you see what’s possible.

That’s the reason I actually cried when Jason’s answer to her was, “I know it is, but we can have more than that.”

Trust me when I tell you, it’s both the scariest thing she could have heard, and still the most incredible. Wanting more is scary, especially when Life has been as unfair to you as it has been to Sam, and she seemed paralyzed with fear at the thought of wanting that “more” he was offering, but Jason saw that and didn’t miss a beat.

It’s why he’s my hero. (Kinda like my hubby!)

When in doubt, offer proof.

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“I mean, I love you, and it’s just not enough to say the words anymore! I want to prove it to you!”

Sam’s face said it all, didn’t it? She was at a complete loss, and once again, Jason knew it.

“I know that you’re scared”…

He didn’t brush her fear aside, or tell her it was silly. He let her know that he got that she had a reason to be afraid.

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Whatever was coming next was swallowed up by Maxie’s emergency, but even that I saw as a blessing in disguise. This was the catalyst to making Jason realize that he wants to propose to Sam because he loves her. He wants to ask her to marry him because what they have is great, but what they will have will be even better. Now Jason will realize that this can’t just be another proposal. They’ve been there. Done that. And Sam thinks they failed miserably.

Jason is going to show Sam that their lives and their love can be as amazing as he thinks she is, and he is going to prove it by proposing in a most amazing way.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And one thing is for sure: Jason is desperately in love with Sam.

 Friends, these are the kinds of conversations JaSam’s needed and we’ve wanted since they got back together! These are the moments we’ve been waiting for, praying for, begging for! I hope you will all take the time to thank the writers and the rest of TPTB for finally rewarding our loyalty and patience!

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Watch for me today…