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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…While Thinking About Goodbyes

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

I will be honest with you, as positive as I fight with myself to be, I cannot help but think about the goodbyes that await Jason and Sam…and all of us. It makes me teary and it always forces a lump into my throat whenever I think of it. *sniff*

However, as the JaSam trooper that my kids remind me I am, I have decided to persevere and try to focus on the fact that Jason and Samantha Morgan are so magical, that not even the daunting thoughts of goodbyes could make me look away. I will take very second of JaSam we have left onscreen…and on here.

I am almost sure you all will too!

Let’s start right now…

“Dance So Good” Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“You Shoulda Known Better” Credit: jmsg411

“I Was Enchanted To Meet You” Credit: kd23oth

“As Long As You Love Me” Credit: ATWTlover4ever1

“You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” Credit: Sly0789

“Goodbye For Now” Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“Goodbye My Lover” Credit:jenn4jasam

These two vids kinda go together…

“You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Lady” Credit: aproditebeauty

This vid should get our adrenaline pumping for the week ahead: “JaSam FTW” Credit: Leylann


That was beautiful. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday than with all of you, honoring our favorite soap couple of all time!

I hope to do just that for a long time to come…


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane Full Of Kisses

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

Now, before you get a little mad at me for being a bit behind schedule, just think that if Jason and Sam were on a weekend away together, no one would want Sam to leave Jason’s side for ANYTHING! And so it was for me. My hubby had the idea that we would spend this anniversary weekend together every minute, and so I did just that. How could I not, especially after 22 years of getting more than I ask for?

However, he is so sweet, that over breakfast he asked me if needed to do my “Sunday thing” on the blog, and I offered to do it after we got home and picked up the kids. He insisted I do “whatever it is” I had to do, and he’d go to the gym. THIS is why after 22 years, I am still in love! 🙂

So, I got an interesting email from a friend of Bella Mafia, who asked that I pass this along:

“The JaSam episode is more important than you think. It’s not just “too little, too late”. You’ve gotta get your readers out of that mindset. NOTHING has been set in stone. And in soaps, you know anything can happen at any time. First, we have to create buzz surrounding that day, because buzz has been in short supply for GH for a while now. Get your readers to call in and email and even tweet all of the kinds of comments I am reading in your comments section right now. Have them telling the AIC (I love that, by the way) all those things they feel! The point is to get JaSam on their minds, too! I think the reaction to the JaSam day might have far-reaching effects, if we stay invested! I hate to say it, but the “other side” is already planning to flood the AIC with tons of buzz on “their” day, even though that hasn’t even been spoiled yet. Steve isn’t gone yet, and even when he is, there’s nothing saying he can’t come back – at any time, except for VIEWERS! Believe it or not – we still have the power. But only if we use it! Now is not the time for people to throw in the towel – now is the time to RAISE SOME HELL! SNAP OUT OF IT, PEOPLE! This would not be the first time TPTB have had to beg and sweeten a deal to keep a fan fave from walking away for good!”

So, there you have it, and from someone I trust implicitly on these types of things. Jason and Sam deserve a fight on their behalf, no? And so do Steve and Kelly…we can’t just take our toys and go home now!

COME ON, Let’s do this!

We were told by an older woman at the hotel that the secret to an enduring marriage is KISSING. (I will be married for as long as I live, I guess) She said, “Kissing as often as you can, every day, will always make troubles melt away and anger will never stand a chance. And really, ‘Who could stay mad when you’re kissing?'” (she’s obviously a genius)

I’ve decided to apply that theory here. I hope our anger towards the AIC doesn’t stand a chance when we are reminded of JaSam KISSING!

“And Then He Kissed Me” Credit: odirtyrice7

“This Kiss” Credit:  JaSamAreSoulmates

“Could I Have This Kiss Forever?” Credit: jasam4ever08

“Kiss You All Over” Credit: JasonWantsME

“JaSam Kisses” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Kissing You” t TheVintageGH

“Kissing You” Credit: heartgeeks

“Kissing Rain” Credit: julietkim99

(STILL one of my faves) “JaSam Kisses (no music)” Credit: jasamarenumberone

“Kiss The Girl” Credit: packernut13

“Kiss Me Deadly” Credit: JasonWantsME

And…this is EPIC…inspired by the Official JaSam Kiss List!

“The You Kissed Me” Credit: raindance4521

I hope you are feeling the love again…and clearing your schedule for the 6th! 🙂 JaSam Needs Us!

Love and KISSES to you all,



Good morning, GHers. (If I may still call you that)

It’s been very busy around here – my mom’s BIG eye surgery took place yesterday. Thank God everything went very well, and she is recovering comfortably. Thanks to all who kept her in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, my babies went back to school today, so the past week or so has been hectic with shopping and haircuts and all of the stuff that goes with getting ready for the big day. As I type right now, I am still wiping tears – I HATE WHEN THEY GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Summer is my favorite time of year because we get to spend every day together – and it’s so hard when that comes to an end.

*deep sigh*

Anyhoo, I took a peek at yesterday’s GH, but there was nothing to hold me, so back to the telenovela I switched. Thanks to a couple of you, I was informed that the writers had Sam and John on for about 3 minutes, spouting some senseless dribble.

Want to know my reaction to that was?


The Sam I know and love was just as heartbroken at the thought of her marriage ending as Jason was. I won’t accept an “Imitation Sam”, nor will I accept and “Imitation Jason”.

I just won’t. So if they continue to write them acting unrecognizably – just like this version of GH goes, then the most they will continue to get out of me will be “WHATEVER!”

I will always have the GH I loved and supported wholeheartedly in my heart, and on Youtube (thankfully). That’s where I’ll get my GH “fix” for the foreseeable future. Too bad those views won’t boost ratings.

Hopefully, they will boost your spirits…

Your Daily Inspiration (& Perfectly Timed) : Jason and Sam {What Are Words} Credit: juter0208


THIS DAY IN JASAM HISTORY (a.k.a. When GH Was Worth My Time)

August 13



August 14


August 15



August 16



August 17





August 18



2006: Part 1: and Part 2:



August 19






August 20



August 21


August 22


2006: (Stop around 7:00 – JIZ!)

August 23


Now THAT was worth watching!

A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…To Get Our Heads On Straight

Good Sunday Morning, GHers.

I have finally caught up on all of your comments, and saw that a few of you wanted to know what I thought about a few things, so please let me be clear: I don’t think Jason and Sam’s “Goodbye” scenes were written to show finality at all, I thought the writers very deliberately wrote those scenes to show that 1) They still desperately love each other, and 2) That it was extremely difficult for them to walk away from each other. I also think the scenes in the montage showed that they were each remembering the moments that meant the most. Usually in breakups, the terrible times are remembered to show why the split is necessary, but not with Jason and Sam.

Also, someone asked why I thought they are still being shown to be looking at one another that way, and thinking about one another. I think that’s very simple: Their love is still there, and it’s still strong. I think it’s a good thing! I personally loved that Jason was making sure to check up on Sam, and to let her know that he was there – just in case she needed him.

I decided to take us on Drive where we could absorb what’s happened this past week, and separate fact from hype. You know – to get our heads on straight. 🙂 I know that things are probably gonna get a lot worse before they can get better, but let’s not jump the gun. Let’s also not forget to enjoy what we are being given – which is our couple still clearly in love, just because we are already reacting to something that is “supposed” to happen down the line. One day at a time, folks. 🙂

Taken right from the pages of this tough chapter we find ourselves in the middle of, Heather created another gem for all of us to hold on to. *tissue alert* “I Can’t Fight The Words To Say Goodbye” Credit: aproditebeauty

I loved the expanded montage in this vid. Beautiful. “Goodbye To You” Credit: ashley1282008

I think it’s safe to say we can all agree with this vidder…(And she made an incredible vid here) “No, I Can’t Believe It’s Over” Credit: tenpointoh1

The Beauty of JaSam is that they ave so many meaningful moments – whether happy or sad, they are undeniably meaningful. This vid captures just that. “Never Let Me Go” Credit: jmsg411

This vidder not only vids, but provides the vocals as well. 🙂 “Break It To Me Gently” Credit: poetfederico

Oh…it’s as if this song was written just for Jason and Sam and the way they continue to love one another. “Somewhere, Somehow” Credit: aproditebauty

I really enjoyed this vid, and also think we all shouted this at our TVs on Monday. “Don’t Go!” Credit: cocoagirlie4

This next one is a tearjerker, yet beautiful, all at once. “Alibi” Credit: BrathanBrucasLover

Awww. just what I needed to get me in the right frame of mind to keep keepin’ on for our favorite couple! Loved how many different moments this vidder chose! I think you will, too! “Just You & Me” GMvs Credit: jmsg411

Most. Heartbreaking. Breakup. Ever. And this awesome vid reminds us of why their breakup so heartbreaking. We also know we’ll “Never Love (a soap couple) This Way Again!” *tears* Credit: aproditebeauty

Hang on, beautiful friends. We are gonna get through this. Together.

Much love,



Good morning, Loved Ones.

Oh, if only you knew just how much you were loved!

I could barely get through watching Tuesday’s GH, much less wanting to talk about it! *yawn* But for you guys, anything. 🙂

Is it me, or are the same things being said over and over, day after day, by the same people? If I hear Heather say one more time that she is “going to call Samantha”, I may just need a stay at Ferncliff myself! That phrase is her new “Let’s grab a BLT!” and it’s driving me just as crazy! HEATHER! JUST CALL SAMANTHA ALREADY AND TELL HER, DAMMIT! Put us all out of our misery!

I have to say that I miss Bob Guza so much, that today, I caught myself doodling his name on my HOUSEHOLD BUDGET notebook. And yes, there were hearts all around his name, too! WHY? Because I just miss someone at the helm that knows and loves my GH as much as I do! I also miss stories actually having some kind of rhythm, where they would move along, and you could tune back in after a few days of being away and feel like you missed something. I tell you that I didn’t watch the whole week we were on vacation, and when I got back, it was as if not a day had gone by. I mean, it’s really now wonder – how often do we even see characters other than Todd and Heather? Where the hell is Anna? And did Monica start attending every convention in America again? Did she forget that she gave Jason sage advice about the baby Sam was carrying? Does she even know the baby was born? That it “died”?

I mean, really! This is just ridiculous! Meanwhile, we are getting more people on set to suck up precious time that could be going towards reestablishing the Quartermaines, or any other part of this show’s history! Just yesterday I reminded all of you that the purpose of Bella Mafia was to find The Beauty Of GH daily. Well, today, I had a moment of sheer panic while watching the show, and realized, “Oh, CRAP! I may have just set myself up for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!” How can I continue to deliver on that promise I made when the writing continues to be like what it was today?

Thankfully, Alexis and Sam had a few nice moments of bonding and mutual love before Alexis collapsed, and I was able to downgrade the panic level to MISSION (ALMOST) IMPOSSIBLE. I was also able to deem those scenes The Beauty of GH for today.

But it shouldn’t be this hard all the time.

  • Why am I trying so desperately to understand what the hell is going on between Jerry and Ewan? Someone spill the connection already, and for the love of all that is holy to GH’s survival, someone please just explain the vials and the danger they pose! Otherwise, Jerry should be stood in front of a firing squad for what he’s done to his niece, who is still on anti-rejection meds for the kidney transplant she received! Does anyone in that writing room have a morsel of decency? Do they not realize that just about everyone watching has been affected by the process of organ donation, and that watching Jerry act as though it’s nothing of consequence for Joss is disturbing?
  • And while I am happy for the Lante fans, especially my favorite Lante fan in the world – a cutie pie from Boston, I find it so inexcusably insensitive to the many JaSam fans to have the show rub Lante rubbing up on their baby together on the same days that Jason and Sam, who’ve waited eight years to share a baby, are talking divorce and the (supposed) death of their own baby. It truly feels surreal that the writers would think it prudent to remind us all of what a massive mess they made on our show when they arrived! Why would you want to keep reminding us of how they could have had it play out for their Number One Couple on the news that they were expecting? I find that with every scene of Lante and their baby bonding, I rue the day Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini became household names for GHers. Ugh.
  • Did Patrick get released? Has he seen Emma? And now that Joss is this big girl who is capable of sleepwalking into her yard in the middle of the night, will Emma be a tween needing to have a talk about the same drugs Patrick was abusing? I feel as though I never know what to expect when I turn GH on anymore, and while that’s great for a soap once in a while, it kinda takes the fun out if when it becomes the norm. There is certainly a comfort in knowing what to expect from our beloved daytime characters, at least some of the time.


If so, I am hoping that you will use your voice to keep communicating to TPTB about your feelings regarding our GH. Let them know what’s working for you, and *cough, cough* what most definitely is NOT.

I shall continue to provide you all with what I find to be The Beauty of GH as often as I can, but truly, the only consistent beauty I know of right now is all of you – trying to hang in there for our beloved soap.

I know, I know. It’s most definitely MISSION (ALMOST) IMPOSSIBLE. 

Together, we shall persevere. (Right?)

If you see Bob Guza, or Charles Pratt, tell them I’m looking for them (desperately!)


Your Daily Inspiration: “Come Back To Me” Credit: jasamarenumberone

And The Wait Begins…

Good morning, Heartbroken.

I will warn you all that I can barely see the screen as I type because my eyes are so puffy and swollen from crying. 😦

The scenes of the breakup took such a sharp turn towards sadness and heartache, that I was honestly caught off guard at how much they affected me. I was not just crying, or even weeping. I was sobbing (as my son, Matt, told everyone who came home after GH). At one point, I finally got myself under control, and then out of nowhere, I was in tears again. Finally, I just jumped in the shower so that I could finally cry my eyes out without making my kids worry.

I must be honest and say that I hated the fact that they even mentioned the word divorce, and that we are supposed to believe that both Jason and Sam seem to feel that they are “doing the right thing”, mostly because the Jason and Sam that we know and love, and became Mr. & Mrs. Morgan found out long ago exactly what life was like without the other. They would never think walking away from each other was the right idea. NEVER.

That being said, I must say that I hope you can all see through the tears and the pain and the stupidity, and focus on the fact that no matter what was said…this was not so much an ending as it was a beginning.

Yes, that’s right. I said beginning. I watched the end of those heart wrenching scenes and thought, “And The Wait Begins”…

Let me preface what I am about to write with this: I HATE THIS STORYLINE. I HATE THAT JASON AND SAM HAD TO BE TORN APART, KEPT APART, AND PUSHED APART SOME MORE ALL SO THAT THERE WOULD BE ROOM FOR JOHN MCBAIN. THAT HAS NOT CHANGED. all know that this blog is, and has always been, about finding The Beauty Of GH, even when that job is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack, as it was today. But find it I did, as I am sure most of you positive-minded people did as well.

The Beauty Of GH for me amidst all of that heartache was…well…just that: All That Heartache. Never before have I seen a breakup be so conflicted and confusing that I myself was trying to follow along. (Of course, having all new writers who are as good as strangers trying to write the breakup of GH’s most enduring couple of recent years might have had something to do with that, but I am trying to focus on the positive)

I am choosing to believe that Jason and Sam are at a complete loss for how to handle this impossible situation. One minute they’re talking about trying and counseling and the next, they are convinced that divorce is the only option. How could it possibly make sense in what they were saying, when we all know it doesn’t make sense in what they are doing?

The only thing that made sense to me about those scenes and their dialogue is that in everything, each was thinking about the other first, even at the high cost to their own heart. That’s the kind of love that made Jason and Sam the Supercouple they are. That’s the kind of love that made them the first TV couple I invested in with my heart. Yet, sadly, that’s the kind of love that sometimes blinds you to the point of not seeing your mistake.

If Jason and Sam had dared to fight for what each one wanted, their conversation would have ended very differently. Instead,we heard a lot of  “What do you need?”, “I couldn’t do that to you”, “I thought this is what you wanted”, and “I would rather let you go than to see you hurting”.

If either of them had dared to show just a little selfishness, we might have heard,“I know it’s gonna hurt, but I need us to get through this together.”

It was so devastatingly sad to hear Sam tell Jason that he was more than her husband; he was her best friend, and for Jason to say it was the same for him. Wasn’t that one of the magical ingredients to their perfect formula? *wipes tears* I know that some were upset that Jason said that maybe they can’t be friends; especially when he remained friends with all of his exes. I just wish those who were upset by that would realize that when you love that big and that deeply, you can’t pretend to be okay with anything less. I thought that comment spoke to the immensity of their love for each other, and to how incomparable their love and relationship is to any other.

Most important to my theory that this is the beginning of a wait, instead of what some desperately-seeking-delusions are calling “closure”, was that when Jason said that they couldn’t go back and they couldn’t move forward, Sam said, “Not while we are feeling like this.” 

They are “feeling like this” because of pain and regret and guilt and even anger over what they both believe was the death of Sam’s baby. Since Sam’s baby boy is about as dead as the depth of their love for each other, I think we have to see that knowing the truth about the baby being alive will release all of those feelings that held them back from believing in their love again.

Most of all, this breakup was nearly impossible for them to accomplish. When they told each other good-bye, but then held on once more and went into each other’s arms before sharing that breathtaking kiss, I felt my heart contract. I could literally feel the love they have for each other, and the sheer agony of what it took to walk away. Jason and Sam left not a single doubt in my mind that they can and will overcome everything once the truth is known. Steve and Kelly convinced me that they have poured their very hearts and souls into this pairing and this story – and they did that for all of us. Even the writers managed to leave me feeling rather certain that once again, they were throwing us a life line in putting together that incredibly amazing montage showing just how good they are together. They could have chosen to show the bad times instead of the good, or the mistakes they made instead of just how right they got it so often. They didn’t. They showed what we already knew – their love has always outweighed anything else.

That perfectly sweet, perfectly JaSam collection of fabulous memories kept me from drowning in a sea of despair on one of the darkest days in JaSam History. It kept me from jumping off the deep end into hopelessness. It kept me from forgetting that JaSam are, not were, One Of A Kind, and they deserve to know we aren’t giving up.

And The Wait Begins…for the next JaSam Reunion, and for their next chapter in this Unforgettable Love Story. 

Let’s wait it out together.

As my wise, dear friend Steph said to me after GH yesterday, “JaSam can only go up from here.”

And I believe her.


Your Daily Inspiration: JaSam Montage 8/13/12 Credit: klaineslexitvfan23

A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Towards A Dead End

Good Sunday Morning, GHers.

We are back from a very relaxing and wonderful family vacation, so thanks to all those who sent good wishes and prayers! Truly, we had a fantastic time, and I am enamored of Lake George’s beauty and atmosphere! Our country has so many awesome places to visit and enjoy; the blessing was not lost on me.

Unfortunately, I got back just in time to tune in to GH on Friday, and just in time to cry my eyes out! How sad were the words exchanged between Jason and Sam?!? It just felt so wrong! My husband (who would never admit that he is a GHer himself, but incredibly knows everything that’s going on) watched with us since he was home on Friday, and said to me during the commercial break that after everything Jason and Sam had been through, it just wasn’t believable to him that Jason not accepting Sam’s baby, even if he was a product of rape, would be something they would break up over. He, like many of us, thought it was ridiculous that Sam’s baby with Sonny brought them together, and that these writers would use another baby to tear them apart.

All I could do was nod and ask him to pass me a tissue. 😦

I will never understand the logic behind what RC is having written, nor will I ever accept that this was the natural course for Jason and Sam. EVER. 

However, I will continue to be a faithful JaSam Fan, regardless of their status as a couple onscreen, and nothing they can write will ever get me to abandon that JaSam Ship. I may refuse to watch any further character assassinations, but I will never be convinced that they are not still the love of each other’s lives, and that is what will keep me close enough to be there for the reunion. And there will be a reunion. There just cannot NOT be a reunion.

Until then, Youtube will continue to serve as my therapy sessions, and the Bella Mafia Family will continue to be support group.

And Ron Carlivati will continue to be the bane of my existence. 🙂

This week, I decided to go with what our favorite vidders were “feeling”, and chose their most recent creations. I thought there was quite a range. Each vid was beautifully and expertly done, and I hope it serves to bolster your confidence in JaSam’s love, and strengthen your resolve to hold on to our JaSam Dreams, especially those left unfulfilled.


“Stay” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Cry” Credit: jmsg411

“The Past” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Where Did We Go Wrong?” Credit: Wickedkiss00

“The Good In Goodbye” Credit: juter0208

“Evergreen” Credit: aproditebeauty

I promise to catch up on the JaSam history part this week – I am just still feeling the effects of vacation, and can barely keep my eyes open.

Thanks for understanding!

You guys are the best!

Have a terrific Sunday, no matter what you’re up to!


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…In Honor of Ro’s Birthday! <3

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

I just finished packing, and giving the house one more once-over, so that it’s spotless upon our return. As much as I enjoy vacation, there is still nothing like sleeping in one’s own bed, and being in one’s own house. I am trying to fight the feelings of anxiety that come whenever I travel for more than a weekend away from home. *sigh*

Luckily, I have this Birthday Drive and the fun task of finding the perfect vids for my BFF Ro (@rosieshadow), and for all of you to enjoy, while I am actually on the road. 🙂

I will have you all know that there may never have been a Bella Mafia for more than a week if not for Ro. Yup, the very first time I posted, she commented. I emailed her back to say how much I appreciated her comment, and there began a friendship that I can only describe as a blessing from above. She encouraged me with every post, and urged me to keep posting and trying to get GH fans to tune back in and to be positive. After reading Ro’s first comments, I felt like Bella Mafia was something that could bring all of us positive people together, and here we are, almost three whole years later.

Thanks, Ro. Not just for your role in getting Bella Mafia going, but for being a friend when I was going through the worst of my surgeries, and felt that I couldn’t talk to anyone else from my “old life” because I felt so disconnected from everyone. (One of the first signs of depression) Because of Ro’s encouragement, I found a passion in Bella Mafia, and went on to “meet” so many of you, whom I have come to love and appreciate and can no longer imagine my life without.

Join me in wishing Ro a birthday as wonderful and spectacular as she is! To know her is to love her, and I am so glad I got to know her!

Happy Birthday, my dear friend! I love you!

~Bella (She was the first person to ever call me that, and it “stuck”!)

For you… All of our favorites!

“That’s Worth Fighting For” Credit: HarperAnIdiot

“I Still Do” Credit: HarperAnIdiot

“The Way We Were” Credit: vridore

“The Way We Were” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Dream A Little Dream Of Me” Credit: luckiBelle02

“Once In My Life” Credit: Randeeni3

“I’m Your Man” Credit: fightinirish1289

“HOME” (How apropos) Credit: TheVintageGH

“You Don’t Know Me” Credit: SarahCG

“”Feeling Good” Credit: luckiBelle

“That’s All” Credit: TheVintageGH

“Something Special” Credit: JerseyBelle2

“You’ll Never Find” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Everything” Credit: athena606

And with this, I remind everyone, including Ro, to “Hold On” Credit: luckiBelle02

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s vids…at least almost as much as Ro and I did! 🙂 Please take a second to comment and like each vid! Our vidders deserve the love!

Have a great Sunday!

Much love to all,



This Day In JaSam History

August 4

2004: (If only he’d said “Don’t Go” this time around.)




August 5






“In The End, Love Always Wins Out”…

Good morning, GHers!

I apologize ahead of time for doing a “quickie”, but had lots to do today in preparation for vacation next week, and on top of that, we were running around like crazy people trying to get everything purchased for Back To School, as by the time we get back the stores will be mad houses!

I just wanted to say that even with the conversations Jason and Sam had about each other with Sonny and Alexis, I want us to focus on the fact that Jason and Sam are not wavering on the fact that they both still love each other, and still find it difficult to believe that their marriage could be over. The rest of those conversations was reactionary to their pain. Try to focus on that, because “In The End, Love Always Wins Out.” 

We have to believe that now more than ever. And if that love could win out after the Dark Ages (‘-07-’08), it will win out after this!

Hang In There – the history of that love is on our side!

I also wanted to make sure to leave you with a little inspiration, and a lotta history! Both should lift your spirits!

Much love, 


Your Daily Inspiration: “How Do You Keep The Music Playing?” Credit: JustAGirl1516

This Day In JaSam History

August 2

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2005: Credit: luckiBelle

August 3

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2005: Credit: luckiBelle

2009: Credit: DominoesAndTequila

2010: Credit: PartyGirls04

FOUND: The Beauty Of GH

Good morning, GHers!

I hope everyone is well, and feeling a little bit more upbeat about our General Hospital. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but while watching live on Monday afternoon, just the THOUGHT that Jason was going to see Sam made me feel better! And though it didn’t happen until the last possible moment, it was worth it – and it gave me something to look forward to!


I was a little lost watching yesterday, since I honestly didn’t even have an interest in catching up on the two weeks I’d missed, but I think I am caught up enough to know that everyone else missed one thing also: The fact that Johnny knows about the baby switch!

You know, on Bold and The Beautiful, they use flashbacks a whole lot. The difference is that on B&B, they usually use flashbacks to remind viewers of how people fell in love, how much history they’ve shared, or why they are the root for couple. NOT to remind us that we have seen the same flashbacks of the our least favorite story lines OVER and OVER AGAIN. Oh, how I wish they’d get a clue on how to use flashbacks to their advantage! *sigh*

So, apparently, and according to the flashbacks, Johnny has “men” who were tailing his grandfather’s dead body, which led to the tailing of Heather Webber, which led to the witnessing of Sam’s baby being switched for Tea’s dead baby. *rolling my freakin’ eyes back into my head*

I have to tell you that the thing that bothered me most about this storyline is not even the ridiculousness of this new “development”. It’s the fact that yet one more unforgivable thing is being chalked up to Johnny. I really did love Johnny once. As myopic as Guza’s writing was at times, I always loved that Johnny had been written as a genuine “good guy” with an unfortunate family and an even more unfortunate life path. Johnny’s behavior as of late (since RC) has been anything but that of a “good guy”. In fact, he’s being written as… as…OMG. As another Todd Manning. Someone who does disgusting things that shouldn’t ever be forgiven. I hate it! To think that on top of everything that Johnny has recently done, he is now party to keeping Sam’s baby from her, even though Johnny is still struggling to deal with having grown up without knowing his own real mom! How are we supposed to believe that? I can’t stand it!

Are we also supposed to believe that Todd hasn’t figured out yet that this is possibly the worst kept secret ever, and that he should just confess, ESPECIALLY since he knows that hit man Jason Morgan is actually the baby’s father? Come on! Camp may have been tolerated well on OLTL (or not, as it was canceled) but this is not what GH viewers are used to! I want things to make sense. I want people to use their noodles. I want this terrible storyline to be over!

If only I could believe that Carly might actually hear what the two clowns in her life are talking about! If only Sam could have stumbled upon the hidden camera while Todd was there, and before Johnny found it. If only, if only, if only Baby JJ could count on having his parents come find him sooner, rather than later. *sending subliminal messages to Vicki Dummer* Ha Ha! If only, indeed! 🙂

I know that the Joe, Jr. and Joe, Jr. Jr. storyline was on, but I don’t really know who expects me to have ANY interest in them AT ALL, especially by themselves! These people mean absolutely nothing to me! I paid attention to the Kate and Sonny scenes because he’s Sonny, for goodness sake! I just want Kate to find out the truth about her son just so that it can play out and he can be off…out of town and off my screen! 🙂

For me, The Beauty of GH came magnificently in the moments where Jason reminded Carly and all of us that he still knows his Fair Samantha better than anyone. There was no fooling him on Sam wanting a new start and leaving her PI Business behind! I loved that moment of recognition on Jason’s face, and I loved that we can all see that Jason is worried about Sam being involved with Todd Manning (as he should be).

I only wish that Jason and Sam would put as much energy into talking to each other as they have into talking about each other to others! My goodness! I just want to scream at how much time and effort they are wasting when they could be using both to get themselves back on track, and back together, so that they can go after their baby boy together, even if they didn’t know Jason was the father right away! Is this too much to ask?

All of this partner swapping and bed hopping that was the norm on OLTL is the laziest possible approach to keeping GH on air! Give us the stuff that soap history is made of! Love, Romance and Adventure shared by a couple with a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love!

I cannot stand when people say that happily married and starting a family has to mean the end for a couple on a soap. Just recently in her Michael Fairman interview, Vicki Dummer talked about growing up on GH and being a huge fan! But guess who she said she scheduled her life around? Luke and Laura. You know that couple who got married in 1981, and then went on to have an AMAZING run as Daytime’s First Authentic Supercouple! I wish Ms. Dummer would order her EP and HW to get busy writing the kind of story that should come next for a Love Story as huge and as EPIC as Jason and Sam’s!

To say that happy is boring to a soap couple is the same as saying creativity is hard work on a soap! It’s LAME and just Does. Not. Make. Sense. Luke and Laura got twenty years of story as Mr. & Mrs. Sure, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it was all togetherness, and because of it, they have an eternal place in SOAP HISTORY, and even though they haven’t been together on show in a decade, Luke and Laura are still the couple that keeps on giving to storyline and to the future of Port Charles through their children, and their connections, and their History.

I want the new team to recognize that they don’t seem to know General Hospital as well as they say they do. If they did, Jason and Sam would be gearing up to hit the road TOGETHER, in spite of their hurts and heartaches, in search of their baby boy, and giving us LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON along the way as they faced every danger and adventure as a team!


You won’t be sorry!

I am counting on you guys to help get the message across…Let’s strike while the memories of Classic Love in The Afternoon are fresh on TPTB’s minds!


Your Daily Inspiration: Jason & Sam Make Love 9/29/11 (Because this ALWAYS inspires me!)   Credit: ashleycramni

If any couple could possibly match the magic found with Luke and Laura, JaSam IS IT!


July 30

2004: Credit: luckiBelle (I have always loved Sam and Monica scenes!)

2009: Credit: kjewel13

2010: Credit: AddictiveSoapCouples

July 31

2006: jasam4everbaby

2009: Credit: daysfann


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane For The Visually Impaired :)

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I spent another weekend with more visiting family from Puerto Rico, and had such a terrific time that I find myself feeling extra positive; strangely so. I have decided that, at least for today, nothing is going to get me down.

Amazingly, one of the very first vids I came across this week turned out to be by someone who was sharing my unexplainable optimism (read her description). I took it as a sign. And as I kept searching for this week’s vids, I found that all of our vidders seem to be feeling that positive vibe! We were on the same #TeamJaSam wavelength! 🙂

Isn’t the JaSam Connection an Amazing thing?

This week, our Drive is specially designed to help us all to feel hopeful and positive again, even if we cannot SEE anything positive onscreen right now. And what are people who have trouble seeing called? That’s right, Visually Impaired.

Hence the reason this Drive is for The Visually Impaired! 


I am hoping that by the time we “park” at the end of this Drive, we are all seeing through the eyes of POSITIVITY!

“I’ll Be” Credit: PhickJasam4eva

“Unchained Melody” Credit: KrisLynnJonas

“I Still Believe In You” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Give Your Heart A Break” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“Fix You” Credit: TheNLGFan87

“Lighthouse” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Just The Way You Are” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You”  Credit: aproditebeauty

I hope you are all “seeing” a little better now!

Let’s keep holding on!



This Day In JaSam History

July 22

2005: Credit: kjewel13

2009: Credit: kjewel13

Timely Advice Never Gets Old

TGIF, GHers!

I honestly did try to watch yesterday’s episode, but woke up to a black screen on the laptop because it had shut off from inactivity while I was asleep. It’s so sad when my favorite soap cannot keep my attention (past seeing Heather for billionth time). *sniff, sniff*

We’ve all sat around lamenting the fact that no one can seem to get through to the new team about what has gone terribly wrong with our soap for weeks and months now. You cannot go a day without seeing people tweet RC and FV advice on how to stop pissing viewers off and driving lifelong fans away. Funny that it would be advice that was given years ago that may actually carry some weight. *fingers crossed*

I found this on my Twitter feed yesterday morning, and credit goes to @scooterbeanbag on his oh-so-freakin-timely-tweeting! (Praying that FV and RC will actually heed this advice, as it comes from a legend soap writer!) 

Read this list and tell me you don’t clearly see the problem(s) surrounding our beloved GH and its inability to strike a nerve with us viewers.

Douglas Marland is considered in the US by many as one of the greatest soap writers ever. Marland was a former head writer of As The World TurnsGuiding Light, and helped Gloria Monty save General Hospital when it was near cancellation. He worked as a writer on Another World and co-created Loving with Agnes Nixon. He won multiple Emmy awards and Soap Opera Digest awards. Marland, a former actor, loved the soap opera artform. He passed away on March 6, 1993. This article was published in the April 27, 1993 issue of Soap Opera Digest.How Not To Wreck A Show 
By Douglas Marland

1. Watch the show.

2. Learn the history of the show. You would be surprised at the ideas that you can get from the back story of your characters.

3. Read the fan mail. The very characters that are not thrilling to you may be the audience’s favorites.

4. Be objective. When I came in to As the World Turns, the first thing I said was, what is pleasing the audience? You have to put your own personal likes and dislikes aside and develop the characters that the audience wants to see.

5. Talk to everyone; writers and actors especially. There may be something in a character’s history that will work beautifully for you, and who would know better than the actor who has been playing the role?

6. Don’t change a core character. You can certainly give them edges they didn’t have before, or give them a logical reason to change their behavior. But when the audience says, “He would never do that,” then you have failed.

7. Build new characters slowly. Everyone knows that it takes six months to a year for an audience to care about a new character. Tie them in to existing characters. Don’t shove them down the viewers’ throats.

8. If you feel staff changes are in order, look within the organization first. P&G [Procter & Gamble] does a lot of promoting from within. Almost all of our producers worked their way up from staff positions, and that means they know the show.

9. Don’t fire anyone for six months. I feel very deeply that you should look at the show’s canvas before you do anything.

10. Good soap opera is good storytelling. It’s very simple.

*taps fingers*

After reading this list, it’s not hard to jump to the conclusion that any idiot(s) almost professionally doing all ten things Doug Marland says NOT TO DO wants to wreck a show. Of course, that can’t really be true, as this gig is their livelihood. However, it does boggle the mind a bit, don’t ‘cha think?

I don’t know, maybe someone above them will read the list and think, “Wait a minute…where have I seen all of these show-wrecking mistakes happening?”, and will actually step in to stop the wrecking ball with a name.

One can only hope.

Until then, let’s be thankful for the memories we do have of when LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON wasn’t a foreign concept.


This Day In JaSam History

July 20

2005: Credit: kjewel13 

Sam always, always had Jason’s back; like he always had hers! I never thought Jason and Sam ever had “smooth sailing” for more than a hot second. They have faced angst, issues, problems, dangerous situations, and interlopers of the non-cheating kind for over 8 years! The difference, and the key to their success as a couple, was that before the RC era, they faced all of those things together. That made for a rootable couple. In fact it was the formula for a Supercouple!

2011: Credit: PartyGirls04

Oh, Lord. Who could possibly forget the Jason Morgan seen and heard right here? Garin Wolf came into this storyline knowing Jason and Sam intimately, as only a longtime GH writer could. What we got in these scenes was payoff; something Mr. Carlivati seems to know absolutely nothing about. I loved the playfulness and the happiness seen in these scenes! I remember smiling so much during this week last year that my face hurt! I’d take that kind of pain over the pain we’ve all been feeling lately ANY DAY, ANY TIME! 

July 21

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

Sam gets threatened by Sam, and later talks to Jason on the phone. Jason is away, getting Danny settled in Hawaii, and asks Sam how she  is. *tears*

2005: Credit: kjewel13

What was it I said earlier about Jason and Sam getting through things together? Why can’t this new HW understand that concept? *slaps forehead*

2009: Credit: kjewel13

Look at these two working things out together!!!!! Ugh. I so miss these days!

2011: Credit: ashleycramni

I cannot even talk about this one without crying tears of desperation! Has there ever been a couple you’ve wanted to see have it all as much as Jason and Sam? I remember after this episode last year, GH released the Save The Date for JaSam’s wedding, and we were all so excited and blissfully happy! *blows nose*

If only RC and FV (as he is not blameless here) would lock themselves in a room and get to know the JaSam History day by day. If they did that, there would be no way would be breaking so many of the rules mentioned above. And there would be no way they would be destroying this magical couple day by day.If only…

Hoping against hope…


Your Daily (Extra-Strength) Inspiration: (Because we need every little bit we can get!)
“Just Say Yes” Credit: mcdela02
“For U Always” Credit: mcdela02
“Will You Be Mine?” Credit: FairSamantha

We’ve Still Got HISTORY

Good morning, GHers!

I may have nothing to say on whatever played out onscreen yesterday, and we may not have anything to look forward to in the immediate future, but we have SO MUCH to look back on and appreciate! That’s because We’ve Still Got HISTORY. 

I’m not talking about one year, I’m talking about a long, consistent and BEAUTIFUL HISTORY.

If nothing else, it should give us plenty to talk about, and plenty to fight for.


July 19

2004: Credit: kjewel13

If we had ANY doubts at this point, they were gone after watching these scenes! Jason was sooooo falling in love with Sam at this point. Just look at the love in his eyes when he looks at her! And there is a moment that you can see him realizing just how special Sam is. *sigh* This is the Jason and Sam we fell head over heels in love with!

2006: Credit: jasam4everbaby

Wasn’t this what kept us going back then, even though we knew then, too, what was coming? It was the undeniable LOVE they still felt for one another that made the separation bearable! Just look at the way they looked at each other…everything they were feeling was RIGHT THERE. *tears* 

2010: Credit: DominoesAndTequila There isn’t anything Jason and Sam didn’t share. They were partners in the truest sense of the word. ‘Til Carlivati, that is.

2011: Credit: mk200019 And who can possibly forget this fabulous day? Jason and Sam are magical! Their love is such a beautiful thing to behold, and I can never be sorry that I invested this much time and energy on being a witness to it all! We have to believe that love like this will always win out in the end! Just listen to the words coming out of their mouths! LISTEN! We have to hold on!

Eight years we have been on this ride together with Jason and Sam. EIGHT YEARS. We’ve seen them through it all, and got them back. If we were to believe what Jason and Sam were saying here, we can never give up on true love!

Holding on to History for LOVE’s sake,


Your Daily Inspiration: “Don’t Know Much” (Because isn’t that the truth right now?) Credit: zaltana1


SNAIL MAIL: (Thanks to Dominoes and Tequila, who always keeps us updated)
Kelly Monaco
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Steve Burton
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Ron Carlivati, Headwriter
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Anne Sweeney,
President, ABC Television Network
500 South Buena Vista Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91521

Frank Valentini, 
Exec. Producer, General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027



Good morning, GHers?

Or is it? *cringes*

After going through the comments here last night, I’ve gotta be honest. I did not even have the heart to watch GH on YT. Reading Steve’s interview had a two-fold effect for me. I hate to sound like Ron Carlivati on ANYTHING, but “there was an immediate effect, and a long-term effect.” 

For me , obviously, the immediate effect was that I closed my computer and went to bed without watching yesterday’s episode and feeling kind of deflated. The longer-term effect was that I thought about it over and over (the joys of insomnia). I realized two things: 1) Steve was trying to communicate to his fans as honestly as he could, and 2) Though it has been hard, we have been on the right track as to the only way to deal with this crap on our screens.

In case you haven’t read Steve’s interview with Michael Fairman, please do so. Here is the link: (Thanks, LT4Bama) I think Steve Burton did such a good job of trying to get his honest feelings across to the fans without landing himself in the hotseat with his new bosses.

I always get a little hot under the collar when I see people tweeting Steve, or Kelly, or really any actor about “Speaking out” about what their characters are doing onscreen. I just don’t think everyone truly understands how it works when you are a character being written in story lines. As most of you know, I am an avid and longtime FRIENDS fan. I always remember the episode where Joey, then working on Days of Our Lives, made some comments in a Soap Opera Digest article about how he so often changed his dialogue from what the writers had written. What followed once the writers got wind of his comments was hilarious, unless you were a real Drake Romoray fan, because the writers retaliated by writing Joey off the show and having him fall down an elevator shaft! And the only doctor that could have fixed his brain injury was him! *tears of laughter*

While certainly I believe Steve and Kelly are big enough stars that no writer could write them “falling down an elevator shaft” without major network approval, I still hope everyone understands the untenable situation they would be in if they decided to speak out in a negative light about their new bosses any time the fans asked them to. It just isn’t done.

However, what is done, and what was done, and rather expertly, I might add – was Steve’s very honest and carefully worded interview! *applause*

If you read between the lines, I think we can all agree that the transition has not been easy. Not for Jason Morgan, and not for Steve Burton. More importantly, what I got from the interview (after I’d gone to bed) was that Steve was letting his fans know what it is that gets TPTB’s attention, and what doesn’t. Listen to, more than see, what Steve is saying here: “I think it’s been good for the fans. Whether they like it or not, you want them to have an opinion. IF THEY HAVE NO OPINION, than we suck!” *laughs*

How often have we talked about here NOT reacting to scenes that we don’t want to see more of? How many times did we talk about not tweeting Ron or Frank with reactionary tweets, and emotions based on things we hated? This is why?

I remember last week when the kisses happened, someone mentioned on Twitter that Ron was checking #GH tweets to gage reaction. Oh, how I wanted to scream any time I saw someone on #TeamJaSam reacting to either kiss! THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO LET THEM KNOW HOW MUCH WE HATE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR SOAP, AND OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS, IS TO GIVE THEM THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE!

When things that make us turn off out TVs happen, we must do so in silence. At the moment. I’ve said before that the saddest thing about the Jizzers was the number of times they would go on Twitter and the boards to let TPTB know that because “Jason did or said this or that”, they were no longer watching! Jeez, they did it so often, and right after Jason had done or said it, that it was laughable! It was laughable because if you weren’t watching, you wouldn’t have been able to react to it. 

I do not want us to take pages, or even chapters, out of the Road To Nowhere book, friends. If you’re not watching, you are doing what is best for you and your power as a viewer. But if you are telling TPTB that you’re not watching in the moment, you are doing what is the best thing for them, because as Steve said, “whether they like it or not, you want them to have AN OPINION. If they don’t have an opinion, then we suck!” 

Am I saying to abandon all communication with them? Absolutely not. Steve says he tries to let them know how Jason would normally react in certain situations. Imagine if he didn’t have our heartfelt letters letting him know that it’s been nearly impossible to watch what has happened to Jason Morgan and Jason and Sam under the new regime! Imagine if TPTB weren’t hearing from us “offline” and via direct snail mail to let them know why we miss our General Hospital, and do not recognize or have any interest in this rebooted version of OLTL’s “messy soap.” (Thanks for the perfect term , user123)

This is NOT the General Hospital we fell in love with and were committed to, and they need to know that. Just not as a reaction, because our feelings are more than that.

Steve said that he and Kelly both wanted to have their baby, and to be a family, because they worked so hard to get there! ISN’T THAT EXACTLY HOW WE FEEL? If so, put your stamps where your mouth is and send off a letter to Steve, to Kelly, to Ron, to Frank, saying just that, to anyone who has a say! Tell them you have ZERO INTEREST in what is onscreen now. Tell them what you want to see more of, and not just with Jason and Sam, but all over the canvas! Also, let them know what you don’t want to see: Todd and Heather every damned day, another rape storyline, all the things we’ve ranted about here.


I am asking, and EXPECT, every single JaSam fan out there to heed the words of Steve’s interview and lend them our support by taking the time to write out a respectful, but honest letter, about why we have lost interest and love for these versions of Jason, Samantha, and General Hospital. Tell them you are hoping they can turn things around, and give us back the soap and the characters we have loved so long and SO WELL, for so many years.

The one thing I did not hear Steve say is that it was hopeless for JaSam fans, or that Jizzers had any reason to party! He said it was drama, and that’s what you had to do on a soap. (Or so he’s apparently been told lately) I think what he said, without saying it, was that they are going to be gaging reaction at every single beat, and that will determine what keeps coming.

So, as far as social media (Twitter, FB, boards) goes, give them the only thing they really listen and give weight to: THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE. 

I believe there will be reason to take to Twitter again for our cause, but this is not the time. REMEMBER, we always said that our voices on Twitter, and all other forms of social media should be POSITIVE. If not, then it’s better they be SILENT.

Start typing and digging out those envelopes and stamps!

Please let me know how you do!



Your Daily Inspiration (and especially for Ro): “That’s Worth Fighting For” Credit: HarperAnIdiot

SNAIL MAIL: (Thanks to Dominoes and Tequila, who always keeps us updated)
Kelly Monaco
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Steve Burton
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Ron Carlivati, Headwriter
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Anne Sweeney,
President, ABC Television Network
500 South Buena Vista Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91521

Frank Valentini, 
Exec. Producer, General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027





July 18

2005: Credit: kjewel13


“Not Using The Smarts God Gave You”…

Good morning, GHers!

Only LOVE could make me watch GH in its entirety on YT! And it wasn’t even LOVE for the show, because I don’t have that anymore…it was LOVE for you guys.

The second I saw Todd in that Friday the 13th mask, I was reminded of why I had told myself last Friday that I needed to find something else to do at 3 pm this week. Ugh…

So many people in Port Charles have been “dumbed down”, that I just don’t understand how anything gets accomplished, or how anyone is successful! Certainly, I could say to just about everyone there, you’re “Not Using The Smarts God Gave You”…

  • Kristina is every parent’s nightmare. Sure, all kids her age make stupid mistakes and make parents worry for a while about whether or not they are going to throw their lives away, but Kristina has made this her career choice, now that she’s no longer interested in fashion. *rolling my eyes* It’s as if she only knows how to make stupid choices, and pick the worst possible guys. She is ungrateful to her parents, and selfish to boot! Sonny was so right, except for the fact that he thinks it’s “right now” when he told her you’re “Not Using The Smarts God Gave You”… This is not some new stage Kristina is going through. This is her M.O.
  • I feel as though Lulu has reverted right back to her very own post-high-school days. Her maturity level is at about the same as Kristina’s. I am not sure that Lulu fully understands that marriage is a little different than dating, and that it takes understanding, communication and trust. While I get that Dante is acting a little caveman-ish, I also think we’ve gotta give credit where it is due. Dante knows that Johnny is living a dangerous life, and that he is even a little more unstable than usual after Anthony’s death. I could see why that in and of itself might be a problem for Dante when it comes to his wife being business partners with Johnny. Add to that the fact that he walked in on what he did, and who can blame him for being a bit ticked. Lulu not getting that, and allowing him to just leave without making a better attempt that just saying his name three times shows me it’s true: Lulu, you are so “Not Using The Smarts God Gave You”…
  • While I admit that I have always been “behind” Johnny, I can tell you that anyone in Port Charles who follows suit is about to look like and feel really, really foolish! It amazes me that all of these usually smart women are backing Johnny so easily and with apparently no misgivings. Ladies, you are collectively “Not Using The Smarts God Gave You”…
  • I think you guys know that I could not stand the character of Steven Lars when he last came to town in 2004. The actor back then annoyed the bejesus out of me. This time when Steven Lars came to town, known only as “Steve”, and played by the actor who once played my beloved Ryan McNeil, I decided to give him a chance, even though he was related to “Peanut”. *gag* So, now it’s not the actor who annoys the bejesus out of me. It’s the character! How can someone smart enough to make it through medical school be so freakin’ stupid that they cannot see that Heather is still certifiably insane! Steve, you surely are “Not Using The Smarts God Gave You”… Everyone else can see that your mother’s behavior is completely off, except for you! Too bad that the women in your life keep paying the high price of your brainless stupor! If only Liz could be the next one to piss Heather off!
  • Oh, Lord. Why must we watch Todd listen to Heather talk about how “She Knows What He Did Last Spring” EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKIN’, DAY??? Especially when onscreen it’s been the same day for weeks now! How is it that Todd Manning has become to feeble-minded that he does not see that a) Heather really is a crazy bitch, and b) She is never going to stop finding something to hold over his head, or “she’ll tell the world what the did with Sam’s baby”? I mean, really – Todd being at her beck and call for everything and anything is just ridiculous! Todd, you idiot, you are shamefully “Not Using The Smarts God Gave You”… Todd should just put them both, Luke, and all of us, out of this MISERY and go to the police. I’d bet that even Todd’s worst lie would be more believable than Heather’s best lie! AND I WANT THEM TO GIVE SAM HER BABY BACK!
  • The dynamic duo of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati was given the task of keeping GH on the air. I so often wonder about their strategy, as there is currently absolutely nothing that resembles LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON in the 3 pm EST time slot for ABC. It has been replaced by what seems to be a fraternity of rapists, women who have lost all common sense, men who have lost the thing that makes them men, and there isn’t a rootable couple, or even more than a couple of rootable characters to get excited about. Why do they think that we would care about characters who mean little or nothing to us? Trey, Joe, Jr., Todd, McBain, Starr? Why not stop using those characters to piss us off and alienate us from the fictional town we’ve loved to hang out in for so many years? Why not respect our show for what it was, and stop making it into what theirs was, with all the cheating, and fighting, and CAMP? Why not make our show better, instead of trying to make their show ours? Hey, Terrible Two: You are totally “Not Using The Smarts God Gave You”…or you would realize that your theory that “happiness doesn’t interest viewers” is shot to hell! More importantly, you’d realize that this is about more than just you guys trying to keep your jobs. To us, this is about saving such an important part of our daily lives; such a huge part of our culture. GH is life Family. Stop messing with it!
Most sincerely, 
Today’s Inspiration: “For The First Time” Credit: loveepeacee
This Day In JaSam History
July 16
Nada you’d want to see…
July 17
2009: (Technically, Sam isn’t physically in this clip – but OH! she’s in it!) 🙂

A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Via A ONE WAY STREET

Happy Sunday Morning, GHers!

Today, my hubby’s parents will celebrate 50 years of marriage, and around here, there are dresses and rollers, and nail polish and make-up all over the place. Somewhere in the middle, my son is waiting patiently with his hair product, as he is low maintenance.

I couldn’t get through the preparations of this fantastic celebration without thinking about the other couple who talked about 50 years on their wedding day…our beloved Jason and Sam. I wonder if Edward and Lila would have ever made  it to 50 years of marriage – no matter how rocky –  if their fans had to endure spoiler after spoiler, and rumor after rumor.

I highly doubt it.

I think I’ve told you guys that I avoid spoilers and rumors like The Plague. There are two friends whom I trust when they tell me what they can, and that’s it. I don’t visit spoiler sites, and I really try to avoid all whispers and rumblings. Why, you might ask? Because over the past few years since Jason and Sam’s 2009 Reunion, there have been so many meltdowns and breakdowns over “what was coming” or “what people were saying”…only to have Jason and Sam make it though almost 3 solid years. Had I given in to the mass panic and paranoia then, I would have HAD to give up on Bella Mafia. I seriously could not have handled the anxiety that comes with waiting for the other shoes to drop THAT many times.

I know that there are serious rumblings out there now, and we have already had to put up with the kisses of (almost) death of our faith. However, I’ve noticed one thing as I’ve read over the comments over the past few weeks. We are dropping like flies long before the battle, because we are letting the massive amounts of rumors and spoilers take us down! That just cannot happen!

If we start to give up on Jason and Sam now, then we may as well send the Jizzers a congratulatory basket and call it a day. 😦

I think we are on the right track. We are not watching what we do not want to see, and so far, the ratings have supported our position. In case you haven’t seen the latest ratings, please check them out on their home site:

Let’s let the ratings, and our voices be our battle plan – not giving up. If people can get us to give up fighting for The Morgans with a bunch of made up CRAP, before anything even happens, then their strategy becomes the more effective one. That is UNACCEPTABLE…on principle alone. Let’s be clear: not watching what we don’t want to see is not the same as giving up. I am STILL Team JaSam. I need you guys to be, too! 

There is only ONE WAY to go here, and that’s upward and onward and FORWARD! Let’s get going…

Obviously, it’s gotta start with BELIEVING. Thanks to Heather, we have some inspiration to help us believe in miracles. “I Believe In You and Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

Hey! I have an idea! Next time we are tempted to get down and depressed about what we may have taken away, let’s think back to all that we already have! Our baby boy is alive, and will be coming home! Hang in there, so we can be ready to welcome him back home with “Arms Wide Open” Credit: JasamUnited

Do me one little favor: please read the description of this vid. Sound familiar? “What About Now” Credit: jasamispassion

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Jason and Sam make us all a little “Crazy” Credit: poetfederico

No matter what is happening onscreen, we can be sure that this is how Jason and Sam feel about each other. “I’d Rather Be With You” Credit: loveepeacee

Our very own Kathy (@PoetedericoDJ) is singing in the background of this vid! This vid reminds us all that JaSam have plenty to fight for…and so do we. “I’ll Lie Myself To Sleep” Credit: poetfederico

Shall this be our theme song for the “odds” facing us and The Morgans? “Against All Odds” Credit: poohlvr571

I know exactly how this bidder feels, as per her description. She just expresses her depression so much more nicely than I  can. 🙂 “Where You Are” Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

They did it once, they can do it again. “Start Again” Credit: 33beLIEve33

This is Heather’s JaSam, but it’s mine, too. I am almost positive that it’s yours, too! “I Will Take You Forever” Credit: aproditebeauty

I hope we are all heading in the same ONE DIRECTION now…JaSam needs us to fight now more than ever!

Enjoy your Sunday!

I Believe In Miracles,


This Day In JaSam History:

July 13:

2004: Credit: kjewel13

2005: Credit: kjewel13

2009: Credit: kjewel13

2010: Credit: AddictiveSoapCouples

July 14:

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2005: Credit: luckiBelle

2009: Credit: kjewel13

2010: Credit: PartyGirls04

July 15: 

2010: Credit: LoriJoGH


Good Morning, GHers!

I am almost sure that just like me, you have heard that SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when they are most inconvenient.

Take Johnny. If anyone’s got a load of secrets, it’s The Mob Prince himself. The worst thing that could possibly happen to a guy with secrets, and a habit of seeing and talking to dead people (he happens to be responsible for killing), is a hidden camera trained on his every word and deed. I mean NOTHING good can come from this! Yup, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when the camera is constantly rolling.

Heather Webber may have scored herself some huge points with her boss with the Johnny Cam, but she also scored some major attention from the  police  based on the fact that she’s known by Anna to be a LOON, first and foremost, and totally obsessed with Luke to boot. Put those two things together and you’ve got the perfect motive for removing Anthony’s dead body from the Quartermaine patio and “planting” it elsewhere. SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when you’re so crazy you’ve earned your own ringtone, and especially when your secrets are hanging out of your purse!

Speaking of crazies and ringtones, Todd Manning isn’t too far behind Heather, but where as Heather may be criminally insane, Todd is insanely criminal! How dare Todd say that he wants to help Sam in every possible way, and still refuse to tell her that her baby is alive?!? I just don’t get it, and I just don’t think I will EVER be able to forgive him! Todd, more than anyone, should know that SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when you have to face the terrible damage you’ve done to someone daily as she brings you your coffee.

Oh, Lord. Stupidity grates on my nerves. Always has. Unfortunately, there is no better word to describe this storyline surrounding our Jason and Sam. One year ago this week, TODAY, IN FACT, Jason was fighting to convince Sam to become his wife. Anyone else remember Jason nearly pleading with Sam to marry him, because it was “no longer enough to say the words anymore? He wanted to PROVE IT TO HER!” *crying through the flashbacks* Still, Jason had to do two things before he could convince her: 1) Make Sam believe that taking that step would not mean that she would lose what they had, and 2) Assure Sam that she would have him, every day, for the rest of his life. Do the writers expect us to believe that Jason made those promises so lightly that he’s forgotten them? Or that Jason doesn’t know how to fight for the woman he loves? Perhaps RC doesn’t know that Jason, but it’s his job to know, because WE know, and hopefully have been diligent in telling RC! Still, he is determined to shove this unrecognizable Jason down our throats. The one who bemoans the loss of his wife when she’s not there, and then lets her walk away when she is standing right in front of him?!? The one who says ridiculous things like, “I’ve been honest, can you say the same to me?” Oh Jason Morgan, give me a freakin’ break! You told Michael about Sam kissing McBain, but failed to mention that you ran and kissed Liz! How was that honest? And you didn’t tell Sam, she just happened to get an earful! Yeah, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when your wife overhears Lizzie’s brother trying to keep his sister from dropping her panties for yet another emotionally unavailable man! NOT because you told Sam your secret yourself, so please!

I AM A JASAM FAN. TRULY & TOTALLY. I love BOTH characters!

But RC isn’t writing Sam in character either! From the beginning of this McBain, a.k.a. “shove OLTL’s hero down our throats” storyline, Sam has been acting like someone else! Sam would never be confiding in a cop about anything! She would not be turning to another man about her rape, or her husband’s reaction to it, nor would she be “needing” him there when she read the new paternity results! Come on! I guess, like with Jason, he expects us to forget that even before Dante was known as a cop, Sam shut him down when he started digging with a “Cute, but no that cute.” Sam is fiercely loyal. so this crap hs never washed. But having Sam make out with McBain was all kinds of wrong. I will shout that from the mountaintops. What I will not do, however, is lay blame at her feet that does not belong there. I really took issue with a few people’s POV on Twitter yesterday. For those who were calling Sam a hypocrite, I am going to need some clarification. Uuum…it was Jason who told Sam he wasn’t going to give up on her or their marriage when Sam said what they had was broken, not Sam. So, though kissing John was wrong, wrong, wrong, the hypocrite is Jason for saying e would fight and not give up, and then turning around to do just that – and then kissing Liz!  For those who thought Sam had no business being upset about hearing that Jason had kissed Liz, get the hell outta here! For all of Jason’s whining that he “doesn’t know whether or not Sam still loves him“, Sam told him that she not only does, but that she always would! How could he, pr anyone, expect her to react to the news as though she is made of steel and shouldn’t feel anything? Her guilt doesn’t lessen the pain! And finally, for those who took issue with Sam’s not coming clean to Jason about her kiss with McBain at Jason’s mention of his name, I wonder just how many of them would have confessed to their husbands in the presence of Saint Liz, the patron saint of One Night Stands! I know I wouldn’t have! Why would Sam? So that St. Liz could look down from the pedestal she dug out of the garage and dusted off for this very occasion, and prescribe Sam’s penance, which would be to have to endure knowing that Jason was offered relief sex? I wouldn’t admit to my weight in Liz’s presence! Yet, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when the devil himself – or in this case, herself, is there to pick them up and use them against you!

I will never understand how Jason could honestly stand there, after seeing Sam’s reaction, after hearing the hurt in her voice at him not wearing his ring anymore, and watch her walk away, and think, “It’s better this way.”

W. T. F!!! I am convinced that Jason’s balls were crushed to smithereens by the protocol medicine Robin made for him, because nothing else could explain this showing of female parts (or, *clears throat*, the one female part.)

Jason has got to get the hell away from Liz and her pseudo-benevolence and fake support that nearly choked her, and he needs to get in Sam’s face and fight like the mobster he is! He better break into her room at Alexis’ and make her listen. Or track her ass down, tie her to the back of his bike, and drive her to their cabin and not let her go, until he has shown her all the ways that he loves and misses her!

First, he better put his wedding ring back on and remember the vows they said to each other as they exchanged those rings. You don’t get to enjoy more than fifty years of marriage by approaching it like a wuss! Then maybe Jason (and RC) should sit and watch This Day in JaSam History, like the rest of us. We, and more importantly, Sam, need THAT Jason back!

Holding on tightly (to Jason’s neck!),


Today’s Inspiration: “JaSam: Love’s Holiday” Credit: lalachik

This Day In JaSam History:

July 12

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2005: Credit: NickyM96

2010: Credit: AddictiveSoapCouples

2012: Credit: luckiBelle

An EXTRA SPECIAL Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane Inspired By Heather

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

Well, we hit a few bumps in the road this past week, and just about every JaSam fan needed a good talking to, me included. I am glad that together, we have come up with a strategy for how we will handle the summer ahead – by sending clear, no-nonsense messages to TPTB that we are not going to watch the continued destruction of GH’s Most Amazing Couple. 

However, we are NOT going to just slink away quietly! We are going to make some noise about the love and support that we are committed to giving our couple, and to showing Steve and Kelly as actors! DO NOT LET THEM MISTAKE OUR OUTRAGE FOR GIVING UP, because THAT is NOT going to happen! JaSam ’til the end!

I was keeping my fingers crossed this week that all of the love and support everyone was also showing to our beloved Heather (Aproditebeauty on YT/@JaSamGleeFan on Twitter) would also convince her to keep on vidding our cherished JaSam Love Story, which would in turn keep us all going. Luckily, she has decided to do just that. *bows head in prayer of thanks*

So, in honor of her FANTABULOUS contribution to the #JaSamMovement, this week’s vids are exclusively hers.

Thanks, Partner, for continuing to share your incredible and soul-stirring gift of Magic-Making with all of us. Where would we be without your vids? ESPECIALLY on Sunday mornings! 🙂


Here we go…Remember, CREDIT (and lots and lots of love) on each of this week’s vids goes to aproditebeauty!

Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we? Take a few moments to relive the making of the one couple that changed GH for us, and brought us all together! This was such a treat to relive! “I Believe In You”

Oh, Lord. If there was ONE THING I wish the writers would see (especially the new, clueless ones), it’s that for both Jason and Sam, “No One Else Comes Close” 

This vid should serve as real inspiration, as it shows so many of the things Jason and Sam have faced and overcome together! “Next To You”

While Jason and Sam could both say this to each other right now, I’d bet we could all say this to them: We Are “Lost Without You”

As you all know, I’ve been a Soapster all my life just about. I’ve had favorite couples and pairings I’ve loved over all those years, but Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco managed to make Jason and Sam a couple that took the term SuperCouple to a whole new level! I will love, fight for, and hold them close to my heart “For All Of My Life”

It gives me hope just to know that we will all stand by and fight for Mr. & Mrs. Morgan to be reunited, as a family with their son, Baby JJ… “Faithfully”

In order to be a JaSam Fan, you have to be willing to believe that Jason and Sam’s Love will help them find their way back to each other, “Against All Odds”

I think that in order to survive Ron Carlivati’s vision of what a soap romance looks like, we will have to decide to look at Jason and Sam with new eyes. “Eyes Of Grace” (and perhaps lots of forgiveness)

The description to this vid shows us that our Heather knows our Mr. & Mrs. Morgan better than just about anyone out there – but especially the new writers! “The Vows Go Unbroken” 

Get out the tissues…there is no better song to serve as soundtrack for Jason and Sam’s current situation than the classic heartbreaker. I can never hear this song without belting it out at the top of my lungs (much to my kids’ chagrin) This song says it all about right now. (Every time I sang the part “Can it be that it was all so simple then, or has TIME rewritten every line?”, I substituted the word “Ron” for “Time”. 😥 ) “The Way We Were”

I hope you all feel bolstered by this breathtaking drive! I know I do!

Please take the time to thank Heather for sharing her time and love for JaSam with all of us. I know that every time I watch one of her vids, I am so thankful that she is #TeamJaSam!

Phew…another crisis averted! 🙂


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Make it one to remember!

Hugs to you all,


“The Truth Shall Set You Free”…

Hola, GHers!

By now, I hope you’ve all gone over to Facebook to tell them who your favorite GH couple us and why. If not, here is the link: There are several Jizzers who post every couple of pages…so sad. *shakes head*

The saying “The Truth Shall Set You Free” is something we’ve all heard throughout our lives. My grandpa always said that there was never a circumstance where the truth wasn’t better than a lie, even if you can’t see it at the time. There have been times in life when I’ve seen people crushed by a truth and questioned that certainty, as in some of those times, the truth has ripped someone’s heart out, or was cruel, or at least I thought, was unnecessary. However, I would have to agree with my grandpa that is does set you free…whether you want it to or not.

For Kate and even Connie, the truth is the only thing that shall set her free from the terrible guilt she is carrying for thinking she murdered Cole and Hope, and yet the one person who can give her that truth is Johnny. Oh, how I struggle with loving Johnny one minute and wanting to whack him myself the very next! Until Kate can remember that Johnny asked Connie to take the blame for shooting out Anthony’s tires, the blame and the guilt will be her burden to carry. And Johnny knows this. *sigh* I know that Johnny thinks he has truly learned his lesson about being consumed with trying to hurt Sonny and the collateral damage it causes, but while that’s a step int he right direction, it’s not enough! Kate has been through so much – and just found out that she went through so much more she didn’t even recall. She is dealing with so many things she feels so guilty about! Johnny owes it to Kate to sit her down and say, “The Truth Shall Set You Free”, and then give her the truth she needs.

Perhaps then Johnny will stop being haunted by all of the  people whose lives he took because of hatred and anger. While he thinks that giving Carly his very best from here on out, and while he is working so hard to give Starr A life back now that he’ stolen the one she had and loved, he still feels imprisoned by his oh-so-guilty about the things he’s done. It’s why he cannot shake the hauntings from Anthony and Hope! Johnny needs to realize that his only hope for any real peace is that “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. 

Sonny continues to move heaven and earth to protect Kate. Too bad he has cried “Wolf!” one too many times when it comes to Johnny being responsible for something terrible, especially since this time Johnny really is the wolf. The Big, Bad One. Dante is riding Sonny about coming clean about Kate, but I have to say, that I am not sure I would trust Dante either if I were Sonny. Last time Sonny trusted him with the truth about Michael’s guilt, he found out that  “The Truth Shall Set You Free” isn’t always…TRUE.

I have always liked Luke and Tracy. Honestly, I have always liked the Tracy part of Luke & Tracy more, and never thought he deserved her love and devotion, but she loves the big lug! I really wish Luke didn’t find it so easy to break Tracy’s heart. In fact, it’s the one thing I have always resented most about Luke – his ability to hurt people so easily. I know that Luke was on his way to tell Tracy the truth about him and Anna, but dammit! He could not have honestly believed that the whole “The Truth Shall Set You Free” thing would have applied here! I am actually thinking that Luke deserved that little “time out” with crazy ass Heather! I hope that whatever “Hot Stuff” she has planned with him will make him realize that his life is full of MISERY without his Spanky Buns!

There were so many times I winced at Tracy’s self-assuredness about Luke while going head to head with Anna. Every time she told Anna that Luke was “not that into her”, I cringed! But I think the worst moment had to be when Tracy remembered that she found Anna in Luke’s bed that morning, and the whole truth of the situation began to dawn on her, bit by awful bit. I thought even Anna regretted taking it upon herself to try to convince Tracy that “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. Too bad it was too late. 😦

When I think of “The Truth Shall Set You Free”, I cannot help but think of our beloved Jason and Sam. That saying could not possibly apply more, could it? So many of the things that are tearing and keeping them apart are things based in lies and untruths! Each little lie that Jason and Sam believed has pushed them further and further apart, from Baby JJ’s paternity to the belief that he died that stormy night, and every other lie in between! I am committed to letting TPTB know that I am barely hanging on here. I tell them all of the things I am missing between the BEST COUPLE on Daytime, and I also let them know that this storyline has completely bored me to tears!

I am hoping that this time, “The Truth Shall Set Us ALL Free!”

Hanging in because of all of you,


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…In Search of Some Summer Lovin’

Happy Sunday Morning, GHers!


If you are anything like me, all of this angst and depression on GH has got you feelin’ a little lovelorn and lost. Where is all the Summer Lovin’ soaps are supposed, and used, to be about? 

Well, I know who can deliver it…our very own Magical JaSam! (And our phenomenal JaSam vidders!)

So, this week, we will embark upon our Drive with a very specific goal in mind: to find it! Put on those sunglasses, grab a cold drink, and let’s head on out! Half the fun will be in searching!

I am so beyond ready for Jason and Sam to once again be each other’s “Someone To Love” Credit: aproditebeauty

I love when I stumble upon a new JaSam vidder! It’s like making a new friend! This vidder’s first – not just to Bella Mafia, but first! Damned good start! “Be Alright”  Credit: YouFightThoseFairies

Loved, loved, loved the HAPPY in this vid! “Everything I Do” Credit: SOGH1963

Classic and sweet. A favorite combination around here! “We Belong Together” Credit: Jasam4EverAlways

Wow! There was so much to love in this vid! Like the title, it was just “Beautiful” Credit: aproditebeauty

This would be true for Jason AND Sam, in spite of all of the angst and all of the tough times they’ve had. “Time Of My Life” Credit: jmsg411

You may know this vidder as the person who usually posts daily GH clips, but she also occasionally creates some pretty awesome vids! This set of vids will help to remind you that Jason and Sam are EPIC! (So are her vidding skills!) “Until We Bleed” “Turn It Back” Credit: SimplyGH

Another newbie to our Drive, and another GEM! This vid is a heartbreaker, but it really does show just how emotionally charged this entire storyline is! “This Woman’s Work” Credit: Spartins1988 

If you needed a soundtrack to go with your hope and dreams for how JaSam will reunite…let this do the talking for Jason! “This Time” Credit: aproditebeauty

Aren’t all of our vidders FANTASTIC? I enjoy watching all of their creations, but sometimes it more than that! Sometimes I just NEED to remind myself of what it is I am hanging on for! Each of our vidders has done an excellent job of serving up some pretty amazing reminders! I love them all! I know your guys do too! Remember it only ties seconds to LIKE and comment!

Thanks for taking this Drive with me! Truly, I look forward to our time together all week!

Love you all,



Good Morning, GHers!

Thanks to all of you who left words of encouragement for our Sweet Sarah! I hope she feels surrounded by all of us, even if only in spirit!

We Love You, Sarah!


Todd Manning is looking to put down ROOTS in Port Charles, but that only means that a whole lot of weeds for PC’s residents! Todd has nothing good or noble to add to the landscape of our favorite fictional town! I mean, he was only passing through, and look at all the damage and heartache he’s caused already! 😦 I wish he would take his newspaper, his abs, and his daughter and hightail it back to Llanview! Like yesterday!

Heather is pure evil, but other than Olivia, the viewers must be the only ones who see it! Is Steven really this clueless about his crazy mother? I don’t even get it! There is no reason that Steven would feel the kind of bond with Heather that might make him show this much faith in her. I just don’t get it! The only ROOTS Heather has ever cultivated in PC are those of insanity and danger. Why is it so hard for people who know this about her to imagine that she might go off the rails again?

Let’s just hope this time, Olivia isn’t her next victim. Liv is getting dangerously close to to ending up like Maggie – especially with words like “nut job” flying around! Luckily for Liv, Spin seems to have returned to his PI ROOTS with a renewed sense of urgency, and hopefully, he will turn up more than whatever root-less things Heather has “planted” out there on the country road.

So Luke and Anna completely eschewed both of their romantic ROOTS in order to hook up like it was 1979! They were barely even awkward around each other the morning after, as Luke was sitting there watching her sleep, and then making mention of their “dirty deed” without either of them blushing! I know there are those who think Anna and Luke are just wrong because of Robert and Laura, but you know what? I disagree. Robert and Laura are their past, not their present, or their future (based on all current indicators!) AND…If there must be a triangle, I am so glad it includes these three, and not a currently married couple!

Although I will say that I feel badly that Tracy is going to be hurt once more because of her love for Luke. 😦 Tracy has proven herself to be more than Luke deserves, as she loves him unconditionally, no matter what she says! It makes me sad to see that Tracy really only has Luke – and well, apparently now Alice, to lean on. The Quartermaines used to have the strongest, most widespread ROOTS of any family in Port Charles, now this once great family has withered way to almost nothing. I wish the writers would come up with a way to turn that around!

I guess the best way to turn that around and to keep the Quartermaine Family ROOTS growing is to add to the Family Tree. The writers did that by making sure that Jason, Jr. is alive, even if they had to tear his poor mother’s heart out in the process. Poor Sam, having to endure another loss, another service to say goodbye to her child, another funeral, another attempt to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. (I must say that not only do I believe the writers see Sam as a strong woman, I think they see Kelly as the strong actress she is. As much as we all hate this storyline, it has given Kelly opportunity after opportunity to show off her incredible talent. She had me tearing up from the moment she walked into the cemetery, and it only got worse from there! Kelly is an outstanding actress, and I am so proud to be her fan!) 

I have to admit that there is something I must give the writers props on, and that is that we got to see, throughout the entire episode, that Sam has put down and cultivated her own set of ROOTS in Port Charles. I love that the writers allowed Sam to be supported by so many, and not just her family – even though I adore Davis Girls scenes. Sam has lived and worked in this town for almost ten years! It would only make sense that there would be people who get her loss, and wanted to be there to support her! I thought the scenes between Spin and Sam were heartwarming and sweet. Spin telling Sam that he loved her and was sorry felt perfectly right, and made sense. Having Michael want to be there for Sam, and telling her that she would have been a great mother were touching and warm, and really reminded us that Michael would know, as Sam has been such a presence in Michael’s life. The scenes with Carly caught me completely off guard, and left me weeping! While Carly and Sam have never been BFF’s, I am glad the writers chose to show us that no matter what, they do share a connection. Sam needed all the support she could get, and deserved all the support she got, and more.

Because of his family and friends, Jason Morgan has among the strongest and far-reaching ROOTS of anyone in PC. He is connected in some way to just about every family, and everyone. However, as we heard him talking about those connections with Michael yesterday, one thing was quite clear: Jason has no deeper ROOTS than the ones connecting his heart to Sam’s. I will be the first to say what an ass Jason has been throughout this outrageous storyline, but I cannot ignore that Jason seems to be unable to thrive without his wife. I was so thankful for his conversation with Michael, because it was good for me to hear that Jason understands why Sam cannot let him back into her heart right now. It was also good to hear Michael being the voice of reason, and telling Jason what all of us would have been screaming at the TV had he not. Michael telling Jason that what Sam said, was not necessarily what she needed, was something I’ll be grateful to Michael for, for a long time! Perhaps hearing it from the first child Jason ever held was the secret to Jason finally putting his fears and his feelings aside for the woman whose heart is breaking over the child she believes she will never hold again. I am so glad that Jason finally got out of his own way and showed up for Sam. Had Jason let that opportunity pass him by, he would have regretted it forever. No matter how it turns out tomorrow, and no matter what Sam says out of her unimaginable pain and loss, it was crucial to the nurturing of their ROOTS as a couple that he be there during Sam’s darkest moments. She will never forget that he was present. No matter what.

I think it is part of the MAGIC that Steve and Kelly have not only created, but perfected, that Jason and Sam didn’t saw a single word to each other, and barely shared 10 seconds onscreen, and yet, so many of us were so deeply affected by what they did share! In those couple of screenshots, I read so much into what they were feeling: Love, Concern, Need, Fear of Losing Each Other, and again – LOVE. I know that there are still some hard to watch moments and several weeks of tough stuff that will try our patience and loyalty, but it was like a shot in the arm to be reminded by Sam and Jason themselves that they are deeply and totally in love! Thanks for the crumbs, Mr. Carlivati and Writing Team! I will take it!

You know, our love for Jason and Sam has served as the ROOTS of the wonderful relationships formed and nurtured here! It’s so important that we not turn our backs on the thing that brought us all together, and helped so many friendships BLOOM! Keep supporting our couple and their Love Story, even when things seem bleakest. Keep fighting to keep their Love Story going, because this chapter will finally give way to another – hopefully more blissful one. Just think of all the chapters we’ve already experienced together over the years! There have been some we hated along the way, but we must remember that we are working towards a Happily Ever After, and that rarely happens without conflict and angst along the way!

Hang In There – for JaSam and for GH!

Hopefully this will serve as inspiration: “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” Credit: jasamlova1028

We can do this! Together, we can do just about anything!

Love you all,


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…In A Bit Of A Clunker :)

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I know we have all taken a bit of a beating when it comes to our JaSam Love & Support, but we are still going, and still hanging in there. Let’s not let go now! I am so thankful for the vidders who use all of their talents and JaSam Love of their own to keep reminding us of what it is that we are holding on for…Daytime’s Greatest Love Story!

Please be sure to take a minute to thank the vidders by commenting and liking their vids! It’s the very least they deserve!

Away we go…

If you need to be reminded of JaSam’s special moments, and the love they share, this song and vid should do it! So sweet…hauntingly so. “Come Home” Credit: nishelle1983

Looking through Karina’s old JaSam Faves, we found this, and I had to include it. I love their happy moments! “Fall For You” Credit: babbygirl3093

Awww…*wipes tears* I love and miss my JaSam! “We Are Glass” Credit: aproditebeauty

This is the JaSam we all came to fall in love with and support so strongly. Let’s not lose sight of them…“Wherever You Will Go”  Credit: jasamarenumberone 

If you are missing JaSam’s kisses as must as you are missing them…this vid is just the medicine the Dr. ordered! “Then You Kissed Me” Credit: raindance4521

There’s nothing else to be said but…Amen and amen. “It’s Not Goodbye” Credit: aproditebeauty

This is an older vid I stumbled upon this past week, and I picked it because it reminds us of how much they have been through, and I thought it showed just how familiar they both are with “Tears and Rain” Credit: JasamBrucasLover

Heartache…heartbreak…and the knowledge that they are SO WORTH IT! We have all 3, so like this talented bidder, I don’t mind being a “sucker” for them! “Do I?” Credit: jmsg411

I am putting this out there as a personal request from Jason and Sam to all of us…because they will overcome. I believe. “Have A Little Faith In Me” Credit: SuixLulab

If there was a song and vid to go serve as the “Theme Song” for what we are all feeling right now over our beloved couple, THIS is it! Oh my word. I was crying at the very first words…“Remember when we held on in the rain?” I swear, next time it rains, I am going to drag Nelson outside and hold on…just so that this song will be as special to us as it is to JaSam right now! Heather outdid herself! Please, Heather, don’t give up – we all need you! (And your vids!) “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” Credit: aproditebeauty

I am hoping that you guys have a wonderful rest of your weekend, and that those of you blessed enough to have  special dads in your life get to spend a little time spoiling them! They deserve it!

Love you all, 



Good morning GHers!
Sorry for posting so late. It was a long day yesterday, ending with my godchild (and namesake’s) graduation. By the time the festivities were over and done with-I needed a couple of pain pills and a bed. Luckily the pain pills never work long and I am already up and sleepless again.   

 – ______________-
I must say that almost everything in life depends upon one thing: A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE.

You can see this at work, at school, at the playground even. Depending on someone’s perspective, they will either be content with their circumstances, or they will be miserable.
You could also see this phenomenon throughout Port Charles yesterday.

Dr. Keenan immediately reacted to Kate’s fears about being late for her period rationally and professionally: he got her a pregnancy test. When she emerged from the bathroom with the peestick, and got kinda upset that it was positive, Dr. Keenan took a look and assured her it was negative. We all watched as he made her look at the stick again. He saw it read negative,
whereas a 17-year-old Connie, he realized,  saw it read positive. It was a MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE. This time, the perspective of two different personalities, but it is a good analogy for how different perspectives can make you see things completely differently.

(Mr. Carlivati should know that just because he is now writing  this recycled crap on GH, we are not seeing things differently. This is Jessica’s storyline ALL. OVER. AGAIN. )  

Starr Manning sees John as a friend, because she cannot see the guilt he is carrying around for having been the one ultimately  responsible for the death of Hope and Cole. Now John wants to be the one to help Starr put her life back together and start over. Each of them sees this differently, because  it’s a MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE. While it sounds like a noble thought, it kinda makes my skin crawl that John could be sitting there listening to Starr sing (at all), but especially about losing her loved ones, and that he wants to keep Starr around town, and now working for him on the Haunted Star, knowing what he did. 

Carly is just as blind to the cruel reality  as Johnny is, as she is actually telling Todd just how fine Starr will be under Johnny’s care. Carly really believes, and is tying to make Todd believe, that Johnny would never put Starr in a position where she can be hurt. Okay, if working for the person responsible for ripping her life apart won’t hurt Starr, I guess Carly could be right. In my opinion, it would hurt Starr incredibly. I guess it’s MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE.

Todd Manning got to hear from Carly a totally different side to Sam’s feelings about her new baby than he heard from Heather. It may finally be dawning on him that this is too important to let it go as MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE. And perhaps he’s realizing that he was a little more desperate to believe that he was doing the right thing that night than he originally did. Now it’s starting to become rather clear to him that he was partly responsible for tearing a baby boy away from a mother who loved him, and wants him more than anything. You would think that would stir a little more than a flash of remorse, huh? But no. Todd continues to make excuses for himself in his own twisted mind, and to hell with everyone else.

So, who were the ones defending Liz’s “kindness” towards Sam? You know, the ones who were trying to get others to believe that Liz was just trying to be nice? Well, now does everyone see the truth? I guess it can be MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE, but to me, Liz was just testing the waters – or shall I say checking her chances of tapping Sam’s man? *sigh* This, my friends, is why I will never, ever like Liz. She could be the one to go find Baby JJ all on her own, in a hailstorm of bullets and grenades, and come back bleeding, and missing a limb, and I would still spit in her eye before taking the baby out of her arms and returning him to Sam. Liz is a manipulator like no other. When she was sitting at the bar with Jason (with no explanation as to how they even got there), you could tell that she was carefully measuring her words, and she was completely focused and hanging on his every one. How did I know that Liz would bring up Jake? It’s her infernal connection to Jason, even though he’s gone, and so she will use it until her dying breath. And how did I know that she would find a way to bash Sam the minute she found an opening? Oh, Lord, but this HO is predictable on top of all her other character flaws! Liz sunk to a new low for me after whimpering to Sam that if she could bring her baby back, she would, and then bringing up Sam’s lowest moment in her life and using it against her to Jason. I thought it showed her cruel intentions when Jason said that Sam would always regret that, and Liz said now Jason would always regret this, as if to say they were even. Bitch. And how utterly transparent was she when she teased Jason about something Sam had told her, but when Jason asked her what, she said, “Later.” As in, “Later, when you are drunk, like the last time I took advantage of your grief?” Funny that Liz would tell Jason that Sam was angry at him, and told her that they were over, and that now Jason was “all hers”, but she didn’t tell Jason that Sam was in tears, and told Liz that she was in fact, scared and hurt. Or didn’t she tell him that Sam was still clinging to that dragon like a lifeline. I’ll tell you why. Liz is a horny, delusional, opportunistic and selfish BITCH. Life with Jason is her best bet at reworking the 0000’s in her bank account since she blew Jason’s money for Jake. Liz knows that last time she was putting out for Jason under the cloak of secrecy and darkness, like the booty call she was, she walked away with a house and several millions. As successful as Dr. Keenan’s career may be, he’s not gonna be throwing money at her any time soon. “Why put out for chump change?” is Liz’s business philosophy.

On the other side of town, John and Sam dealt with the truth of what happened that night, and talked about the real reason he was in PC, and even said good-bye for a while. (Not long enough for me!) Still, we saw Sam wondering why he always seemed familiar, and they decided it would be all figured ut someday. I know this is MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE, but in the scenes between Sam and McBain, I truly saw a connection that Sam needed in order to survive the tragedy her life became after finding out that Franco was Jason’s brother. While I concede that there are many reasons Carlivati could have pushed for McBain to be this connection for Sam, I still believe that if he wanted it to be romantic, it would have already happened. Certainly there has been motive and opportunity. I just don’t know, but the one thing I do know is that I didn’t get even the slightest sense that Sam was anything towards John, but a friend and grateful. Even when she hugged him good-bye.

Just like I didn’t get a sense from Jason that he was anything but in love with and grieving over his wife, but trying to be supportive of Liz’s choice to find happiness.

I will be honest in that I came out of a self-imposed Twitter retirement because my partner in all things JaSam, Heather, asked me to come out and help trend #JaSamWillReunite at 3 pm. Congratulations to all the JaSammers who, once again, trended our couple. 

I got a headache from all of the DOOM AND GLOOM that continued in my TL regarding the show yesterday. (I thought we said ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM?) I am by nature, someone who is drawn to positivity, and rather turned off by negativity. I would rather not watch and tune out, than to waste my time tweeting for an hour that I am not going to watch. I know that yesterday’s happenings were  A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE for us all, but I’ve gotta say, I just didn’t see the end of the world for Jason and Sam, like so many did. *shrugs*

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When in the world did Jason and Sam become the ceramic DRAGON AND PHOENIX? If I remember correctly, the figurines came after their vows, and after Robert Yi pronounced them “one world”. There was such a meltdown over the fact that the figurines got left behind that you would think Steve and Kelly had left the show! Jason and Sam both think they are over for different reasons. Whether Jason said he was not going to give up or not, the figurine isn’t the remote control fo his heart! I really felt tat Jason and Sam each experienced a moment of weakness and feeling lost, and we know that would be true because they are supposed to be stronger together. Each of them choosing to leave their figurine behind at the same time was more a reminder to me about just how *right there* on the same wavelength they always are, than a bad omen. Sure those ceramics were symbolic of their wedding night, but my friends, for Jason and Sam their LOVE has always been the symbol of the connection they have, not the other way around.

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Just to tease a bit of another MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE, the Jiz fans had their ONLY symbol of their couple’s “love” run down and killed. What did they do? Not give up, or give in, or give us the satisfaction! They organized and wrote thousands of fake letters from every living person whose name and address they could use just to try and fight to bring their symbol back! Still, if you look at their tweets and crazy ass posts, they are still stuck on Jake Being Alive, because without him, they have a tough time competing as a bona fide love story with the other women in Jason’s life – Robin was his first love, Carly remains his best friend, he married Courtney, he forgave, fought for, and found his way back to Sam, because he said the love was still there, then he pleaded with her to marry him, eloped because they couldn’t wait, gave her 2 magnificent wedding nights, a few weeks of a blissful honeymoon, and a baby created in love. AND THERE ARE SOME FANS CALLING THIS THE END BECAUSE OF A COUPLE OF FREAKIN’ FIGURINES?!?!?

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I think everyone’s gotta put their big girl panties on, and understand that the writers have changed, yes. The storyline directions have changed, absolutely. Our characters have changed more than we are comfortable with, HELL YEAH!

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It’s the reason for not losing any of the three!

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How is it that we keep losing sight of that?

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How is it that we made it through still loving and wanting JaSam to be reunited after the Summer of Sleaze, the character ASSasinations of both Jason and Sam, the Dark Years that followed, and celebrated little moments like Sam being caught by Jason in that lace teddy? Or Jason being there to catch Sam when she jumped off the fire escape in her underwear? Or their song being played on the way to Mexico, but before they had even thought of getting back together?

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Now we have what every other fanbase has ever wanted – Jason and Sam had three solid years of fidelity and love. They had a beautiful proposal. They had a memorable and unique wedding. They had not one, but two wedding nights. Jason bought and built her a Love Shack with his own two hands (at least partly).  They created a baby in love and passion, instead of under the influence or by faulty birth control. Their son, though kidnapped is ALIVE! And still some are ready to drink the KoolAid of Despair and give up?

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If you know someone like that – tell them to STOP THE MADNESS!

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If they can’t enjoy all we STILL have because of the fear of what we’ll lose according to SPOILERS, tell them to STOP READING THEM, for JaSam’s sake! I mean, if we ad believed those in the last year, Liz would have tried to sto the wedding,  been Sam’s “therapist” after the rape, been her live-in nurse while she and Jason rekindled their feelings, carried Sam and Jason’s baby, slept with him at least a dozen times since October, been married to Jason after the new year, and been pregnant with their little girl by Valentine’s Day. Come on!

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In the grand scheme of things, and as A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE, nothing has happened to declare our couple as OVER, other than the nonsense Sam and Jason are believing right now. Love will win her back to him, it always has, and it always will.

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Unless people are going to help the Jizzers by tweeting, FBing, calling and writing in to TPTB that you’re done, giving up, and no longer care about Jason and Sam being together. Then that’s a different story. But if you know someone like that, please tell them that Bella Mafia is not the place for them.

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Here, we, as the family that we’ve become, still try to search for and focus on The Beauty of JaSam, because we understand that their Love Story is crucial to The Beauty of GH.

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Most sincerely,

Angelique, Die-hard JaSam Fan Until THE (REAL) END


Good morning, GHers!

It is pouring rain here in Jersey as I type this, and has been all day. It was a gloomy day here, just as it was in PC – where the sun was shining. Go figure!

May I just say that you guys were on FIRE today! I love it when everyone shares their thoughts on what’s happening onscreen, and I especially love it when everyone is so respectful of what everyone else is feeling! I agree with everyone who said that we are like a big family – I’ve been telling you guys that you are my family for years! Glad everyone is starting to understand exactly what I was talking about! 😉

I am with Tracy! I wish GH would get how all of us feel: Enough With The Doom and Gloom! I only wonder if the writers actually read what they wrote, because the doom and gloom is not only surrounding Luke and Tracy! Enough already!

Luke and Tracy should be enjoying the fact that they are finally rid of the crazy Anthony Z! They should be enjoying each other openly, instead of worrying about how it would “look” for the Zacchara widow to have moved on! Instead, Anthony is still hovering over them like the black cloud he was. Yet, in spite of that,  I caught myself smiling at Tracy’s overzealousness when it came to getting the barbecue sauce off of Luke’s face. If only we could have more moments like those..with light and laughter, for more people on the canvas! Luke and Tracy have been the only people to actually kiss on our favorite soap all week, I believe! And they aren’t even a couple! That’s gotta change and soon! So, yes, Mr. Carlivati, ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

I am still trying to figure out why Starr Manning has decided to remain in Port Charles, a town she was just passing through, when her life was changed so drastically and negatively, forever. I would think (and hope) that Starr would want to leave PC and be back in Llanview, where she can be surrounded and supported by her friends and family, and perhaps not feel so alone. Yet, for whatever reason, she’s still here, and still crying when Michael very literally runs into her on the pier. Starr goes on to tell Michael about finding out that Connie was the one who shot out the tires and caused the accident that killed her family, and Michael was incredibly supportive of her. I guess we will be seeing much more of Michael and Starr, but I would think if sexy summer romance is what they are going to try to sell for these two, then ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

I have never really been a Lante fan, but I will admit that it worries me that now even Lulu is lying to her husband again, even after all those two have learned about honesty. Why must everyone in PC now be a liar? Lulu told her dad that she took a day off to avoid lying to her husband. Do they not live together anymore? Or if they do, do they not speak to each other? And now, adding to the lie is the fact that Lulu just shook on a deal to go into business with her ex-whose still a mobster-lover, without discussing it with her still-kinda-new-cop-husband? Come on! This is going to translate into more trouble for more people, and another marriage on the outs. *sigh* ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

Wow. Kate has the exact opposite reaction to being late for her period as me! I always react as though I got away with something, whereas Kate reacted as though a tragedy had happened on June 12th! Vanessa even asked me, “Was that the date she was shot?” *giggles* Talk about doom and gloom! WIth everything that Kate has been through, because of everything that Connie has done, the date nearly brought Kate to her knees because she is late. Listen, Kate, Sonny just counseled Jason on how to get through the woman he loves being pregnant with his archenemy’s baby growing inside of her. If these new writers have gotten so freakin’ lazy already that they are going to recycle a story they JUST did, there will be plenty of material to get you and Sonny through it. Don’t you worry. But as for the rest of us, I think we have totally had our fill of unplanned rape pregnancies and paternity bingo. Kate has enough going on, why add even more? Ugh. ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

Honest to God, Jason really needs to get it together. I know that he is feeling guilty, and lost, and hurting for Sam, but this is just not productive. I wish we could sit Jason down and make him watch a YT vid of when Sam was shot, nearly had a hysterectomy, woke up to Alexis knowing she was her mother, had a brain bleed, had brain surgery, all while crying rivers between each surgery, only to wake up to have Jason leave her for her own good. If anyone had a reason to mope around aimlessly, it was Sam. Instead, she picked up her tiny battered, bruised and stitched-up self and gave Jason the fight of his life for their relationship! Sam barely raised her voice at Jason and threw some truth at him, and he is ready to throw in the towel and crawl into a hole. And this, right after he told Sam he wasn’t going to give up on her. *sigh* And people think women are the weaker sex. -_______- Listen, I am still not ready to make nice with Carly after what she did to Sam when Robin died, but I had to thank the good Lord that she was the one to come on over and shout at the top of her lungs, ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM! Carly was right. If Sam didn’t want to hear anything Jason had to say, then he needs to keep on telling her, until she does, because that’s what Sam did for him when the roles were reversed! That’s what you do when you’re in love and not willing to let the other persona just walk away from everything you’ve built together! While it still gets on my nerves that Carly is coddling Jason as though he was the one who was raped, got pregnant, and lost the baby, Carly sees it as her job as his BFF to catch Jason before he falls onto reality. She is trying to be supportive, and she is trying to get him to stop wallowing in self-pity and actually fight for his marriage and for the love of  his life. For that reason alone, I won;t say anything negative about Carly. At least nor tonight. *zips lips, and slips key into pocket for easy access later* I was glad to see that something Carly said to lug head  Jason sunk in, because at least we got to see him looking for Sam, even though she threw his ass out last time he was there. I guess we should be thankful he remembered that he’s a god-damned hit man, and should not scare that easily. *rolling eyes* Unfortunately, he missed Sam, who would rather sign herself out than listen to any more of what St. Liz was spewing, and came face to face with more contrived bullshit. I mean Liz. *innocent look* 

Sam cannot even mourn in peace, can she? There she was, holding onto her dragon, trying to do some thinking, when in floats Nurse Unprofessional. There’s a Puerto Rican saying that when people who are not your friends start visiting you in the hospital, they are really only there to estimate how long they’ll have to wait for your hand-me-downs. I am almost sure that the saying is referring to clothes, or shoes, or maybe even property, but the saying still applied today. IF (a very big IF that is) Liz truly was the only nurse who could have been assigned to deliver those flowers to Sam’s room, she should have tiptoed in, placed them next to her bed, whispered her condolences, and tiptoed right out. But no. She not only had to try and tell Sam what losing a child is like, (even though Sam knows all too well for herself) she had to let her know that she saw Jason and that he was destroyed. How about that Liz, huh? Not only did she please Jason’s case to Sam, but she actually wanted Sam to know that he was sincere, and that he was a mess, and that he wanted to mourn with her. I had to fight the urge to use alliteration to describe Liz – using the letter F. The comment that pissed me off the most was when Liz said, “I believe him.” She said that as if she always believes the best about Jason, that she is able to see the good in him when no one else can. Well, Liz, where the $%@#  was all that belief and understanding in Jason when he was destroyed over losing his son – the son you still refused to see as his, even as he lay kept alive only by a ventilator and you never even thought to call him? Didn’t you think Jason would have wanted to mourn with you and Lucky? And where was all of that belief in Jason’s good intentions and noble character when you slapped the crap out of him, and then accused him of abandoning Jake and you, as if that was the reason Jake died? Unlike in Sam’s situation, Jason had nothing to do with the circumstances surrounding Jake’s death, and Liz not only shut him out, she shut him down.How dare she stand there, trying to make Sam feel guilty because Jason is “a mess right now”. Hey, Liz! ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM when it comes to Jason, when you don’t even know what is going on! You know who’s also a mess right now? Sam. The person whom all this has happened to physically, and not just emotionally! How dare this clueless bitch even comment on this very personal situation between husband and wife? Talk about waiting for hand-me-downs! I was so incredibly proud of Sam for seeing right through Liz and her concern. I could not have said it better myself than when Sam said, “Well then go! Go Elizabeth! Dry his tears, put your arms around him, and make sure that everything is going to be okay.” And when Liz ever-so-weakly murmured, “That’s not going to help,” Sam said, “No, I’m serious. It’s over. He’s all yours.”

I DARE the haters to comment on how weak and needy Sam is when it comes to Jason. She looked Liz in the eye, and didn’t for a moment see her as a threat, even though Sam could see where this will lead for Liz. Sam knows that Liz is not the issue. Sam was thinking like a JaSammer should be thinking.

Sam may be exhausted and grieving and not thinking clearly, but she finally understands her worth. She deserved better from the man she loves, and she needed more from the man who promised that she’s have him, every day for the rest of his life. I am not giving up that she will get that man back, and deep down Sam doesn’t want to give up either. That is why she is so afraid, and so hurt.

*wipes tears* 

I will say it again. I am a full-fledged, unwavering JaSam Fan, who refuses to jump ship, switch teams, or wave the flag of defeat. I fight for JaSam every day, and will continue to do so, even through THE DOOM AND GLOOM. But, like Sam, I think we deserve the Jason she fell in love with. We deserve for Jason to fully understand that Sam deserves to be loved at least as well as she has loved Jason, and that kind of love requires action, not mere words. Jason has got to do the one thing he has never done before for a woman he loved: FIGHT. I think Jason has gotten a bit too comfortable in the easiness of loving Sam, while for her, it has been anything but easy with all of the responsibilities and priorities he has. Jason is going to have to show Sam just how badly he wants her and their marriage.

It’s the only way for The Dragon to be reunited with His Phoenix. 

And we already know they are indestructible…so hang in there.

Thinking like a JaSammer, no matter what I see onscreen,