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Yeah…”WHAT IF?”

Good morning, GHers.

I’m sorry. I really needed to process all of my thoughts before posting. And I had to get through writing all my heartfelt letters to TPTB.

Well, I will say this: if Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini wanted to get us thinking about “What If?”, they sure did. Just not the way they planned.

Instead, that JaSam episode got me thinking about “What If Ron Carlivati and Frank Velntini Had Never Come To Crap On Our GH?”


While I was just soaking up all of the Jason and Sam LOVE and HAPPINESS I could get before Steve leaves GH, during every commercial break I stopped to scratch my head and thought, “If he knew how to write JaSam, then why DIDN’T HE?” I mean, it was obvious he understood that Steve and Kelly are sooooo good at showing us a side to Jason and Sam that made us all fall in love all those years ago. You know what I’m talking about. The playful, yet heated, sweet, but deep-as-their-souls connection they share. My goodness! Jason laughing as Sam was praticing the “her-hee-hoo” breathing, their adorable scenes with Sam trying to get Jason to keep his hands to himself during Lamaze, and even the Jason feeding Sam – and himself – ice chips. No other couple can do heat one moment and fun the next as well as Jason and Sam, thanks to their alters, Steve and Kelly.

It made me incredibly sad to think that so much of that was wasted since the time this new team came into the leadership role at GH.

It most certainly had me thinking “WHAT IF? WHAT IF RON CARLIVATI HAD NEVER BEEN MADE HEADWRITER?” I mean, say what you will about Garin Wolf’s awful decision to write the Franco Honeymoon, but before that misstep, we had romance, we had legacy characters onscreen like Monica and Edward, and we had FAMILY moments to smile about and to remind us that GH was founded on core families! *tears* And you know what? say what you will about Bob Guza’s years of darkness, but at least he made moments of LIGHT mean something!

As I watched yesterday, I was tortured, more than “rewarded” by thoughts of “What If?” 

  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had not been set on this dead end road because of Heather’s lies, and Sam reacted exactly that way, not letting herself be manipulated by a woman sitting in a mental institution? You know – WHAT IF she had actually used the instincts she uses to make a living?
  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had enjoyed more moments of love and romance and increased hormones, as so may couples do during a time when they are reveling in the fact that their love created a new life? They were on the road to doing just that up and until RC took over the headwriting position. (Remember the cabin?) What a waste!
  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had been able to share the moments that strengthened their bond, respected their commitment to each other, and even honored their Love Story? Jason and Sam fell in love while bonding with each other and Sam’s unborn baby. Why not give them “the works” when it came to this baby – their baby.
  • WHAT IF…this pregnancy storlyine, and the waiting period for this child of LEGACY FAMILIES, was actually filled with scenes with those LEGACY CHARACTERS, like Monica, Edward, Alexis, and hell – even Tracy? Just imagine the amount of longtime viewers who might have felt a renewed connection to their long beloved soap?
  • WHAT IF…instead of tears, pain, sorrow and separations, this pregnancy had been filled with what we saw yesterday? Laughter and wonder, happiness and togetherness? There was such a golden opportunity here to bring people together again – and I am not just talking about Jason and Sam, though they are first on my list! I am also talking about Spinelli and Maxie (though it just felt so much more “right” with the beautiful Kirsten Storms back in the role). I am talking about Monica and Jason, and Monica and Sam, because they already had a history of a good, strong relationship. I am talking about The Davis GIrls. I am talking about The Grandmothers – bonding and perhaps trying to one-up each other in a bit of friendly competition. Families who have been part of our own families are what viewers want to connect with – not newbies who mean nothing to us! WHEN, DEAR GOD, WILL WRITERS AND EPs GET THIS???
  • WHAT IF…instead of dead babies and baby funerals, we had just what Sam dreamed of? Live, beautiful babies, and baby showers? I don’t know about you, but there is enough real sadness and heartache in my own world. I don’t want to turn on the TV to struggle through more tears and sadness! I want to turn on the TV to be transported, albeit only for an hour daily, to a happy place, where dreams do come true and true love does win out!
  • WHAT IF…the writers had taken the least traveled road here, and instead of writing a tragedy on the day of this LEGACY BABY’S birth, had actually written a fun, sometimes funny, but thoroughly celebratory event, as they did in Sam’s fantasy? Oh, how much more fans could have looked forward to, and enjoyed it! So many JaSam fans refused to tune in, simply because of the fact that they knew it would end with the ugly and cold reality RC wrote instead. How sad is that?

And finally…

  • WHAT IF…Jason had not been written out as the lead in his own storyline – you know, the storyline that helped to secure his character’s LEGACY, all so that Mr. Carlivati and Mr. Valentini could force John McBain into that lead spot? Into Jason’s Spot!?! What if Steve didn’t have a reason to feel that he could walk away from GH without leaving his fans completely devastated? As things stood when he made that decision, I imagine that Mr. Burton already thought that he had “left” the storyline and place of importance he held for all of the fans. All he did was make it official. Yes, I know all about the house in Tennessee, and the kids in school, but NO ONE will EVER convince me that he would not have found a way to make it work IF HE REALLY THOUGHT he would continue to be doing something worthwhile for all of us!

Which leads us to…

  • WHAT IF…The Beauty of GH was not ripped out from under all of us because a couple of guys came in here and refused to listen to what the fans wanted? WHAT IF we were all looking forward to what came next for us on this journey, instead of feeling like we’re getting ready to say goodbye? I am already wondering when my last post will be. Steve’s last day, marking the end of JaSam? On the 3rd anniversary of Bella Mafia in October? Or should I just give up now and just like Sam, suggest that “Maybe we should just give up. Walk away with (more than) two years of really beautiful memories, instead of destroying it, by trying to hold on.” *wipes tears*

We shouldn’t be thinking about THE END, but we are. And I place the entire blame for that SQUARELY on the shoulders of Misters Carlivati and Valentini.

No matter what I decide, I want you all to know one more thing I can quote Sam on: “I will love you ALL for the rest of my life. If I die tomorrow, or if I live to be 100. Even if I never see your faces,” even for the first time, I will never forget the place you guys took up in my life, and in my heart, when I needed you most. What I want is for you guys to really hear me on that, and understand the depth of my appreciation for each of you.

Like I said to my beloved Stephanie yesterday, JaSam Made Us Family. And no one can EVER take that away. Not even the stupid, lazy AIC. 

Today’s Lifeline: (This is the one silver lining to that JaSam Fantasy – that it will live on in our hearts because of our talented friends like Heather) “Look What We Made When We Made Love” Credit: aproditebeauty


This Day In JaSam History

September 7





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  1. embee

    OMG, Angelique, I literally just left this comment on your previous entry before I read this new one (Well said, as usual, my dear!):

    Saw the What If episode when I came home late last night. Sort of wish I hadn’t (damn my curiosity!). It seemed like, yeah, TPTB definitely read and heard all the complaints about the ruining of Jasam, but then decided to put all our requests in one episode in a vain, desperate and ARROGANT attempt to placate the fans who have been flooding their call lines and inboxes.

    I wanna know who thought this “What If” would be a good idea, AS IF anyone would miss the glaringly obvious: THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN!

    Sorry, I thought I would go to bed and wake up less pissed. Alas… :/

    September 7, 2012 at 9:25 am

  2. embee

    And like you, I’m dreading the last day. And your last post. Your perspective has been my lifeline since I found your page several months ago. I will miss it. 😥

    Please, no one start with the “this is only a show” platitudes. Jeezus.

    September 7, 2012 at 9:36 am

  3. Jlive

    This exactly and clearly sums it up! Bravo!

    September 7, 2012 at 10:09 am

  4. Angie as usual you are so right! I was so happy to see these scenes but also sad and angry!!Especially knowing Steve is leaving!!We will never get what we deserve as fans!!hopefully we can get a Maxie/Spinelli reunion!!These 2 idiots are running scared that they have lost viewers so they gave us a bit of what we wanted only to bring us back to reality at the end. Jason will start to think something is not right and go searching for clues but Steve is leaving soon!1how can this tun out!!I sure hope the 2 idiots in charge can write a great story about Jason finding out his son is alive and going to find him and bring Danny back to Sam!!But I have a feeling they will put McBain in the mix and he will be the one!!! I hope after Steve leaves Kelly will follow or else they will leave her without a man for awhile and just have her focus on her son Daniel Edward Morgan!!!I knew that she wouldn’t name him Jason!!I know it was her fantasy but she told Jason and he liked the name so I think they will keep that name. too bad Stve/jason won’t be around to see it!! I agree with you!!This awful story line gave Steve the push to leave. He will leave his fans because his story hasn’t been good since those 2 idiots took over!Please stay on this site,we need each other!!

    September 7, 2012 at 10:10 am

  5. Lara

    It’s a little after 5 p.m right now in the Sudan and I’ve been patiently waiting for your post to go up Angelique because I knew that of all people YOU would be able to completely encapsulate and reiterate what I’m sure most of us are feeling, but can’t put into words and you lived up to that and more!
    I’ve been keeping tabs on the show eventhough I can’t really watch it. However, I made sure that I had time to YouTube yesterday scenes because I knew that they would be amazing no matter what because Steve and Kelly are such committed Jasam fans. I really think that they are the biggest Jasam fans of all! They both just seemed so relaxed and genuinely happy to be finally portraying their characters the way they should be. Did you all notice their big smiles and the wonderful signs of happiness in their faces?! Every part of Sam’s ‘What If’ sequence was perfect and beautiful and everything we should have gotten these past months. I’ve already watched their scenes 3x over and I keep saying to myself, “the writers knew, they knew what they should have written, they knew how to make the fans happy, they just chose not to.” We finally got to see the Sam and Jason that we know and have loved these past years in yesterday’s episode. I absolutely loved all the little details like Jason getting yelled at by Epiphany ( which we know would totally happen!), the little black tee from Uncle Spinelli, the ice chips, EVERYTHING!! I especially loved the individual scenes that they had with their mothers. I thought that that was a really lovely touch especially Alexis smelling the baby and saying that he smelled just like Sam did as a baby. It’s funny because my husband tells me that no matter what Aryan always smells like me, even now thousands of miles apart 😊I thought it was wonderful including Edward into the dream because the Quartermaine’s have really and truely been forgotten about. Naming the baby after her brother and Edward definitely made me misty eyed, but I was fine, I really was up until the end. I thought the baby Sam was holding was Danny and then Jason walked in and a little boy popped out from behind and then Jason called the baby Emily and I completely lost it!!😭One of the nurses came in and I think I scared her because she came over and immediately hugged me and asked me if I was ok!
    All that’s left that I can say is that I know this episode is on my DVR back home and it’s never ever getting erased because in the months (and maybe years) that follow as GH continues to morph into a show I no longer recognize it’ll be episodes like this that I will be able to look back on fondly.
    I just found out about Steve’s leaving and while I am and will be sad at his departure I kind of saw it as inevitable. For months now he’s been written as someone awful that most have come to dislike. Jason may have his ways, but he’s a hero, a good guy and people love him. I’m sure he must have been hurt and insulted to have his character make a complete 180 degrees. Especially to be thrown under the bus for the new administrations golden boy McBain! I’m happy for him though, L.A is no place to raise kids and I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful life in Tennesee with his family. I wish him all the best. As I do for Kelly on DWTS. I would bet good money though that Kelly may just be biding her time at his point. Her and Steve are very close and like I said before they are HUGE supporters of their characters being together and have been very dissatisfied for a long time. I can honestly say that I would tearfully, but happily bid them both adieu off the show if they left together as a happy and complete Morgan family.
    As for my Bella family, I hope everyone has been well. I honestly miss everyone!! One more month here and then I’m home 😉
    Love You All,

    September 7, 2012 at 10:12 am

    • embee

      Gosh, I really like that you said Steve and Kelly are “the biggest fans of all.” It’s so true. They really did look like they really had fun doing these scenes. Everyone seemed to enjoy playing their roles as it was meant to be. This sucks.

      Thanks for your additional insight (from all they way in the Sudan-wow!).
      Take care,

      September 7, 2012 at 11:04 am

  6. Inlovewithjasam

    For me yesterday was closure from Gh for me, see I got everything in that episode I ever wanted for Jasam in love, surrounded by their family that loves them and doesnt want anything in return for that, excited for their baby, the birth TOGETHER, the sweet first look at what their love had made, the name which was perfect, the ending together in love with each other and their children….see I got my HEA for my.JASAM. And sadly with Steve leaving, this is the one I will treasure. About todays show I loved it, appreciated it, will cherish it and them. JASAM FAMILY FOREVER!!!!

    September 7, 2012 at 11:13 am

  7. samjase

    Angelique..I’m with you 1,000%. I had so many of the same thoughts you did! I cried, laughed and shook my head through the entire episode yesterday. I am so sad that Jasam won’t be on our screens anymore after Steve leaves. It sickens me! So much precious time wasted by this new hack regime. I wrote e-mails straight from my heart…and cried!

    September 7, 2012 at 12:24 pm

  8. user123

    Angelique…. As always very well said. I watched yesterday’s episode via youtube. It was very well done but it was a slap in my face. To show me how it could have been done if TPTB wanted it to happen was disrespectful to Jasam fans. The episode was very well done but it made me realize that I made the right decision not to watch GH any longer.
    I hope you rethink the decision to quit this blog. It may not be viable to write about Jasam any longer but maybe something/someone else. Your words are so enlightening and hopeful.

    Whateve decision that you make, I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on Jason and Sam and relish the day I found this site.

    September 7, 2012 at 12:53 pm

  9. Sonia

    Thank Angelique that WHAT IF is such a slap in Jason and Sam fans face if they can write this shit why wasnt it done the proper way.. what kind of backward writing is this.. This GH is all over the place you cannot follow one SL as you dont know if they are telling one. shame on ABC to put these spiteful men in charge

    September 7, 2012 at 1:09 pm

  10. rosejasam4ever

    I found myself excited to get home and read your take on things Angelique. And as usually you didn’t disappoint love so thank you for giving us your perspective and being on point as usual. I watched the show twice never mind that l was at work but l managed to watch it twice and needed to show GH, l like what you are giving me today so l will watch but now its back to you tube till l hear some good news.

    Angelique and Lara u have said everything l felt as l was watching the show. I cried and laughed and imagined we could have had all this all along but no two idiots decided to make our lives jasam fans hell and hell for Stelly. As Lara said those two are the biggest jasam fans coz its natural to them. If only the fantasy was the real reality then my heart would be puttering all through the weekend.

    Angelique hope u hang on for a lil while with the blog l discovered you this year but am loving this family. I live in Canada and the way am passionate about my jasam babies my friends make it a point to remind me its only tv and l explain to them to me its more than that.

    Am hoping we get the baby reunion soon and get some good jasam scenes before steve bids us farewell. As for yesterday bittersweet episode l will hold on to it as if its my jasam reality.

    September 7, 2012 at 1:43 pm

  11. Angelique♥(ˆ◡(ˆ◡ˆ)◡ˆ)♥my Amazing Bella☼ԼƠƔЄ☼To the Moon and Back and all throughout the stars. You amaze me with your Strength, Courage, Heart, Grace, Talent, Wisdom, Honor, Respect and most of all Truth! Told you on twitter that “We Were Feeling the Same thing after watching the Special Shut Up Fandom Episode presented by RC/FV & supposed to make us STOP CALLING the Comment Lines, STOP Emailing, Writing, Message Board Ranting and now even DIRECTLY contacting Vicki Drummer to Say ENOUGH!! Enough destruction of our legacy characters, enough placing the transplants into story lines that have NOTHING to do with them and ENOUGH bringing back our Best Villains and then making them Less Then or a Sad COPY of who they used to be. You got Sebastian Roche a much sought after PRIME TIME character actor to come back to daytime as long as Ingo was invited to play and made him Snidely the Idiot Whiplash. You brought back Heather “Freaking” Webber one of the best ever in doing bad and good girl and she is Over wrought, Over the top and a Sad Caricature of what this character used to be! Robin M should have come back with Kin Shriner and battled Tracy & Luke over the Fake Will and kidnapped Daniel Edward Morgan because he is the legitimate Quartermaine heir & they wanted to exploit that. If you FV were brought to CUT The BUDGET & help SAVE our SOAP then TJ Shawn Trey Joe Jr New Cop New Nurse Liz & Steve Webber Olivia Starr new Joss are here WHY!! Some characters were never used properly (Steve/Olivia) some weren’t connected in the right way (Shawn should be related to Epiphany and Asher could have been her Son STAN working @ ELQ & hiding from Jerry…we never saw a body) Joe The Mobby Rapist and Trey the Potential predator for Krissy are INSULTING and USELESS on this show! Why is Monica the Chief of Staff not here during the Crisis, not helping her son & daughter in law deal with the death of their child. Why is Edward even if you have him SITTING not involved in his family happiness and sadness AT ALL! Everyone on Tweet/Face complains that the show is too Mob that Guza, Benard and Burton made it Mob Hospital. LUKE brought in the Mob story under Gloria Monty. Luke gave us Frank Smith and the Jerome’s. Made Scully come to town for Sonny and LUKE gave over the territory he inherited by killing Frank Smith to Sonny!
    This is a show DESPERATELY in need of Balance, FOCUS and Heart. Where is Love in the Afternoon? What Couple on this show am I supposed to care about, because right now DON’T CARE about ANY of them. Can WOMEN return to being SMART, STRONG, LOVING, Compassionate WOMEN! and above all can Molly care more about being someone of substance then a soon (u know it’s coming) Baby MAMA! Molly Lansing-Davis would not be interested in a GUY (no matter what color) with no Education, no desire to overcome a Real Disability and no Goal or ambition but being a Smart Ass that steals and Hooking up as #1 on his BUCKET LIST…Grrrr!!
    Samantha McCall Morgan doesn’t TALK to COPS she learned that at the knee of Cody and it was reinforced her ENTIRE life. She does not let her LIFE and LOVE with Jason go without fighting Tooth and Nail for it..she almost died and went insane in 06-07 trying to hold on.:
    Jason Quartermaine Morgan does not LET go of Sam in the last moments that they may possible have (“Yours is the last face I want to see”) he promised in his proposal ( “He would never take time or love for granted again! That she could let go and believe that good things can happen for her. That she could have faith in Him and in Them) So why isn’t he PROVING IT!!
    September 27th I am being made to let go of Steve Burton as Jason Quartermaine after 21 years. I will probably be forced to let go of Monica Alice and Edward as well (if there is no Jason then what do we need Q’s for in Cartini world) The Quartermaines who gave over 40 years collectively to this show now all about the Manic Mannings and a Vampire cop who flamed out on 2 other shows already (no wonder Katie is coming Roger H and Michael E crashed and burned on 2 other SOAP shows that FOCUSED on THEM and still get hired so why not Katie I failed 3ximes already Couric)
    I WILL NOT WATCH John McBain raise Baby Morgan! I WILL NOT WATCH Sam hop into BED with this Need a Haircut, Conditioner and to SPEAK not mumble cop, especially if he moves into Jason’s PH! Will not support a triangle of Nurse Loose Morals with Sam and John! and most of all Will not watch the other transplants come over and take over ever STORY LINE!
    IT makes me Laugh that we used to complain about Every Day Dante now it’s like Where’s Waldo to even see him on the screen.
    We made fun of Carly always being around JaSam, I would PRAY for that if he would talk to her or Sonny instead of Nurse Betty Bed Hopper!
    We all wanted Jason to stop focusing on Michael now he has NO CONTACT with Michael at all! Sonny Carly and Jason are about to die and NO one has called and talked to or even thought about him and Morgan.
    Anna stayed in Port C to be a Grandma to Emma and now it is Maxie LuLu Liz Epiph Mac and Felicia that spend time with her.
    And Tracy Angelica Quartermaine had a One night stand that doesn’t seem to end with Joe The Teen Rapist, Drawer Baby Daddy,Jr. who is PIMPING his son out on Kristina the same way ANTHONY pimped out Claudia to Gino Soletio. I’m supposed to like him WHY!! Don’t get me started with DOING IT!! on the Q couch with Edward SICK upstairs GMAFB!
    I will NEVER forgive Wolf for Honeymoon Terror and Rape for having that Freak dancing and God knows what else with Sam’s Beautiful Amazing Dress or leaving all these untied unanswered questions about the WHOLE damn story line. But RC u have accomplished in 10 months what everyone claims Guza did in 15. Well DONE!!
    So enjoy Port Lameview because if we make it to January then thats because our angels Anna Lee Gloria & Norma Monty and Rosiland Cash are sending us a blessed reprieve*・☆

    September 7, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    • Gina JV

      LOVE everything you sai and agree with every word.

      September 7, 2012 at 6:25 pm

      • SamJasonsHeart

        Well said Steph and Ang.. Love you two more than you know!
        Love and Hugs, Island Girls!

        September 7, 2012 at 9:25 pm

  12. SusyD

    I agree with all the other posts. My time with GHis about to end. The writers have ruined this show. Jason and Sam are the couple everyone invested in. Sam the character loved Jasom and would never have continued going to John instead of Jason. I like Todd the actor and John the actor. But what the writers seemed to forget is that Jason was the reason we watched. Him and Sam, him and Carly, him and Sonny. To make him be so horrible to Sam and not attend Lamaze classes or care… That was a total departure. Todd and Carly would be fun, but they should have left John as a cop and flying back and forth to Natalie and his son. No, the writers might be soon out of a job as this soap will lose big without Steve Burton. There is a rumor that he might join Y&R.

    Kelly Monaco, you are so sweet and beautiful. You go girl on DWTS. Many of us will be supporting you.

    September 7, 2012 at 6:39 pm

  13. Traveler

    Bravo!! Standing Ovation with Tears streaming down my face!!

    I hope you know how enjoyable it’s been for me, reading your blog these past few years!! I will never forget what an integral part you have played in this JaSam journey for me!! Your words, wisdom and insight have been some of the best I have ever read.. I will never forget you EVER!! xoxoxo

    No matter where this JaSam journey ends.. I wouldn’t trade being a JaSam fan for any other couple ever!! I will always be thankful to Stelly for the JaSam Magic they have made over the years! !

    September 7, 2012 at 7:10 pm

  14. lm cee

    Angelique you have written what I have felt all along. You are truly amazing. I am very thankful that I found this site.

    There will NEVER be another couple that has moved me more than JASAM.

    September 7, 2012 at 8:01 pm

  15. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers!
    Wow! You Ladies are amazing! Look at all your heartfelt words! Angelique I found this site by accident and boy I am so glad I did! I enjoy coming here and reading all the different perspectives! I think the Blog I loved the most was THE CABIN SCENE of 9/29/11 Jason and Sams 2nd Honeymoon Night! I just kept smiling with each word you wrote! All your writings amaze me but that one is my favorite!
    I had mixed feelings about What if! I smiled and laughed! The more I smiled the angrier I got! I dare ABC allow this to rip apart our beloved Jasam!
    The breathing hee-hee-hoo was priceless and so was seening them smile at each other! The Lamaze Class and Jasons Hand being busy and just how they looked at each other again priceless! Having all their Loved Ones there together and appreciating the love of Jason and Sams wonderful relationship! Dragon and Phoenix together Happy as it should have been! But more than that NO john and NO liz! I will treasure this Jasam Day for a long time even if it was a Fantasy! To us Jasammers the GH that is now is the Fantasy,the Nightmare! And yesterdays What if is OUR Reality……………………..Jasam Forever!
    Angelique Thanks for everything and whatever you decide I am forever grateful for ALL that you give to all of us! You along with Sam and Jason make my day more than you will ever know! Calgon take me away……….
    and thats exactly how i felt everytime Jason and Sam were together on screen! Then GH Bella Mafia would wrap it all together!

    September 7, 2012 at 8:52 pm

  16. Ana


    I really have no words on how to thank you for all your dedication. Your wisdom your perspective and your wonderful writing always made my day. I am heartbroken and would have never thought that after the 09 reunion we would get a second slap in the face from the horrible 07 year. All I can say now is thank you. What ever your decision is I will respect it, but I hope we can find something else to blog about.

    You have helped me through so much with this blog that you don’t even know.


    September 7, 2012 at 10:21 pm

  17. aproditebeauty

    Hey, my JASAM family, Just wanted to say that I also had mixed feelings after yesterday show. One was happiness because we finally got the scenes that were so cruelly ripped away from us. I loved everything about the pregnancy scenes , they made me laugh, cry and smile, and they also made me very, very, angry and resentful. This is what we should have gotten and so much more. We waited 8 years for this, and those two idiots came in and destroy everything. They took everything away from JaSam and gave it to McBam and their damn pet. They took Steve completely out of his own storyline, one I might add that he and Kelly fought for and wanted so much.Just like Steph, I will never forgive Wolf for our Honenymoon from Hell and the Rape and all the torture that came after it and then to a WTD storyline for JaSam was just so wrong. But he fixed that by making Jason the father and then he gave us 2 days at the cabin and then those two jackasses came in and set out to destroy us. First with “Robin’s death and Jason turning away from Sam, but we got through that and then they bring in the worst mistake of all Heather Webber and making Franco, Jason’s twin brother such BS, just so they could make Franco the father and create distance for JaSam, so they could have Sam turn to McPain and only him. But the one thing I will never forgive them for was when they had McPain deliver JaSam’s son. And to add insult to injury you had Jason hire the thugs to beat up McPain. Then they had Todd steal Sam’s baby and replace it with Tea’s dead baby just so they could have Sam without her child all summer and they could try to shove McBam and Jiz down our throats all summer, and you have JaSam cheat with the sleazy kissing, which they never would have done. Then you turn around and have JaSam decide to divorce instead of fighting for their marriage, because of lies and misunderstandings and Sam blaming Jason for the death of her son. Now they have totally destroy JaSam for a lot of fans for nothing. Because the so called ratings that the Jiz fans and McBam fans promised never showed up and you lost a large part of the JaSam fanbase, which by the way is the biggest fanbase you have, I have two words for this bonehead move TOTAL FAILURE.
    Now these two jerks realize that they need that fanbase that they pissed off for their Sept. ratings, so they decide to throw us a bone with the What If episode, and hope that they can lure us back to the show, well we are not stupid and we will not have the rug pulled out from under us again for their BS. Because we know that even with Steve leaving they are still going to give up BullShit storylines with McBam and Jiz and I for one will not watch McPain raise Jason’s son or put his slimy paws all over Jason’s wife. They gave me my HEA with the What If and I have no regrets walking away. It’s like someone said this is my reality not the nightmare that GH has become, that is not and never will be my GH.

    September 7, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    • I agree about those 2 boneheads ruining GH for OLTL! I will still watch GH after Steve leaves but I DVR it and will FF through any McBam scenes! I Do NOT want to see McBain holding Danny when he has left his own child back in Llanview! He should be fighting for him not coveting another man’s wife! Jason wants to make things right with Sam. That is why he is looking into the baby and the blood type! But why does Liz have to but in? She is going to get hurt again and she deserves it!!! Those 2 idiots gives us a morsel only to ruin it— again by putting Jiz in there. It was great that Patrick let them know that that baby died from underdeveloped lungs not from their actions! Sam can stop blaming Jason and stop the divorce!

      September 8, 2012 at 6:40 am

  18. aproditebeauty

    Now to my partner in JaSam, it has been my greatest pleasure to have met you and worked with you to help the JaSam fans keep the hope for our Amazing couple. You and your blog has been my salvation through the worst 10 months of my JaSam experience, you and our JaSam family have helped me keep going and your beautiful and inspiring words have always lifted me up when there wasn’t much to look forward too. Somedays when I found myself unable to go on, I would come here and read your beautiful words and I would find the strength and love for JaSam to keep going. But like you I now find myself wondering to I keep doing my vids for THE GREATEST SUPERCOUPLE EVER JASAM, or do I finally give up and leave with all my wonderful memories of them. I wonder if I have the strength and desire to go on, becasue right now it just seems useless and not worth it, becasue all they are going to do is keep destroying our couple and their amazing love story. In a way I really want to stay till the bitter end , but in another way I just don’t think that I can stand to see anymore damage done to JaSam. I guess I have a lot of thinking to do on this and hope that I can live with the decision that I make. Because when I started making my vids, I never dreamed that so many people would get so much hope and enjoyment from my vids. I started making them for myself and my mother said that I should post them on YT, I thought she was crazy, but who would have ever thought that people actually enjoyed my vids. It has been my pleasure and honor to share them with all my JaSam family and I have treasured all the comments and taking strength from them many times. You guys will never know just how much you all mean to me, ESPECIALLY MY PARTNER IN CRIME FOR JASAM, BELLA MY DEAR SWEET FRIEND, I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND OUR LOVE FOR JASAM.

    September 7, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    • Thank you for the beautiful vids. When I am upset with what is playing out onscreen,I go to your vids and relive the magic. Please stay till the end and then beyond with Sam and her son,Daniel Edward Morgan!

      September 8, 2012 at 6:29 am

    • Lara

      I completely agree with Kathy, Heather!! Whenever my Jasam heart is sad and weary I go onto YT, and watch your vids. They are all so beautiful and wonderfully inspiring that it helps bring light to some of the darkest moments these past months. You’re vids have become our anchors and I look forward to them every week! Keep up the GREAT work and THANK YOU!!

      September 8, 2012 at 8:33 am

  19. dizzywestsidegirl

    First off let me start off by saying thank you for this blog, I stumbled upon it maybe 5 months ago now and have enjoyed every entry you’ve made about JaSam. And what can I say about our beloved couple that hasn’t already been said by you and the followers of this blog. I feel profoundly sad that after 8 years it has come to this. And I’m pretty sure Steve and Kelly feel the same way too. It was difficult for me to watch the scenes from Thursday as I felt a complete disengagement of the couple. You could tell from their body language with each other that the couple that they have played for so long have finally come to an end. I hope when Sam finally finds her son she leaves PC and Kelly exits the show. The good thing about all of this though is that there will never be a Jiz no matter how hard those crazy fans try to convince themselves that Jason never loved Sam. I am fully convinced that Jason will live Sam till his last dying breath.

    September 8, 2012 at 11:19 am

  20. jerron

    I love that we are all united in our feelings. I don’t post as much as I used to because you all say exactly what I am thinking. I cannot even begin to put into words what an epic failure these two assclowns have made GH into.

    If you stop doing the blog I am on twitter @Jerron1234 maybe we can all post our twitter names just in case we decide to get the band back together.

    September 8, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    • kathydid53

      Jerron,I follow you on twitter and love all your comments and takes! These 2 assclowns have ruined GH for me! Now I read in Soap Opera Digest Liz throws Jason abirthday party at his penthouse and kisses him and he doesn’t pull away!!!!!!!!!!!!! That really got me pissed. She wants to try again with him! He will try with her and be with herkids when he couldn’t accept Sam’s baby until he was dead? I can’t believe what these 2 have done to our couple. I know they are fictional but Steve and Kelly made them seem real. I am crying as I write this. Steve is leaving though so I know he won’t reunite with Liz. The article does say Spinelli gives him the news he wanted about the baby! I’m hoping it interrupts Liz’s party and Jason goes off in search of Sam’s son and his! Those 2 assclowns better make him find out he’s the daddy before Steve leaves!!!!

      September 8, 2012 at 4:35 pm

      • jerron

        I have no expectations that they will do right by Jasam, I refuse to habe any hope at this point. I just want to see Sam with her baby then I am going to pretend the show went off the air. I would it if Kelly would leave so I can make a clear break.

        And I don’t understand why they would want to try to please Jizzers, when they existed they didn’t anything to help the ratings so why re-visit a failure? I just don’t get it.

        September 8, 2012 at 11:48 pm

  21. user123

    My twitter name is @ratlifa. I stopped watching GH live and only watch on youtube now. Bringing back Duke, Scot Baldwin and any other vet doesn’t make me want to watch, I will continue to read the synopsis of the daily show.
    Sorry Kathydid53, I can’t watch any longer. I don’t trust the current HW to give Sam & Daniel a story worth watching. I hope he proves me wrong for your sake.

    September 8, 2012 at 3:59 pm

  22. lm cee

    Kathydid53 I read the same thing. I now think RC and FV agenda is to try and make both fanbases happy until Steve leaves. He is not going to make Jason choose. So by trying to make both fanbases happy he is only going to piss both fanbases off more. I also read that Jason and Sam will meet at the Chinese Restaurant. Again he keeps giving us scraps. How and why is Liz and Jason working to find out about Sam’s baby.

    I am done with GH I am sorry I watched when I knew Jiz and McCreep werent’ on but I am done with the whole show. I can no longer support RC or FV. I will watch whatever bones they give JASAM fans but that’s it and I can watch them on you tube. I am not giving them my ratings. I noticed that they went up alot and I am sure that’s because of Steve leaving. So those idiots probably think we are loving what they are writing. How could this of happened and how could TPTB continue to let this happen. Last year at this time I was on a JASAM high now I feel like someone died. I know all good things must come to an end but I want proper closure. I want them Reunited with Daniel. We deserve this damit, I have been waiting 8 long years. Now I am crying 😦

    September 8, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    • kathydid53

      LM CEE,I totally agree! RC/FV are trying to please both fanbases because they know they f’d up by breaking JaSam up so they are giving both fanbases scraps to increase ratings! I will watch until Steve leaves,then I am done also! I really want Jason to be the one to find Daniel and bring him back to Sam. Last year,I,too was on a JaSam high. Even after Franco got to Sam in Hawaii,it didn’t make me mad because I knew they would get through it! But then those 2 took over and That was the end! It was John McBain show. I don’t mind Todd, he brings some humor that Anthony Z used to bring. Starr is cute with Michael but that is it! They want us to believe that Jason would take Liz and her kids over Sam? He won’t accept Sam’s little boy but he’ll play daddy with Liz’s? I still think he will choose Sam. Why else would he be so concerned about Sam’s son? They really better let him know he is the dad before Steve leaves!!!

      September 8, 2012 at 9:22 pm

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