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Good Morning, GHers!

I am almost sure that just like me, you have heard that SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when they are most inconvenient.

Take Johnny. If anyone’s got a load of secrets, it’s The Mob Prince himself. The worst thing that could possibly happen to a guy with secrets, and a habit of seeing and talking to dead people (he happens to be responsible for killing), is a hidden camera trained on his every word and deed. I mean NOTHING good can come from this! Yup, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when the camera is constantly rolling.

Heather Webber may have scored herself some huge points with her boss with the Johnny Cam, but she also scored some major attention from the  police  based on the fact that she’s known by Anna to be a LOON, first and foremost, and totally obsessed with Luke to boot. Put those two things together and you’ve got the perfect motive for removing Anthony’s dead body from the Quartermaine patio and “planting” it elsewhere. SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when you’re so crazy you’ve earned your own ringtone, and especially when your secrets are hanging out of your purse!

Speaking of crazies and ringtones, Todd Manning isn’t too far behind Heather, but where as Heather may be criminally insane, Todd is insanely criminal! How dare Todd say that he wants to help Sam in every possible way, and still refuse to tell her that her baby is alive?!? I just don’t get it, and I just don’t think I will EVER be able to forgive him! Todd, more than anyone, should know that SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when you have to face the terrible damage you’ve done to someone daily as she brings you your coffee.

Oh, Lord. Stupidity grates on my nerves. Always has. Unfortunately, there is no better word to describe this storyline surrounding our Jason and Sam. One year ago this week, TODAY, IN FACT, Jason was fighting to convince Sam to become his wife. Anyone else remember Jason nearly pleading with Sam to marry him, because it was “no longer enough to say the words anymore? He wanted to PROVE IT TO HER!” *crying through the flashbacks* Still, Jason had to do two things before he could convince her: 1) Make Sam believe that taking that step would not mean that she would lose what they had, and 2) Assure Sam that she would have him, every day, for the rest of his life. Do the writers expect us to believe that Jason made those promises so lightly that he’s forgotten them? Or that Jason doesn’t know how to fight for the woman he loves? Perhaps RC doesn’t know that Jason, but it’s his job to know, because WE know, and hopefully have been diligent in telling RC! Still, he is determined to shove this unrecognizable Jason down our throats. The one who bemoans the loss of his wife when she’s not there, and then lets her walk away when she is standing right in front of him?!? The one who says ridiculous things like, “I’ve been honest, can you say the same to me?” Oh Jason Morgan, give me a freakin’ break! You told Michael about Sam kissing McBain, but failed to mention that you ran and kissed Liz! How was that honest? And you didn’t tell Sam, she just happened to get an earful! Yeah, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when your wife overhears Lizzie’s brother trying to keep his sister from dropping her panties for yet another emotionally unavailable man! NOT because you told Sam your secret yourself, so please!

I AM A JASAM FAN. TRULY & TOTALLY. I love BOTH characters!

But RC isn’t writing Sam in character either! From the beginning of this McBain, a.k.a. “shove OLTL’s hero down our throats” storyline, Sam has been acting like someone else! Sam would never be confiding in a cop about anything! She would not be turning to another man about her rape, or her husband’s reaction to it, nor would she be “needing” him there when she read the new paternity results! Come on! I guess, like with Jason, he expects us to forget that even before Dante was known as a cop, Sam shut him down when he started digging with a “Cute, but no that cute.” Sam is fiercely loyal. so this crap hs never washed. But having Sam make out with McBain was all kinds of wrong. I will shout that from the mountaintops. What I will not do, however, is lay blame at her feet that does not belong there. I really took issue with a few people’s POV on Twitter yesterday. For those who were calling Sam a hypocrite, I am going to need some clarification. Uuum…it was Jason who told Sam he wasn’t going to give up on her or their marriage when Sam said what they had was broken, not Sam. So, though kissing John was wrong, wrong, wrong, the hypocrite is Jason for saying e would fight and not give up, and then turning around to do just that – and then kissing Liz!  For those who thought Sam had no business being upset about hearing that Jason had kissed Liz, get the hell outta here! For all of Jason’s whining that he “doesn’t know whether or not Sam still loves him“, Sam told him that she not only does, but that she always would! How could he, pr anyone, expect her to react to the news as though she is made of steel and shouldn’t feel anything? Her guilt doesn’t lessen the pain! And finally, for those who took issue with Sam’s not coming clean to Jason about her kiss with McBain at Jason’s mention of his name, I wonder just how many of them would have confessed to their husbands in the presence of Saint Liz, the patron saint of One Night Stands! I know I wouldn’t have! Why would Sam? So that St. Liz could look down from the pedestal she dug out of the garage and dusted off for this very occasion, and prescribe Sam’s penance, which would be to have to endure knowing that Jason was offered relief sex? I wouldn’t admit to my weight in Liz’s presence! Yet, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when the devil himself – or in this case, herself, is there to pick them up and use them against you!

I will never understand how Jason could honestly stand there, after seeing Sam’s reaction, after hearing the hurt in her voice at him not wearing his ring anymore, and watch her walk away, and think, “It’s better this way.”

W. T. F!!! I am convinced that Jason’s balls were crushed to smithereens by the protocol medicine Robin made for him, because nothing else could explain this showing of female parts (or, *clears throat*, the one female part.)

Jason has got to get the hell away from Liz and her pseudo-benevolence and fake support that nearly choked her, and he needs to get in Sam’s face and fight like the mobster he is! He better break into her room at Alexis’ and make her listen. Or track her ass down, tie her to the back of his bike, and drive her to their cabin and not let her go, until he has shown her all the ways that he loves and misses her!

First, he better put his wedding ring back on and remember the vows they said to each other as they exchanged those rings. You don’t get to enjoy more than fifty years of marriage by approaching it like a wuss! Then maybe Jason (and RC) should sit and watch This Day in JaSam History, like the rest of us. We, and more importantly, Sam, need THAT Jason back!

Holding on tightly (to Jason’s neck!),


Today’s Inspiration: “JaSam: Love’s Holiday” Credit: lalachik

This Day In JaSam History:

July 12

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2005: Credit: NickyM96

2010: Credit: AddictiveSoapCouples

2012: Credit: luckiBelle

Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline…

Good morning, GHers!

I hope your holiday weekend was all you wished it to be!

You know, I am aware of the viewer ratings during soaps, but I am thinking that some episodes need a disclaimer that in order to be able to enjoy (or at least make it through the episode without turning it off in utter frustration), “Viewers, Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline”.

It’s either that, or just play dumb, because some of the stuff playing out on-screen has no other possible explanation. So, for the love of GH, I guess we have all made the decision to suspend our belief. We are such a loyal bunch, aren’t we?

The Suspension of Belief applied to just about every single storyline playing out:

  • It is nearly impossible for me to believe that Maxie would be this committed to protecting anyone else before herself, but especially when it comes to Matt Hunter. I get the whole “He’s a doctor making a difference in medicine”, and the whole “Patrick has already lost his wife, I didn’t want him to lose his brother, too”; I do. I just still don’t buy it, especially when it’s obviously hurting Spinelli so much! Besides, Matt is on the receiving end of some major loyalty from Maxie, when he has never shown Maxie anywhere near that kind of loyalty. Even if you can get past all of that, what about the fact that Maxie ran off with Matt, got changed and got back to the courthouse in less than an hour, and then married Matt without a license? In order to buy all of that, Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • Okay, is someone really trying to get us to believe that John McBain kept a secret from his brother Michael about a long-lost half-sister named Theresa , even after said sister DIED? Yeah, I thought so. Listen, I get that RC worships this character, but that still doesn’t make McBain GOD! I am having a tough time swallowing that backstory down, because it just seems way too unbelievable! As someone who watched OLTL, John and Michael had already been through too much together for John to have kept something that important from his brother. No way! But I guess it’s just another case of needing to Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • I guess if there is a silver lining to this silly long-lost sister thing, it will be that if McBain and McCall turn out to be McSiblings after all, at least we can be assured that her “brother” will treat Sam a lot better than her own (not-that-long-but-still-lost) sister, Kristina. May I start out by saying that Lindsey Morgan, the young woman now playing Kristina is just beautiful, and she apparently has the acting skills to boot. However, I do agree with so many of you that she seems just a little too grown to be Sam’s younger sister, even though my two youngest children are now taller than my oldest, who is 7 and 9 years older than them. Short Happens, and in this family, it apparently happened to Sam. It’s just that, at first look, this new Kristina seems too “old” to be playing a young, inexperienced college freshman, and it kinda distracted me from the dialogue playing out. Oh well, I did go back and watch again, and I’ve gotta react to this storyline as a parent. If anyone expects me to believe that Alexis was terrified (judging from her facial expressions and the sheer desperation) as Kristina confronted them about having gotten her into Yale using connections, we’ve got a problem. Sonny was right in that Kristina is acting as though a tragedy happened. ALL WHILE IN THE ROOM WITH THE PERSON TO WHOM A REAL TRAGEDY HAPPENED: SAM. Perhaps Sonny didn’t know that Alexis or any of the girls knew about Sam’s rape and the paternity issues surrounding this pregnancy, but Alexis did know, and I expected her to react as someone who knew. As a mother who knew! It was disrespectful and so insensitive to Sam for Alexis to have allowed Kristina to go on and on like that about “her life being ruined”, when Sam, whose life was blown to pieces isn’t being this histrionic!  If I were Alexis, I would have snapped Kristina out of her cluelessness by turning her self-centered butt around to face Sam, and then schooling her on the fact that what happened to Sam can truly be argued as having the potential to ruin one’s life! As for the crap about the reality show, Mob Princess, Kristina’s parents are a lawyer and a mob boss! Surely they aren’t even thinking about allowing Kristina to drag them into her stupid mistake! Surely, there is a legal injunction Alexis can employ, and certainly, there are some thugs Sonny can employ to scare the crap out of that grad student with the bright idea. I mean, come on! I would cut her off from every parent-sponsored credit card, vehicle, car insurance, and every other benefit she had reaped as being the princess daughter of two of the most powerful people in Port Charles! Instead, it looks as though the warning should be Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • I know there was some hullabaloo over the fact that Jason rang Liz when he couldn’t reach Alexis, but honestly, I didn’t even think that was worth a tweet! First of all, it’s important that we all understand the meaning of CONTRIVED: obviously planned or forced; artificial; strained. You could use any one of those words to describe the ridiculousness of Jason not being able to reach Alexis, and then calling Liz. Jason mumbled something about not wanting Bernie to “show up waving money for a nuisance arrest”. WWWWHHHAAAAAAATTTTTT???? That, Jason, is Bernie’s job! He didn’t want Bernie showing up with the money, but having a broke-ass nurse who can’t afford science camp for her son show up with the money wouldn’t be of some note? Oh, please! For those scenes, the warning Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline should have been flashing across the bottom of the TV screen like the severe weather warnings! Those scenes made absolutely no sense, especially when Liz has yet to perfect the art of playing it cool. Go back and look at her reactions when talking to Jason. For a moment, I thought Jason was going to have to slap her to get her to calm down. If the writers’ goal was to remind us of just how ill-suited Liz is for Jason and his life, that might have been the only thing they accomplished with those scenes. If I were a Jiz fan, I would be so disappointed that the only thing Liz and Jason seem to talk about these days is Sam, and how lost Jason is without her. It leaves Liz no choice but to keep talking about Jake to Jason. It’s the only connection she can cling to…with both hands, and her feet dug into the sand.

I would encourage all of the JaSam fans to avoid getting caught up in the plot points of this storyline. If Sam and McBain were the only connection being (over)used, people would turn on Sam. I believe Liz is part of this story to shift some of the blame onto Jason, which to be fair, it is his turn.

I am hopeful that this part of their angst will be over soon, and that the next challenge will be tackled by them together. Jason and Sam do everything better together. That we know, and that’s no plot point.

Hang in there, friends!

Giving up is not an option!



Good morning, GHers!

That question actually did not start out as rhetorical…we (The Sicks is what we are calling ourselves these days) were just talking about how when your fever is spiking, you can hear yourself “double”. LOL.

But, the conversation stuck in my head, and when I went back to rewatch the show, I found that I was asking the question,DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF? of many of our Port Charlesians, and not just the feverish kind. 🙂


~ Todd Oh, how it bugs me that I even have to write about this, because I actually couldn’t watch OLTL when RH because the “real” Todd again. I thought it was a slap in the face to TSJ, and to fans, who had to be convinced that TSJ was the real Todd in the first place. The fact that he is now on my GH, and that he will inevitably be part of this blog gets on my nerves. 😛 But really, Todd, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF? How does any father think they are helping their daughter by trying to convince her that the attempted murder charges hanging over her blonde little head are just going to go away? DOes Todd not see what being his daughter has already cost Starr? Does he not see the influence he has had on her life choices has been toxic? Ugh.

~ Olivia This disappoints me, because if Liv ever had a saving grace, it was her sense of family, and her loyalty to hers. Watching her treat a clearly distressed, depressed, and damnified Kate like some leper was not what I expected. I thought where Liv comes from, family sticks together, even through thick, thin, and handcuffs. It’s gotta take a seriously stiff upper lip to see your own flesh and blood in that condition,a nd not feel a morsel of sympathy. Olivia was just plain cruel, which didn’t really register with me. Liv, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?  Liv is doing a better job of sticking by Steve, who she’s known about 10 minutes, and knows for a fact that he really did kill someone! *shakes head* Liv went on to make a really big deal about how Kate tried to leave Connie behind – as if that’s the unpardonable sin, but really Liv better take a closer look at the glass house she lives in. Liv left a whole lot of secrets buried in Bensonhurst once, too. I know she hasn’t forgotten that her son was shot by a man who didn’t know he was about to murder his son! And I don’t know, but if a doctor called me to talk about my cousin, who is freakin’ handcuffed to a hospital bed, you can bet your bottom dollar (sorry for the dollar bill reference again, Kate) that D.I.D. would be a helluva a lot more than a “fancy medical term” to me. Liv owed it to Kate to try to find out exactly what she is dealing with, and how she can be helped. Eh, yeah I know she gave in and hugged her in the end, but it still left me cold. Liv is going to have to earn some points back with me in the family department. She shot whatever points she had straight to hell!

Something definitely NOT leaving me cold? Kelly Sullivan’s portrayal of the tortured, terrified, and truly repentant Kate! I hated that RC was gonna write this s/l again so soon after leaving behind Viki/Niki and Jess/Tess/Bess, but Ms. Sullivan completely changed my mind! She had somehow managed to make me feel sympathetic towards Kate, and yet still make me giggle at Connie sometimes. I hope she knows what an extraordinary job she is doing! *applause*

~Sonny What was it I said yesterday about Sonny’s abandoning Kate? Make that a double after Wednesday’s episode! Sonny is completely in denial about the fact that mental illness exists outside of his own mind, and that other people may actually have bigger, deeper struggles with this disorder. In his narcissistic  little head, he must think that he can be the only one with a legitimate excuse for behaving completely out of character, and for being so out of control that others need to take over parts of his life for him. Hey Sonny, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF? Because we all did, and considering that Jason’s right in that what Kate is suffering from is worse than what you’re dealing with, you really did sound like an ass!

(I feel I need to preface this with a disclaimer. I am, and will always be, #TeamJaSam. That will never change. When I can find an insight I feel I can share regarding Jason’s less than swoon-worthy behavior, I will gladly do so! However, my loves, there are times, that even I cannot find rhyme nor reason to what is going on inside his head – or in this case – his dialogue sheet. That is why I didn’t even try with yesterday’s post as far as my thoughts on Jason. Simply put – I felt it was lack of integrity of the character, and I could only place that on the writers’ shoulders. Either way, Jason is sometimes going to be on the receiving end of a few choice words from me. He should consider himself lucky – I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t care so much about him. 🙂 That being said, I am not giving up, giving in, or giving them anything but my full love and support! I Promise! *curved pinky* )

Moving right along to my list of people I ask the question of…

~Jason Well, lucky for Sonny, no one sounded like a bigger ass today than Jason! I’ll let you in on a little secret about me. I actually twitch in church when I hear someone preaching about something he has no business preaching about because he is the worst offender of them all. *getting heated just thinking about it* Jason made me twitch so bad, I do believe I threw something at his head, but it could have been a hallucination from the fever. I’m just not sure. What I am sure of is that there was no one who made me ask this question more loudly or more incredulously than Mr. Morgan himself! UUUMMM…JASON...DO YOU FREAKIN’ HEAR YOURSELF? In case Jason, or anyone else missed it, these were Jason’s exact words to Sonny, after Sonny reminded Jason that Kate’s not bi-polar: “No she’s not, what she has is worse. Kate’s in a lot of trouble. Her life is a mess, and it’s nothing she chose! I understand that you’re angry. Can you try to understand that she’s sick?” *twitch, twitch* Oh, Lord, someone hand me a fan, because I feel like I’m at church! I must ask again: Jason Morgan, DO. YOU. HEAR . YOURSELF?

Better yet,  could Jason just stand in front of the mirror, and have that same conversation with himself, inserting Sam’s name in the appropriate places? Here, I will help:

Jason, no Sam’s not Franco’s sister, what Sam is, is worse. She’s his real victim.

Sam’s in a lot of trouble – she’s facing this without your help, and because of this, she is always tripping over McPain. Not only is she in trouble, but her heart is troubled. She thinks you can’t love this baby, and because she is a mother first (Don’t know how you forgot that about her when you watched it happen with Sonny over Baby Lila), Sam will put her baby first. (We are so proud of our girl!) She thinks she cannot be with you if you can’t love “her” baby. Hmmm. Come to think of it, Jason, maybe you’re the one in trouble, because we all know that if you lose her, you yourself are lost.

Sam’s life is a mess – your wife is pregnant. Pregnant! This is a time she should be enjoying moment by precious moment! This is the miracle she dreamed of for the entire time you’ve known and loved her! Instead of enjoying it, she has been stressed, tormented, teased into a false sense of security, feared losing you to death, feared losing you to your jack-ass-ity, teased once more into thinking everything was okay, had her mind blown, felt abandoned, made to feel like it  was her fault, and now fearing the future of her marriage for the sake of her baby. While staying at a motel. Alone. *smacks forehead* Jason! (Or maybe it’s your evil alter ego we’ll call “Ronnie”) Whatever happened to, “You have me, everyday, for the rest of my life.” ????? Do you even remember trying to convince to trust in marriage with you? Meanwhile, you are solving Sonny’s problems, being Kate’s defense attorney, visiting the grave of the son you could never visit at home, and having a pissing contest with McBain over Sonny. GET A FREAKIN’ CLUE, YOU BIG LUG! (Oh, don’t even get me started on the lug nut and what lug was supposed to symbolize!) *sobbing*

And finally…most devastatingly true:

It’s nothing she chose – Hey, ass! Sam didn’t choose to be Franco’s victim. She didn’t choose to “get raped”. She didn’t choose to “get pregnant by him”. She didn’t even choose to be in McBain’s orbit. She chose to be your wife. To stand by you. To love you, no matter what. How you could think it’s okay for Sam to be worrying about anything other than you counting her calories, or her servings of calcium or folic acid, is beyond any of us! Sam deserves to be loved and cared for now, more than ever, for still caring about your wellbeing when any other woman you’ve known would have blamed you for everything that happened to her because of your “life” and your “enemies”. Why can’t you see that?

We get that you’re angry – Be angry! At Franco. At what he did. At how you failed Sam…yada, yada, yada. Be angry at the fact that McBain has been there for your wife, and that she trusts him and turns to him in confidence. Be angry that he saved her and “her” baby because you were too busy solving Sonny’s problems.  Yes, be angry. But first, FIRST be angry at your damned self! Be angry that you keep making the same mistakes with the woman who’s made you happier than anyone, who has loved you unconditionally, and forgiven more than you deserved. Be angry that John McBain could only fill up not just the space, but the ROLE,  you left, and keep leaving, wide open for him. Be angry that you are pushing Sam to turn to him, instead of putting on your big boy underwear and  pleading with her to turn to you, even though you’ve failed her miserably so far. Once you’ve done that, please move on to your own final step:

Can you try to understand that she is sick…and tired – Of Fighting: To stay strong. To seem brave. To deal with what happened. To keep you from going over the edge. To keep you, period? Can you see that Sam’s heart is as sick as Kate’s? That it’s hurting because you are hurting? Because your marriage is hurting? Because your friendship is hurting? Because she fears her a baby will grow up hurting? Can you try to understand what Sam has already been though, so that maybe you’ll stop putting her through so much more?

All of your advice to Sonny was really good stuff. The question remains: DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?

If not, trust me, you will hear all of us…



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Call Me CRAZY, But…

Good morning, GHers!

Or at least I am sure it will be morning by the time I actually get though posting this. Karina and I are both sick as dogs…coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, body aches. It started with a sore throat and progressed quickly, so we both spent the day bundling up one minute and needing the fan blowing the next. The silver lining to this cold from hell is that I fall asleep everywhere without warning. One minute I was lying down watching Y&R and the next minute, I had missed all of B&B, and that dreadful The Talk was on my screen! It actually took me six different tries to get through GH on YouTube, so let’s see how many times I will doze off while typing. (Trust me – I welcome any sleep that comes my way, even accompanied by this!)

So Sonny finally gets to hear Kate’s whole sordid tale about two women, and he accuses her of lying? After all of the crossover moments Sonny has witnessed himself, after all of the head-scratching scenarios Sonny has tried to make sense of, he can’t take a second to think this through and show some compassion for someone dealing with mental illness? To leave Kate there, handcuffed to a chair, screaming after him, helpless? Come on! Call Me CRAZY, But…that’s just messed up! Sonny has teetered on two different versions of himself for years as he has struggled with Pi-polar Disorder! Are we supposed to believe now that Sonny cannot fathom this scenario for Kate, even after Jason (who has hardly spent any time with her) told him that it seemed that Kate was sick? Truly, I am not only just not buying it, I am also not liking it one little bit. Someone asked recently why it is that GH no longer does PSAs after shows dealing with tough stuff, like rape, mental illness, etc. Here is your answer: They make every victim a victim over and over again! The only thing they would be able to say is, “THIS IS HOW NOT TO TREAT A VICTIM…OF ANYTHING!”  So sad…

Call Me CRAZY, But…I actually liked seeing a couple in Port Charles act as thought they were in love, even if they were The Falconeris. What a concept! I have never been a huge fan of Dante and Lulu, but damn, we sure did need some kind of reminder that at least one couple exists in this new, seemingly haunted Port Charles. I thought it was sweet that at least Dante was with his wife after such a harrowing experience like being kidnapped, held at gunpoint, threatened, and shot at by a lunatic! (Even if Liz was all up in the Kool-Aid, trying to get deets on Sam and McBain!) *shakes head*

Call Me CRAZY, But…I thought it was great that Luke is finally acting like a father to his only daughter, and that he wasn’t afraid to show some fatherly emotion. They’ve done enough to prove to us that Luke is anything but Daddy Knows Best material, but reminding all of us that he does have a heart under all of that self-inflicted scar tissue is always nice. Even in his scenes with Anna, whom he is basically lying to (although a lie of omission), Luke’s heart didn’t seem so rusted over and useless. Perhaps there is hope for him yet.

I am really trying to understand Michael’s reaction to, and consequent actions over, Starr’s attempted murder of his father. While I think it shows really bad appreciation on her part for Michael’s northeastern hospitality, I can’t really say that Michael should be all that shocked over Starr’s “snapping” and going after Sonny! Didn’t Michael do exactly the same thing when Abby was murdered? Lash out and get reckless, especially with those he felt were most responsible? Starr has never wavered from her position that Sonny is the sole party responsible for losing her daughter and boyfriend. She has made no secret of wanting Sonny “to pay”. In fact, Michael sat with Starr at Sonny’s trial, because he understood where all that pain and anger was coming from. Call Me CRAZY, But…I would think Michael would show at least enough understanding to not show up with the cops to pick her up. Wanting Starr to be arrested and charged for what she did seems just a bit hypocritical on Michael’s part, doesn’t it?

Ron Carlivati’s writing had me going for about ten seconds when it came to our JaSam scenes. Jason looking completely crushed that Sam and her baby  had another hero while Jason was off playing hero to Sonny and Kate was about it. Everything that happened after that was just completely wrong to me. Perhaps someone could explain to me why Jason raced across town to get to his wife in the first place, only to not take his wife in his arms! And while I get the whole “Stay away from my wife” crap, how about Jason just realize that if he were around more, John wouldn’t have the chance to be around Sam so much? I hated the facet that Jason didn’t ask Sam about the baby, and I hated even more that he didn’t go with her to the hospital. The Jason Morgan I cam to know and love would have accompanied Sam, and then found and threatened John McBain later! Call Me CRAZY, But…that was just a WTF moment if I ever saw one!

So of course, Sam would get the one nurse who shouldn’t be anywhere near her to come check her vitals. *sigh* I thought Sam handled Liz just perfectly. She was calm, controlled, and very clear when she told Liz she didn’t need to bother running to Jason, because he already knew. It wasn’t too much or too little; it wast just enough to let Liz know that she knew what’s been going on. I thought Liz’s reaction to Sam was way over the top. (Though to be very honest, I am not sure it was written that way. I just think that the actress has always had a bit of a struggle with “range”. I have always thought she goes from sugary sweet to super snark in 0-60, with really nothing in between. One minute she was calm and understanding, and the next she was talking to Sam like a homegirl: “No, what you need…” she said to Sam. Whaaaat??? All that was missing was two circles and a snap!) Here we have a pregnant woman, coming in to get her vitals checked after nearly being killed, and her nurse is going to start getting nasty with her? Call Me CRAZY, But…if I were Sam, I would have had my chief-of-staff mother-in-law paged to let her know just how upset that episode really made me! And after that, I would be filling out that hospital questionnaire and attaching a page or two of comments! Liz has  got to be the worst nurse at GH! She has absolutely no boundaries when it comes to boundaries with patients!

You know, I am really starting to wonder if Ron Carlivati cares at all about whether or not viewers recognize their favorite characters, or even their favorite soap. He is writing One Life To Live’s plots, pace, and people all over our General Hospital plots, pace, and people! It just doesn’t make sense! As far as I am concerned, you can write as many Jason and Liz scenes as you want. They have never threatened me. What I have a problem with, and what I find to be incredibly disrespectful to the viewers, is when you completely rewrite who a character is. Jason would never just take off to the cemetery when he hasn’t even checked up on his wife after what happened! Come on! Call Me CRAZY, But…if I didn’t know any better, I would think Ron doesn’t like Steve. That’s the only possible explanation for why he is being written to be such a heartless, clueless ass!

Call Me CRAZY, But… the show we are all watching in the 3:00 pm EST slot is no longer General Hospital. I know the credits say General Hospital, and the TV Guide reads it as General Hospital, but it’s just not. That’s not okay. Had they just brought over their OLTL peeps – even if they wrote them to have these crazy connections to our GH peeps, I would have been okay with it. But when you turn MY soap into what YOUR soap used to be that’s just wrong. And you can be damned sure you’re going to hear it from me. 

Will they hear it from you? I sure hope so! It’s now or never! 



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TGIF, GHers!

So they say that once you’ve hung around the same women for a while, you all start to PMS at the same time. It could make for a dangerous situation for the male population…or at least that’s what my son and husband tell me. Come to think of it, I think it was the most repeated phrase of the lone male teacher (the gym teacher) at the very first school where I worked. LOL.

It’s like The Mad Girls Club.

It seems that’s the case for the women in Port Charles, as well. All the women we saw today were pissed off at someone or something, and it made for a different, if not exactly interesting, hour of daytime television. *sigh* I don’t watch The Bad Girls Club, but I stayed tuned in for Thursday’s Mad Girls Club, because I am hoping (and praying) that all of this anger and frustration will lead to some story lines we can truly get invested in again. I am keeping tmy fingers crossed that the warmer weather will make for some hot story lines and some steamy scenes soon, because honestly, I can’t even remember tow people on GH even made out, much less made love! You’d think GH was airing on the Gospel Channel. -_______-

The first of our Mad Girls, is really the maddest of them all, in more ways than one. Carly is always walking around half-cocked, and after she walked in and kneed Johnny, she apparently wants him walking around half-cocked, too! (Though a little more literally, *cough, cough*Carly wanted to hear from Johnny after all. She needed to hear from him how he could hurt her that way. How he could be so careless with her emotions. Carly needed answers, but I can guarantee you that the answers she got were not the answers she would have ever expected! Carly thought Johnny was trying to BS his way out of what he did, until she heard the letters D.I.D. That positively stopped her in her tracks, and gave us all a rare moment of silence. I loved that Carly was completely stumped by what Johnny was telling her, because it totally took apart all the reasons she thinks she has for hating Kate Howard. What Carly will do with that information remains to be seen, but I can’t really imagine Carly searching for compassion among all of those feelings she’s got going on. She is, after all, my vote for President of The Mad Girls Club.

Starr Manning should not be back in Port Charles. Why her family back in Llanview didn’t do more to keep her there is beyond me. Starr is grieving, out of control, and acting stupidly. Yes, all of the prerequisites for being part of The Mad Girls Club. I am not sure if Max and Milo and all of the other paid bodyguards Jason and Sonny are always referring to were at an Organized Crime Convention, or if they all get the same hour off for dinner, but it just makes no sense to me that someone with a gun would be able to walk into “Sonny’s Su Casa” (as Sam so adorably called it during her Dominoes and Tequila party in ’05) , and then walk out with Sonny being held at gunpoint. And I’m sorry, I know Sonny has issues with men who hit women, but are you telling me that in all of the years Sonny has been the head of a crime family, and after being raised in rough and tumble Bensonhurst, Sonny wouldn’t know how to get that gun out of Starr’s shaky grip, being that he thinks she’s just a “little girl”. Now something tells me that Starr is about to take Sonny on A Drive Down Memory Lane. Someone should tell her that we usually do that on Sundays around here.

To be fair, if Carly gets my vote for President of The Mad Girls Club, Delores certainly gets my vote for vice-president. Since her arrival on the PC scene, she has been carrying around a chip on her shoulder, and has had more than enough attitude to go around. Mad Girl, indeed. Now Delores turned all of that anger on Dante, who kinda deserved it. Dante let his file clerk wife convince him that Padilla was the one who deleted the evidence pics off of his computer, and basically gave Ronnie exactly what he needed to set up her husband. Now that Ronnie turned the tables on Dante, Dante was in need of Delores’ help, because let’s face it – not one of those cops looked very willing to help Dante. I guess Delores’ desperation to clear her husband’s name overpowered her resentment towards Dante, because she finally gave in and let him out. Mad as she is, Delores seems to be just a little misunderstood…and well deserving of a few heartfelt apologies.

Lulu earns her place in The Mad Girls Club for finally being mad enough to make some noise, but damn it, I am not convinced that she has earned her way into the PI Club AT ALL.  I mean, why wasn’t Lulu making all that ruckus while Ronnie was over at the PCPD and she was there alone? Or while McBain had his head halfway in the motel room? She may not have known he was a cop, but he was a human being with enough balls to give Ronnie a hard time. Surely it had to occur to her that if she made noise while he had the door open, it might have worked to her advantage, no? Now poor Sam will be dragged into this mess, which McBain has already been dragged into, and that makes me eligible to be part of The Mad Girls Club!

Our Sam surely didn’t start out as a member of The Mad Girls Club. In fact, she was really quite the opposite. I thought Sam was feeling very reflective about what had just happened between her and Jason, and in true Sam McCall-Morgan form, she took full responsibility for her role in what’s going on between her and Jason. She admitted that she should have turned to him, even if it was hard, and she did the one thing I have always loved and respected her for most: she refused to play the victim. If I must endure these all-too-often run-ins with John, I am grateful for one thing: Their scenes, so far, have not felt romantic in nature to me, and I really do appreciate that. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chemistry between them, because obviously, there is an ease and a trust between Kelly and Michael as actors that comes through. In fact, their dialog felt so respectful of the fact that they each love other people, that I found myself relaxing a bit as I saw Sam enjoying something that the writers haven’t given her enough of, in my opinion. That’s friendship. A friendship that’s all hers. John is Sam’s (insta)friend, whether it seems impossible to wrap our brains around or not. He is for Sam, he defends her, he takes her side first, and cares about her feelings only. Just like Carly, Robin, Liz, Sonny, and Spin do for Jason. It was high time Sam got just a little of the same! Sam has a lot going on, and she has a lot to think about and process. I was glad for her that she actually had a few moments of lightness and laughter in between. I hate to admit it, but I even thought the cheese snacks thing was cute. Unfortunately, those were probably the last smiles to grace Sam’s face for a while, as her impatience for Ronnie’s handling of what might be a “situation” in that room placed her and her baby in harm’s way.

Ronnie better pray that John puts him out of his misery quickly. I happen to remember Jason shoving his big, shiny gun in Ronnie’s face over Sam’s safety once already. That’s something you don’t ever want to force Jason to do twice. Especially when it comes to The Love of His Life!

Have a great weekend!

‘Til Sunday…


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“It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy”

Good morning, GHers!

Forgive me for being MIA on Wednesday. We had a friend in crisis, and that took me away from my computer, and from all of you. But know that I missed you all.

It was a long night followed by a long day, but when I returned, I found confirmation in the mail (though I’d been told over the phone a week or so ago) that I am now officially RETIRED, with full benefits (and about 25 years before I ever thought I would be). Now, I can explore the other passions God has given me, (maybe I’ll finally write a book!) without worrying about helping to provide for my family. I am overwhelmed at how blessed I feel right now!

I am telling all of you before I even post it on Facebook for a reason. Having my accident was devastating. The surgeries that followed were a nightmare. The constant battle to try to get to a place where I could go back to teaching, my life’s passion, was disappointing and depressing. Through it all, while friends and family were back at work, doing their thing, not even realizing that I was losing myself and any sense of purpose, YOU GUYS WERE THERE.

I would not have made it to this day of celebration without you. It’s not just something sweet I want to say to all of you. It’s not something that I think. It is absolutely something that I know, and am certain of. Hearing back from you guys in those first days of this blog made me feel “connected” to the outside world again. It gave me something to look forward to. A real feeling of purpose in two years. From that, the friendships that we formed, and the love that I have come to feel for so many of you is The. One. Thing. That. Saved. Me. You will never really understand just how deep and heartfelt that sentiment is, but that’s okay. I just had to say it, and I just had to celebrate with you guys.

Thanks for the years of well wishes, prayers, finger crossing, kind words, encouragement, understanding, and support. I love you all so much, and I thank God for you every single day. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


Moving right along… 😉

That McBain is quite the sneaky cop, isn’t he? He’s got Sonny’s place bugged, and he’s getting more than he bargained for as Sonny pours his broken heart out to anyone who walks through the door. I was kinda hoping that Sonny would not dump that whole messy truth about finding Kate and Johnny in bed together (complete with sound effects) on Michael, bit who am I kidding. Sonny is nothing if not clueless about what’s appropriate to lay on your children. He’s been telling Michael way too much since he was about 5 years old! While Michael was lamenting the unfortunate end of his father’s birthday, John was reveling in the fact that Sonny was finally getting some of what he thinks Sonny deserves. In fact, it was John who said, “It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy.” I try to feel badly for Sonny here, but honestly, he went after Johnny in every way that hurt for a really long time, even after John showed some real kindness and restraint – especially concerning Sonny’s kids. Karma, apparently, is a blonde.

Carly and Connie have been simmering for weeks! It was only a matter of time before they totally forgot that they are supposed to be grown women, and more importantly – women, period. They went at each other like two guys brawling in a back alley. That was one crazy fight, and I shudder to think what it meant for business at the Metro Court when both of its owners are rolling around on the lobby floor, ripping each other’s hair out. Honestly, I couldn’t even pick a side. They both deserved an ass whooping – so “It Couldn’t Happen To Nicer Guys.”

Liz and Liv should really have left the sleuthing to the professionals. *yawn* It took them way too long to jump to conclusions, make assumptions, and basically waste each other’s and our time, only to end up calling the police anyway. Neither one of these two is someone I would want trying to save my ass if I was Steve, that’s for damn sure. And considering Liz’s track record, the same goes for Ewan. If Liz doesn’t get herself fired for breaking confidentiality laws by going through Ewan’s patient files, she and Liv may just get themselves killed for getting themselves stuck between A Psycho and A Double Crazy. Actually, now that I think of it,“It Couldn’t Happen To Nicer Girls.”

Johnny is on a collision course with disaster! No matter what he does, it seems to lead to trouble! Even when trying to be there for Starr, the young woman who just lost her family, he can’t help but say all the wrong things, or do all of the wrong things – like putting away his gun where desperation could reach it. *shakes head* John is dealing with a whole load of problems – from his decimated relationship with Carly, to trying to stay a step ahead of a murderous Sonny, to an illegal operation dealing with human organs. Add to that the fact that Starr has now gone after Sonny with Johnny’s gun, and John may as well turn himself in. I can think of a few people who might think “It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy.”

While some may have had a tough time with Jason and Sam having yet one more argument, I was actually okay with it. First and foremost, they were finally in the same space together. Second, and most importantly, they actually did more than just argue. Jason and Sam, though tough for us to watch, finally got some of the tough stuff said. Jason had to stop hiding behind his  jealousy and had to face the cold, hard truth out loud that (they think) Sam is carrying Franco’s baby. Sure, it’s hard for Jason to hear, but guess what, dammit? It’s even harder for Sam to say to herself every single day!  I was so proud of Sam for not apologizing anymore, not even for John McBain! She told Jason he couldn’t blame her for any of that, because he just kept showing up – and she had no control over any of it! *applause*

FINALLY! Sam has nothing to apologize for, and furthermore, she pointed out to Jason just how hypocritical he was being in that he was angry at Sam for talking to someone she barely knows, but he was talking to someone he has a history with. The look on Jason’s face when he heard it for himself was pretty damned satisfying. But, you know what was even more satisfying? Watching Sam point it out, and then hearing her move on to the fact that neither Liz nor John are the problem for her and Jason! *Shouting hallelujah!* I hope the haters lined up to have their butts handed to them, because for all of their talk about how insecure Sam is, I didn’t hear a shred of insecurity in her statement! Sam used Liz to make a point about how clueless Jason was about the double standards he was placing on Sam. That’s it. Sam was all about her and Jason and the issue they are facing – which is whether or not Jason can love the baby, and obviously he is struggling with the thought of it right now.

I give Jason (a smidgen) of credit for telling Sam that it’s not her fault, because even though she knows it, she needed to hear it from her husband. However, I really think Jason needs an (over)dose of reality. And his reality, as we already know, is that Jason “knows what his life is like without Sam, and he wants her in it.”  I think we saw that in the shock that caused him to let Sam’s hands drop when she said she was moving out. Those scenes reminded me so much of their painful conversation after their second kiss on December 9, 2004, where Sam was leaving because she felt she had no choice, and Jason just didn’t know how to ask her to stay. Back then, it was the unknown that made Jason feel he had no right to fight for Sam, and I felt that same uncertainty in him today. Jason would never want to purposely hurt Sam, and he sees that it hurts her when he can’t make her any promises about the baby, as hard as that is to believe. Just like back then, he thinks the least selfish thing to do is to not ask her to stay through the uncertainty, and while I HATE it, I have been a fan long enough to understand how he could slip back to being that kind of emotional chicken. There were other reminders of that first time Sam left as well. His not knowing what to do when she came down with her bag, his trying to come up with a different solution, it was all so familiar to me. When Sam walked over and picked up the dragon, and told him she still believed that they were stronger together, I felt a lump immediately form in my throat. When Jason asked, “Why leave?”, my lips trembled, because I know what it cost for him to ask that, when he thinks he is doing the right thing for Sam. But when Sam answered she was leaving because she needed him to believe that, the tears came. Believing is the key, and unless he can do that, she knows there’s no use in staying. (Just like in ’04 *tears*) I have to admit that the little things that went into this scene really did strike a tender chord with me: The fact that Sam took the dragon with her, and not the phoenix, was beautiful and meaningful. It shows that she still believes in Jason’s ability to be the protection she told Jason the baby needed. That says so much to us about her love and her faith in him, even when he has no faith in himself.

My JaSam-Loving heart heard all of the unspoken stuff loud and clear. Like when Sam walked past him to take her suitcase, and Jason put his hand on the handle, fighting the need to wrestle her for it. (Anyone remember Jason taking Sam’s hand off the elevator button?) Back in 2004, Jason let Sam go, even though it tore his heart out, and even though it made us want to throw him down the elevator shaft. Jason let her go today, too. The best parallel I see in all of this is that it didn’t take Jason long at all to realize the mistake he’d made. Not then; not today. Jason was left to suffer silently as he cried and held only the tiny phoenix in his hand, and reminisced about the sweet moments where they exchanged the perfect gifts. Those memories made Jason realize that Sam was, in fact, the one to “turn bad luck into good.” The pain in his eyes made me terribly sad as he stared at Sam’s (lovely) picture. But I had to admit that “It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy.” This hurt is exactly what Jason needs right now to help him see what was right in front of him all along: Together, he and Sam, the phoenix and the dragon, bring double happiness. 

Hang in there, beloved!




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Hola, GHers!

I hope your day is off to a great start!

So The Avengers came to town, huh? Hey, anything that gives me the chance to lay my eyes on that adorable Cameron is just cool beans! But I will let you in on a little secret. I love the word, AVENGER. In fact, I love the meaning of the word AVENGER.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines it like this:
1: one who takes vengeance for or on behalf of
2: one who exacts satisfaction for (a wrong) by punishing the wrongdoer

I love the word so much that when I was little, I would dream of growing up to be an AVENGER. Not the kind in the comic book series, though I am sure they are exciting and awesome and everything a comic  series should be. But the kind of AVENGER I wanted to be was different. I got bullied by our neighbors for the first few years of my life, and believe it or not, my chubba-wubba, tom-boy, rough n’ tumble little sister (I am not proud) would come out and do some crazy hulk thing, and chase all my tormentors away. At night, as I would lie in bed, my scrawny butt shaking for fear of what the next day would bring, I dreamed of growing up into a scary, strong, AVENGER with a death stare that would make all neighborhood bullies pee in their pants.

I got my wish, except for the strong part – the gym and I never really got along. 😉 Somewhere along the way, I realized that fear is in the eye of the beholder, and I never let anyone see fear in me again – unless it was their own. Even now, when my kids’ friends are in trouble, or being bullied by anyone, my kids come home to the AVENGER (NON)MANSION, and tell me all about it. I once cornered their school principal on the front lawn of the school, and ripped him a new one for teasing a student about his “skips”. I let him know in no uncertain terms that I would make sure he never made a child feel embarrassed again. When I noticed a commotion from the corner of my eye, I glanced towards the school to see the boy I was defending and his entire class standing on the benches in the hall, pasted against the plate glass windows, cheering and pumping their fists…and that was long before Jersey Shore. LOL.

It feels good to know that you are defending those who can’t do it for themselves; to be an AVENGER. Those of you who’ve been an avenger know what I am talking about, and I imagine many of you have been, just because I feel a connection with so many. I can hear it in your comments, and I can see it in your reactions to the story lines we’ve experienced together over the years we’ve been taking this journey via this vehicle. It makes me proud, and gives me hope for our soap, even when  it looks like it does right now.

More on that later, though.

For now, let me just point out that THE AVENGERS weren’t only on the big screen in Port Charles. They were everywhere; avenging someone who needed avenging.

Awww, Spinelli! As undeserving as Maxie has been of his love and loyalty, he is still spending his every waking moment trying to be THE AVENGER who comes to her rescue, gets her cleared of all charges, and gives her her life back! You’ve gotta love Spinelli’s willingness to hang in there when all Maxie wants to do is hang herself, and Matt is at the movies with Liz’s son. Spin is already the superhero to me!

Dante and Olivia obviously need to learn that “crazy bitch” doesn’t just mean that someone is acting like one of their crazy Falconeri Clan. In Heather’s case, “crazy bitch” means she’ll rip your world apart, and you’ll be lucky to find yourself still standing when she’s done, a la Jeff Webber, Diana Taylor, Edward Quartermaine, and lest we forget, Luke Spencer. Why Dante and Olivia are having that big, old, all-important conversation about Steve’s secrets within her earshot is beyond me, but I know one thing: Heather will be preparing to take on the role of THE AVENGER. Whom she will be avenging, or against who she will be seeking her vengeance, remains to be seen. But don’t take your eyes off her, or you may miss it.

It’s too bad these two Falconeris are embroiled in Steve Webber’s case, because there is one crazy Falconeri who could really use their help. Connie. Or is it Kate? Or Konnie? Frankly, I am having trouble keeping track, but the one thing I will tell you is that the only thing even keeping my eyes on that screen for this hot MESS of a JESS/TESS/BESS retelling is the fact that Kelly Sullivan has found a way to make me feel, if not sorry, for Kate, at least empathetic towards Connie for doing anything and everything she could to protect the refined, yet wimpy, Kate from becoming a victim of Sonny’s love again. I get why Connie needed to be THE AVENGER for Kate, I really do! Not that I agree with this newest sex scandal to hit Port Charles, but I get why Connie felt so desperate to sever all ties between Kate and Sonny permanently. She didn’t trust Kate to get it done. I give Ms. Sullivan props for being able to switch so much more seamlessly from when this story began between crass, cold-blooded, Connie, to the terrified, repentant Kate, in an instant. It’s pretty cool to watch – if not the story, at least her portrayal of both personalities.

I really HATE the fact that Johnny crossed the line he himself had drawn in the sand, and went against his very instincts. All that to take on the role of THE AVENGER, only to feel good about it for less time than it took to undress. Here, too, I totally get why John would need to avenge his sister’s-I mean mother’s – death, and even the hell Sonny gave her; I do. I just wish that we didn’t have to deal with one more time where a woman is victimized sexually only in an attempt to feed storyline. Why am I saying that she was victimized sexually when Connie nearly raped John herself? Because all you needed to do was take one look at John’s face when he had to break the news to the hysterical Kate that they had slept together, to know that John himself saw her as a victim. And if he sees her as the victim, it’s only natural that he (and thousands of others) will see him as the…

It makes me wonder if Frank Valentini didn’t tweet that Brandon Barash wasn’t going anywhere because he knew that in a few days, there may be those who cannot separate character from actor, who are demanding he be fired. (We’ve all seen that before) I really do hate how this went down, and it left a knot in the pit of my stomach that John, who really is a decent person, would have any part of this.

In contrast, I really LOVE that Carly was the collateral damage in this train wreck, only because for years, we have watched everyone else be the collateral damage of her own train wrecks, while she walks away unscathed. It did not surprise me one little bit that Carly made her way over to Sonny’s to play THE AVENGER for…herself. She is such a selfish bitch – it didn’t even occur to her to give Sonny some time to mourn getting another year older AND finding his girlfriend in bed with his worst enemy all on the same night. It makes me wish Sonny would roll Carly around on the floor towards the blazing fire that’s eating up his memories of Kate. Maybe her hairspray would catch on fire! 😉

Allow me to preface my next paragraph with this one true statement: I DETEST THE WAY JASAM’S STORY HAS BEEN WRITTEN SINCE THE LAST TIME THEY WERE AT THEIR CABIN, BONDING OVER THEIR THEN BABY BUMP. I think the writers gave up a golden opportunity to actually write a phenomenal, original – and therefore unrivaled, Baby storyline here. I honestly think that had they written this Baby Morgan without all the same, played-out Who’s The Daddy crap all over again, viewers might have fallen in love with the idea of a husband and a wife sharing the love, the natural  and spontaneous issues that come with every pregnancy, the roller-coasters of hormones and emotions, and the magic that comes from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. More than that, having Jason and Sam actually enjoy this pregnancy without all of this darkness surrounding it, would have been the one thing soaps fail to do 99% of the time, and would have made GH the trailblazer once again! *smdh* I cannot even remember the last time I enjoyed a soap baby’s arrival with the only cliffhanger being whether it would be a boy or a girl. What a missed opportunity!

That being said, I have to admit that I saw something in Wednesday’s scenes and heard something in the dialogue that gave me a rare moment of pause. I had to share it with you, and see what you all think. It occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, in his own, dark, twisted way, Ron Carlivati wrote himself as THE AVENGER in this story. Hear (read) me out before you think I am the crazy one here. When I think of all the times Jason and Liz have spoken over the past couple of years, I felt that there was always a play on words that would pacify one fanbase while infuriating another. While I still don’t think both fanbases were thrilled about Jason confiding in Liz, I did see a marked difference in these scenes. Liz wasn’t making references to their “connection”, or trying to tell Jason something covert without saying the words. Mostly, she was listening and telling him the only thing she could tell him, which was to talk to his wife, because OBVIOUSLY Jason is heartbroken and completely falling apart at the very thought that Sam is confiding in another man. Yes, you read that correctly. Jason, the one who should hang a freakin’ shingle outside his door identifying himself as a women’s therapist as he counsels every past lover he’s ever had, is upset because his wife is talking to A man. Singular. As I watched Jason coming apart as though he were the hormonal, pregnant one, and jumping to all kinds of conclusions about Sam not wanting him at her appt. with Kelly Lee, I realized that our Stone Cold – or shall I say this time – IRON MAN Jason Morgan, is terrified that he is losing his wife! Of course Liz had to lock down her whoremones! Even she could see that Jason is about a day away from crying like a girl over the thought of Sam turning to someone else to be her Captain America and save the world! I mean, go back and watch the scenes. Take note of how many times Jason, who deals in black and white, is stumbling blindly into gray areas of “What Ifs” regarding his fears about what Sam’s connection to John might really be. “She wasn’t alone. She was with him.” “If I hadn’t shown up at GH for that checkup, Sam might have had McBain beside her for the DNA test.”  And my personal favorite, “Sam and I should be talking about this together, working it out together, but she’s confiding in McBain, and that’s the problem.”  Fear is a funny thing – it makes Jason suddenly want to be a talker, when just earlier that day, he was telling Sam “talking wouldn’t change anything.”  And perhaps Jason forgets that until a couple of weeks ago, he was morphing into The Hulk every time anyone said or did anything to him that he couldn’t control. Maybe Sam just needed to let it all out without a fear of killing him or turning him into some creature with bulging veins! Jason couldn’t even see that he is upset at Sam for turning to someone for a listening ear, when he stormed off onto the roof and did the exact, same thing – with yet another one of his past lovers. If I wasn’t sure that he would survive because of his super-longevity like Thor, I might push him off the roof myself, Big Baby!  Perhaps Mr. Carlivati is avenging all of the times that Sam had to wait around, and walk away, and leave the room, while Jason “was there” for Carly or Robin or Courtney or Liz or Brenda. Perhaps the only way to do that was to give Jason a taste of his own nasty ass medicine!

It doesn’t mean he – or we – will like it, but who really likes medicine? Besides, if it’s being forced down our throats, there’s not much we can do, except make a whole lotta noise about how AWFUL it is, the way our kids do!

I also think that the writers are so intent on avenging Sam’s heartaches and hurts over the years, that they have also cast McBain to serve as THE AVENGER onscreen, a.k.a. Plot Point. Listening carefully to the dialogue of this story that sometimes makes me want to beg for mercy, I hear John McPain saying all of the things that, try as we might, we cannot ignore or deny. When Sam told John that Jason was furious that she opened up to him at the church, John answered, “Good, next time he won’t leave you there, crying.” For a minute, I thought I was in church, and cried, “Amen!” as if he had just preached gospel! We can’t shut off the truth in the fact that Jason has failed Sam here. This nightmare isn’t her fault. Franco is not on her. Being raped was not her choice. But loving Jason has always been her choice, and putting him first has always been her choice. So, if Jason has to be brought down by fear and insecurities in order to make him see just how piss poor he has filled the role of husband during this latest test, so be it. If Jason feels that he has to fight like hell for his wife, or lose her to someone who’s listening to, supporting and understanding her, then avenge away, McPain In My Butt! 

I just want to remind us all of something. In the past, there have been many times we have wished for Sam to have her own Carly to turn to, just so that Jason could get a feel for it. There were times where we ranted at the TV, angry that Jason lent an ear, or a shoulder, or the regrettably pink room, to one of his former concubines, while Sam was left to learn to live with it. The shoe is finally on the other foot, and class is in session for Jason! If we can enjoy NOTHING ELSE about Funeral Hospital these days, let THAT be it: The fact that Jason will finally have to be the one on the outside looking in. I hope that time on the outside chills him right down to his balls, and that he is paralyzed with fear at the thought of losing THE. BEST. THING. THAT. HAS. EVER. HAPPENED. TO. HIM. 

I still believe that even the our new fearless (of losing viewers) leaders know that the love story Jason and Sam share is so much of THE BEAUTY OF GH. Jason and Sam will triumph. They may tinkle and toy with them, but they’re not stupid. 

Why risk having to face the wrath of all of us?  THE AVENGERS OF TRUE LOVE!

Don’t wait to let them know exactly how this storyline, and all of the other tragedies happening in Port Charles make you feel! Let them know that you are fighting to keep GH alive, but there’s nothing we can do if they are intent on killing the very heart of the show!

SO, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! And let them know we are #TeamJaSam!

“And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest (SOAP) heroes were united against a common threat – CANCELLATION! On that day The Avengers were born — to fight foes no single hero could withstand!”

I believe in you, guys! And I can’t wait to bask with you all in the glow of being THE AVENGERS!

Fight fearlessly,


“Why Don’t You Go Bother Someone Else?”

Happy Hump Day, GHers! 

Thanks for all the checking up…my grandma had surgery on Tuesday morning, but I am happy to report that she is doing okay. (Thank the good Lord!)

I thought that after not sleeping for the past couple of days, I would sleep through until tomorrow afternoon, but no such luck, so I got back out of bed, grabbed the laptop, and here I am, plunking away.

It’s a good thing that insomnia struck tonight, because there is so much to talk about!  (NOTE: Not even insomnia could win over my exhaustion – my hubby was pulling the laptop off my lap at 4:15 a.m. because I fell asleep typing, So here I am again, trying this bright and sunny Wednesday morning to finish this post ;))

What about Johnny and Connie, huh? Wow. In walks Sonny as Johnny is doing his girlfriend, and Johnny’s reaction was like, “Why don’t you go bother someone else?” He didn’t even blink. That’s hatred, folks. For a minute, I thought Kate would decide to come back and make Johnny look like he was in this all alone, but I guess Connie was a lot more determined than Kate was, because she hung in there – and made it count! What a blow to Sonny’s ego, heart, LIFE! Johnny was gloating like a champ, and Connie did a banging job (no pun intended) of convincing Sonny that Kate knew exactly what she was doing, and “was right where she wanted to be.” I know that Johnny compared the night to the one where Sonny used a party at the Metro Court to blow Johnny’s life apart, but I saw a deeper correlation. In fact, one of my very first posts ever on Bella Mafia was about Claudia’s party, and how Sonny had turned her birthday party into quite the spectacle. It seems Karma is even meaner than Konnie. One birthday party catastrophe deserves another, I guess, and Sonny was right back to calling the woman in his life “a faithless whore.” *sigh* It’s so weird that new writers don’t always mean new derogatory terms for women in Port Charles.

Someone somewhere called Carly the devil in a blue dress, and I could not agree more. What a miserable bitch she can be sometimes! I want to throw her off the Metro Court roof whenever she rides Sam the way she did, but more than that, I want Jason to catch her and throw her out of his life! The writer that finally has Jason see Carly for the selfish, manipulative pain in the ass she is, and has that relationship change will have my eternal gratitude! No one has lied more, or kept more secrets from Jason, than Carly. When will her free pass expire? I was so glad when Sam finally dismissed her by asking,“Why don’t you go bother someone else?” But I was  when Carly made the choice to go bother Johnny…and Connie. I isn’t feel an ounce of sympathy for Carly when she walked in and found her brand new lover in bed with Connie, because Carly didn’t show a gram of empathy for Sam when she walked in and told Jason about Robin in an attempt to tear Jason and Sam apart. I hope Carly cries double the tears Sam cried, and I hope she realizes that in life, it always, all, comes back to you.  She deserves nothing less.

Poor Max.“Why don’t you go bother someone else?” could’ve been his greeting at the door all day. Every newbie in town decided to exasperate and annoy Max , but I’ve gotta say that no one has overstayed their welcome in town already more than John McBain. The guy is everywhere, and he’s in everything, and it’s only a matter of time before Jason finds he is involved too much concerning his wife. Uh oh.

Alexis may be facilitating that realization for Jason, but she certainly isn’t doing her daughter any favors! When Alexis asked Jason if they could talk, I heard myself groan aloud, and shout, “Alexis, why don’t you go bother someone else?” I absolutely knew that conversation was not going to be  very productive, unless Alexis’ intention was to “produce” more tension between her daughter and son-in-law., and then in that case, fait accompli! I get that Alexis is Sam’s mother and that she’s trying to figure out how to help Sam get through this stage of marriage, but she should leave this to the experts…like Molly. 😉

I have to admit that when I watch the scenes between Jason and Sam, the first thought that comes to mind is, “Ron Carlivati, Why Don’t You Go Bother Someone Else?” I mean, how many things will he force these two to say and do that is completely out of the realm of possibility for who Jason and Sam are? And being the attorney that he is, I am sure Mr. Carlivati will understand that as far as I am concerned, his only possible defense (that he didn’t really know who Jason and Sam are), just flew out the window. Why? The clip he chose for the flashback (Finally, they heard us on using Jason and Sam’s beautiful history!) wasn’t just some random clip! When Jason was talking about the peace he feels with Sam, and when Sam said she wouldn’t trade any part of her life with Jason, THAT right there is what their relationship is all about! And what they are doing, and how they are acting right now is so contrary, and let’s face it – ass-backward, to what their relationship is all about! Jason certainly is not basking in the “peace” his wife brings him, and Sam isn’t behaving as though she wouldn’t trade her life with Jason, in fact, she keeps trading it for conversation with John McBain! It’s SO STUPID and WRONG! *slams fist!* 

That being said, I still think that the conversation Sam had with her baby on the terrace, and the clip I just mentioned, were absolutely, hands down THE BEAUTY OF GH! If every episode were filled with moments of love and history…and even some romance, I just know that the ratings would reflect the viewers’ appreciation and approval!

I am hoping against hope that the writers will take a moment and realize that the constant knocking down or taking apart of every ingle couple on the show only leads to viewer depression! 😦 That can never be good for increased ratings, or even for keeping the viewers they have! Not only are all of the couples seemingly falling part, Jason and Sam, their strongest, most popular couple, seem lost to us! They don’t seem to know what they are doing or where they are going. And if they don’t know that, how can viewers be expected to want to take the journey with them?

I wished that the scene of Sam talking to her baby and reminiscing about hers and Jason’s love story hadn’t ended with John being the sigh that everything would be okay! I think the entire neighborhood heard me shout, “OMG! McBain, Why Don’t You Go Bother Someone Else!”

Now if I could only get the writers to hear me…

Let’s see what today brings, beloved.

Be sure to call, email, tweet, fb, and write just how thrilled you were with the gorgeous JaSam Flashbacks! More, please!

Love you all,



Call: GH Comment Lines: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583



Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer/Kelly Monaco/Steve Burton…(or any other actor)
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027



Our Beloved soap has gotten a much prayed-for reprieve from the chopping block!

That not only means that they will be on the air for their 50th anniversary, it also means that our favorite people get to hold on to their jobs, and support their families. It’s a fantastic day for General Hospital and those who love it…isn’t that US???

I know that things on the show at the moment have us feeling frustrated and disappointed, and even in need of anti-depressants, but I still must insist that The Beauty of GH is – at the moment – that there is still a GH to watch! As for the rest, we still have a fight ahead of us, but better a fight than a funeral.


My thoughts as I watched Wednesday’s show were a bit different, because I watched BEFORE I knew the good news that GH stayed and The Revolution didn’t. So I watched believing that the writers and producers were all still in SAVE THE SHOW mode, and tried really, really hard to understand what the hell it is that they were thinking.

So, Let’s Focus On The Good News!

The Bad News for Spinelli is that he isn’t quite the sleuth he thinks himself. What a mess he’s in trying to fight the good fight of faith for his Maximista, but it’s just not looking good. I assume that the writers are writing this (again – crazy) storyline to prove that while Maxie currently has two men fighting for her, only one can be her true soulmate. The Good News? I think Spin has always proven that he is the one who has truly always seen the best in Maxie first, and hopefully that will show Maxie who does, and doesn’t, deserve her heart.

The Bad News for Ewen is that he has one bat-$#!+ crazy patient in Konnie. One minute she’s begging for his help, and the next minute she’s barking orders at him as if he had taken over for Maxie at Crimson. I wish he was a little more diligent about his paperwork, as perhaps Konnie could already be on her way to Shady Brook if he had ever finished her commitment papers. (Men are so bad at multi-tasking). The Good News? Just hinting to Liz that she may be interested in “how the sex with Ewan was” made Liz think that perhaps Kate Howard might be as turned on by Dr. Keenan as she is, and THAT will work to Ewan’s advantage! Just the thought that he may not be as available as she originally suspected will make her all hot and bothered for him. Maybe that will keep her from slinking through the halls, spying on people, and then running her big, fat mouth. (Bitch.)

The Bad News for Michael is that he is lying to everyone he loves for the one chick who wants to see his daddy go down for good. Once again, it goes against everything Michael knows about loyalty and family, and that is just not cool. I don’t think Sonny, Carly, or Jason are going to take it very well when they find out that Starr has been shacked up at his (Abby’s) place, while she waits for the big day of reckoning for Sonny; especially considering that they have all warned Michael about the importance of staying away from Starr. The Good News? Maybe Starr being there will prompt Michael to finally pack up more of Abby’s stuff, because it really creeps me out to see the letters of her name still spelled out on the mantle.

Speaking of Sonny, The Bad News for him just keeps piling up. He has finally met a cop with more balls, and even more hair, that his cop son, Dante. McBain was about to breathe fire down his nose at Sonny, and he was not afraid to get in his face. I think the viewers who have always complained that the PCPD is no better than (somewhat) better-looking, and more outspoken Keystone Kops, are about to get their wish. McBain seems to be no joke, and his need to one-up Sonny right down to the last poorly veiled threat may be the one thing that throws Sonny and Jason off their game. The Good News? Anything that threatens Sonny enough to get Max and Milo onscreen is a good thing in and of itself.

The Bad News for Kate Howard is that she is about to blow her own world apart because she, like so many others around the world, are scared to death of the stigma that comes with mental illness. So much that she is afraid to tell the man who supposedly loves her, and has survived the end of his marriage to Brenda because of the support Kate has given him, about her D.I.D. How sad. I do worry about the message that GH is sending about mental illness and the importance of getting the right kind of mental health treatment in order to avoid dangerous situations, but I will hope that they do better this time around than they did with Jess/Tess/Bess. Unfortunately, the fact that like Tess, Kate’s alter, Connie is also driven by her need for sex, kinda depletes my bubble of hope. The Good News? That if Connie must sleep around, I am glad that it will be Johnny – as I am more than ready for him to “wipe that smug look off Sonny’s face.” 

The Bad News for Jason is that in spite of the fact that he says he doesn’t want to miss a thing with his and Sam’s baby, he is missing the very thing that is just about smacking him upside the head. Something is terribly wrong with his wife. She is desperately trying to run around fixing everything that could blow their world apart, and he is still too interested in Sonny’s life first to put the pieces together. Sure, Jason notices that something is “off”, but only because he’s not paying as close attention as he should. The minute Spin came in blabbing about Jason’s “Person of Interest”, Jason allowed his attention to be split, and that allowed Sam her chance to run off and try to handle this mess on her own. How can a guy who is usually so perceptive be so damned stupid? As frustrating as this entire storyline is, I think I may see a possibility for this series of unfortunate events, twisted as it may be. It feels eerily familiar to have Sam trying to keep Jason from hearing devastating news about his dreams of fatherhood, just as he is gushing to her about the possibilities.

Oh wait… *rolls eyes*

We know why it feels so familiar. Because now the shoe is on the other foot. Now it is Jason seemingly clueless while Sam is the one not having the heart to talk to Jason about the scary possibility that their baby dreams may not come true…so she turns to someone else, as Jason once did. *sigh* 

Because the past writers did a god-awful job of having Jason and Sam deal with all of that garbage from the Dark Ages of GH (2007), and did an even worse job of having them talk about it when they got back together in 2009,so that they were dealing with a truly clean slate, I can only assume that Mr. Carlivati saw an opportunity to actually throw something at Jason that actually resembles consequences.

I have never been a big believer in payback, but I am a strong believer in karma. No matter how long it takes, eventually, whatever you have put out there, comes back to you. Jason lied like a big, stink in’, bear rug all because a professional liar asked him to. Not once, or twice, but repeatedly, and for months!

The nagging issue that I have with this is that Sam did not cheat on Jason. She was raped – arguably because of Jason. I think it is unfair that Sam is being perceived as keeping a secret, and taking so much heat for it.

However, I guess the case could be made by the writers that the one thing Jason never did was acknowledge just how much pain he caused Sam with his lies. Sam apologized to everyone and anyone who would listen, and she apologized more than once. We never got the satisfaction of seeing Jason grovel. Perhaps, this is the writers’ attempt to bring Jason to his knees, when it finally becomes crystal clear just how much it hurts when the person you love more than anything, and are dreaming of a life with, is turning to someone else for support, or a listening ear, or a shared secret, every time you turn around. That’s exactly what Jason did once.

The Good News? (Dare I hope?) Maybe, just maybe, Jason will finally be forced to understand just how much it hurts to be on the other side of that, and more importantly, Jason will finally and fully appreciate what it cost Sam not only to forgive Jason, but to trust him enough to hand her heart over to his keeping once again. If the enormity of that doesn’t make Jason see just how boundless and immeasurable Sam’s love really is, then Ron Carlivati wouldn’t be the writer I believe he could be.

It’s that simple.

Spoilers? Don’t care.

Rumors? Don’t know.

Bullshit? Refuse to waste a second of my precious time on it.

Reality? The Love Story of Jason and Samantha Morgan is Incomparable, especially in this soap era. (Their honeymoon vid from just under 7 months ago is nearing 2 million views!) 

Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati get paid big bucks to figure out what works, and what doesn’t. (The last time I remember seeing 2.0’s in the ratings involved The Morgans.) In finding out that GH still has some life left, they have just taken their first real deep breath in months and months. If you think they are going to risk their rather ambiguous livelihoods NOW, (especially with all of us telling them in no uncertain terms that is not a risk worth taking) you’d better call Dr. Keenan, STAT! 

You have officially lost your mind!


Don’t worry – we’ll help you find it!

Love you all, and am so proud of the kick-ass fight you guys put up for our GH!

Now let’s put all of that energy into fighting for the hottest reason we tune in!



Good morning, GHers!

I was so excited about yesterday’s episode, and really couldn’t wait to “talk” to you bout it. Then a “project” here at home (for those of you who’ve been reading me for a couple of years, you know Spring Fever always inspires me to take on new projects) took way longer than my hubby anticipated, and even though my job was simply to stay close by in case he needed something (we also always have our best uninterrupted conversations during those times, as our kids tend to stay far away from any projects). By the time he was done, and everything was cleaned up, I was exhausted, and had to take advantage of the fact that I actually felt sleepy! 😉

Sometimes I think the GH writers are suffering from DID themselves. The “personality” of the show yesterday was so incredibly different from its personality on Friday! I thought yesterday’s show was soapy and exciting!

I also got to thinking that there is more than one “TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” in Port Charles!

Kate’s vulnerable side seemed to be in control yesterday, and I found myself actually feeling sorry for her, which was a surprise to me, as I wouldn’t normally consider myself a Kate fan. I do think I enjoy Kelly Sullivan’s portrayal of “Kate” more than I enjoy “Connie”, and I think it’s because she does a really great job of convincing me of just how unstable and affected Kate really is by what’s happening to her. When she couldn’t remember her run in with Carly, I could almost feel her desperation, and that’s pretty amazing. I thought the sheer panic in her voice when speaking to Dr. Keenan gave her a side that makes me want to root for her to get well, even though she is seriously  “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”.

Carly is also “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” because I just can never understand why she does the things she does. Why does she get so much joy out of the thought of ruining relationships for the men she supposedly cares about and protects so much? I am not sure that she’s a nut I’d like to crack as much as CRUSH! The mere mention of Sam’s name coming from her was enough to make m see red! I wasnt Carly to be smacked down a couple dozen notches! I would love for the men in her life to call her on her selfish hateful ways, and I will give birth myself if she is allowed to be Baby Morgan’s godmother! I was thrilled when John McBain walked in and busted her trying to break into Kate’s cabinet! She already knows one too many secrets; let’s not empower her any more, please!  -_-

Johnny was on a steady climb as one of my favorite guys in town as of late, but I had to put his climb on hold after his slippage yesterday. I think Johnny has the potential to be the smarter of the two between him and Sonny, hands down; but only when he does the one thing Sonny fails to do all the time: THINK. I think Johnny let his desire for revenge on Sonny cloud his judgement when he chose to tell Sonny about Kate wanting to sleep with him. Now Sonny is on red alert when it comes to Kate, and Johnny has lost the element of surprise. If he really wanted to bring Sonny to his knees, he would have kept that little golden nugget of truth in his back pocket just a little while longer! Ugh! I can’t stand when Johnny reminds us why he’s “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” sometimes.

I guess the NUT never falls far from the tree, as Anthony is one of “THE TOUGHEST NUTS TO CRACK” we will ever meet. Does anyone have a handle on this guy? One minute I believe that he really does love Johnny, and wants the best for him and his future, and other times, I think he would take Johnny out himself if he thought he was too much of a threat to what Anthony wants for himself. He makes me nervous for Johnny’s future!

Dr. Keenan might be able to help make a dent in all of the nut-cracking needed in PC, except that he himself is  “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”. After months and months of keeping it a secret that he was the one who pulled Liz from the water that night (damn him), he just blurts it out to her as if it was nothing but a normal occurrence. What the heck? Could it be that he got as bored with her as I do that it wasn’t worth the trouble of keeping it from her? Or did he finally do his homework and realize that Liz always shows her gratitude towards men in the same way? He must be lonely after all, now that Cassandra is no more… though I am not even sure if he knows  what happened to her. Whatever the reason, I did expect a little more of a shock factor when Liz finally found out. Oh well…

Speaking of Liz, I have to say that Patrick’s phone call to her when Emma asked about “Mommy in a box” left me baffled, and well, quite honestly, thinking Patrick was “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”. I get that Liz promised Robin to keep an eye on Patrick and Emma, and that somehow, we are supposed to believe that Patrick and Liz have this close relationship that we haven’t really seen onscreen. However, Robin’s mother is in town! Mac is on call! Matt is Emma’s uncle! I just didn’t understand how Patrick would see the wisdom – or even the common sense – of calling Liz for advice. As a mother, it also ticked me off a bit. This is something that Anna should have at least been consulted on. But I guess that’s always going to be a stickler with a plot point.  I guess the moment that overshadowed my complaints was the moment where we got to see that Robin is, in fact, alive. Yay! While people had their theories, it’s always nice to see that there is hope for the Scrubs and Robin fans! I remember back in 1999 when Lucky was thought to be dead after the fire. I remember running to answer the phone because my best friend, Sue was calling to scream her excitement over Lucky being alive! Sure he was still going to be missed onscreen, but al least we knew that he would someday be back. The same was true for all of the Robin fans, and I am thrilled for them!

You know what really made me smile yesterday? The fact that Jason has finally come face to face with someone who doesn;t have to threaten physical violence against someone he loves in order to rattle his cage, or make him feel protective of “his wife”. I have to say that after all of the rumors and gossip everyone was sending me, I was starting to dread the Jason/John confrontation. I could not handle Jason yelling at Sam one more time. Thankfully, after watching the scenes (about a dozen more times), I have to say that I was very satisfied with how it turned out. I love that John is so kind to, and considerate of, Sam, especially in Jason’s presence. John wanted to know if she and Jason had worked things out. He told Sam that she didn’t have to stay while he talked to Jason. And he didn’t ignore her presence, even after she refused to leave. I am convinced that the hairs on the back of Jason’s neck were standing on end from the vibe he picked up from McBain’s interest in Sam – hence the “Don’t talk to my wife!” demand. And guess what? I LOVED IT! No one deserves to be shaken up more than Jason Morgan. I think for the first time, the roles were reversed, and Jason, not the cop questioning him, was left thinking, “This guy is A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”, and I think I was more than ready for that change.

When Jason asked, “You two know each other?” after Sam made reference to a previous conversation, and John answered, “As a matter of fact, we do”, I was kinda hoping he would then say, “We have a connection.” Perhaps when Jason is on the other side of that, he will finally realize just how easy that is to swallow. (Not!) John even made sure to tell Sam that it was good to see her again before leaving. Perhaps Jason was so concerned about why Sam seemed so upset because he was the one thrown off by the attention McBain showed Sam. And maybe it made him realize that he should make a stronger effort to do the same. I would not complain at all! 😉

I did like that Jason fought Sam some on going to NYC to track down his medical records, and that he took the time to express and show his love and concern for Sam and our baby. And the kiss was a very welcome bonus!  Those are the moments we’ve waited 8 long years for! Thanks, Writers! More, please!

I felt the thrill of anticipation for what comes next with Jason and Sam and John. Not because I would ever be okay with him coming between Jason and Sam, but because if he helps Jason to take things for granted less, and realize that friendships between your spouse and someone of the opposite sex makes one uncomfortable, I am all for it! Welcome to town, Lt. McBain! 

I know that we are all worried for our Supercouple and the direction Ron Carlivati is taking, especially with all of the speculation and general B.S. out there. I also know, after watching OLTL over the years, that our new headwriter is “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”, but I think the only chance our soap has of surviving starts with our rock-solid support!

We’ve had some head-scratching moments, sure; but I also believe we’re going to have some triumphant moments as well!

Hang in there with me!


“Like A Stake Through The Heart”…

Happy Hump Day, GHers!

It was a long, drawn out day, but the good news is that my grandma was released from the hospital, and Karina was with her when the news came that she could go home! It was like a soap – well, actually better than a soap, as I am not sure there’s any good news on soaps these days! 😉

Thanks to all of you for your kind words for us, especially for Karina. As soon as she gets caught up on sleep, I’ll have her sit down and read them all. Most of all, we thank you for the prayers and well wishes for my grandma. Since Karina is the one caring for her, I fear she is the one to feel the strain of having so many uncertainties about her condition the most, and I could hear that the weight had lifted from Karina’s shoulders the second she called with the news. I am incredibly grateful.

Thanks again for being part of my support system!

Well, John McBain has made his presence known in Port Charles rather stealthily, hasn’t he? Dante seemed to be caught completely unawares that Detective McBain was in town, not just to handle “the grieving grandfather”, Todd Manning, but to go after Dante’s Daddy Dearest. Had the PCPD rolled out a welcome mat for the out-of-town cop coming to collect his fugitive, Dante unceremoniously tugged it out from under John, and rolled it up and away. The problem with that move was that Dante managed to roll out the doubts about his ability to remain professional when it comes to Sonny. Dante wanting to know about John’s connection to his dad seemed to give John all he needed, as we can all admit that detectives in Llanview actually pick up on clues, but Dante took it a step further and actually asked John to “just go home”. *sigh* Too bad it appears the only friendly, yet terribly sad, face he found in Port Charles was Sam’s. I bet that was something else he felt “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

Can’t say that I blame him. Things all over Port Charles had me feeling the same way.

Poor Patrick. The one other person around him who is feeling the same desperate loss he’s feeling has now turned on him, and he must feel even more alone than he did when he left the house that morning for his wife’s funeral. Talk about something that must feel “Like A Stake Through The Heart”. I imagine Patrick must wonder if the pain will ever stop choking the life out of him, and I’d bet if he could, he’d ask someone who might have the answers. Someone who might have experienced the very same pain of losing a wife, and having to deal with the guilt of not just being the one to live, but living with the guilt of having betrayed her. There was a time that Patrick couldn’t forgive his father for being the person to have had that experience, but when he opened that door, and Noah offered him the compassion that could only come from having been there once, I’d bet Patrick finally breathed a sigh of relief.

I knew that Anna would replay everything she said to Patrick in her own mind over and over, and that she would realize that what she chose to say to him on the hospital’s rooftop must’ve felt to Patrick “Like A Stake Through The Heart”. I imagine that once she thought about how Robin might have reacted to Anna’s “evisceration” of Patrick, she felt completely ashamed of herself. Her daughter (I just heard the word “daughter” in Anna’s accent) chose to forgive her husband, and to hold on to her marriage and her family, and Anna had no right to make a judgment about it either way. At least not out loud, because every mother has the right to make a judgement about how a man has treated her baby girl.  Now Anna has to live with knowing that she not only overstepped her boundaries, which did not die with Robin, and I guess it was a bit hard to handle without the help of some liquid courage.

If anyone would know about liquid courage, it would be Luke. And as if on cue, he was right there to offer Anna what little he could. I wonder how it must feel for Luke to know that he can’t really take a drink, and he feels as though he can’t really tell Anna why. But most of all, I wonder how it feels to know that the truth that Luke has decided to bury deep down along with his conscience, is the reason that the only other person who knows exactly what Anna is feeling isn’t there to help her through it. I imagine that seeing his old friend’s pain, and knowing he may have had a hand in making its sting a little more pronounced may actually feel “Like A Stake Through The Heart” to Luke’s vampire-like old ticker. Perhaps he and Sam can start a support group for those who’ve told a lie in order to save a life.

Why, oh why wasn’t Sonny hunting down Dr. Keenan while at GH, and asking him to go find Kate, Connie, Carmen, whoever she is? As if it isn’t bad enough that Sonny is about to be shocked out of his italian suits that Kate wasn’t role-playing, it now appears that Carly will have one more secret to hold over one of the men she considers to be completely hers, and will get yet another opportunity to take pleasure in trashing their relationship. At this rate, John better move to a penthouse where Connie can’t find him, because Carly is going to be “in the mood” for quite some time. The fact that Carly gets to smile about anything right now, for me, is “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

Nothing, and I repeat: NOTHING felt more “Like A Stake Through The Heart” than the stone cold way Jason treated our Fair Samantha yet again. He seems unable to recall that he has been guilty of doing the same thing, and has shut down completely. Our friend, Darlene, offered a perspective that very honestly, had not even crossed my mind in the throes of my anger and disappointment. She suggested that the reason Jason is acting so completely differently than he has with the other lying women in his life is because “He is in love with Sam, and therefore, she has the power to hurt him.” That thought teased my own brain all day, and when I heard John describe to Sam how he felt when Natalie lied in order to protect him and their child, that it really tore him up, and felt “Like A Stake Through The Heart”, I realized that Darlene had a valid point. (Thanks, Darlene!) The more we love someone, the more a deception hurts. And Jason has never loved anyone as deeply or as wholly as he loves Sam – even if he is doing a piss poor job of showing it these days. (Ass)

I will admit that Liz being on the bridge at the same time as Jason didn’t really bother me. What bothered me more was this seemingly out-of-the-blue depth of loss that Jason is feeling over Robin’s death. Understand this: I am not minimizing their connection, or their history. How could I when I lived through it with them? It’s just that this “newfound”, over-the-top reaction just feels…wrong. Off. While I lived through Jason and Robin’s love story, I have also lived through the past seven years since Robin’s return, and while Jason and Robin have remained friends, and I’ll even stretch and say they’ve remained close – the emotions Jason should be feeling should stem from the guilt of knowing Robin died trying to save his undeserving ass, not this devastation as though they were closer than ever. Come on, writers! Don’t insult our loyalty over the years by writing this as though these years didn’t happen! To us, it’s “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.


To my delight, the scenes between John and Sam made me smile a bit – because of the way they played with the actors’ history (such as the “Like A Stake Through The Heart” comment, which gave a nod to their vampire days on Port Charles as Caleb and Livvie) without making the scenes feel forced. Sam had just had me in tears when talking to Robin’s picture, and within seconds, I caught my lips twitching towards a smile. Kelly Monaco did a fantastic job of playing those scenes as an emotionally spent wife who just needed to unload, even if to a complete stranger with familiar eyes. She breaks my heart when she cries, and I could totally understand why someone would see her sitting in a church crying and want to help. I actually would not mind Sam having herself a confidante of the opposite sex, even if only for Jason to get a taste of his own nasty medicine. I hope his brain cells sizzle with jealousy and insecurity, and that the very sight of another man taking the time to show Sam some kindness and compassion rips into him “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.  (Then get in line behind me to pour the salt into his wounds!)

 As for Liz, I will say this, as I know you guys expect me to have an opinion on it: I think it is so pathetic that the only way writers can ever write these contrived Jason and Liz scenes is for Jason to completely go off the rails and be someone he himself wouldn’t recognize. I guess the writers were going for irony when they had Jason ask Liz if she would have lied, as we all know that was EXACTLY what she did when she had a secret to keep from Jason! And Liz answering that she didn’t know, and that’s why she didn’t visit him? O.M.G. I KNOW. WE ALL KNOW. We all could have answered for Liz. Of course she would have told Jason! Liz can only tell the truth about a secret when it isn’t her secret to tell, just like she did with telling Patrick Robin’s secret, and just like she’s always done in the past. Give me a break. 

It’s no wonder no one else in this house today would sit and watch my beloved soap, now stricken with D.I.D. Not even Vanessa would stay and watch after Jason yelled at Sam the first time. I think she may have even muttered a word that I would not have approved of to describe Jason as she stomped up the stairs!

I acted as though I didn’t hear it. If it was the word I think it was, it was true.

My concern is that just as in this house, people in lots of other houses may refuse to sit and watch a General Hospital they don’t recognize.

That they won’t watch something they can’t wrap their brains around.

That they’ll turn off their TVs and, like Vanessa, walk away from General Hospital.

The very thought of that wounds me “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

*pass the tissue, please*


There Goes The Freakin’ Neighborhood…

Well, GHers, anyone remember what it was I said the other day about the new team coming to GH? 

That I didn’t want our favorite soap town of Port Charles to turn into Llanview.

Well, Beloved…I imagine you’ve all heard by now that Llanview is coming to Port Charles this February!


There Goes The Freakin’ Neighborhood!


First and foremost, let me apologize for not posting last night. I had an outrageously bad “pain day”, and by the time I had put the kids to bed, I was desperately in need of pain meds. Unfortunately, while they might help manage my pain, they also turn my brain to mush, and while I had so much I wanted to say, I just couldn’t get those things from my head to the keyboard. Sorry! I hate disappointing you guys, I really, really do. Even today, I feel a little “slow” in my thought process, but the news today just lit a bit of a fire under my butt!

Now, back to Llanview, I mean Port Charles. 😉

Listen, I am thrilled for Michael Easton, who just recently became a father to a baby girl, and that he already has another job with which to provide her with all the beautiful things she deserves. Truly, I am. And I am equally happy for Kassie DePaiva, whom I first watched as Cassie on GL, and for Kristen, who literally grew up before my very eyes, and okay, *kicks rocks*, even for Mr. Howarth.

I wouldn’t wish unemployment on anyone!

That being said, I do watch my darling General Hospital EVERY DAY. I am painfully aware of just how many story lines are going on at the moment, and how many story lines I can’t even be bothered to try and figure out, much less invest in. I have always thought that the town of PC was overpopulated, and now we are getting new neighbors who aren’t going to “blend in quietly.” These aren’t “blend in” kinda stars, after all. These are all big stars, who will want, and very honestly, deserve to be front and center. But, this is GH, our big stars deserve to be front and center, too, and there’s only so much front and center, you know? I am just not sure how I feel about all of these new neighbors moving in, taking up screen time that I have been praying we’d get back for the Port Charles residents we love so dearly, and have shared our “neighborhood” with all these years!

Take Wednesday’s episode for example. I can think of a couple of story lines that could disappear, and I wouldn’t even miss them. More than that, there are a few characters that seem downright superfluous at this point. I just want the stories we care about to flow…to make sense, and they just cannot seem to with everything going on!

I guess our only hope now is that Mr. Carlivati is a magician when it comes to balancing the show and its plethora of mega-talent, or that at least he will be better  at it than those who came before him. *fingers and toes crossed*

I don’t know, they say pain changes people. Maybe I am feeling a little crabby today because of the pain. I just know that the things I loved about One Live To Live, and there were many, are not things I’d love for General Hospital. Does that make sense to anyone?

I guess my bottom line is this, and I’d bet my aching bum that most of you would agree:

(Feel free to copy, paste, send, fax, email, tweet or hand deliver any part of it you want! Just let them know!)


Misters Carlivati and Valentini,

Welcome to Port Charles! We hope that you are both rested and rejuvenated, and already feeling excited about having met your new family over at GH.

First, we just want to say “thank you” for One Life To Live. We loved OLTL, and will love it ’til it’s gone prematurely from our television screens tomorrow. We also love our General Hospital, and will support you both for as long as you two can work your magic, and keep it on our television screens.


Change of pace? Please! Continuity of story lines and less “chop shop”? Absolutely! The way relationships, or lack thereof, work? Have at it.

However, when it comes down to who our favorite Port Charlesians are, or the loyalties they hold dear, or even the individual patterns of behavior that we’ve come to know and love like old friends, as far as we are concerned, those have to be off limits. We don’t want to experience soap dementia, that condition where you turn on your TV and recognize the physical characteristics of a character, but nothing else. We want to love our favorites until they are no longer there for us to love, the way we did with the characters you brought to life on OLTL. (Though I may still be holding a bit of a grudge over Trevor St. John)

Please, please, please honor the love we have for our characters, and we promise to tune in, and beg others to tune back in! Respect our GH and it’s rich and storied history, and what it is about it that has held a piece of our hearts all these years, and we will shout your praises from the rooftops!

I already have three wonderful children, but I promise to name my next two pets Ron and Frank, in your honor. Just please, don’t turn my GH into something and someplace I cannot recognize, or fill it with people whom I no longer feel a connection to, or Port Charles just won’t feel like home anymore – even if it’s only for an hour per day. That would be killing off our favorite soap before the network did.

And THAT would be a tragedy, and we’ve already had enough of that.

Wishing you the greatest of success in bringing our beloved soap back to its former glory,

Angelique & The Bella Mafia Family


Love you all, 

Bella (I don’t think it was coincidence, either!)