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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…While Thinking About Goodbyes

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

I will be honest with you, as positive as I fight with myself to be, I cannot help but think about the goodbyes that await Jason and Sam…and all of us. It makes me teary and it always forces a lump into my throat whenever I think of it. *sniff*

However, as the JaSam trooper that my kids remind me I am, I have decided to persevere and try to focus on the fact that Jason and Samantha Morgan are so magical, that not even the daunting thoughts of goodbyes could make me look away. I will take very second of JaSam we have left onscreen…and on here.

I am almost sure you all will too!

Let’s start right now…

“Dance So Good” Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“You Shoulda Known Better” Credit: jmsg411

“I Was Enchanted To Meet You” Credit: kd23oth

“As Long As You Love Me” Credit: ATWTlover4ever1

“You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” Credit: Sly0789

“Goodbye For Now” Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“Goodbye My Lover” Credit:jenn4jasam

These two vids kinda go together…

“You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Lady” Credit: aproditebeauty

This vid should get our adrenaline pumping for the week ahead: “JaSam FTW” Credit: Leylann


That was beautiful. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday than with all of you, honoring our favorite soap couple of all time!

I hope to do just that for a long time to come…


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane Full Of Kisses

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

Now, before you get a little mad at me for being a bit behind schedule, just think that if Jason and Sam were on a weekend away together, no one would want Sam to leave Jason’s side for ANYTHING! And so it was for me. My hubby had the idea that we would spend this anniversary weekend together every minute, and so I did just that. How could I not, especially after 22 years of getting more than I ask for?

However, he is so sweet, that over breakfast he asked me if needed to do my “Sunday thing” on the blog, and I offered to do it after we got home and picked up the kids. He insisted I do “whatever it is” I had to do, and he’d go to the gym. THIS is why after 22 years, I am still in love! 🙂

So, I got an interesting email from a friend of Bella Mafia, who asked that I pass this along:

“The JaSam episode is more important than you think. It’s not just “too little, too late”. You’ve gotta get your readers out of that mindset. NOTHING has been set in stone. And in soaps, you know anything can happen at any time. First, we have to create buzz surrounding that day, because buzz has been in short supply for GH for a while now. Get your readers to call in and email and even tweet all of the kinds of comments I am reading in your comments section right now. Have them telling the AIC (I love that, by the way) all those things they feel! The point is to get JaSam on their minds, too! I think the reaction to the JaSam day might have far-reaching effects, if we stay invested! I hate to say it, but the “other side” is already planning to flood the AIC with tons of buzz on “their” day, even though that hasn’t even been spoiled yet. Steve isn’t gone yet, and even when he is, there’s nothing saying he can’t come back – at any time, except for VIEWERS! Believe it or not – we still have the power. But only if we use it! Now is not the time for people to throw in the towel – now is the time to RAISE SOME HELL! SNAP OUT OF IT, PEOPLE! This would not be the first time TPTB have had to beg and sweeten a deal to keep a fan fave from walking away for good!”

So, there you have it, and from someone I trust implicitly on these types of things. Jason and Sam deserve a fight on their behalf, no? And so do Steve and Kelly…we can’t just take our toys and go home now!

COME ON, Let’s do this!

We were told by an older woman at the hotel that the secret to an enduring marriage is KISSING. (I will be married for as long as I live, I guess) She said, “Kissing as often as you can, every day, will always make troubles melt away and anger will never stand a chance. And really, ‘Who could stay mad when you’re kissing?'” (she’s obviously a genius)

I’ve decided to apply that theory here. I hope our anger towards the AIC doesn’t stand a chance when we are reminded of JaSam KISSING!

“And Then He Kissed Me” Credit: odirtyrice7

“This Kiss” Credit:  JaSamAreSoulmates

“Could I Have This Kiss Forever?” Credit: jasam4ever08

“Kiss You All Over” Credit: JasonWantsME

“JaSam Kisses” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Kissing You” t TheVintageGH

“Kissing You” Credit: heartgeeks

“Kissing Rain” Credit: julietkim99

(STILL one of my faves) “JaSam Kisses (no music)” Credit: jasamarenumberone

“Kiss The Girl” Credit: packernut13

“Kiss Me Deadly” Credit: JasonWantsME

And…this is EPIC…inspired by the Official JaSam Kiss List!

“The You Kissed Me” Credit: raindance4521

I hope you are feeling the love again…and clearing your schedule for the 6th! 🙂 JaSam Needs Us!

Love and KISSES to you all,



Good morning, GHers. (If I may still call you that)

It’s been very busy around here – my mom’s BIG eye surgery took place yesterday. Thank God everything went very well, and she is recovering comfortably. Thanks to all who kept her in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, my babies went back to school today, so the past week or so has been hectic with shopping and haircuts and all of the stuff that goes with getting ready for the big day. As I type right now, I am still wiping tears – I HATE WHEN THEY GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Summer is my favorite time of year because we get to spend every day together – and it’s so hard when that comes to an end.

*deep sigh*

Anyhoo, I took a peek at yesterday’s GH, but there was nothing to hold me, so back to the telenovela I switched. Thanks to a couple of you, I was informed that the writers had Sam and John on for about 3 minutes, spouting some senseless dribble.

Want to know my reaction to that was?


The Sam I know and love was just as heartbroken at the thought of her marriage ending as Jason was. I won’t accept an “Imitation Sam”, nor will I accept and “Imitation Jason”.

I just won’t. So if they continue to write them acting unrecognizably – just like this version of GH goes, then the most they will continue to get out of me will be “WHATEVER!”

I will always have the GH I loved and supported wholeheartedly in my heart, and on Youtube (thankfully). That’s where I’ll get my GH “fix” for the foreseeable future. Too bad those views won’t boost ratings.

Hopefully, they will boost your spirits…

Your Daily Inspiration (& Perfectly Timed) : Jason and Sam {What Are Words} Credit: juter0208


THIS DAY IN JASAM HISTORY (a.k.a. When GH Was Worth My Time)

August 13



August 14


August 15



August 16



August 17





August 18



2006: Part 1: and Part 2:



August 19






August 20



August 21


August 22


2006: (Stop around 7:00 – JIZ!)

August 23


Now THAT was worth watching!

A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…To Get Our Heads On Straight

Good Sunday Morning, GHers.

I have finally caught up on all of your comments, and saw that a few of you wanted to know what I thought about a few things, so please let me be clear: I don’t think Jason and Sam’s “Goodbye” scenes were written to show finality at all, I thought the writers very deliberately wrote those scenes to show that 1) They still desperately love each other, and 2) That it was extremely difficult for them to walk away from each other. I also think the scenes in the montage showed that they were each remembering the moments that meant the most. Usually in breakups, the terrible times are remembered to show why the split is necessary, but not with Jason and Sam.

Also, someone asked why I thought they are still being shown to be looking at one another that way, and thinking about one another. I think that’s very simple: Their love is still there, and it’s still strong. I think it’s a good thing! I personally loved that Jason was making sure to check up on Sam, and to let her know that he was there – just in case she needed him.

I decided to take us on Drive where we could absorb what’s happened this past week, and separate fact from hype. You know – to get our heads on straight. 🙂 I know that things are probably gonna get a lot worse before they can get better, but let’s not jump the gun. Let’s also not forget to enjoy what we are being given – which is our couple still clearly in love, just because we are already reacting to something that is “supposed” to happen down the line. One day at a time, folks. 🙂

Taken right from the pages of this tough chapter we find ourselves in the middle of, Heather created another gem for all of us to hold on to. *tissue alert* “I Can’t Fight The Words To Say Goodbye” Credit: aproditebeauty

I loved the expanded montage in this vid. Beautiful. “Goodbye To You” Credit: ashley1282008

I think it’s safe to say we can all agree with this vidder…(And she made an incredible vid here) “No, I Can’t Believe It’s Over” Credit: tenpointoh1

The Beauty of JaSam is that they ave so many meaningful moments – whether happy or sad, they are undeniably meaningful. This vid captures just that. “Never Let Me Go” Credit: jmsg411

This vidder not only vids, but provides the vocals as well. 🙂 “Break It To Me Gently” Credit: poetfederico

Oh…it’s as if this song was written just for Jason and Sam and the way they continue to love one another. “Somewhere, Somehow” Credit: aproditebauty

I really enjoyed this vid, and also think we all shouted this at our TVs on Monday. “Don’t Go!” Credit: cocoagirlie4

This next one is a tearjerker, yet beautiful, all at once. “Alibi” Credit: BrathanBrucasLover

Awww. just what I needed to get me in the right frame of mind to keep keepin’ on for our favorite couple! Loved how many different moments this vidder chose! I think you will, too! “Just You & Me” GMvs Credit: jmsg411

Most. Heartbreaking. Breakup. Ever. And this awesome vid reminds us of why their breakup so heartbreaking. We also know we’ll “Never Love (a soap couple) This Way Again!” *tears* Credit: aproditebeauty

Hang on, beautiful friends. We are gonna get through this. Together.

Much love,



Good morning, Loved Ones.

Oh, if only you knew just how much you were loved!

I could barely get through watching Tuesday’s GH, much less wanting to talk about it! *yawn* But for you guys, anything. 🙂

Is it me, or are the same things being said over and over, day after day, by the same people? If I hear Heather say one more time that she is “going to call Samantha”, I may just need a stay at Ferncliff myself! That phrase is her new “Let’s grab a BLT!” and it’s driving me just as crazy! HEATHER! JUST CALL SAMANTHA ALREADY AND TELL HER, DAMMIT! Put us all out of our misery!

I have to say that I miss Bob Guza so much, that today, I caught myself doodling his name on my HOUSEHOLD BUDGET notebook. And yes, there were hearts all around his name, too! WHY? Because I just miss someone at the helm that knows and loves my GH as much as I do! I also miss stories actually having some kind of rhythm, where they would move along, and you could tune back in after a few days of being away and feel like you missed something. I tell you that I didn’t watch the whole week we were on vacation, and when I got back, it was as if not a day had gone by. I mean, it’s really now wonder – how often do we even see characters other than Todd and Heather? Where the hell is Anna? And did Monica start attending every convention in America again? Did she forget that she gave Jason sage advice about the baby Sam was carrying? Does she even know the baby was born? That it “died”?

I mean, really! This is just ridiculous! Meanwhile, we are getting more people on set to suck up precious time that could be going towards reestablishing the Quartermaines, or any other part of this show’s history! Just yesterday I reminded all of you that the purpose of Bella Mafia was to find The Beauty Of GH daily. Well, today, I had a moment of sheer panic while watching the show, and realized, “Oh, CRAP! I may have just set myself up for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!” How can I continue to deliver on that promise I made when the writing continues to be like what it was today?

Thankfully, Alexis and Sam had a few nice moments of bonding and mutual love before Alexis collapsed, and I was able to downgrade the panic level to MISSION (ALMOST) IMPOSSIBLE. I was also able to deem those scenes The Beauty of GH for today.

But it shouldn’t be this hard all the time.

  • Why am I trying so desperately to understand what the hell is going on between Jerry and Ewan? Someone spill the connection already, and for the love of all that is holy to GH’s survival, someone please just explain the vials and the danger they pose! Otherwise, Jerry should be stood in front of a firing squad for what he’s done to his niece, who is still on anti-rejection meds for the kidney transplant she received! Does anyone in that writing room have a morsel of decency? Do they not realize that just about everyone watching has been affected by the process of organ donation, and that watching Jerry act as though it’s nothing of consequence for Joss is disturbing?
  • And while I am happy for the Lante fans, especially my favorite Lante fan in the world – a cutie pie from Boston, I find it so inexcusably insensitive to the many JaSam fans to have the show rub Lante rubbing up on their baby together on the same days that Jason and Sam, who’ve waited eight years to share a baby, are talking divorce and the (supposed) death of their own baby. It truly feels surreal that the writers would think it prudent to remind us all of what a massive mess they made on our show when they arrived! Why would you want to keep reminding us of how they could have had it play out for their Number One Couple on the news that they were expecting? I find that with every scene of Lante and their baby bonding, I rue the day Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini became household names for GHers. Ugh.
  • Did Patrick get released? Has he seen Emma? And now that Joss is this big girl who is capable of sleepwalking into her yard in the middle of the night, will Emma be a tween needing to have a talk about the same drugs Patrick was abusing? I feel as though I never know what to expect when I turn GH on anymore, and while that’s great for a soap once in a while, it kinda takes the fun out if when it becomes the norm. There is certainly a comfort in knowing what to expect from our beloved daytime characters, at least some of the time.


If so, I am hoping that you will use your voice to keep communicating to TPTB about your feelings regarding our GH. Let them know what’s working for you, and *cough, cough* what most definitely is NOT.

I shall continue to provide you all with what I find to be The Beauty of GH as often as I can, but truly, the only consistent beauty I know of right now is all of you – trying to hang in there for our beloved soap.

I know, I know. It’s most definitely MISSION (ALMOST) IMPOSSIBLE. 

Together, we shall persevere. (Right?)

If you see Bob Guza, or Charles Pratt, tell them I’m looking for them (desperately!)


Your Daily Inspiration: “Come Back To Me” Credit: jasamarenumberone

And The Wait Begins…

Good morning, Heartbroken.

I will warn you all that I can barely see the screen as I type because my eyes are so puffy and swollen from crying. 😦

The scenes of the breakup took such a sharp turn towards sadness and heartache, that I was honestly caught off guard at how much they affected me. I was not just crying, or even weeping. I was sobbing (as my son, Matt, told everyone who came home after GH). At one point, I finally got myself under control, and then out of nowhere, I was in tears again. Finally, I just jumped in the shower so that I could finally cry my eyes out without making my kids worry.

I must be honest and say that I hated the fact that they even mentioned the word divorce, and that we are supposed to believe that both Jason and Sam seem to feel that they are “doing the right thing”, mostly because the Jason and Sam that we know and love, and became Mr. & Mrs. Morgan found out long ago exactly what life was like without the other. They would never think walking away from each other was the right idea. NEVER.

That being said, I must say that I hope you can all see through the tears and the pain and the stupidity, and focus on the fact that no matter what was said…this was not so much an ending as it was a beginning.

Yes, that’s right. I said beginning. I watched the end of those heart wrenching scenes and thought, “And The Wait Begins”…

Let me preface what I am about to write with this: I HATE THIS STORYLINE. I HATE THAT JASON AND SAM HAD TO BE TORN APART, KEPT APART, AND PUSHED APART SOME MORE ALL SO THAT THERE WOULD BE ROOM FOR JOHN MCBAIN. THAT HAS NOT CHANGED. all know that this blog is, and has always been, about finding The Beauty Of GH, even when that job is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack, as it was today. But find it I did, as I am sure most of you positive-minded people did as well.

The Beauty Of GH for me amidst all of that heartache was…well…just that: All That Heartache. Never before have I seen a breakup be so conflicted and confusing that I myself was trying to follow along. (Of course, having all new writers who are as good as strangers trying to write the breakup of GH’s most enduring couple of recent years might have had something to do with that, but I am trying to focus on the positive)

I am choosing to believe that Jason and Sam are at a complete loss for how to handle this impossible situation. One minute they’re talking about trying and counseling and the next, they are convinced that divorce is the only option. How could it possibly make sense in what they were saying, when we all know it doesn’t make sense in what they are doing?

The only thing that made sense to me about those scenes and their dialogue is that in everything, each was thinking about the other first, even at the high cost to their own heart. That’s the kind of love that made Jason and Sam the Supercouple they are. That’s the kind of love that made them the first TV couple I invested in with my heart. Yet, sadly, that’s the kind of love that sometimes blinds you to the point of not seeing your mistake.

If Jason and Sam had dared to fight for what each one wanted, their conversation would have ended very differently. Instead,we heard a lot of  “What do you need?”, “I couldn’t do that to you”, “I thought this is what you wanted”, and “I would rather let you go than to see you hurting”.

If either of them had dared to show just a little selfishness, we might have heard,“I know it’s gonna hurt, but I need us to get through this together.”

It was so devastatingly sad to hear Sam tell Jason that he was more than her husband; he was her best friend, and for Jason to say it was the same for him. Wasn’t that one of the magical ingredients to their perfect formula? *wipes tears* I know that some were upset that Jason said that maybe they can’t be friends; especially when he remained friends with all of his exes. I just wish those who were upset by that would realize that when you love that big and that deeply, you can’t pretend to be okay with anything less. I thought that comment spoke to the immensity of their love for each other, and to how incomparable their love and relationship is to any other.

Most important to my theory that this is the beginning of a wait, instead of what some desperately-seeking-delusions are calling “closure”, was that when Jason said that they couldn’t go back and they couldn’t move forward, Sam said, “Not while we are feeling like this.” 

They are “feeling like this” because of pain and regret and guilt and even anger over what they both believe was the death of Sam’s baby. Since Sam’s baby boy is about as dead as the depth of their love for each other, I think we have to see that knowing the truth about the baby being alive will release all of those feelings that held them back from believing in their love again.

Most of all, this breakup was nearly impossible for them to accomplish. When they told each other good-bye, but then held on once more and went into each other’s arms before sharing that breathtaking kiss, I felt my heart contract. I could literally feel the love they have for each other, and the sheer agony of what it took to walk away. Jason and Sam left not a single doubt in my mind that they can and will overcome everything once the truth is known. Steve and Kelly convinced me that they have poured their very hearts and souls into this pairing and this story – and they did that for all of us. Even the writers managed to leave me feeling rather certain that once again, they were throwing us a life line in putting together that incredibly amazing montage showing just how good they are together. They could have chosen to show the bad times instead of the good, or the mistakes they made instead of just how right they got it so often. They didn’t. They showed what we already knew – their love has always outweighed anything else.

That perfectly sweet, perfectly JaSam collection of fabulous memories kept me from drowning in a sea of despair on one of the darkest days in JaSam History. It kept me from jumping off the deep end into hopelessness. It kept me from forgetting that JaSam are, not were, One Of A Kind, and they deserve to know we aren’t giving up.

And The Wait Begins…for the next JaSam Reunion, and for their next chapter in this Unforgettable Love Story. 

Let’s wait it out together.

As my wise, dear friend Steph said to me after GH yesterday, “JaSam can only go up from here.”

And I believe her.


Your Daily Inspiration: JaSam Montage 8/13/12 Credit: klaineslexitvfan23

A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Towards A Dead End

Good Sunday Morning, GHers.

We are back from a very relaxing and wonderful family vacation, so thanks to all those who sent good wishes and prayers! Truly, we had a fantastic time, and I am enamored of Lake George’s beauty and atmosphere! Our country has so many awesome places to visit and enjoy; the blessing was not lost on me.

Unfortunately, I got back just in time to tune in to GH on Friday, and just in time to cry my eyes out! How sad were the words exchanged between Jason and Sam?!? It just felt so wrong! My husband (who would never admit that he is a GHer himself, but incredibly knows everything that’s going on) watched with us since he was home on Friday, and said to me during the commercial break that after everything Jason and Sam had been through, it just wasn’t believable to him that Jason not accepting Sam’s baby, even if he was a product of rape, would be something they would break up over. He, like many of us, thought it was ridiculous that Sam’s baby with Sonny brought them together, and that these writers would use another baby to tear them apart.

All I could do was nod and ask him to pass me a tissue. 😦

I will never understand the logic behind what RC is having written, nor will I ever accept that this was the natural course for Jason and Sam. EVER. 

However, I will continue to be a faithful JaSam Fan, regardless of their status as a couple onscreen, and nothing they can write will ever get me to abandon that JaSam Ship. I may refuse to watch any further character assassinations, but I will never be convinced that they are not still the love of each other’s lives, and that is what will keep me close enough to be there for the reunion. And there will be a reunion. There just cannot NOT be a reunion.

Until then, Youtube will continue to serve as my therapy sessions, and the Bella Mafia Family will continue to be support group.

And Ron Carlivati will continue to be the bane of my existence. 🙂

This week, I decided to go with what our favorite vidders were “feeling”, and chose their most recent creations. I thought there was quite a range. Each vid was beautifully and expertly done, and I hope it serves to bolster your confidence in JaSam’s love, and strengthen your resolve to hold on to our JaSam Dreams, especially those left unfulfilled.


“Stay” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Cry” Credit: jmsg411

“The Past” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Where Did We Go Wrong?” Credit: Wickedkiss00

“The Good In Goodbye” Credit: juter0208

“Evergreen” Credit: aproditebeauty

I promise to catch up on the JaSam history part this week – I am just still feeling the effects of vacation, and can barely keep my eyes open.

Thanks for understanding!

You guys are the best!

Have a terrific Sunday, no matter what you’re up to!