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Good Morning, GHers!

I am almost sure that just like me, you have heard that SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when they are most inconvenient.

Take Johnny. If anyone’s got a load of secrets, it’s The Mob Prince himself. The worst thing that could possibly happen to a guy with secrets, and a habit of seeing and talking to dead people (he happens to be responsible for killing), is a hidden camera trained on his every word and deed. I mean NOTHING good can come from this! Yup, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when the camera is constantly rolling.

Heather Webber may have scored herself some huge points with her boss with the Johnny Cam, but she also scored some major attention from the  police  based on the fact that she’s known by Anna to be a LOON, first and foremost, and totally obsessed with Luke to boot. Put those two things together and you’ve got the perfect motive for removing Anthony’s dead body from the Quartermaine patio and “planting” it elsewhere. SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when you’re so crazy you’ve earned your own ringtone, and especially when your secrets are hanging out of your purse!

Speaking of crazies and ringtones, Todd Manning isn’t too far behind Heather, but where as Heather may be criminally insane, Todd is insanely criminal! How dare Todd say that he wants to help Sam in every possible way, and still refuse to tell her that her baby is alive?!? I just don’t get it, and I just don’t think I will EVER be able to forgive him! Todd, more than anyone, should know that SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT, especially when you have to face the terrible damage you’ve done to someone daily as she brings you your coffee.

Oh, Lord. Stupidity grates on my nerves. Always has. Unfortunately, there is no better word to describe this storyline surrounding our Jason and Sam. One year ago this week, TODAY, IN FACT, Jason was fighting to convince Sam to become his wife. Anyone else remember Jason nearly pleading with Sam to marry him, because it was “no longer enough to say the words anymore? He wanted to PROVE IT TO HER!” *crying through the flashbacks* Still, Jason had to do two things before he could convince her: 1) Make Sam believe that taking that step would not mean that she would lose what they had, and 2) Assure Sam that she would have him, every day, for the rest of his life. Do the writers expect us to believe that Jason made those promises so lightly that he’s forgotten them? Or that Jason doesn’t know how to fight for the woman he loves? Perhaps RC doesn’t know that Jason, but it’s his job to know, because WE know, and hopefully have been diligent in telling RC! Still, he is determined to shove this unrecognizable Jason down our throats. The one who bemoans the loss of his wife when she’s not there, and then lets her walk away when she is standing right in front of him?!? The one who says ridiculous things like, “I’ve been honest, can you say the same to me?” Oh Jason Morgan, give me a freakin’ break! You told Michael about Sam kissing McBain, but failed to mention that you ran and kissed Liz! How was that honest? And you didn’t tell Sam, she just happened to get an earful! Yeah, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when your wife overhears Lizzie’s brother trying to keep his sister from dropping her panties for yet another emotionally unavailable man! NOT because you told Sam your secret yourself, so please!

I AM A JASAM FAN. TRULY & TOTALLY. I love BOTH characters!

But RC isn’t writing Sam in character either! From the beginning of this McBain, a.k.a. “shove OLTL’s hero down our throats” storyline, Sam has been acting like someone else! Sam would never be confiding in a cop about anything! She would not be turning to another man about her rape, or her husband’s reaction to it, nor would she be “needing” him there when she read the new paternity results! Come on! I guess, like with Jason, he expects us to forget that even before Dante was known as a cop, Sam shut him down when he started digging with a “Cute, but no that cute.” Sam is fiercely loyal. so this crap hs never washed. But having Sam make out with McBain was all kinds of wrong. I will shout that from the mountaintops. What I will not do, however, is lay blame at her feet that does not belong there. I really took issue with a few people’s POV on Twitter yesterday. For those who were calling Sam a hypocrite, I am going to need some clarification. Uuum…it was Jason who told Sam he wasn’t going to give up on her or their marriage when Sam said what they had was broken, not Sam. So, though kissing John was wrong, wrong, wrong, the hypocrite is Jason for saying e would fight and not give up, and then turning around to do just that – and then kissing Liz!  For those who thought Sam had no business being upset about hearing that Jason had kissed Liz, get the hell outta here! For all of Jason’s whining that he “doesn’t know whether or not Sam still loves him“, Sam told him that she not only does, but that she always would! How could he, pr anyone, expect her to react to the news as though she is made of steel and shouldn’t feel anything? Her guilt doesn’t lessen the pain! And finally, for those who took issue with Sam’s not coming clean to Jason about her kiss with McBain at Jason’s mention of his name, I wonder just how many of them would have confessed to their husbands in the presence of Saint Liz, the patron saint of One Night Stands! I know I wouldn’t have! Why would Sam? So that St. Liz could look down from the pedestal she dug out of the garage and dusted off for this very occasion, and prescribe Sam’s penance, which would be to have to endure knowing that Jason was offered relief sex? I wouldn’t admit to my weight in Liz’s presence! Yet, SECRETS HAVE A WAY OF GETTING OUT when the devil himself – or in this case, herself, is there to pick them up and use them against you!

I will never understand how Jason could honestly stand there, after seeing Sam’s reaction, after hearing the hurt in her voice at him not wearing his ring anymore, and watch her walk away, and think, “It’s better this way.”

W. T. F!!! I am convinced that Jason’s balls were crushed to smithereens by the protocol medicine Robin made for him, because nothing else could explain this showing of female parts (or, *clears throat*, the one female part.)

Jason has got to get the hell away from Liz and her pseudo-benevolence and fake support that nearly choked her, and he needs to get in Sam’s face and fight like the mobster he is! He better break into her room at Alexis’ and make her listen. Or track her ass down, tie her to the back of his bike, and drive her to their cabin and not let her go, until he has shown her all the ways that he loves and misses her!

First, he better put his wedding ring back on and remember the vows they said to each other as they exchanged those rings. You don’t get to enjoy more than fifty years of marriage by approaching it like a wuss! Then maybe Jason (and RC) should sit and watch This Day in JaSam History, like the rest of us. We, and more importantly, Sam, need THAT Jason back!

Holding on tightly (to Jason’s neck!),


Today’s Inspiration: “JaSam: Love’s Holiday” Credit: lalachik

This Day In JaSam History:

July 12

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2005: Credit: NickyM96

2010: Credit: AddictiveSoapCouples

2012: Credit: luckiBelle

There Is Always A Price To Pay

Good morning, GHers.

For give me for posting later than usual. Sleep won out, and as you guys know, that’s such a rare occurrence, I wouldn’t dream of fighting it! 🙂

I think that we can all agree that in Life, everything has a cost, and There Is Always A Price To Pay.

For Maxie and Patrick, their choices while Robin was in their world still weigh heavily on them. Every wrong choice and every careless word or action seems to have a cost attached that both feel they still have to pay for. Guilt is a terrible thing, isn’t it? In trying to deal with their guilt and their loss, both Maxie and Patrick have made some really bad choices – Maxie by going to prison, and Patrick – apparently by turning to drugs for help. I hate to say this, but I am just so happy to see Patrick and Emma back on screen, that I am excited to see this play out, even though as a father and a doctor, we know There Is Always A Price To Pay.  We will just have to hope that whatever the price is, it won’t come at Emma’s expense. Emma is finally getting some girly influence in her life once more that doesn’t need to come from Liz, and I think that Emma will be just as good for Maxie as Maxie is for her.

Todd Manning has a lot more patience than I do – who would’ve thunk it? I am so tired of Heather using that “What she knows” threat to get everything she wants! When will Todd figure out Heather is a psychotic bitch, and that while with blackmail There Is Always A Price To Pay, he has already paid way too much! He has to know that this is going to cost him way more than he anticipated, and in the end, it will still probably cost him everything and everyone that’s important to him! Spin said that Todd relocated to Port Charles because he had become a pariah in Llanview. I hope Todd is already looking for his next place to call home…that is, if he makes it out alive.

Sonny has me feeling completely out of sorts! He has been so supportive and understanding of Kate and Connie, and everything that happened with Joe, Jr. that I am really impressed. Sonny has had to deal with the knowledge that his life choices, even back in Bensonhurst, spilled irrevocable consequences into then Connie’s life that changed her quite literally into someone not even she recognized. This reminds Sonny that even when we aren’t aware of it, There Is Always A Price To Pay for the life we choose to live, and the people we choose to live it with. Sonny has taken responsibility for his hand in what happened to Connie/Kate, and has been unmovable. If the writers were aiming to redeem Sonny for some of the horrible things he’s done in the recent past, I give them a gold star for their efforts! Sonny has been a rock for Kate, and he is trying to be a good friend to Jason as well. I keep wondering if Jason will get a clue from Sonny about how to show love and support for the woman you love while she is dealing with a crisis, considering all of the parallels between their situations, but no such luck.

I was hoping that Patrick would tell Jason that his tests indicated some kind of “anomaly” that might explain why he has become this bumbling, whining idiot, who keeps spilling his suddenly yellow guts in the direction of the chick who specializes in bed pans. Jason is feeding a beast that lurks right beneath the surface with Liz. A beast that seems to feed on his vulnerability and pain, and gets stronger and bolder as he seems to get weaker and more hurt. A beast even her big brother recognizes. If you watched Liz in action, she is already rearranging her interests and life in order to be more available to Jason, should he need to discuss his “unimaginable pain” with her, hopefully after he’s knocked back a few shots of some numbing medicine, otherwise known as hard liquor. *someone grab me one of her bed pans as I feel the need to hurl* Liz has suddenly forgotten what Ewan looks like without a shirt, and has satisfied her want of his attentions simply because Ewan is now showing interest, and more importantly, because Jason is not. She always wants what she cannot have. I am thrilled that even for Liz, There Is Always A Price To Pay. She can play innocent, understanding, ministering angel all she wants. Not even Saint Liz can avoid paying the price. I just hope it’s a hefty one.

If Jason is not careful, he is going to continue to pay the price for making emotional decisions, as he told Sonny. I am not sure how he hasn’t figured out yet that the only time on his life that emotional decisions have paid off is when they involved him and Sam, and no one else. What if Jason stopped feeling sorry for himself, and stopped sharing his hurt feelings with the one woman who always has the power to multiply his mistakes, and instead focused on letting Sam know that he is never going to stop fighting for their love? What if he called her just to hear her voice, or sent her flowers just to let her know that she is on his mind? Jason is wasting time and energy that he could be using to fight for Sam. My grandpa used to say that There Is Always A Price To Pay for wasting time. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Jason doesn’t pay the ultimate price-which would be to lose the love of his life.

Sam and Spin, or McCall & Jackal (I hate that they never changed the name on the door!) are my bright spot on an otherwise dreary PC landscape! I love their scenes when they are working hard to solve a case, especially when this one could lead to bringing Baby JJ home! I get that Sam is totally throwing herself into her work, because the alternative would be to throw herself headfirst into despair over losing her son. I so get that. We can all appreciate how much Sam has grown and learned over the years in that this time, her indescribable loss didn’t push Sam towards self-destruction or wanting to destroy others. Sam has learned that There Is Always A Price To Pay when you lose sight of the consequences to your actions, and therefore, is using all of her energy at work. I am proud of her! Sam’s instincts are on high, because without realizing it, she is working off the “scent” her baby left behind. Imagine the payoff when Sam realizes her instincts were right on! Imagine the gratitude Jason will feel when he realizes how hard Sam fought for their baby. From. Day. One.  

Imagining those two moments are what keeps me going through this dark, dreary summer in Port Charles.

I hope they keep you going, too!

Daily Inspiration: “Unbelievable” Credit: xanda0627

Have a wonderful day!



TGIF, GHers!

I had to take the day off from blogging yesterday because my hubby took the day off to spend time with us, and since our beloved JaSam were not on, I didn’t think you guys would miss me.

It reached a scorching 98 here yesterday! I am hoping that wherever you are, you are staying cool and comfortable.

You know, the topic of what friends are for was on my mind yesterday afternoon. (Wonder why…) It seems some people use the term without really knowing the answer. So, when I went back to watch the show on YT, I wondered throughout…“Is That What Friends Are For?”

Johnny continues to spiral down to new depths of low, and it really saddens me. Johnny’s appeal for me was always the fact that he refused to be like the rest of the power hungry insane on his family tree. That was then. Now Johnny proves almost daily that the bad, rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree, after all. Johnny has convinced cynical Carly that he has been honest with her since she gave him a second chance. He has her believing that he can be  all she needs and wants him to be. He has even managed to make her believe that her daughter is safe in getting to know him and possibly forming an attachment to him. I wonder what Jax would say or do if he knew that his precious Joss is forming connections with yet another mobster. *sigh* Surely, in order for the relationship to truly blossom between Carly and Johnny, there has to be a foundation of trust. In fact, the same things that one would look for in a friendship would have to be part of this thing between them. I just have to ask myself, when Carly finds out the gruesome and appalling truth about Johnny, will she question every decision she made while sleeping with him? I would think so. Johnny has kept secrets and lied to Carly all along. Is That What Friends (Or Lovers) Are For? Considering it’s Carly, the answer may surprise us.

I have a confession to make. I have to swallow my resentment every time I see Dr. Ewan working with Kate, and especially with Sonny. Why? Because I get that FV and RC believe in torturing couples, but guess what? Sonny and Kate look tortured to me! However, they are being tortured together, and they are handling this torture as a couple – a united front – a team. The amazing thing to me is that if anyone had told me that both Sonny and Jason would be facing the same nightmare (coincidence in story lines, or just lazy writing? Hmmm…) in that the women that each of them loved was raped, and impregnated by their rapist, I would have instantly felt sorry for Kate. I would totally have expected Sonny to be the one to take it badly, to break down, to not be able to see himself able to get past it. To abandon Kate emotionally while he was consumed by his own emotions. I would have thought that Sonny would have been the one to allow Kate to walk out and away from their life together rather than being a willing participant in getting her help and trying everything to save their relationship – especially in the form of a shrink. Boy, was I wrong. (Well, technically, the writers are wrong, but anyway…) Sonny has been completely incredible throughout this ordeal for Kate. For as much hemming and hawing as he did in the beginning when he had trouble believing she was sick, Sonny slipped into the role of supporter and friend the way I assumed Jason would have. *shakes head* The way Sonny has held Kate’s hand, whispered encouragement and acceptance, and shown his love for her has been more than commendable. It has been downright beautiful. Is That What Friends (Or Lovers) Are For? Hell yes!

Luke Spencer has always had friends in high places, and he has always had friends in low places. What he probably was not coating on was that he had a friend in a crazy place. Heather wanted her man to know that she “took care of everything”. While Luke had to work out the particulars with Heather, he finally understood that Heather got rid of the body, thinking that she was helping keep Luke out of prison and available to her. Oh! Is That What Friends  Are For? Luke really needs to work a little harder on making Heather feel appreciated, because she didn’t seem  convinced. I think she wanted to beat him over the head with the fact that she did it all for him! Didn’t he get that? *rme* While I will concede that Robin Mattson plays crazy with the perfect balance of over the top and cool as a cucumber, I really wish that someone would finally out an end to this woman’s reign of terror.

Enter McCall & Jackal. First of all, how wonderful was it to see Spin and Sam working together again? It did my heart good to see Sam finally have some support from someone who loves both her and Jason! Spin loves Sam, but he also holds Jason in the highest regard. He wants what is best for the both of them, and I believe that he will work tirelessly to remind them both of how much they had to overcome to find one another, and Love, again. I have to believe that Spin won’t let them lost all they found. Not again. Is That What Friends Are For? YES! YES! YES! Thank goodness Sam is finally being afforded a friend during this terrible time in her life! It also did my heart good to hear that the subject of Heather was first and foremost on their radar. I am hoping against all hope that this latest case they are taking on together will lead to finding out the truth about our Baby JJ!

Based on the conversations on Twitter since Tuesday night, I thought I would tune in Thursday and watch a show that would have me going to the cabinet for anti-anxiety meds. Yet, I have to tell you that there wasn’t even enough in those scenes to change my heart rate. *yawn* What I did see was yet another pointless scene that didn’t really make sense when you know the recent trajectory of the characters involved. In a million years, neither Ron Carlivati nor Frank Valentini would be able to explain to me why Jason would go knock on Liz’s door to talk about his love for Sam, and his fear over the possibility of losing her, other than to make most of giggle at the irony of it all. Why wouldn’t he go to Carly, or Michael, or Monica? *shrugs*

As out of place as those scenes were, they did reinforce what we already know:

  1. Liz feels compelled to make every conversation she has with Jason somehow tie into Jake. It’s her go-to conversation each and every time. It’s as if she must try to remind Jason that they “had a connection” at every turn, and it always, ALWAYS sounds manipulative to me. Liz cannot have it both ways. She is either there for Jason as a friend, or she tries to hold onto what they had – which let’s face it: what they had was Jake. Jason was there in agony over his wife, hurting enough already. Why keep dragging out the “Jake card” to add to his guilt and pain? Is That What Friends Are For? Not in my book!
  2. Jason still desperately loves his wife, as he told Liz in plain english.In fact, Jason is single-mindedly All. About. Sam. So much so that even when Liz tried to absolve Jason of all wrongdoing and guilt by trying to blame Sam for what happened to the baby (I could have smacked some color into her pale face when she made the comment about the planter!), Jason reiterated that Sam wasn’t to blame; he was. (I am keeping track of the points he is earning with me) He is devastated about the choices that led to them being apart, and he wants their life back – the life they had when they started that journey together as husband and wife. I actually felt something close to love again when Jason was reminiscing to Liz about his wedding day! He remembered the smile on Sam’s face – how happy they were…how perfect things were! And he said it all to the woman he never married. I really do believe that Liz heard something else, as it caused her to move in and hang onto him like a freakin’ deer tick! It’s why her comment to Jason about that being what friends are for really irked me. She is on a different wavelength as Jason. She is listening for ways to blame Sam instead of genuinely listening for ways to help out a friend. And if anyone missed her transparent, “You know you can come to me for anything, get your Ho Radar fixed! What I heard was something dangerously close to the invitation Dolly Parton issued in “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.” Liz is hoping and praying that Jason’s anguish and heartbreak will lead to another drunken night of vulnerability. Now, I ask, “Is THAT What Friends Are For?” I guess it depends on the establishment (see above reference).

Friends, I hope we can keep our eyes on the prize here. We have got to help our fellow JaSammers to stop melting down over the possibility of Jiz scenes. Really, the only people who should have been upset by Jason going to see Liz after trying to support Sam at the baby’s funeral, are the fans who are obviously not over Jason not going to Jake’s service. It seems that we were right in that the deepest connection two people can share is LOVE. Babies should be a product of that LOVE, not the other way around. This is where Liz, and the fans of that pairing get it twisted. This is why we have got to make sure we aren’t wasting any time or energy causing “buzz” over nothing.

Especially when all that time and energy can be used more wisely, as in supporting our couple! Let’s keep reminding each other of that! “Is THAT What Friends Are For?” 

Oh, yes!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

A little inspiration to take with: “When A Man Loves A Woman” Credit: jmsg411



Good morning, GHers!

It is pouring rain here in Jersey as I type this, and has been all day. It was a gloomy day here, just as it was in PC – where the sun was shining. Go figure!

May I just say that you guys were on FIRE today! I love it when everyone shares their thoughts on what’s happening onscreen, and I especially love it when everyone is so respectful of what everyone else is feeling! I agree with everyone who said that we are like a big family – I’ve been telling you guys that you are my family for years! Glad everyone is starting to understand exactly what I was talking about! 😉

I am with Tracy! I wish GH would get how all of us feel: Enough With The Doom and Gloom! I only wonder if the writers actually read what they wrote, because the doom and gloom is not only surrounding Luke and Tracy! Enough already!

Luke and Tracy should be enjoying the fact that they are finally rid of the crazy Anthony Z! They should be enjoying each other openly, instead of worrying about how it would “look” for the Zacchara widow to have moved on! Instead, Anthony is still hovering over them like the black cloud he was. Yet, in spite of that,  I caught myself smiling at Tracy’s overzealousness when it came to getting the barbecue sauce off of Luke’s face. If only we could have more moments like those..with light and laughter, for more people on the canvas! Luke and Tracy have been the only people to actually kiss on our favorite soap all week, I believe! And they aren’t even a couple! That’s gotta change and soon! So, yes, Mr. Carlivati, ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

I am still trying to figure out why Starr Manning has decided to remain in Port Charles, a town she was just passing through, when her life was changed so drastically and negatively, forever. I would think (and hope) that Starr would want to leave PC and be back in Llanview, where she can be surrounded and supported by her friends and family, and perhaps not feel so alone. Yet, for whatever reason, she’s still here, and still crying when Michael very literally runs into her on the pier. Starr goes on to tell Michael about finding out that Connie was the one who shot out the tires and caused the accident that killed her family, and Michael was incredibly supportive of her. I guess we will be seeing much more of Michael and Starr, but I would think if sexy summer romance is what they are going to try to sell for these two, then ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

I have never really been a Lante fan, but I will admit that it worries me that now even Lulu is lying to her husband again, even after all those two have learned about honesty. Why must everyone in PC now be a liar? Lulu told her dad that she took a day off to avoid lying to her husband. Do they not live together anymore? Or if they do, do they not speak to each other? And now, adding to the lie is the fact that Lulu just shook on a deal to go into business with her ex-whose still a mobster-lover, without discussing it with her still-kinda-new-cop-husband? Come on! This is going to translate into more trouble for more people, and another marriage on the outs. *sigh* ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

Wow. Kate has the exact opposite reaction to being late for her period as me! I always react as though I got away with something, whereas Kate reacted as though a tragedy had happened on June 12th! Vanessa even asked me, “Was that the date she was shot?” *giggles* Talk about doom and gloom! WIth everything that Kate has been through, because of everything that Connie has done, the date nearly brought Kate to her knees because she is late. Listen, Kate, Sonny just counseled Jason on how to get through the woman he loves being pregnant with his archenemy’s baby growing inside of her. If these new writers have gotten so freakin’ lazy already that they are going to recycle a story they JUST did, there will be plenty of material to get you and Sonny through it. Don’t you worry. But as for the rest of us, I think we have totally had our fill of unplanned rape pregnancies and paternity bingo. Kate has enough going on, why add even more? Ugh. ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

Honest to God, Jason really needs to get it together. I know that he is feeling guilty, and lost, and hurting for Sam, but this is just not productive. I wish we could sit Jason down and make him watch a YT vid of when Sam was shot, nearly had a hysterectomy, woke up to Alexis knowing she was her mother, had a brain bleed, had brain surgery, all while crying rivers between each surgery, only to wake up to have Jason leave her for her own good. If anyone had a reason to mope around aimlessly, it was Sam. Instead, she picked up her tiny battered, bruised and stitched-up self and gave Jason the fight of his life for their relationship! Sam barely raised her voice at Jason and threw some truth at him, and he is ready to throw in the towel and crawl into a hole. And this, right after he told Sam he wasn’t going to give up on her. *sigh* And people think women are the weaker sex. -_______- Listen, I am still not ready to make nice with Carly after what she did to Sam when Robin died, but I had to thank the good Lord that she was the one to come on over and shout at the top of her lungs, ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM! Carly was right. If Sam didn’t want to hear anything Jason had to say, then he needs to keep on telling her, until she does, because that’s what Sam did for him when the roles were reversed! That’s what you do when you’re in love and not willing to let the other persona just walk away from everything you’ve built together! While it still gets on my nerves that Carly is coddling Jason as though he was the one who was raped, got pregnant, and lost the baby, Carly sees it as her job as his BFF to catch Jason before he falls onto reality. She is trying to be supportive, and she is trying to get him to stop wallowing in self-pity and actually fight for his marriage and for the love of  his life. For that reason alone, I won;t say anything negative about Carly. At least nor tonight. *zips lips, and slips key into pocket for easy access later* I was glad to see that something Carly said to lug head  Jason sunk in, because at least we got to see him looking for Sam, even though she threw his ass out last time he was there. I guess we should be thankful he remembered that he’s a god-damned hit man, and should not scare that easily. *rolling eyes* Unfortunately, he missed Sam, who would rather sign herself out than listen to any more of what St. Liz was spewing, and came face to face with more contrived bullshit. I mean Liz. *innocent look* 

Sam cannot even mourn in peace, can she? There she was, holding onto her dragon, trying to do some thinking, when in floats Nurse Unprofessional. There’s a Puerto Rican saying that when people who are not your friends start visiting you in the hospital, they are really only there to estimate how long they’ll have to wait for your hand-me-downs. I am almost sure that the saying is referring to clothes, or shoes, or maybe even property, but the saying still applied today. IF (a very big IF that is) Liz truly was the only nurse who could have been assigned to deliver those flowers to Sam’s room, she should have tiptoed in, placed them next to her bed, whispered her condolences, and tiptoed right out. But no. She not only had to try and tell Sam what losing a child is like, (even though Sam knows all too well for herself) she had to let her know that she saw Jason and that he was destroyed. How about that Liz, huh? Not only did she please Jason’s case to Sam, but she actually wanted Sam to know that he was sincere, and that he was a mess, and that he wanted to mourn with her. I had to fight the urge to use alliteration to describe Liz – using the letter F. The comment that pissed me off the most was when Liz said, “I believe him.” She said that as if she always believes the best about Jason, that she is able to see the good in him when no one else can. Well, Liz, where the $%@#  was all that belief and understanding in Jason when he was destroyed over losing his son – the son you still refused to see as his, even as he lay kept alive only by a ventilator and you never even thought to call him? Didn’t you think Jason would have wanted to mourn with you and Lucky? And where was all of that belief in Jason’s good intentions and noble character when you slapped the crap out of him, and then accused him of abandoning Jake and you, as if that was the reason Jake died? Unlike in Sam’s situation, Jason had nothing to do with the circumstances surrounding Jake’s death, and Liz not only shut him out, she shut him down.How dare she stand there, trying to make Sam feel guilty because Jason is “a mess right now”. Hey, Liz! ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM when it comes to Jason, when you don’t even know what is going on! You know who’s also a mess right now? Sam. The person whom all this has happened to physically, and not just emotionally! How dare this clueless bitch even comment on this very personal situation between husband and wife? Talk about waiting for hand-me-downs! I was so incredibly proud of Sam for seeing right through Liz and her concern. I could not have said it better myself than when Sam said, “Well then go! Go Elizabeth! Dry his tears, put your arms around him, and make sure that everything is going to be okay.” And when Liz ever-so-weakly murmured, “That’s not going to help,” Sam said, “No, I’m serious. It’s over. He’s all yours.”

I DARE the haters to comment on how weak and needy Sam is when it comes to Jason. She looked Liz in the eye, and didn’t for a moment see her as a threat, even though Sam could see where this will lead for Liz. Sam knows that Liz is not the issue. Sam was thinking like a JaSammer should be thinking.

Sam may be exhausted and grieving and not thinking clearly, but she finally understands her worth. She deserved better from the man she loves, and she needed more from the man who promised that she’s have him, every day for the rest of his life. I am not giving up that she will get that man back, and deep down Sam doesn’t want to give up either. That is why she is so afraid, and so hurt.

*wipes tears* 

I will say it again. I am a full-fledged, unwavering JaSam Fan, who refuses to jump ship, switch teams, or wave the flag of defeat. I fight for JaSam every day, and will continue to do so, even through THE DOOM AND GLOOM. But, like Sam, I think we deserve the Jason she fell in love with. We deserve for Jason to fully understand that Sam deserves to be loved at least as well as she has loved Jason, and that kind of love requires action, not mere words. Jason has got to do the one thing he has never done before for a woman he loved: FIGHT. I think Jason has gotten a bit too comfortable in the easiness of loving Sam, while for her, it has been anything but easy with all of the responsibilities and priorities he has. Jason is going to have to show Sam just how badly he wants her and their marriage.

It’s the only way for The Dragon to be reunited with His Phoenix. 

And we already know they are indestructible…so hang in there.

Thinking like a JaSammer, no matter what I see onscreen,



Call Me CRAZY, But…

Good morning, GHers!

Or at least I am sure it will be morning by the time I actually get though posting this. Karina and I are both sick as dogs…coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, body aches. It started with a sore throat and progressed quickly, so we both spent the day bundling up one minute and needing the fan blowing the next. The silver lining to this cold from hell is that I fall asleep everywhere without warning. One minute I was lying down watching Y&R and the next minute, I had missed all of B&B, and that dreadful The Talk was on my screen! It actually took me six different tries to get through GH on YouTube, so let’s see how many times I will doze off while typing. (Trust me – I welcome any sleep that comes my way, even accompanied by this!)

So Sonny finally gets to hear Kate’s whole sordid tale about two women, and he accuses her of lying? After all of the crossover moments Sonny has witnessed himself, after all of the head-scratching scenarios Sonny has tried to make sense of, he can’t take a second to think this through and show some compassion for someone dealing with mental illness? To leave Kate there, handcuffed to a chair, screaming after him, helpless? Come on! Call Me CRAZY, But…that’s just messed up! Sonny has teetered on two different versions of himself for years as he has struggled with Pi-polar Disorder! Are we supposed to believe now that Sonny cannot fathom this scenario for Kate, even after Jason (who has hardly spent any time with her) told him that it seemed that Kate was sick? Truly, I am not only just not buying it, I am also not liking it one little bit. Someone asked recently why it is that GH no longer does PSAs after shows dealing with tough stuff, like rape, mental illness, etc. Here is your answer: They make every victim a victim over and over again! The only thing they would be able to say is, “THIS IS HOW NOT TO TREAT A VICTIM…OF ANYTHING!”  So sad…

Call Me CRAZY, But…I actually liked seeing a couple in Port Charles act as thought they were in love, even if they were The Falconeris. What a concept! I have never been a huge fan of Dante and Lulu, but damn, we sure did need some kind of reminder that at least one couple exists in this new, seemingly haunted Port Charles. I thought it was sweet that at least Dante was with his wife after such a harrowing experience like being kidnapped, held at gunpoint, threatened, and shot at by a lunatic! (Even if Liz was all up in the Kool-Aid, trying to get deets on Sam and McBain!) *shakes head*

Call Me CRAZY, But…I thought it was great that Luke is finally acting like a father to his only daughter, and that he wasn’t afraid to show some fatherly emotion. They’ve done enough to prove to us that Luke is anything but Daddy Knows Best material, but reminding all of us that he does have a heart under all of that self-inflicted scar tissue is always nice. Even in his scenes with Anna, whom he is basically lying to (although a lie of omission), Luke’s heart didn’t seem so rusted over and useless. Perhaps there is hope for him yet.

I am really trying to understand Michael’s reaction to, and consequent actions over, Starr’s attempted murder of his father. While I think it shows really bad appreciation on her part for Michael’s northeastern hospitality, I can’t really say that Michael should be all that shocked over Starr’s “snapping” and going after Sonny! Didn’t Michael do exactly the same thing when Abby was murdered? Lash out and get reckless, especially with those he felt were most responsible? Starr has never wavered from her position that Sonny is the sole party responsible for losing her daughter and boyfriend. She has made no secret of wanting Sonny “to pay”. In fact, Michael sat with Starr at Sonny’s trial, because he understood where all that pain and anger was coming from. Call Me CRAZY, But…I would think Michael would show at least enough understanding to not show up with the cops to pick her up. Wanting Starr to be arrested and charged for what she did seems just a bit hypocritical on Michael’s part, doesn’t it?

Ron Carlivati’s writing had me going for about ten seconds when it came to our JaSam scenes. Jason looking completely crushed that Sam and her baby  had another hero while Jason was off playing hero to Sonny and Kate was about it. Everything that happened after that was just completely wrong to me. Perhaps someone could explain to me why Jason raced across town to get to his wife in the first place, only to not take his wife in his arms! And while I get the whole “Stay away from my wife” crap, how about Jason just realize that if he were around more, John wouldn’t have the chance to be around Sam so much? I hated the facet that Jason didn’t ask Sam about the baby, and I hated even more that he didn’t go with her to the hospital. The Jason Morgan I cam to know and love would have accompanied Sam, and then found and threatened John McBain later! Call Me CRAZY, But…that was just a WTF moment if I ever saw one!

So of course, Sam would get the one nurse who shouldn’t be anywhere near her to come check her vitals. *sigh* I thought Sam handled Liz just perfectly. She was calm, controlled, and very clear when she told Liz she didn’t need to bother running to Jason, because he already knew. It wasn’t too much or too little; it wast just enough to let Liz know that she knew what’s been going on. I thought Liz’s reaction to Sam was way over the top. (Though to be very honest, I am not sure it was written that way. I just think that the actress has always had a bit of a struggle with “range”. I have always thought she goes from sugary sweet to super snark in 0-60, with really nothing in between. One minute she was calm and understanding, and the next she was talking to Sam like a homegirl: “No, what you need…” she said to Sam. Whaaaat??? All that was missing was two circles and a snap!) Here we have a pregnant woman, coming in to get her vitals checked after nearly being killed, and her nurse is going to start getting nasty with her? Call Me CRAZY, But…if I were Sam, I would have had my chief-of-staff mother-in-law paged to let her know just how upset that episode really made me! And after that, I would be filling out that hospital questionnaire and attaching a page or two of comments! Liz has  got to be the worst nurse at GH! She has absolutely no boundaries when it comes to boundaries with patients!

You know, I am really starting to wonder if Ron Carlivati cares at all about whether or not viewers recognize their favorite characters, or even their favorite soap. He is writing One Life To Live’s plots, pace, and people all over our General Hospital plots, pace, and people! It just doesn’t make sense! As far as I am concerned, you can write as many Jason and Liz scenes as you want. They have never threatened me. What I have a problem with, and what I find to be incredibly disrespectful to the viewers, is when you completely rewrite who a character is. Jason would never just take off to the cemetery when he hasn’t even checked up on his wife after what happened! Come on! Call Me CRAZY, But…if I didn’t know any better, I would think Ron doesn’t like Steve. That’s the only possible explanation for why he is being written to be such a heartless, clueless ass!

Call Me CRAZY, But… the show we are all watching in the 3:00 pm EST slot is no longer General Hospital. I know the credits say General Hospital, and the TV Guide reads it as General Hospital, but it’s just not. That’s not okay. Had they just brought over their OLTL peeps – even if they wrote them to have these crazy connections to our GH peeps, I would have been okay with it. But when you turn MY soap into what YOUR soap used to be that’s just wrong. And you can be damned sure you’re going to hear it from me. 

Will they hear it from you? I sure hope so! It’s now or never! 



Call: GH Comment Lines: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583



Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer/Kelly Monaco/Steve Burton…(or any other actor)
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027

“It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy”

Good morning, GHers!

Forgive me for being MIA on Wednesday. We had a friend in crisis, and that took me away from my computer, and from all of you. But know that I missed you all.

It was a long night followed by a long day, but when I returned, I found confirmation in the mail (though I’d been told over the phone a week or so ago) that I am now officially RETIRED, with full benefits (and about 25 years before I ever thought I would be). Now, I can explore the other passions God has given me, (maybe I’ll finally write a book!) without worrying about helping to provide for my family. I am overwhelmed at how blessed I feel right now!

I am telling all of you before I even post it on Facebook for a reason. Having my accident was devastating. The surgeries that followed were a nightmare. The constant battle to try to get to a place where I could go back to teaching, my life’s passion, was disappointing and depressing. Through it all, while friends and family were back at work, doing their thing, not even realizing that I was losing myself and any sense of purpose, YOU GUYS WERE THERE.

I would not have made it to this day of celebration without you. It’s not just something sweet I want to say to all of you. It’s not something that I think. It is absolutely something that I know, and am certain of. Hearing back from you guys in those first days of this blog made me feel “connected” to the outside world again. It gave me something to look forward to. A real feeling of purpose in two years. From that, the friendships that we formed, and the love that I have come to feel for so many of you is The. One. Thing. That. Saved. Me. You will never really understand just how deep and heartfelt that sentiment is, but that’s okay. I just had to say it, and I just had to celebrate with you guys.

Thanks for the years of well wishes, prayers, finger crossing, kind words, encouragement, understanding, and support. I love you all so much, and I thank God for you every single day. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


Moving right along… 😉

That McBain is quite the sneaky cop, isn’t he? He’s got Sonny’s place bugged, and he’s getting more than he bargained for as Sonny pours his broken heart out to anyone who walks through the door. I was kinda hoping that Sonny would not dump that whole messy truth about finding Kate and Johnny in bed together (complete with sound effects) on Michael, bit who am I kidding. Sonny is nothing if not clueless about what’s appropriate to lay on your children. He’s been telling Michael way too much since he was about 5 years old! While Michael was lamenting the unfortunate end of his father’s birthday, John was reveling in the fact that Sonny was finally getting some of what he thinks Sonny deserves. In fact, it was John who said, “It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy.” I try to feel badly for Sonny here, but honestly, he went after Johnny in every way that hurt for a really long time, even after John showed some real kindness and restraint – especially concerning Sonny’s kids. Karma, apparently, is a blonde.

Carly and Connie have been simmering for weeks! It was only a matter of time before they totally forgot that they are supposed to be grown women, and more importantly – women, period. They went at each other like two guys brawling in a back alley. That was one crazy fight, and I shudder to think what it meant for business at the Metro Court when both of its owners are rolling around on the lobby floor, ripping each other’s hair out. Honestly, I couldn’t even pick a side. They both deserved an ass whooping – so “It Couldn’t Happen To Nicer Guys.”

Liz and Liv should really have left the sleuthing to the professionals. *yawn* It took them way too long to jump to conclusions, make assumptions, and basically waste each other’s and our time, only to end up calling the police anyway. Neither one of these two is someone I would want trying to save my ass if I was Steve, that’s for damn sure. And considering Liz’s track record, the same goes for Ewan. If Liz doesn’t get herself fired for breaking confidentiality laws by going through Ewan’s patient files, she and Liv may just get themselves killed for getting themselves stuck between A Psycho and A Double Crazy. Actually, now that I think of it,“It Couldn’t Happen To Nicer Girls.”

Johnny is on a collision course with disaster! No matter what he does, it seems to lead to trouble! Even when trying to be there for Starr, the young woman who just lost her family, he can’t help but say all the wrong things, or do all of the wrong things – like putting away his gun where desperation could reach it. *shakes head* John is dealing with a whole load of problems – from his decimated relationship with Carly, to trying to stay a step ahead of a murderous Sonny, to an illegal operation dealing with human organs. Add to that the fact that Starr has now gone after Sonny with Johnny’s gun, and John may as well turn himself in. I can think of a few people who might think “It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy.”

While some may have had a tough time with Jason and Sam having yet one more argument, I was actually okay with it. First and foremost, they were finally in the same space together. Second, and most importantly, they actually did more than just argue. Jason and Sam, though tough for us to watch, finally got some of the tough stuff said. Jason had to stop hiding behind his  jealousy and had to face the cold, hard truth out loud that (they think) Sam is carrying Franco’s baby. Sure, it’s hard for Jason to hear, but guess what, dammit? It’s even harder for Sam to say to herself every single day!  I was so proud of Sam for not apologizing anymore, not even for John McBain! She told Jason he couldn’t blame her for any of that, because he just kept showing up – and she had no control over any of it! *applause*

FINALLY! Sam has nothing to apologize for, and furthermore, she pointed out to Jason just how hypocritical he was being in that he was angry at Sam for talking to someone she barely knows, but he was talking to someone he has a history with. The look on Jason’s face when he heard it for himself was pretty damned satisfying. But, you know what was even more satisfying? Watching Sam point it out, and then hearing her move on to the fact that neither Liz nor John are the problem for her and Jason! *Shouting hallelujah!* I hope the haters lined up to have their butts handed to them, because for all of their talk about how insecure Sam is, I didn’t hear a shred of insecurity in her statement! Sam used Liz to make a point about how clueless Jason was about the double standards he was placing on Sam. That’s it. Sam was all about her and Jason and the issue they are facing – which is whether or not Jason can love the baby, and obviously he is struggling with the thought of it right now.

I give Jason (a smidgen) of credit for telling Sam that it’s not her fault, because even though she knows it, she needed to hear it from her husband. However, I really think Jason needs an (over)dose of reality. And his reality, as we already know, is that Jason “knows what his life is like without Sam, and he wants her in it.”  I think we saw that in the shock that caused him to let Sam’s hands drop when she said she was moving out. Those scenes reminded me so much of their painful conversation after their second kiss on December 9, 2004, where Sam was leaving because she felt she had no choice, and Jason just didn’t know how to ask her to stay. Back then, it was the unknown that made Jason feel he had no right to fight for Sam, and I felt that same uncertainty in him today. Jason would never want to purposely hurt Sam, and he sees that it hurts her when he can’t make her any promises about the baby, as hard as that is to believe. Just like back then, he thinks the least selfish thing to do is to not ask her to stay through the uncertainty, and while I HATE it, I have been a fan long enough to understand how he could slip back to being that kind of emotional chicken. There were other reminders of that first time Sam left as well. His not knowing what to do when she came down with her bag, his trying to come up with a different solution, it was all so familiar to me. When Sam walked over and picked up the dragon, and told him she still believed that they were stronger together, I felt a lump immediately form in my throat. When Jason asked, “Why leave?”, my lips trembled, because I know what it cost for him to ask that, when he thinks he is doing the right thing for Sam. But when Sam answered she was leaving because she needed him to believe that, the tears came. Believing is the key, and unless he can do that, she knows there’s no use in staying. (Just like in ’04 *tears*) I have to admit that the little things that went into this scene really did strike a tender chord with me: The fact that Sam took the dragon with her, and not the phoenix, was beautiful and meaningful. It shows that she still believes in Jason’s ability to be the protection she told Jason the baby needed. That says so much to us about her love and her faith in him, even when he has no faith in himself.

My JaSam-Loving heart heard all of the unspoken stuff loud and clear. Like when Sam walked past him to take her suitcase, and Jason put his hand on the handle, fighting the need to wrestle her for it. (Anyone remember Jason taking Sam’s hand off the elevator button?) Back in 2004, Jason let Sam go, even though it tore his heart out, and even though it made us want to throw him down the elevator shaft. Jason let her go today, too. The best parallel I see in all of this is that it didn’t take Jason long at all to realize the mistake he’d made. Not then; not today. Jason was left to suffer silently as he cried and held only the tiny phoenix in his hand, and reminisced about the sweet moments where they exchanged the perfect gifts. Those memories made Jason realize that Sam was, in fact, the one to “turn bad luck into good.” The pain in his eyes made me terribly sad as he stared at Sam’s (lovely) picture. But I had to admit that “It Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy.” This hurt is exactly what Jason needs right now to help him see what was right in front of him all along: Together, he and Sam, the phoenix and the dragon, bring double happiness. 

Hang in there, beloved!




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Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer/Kelly Monaco/Steve Burton…(or any other actor)
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027


Hola, GHers!

I hope your day is off to a great start!

So The Avengers came to town, huh? Hey, anything that gives me the chance to lay my eyes on that adorable Cameron is just cool beans! But I will let you in on a little secret. I love the word, AVENGER. In fact, I love the meaning of the word AVENGER.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines it like this:
1: one who takes vengeance for or on behalf of
2: one who exacts satisfaction for (a wrong) by punishing the wrongdoer

I love the word so much that when I was little, I would dream of growing up to be an AVENGER. Not the kind in the comic book series, though I am sure they are exciting and awesome and everything a comic  series should be. But the kind of AVENGER I wanted to be was different. I got bullied by our neighbors for the first few years of my life, and believe it or not, my chubba-wubba, tom-boy, rough n’ tumble little sister (I am not proud) would come out and do some crazy hulk thing, and chase all my tormentors away. At night, as I would lie in bed, my scrawny butt shaking for fear of what the next day would bring, I dreamed of growing up into a scary, strong, AVENGER with a death stare that would make all neighborhood bullies pee in their pants.

I got my wish, except for the strong part – the gym and I never really got along. 😉 Somewhere along the way, I realized that fear is in the eye of the beholder, and I never let anyone see fear in me again – unless it was their own. Even now, when my kids’ friends are in trouble, or being bullied by anyone, my kids come home to the AVENGER (NON)MANSION, and tell me all about it. I once cornered their school principal on the front lawn of the school, and ripped him a new one for teasing a student about his “skips”. I let him know in no uncertain terms that I would make sure he never made a child feel embarrassed again. When I noticed a commotion from the corner of my eye, I glanced towards the school to see the boy I was defending and his entire class standing on the benches in the hall, pasted against the plate glass windows, cheering and pumping their fists…and that was long before Jersey Shore. LOL.

It feels good to know that you are defending those who can’t do it for themselves; to be an AVENGER. Those of you who’ve been an avenger know what I am talking about, and I imagine many of you have been, just because I feel a connection with so many. I can hear it in your comments, and I can see it in your reactions to the story lines we’ve experienced together over the years we’ve been taking this journey via this vehicle. It makes me proud, and gives me hope for our soap, even when  it looks like it does right now.

More on that later, though.

For now, let me just point out that THE AVENGERS weren’t only on the big screen in Port Charles. They were everywhere; avenging someone who needed avenging.

Awww, Spinelli! As undeserving as Maxie has been of his love and loyalty, he is still spending his every waking moment trying to be THE AVENGER who comes to her rescue, gets her cleared of all charges, and gives her her life back! You’ve gotta love Spinelli’s willingness to hang in there when all Maxie wants to do is hang herself, and Matt is at the movies with Liz’s son. Spin is already the superhero to me!

Dante and Olivia obviously need to learn that “crazy bitch” doesn’t just mean that someone is acting like one of their crazy Falconeri Clan. In Heather’s case, “crazy bitch” means she’ll rip your world apart, and you’ll be lucky to find yourself still standing when she’s done, a la Jeff Webber, Diana Taylor, Edward Quartermaine, and lest we forget, Luke Spencer. Why Dante and Olivia are having that big, old, all-important conversation about Steve’s secrets within her earshot is beyond me, but I know one thing: Heather will be preparing to take on the role of THE AVENGER. Whom she will be avenging, or against who she will be seeking her vengeance, remains to be seen. But don’t take your eyes off her, or you may miss it.

It’s too bad these two Falconeris are embroiled in Steve Webber’s case, because there is one crazy Falconeri who could really use their help. Connie. Or is it Kate? Or Konnie? Frankly, I am having trouble keeping track, but the one thing I will tell you is that the only thing even keeping my eyes on that screen for this hot MESS of a JESS/TESS/BESS retelling is the fact that Kelly Sullivan has found a way to make me feel, if not sorry, for Kate, at least empathetic towards Connie for doing anything and everything she could to protect the refined, yet wimpy, Kate from becoming a victim of Sonny’s love again. I get why Connie needed to be THE AVENGER for Kate, I really do! Not that I agree with this newest sex scandal to hit Port Charles, but I get why Connie felt so desperate to sever all ties between Kate and Sonny permanently. She didn’t trust Kate to get it done. I give Ms. Sullivan props for being able to switch so much more seamlessly from when this story began between crass, cold-blooded, Connie, to the terrified, repentant Kate, in an instant. It’s pretty cool to watch – if not the story, at least her portrayal of both personalities.

I really HATE the fact that Johnny crossed the line he himself had drawn in the sand, and went against his very instincts. All that to take on the role of THE AVENGER, only to feel good about it for less time than it took to undress. Here, too, I totally get why John would need to avenge his sister’s-I mean mother’s – death, and even the hell Sonny gave her; I do. I just wish that we didn’t have to deal with one more time where a woman is victimized sexually only in an attempt to feed storyline. Why am I saying that she was victimized sexually when Connie nearly raped John herself? Because all you needed to do was take one look at John’s face when he had to break the news to the hysterical Kate that they had slept together, to know that John himself saw her as a victim. And if he sees her as the victim, it’s only natural that he (and thousands of others) will see him as the…

It makes me wonder if Frank Valentini didn’t tweet that Brandon Barash wasn’t going anywhere because he knew that in a few days, there may be those who cannot separate character from actor, who are demanding he be fired. (We’ve all seen that before) I really do hate how this went down, and it left a knot in the pit of my stomach that John, who really is a decent person, would have any part of this.

In contrast, I really LOVE that Carly was the collateral damage in this train wreck, only because for years, we have watched everyone else be the collateral damage of her own train wrecks, while she walks away unscathed. It did not surprise me one little bit that Carly made her way over to Sonny’s to play THE AVENGER for…herself. She is such a selfish bitch – it didn’t even occur to her to give Sonny some time to mourn getting another year older AND finding his girlfriend in bed with his worst enemy all on the same night. It makes me wish Sonny would roll Carly around on the floor towards the blazing fire that’s eating up his memories of Kate. Maybe her hairspray would catch on fire! 😉

Allow me to preface my next paragraph with this one true statement: I DETEST THE WAY JASAM’S STORY HAS BEEN WRITTEN SINCE THE LAST TIME THEY WERE AT THEIR CABIN, BONDING OVER THEIR THEN BABY BUMP. I think the writers gave up a golden opportunity to actually write a phenomenal, original – and therefore unrivaled, Baby storyline here. I honestly think that had they written this Baby Morgan without all the same, played-out Who’s The Daddy crap all over again, viewers might have fallen in love with the idea of a husband and a wife sharing the love, the natural  and spontaneous issues that come with every pregnancy, the roller-coasters of hormones and emotions, and the magic that comes from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. More than that, having Jason and Sam actually enjoy this pregnancy without all of this darkness surrounding it, would have been the one thing soaps fail to do 99% of the time, and would have made GH the trailblazer once again! *smdh* I cannot even remember the last time I enjoyed a soap baby’s arrival with the only cliffhanger being whether it would be a boy or a girl. What a missed opportunity!

That being said, I have to admit that I saw something in Wednesday’s scenes and heard something in the dialogue that gave me a rare moment of pause. I had to share it with you, and see what you all think. It occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, in his own, dark, twisted way, Ron Carlivati wrote himself as THE AVENGER in this story. Hear (read) me out before you think I am the crazy one here. When I think of all the times Jason and Liz have spoken over the past couple of years, I felt that there was always a play on words that would pacify one fanbase while infuriating another. While I still don’t think both fanbases were thrilled about Jason confiding in Liz, I did see a marked difference in these scenes. Liz wasn’t making references to their “connection”, or trying to tell Jason something covert without saying the words. Mostly, she was listening and telling him the only thing she could tell him, which was to talk to his wife, because OBVIOUSLY Jason is heartbroken and completely falling apart at the very thought that Sam is confiding in another man. Yes, you read that correctly. Jason, the one who should hang a freakin’ shingle outside his door identifying himself as a women’s therapist as he counsels every past lover he’s ever had, is upset because his wife is talking to A man. Singular. As I watched Jason coming apart as though he were the hormonal, pregnant one, and jumping to all kinds of conclusions about Sam not wanting him at her appt. with Kelly Lee, I realized that our Stone Cold – or shall I say this time – IRON MAN Jason Morgan, is terrified that he is losing his wife! Of course Liz had to lock down her whoremones! Even she could see that Jason is about a day away from crying like a girl over the thought of Sam turning to someone else to be her Captain America and save the world! I mean, go back and watch the scenes. Take note of how many times Jason, who deals in black and white, is stumbling blindly into gray areas of “What Ifs” regarding his fears about what Sam’s connection to John might really be. “She wasn’t alone. She was with him.” “If I hadn’t shown up at GH for that checkup, Sam might have had McBain beside her for the DNA test.”  And my personal favorite, “Sam and I should be talking about this together, working it out together, but she’s confiding in McBain, and that’s the problem.”  Fear is a funny thing – it makes Jason suddenly want to be a talker, when just earlier that day, he was telling Sam “talking wouldn’t change anything.”  And perhaps Jason forgets that until a couple of weeks ago, he was morphing into The Hulk every time anyone said or did anything to him that he couldn’t control. Maybe Sam just needed to let it all out without a fear of killing him or turning him into some creature with bulging veins! Jason couldn’t even see that he is upset at Sam for turning to someone for a listening ear, when he stormed off onto the roof and did the exact, same thing – with yet another one of his past lovers. If I wasn’t sure that he would survive because of his super-longevity like Thor, I might push him off the roof myself, Big Baby!  Perhaps Mr. Carlivati is avenging all of the times that Sam had to wait around, and walk away, and leave the room, while Jason “was there” for Carly or Robin or Courtney or Liz or Brenda. Perhaps the only way to do that was to give Jason a taste of his own nasty ass medicine!

It doesn’t mean he – or we – will like it, but who really likes medicine? Besides, if it’s being forced down our throats, there’s not much we can do, except make a whole lotta noise about how AWFUL it is, the way our kids do!

I also think that the writers are so intent on avenging Sam’s heartaches and hurts over the years, that they have also cast McBain to serve as THE AVENGER onscreen, a.k.a. Plot Point. Listening carefully to the dialogue of this story that sometimes makes me want to beg for mercy, I hear John McPain saying all of the things that, try as we might, we cannot ignore or deny. When Sam told John that Jason was furious that she opened up to him at the church, John answered, “Good, next time he won’t leave you there, crying.” For a minute, I thought I was in church, and cried, “Amen!” as if he had just preached gospel! We can’t shut off the truth in the fact that Jason has failed Sam here. This nightmare isn’t her fault. Franco is not on her. Being raped was not her choice. But loving Jason has always been her choice, and putting him first has always been her choice. So, if Jason has to be brought down by fear and insecurities in order to make him see just how piss poor he has filled the role of husband during this latest test, so be it. If Jason feels that he has to fight like hell for his wife, or lose her to someone who’s listening to, supporting and understanding her, then avenge away, McPain In My Butt! 

I just want to remind us all of something. In the past, there have been many times we have wished for Sam to have her own Carly to turn to, just so that Jason could get a feel for it. There were times where we ranted at the TV, angry that Jason lent an ear, or a shoulder, or the regrettably pink room, to one of his former concubines, while Sam was left to learn to live with it. The shoe is finally on the other foot, and class is in session for Jason! If we can enjoy NOTHING ELSE about Funeral Hospital these days, let THAT be it: The fact that Jason will finally have to be the one on the outside looking in. I hope that time on the outside chills him right down to his balls, and that he is paralyzed with fear at the thought of losing THE. BEST. THING. THAT. HAS. EVER. HAPPENED. TO. HIM. 

I still believe that even the our new fearless (of losing viewers) leaders know that the love story Jason and Sam share is so much of THE BEAUTY OF GH. Jason and Sam will triumph. They may tinkle and toy with them, but they’re not stupid. 

Why risk having to face the wrath of all of us?  THE AVENGERS OF TRUE LOVE!

Don’t wait to let them know exactly how this storyline, and all of the other tragedies happening in Port Charles make you feel! Let them know that you are fighting to keep GH alive, but there’s nothing we can do if they are intent on killing the very heart of the show!

SO, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! And let them know we are #TeamJaSam!

“And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest (SOAP) heroes were united against a common threat – CANCELLATION! On that day The Avengers were born — to fight foes no single hero could withstand!”

I believe in you, guys! And I can’t wait to bask with you all in the glow of being THE AVENGERS!

Fight fearlessly,



Happy Friday, GHers!

I am a bit melancholy today, as it the last day of Spring Break for Matt and Ness, and I adore having them home! Now our countdown begins for Summer Vacation… 😉

So it seems that almost everyone in Port Charles is either mental – or some kind of  Mentalist, trying to get inside someone else’s head.

While Liz thought she was getting inside Ewan’s head, I think he was totally using everything he’s filed away from the times he’s gotten inside hers to give her only what he knew would keep her intrigued. Of course, it didn’t surprise me that Liz brought up Ewan’s past failure – the patient who died before he could be helped. There’s nothing that intrigues or attracts her more than a man in some kind of vulnerable state. Yet, the thing that surprised me most is how quickly – and neatly the writers have completely cut Ewan out of that debacle over at Wyndemere, and seem to have dropped him very mysteriously into the Jacks Family’s orbit. Huh. Wouldn’t it be something if Ewan was Jax’s long-lost son? Or Jerry’s? That would be interesting. I kinda like the character, and still think the writers missed the boat by not having Carly and Liz go head to head for his affections. (Especially if he is a Jacks!) One woman about the jump in the ring for his attention – even if it’s the worst kind of negative, is Connie. That chick needs a cold shower! She seems to be  trying to give a piece of herself away to just about every warm-blooded male in Port Charles!

Except for Jason, who got too close to Connie’s truth for her comfort. Connie really had to put on quite the show to keep her Kate impersonation front and center for Sonny, and because Sonny wants Kate to be his salvation, he bought it: hook, line, and humdinger! It bugged me how quick Sonny was to assume that Jason crossed the line with Kate. He went over to Jason’s trying to get inside his head, as if he might figure out what “led” Jason to be accusatory towards Ms. Perfect. Jerk! I cannot wait until he finds out just how wrong he was!

It was nice to see Matt and Patrick leaning on each other during these difficult times.The family angle works for me with just about every storyline – I am just hoping that Noah isn’t gone already, considering we barely saw him! I think both his sons could use more time with their dad,  who has learned so many hard lessons. Either way, if it’s just the brothers, I am sure they will continue to show the other that they care about each other, and that with some continued moments of trying to understand what’s going on in the other’s head, they will be able to get the other through.

Some brothers try to get in each other’s heads to try to figure out how to help, while others try to get inside the other’s head to find the best possible way to torture their brother, such as Jason and his alleged twin brother Franco. Yet, while Jason is trying to play mentalist to Kate’s bizarre behavior, and investigator extraordinary to Sonny’s defense, his poor wife is falling apart from the burden she is carrying. Oh, how sad that Sam came home first, desperately seeking Jason, while he was out desperately seeking Sonny’s acquittal. *sigh*

I often ask myself how it is that Sam hasn’t cracked from the pressure of holding in everything that she’s been through, while having the pressures of Jason’s brain issues, his consequent surgery, and the fear that she would lose him forever added to the already heavy burden! Now she is carrying around this incredibly freakish secret (or just plain stupid, if anyone asks me) about Franco being his twin. I will say that I am thankful that the writers had Sam investigate Heather’s claims, because it was driving me nuts that Sam would just take the word of a criminally insane mental patient. As long as we are able to suspend belief long enough to believe that in one day, Sam flew to NYC, then Woodstock, and back to Port Charles, all whine the sun is still shining, we can also suspend it long enough to believe that Betsy Frank told Sam a believable story. *deeper sigh*

Honestly, I detest contrived angst, and I was willing the storyline to miraculously change right before my very eyes, all so that I didn’t have to endure watching John pull Sam into his arms, but in Sam’s defense, I totally understand how she really must have been “choking on” what happened to her. Talk about a mentalist – John knew exactly what to say to get Sam to need to talk about whatever it was that was tormenting her, probably because he was taking the time to notice that she was being tormented. (I get where the writers are trying to show here. I still don’t like it!)  There is still no way that I could blame Sam for breaking down – even to John, even though she knew she probably shouldn’t.

I remember a very dear friend of mine explaining to me years ago that finally telling someone about what happened to you was like holding in the urge to pee for far too long. When it finally can’t be held in any longer – it’s going to come out, no matter where you are and who you’re with. Chances, she said, were that it wouldn’t come out to the most opportune time, or to the most opportune person, but it’s still an indescribable relief when you let yourself go and release it. I thought about that conversation as I watched Sam fight the urge to talk to John, and then finally give in, almost as if she didn’t realize she was doing it, and realized it was a really brilliant analogy.

Think about it – Sam had held in so much for so long. The shock, the horror, the blame she had for herself, the questions, the overwhelming need to bury it all and never face it again. She was told that she was raped while drugged. She refused to go to the hospital for a rape kit. Never got medical treatment or counseling. And hasn’t really been forced to deal with it, because it has been all about Jason and his needs since their return. I think when Sam went to Alexis’, she just needed to finally let it out- out loud, so that it was no longer bottled up inside of her tortured soul. When John prompted her to do just that, the temptation to release it, and get it out, was just too great. My Poor Sam. It isn’t fair that even this is about Jason for her, because she deserves the right to let it out when it felt the right time for her. Not Jason. And not between crises, or Sonny’s messes, or medical emergencies.

When I saw all of that pain come gushing out of Sam, (Kelly Monaco is so freakin’ good at tearing my heart out. Her incredible talent was, for me, The Beauty of GH yesterday) I was relieved for her that it was no longer a silent torture, or something she had to fight to hold in against mounting pressure to release.

No victim should ever have to suffer in silence.

What the writers will do from here on out is anyone’s guess. One can only hope (and call, email, tweet, snail mail, etc.) that it will be a learning and growing experience for  Jason and Sam as a couple, and that it will lead to a deeper connection. I just will never be able to comprehend what would lead writers to even think about messing with the perfection that is Jason and Sam, so that’s what I will hold on to.

With both hands.

Have a fantastic weekend!



Call: GH Comment Lines: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583



Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027


Good morning, GHers!

I was so excited about yesterday’s episode, and really couldn’t wait to “talk” to you bout it. Then a “project” here at home (for those of you who’ve been reading me for a couple of years, you know Spring Fever always inspires me to take on new projects) took way longer than my hubby anticipated, and even though my job was simply to stay close by in case he needed something (we also always have our best uninterrupted conversations during those times, as our kids tend to stay far away from any projects). By the time he was done, and everything was cleaned up, I was exhausted, and had to take advantage of the fact that I actually felt sleepy! 😉

Sometimes I think the GH writers are suffering from DID themselves. The “personality” of the show yesterday was so incredibly different from its personality on Friday! I thought yesterday’s show was soapy and exciting!

I also got to thinking that there is more than one “TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” in Port Charles!

Kate’s vulnerable side seemed to be in control yesterday, and I found myself actually feeling sorry for her, which was a surprise to me, as I wouldn’t normally consider myself a Kate fan. I do think I enjoy Kelly Sullivan’s portrayal of “Kate” more than I enjoy “Connie”, and I think it’s because she does a really great job of convincing me of just how unstable and affected Kate really is by what’s happening to her. When she couldn’t remember her run in with Carly, I could almost feel her desperation, and that’s pretty amazing. I thought the sheer panic in her voice when speaking to Dr. Keenan gave her a side that makes me want to root for her to get well, even though she is seriously  “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”.

Carly is also “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” because I just can never understand why she does the things she does. Why does she get so much joy out of the thought of ruining relationships for the men she supposedly cares about and protects so much? I am not sure that she’s a nut I’d like to crack as much as CRUSH! The mere mention of Sam’s name coming from her was enough to make m see red! I wasnt Carly to be smacked down a couple dozen notches! I would love for the men in her life to call her on her selfish hateful ways, and I will give birth myself if she is allowed to be Baby Morgan’s godmother! I was thrilled when John McBain walked in and busted her trying to break into Kate’s cabinet! She already knows one too many secrets; let’s not empower her any more, please!  -_-

Johnny was on a steady climb as one of my favorite guys in town as of late, but I had to put his climb on hold after his slippage yesterday. I think Johnny has the potential to be the smarter of the two between him and Sonny, hands down; but only when he does the one thing Sonny fails to do all the time: THINK. I think Johnny let his desire for revenge on Sonny cloud his judgement when he chose to tell Sonny about Kate wanting to sleep with him. Now Sonny is on red alert when it comes to Kate, and Johnny has lost the element of surprise. If he really wanted to bring Sonny to his knees, he would have kept that little golden nugget of truth in his back pocket just a little while longer! Ugh! I can’t stand when Johnny reminds us why he’s “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” sometimes.

I guess the NUT never falls far from the tree, as Anthony is one of “THE TOUGHEST NUTS TO CRACK” we will ever meet. Does anyone have a handle on this guy? One minute I believe that he really does love Johnny, and wants the best for him and his future, and other times, I think he would take Johnny out himself if he thought he was too much of a threat to what Anthony wants for himself. He makes me nervous for Johnny’s future!

Dr. Keenan might be able to help make a dent in all of the nut-cracking needed in PC, except that he himself is  “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”. After months and months of keeping it a secret that he was the one who pulled Liz from the water that night (damn him), he just blurts it out to her as if it was nothing but a normal occurrence. What the heck? Could it be that he got as bored with her as I do that it wasn’t worth the trouble of keeping it from her? Or did he finally do his homework and realize that Liz always shows her gratitude towards men in the same way? He must be lonely after all, now that Cassandra is no more… though I am not even sure if he knows  what happened to her. Whatever the reason, I did expect a little more of a shock factor when Liz finally found out. Oh well…

Speaking of Liz, I have to say that Patrick’s phone call to her when Emma asked about “Mommy in a box” left me baffled, and well, quite honestly, thinking Patrick was “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”. I get that Liz promised Robin to keep an eye on Patrick and Emma, and that somehow, we are supposed to believe that Patrick and Liz have this close relationship that we haven’t really seen onscreen. However, Robin’s mother is in town! Mac is on call! Matt is Emma’s uncle! I just didn’t understand how Patrick would see the wisdom – or even the common sense – of calling Liz for advice. As a mother, it also ticked me off a bit. This is something that Anna should have at least been consulted on. But I guess that’s always going to be a stickler with a plot point.  I guess the moment that overshadowed my complaints was the moment where we got to see that Robin is, in fact, alive. Yay! While people had their theories, it’s always nice to see that there is hope for the Scrubs and Robin fans! I remember back in 1999 when Lucky was thought to be dead after the fire. I remember running to answer the phone because my best friend, Sue was calling to scream her excitement over Lucky being alive! Sure he was still going to be missed onscreen, but al least we knew that he would someday be back. The same was true for all of the Robin fans, and I am thrilled for them!

You know what really made me smile yesterday? The fact that Jason has finally come face to face with someone who doesn;t have to threaten physical violence against someone he loves in order to rattle his cage, or make him feel protective of “his wife”. I have to say that after all of the rumors and gossip everyone was sending me, I was starting to dread the Jason/John confrontation. I could not handle Jason yelling at Sam one more time. Thankfully, after watching the scenes (about a dozen more times), I have to say that I was very satisfied with how it turned out. I love that John is so kind to, and considerate of, Sam, especially in Jason’s presence. John wanted to know if she and Jason had worked things out. He told Sam that she didn’t have to stay while he talked to Jason. And he didn’t ignore her presence, even after she refused to leave. I am convinced that the hairs on the back of Jason’s neck were standing on end from the vibe he picked up from McBain’s interest in Sam – hence the “Don’t talk to my wife!” demand. And guess what? I LOVED IT! No one deserves to be shaken up more than Jason Morgan. I think for the first time, the roles were reversed, and Jason, not the cop questioning him, was left thinking, “This guy is A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”, and I think I was more than ready for that change.

When Jason asked, “You two know each other?” after Sam made reference to a previous conversation, and John answered, “As a matter of fact, we do”, I was kinda hoping he would then say, “We have a connection.” Perhaps when Jason is on the other side of that, he will finally realize just how easy that is to swallow. (Not!) John even made sure to tell Sam that it was good to see her again before leaving. Perhaps Jason was so concerned about why Sam seemed so upset because he was the one thrown off by the attention McBain showed Sam. And maybe it made him realize that he should make a stronger effort to do the same. I would not complain at all! 😉

I did like that Jason fought Sam some on going to NYC to track down his medical records, and that he took the time to express and show his love and concern for Sam and our baby. And the kiss was a very welcome bonus!  Those are the moments we’ve waited 8 long years for! Thanks, Writers! More, please!

I felt the thrill of anticipation for what comes next with Jason and Sam and John. Not because I would ever be okay with him coming between Jason and Sam, but because if he helps Jason to take things for granted less, and realize that friendships between your spouse and someone of the opposite sex makes one uncomfortable, I am all for it! Welcome to town, Lt. McBain! 

I know that we are all worried for our Supercouple and the direction Ron Carlivati is taking, especially with all of the speculation and general B.S. out there. I also know, after watching OLTL over the years, that our new headwriter is “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”, but I think the only chance our soap has of surviving starts with our rock-solid support!

We’ve had some head-scratching moments, sure; but I also believe we’re going to have some triumphant moments as well!

Hang in there with me!


“Like A Stake Through The Heart”…

Happy Hump Day, GHers!

It was a long, drawn out day, but the good news is that my grandma was released from the hospital, and Karina was with her when the news came that she could go home! It was like a soap – well, actually better than a soap, as I am not sure there’s any good news on soaps these days! 😉

Thanks to all of you for your kind words for us, especially for Karina. As soon as she gets caught up on sleep, I’ll have her sit down and read them all. Most of all, we thank you for the prayers and well wishes for my grandma. Since Karina is the one caring for her, I fear she is the one to feel the strain of having so many uncertainties about her condition the most, and I could hear that the weight had lifted from Karina’s shoulders the second she called with the news. I am incredibly grateful.

Thanks again for being part of my support system!

Well, John McBain has made his presence known in Port Charles rather stealthily, hasn’t he? Dante seemed to be caught completely unawares that Detective McBain was in town, not just to handle “the grieving grandfather”, Todd Manning, but to go after Dante’s Daddy Dearest. Had the PCPD rolled out a welcome mat for the out-of-town cop coming to collect his fugitive, Dante unceremoniously tugged it out from under John, and rolled it up and away. The problem with that move was that Dante managed to roll out the doubts about his ability to remain professional when it comes to Sonny. Dante wanting to know about John’s connection to his dad seemed to give John all he needed, as we can all admit that detectives in Llanview actually pick up on clues, but Dante took it a step further and actually asked John to “just go home”. *sigh* Too bad it appears the only friendly, yet terribly sad, face he found in Port Charles was Sam’s. I bet that was something else he felt “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

Can’t say that I blame him. Things all over Port Charles had me feeling the same way.

Poor Patrick. The one other person around him who is feeling the same desperate loss he’s feeling has now turned on him, and he must feel even more alone than he did when he left the house that morning for his wife’s funeral. Talk about something that must feel “Like A Stake Through The Heart”. I imagine Patrick must wonder if the pain will ever stop choking the life out of him, and I’d bet if he could, he’d ask someone who might have the answers. Someone who might have experienced the very same pain of losing a wife, and having to deal with the guilt of not just being the one to live, but living with the guilt of having betrayed her. There was a time that Patrick couldn’t forgive his father for being the person to have had that experience, but when he opened that door, and Noah offered him the compassion that could only come from having been there once, I’d bet Patrick finally breathed a sigh of relief.

I knew that Anna would replay everything she said to Patrick in her own mind over and over, and that she would realize that what she chose to say to him on the hospital’s rooftop must’ve felt to Patrick “Like A Stake Through The Heart”. I imagine that once she thought about how Robin might have reacted to Anna’s “evisceration” of Patrick, she felt completely ashamed of herself. Her daughter (I just heard the word “daughter” in Anna’s accent) chose to forgive her husband, and to hold on to her marriage and her family, and Anna had no right to make a judgment about it either way. At least not out loud, because every mother has the right to make a judgement about how a man has treated her baby girl.  Now Anna has to live with knowing that she not only overstepped her boundaries, which did not die with Robin, and I guess it was a bit hard to handle without the help of some liquid courage.

If anyone would know about liquid courage, it would be Luke. And as if on cue, he was right there to offer Anna what little he could. I wonder how it must feel for Luke to know that he can’t really take a drink, and he feels as though he can’t really tell Anna why. But most of all, I wonder how it feels to know that the truth that Luke has decided to bury deep down along with his conscience, is the reason that the only other person who knows exactly what Anna is feeling isn’t there to help her through it. I imagine that seeing his old friend’s pain, and knowing he may have had a hand in making its sting a little more pronounced may actually feel “Like A Stake Through The Heart” to Luke’s vampire-like old ticker. Perhaps he and Sam can start a support group for those who’ve told a lie in order to save a life.

Why, oh why wasn’t Sonny hunting down Dr. Keenan while at GH, and asking him to go find Kate, Connie, Carmen, whoever she is? As if it isn’t bad enough that Sonny is about to be shocked out of his italian suits that Kate wasn’t role-playing, it now appears that Carly will have one more secret to hold over one of the men she considers to be completely hers, and will get yet another opportunity to take pleasure in trashing their relationship. At this rate, John better move to a penthouse where Connie can’t find him, because Carly is going to be “in the mood” for quite some time. The fact that Carly gets to smile about anything right now, for me, is “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

Nothing, and I repeat: NOTHING felt more “Like A Stake Through The Heart” than the stone cold way Jason treated our Fair Samantha yet again. He seems unable to recall that he has been guilty of doing the same thing, and has shut down completely. Our friend, Darlene, offered a perspective that very honestly, had not even crossed my mind in the throes of my anger and disappointment. She suggested that the reason Jason is acting so completely differently than he has with the other lying women in his life is because “He is in love with Sam, and therefore, she has the power to hurt him.” That thought teased my own brain all day, and when I heard John describe to Sam how he felt when Natalie lied in order to protect him and their child, that it really tore him up, and felt “Like A Stake Through The Heart”, I realized that Darlene had a valid point. (Thanks, Darlene!) The more we love someone, the more a deception hurts. And Jason has never loved anyone as deeply or as wholly as he loves Sam – even if he is doing a piss poor job of showing it these days. (Ass)

I will admit that Liz being on the bridge at the same time as Jason didn’t really bother me. What bothered me more was this seemingly out-of-the-blue depth of loss that Jason is feeling over Robin’s death. Understand this: I am not minimizing their connection, or their history. How could I when I lived through it with them? It’s just that this “newfound”, over-the-top reaction just feels…wrong. Off. While I lived through Jason and Robin’s love story, I have also lived through the past seven years since Robin’s return, and while Jason and Robin have remained friends, and I’ll even stretch and say they’ve remained close – the emotions Jason should be feeling should stem from the guilt of knowing Robin died trying to save his undeserving ass, not this devastation as though they were closer than ever. Come on, writers! Don’t insult our loyalty over the years by writing this as though these years didn’t happen! To us, it’s “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.


To my delight, the scenes between John and Sam made me smile a bit – because of the way they played with the actors’ history (such as the “Like A Stake Through The Heart” comment, which gave a nod to their vampire days on Port Charles as Caleb and Livvie) without making the scenes feel forced. Sam had just had me in tears when talking to Robin’s picture, and within seconds, I caught my lips twitching towards a smile. Kelly Monaco did a fantastic job of playing those scenes as an emotionally spent wife who just needed to unload, even if to a complete stranger with familiar eyes. She breaks my heart when she cries, and I could totally understand why someone would see her sitting in a church crying and want to help. I actually would not mind Sam having herself a confidante of the opposite sex, even if only for Jason to get a taste of his own nasty medicine. I hope his brain cells sizzle with jealousy and insecurity, and that the very sight of another man taking the time to show Sam some kindness and compassion rips into him “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.  (Then get in line behind me to pour the salt into his wounds!)

 As for Liz, I will say this, as I know you guys expect me to have an opinion on it: I think it is so pathetic that the only way writers can ever write these contrived Jason and Liz scenes is for Jason to completely go off the rails and be someone he himself wouldn’t recognize. I guess the writers were going for irony when they had Jason ask Liz if she would have lied, as we all know that was EXACTLY what she did when she had a secret to keep from Jason! And Liz answering that she didn’t know, and that’s why she didn’t visit him? O.M.G. I KNOW. WE ALL KNOW. We all could have answered for Liz. Of course she would have told Jason! Liz can only tell the truth about a secret when it isn’t her secret to tell, just like she did with telling Patrick Robin’s secret, and just like she’s always done in the past. Give me a break. 

It’s no wonder no one else in this house today would sit and watch my beloved soap, now stricken with D.I.D. Not even Vanessa would stay and watch after Jason yelled at Sam the first time. I think she may have even muttered a word that I would not have approved of to describe Jason as she stomped up the stairs!

I acted as though I didn’t hear it. If it was the word I think it was, it was true.

My concern is that just as in this house, people in lots of other houses may refuse to sit and watch a General Hospital they don’t recognize.

That they won’t watch something they can’t wrap their brains around.

That they’ll turn off their TVs and, like Vanessa, walk away from General Hospital.

The very thought of that wounds me “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

*pass the tissue, please*



Good morning, GHers!

This post must begin with a heartfelt *sigh*.

As a lifelong soaper, I usually take the token Dissociative Identity Disorder storyline that apparently must visit every soap town, and cause upheaval and drama for a few of its residents, in stride, I really do. Sometimes, I even love them. My God, I remember Jane Elliot (GH’s Tracy) playing Carrie on Guiding Light opposite Jerry Ver Dorn (OLTL’s Clint) as Ross, and the story had me riveted – even though I think I was about 10. 🙂

Through the years, I’ve held on even when the story lines wore on my patience and interest, only because I know that at some point, the patient with the disorder will either be treated, or shipped off to a mental institution, and the issues resulting from the disorder will be resolved.

THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS, for me, comes when it seems that the condition seems contagious.

Yes, I said it. Or at least I typed it.

And I mean it, too!

I found myself watching GH today thinking, “WHO THE HELL WAS THAT?” Is everyone in Port Charles suddenly suffering from some kind of personality disorder?

And listen, I am not even talking about Kate/Connie and now Carmen (Miranda)! Although, I heard myself take a really deep breath when Connie told Sonny she was now Carmen. I guess what bothered me most is that Sonny may not always be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I will tell you what: if my significant other randomly started calling himself by other names, while already under the care of a licensed psychiatrist, I would be backing out of that room while dialing said psychiatrist’s number! For Sonny to just think that Kate was suddenly turning into some kinky chick was just ridiculous! Sonny is bi-polar. Surely he knows what the beginnings of a breakdown look like in someone else, no?

What about Maxie? This is a tough one, because I am still trying to get used to seeing the lovely and talented Jen Lilley and registering her as Maxie. The fact that this Maxie is already so different is one thing, but to have Maxie completely break down and cop to killing her cousin in front of her grieving family – especially her young daughter? WHAT THE #&%$!  (And by the way, we all know that Liz is completely useless, but dear God, did she have to just sit there gawking at Maxie all that time when she should have been getting Emma to safety long before she did? Pffft. It made me want to bash her head in with Robin’s commemorative brick!) Maxie was obviously out of control from the moment she walked in. In fact, I was screaming for Father Coates to stand up out of that chair he was sitting in and perform an exorcism, because obviously, Maxie was possessed! Even for Maxie, it was just too damned much. Too damned selfish. Too damned thoughtless. Too damned hard to watch. But when Maxie hissed, “I’m Maxie Jones, and I am a murderer”, I rolled my eyes like a 5th grader, and walked out of the room. Who are these people?

I love Anna. I do. In spite of the fact that she hasn’t exactly been the best mom to Robin over the years, I do really love the way she mothers when she is around. The one thing I thought was a bit out of character was that Anna was back on the roof after days and says of watching her daughter’s husband struggle to envision his life without his wife, ripping him a new one over his affair with Lisa Niles! Oh how I wish she had out that much passion in telling Robert what a dirt bag he was for leaving town instead of attending his daughter’s funeral! Or how I wish Anna had actually been around more so that she wouldn’t have had to hear about this after her daughter was gone. And that barely disguised threat to take Emma from Patrick? Did she want Patrick to jump off the freakin’ roof? (asked in my best Chandler Bing voice!) Anna talked to Patrick about wanting to think about her daughter being happy, and always laughing. I am sorry, but I would need to do more than imagine that. I would need to be near my daughter a lot more than Anna was near Robin. At the very least, Anna could have kept tabs through Mac – there was no way Mac would’ve held back on the Lisa thing! The timing was completely off for me, and things got even darker for Patrick – and me – in a matter of seconds. And trust me when I tell you – darker is not better.

I know this was like the 5th day of Robin’s funeral, but Carly is the one who is DEAD TO ME. Carly’s personality disorder is different in that they are all rotten. I thought there was no way she could make me hate her more after Friday’s episode, but boy, was I wrong! That BITCH has sunken to an all new low. In my own life, I try to follow one very simple guiding principle when it comes to how to handle questionable behaviors from the people in my life. That is to try and understand the motives behind their actions. Very often, the people we care about do the wrong things for what they truly believe are the right reasons, and the right reasons are usually not self-serving. If Jason were to take a moment to do the same, he would soon realize that Carly’s motives were pure evil. Just as Johnny did before Carly jumped his bones for some celebration sex. *gags* Carly could not even keep her crocodile tears going long enough to feel sorry for Jason once he’d left the room. Once she was done trying to destroy his marriage to Sam, she was gloating triumphantly! It turned her on, and sent her running to John’s for a romp, instead of home to hold her daughter, thankful that Dr. Robin livelong enough to save her godfather, or I don’t know, celebrate the fact that Joss is alive and well a year after receiving Jason’s dead son’s kidney. Carly is the scum of the earth, and even if she offered her own kidney to Sam on a silver platter, she will never be redeemed in my eyes. Did you read that, Mr. Carlivati? NEVER!

There was only one thing that made me smile about today’s Jason and Sam scenes, and that just breaks my heart. Jason and Sam, their love, and that baby we’ve all been praying for since 2004 were the only rays of sunshine peeking through the massive storm clouds that seem to have rolled into Port Charles once more. That one thing, sadly had nothing to do with anything they said, or anything the writers wrote. It was actually a comment on the JaSam scenes uploaded to YouTube by ashleycramni. Check out the comment: Jason please do not make me come through this tv and smack one care that you are can be a lil upset, but you are being really selfish with your “BFF” Carly!! Carly comes in after the fact, but where was she when you were “dying” sleeping with Johnny.seriously grow up and be a is it me,but how is he up so fast and mad after having a complicated brain surgery?? Jason get it together and stop letting Carly run your life…SO SELFISH Robin come down and smack Comment by: mommiesangelej

To that, I say: AMEN!

I wanted to slap the shit out of Jason’s head.

I wanted Sam to take off one of her spiked heels and leave a piece of it in Jason’s brain where that piece of the dashboard used to be, because obviously removing that “inorganic matter” has caused pieces of his brain to fall out, and it needs to be plugged up.

I wanted her to tell Jason that he was right. His hypocritical ass wasn’t worth the sacrifice.

And when he said that maybe Carly did know him better, I wanted her to grow fangs like she did as Livvie and drain the life from his already dead soul. That Mother #%$^&#! 

Then . . .

I shut off my TV and did laps around my living room as I went over all the reasons I should start blogging about The Bold and The Beautiful, or retirement, or gardening in New Jersey!

And that was when the increase of oxygen helped to clear my own brain, and I realized that this is THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS. 

When we heard that the Misters Carlivati and Valentini were taking over the reigns at GH, we pleaded with them not to turn our beloved characters into people we didn’t recognize.

Unfortunately, that is what just happened right before our very eyes!

Surely Jason Morgan would not be so much of a hypocrite that he would forget that he did the exact same thing when Carly was pregnant and he couldn’t tell her that Claudia was responsible for Michael being shot! Or that he made the choice for Sam when she was shot in his arms and he decided that his life was suddenly too dangerous for her. Or when he decided that Sam would be too heartbroken to hear the truth about the lie that Liz told him when she lied for months and let him believe Lucky was her baby bump’s father, so he turned around and kept that from her, too. Were those his choices to make?

And certainly Jason would never, ever use Carly against Sam to hurt her! Not when she just sat by his bedside, willing him to live for the 69874095708374598643598th time, all while pregnant with the baby she wanted more than anything, and was scared it might not have been his because she might have been raped by his enemy while on their honeymoon!

No way. No how.

The Jason Morgan I know would never hold Sam to such an impossibly high standard when he himself could not live up to it. And the Jason Morgan I know would never purposely hurt Sam with careless words. Not again. Not after all they’ve overcome to find their way back to each other and start the life together that makes each of their halves complete!

So, yes, I am still pissed, and yes – I want to draw blood. But I have reset my sights on a new target for my anger and frustration: The idiot(s) who actually wrote this new, emerging personality disorder Jason is dealing with.

Whoever it was, they realized THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS for themselves when they got an earful from all of my own personalities.

  • They heard from the angry me, who refuses to be treated as though we should all have amnesia and not remember what our favorite characters are like.
  • They heard from the disappointed me, who trusted them to keep their word when they said they would honor the history of the characters on GH.
  • They heard from the me dealing with my anxiety disorder, who cannot stand idly by and watch the train wreck I fear is going to happen without screaming to get someone’s attention.
  • They heard from the emotional me, who is devastated at even the thought that our favorite couple could be written so drastically different that I feel as though they are lost.
  • And they heard from the teacher in me, who demanded that they do their homework, brush up on their history, and treat me with respect!

I am thinking that after all of that communication, they, like us, have now had their fill of personality disorders, too!

We can only hope!

YOUR HOMEWORK: Communicate, communicate, communicate! Let TPTB know exactly what’s on your mind – on all of your minds of all of your personalities. Silence is not an option here!

Much love from all of Me, Myself, and I,


“Not On My Watch!”

Morning, GHers!

Thanks for all the get well wishes. I don’t think it’s the flu, as it still hasn’t really taken me down. I am fighting my way through fevers throughout the night, and I still feel as though I have the chills throughout the day, but I still feel as though I am fighting whatever it is – and we’re locked in a battle that won’t end one way or the other. The silver lining is that I don’t think I’ve slept this much in 2 days in like 5 years! Whatever it is, I have lost the battle over energy, and cannot seem to keep my eyes open very long, and being the chronic insomniac I am, that is one symptom I will never complain about! I’ll take it! 😉

You know, “Not On My Watch” is a serious declaration to make. It’s actually a promise, really, and too often, one that no one can guarantee keeping.

Take Michael, for instance. Basically Michael met Starr after a very traumatic accident, and found her to be completely hysterical and desperate for help. Problem was, Starr had hurt her ankle, and could do nothing to aid in the rescue of her boyfriend and baby daughter. So Michael does the one thing that he has probably regretted since the moment the words left his lips. He promised to save them both for Starr. Michael was determined that the two people trapped in the car would not be lost to Starr…that Starr would not have to go through the agony that Michael is still trying to recover from when he lost the love of his life…Abby. NOT ON HIS WATCH. Too bad that’s exactly when it happened. Now Starr, in her unimaginable grief, will need someone to blame, and since Michael is already blaming himself, he will make it nice and easy for Starr to do just that. And knowing her family – including dear old dad, who just arrived in Port Charles, there will be no shortage of blame to go around! Look out.

It has been so nice to enjoy Kassie DePaiva onscreen again. She really is one of my all-time faves, ever since she played Chelsea Reardon on Guiding Light. I truly am so glad she is working, and doing what she does best! As a mom, Blair Cramer has lived with a promise that her children would be safe, and that no danger would befall them. NOT ON HER WATCH. Every mother declares that unrealistic promise – even if only to herself, the minute she lays eyes on her baby for the first time. The fact that this accident didn’t technically happen on Blair’s watch, as Starr is more than a big girl now, doesn’t really matter. Blair will still struggle with not being able to protect Starr, nit just from the accident itself, but from the loss of her own daughter. I felt awful for Blair, and wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone, much less a mother.

Am I the only one who gets beyond annoyed when Carly acts as though Jason and Sonny are hers to protect, and NOT ON HER WATCH will they be hurt? Perhaps this wouldn’t be so freakin’ maddening if she didn’t turn around and be the one to hurt them – especially Sonny, so often. I mean didn’t Carly hear her big, fat hypocritical self when she was talking about how Kate should have been there for Sonny after he got shot, but just a couple weeks ago, she was telling anyone who would listen that Sonny was a cold-blooded murderer at the party in her hotel? Carly should be banned from both of them until she has a run-in with reality!

John Zacchara undoubtedly has some serious magnetism. What is unfortunate, however, is that he seems to be a mega-magnet for all of the crazies! It’s a shame John doesn’t pursue higher education and a degree in psychiatry! Business would never be slow for Dr. McHairy-But-Hot, because he seems to be able attract mental patients all the time! In fact, other than Jason and Patrick, I am trying to recall if any other “normal” person has ever knocked on John’s door! It’s as if his motto could be that NO MENTAL CASE WILL GO UNNOTICED – NOT ON JOHN’S WATCH. When Connie-from-the-block(that’s what I always call Connie and Liv!) came lookin’ for some action, John had to wonder what it is about him that seems to call out to the unstable like a mating call. Hmmm. I think it was quite interesting  that Connie wants help from John in order to save Kate. This is going to make for some reheated bad blood between John and Sonny – to say the least. I guess we should all be thankful that Connie opted for the golden look of the ’80’s instead of the bloody wedding dress again.

Kate’s love life may be the least of Connie’s worries now that Cousin Dante has found the gun used to shoot out Anthony’s tires in Kate’s office. It seems that Kate is in for some pretty (no own intended) big trouble, because as we all know, unless Dante is in love with someone, they aren’t getting away with anything, much less murder! NOT ON HIS WATCH. I wonder if Connie was on a shooting spree the entire night, and the slugs found in Anthony’s tires won’t match the one found in Sonny’s shoulder. Talk about Bella Mafia – Connie may be able to head up her own rival mob family. She got more done in one night than Sonny’s gotten done as mob boss in five years!

Maybe Connie will go back to the office and get really pissed at Maxie and shoot her in the stiletto. Maxie deserves no less for the way she;s treating Spin, the one person who is determined that she will not be forced to get through this tragedy alone – NOT ON HIS WATCH. I get that Maxie is grieving, but when she told Spin to just go home and pack, when all he has done is stand by her through it ALL, I wished Matt would walk in wreaking of Liz’s cheap perfume, just so that she could get a wake-up call about whom Matt was comforting FIRST!

How do I know it’s cheap perfume she wears? What else would she wear, considering she is over at Patrick’s, acting like some cheap excuse of a “fill-in” for Robin! It irks the crap out of me that she is making food for Patrick, answering his door, and fielding his visitors, especially when I don’t even think she’s fed her own kids herself in months! Patrick should be left to deal with his daughter among FAMILY, not the chick who agreed to take over for Robin once before! We all know how Liz’s mind works. There will never be a grieving, devastated man who will have to suffer alone. NOT ON HER WATCH. It kinda gave me the creeps when Liz was telling Matt, Patrick’s brother, what “they” told Emma about Robin’s death. Yuck! I mean –  other than allowing Cameron to nearly burn Robin and Emma alive at Emma’s birthday party at Mac’s a couple of years ago, I cannot think of one contribution Liz has made to Emma’s life thus far. I would think it would be completely freaky for Emma to have Liz all over that. This whole concerned neighbor act just makes her look even more opportunistic than we already believed her to be. I am half expecting her to start flipping pancakes while wearing Robin’s robe! *shakes head*

I guess the only person to really have the purest and sincerest motives when he declared, “NOT ON MY WATCH!” was Luke when he shouted it at his old friend, Robert. Luke was determined to not lose the friend that helped make him who he is, and of all who thought it, Luke was the only one I believed. Mr. Carlivati has done a SUPERB job of FINALLY understanding that taking advantage of GH’s long legacy isn’t just about bringing vets back to the show, it’s what they do while in Port Charles that counts! This time around Robert wasn’t chasing some monkey in search of an antidote to some bizarre virus, he was taking us all back to the hey-days of GH, when friendships, even between men, were strong and important, and written. The dialogue between Luke and Robert was deep, and relevant, and so true to who these characters once were to each other. As a lifelong viewer, I felt honored that the writers took that much care in reaching me where it counts – the heart.

Soaps are about heart, and when that’s lost, so are viewers.

I give Mr. Carlivati all the credit in the world for trying to find GH’s heart again. My hope is that he gets the chance to do just that for years to come!

Losing our only remaining ABC soap is not something we are ready to accept!


Much love,


TGIF, GHers!

I hope you are all looking forward to an awesome weekend!

Sometimes in life, we are faced with situations, or even people, that are HARD TO BELIEVE. No matter how we try, no matter how we deal or react, some things will remain downright HARD TO BELIEVE.

Holly Scorpio is one of those people who creates one of those situations that make her HARD TO BELIEVE. One really can’t blame Luke or Ethan for not believing a word out of her mouth, and even when they finally do, it won’t make it any easier for them to accept. How will Ethan feel when he finds out that Robin, not Lulu, was the sister he should have been getting to know all along? And how devastated will he be when he finds out that it’s too late for any of that? That Robin is gone? I’m not sure Holly would or should be forgiven. Her reasons for lying to Ethan and Luke were purely selfish, and no apology in the world can buy back time.

Robert Scorpio was a man on a mission unlike any other he’s ever taken on before. While every mission Robert takes on is dangerous, none will ever be as dangerous as this one was – to his heart. For Robert, the second he heard the devastating news from Anna, it was HARD TO BELIEVE that Robin could really be gone. “She doesn’t make mistakes,” he said to Anna. Robert could just not wrap his brain around the fact that something like her life’s work – saving people – could ever cost her her own life! I am not sure that it was intuition, or a long life of understanding that some things require proof beyond a reasonable doubt that caused Robert to need to see Robin’s remains, but I totally got it. It didn’t seem that anyone else got it, as poor Mac tried to protect his brother from seeing the one thing that would tear his heart out. Mac begging Robert to understand what Robin would have wanted, how he would know because he raised her for more years than Robert had, was heartbreaking, wasn’t it? It’s too bad that big brother still seems to have the upper hand when it comes to besting his little brother. Mac was down for the count, and by the time he could get himself together, it was too late. Robert was already inside and had locked the door behind him. Wow. Those were some spellbinding moments with Robert in the morgue, willing himself to lift the sheet and face his greatest fear. Tristan Rogers proved that he’s still got what it takes to scoop us all up and take us along a journey! I was in tears as he fell apart, and when he actually saw “Robin”, I lost it when she asked him where he was when she needed him most. I have convinced myself that the “Robin” everyone is seeing is really the voice of their own conscience – and isn’t it completely apropos that conscience would take on her form? Robert was struggling with the cold, hard truth that he had basically abandoned his daughter, and so when he saw “her”, that is what he had to face. I thought that moment where the hand was sticking out of the sheet, and “Robin” put it back under was brilliant! Robert was broken, and I am sure that so were most of us! Not many shows have the longstanding history and connection with a group of actors that have the power to reel us in and make us feel all the sadness they are. I am so proud of GH for finally capitalizing on that! Even when Anna got the tex message from Robert, where he told her he couldn’t do this, that he loved her, and good-bye, forced a lump into my throat all over again! Thanks, Mr. Rogers and Ms. Hughes, for being willing to come back and making this tragedy about the important things: family and love.  It’s what The Beauty of GH is all about.

Poor, poor Patrick. HARD TO BELIEVE doesn’t even begin to explain what he’s thinking right now. Literally – one minute he and Robin were happy and enjoying the prospects of a long, happy life together,and the next minute, Robin is gone, leaving him with very little to look forward to at all. It’s no wonder Patrick can’t stop crying. I loved hearing Patrick talk to Anna about Robin, and how she didn’t like him at first. Those were some classic moments, and it’s great when our favorite characters can look back and make us recall those moments right along with them. I also loved hearing Anna talk about Robin – reminding us all of the little girl we watched grow up right before our very eyes. It’s nice that Patrick actually has someone who feels the same, devastating loss that he does. I loved that Anna offered to help him break the news to Emma, and that she respected his decision to do it alone. I think Patrick and Anna have always had the kind of relationship most sons-in-law could only dream of.

I must tell you that what happened next at the Drake home really was more than just a little HARD TO BELIEVE for me. I get that Liz wanted to stop by and see her friend, Patrick, and to express her sincerest condolences, I really do. I get that she would give him a peck talk on how much Emma needed him. That’s where the “getting” stopped. I will never “get” what the hell Liz was thinking when Emma came into the room looking for her mom, and Patrick took his daughter in his arms and prepared to tell her the biggest thing he’ll ever tell her, and Liz didn’t wish him the best, and LEAVE. Perhaps is the writers wanted us to believe that Liz actually had some kind – any kind – of relationship with Emma, we might have been shown some of those moments. Even a warm hello at the hospital might have helped. But watching Liz watch Patrick and Emma during such a private moment, and then swooping in to add her (stupid) two cents only pissed me off! I was so upset by her intrusion that I nearly forgot to be devastated for Patrick and Emma! In fact, I had to go back and listen to Patrick talking to Emma before I actually got emotional again. Liz ruined the moment for me. (I bet that’s NOT HARD TO BELIEVE.) If anyone had to be there with Patrick, it should have been Anna, not this piranha, who can smell a vulnerable, suffering man as if he were bloody bait. Hey, Liz, how about you go home and deal with your own vulnerable, apparently freezing kids, who’ve already lost so much?

I am hoping Dr. Keenan gave up on trying to fix Liz’s furnace, and went instead to the hospital to try to find some information on any shooting victims brought in to the hospital, so that he could try to track down the woman who should be his newest patient. Kate is flicking personalities on and off faster than a light switch. She obviously needs help, and I don’t think it’s the kind Sonny (or his lovemaking) can provide. Kate’s mental instability makes her unable to stick to a decision about Sonny or their relationship, and I imagine that’s not the most dangerous of her decisions. Yes, Dr. Keenan needs to get to work on helping Kate – and fast!

Some of you may find this HARD TO BELIEVE but I am actually liking Johnny and Carly. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I’d always rather see John in amorous situations, and I always rather see Carly five miles from Jason and Sam. Unfortunately, now that Carly took the time to check the weather, if not check in on her children, and knows that Robin is dead, I have a feeling that The Morgans’ peace and quiet while Jason recuperates is over. Damn.

 It’s actually still a little HARD TO BELIEVE just how much I look forward to the next episode of General Hospital these days! HARD TO BELIEVE, but NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND WHY!


“Don’t Even Think About It”…

Good morning, GHers!

Is everyone still reveling in all the LOVE from Valentine’s Day? I hope so! Forgive my absence yesterday – it was my wedding anniversary, and for those of you who know me best – we tend to celebrate EVERYTHING in our family almost to excess. So, my hubby took time to celebrate with me, and there was just no way that I could, in good conscience, not take some time off from my “work” to do the same.

However, please let me say that I LOVE YOU ALL! I love your kindness and support, and I LOVE the time we spend together!

Are you guys loving the way General Hospital is moving along these days? I feel as though the “loooong days” in Port Charles have finally caught up with real-time, and the stories are finally moving full steam ahead! If you know someone who isn’t watching, THIS is the time to get them to tune in to DAYTIME’S BEST! If each one of us pulls in just ONE new viewer, we are going to be in great shape!

I am extremely proud of our beloved soap, and I am also very hopeful that it can be saved from the same fate that met so many of our other soaps.

Speaking of storylines that are moving full steam ahead – some are moving so fast, that it’s causing people to slow things down in certain situations, and in others, it’s making people say, “Don’t Even Think About It!”

I know that I cannot be the only one who felt NOT A DROP of sympathy for Elizabeth’s Walk of Shame out of the hospital. What Liz did in getting drugs for Lucky was wrong on so many levels, as far as I’m concerned. But if you are torn, my grandpa would always say, “When in doubt about whether something is really right or wrong, you have to examine one’s motives.” And Liz’s motives were all wrong! I was actually pretty upset when she seemingly got away with stealing drugs from the hospital without any consequences, other than the consequences Lucky had to deal with. I mean, she had already gotten away with so much – giving Siobhan the wrong meds, being part of the reason Siobhan fell down the stairs,being THE REASON for the accident that ultimately cost Siobhan her life, caused Jason to nearly be killed, and Carly to be thrown from the car – all while she was able to run away without a scratch. As far as I am concerned, it was past time that Little Miss Can-Do-No-Wrong finally had to pay the piper on SOMETHING! It seems that Monica and the hospital board, at the very least, wanted to send a clear message to Liz that when it comes to thinking she can get away with just about anything… “Don’t Even Think About It!”

Unfortunately, already we see that someone is already paying a higher price than Liz. Maxie was caught red-handed by Liz’s new attorney, Dr. Matt Hunter, and was tried and convicted as he became her judge. Matt seems to get on my nerves more and more with each passing day, and I am waiting with fingers crossed that Liz will show Matt exactly how much it costs to defend her. Matt, in his jaded superiority, leveled Maxie with his “Don’t Even Think About It!” when it came to messing with his Madonna and her saintly pursuit of supporting her two children. Boy, how I wish someone would tell Matt that Liz wouldn’t have to worry about their support a day in her life if she hadn’t greedily ad stupidly invested every penny of their $5 million “dirty mob money” trust fund.

Which is why Maxie may quickly come to regret how quickly she seemed to send the “Don’t Even Think About It!” message to her faithful, constant supporter, Spinelli. I really don’t understand how Maxie doesn’t realize how much this is hurting Spin. It’s obvious to me that his heart clenches painfully every time she throws in his face how she is fighting tooth and nail for someone as undeserving of her affections as Matt, when she barely lifted a finger in effort for their relationship, and no one was more deserving of an effort than her former non-spouse. 😦

I wanna give major props to GH for improving on something CRUCIAL to our satisfaction as viewers! TJ was said to have a learning disability. It has been a couple of weeks now, and we have actually seen Molly try to find different ways to help TJ deal with his disability. She has been researching his issues, and explained that a disability like TJ’s could cause anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt! Imagine if just one person who has a loved one exhibiting those signs when it comes to learning was watching, and is now able to connect the dots and get tat loved one help! Add to that that our writers actually included an authentic learning strategy – and that Molly actually referred to SQ3R (Survey | Question | Read | Recite | Review). I get excited to think of the possibilities this storyline may have just opened up for students, or even adults, struggling with a disability like TJ’s! I imagine that people actually went to their computers and looked up SQ3R, and now a whole new world of help is available to those who need it, and may never have heard of it, if not for our GH! I love it when storylines actually have follow-up and follow-through! And I know that like for many of you, it’s a great thing to see GH address a learning issue! LOVE IT! That being said, if TJ even thinks of hurting my beloved Molly, especially after all she’s done for his ungrateful butt, I have a serious warning for him, and I think Jason would back me up on it: “Don’t Even Think About It!”

Carly and Kate as business partners is going to make for some explosive moments, and some good, solid story ahead, don’t you all think? Kate is going to push all of Carly’s buttons, and Carly is going to ride Kate’s ass like nobody’s business. And Sonny is going to be right in the middle – whether he likes it or not. (And I think he likes it way more than he’s willing to admit, being the alpha male he is) I like the push and pull between Kate and Carly. Kate starting the party planning without control-freak Carly was just the perfect twist of the knife in Carly;s still raw wound over losing half of the hotel to Kate. And Carly reminding both Kate and Sonny of just how hot and steamy their Valentine’s Days were was perfectly Carly – as they were perfectly crude. I am going to enjoy this for as long as it lasts, but if it’s crossed your mind that this is as down and dirty as this is going to get – “Don’t Even Think About It!” These two haven’t even taken their gloves off yet. Just wait ’til the real battle begins. I can only hope that this new obsession continues to keep Carly out of The Morgan’s business.

We were almost able to keep Carly out of the hospital until Robin unwittingly let the cat out of the bag. As much as I cringed when she told Carly, Robin gets a free pass from me this time. She has a lot on her mind. She is just getting to the point where she can take a deep breath about her health and her future again. She and Patrick are still in the process of rebuilding their marriage, and putting Lisa Niles behind them for good. She is a wife, mother, daughter, and busy doctor, and she is at the hospital fighting to save Jason’s life, even though her mother just dropped in for a long, overdue visit. How many o you git a little choked up over Anna and Robin’s reunion. I played my own montage of memories in my head as I watched (since GH still hasn’t figured out how much money they could save by using more flashbacks). There is such a wealth of memories between these two characters – from the time when Robin was barely older than Emma! It makes me sad that this visit from Anna won’t always be as happy as those first moments they shared at Robin’s. It makes me want to write Kimberly McCullough a desperate letter saying, “Don’t Even Think About It!” Don’t even THINK about breaking our hearts by braking up this fabulous reunion, or tearing apart one of the cutest families on daytime! Yet, I understand that Kimberly has given us some of the best years of her life, and she deserves to be able to move on, and do whatever makes her feel passionate and purposeful. She will be missed immensely, though. I hope she knows just how much.

Poor Jason and Sam. They get to smile for about a minute, and then have to pay it back in tears and terror. *sigh* Sam is figuring out that Jason’s condition is far worse than just some swelling on the brain, and she is understandably pissed! I love it when Sam gives Jason hell, just like a real wife would! Jason cam dangerously close to falling victim to an old, dangerous habit of protecting Sam “for her own good”, and to “keep her safe”. Sam has never asked Jason to do that. Sam has never wanted to be protected at the cost of keeping their relationship open and honest, and when she realizes that Jason was towing the line on going back to that dreaded place, she was dead serious when she let him know “Don’t Even Think About It!” This is just another one of the million reasons Jason and Sam resonate with us. They are so real and incredibly practical that one tends to forget they are actors. I felt Sam’s anger and worry all rolled into one, and I could see that she was hanging by a thread when she was fighting to keep Jason from shutting down on her.

As usual, Sam’s love wins out, and is able to move Jason to overcome  his biggest fear – which is to drag Sam into his nightmare, and tell her the truth, even though he wants more than anything to protect her from it! I think there was a HUGE collective sigh of relief across the world as Jason finally let go and told Sam the truth. I know some of us were worried even from reading the article where Steve said Jason kept the truth from at first. We have been burned badly in the past because of secrets, and we just don’t want ANY between them this time around. Sam could barely wrap her exhausted brain around the Franco news before Robin and Patrick came in with the somber news that Jason is running out of time. Jeez. Sam had to use her powers of persuasion once more to keep Jason in that bed, and in that hospital, long enough for Robin to blow herself up help him, but she wasn’t the only one who had to do some convincing. Before she could leave her husband to go back home in search of the DVD that sent Jason crashing to the floor, Jason asked her to bring the DVD back to the hospital, and not watch it by herself. Jason was saying to his wife that if she was considering confronting her own worst nightmare on her own, “Don’t Even Think About It!” Jason may be a bit sidelined right now, but nothing will derail him from protecting Sam and their unborn baby!

I had an urge to go back and relive the Fall of 2005 on GH, because if there is one thing Jason and Sam are professionals at, it’s fighting like hell for one another. I wanted to remind myself that in spite of all the tears and the pain 2005 brought us, it was one of the most defining years for Jason and Sam’s EPIC LOVE STORY. So if any of you are temped to fret about what the future holds for Jason and Sam, “Don’t Even Think About It!”


Love you,


It’s Enough To Bring You To Your Knees

TGIF, GHers!

Today I got the sweetest of deliveries! 

Aly, our very own JaSam Princess, and sweet-as-Girl-Scout-Cookies daughter of our friend, Jenn, sent me a CORB ORIGINAL CREATION! She and her mom made me a pink/black tie-dye t-shirt to wear in celebration of JaSam and their FABULOSITY! It matches perfectly with the JaSam bracelet given to me by Steph, and as I sit here typing and wearing both, I feel very JaSam Empowered!

I will have to get Karina to photograph it so that I can post it and have you all admire it!


I have a feeling I will be smiling through the night!


Almost as amazing as my JaSam Power Tee was Thursday’s episode of General Hospital! We got another nicely balanced, well-written episode with a little something for everyone, and for me, it fills my heart with hope for our favorite soap!

Someone probably not filled with hope would be Spinelli. I think it has become crystal clear that Maxie is completely focused on Matt romantically right now, and though Spin had tried to use that to his advantage by using their scheming time to just score more time with his former non-wife, I think his jig may be up. I did feel badly for Spin, because I kinda knew this was coming, and I knew that he’d be hurt. No matter how much time goes by, for Spin, watching Maxie walk away and into the arms of another love is enough to bring Spin to his knees.  

Too bad Maxie’s object of affection isn’t really worth her effort…or her attachment. Probably because he is already attached in every way but physically, to Liz. Maxie sees it. Maxie knows it. Yet, I am not sure it’s as much about Maxie loving Matt as it is that I think Maxie refuses to be bested by a “frumpy”  MFMO. Unfortunately for Maxie, she tends to get a little tunnel-vision-y when it comes to how she thinks things should be, and with that tunnel vision comes desperation, and with her desperation come the mistakes. Case in point? Maxie going to Dr. Keenan to get him to make a more decisive play for Nurse Webber right after making a deal with Matt to stop the games altogether, was a really dumb move. Especially since Matt was right there to witness her unraveling, and in opinion, that was more than he is worth. Yet, for her, the idea of being broken up with – especially for Liz, is enough to bring Maxie to her knees. 

If only Maxie had realized that Ewan’s current course was the best possible scenario for her plan to keep Liz away from Matt! Most of us know that the one thing that guarantees Liz’s interest, and ultimately burning desire, is the man who seems unattainable. As I expertly predicted, Liz was lightning quick to brush off Matt’s interest in the presence of her therapist/dinner date/fellow art enthusiast. Yet the minute Ewan was gone, Liz made sure to turn on her saccharin-sweet laughter just enough to keep Matt playing along. “Are you jealous”, she asked him coyly. Oh please, you slut, you are banking on just that! And sadly, it worked. Matt was all over her like white on rice, which gave Liz the boost she needed to be a little bolder with Ewan. If she had told him ONE MORE TIME how much she enjoyed that art exhibit, I would have jumped through the screen and dragged her butt back to the gallery and pinned her to a painting – any painting. I mean how transparent can she be? She finally got around to asking Ewan if he wanted to do it again, and he ignored the proposition and left her standing there like the fool I’ve always known her to be. However, THAT kind of aloof reaction is exactly what turns Liz on, and mark my words, if he keeps her chasing, it’ll be just enough to bring Liz to her knees.

A tortured John Zacchara is enough to bring ME to my knees. He makes me want to write a smutty romance novel around a hero that looks exactly like him! It’s no wonder he makes the older women want to take care of and baby him! Carly is in way over her head with John, and I’m not sure she realizes it. Carly is no stranger to animal attraction or purely sexual affairs, but with John it’s become much more, and it happened under her radar. I think John has realized that he has Carly a little off her game, and I think his challenging her on why she hasn’t signed her divorce papers was about trying to figure out just how off  she really was. In the end, Carly wants to take care of John, but deep down, if it ever comes down to John taking care of her, it will absolutely be enough to bring Carly to her knees!

Patrick is quite the enigma, isn’t he? Once known as the McSlutty of General Hospital, and the furthest thing from “ideal hubby and daddy” one could imagine, Patrick has turned all of that around. Here he was, late at night, standing in the freezing cold, just so that he could show his wife the site of their future dream home. I only wish that Patrick had talked to Lucky before doing that, as that very same gesture turned out disastrously for Lucky. I kinda felt sad that it’s almost assured that it won’t turn out that well for the Drakes, either. Luckily for them, every moment they have together right now with that ultra-adorable Emma is as close to perfection as they can get. It’s just that I know that the loss of his well-planned dream life with Robin will most definitely bring Patrick to his knees.

I have decided that since Nelson wasn’t watching with me today, the next time he and I argue about whose family gets to host Thanksgiving, I am going to go sit in front of my mirror, put on deep red lipstick in painfully slow strokes, let down my elaborately done updo, and smile eerily at my reflection. That should freak him out, huh? I know if Sonny had seen Kate, he would’ve said something like, “What kind of creepy, freaky crap is this?” (like he did in this hysterical scene at 1:22). *tears of laughter streaming down my face* Oh, Lord. GH has such a rich history! 😉 All kidding aside, I was wondering how long it would take before Sonny stopped smiling about the prospect of Kate snatching the hotel right out from under the mother of his children, and start going ballistic about Kate “betraying him”. To make it worse, Sonny envisioned Kate and Jax cavorting at the airport together while they sealed the deal with sex because he is still not over the fact that Brenda left him with Jax! Just the thought of Jax having a two point advantage in their game of Shared Women is more than enough to bring Sonny to his knees! It’s too bad that all of the Corinthos Women didn’t leave a written transcript of their time with Sonny. It could have all been kept in some giant, leather-bound diary, kind of like the one they used in the intro of All My Children, and as their time in Sonny’s life came to an end, they could have written down their thoughts for the next woman – or women. Perhaps then one of these women would have learned form a predecessor that Sonny doesn’t take betrayal well. Add to that mess the fact that Kate really is having some mental health issues of her own, and that fight they had at the restaurant could have landed them in the same wing at Shadybrook. I am wondering what compels Kate to keep that blood-soaked dress in that armoire after all this time. Especially since every time she dares to unlock the memories the dress evokes, it’s obviously enough to bring Kate to her knees.

I am not sure who was in charge of making sure that  Jason and Sam kiss at the end of each scene, but heavens above, it’s enough to bring me to my knees – in gratitude! Jason and Sam are The Beauty of GH! These past couple of days for Jason and Sam have healed the deep wounds Franco’s twisted storyline inflicted – and I was a fan of Franco once upon a time! Their time alone was so long overdue, and so desperately needed, by us, as well as them! It’s amazing, but their scenes are so realistic, that I honestly think Kelly Monaco is GLOWING! She looks more and more stunning with every passing day! She must be enjoying this story as much as we are! 😉 How wonderful it is to hear Mr. & Mrs. Morgan talking about pregnancy-related stuff, and how awesome to watch them bonding with their baby already. Every time Jason touched Sam’s belly, I get a lump in my throat. This is such a special time for both of them, and Jason will finally get to be there for all of the important moments in his baby’s existence! I am convinced more than ever that it’s a girl, as I had that “all day sickness” Sam refers to with both my girls. 😉 It’s adorable that Jason is enjoying every second, and looking forward to whatever comes next! More than anything, I am thrilled that they finally had the time to focus on each other, on their baby, and on finding their happy place again before taking on the rest of what life has in store for them back in Port Charles.

We have all been waiting for these moments – where Jason is fussing over Sam, and making sure that she is well taken care of, eating healthy, getting enough rest, and feeling loved. Whether he knew it or not, this is exactly what he gave Sam during her pregnancy with Lila back in 2004. Oh, how I missed those beautiful moments! When Jason walked her over to their dining room table, sat her down, and told her he was going to take care of her, my heart skipped a beat. He loves his wife so much, and wants to give her everything she needs in order for her to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. And when Sam looked up at him, and said, “This is how it should have been when I found out I was pregnant. He’s robbed us of so much”, she was speaking for all of us! That’s exactly how we felt! Now just imagine how it would rock Sam’s world to realize that Franco had invaded yet another part of their life in order to leave that wrapped baby gift. After a traumatic event like the one Sam is finally recovering from, finding out that Franco had been in their space would be horrifying! It would most certainly be enough to bring Sam to her knees in fear.

As if Sam doesn’t have enough to worry, or feel unsure about. While trying really hard to keep from nagging Jason, Sam needs for him to make sure that he is going to be well enough to enjoy their baby for years and years to come. She can’t handle the thought of anything going wrong right now when they finally have everything they’ve ever wanted, and she finally has everything she ever dreamed. How would Sam feel knowing that whatever is wrong with him is serious enough to bring Jason to his knees?

Only time will tell…let’s do everything we can to  make sure that GH has enough time to tell all of these stories for years to come!

Have a fantastic weekend!



Hola, GHers!

I will admit that Tuesday’s GH felt a little empty without our Morgan Family, but I guess the writers are trying to keep us wanting more.


Mission Accomplished, writers!

Port Charles was full of good news…and bad news.

Patrick and Robin FINALLY got the good news they’d been praying and waiting for…Robin’s new drug protocol is working, and her HIV is under control once more. What a great day for the Drakes, huh? Patrick and Robin can stop living in fear of losing what they have worked so hard to build together for their family, and for Emma. That is good news! The bad news is that just like their plans for a special hot date night were cut short, Patrick and Robin’s happiness and future may also be cut short thanks to something completely unrelated to Robin’s illness! 😦

So Spinelli seems to have remembered that he is one half of a Private Investigation Firm, and is actually doing some investigating in order to protect Maximista from another one of her messes. Spin went to see the Mob Prince, only to realize that his nicknames for people may be more of an annoyance than an endearment, and promises to make strides towards simplifying. That sounded like good news to John. For Spin, the good news was that John was willing to betray his father in order to help his old friend, Maxie. However the bad news was that in the end, there was really nothing he could do to help Spinelli or Maxie. John was on the up and up when he said he had no idea what their connection was, and once again, John reminded me that deep down beneath all of that hairy mobster, there really is a heart of gold; even if he doesn’t want to own it.

Speaking of Maxie, what I am sure she saw as the good news is that Matt seemed to want to work things out with her. When Matt pushed for Maxie to let “this thing” with Liz go, Maxie challenged that she would if he would. *snap* Matt made a lot of excuses for Liz, and even more excuses for himself, but Maxie wants this to work, so she convinces herself that it will. The bad news  for Maxie is that once at the Metro Court, Matt no longer seemed that interested in letting go of  “this thing” with Liz at all. In fact, he seemed to be completely unwilling to even let go of watching her every move with Dr. Keenan. Let’s hope the bad news helps Maxie to rid herself of the bad boyfriend.

I guess the good news regarding Liz is that she was caught between her rock, Matt, and her hard place, Ewan. Both men seemed to sense that Liz was playing the field a little wider than she had led each one to believe. The bad news for both of them is that unless they fail to recognize that this is who Liz really is, they will always be part of some kind of threesome. Is she really worth the trouble?

Wow, threesomes seem to be a hot topic in PC! There was some good news for Sonny and Kate, as they were able to get over their “threesome” issue, and were back in PC, enjoying dinner at the Metro Court. Sonny is moving ahead with his plan to donate a pulmonary wing in his son, Dante’s name, whether he wants it or not., and Kate is standing solidly behind him on his decision. For Sonny, that is good news, as he hasn’t done so well in recent history scoring support from the women in his life. Too bad there inevitably has to be some bad news. This is Sonny, after all. One of the (apparent many) secrets Kate is keeping involves Sonny’s mortal enemy, Jax. Though I give Kate credit for trying to tell Sonny before they were interrupted and Sonny was called away, I would bet Sonny might argue that she had plenty of time to come clean before then. And he’d be right.

If Sonny is going to think Kate’s secret is bad news, that doesn’t even begin to describe how Carly is going to feel about it! If Jax was looking for the perfect non-violent way to get back at Carly, he couldn’t have done better than selling his part of the Metro Court to Kate! I think it will sting even more for Carly since finding this out will come directly on the heels of taunting Kate with not getting her lease for her Crimson offices renewed.  There’s no way Kate will be able to resist throwing her big secret right in Carly’s face. Carly kinda asked for it, but Kate better watch out, because we know one thing Carly never learned in preschool was sharing!  It’s a good thing Carly got SOME good news before having her world turned upside down in that her son has finally forgive her for lying about Jax. Carly convinced Michael to understand that she lied about Jax being alive in order to protect him so that someday he will have a chance to reunite with his family. Now I wonder if Carly is about to become the biggest threat to Jax’s life.

Both good news and bad news are a guaranteed part of life. How we deal with each determines how fulfilling our lives will feel. Taking both good news and bad news in stride is what has separated the characters we love from the characters we love to bitch about. I think it has also determined the characters, and of course, the couples who have stolen our hearts, and made us the most loyal of fans.

The good news? It’s the best part of being a soap fan.

The bad news? We’d be lost without them.


“This Is It!”…

Well, GHers… “This Is It!”

This is the day we had all been waiting for! This is the news we had all been anticipating! And these were the reactions we had dreamed about for 8 LONG YEARS!  

I am still smiling, as a matter of fact! 

We’ll get to that in a few, but first let me say that it appeared that crucial moments seemed to be taking place all over the General Hospital canvas.

“This Is It” wasn’t exclusive to the blissful Morgans or their fans. It was declared in more ways than one.

Maxie has been playing one dangerous game after another, and they can get kind of exhausting, don’t you think? Matt seems really annoyed by Maxie’s games, especially since he already has his wandering eyes on Liz. Here’s the thing. If I were Maxie, I would not be playing any games with Matt or FOR Matt’s benefit. If Matt can’t decide on his own that Maxie is worth fighting for, and worth fighting less over Liz, then he’s just not worth Maxie’s efforts, because he’s obviously “not that into Maxie”! It rubbed me the wrong way that Matt issued that “This Is It” moment to Maxie, especially when he has been playing games with Liz all along – just not as obviously as his girlfriend! Maxie needs to take stock of the men in her life, and she needs to ask herself whether or not being in a relationship always requires this much effort – or this much scheming.

I cannot really blame Spin for being an eager and willing participant in this latest game Maxie is playing because Spin is kinda playing his own game here, and desperately wants to be the winner. Spin believes that if he could just remind his Maximista here and there about how good they were when they were good, she will finally be able to see past the mistakes that led to their demise, and she will be able to recognize that when it comes to finding Love that feels good “This Is It!” 

Was I the only one slapped by the irony of Liz talking to Spin about Maxie using him while she is using Matt to get under Maxie’s skin? *shaking my head* Ummm, Liz? Put that stone down before your glass house comes crashing to the ground all around you! “This Is It!” This is the crap this chick pulls that makes my eye twitch! Clearly, Liz is stringing Matt along for some company, some occasional dinner whether it be on the roof or a restaurant, some flattery, some moral support, or whatever else she needs at the moment. Yet the minute she catches a glimpse of Ewan, or hears anything about him – such as that he’s living with his patient out on Spoon Island, or whenever Jason creates a blip on her radar, Liz immediately goes back to treating Matt more like a nuisance – or an overzealous fan. I CANNOT STAND IT! 

I am not sure if my mind was so tuned in and focused on what was going on over at The Morgans’, but I was a little lost with what was going on in Chicago with Sonny and Kate. Please understand something. I have been pretty darned supportive of Sonny and Kate. Anything that gets Sonny flashing those dimples and smiling about more than threatening someone will get my support. Anything that gets Sonny to remind us of why he has long been considered a romantic lead will get enthusiastic support. This renewed relationship between Sonny and Kate/Connie, or whoever she is, managed to accomplish both those things, and therefore, I was happy to support this pairing. However, I was thrown for a bit of a loop with the goings-on between them today. I got that Kate is (rather suddenly) having a bit of an issue merging both of her personas, but is she also having a bit of an issue with a different personality? Someone who sneaks off in the middle of the night with her hair down, to pick up strangers at the bar? I had to chuckle when Sonny said to Kate, “You know what? You’ve gotta take it easy with me right now.” Sonny’s own mental health is always in a delicate state, and watching him try to manage what seemed to be a mental health moment for her scared him a bit. I think at that moment, where Kate kinda flipped over the Kate/Connie issue, and which one Sonny wants, he thought, “This Is It! I’ll just call her by a smoosh name, like KatNie, and end the drama!” I am not sure that Sonny and Kate are going to be able to make this work. Between their therapy needs, and their highs and lows, they are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride!

If I were any less happy about today’s revelations for Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, I might have a bone to pick with TPTB! My goodness they dragged out that moment as long as they possibly could! As someone who was counting down the hours starting on Friday at 4 pm, I sat down at 2:58 after shutting off my phone, drawing my blinds shut in case anyone came to the door, and preparing with a snack to deal with my nervousness, a box of tissues to wipe up my emotional mess, and a drink to replace the fluids lost while crying. As soon as General Hospital came on the screen, I thought, “This Is It!”

When it came to finally hearing the answer to the most important question they’ve ever had to ask, I heard Sam herself acknowledge breathlessly, “This Is It.” There was so much to love about finally getting what we’ve hoped for, dreamed about, and probably even doubted we’d ever get from time to time!

I loved that Jason and Sam were both so tense, as if their very lives depended on the words that would come out of Dr. Lee’s mouth. I loved hearing that their baby is healthy and developing normally. I loved that Sam was trying to hold Jason together as they struggled to be patient with Dr. Lee’s long-winded breakdown of the facts. I loved that Sam asked if this was definite, and if this one test would determine with absolute certainty who the father is. I loved that Jason, the mobster, sat there with his hands folded, and his eyes closing, as if he were in fervent prayer. I loved that when Dr. Lee finally FINALLY uttered the words we were ALL holding our breath over (not because we didn’t already known but because even the sound of our breathing might make us miss something), both Jason and Sam exhaled eight years worth of waiting for this very moment, just like us! And oh, Lord! How I loved their individual reactions! Jason almost afraid to believe, and Sam doing her blubbering, stammering, rambling thing – making sure that she didn’t misunderstand her doctor! Their reactions were so different, yet so perfectly them! And then Sam stood, and Jason followed, and she said, “Baby”, and they finally came together, leaving aside their individual reactions, and reacting together, sharing in the absolute joy of finding out they created a life in love at last! What a beautiful moment! *wiping tears*

It felt so real to me. I felt that I myself was sharing in the fabulous news of good friends. I wished I could hug them – even Steve and Kelly, because any moment that brings this much happiness and excitement to this many people, even a fictional moment, deserves our love and appreciation!

I loved everything else that followed the big news. I loved that they both had a moment of almost reverence, where they couldn’t do anything but hold on to each other and weep, I loved that they followed that up by not being able to stop smiling! I loved that Jason was bouncing up and down like a 3-year-old, and I loved that Sam hugged Dr. Lee as if she loved her! LOL!

I loved that Dr. Lee gave them a nanosecond of panic when she told them she “had one more” for them, and I loved how they reacted. I loved that they could have found out the sex of their baby, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I even loved that they decided to not find out. It showed something that I myself was feeling at the moment. I felt like my heart wouldn’t be able to take in one more amazing thing, and I think for Sam, it was a bit of the same. It’s almost as if she was afraid to have anything else to be overjoyed about, because it must have felt like it would have been unfairly too much for one couple to have that many blessings all in the space of less than an hour!

I loved both their reactions to the sonogram, and I loved that when they were finally all alone, they still needed to hold on to each other as they took it all in. I loved that they both couldn’t say it enough that the baby was theirs! I especially loved that even in the midst of all that joy, Jason needed to remind Sam that she now never needs to think of that night ever. Jason thinks their baby will heal Sam of what they think happened in Hawaii, and that is a powerful thing! (I think this baby will heal all of us from whatever happened over the past eight years while we’ve waited patiently!)

When Sam took Jason’s hand and placed it on her tummy, over their growing baby, I cried like a fool! He seemed to look at Sam, the woman he loves, and took in the fact that “This Is It.” This is what BLISS feels likes. This is how finding out you’re going to be a father should really feel like. This is how having everything you’ve ever hoped for looks like!

Has there ever been a daytime couple who deserved for their dreams to come true more? I just felt so honored to be party to them finding out that those dreams are coming true. *sobbing*

Jason was right. It felt so good to see Sam smile again, and I hope he knows it was equally amazing to see him smiling, too. It felt like forever since the last time we were able to enjoy moments like this. When they were being playful and giggling about what “they should be doing”, my heart expanded to take it all in. And having Jason reassure Sam about what she doesn’t know how to do by taking her in his arms while they just sat back and took in the moment was classic Jason. After all of that, it’s been hard to stop smiling myself. 🙂

You know, friends, there were so many moments during the Jason and Sam scenes where I thought, “This Is It!” 

THIS is the reason that Jason and Sam have stolen my heart! THIS is the magic that Steve and Kelly make happen onscreen to keep us all wanting so much more. THIS is the reason I don’t know what I will do with myself should the day come when I don’t have them and the joy they create to fill my afternoons with!

Then I thought THIS is why we have to do all we can to support them NOW! Make those calls, send those emails and postcards and letters! Support our soap, our Steve and Kelly, and our Love In The Afternoon! 

It’s a wise investment when the returns are so blissful! 


Love you all, comadres!


“Nothing’s Gonna Change That”…


Morning, GHers!

I’ve been dealing with a little bit of our own GH around here  – my youngest came home with a raging fever on Tuesday, and we’ve been battling to keep it down ever since. It seems to be viral right now, but we’re keeping an eye on it just to be sure. For all of you moms and dads out there, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say it sucks when our kids are sick!


It was a pretty eventful day in Port Charles. It is always a good sign when the days seem to move along, and characters seem to do normal things like eat, and sleep, and change clothes over the course of days in real time, instead of “unending soap time”. I will give credit where it is due – that alone is a big improvement from where we were a few months ago. I noticed that Frank Valentini’s name is already listed as the Executive Producer, though we are still watching the written material of the co-headwriters Wolf and Altman. I also noticed a “font” change on the opening credits – I know it’s a small detail, but before preschool, I taught computers for ten years, and a little change like that always catches my eye, and makes me think that someone is being deliberate about making a change – any change, from the very start. We can be nothing but excited as our beloved soap’s further depends on all of the changes to come. It’s either be excited – or leave Port Charles now, and I am not willing to do that.

So, while things are a changing’ in PC, there are some situations or people that we can just look at and say with some certainty, “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.”

Maxie seems to think that the only way to validate someone’s feelings is to make them jealous. *sigh* While I am happy that Spin gets to interact with his beloved more often than in their now shared kitchen in the morning, I also worry that this game will leave him even more bruised and battered than he was last time he played along with his Maximista – as in his non-spousal role. It seems to me that Maxie is insistent upon getting Matt to realize what they have, and while anything can happen, it doesn’t bode well for Spin that she barely notices Spin, except for how he helps her plan along. While Maxie is certainly  capable of love and concern for someone other than herself, it’s usually only after she’s taken care of her needs and feelings first. “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.”

I would hope that any of the players involved in Maxie’s game would put an end to this before someone seriously gets hurt. I would also hope Matt would be smart enough to remember that he, too,was once used in a similar scam as the one that’s being played on him by right now by the girlfriend that became his by way of that scam, but one never knows. Matt seems to be so preoccupied by Liz, and being her shoulder to lean on, or her supply closet buddy, or whatever it is he thinks she needs, that he didn’t even stop to think about asking her to dinner right after telling his girlfriend that he had to cancel their plans because of a patient. That is not okay, Matt! Matt wants to be the one to help Liz move on, and no matter how ill-advised that seems to us, apparently for Matt, “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” At least not until Liz shows him why rescuing her usually needs to be followed up by a rescue team for the rescuer, after she blows his life apart. Matt will get no sympathy here.

If anyone was actually taken in by Liz’s excuse for why she was snooping through medical files that she was not responsible for, I’d say you need to snap out of it! That cockamamie excuse she force-fed Matt was as transparent to me as it would be to Maxie or Carly. Liz told Matt that she and Jason used to be really close, and that in some ways, they would always be connected. Matt pointed out the one connection anyone but Liz can see – Jake, and Liz went on to say how she tried to wave her magic *wand* (insert female body part) with Lucky, but he left, and now Jason is… Liz couldn’t finish that sentence, because the only thing she could have said was that Jason is unavailable to her, uninterested in her, unwilling to be her floor model this time around. As if to move Matt from suspicion to sympathy Liz turned to the whine, and told Matt that it just feels like loss after loss for her, and that sometimes she can’t breathe. I am no Dr. Keenan, and I don’t care where Liz gets off the elevator, as long as it gets her to step off of Jason’s $%@#, but I can diagnose this issue right here and right now. Liz is a fake, saintly-wanna-be, who represses her own oversexed tendencies only to attempt to keep her facade intact. If she is having trouble “breathing”, I would bet my ass that what she really means is that she is just having trouble remembering the last time some off-limits guy gave her a reason for heavy “breathing”. Don’t give me that crap about coming from some virtuous place of concern for Jason’s health. She is beside herself that she isn’t in “the know” about what is going on with him, and she is hoping that figuring it out will give her the opportunity  to find an “angle” to getting close to Jason. Let’s face it. Any time Liz has to endure a dry spell she starts to get desperate…“Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” Let’s see which doc capitalizes on that desperation first.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that Kate is meeting with some government operative trying to bring Sonny down. I have exhausted all other scenarios for why Kate keeps faking business trips out of town, and why she keeps having what seem to be meaningful conversations with someone about her relationship with Sonny. Has Kate not realized that Sonny is the least trusting person in the world, and that once he gets it in his mind that someone is keeping something from him, he will obsess over it until he finds out what? I mean, I know Kate helped Sonny face some demons, and consider some changes in how he deals with people, but Sonny isn’t a new person or anything. He always expects people to betray him, and no matter how many times Kate flirts with him, or makes out with him, or changes the fabric of the booths, or the color of the napkins in their new restaurant, “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” I actually wondered how long it would take Sonny to order one of his cronies to follow Kate and find out where she’s really going, and who she’s really meeting with.

Sonny and Sons also seem to have hit a snag. The one son who wanted to be part of Sonny’s business, follow in his footsteps, and basically worshiped the ground he walked on had to be turned away for his own good. The son from whom Sonny is begging for breadcrumbs as far as a relationship goes, wants nothing to do with Sonny’s business – not even a breadstick from the restaurant, and certainly not a pulmonary wing named in his honor, but financed with mob money. It’s kinda crazy how that worked out, huh? Sonny is completely clueless about how to repair the strained relationships with both his sons, but he’s not gonna stop trying, and “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.”

I can totally understand Dante on his turning Sonny down. For Dante, it’s a matter of principles, and while I have never really much believed that Dante’s principles exist other than to benefit him, they are his, and “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” Perhaps Dante could just remind Sonny that nothing is gonna change their DNA either, and they should just try to co-exist within their family peaceably, and not push it. But in the line of business Sonny is in, I am not sure that I would be as quick as Dante to dismiss any connection Sonny tries to build with him, because you never know when Sonny’s won’t get another opportunity.

I think we were all on the same page the other day when Michael told Jason that he was going to try to honor the life Abby wanted him to live, and we all hoped to the almighty writers that it would be true! I think we can all let out a very tentative exhale after seeing Michael show up at ELQ, being gracious and patient with his sometimes pushy great-grandfather. I loved that Michael offered to look over some of the stocks that ELQ had interest in, because it was a huge step in the right direction for Michael, and for a show trying to rediscover its history and make good use of it. The fact that Tracy behaved like a human being with the capacity to feel sympathy for one of her own was very important, in my opinion, because so much more than greed and misery drive Tracy. Love for her family, and loyalty to its name have always been driving forces for Tracy’s decisions, and though she rarely let’s that be known, it’s what proves she really could be Lila’s daughter. As for Edward, he believes in his grandson’s ability to return to his family and take up his legacy, and no matter what Michael has done in the past, “Nothing’s Gonna Change That.” As it shouldn’t. That’s what being a family is all about.

Worrying about the people you love is also what family is all about. Hence Jason and Sam and the concern for each other that is nearly too much to take. Jason continues to earn top husband honors as he walked in from his apparent head-clearing ride and immediately focused on Sam’s needs – namely whether or not she had eaten. *sigh* Jason then turned to her emotional well-being, and suggested a few nights at their cabin. *louder sigh* Jason just wants to be sure that his wife is being taken care of, and that the baby growing inside of her has the best of everything. This is the Jason that Sam fell in love with, in spite of herself, and in spite of her fears and misgivings about pregnancy. Having Jason take care of her as though the baby is already theirs is a beautiful thing to behold, but it can’t be an easy thing to play along with for Sam. That;s just one of the reasons Sam is worried and upset, the other being that she was not willing to let Jason’s concern for her cloud her own instincts about his well-being. Sam fought herself to stay focused on the issue at hand, even though I would have opted for the cabin, and would have strived to get it out of him while… Well, suffice it to say I would have gotten it out of him there. Not Sam, she could barely contain her concern for and frustration with Jason’s possible medical issues, and pressed Jason on coming clean with her about why he was at the hospital right then and right there.

I loved that Jason seemed to resign himself to the fact that Sam was not going to let this go, and that she was not going to let him keep something from her – even for her own serenity. Jason sat down, and told Sam the truth – hard as it was for her to hear, and hard as it was for him to tell. The writer(s) behind, or maybe even at the core of, Jason and Sam’s relationship since their reunion had to have had a life-changing experience with a really healthy and rock-solid marriage or relationship. The way that Jason and Sam are constantly avoiding the mistakes they made the first time around is a real testament to the life lessons that someone on that writing team learned, firsthand or otherwise. Jason and Sam, since Mexico, have been careful to even step to close to the pitfalls that landed them in trouble when they were together and then fell apart. Whether it’s not keeping secrets, or not making decisions for each other, even when they seem to be leaning towards protecting each other, it seems that the painful reminders of that costly mistake forces them to love with honesty first and foremost, being ready to lessen the pain that may come from said honesty afterwards.

It’s always a hard decision to make when you know that the truth may be something hard to hear, scary, or even painful for the one you love. But when like Jason and Sam, protection once turned to the actual cause of the pain, and the subsequent falling apart of the honesty you built your love and lives with – you will learn to choose truth every time. At all costs.

This us what makes me proud of Jason and Sam, and it’s also what makes me hopeful. 

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan have built this new and improved relationship upon a much sturdier foundation, and they have reinforced it with the respect and honesty they skimped on the first time. Their commitment to honesty has made their marriage storm proof, and their mutual respect for each other’s right to hear and handle even the hardest of truths has made it fireproof.

In fact, The Morgan’s marriage is the strongest I have seen on daytime, and I think that’s where its appeal comes from. It is exhausting to keep investing in couples on a show only to have them ripped apart for a one-night-stand, or secret relationships. For once, we have a couple who defies the very cliches of soap couples!

I hope that MAGIC is never lost amidst the upcoming changes!

How can viewers not invest so fully in a relationship that FINALLY is honest, and pure, and mature, and still growing with every hurdle or hardship?

Isn’t that what we strive for in real life? 


How can I not feel completely confident in saying to you all that even in the face of new writers and huge changes ahead, I still believe with all my heart that Jason was speaking the gospel truth when he looked at his pregnant wife, and said, “Sam, I love you. No matter what happens, Nothing’s Gonna Change That!” 

Kudos to General Hospital for recognizing that the real novelty would be in creating a relationship that doesn’t fit that tired mold of your run-of-the-mill soap couple who lies, cheats, and self-implodes!

This is why JaSam is a Supercouple like no other…EVER!


Believe that “Nothing’s Gonna Change That!”

I know I do…



Hola, GHers!

I hope you’re on your way to a wonderful day…or evening, whatever the case may be!


It seems that there is one thing most of our PC favorites have in common is DISBELIEF.

And really who can blame them? There’s a lot to find unbelievable these days.

John is still in DISBELIEF over finding out that the woman he believed to be his sister was actually his mother. I have to say that every family has secret, but truly – this one is a humdinger! Do you guys remember that recently I said that Johnny had become the mobster with a heart of gold? Well, I think he’s also the mobster with the most soul. John would not be so tortured if it were;t for the depth of his feelings. He feels lost because he has not idea what part of his life was real, or true. None of the things he thought to be the truth about his life actually are, so where does one go from there? I love that John, even in the throes of his pain, is still not willing to use Carly – not even to dull that pain. It’s why John has always had my back. I just hope something soon will help those tears to stop falling; because he just doesn’t deserve this!

Of course Carly knew that she was instrumental in finding the nail Sonny used for the coffin of John’s life, but not even she could have imagined that she would unleash such outrageous revelations! Carly was in complete DISBELIEF at fixing out exactly what has been torturing her sexy would-be playmate. She can see that John is more than shocked – he is destroyed at finding out that he has no idea who he really is at all, and it can’t be easy to look on as he struggles to keep it all together. John’s unraveling seems to have pulled at Carly’s heartstrings, and she seems genuinely sorry for setting all of this in motion over a game she wasn’t really prepared to play. I wonder what John’s reaction will be to finding that out. 😦

Speaking of the informant, I have to admit that I wasn’t completely annoyed by the Luke and Lulu scenes. I KNOW! What better reason for DISBELIEF? After the glass throwing hissy fit Lulu threw, I was planning my snack run around their scenes. Yet, the scenes and the dialogue were both surprisingly deep and honest, and I actually felt a modicum of compassion for the youngest Spencer. (Something that hasn’t happened in ages – if ever!) Finally, Lulu confronted her father about why he has been so chronically absent from her life, especially at the times she needed him most, and even more importantly – there was some explanation as to why Luke has always felt that it was his only choice! Perhaps the reason I felt a bit of a connection with these two because it reminded me so much of my own dad, who was the greatest dad on the planet while he was married to my mom. Yet the minute they were divorced, he acted as though he barely knew us! Even years later, when he finally tried to be part of our lives again as adults, I always got the sense that he was afraid. When my dad was battling cancer, I tried with all my might to act as though the bad years hadn’t happened, and yet, I felt his discomfort, to the day he died. It was the strangest thing to me, until I heard Luke today! He was afraid to disappoint me the way he had before. He was afraid to let me down the way he had let my mom down. Wow. Isn’t that The Beauty (not just) of GH, but of every soap – when they allow us to see something in a character that resonates with us, and maybe even gives us a little insight? Thank you, writers, for doing that so well!

Matt seems to be struggling with Robin’s emergency plan, even though there seems to be no emergency. In fact, he still seems to be in complete DISBELIEF the fact that his sister-in-law went as far as to pick a new wife for his brother, and a new mother for Emma. I don’t blame him! There is so much fundamentally wrong with how Robin chose to handle things, especially the fact that she has yet to even share her truth with Maxie, the closest thing she has to a sister. Matt is right to be outraged about that, but I found it interesting that Matt also seemed to be outraged with that fact that Liz never said no to moving into a life with Patrick. FINALLY! Someone made that point! Honestly, I was in DISBELIEF that not one person seemed to be tripping over that little detail.

Maxie has the tendency to be a bit on the dramatic side, but I do not think she is under reacting on her concern for Matt’s continued interactions with Liz, in spite of the fact that he knows it upsets his girlfriend. Matt doesn’t really seem to care about upsetting Maxie at all these days, unless whatever it is also happens to upset him in some way. Maxie was in total DISBELIEF at seeing and hearing Matt and The Manipulative, Muffin-Faced One (as per Maxie’s request) being so cozy, and even though Maxie misunderstood the conversation, she did not understand the game that Liz is playing! Maxie needs to trust her instincts!

Luckily for Maxie, her loyal ex-non-husband is always at the ready to help his former lady love, especially when it fits into his plan so neatly! I think Spin may have been in a bit of DISBELIEF himself that it turned out to be this easy to weasel his way back into Maxie’s romantic orbit. Disbelieving? Yes, disappointed? NO!

Jason was dealing in DISBELIEF all over the place at GH! First, Robin delivered some tough to hear news about his brain, and about the uncertainty of his prognosis. For someone like Jason, whose entire sense of existence revolves around being around to protect and care for those he loves, a scary prognosis like Robin’s “You could die” is enough to make even Jason’s jaw drop. Then, just as Jason took a deep breath to get himself back on track, he turns and sees his wife down the stairs. The look on Jason’s face was so reminiscent to me of Jason circa 2004, that it made me sigh aloud. Jason needed Sam to be okay. All of her. Mystery baby included! Wasn’t that the very reason that we all fell in love with Jason and Sam as a couple long before they were? That must have been the very thing the writers and producers back then saw and decided to capitalize on! I am not exactly sure how Steve Burton does it, but he always seems to convince those watching him that he might stop breathing if Sam was anything less than just fine. It is a sight to behold.

I loved that he needed to hold Sam close, and that he asked her why she didn’t call him when she had enough cramping to seek medical attention. That has to say to Sam that he means what he has been saying to her all along – that no matter what, and no matter who is the father, he loves her, and wants to be there for her. With everything going on in Sam’s head, and in her heart, and in her body, that has to mean everything to her. I am so proud of Jason for knowing exactly what she needs, even when she isn’t asking for it.

Sam seemed to be in DISBELIEF herself when she realized that Jason wasn’t there because Spin called him. She immediately wanted to know why he was there, and when Jason hesitated ever so briefly, her alarms went off. As much as Jason protects Sam, Sam wants to protect Jason. While she is not physically able to swoop him off his feet and carry him to safety or to help, Sam does everything she can to move Jason with her love and concern, just as she did when Jason decided to have the brain  surgery that saved his life.

It’s no wonder Jason didn’t want to drop Robin’s bombshell on his wife; she has enough to carry, and he just knew that if Sam found out while at GH, there was no way he’d be leaving. I get that. I don’t think for a minute that Jason was purposely trying to be deceitful, or that he is keeping things from Sam. I think he was conscious of the fact that Sam should not be upset, and that hearing the news while at the hospital would upset Sam immensely, especially if she had to fight him to stay there. There was no DISBELIEF on my part at all! I know Jason well enough to know that given a choice between his or Sam’s well-being, he’ll choose Sam’s every time!

Of course, the DISBELIEF we all seemed to share was over the creepy, stalker-type behavior on display by the MMFO…(refer to Maxie). She has been lurking around Jason and Sam ever since she saw them at the hospital the first time, and she seems to have forgotten hat she just told Ethan that Lucky is the man for her yet again. I don’t understand her behavior, nor do I care to. Liz still bores me to tears. The only thing that bothered me about her stalking was the fact that the camera had to cut to her, when all I really wanted was to hear Jason and Sam’s conversation. Not even Jason registered her presence. Why would we?

Let’s focus on what matters!

Our JaSam Baby!




TGIF indeed, GHers!

WOW! It was so incredible to hear from you all today – between the comments, texts, and the emails, I felt the excitement down to my toes! The Soap Opera Digest magazine cover seems to have snapped everyone out of that funk we were all in since last week, when every day was a chore to watch the newbies run Port Charles. (Just check out those ratings!)

For those of you who haven’t seen it, or haven’t heard, I won’t say another word. It’s up to you to have things spoiled or not. Here is the link I received. You choose:


I have been smiling all day! I hope now you will be, too!

*happy dance*

Moving right along…

Each of us have probably adopted our very own set of WORDS TO LIVE BY. For some of us, they are inspirational. For others, they are a tiny bit of wisdom passed down by a loved one, or something said by someone famous. For others, it may be a political phrase, or even something they got off the fortune cookie they had at lunch that day…or 5 years ago. WORDS TO LIVE BY have no rules, except that they mean something to the person holding them dear. There were definitely plenty of opportunities to adopt meaningful WORDS TO LIVE BY by every one of our favorites (and not-so-favorites).

There is something about Ronnie Domestico that sets my creep radar off. Ever since he showed his loud mug in PC, I have gotten a weird feeling about him. He proved me right about trusting my instincts when he was shown to have a connection to Franco. My instincts have been busing for a while about this stripper bully, too. I am not sure what it’s about, but I jut have a feeling that Ronnie was a little too excited about their suspect. Ronnie was right on one thing, though. Karma is a bitch. Certainly WORDS TO LIVE BY. Officer Domestico should repeat them to himself each morning. I have a feeling he and Karma will be crossing paths soon.

I find it fitting that Liz and Ethan would be discussing poker, as Liz certainly needed to be wearing her own poker face as she spewed that nonsense about how she and Lucky made each other stronger, and how they never blamed each other, or talked about who caused more damage. Uuuummmm, what history has Liz been revisiting? I cannot stand how Liz is all about Lucky while talking to his brother, and then she’ll be at the hospital at the same time Maxie is, and she’ll be all about Matt, until Dr. Keenan breezes by her, and then she’s all about “being in the moment”m until she spots Jason and witnesses how much he loves his wife, and then she’ll be all nostalgic and needy. Liz said the very WORDS TO LIVE BY she needs to hear for herself: she needs to be rational, cautious, and really take the time to think about what she needs to do – especially for her children’s sake. The thing with Liz is that she didn’t get to where she is because she didn’t know better. She got to where she is because even when she knows better, she thinks with her whoremones, instead of her head, or even her heart.

What did I just say about Tracy and her Daddy Issues? Case in point, even when Edward confronted her about it after she was tearing herself up over how to break the news to him, he showed absolutely no compassion for her situation. What a difference it would have made if Edward supported Tracy and helped her find a way out of this miserable situation. Instead, the WORDS TO LIVE BY he chose to share with Tracy in her time of need were, “You made your bed…” meaning that now, she will have to lie in it, even if she is sharing that bed with the enemy himself. Daddy’s Little Girl she is not.

So, I am sticking to my guns, and not flaking on staying angry at Sonny. That being said, it certainly didn’t hurt Sonny that he called Anthony out on what a piece of crap father he was to Claudia. A couple of times, Sonny even stopped Anthony from talking disrespectfully about his dead daughter, because he seemed to understand that Claudia and her dysfunction were a product of having been raised by such a scumbag, and that Claudia never stood a chance when the one person who should have been willing to lay down his life for her was the one person who sacrificed hers instead for personal gain. Ugh. Just talking about that Zacchara history makes my skin crawl. I had to overlook my anger at Sonny when he gave Anthony some WORDS TO LIVE BY: “No good father would turn a blind eye to their children, or worse – to let someone do something to their children and get away with it.” (True that!)

Even Anthony agreed that those were WORDS TO LIVE BY, but he turned them right around on Sonny, who blew John’s world apart with that unfortunate truth. Anthony reminded Sonny that “Not letting anyone hurt your children and get away with it” were also words to die by. That may have caused Sonny to have an Aha! moment, as Anthony started to name Sonny’s children, and asked him which one he was willing to sacrifice. These are the things Sonny never has the foresight to anticipate. Walking into John’s penthouse with that bombshell truth will have its price. If only Sonny had stopped to think about whether or not he can afford the price tag.

Considering that Sonny has turned a blind eye to most, if not all, of his children, it’s definitely a reason for concern. I mean, as Sonny was talking about no good father turning a blind eye to his children, MIchael is completely lost on Sonny’s blind side, with only Sam and Jason to look out for him and take actions to make sure he isn’t hurt. I am not sure if it will last, or if it was just a direct answer to my please, but hearing Michael say that he is going to start living a life that would honor Abby and what she wanted for his life starting right then, were WORDS TO LIVE BY… EVERYDAY! Let’s hope he does just that, and doesn’t do another complete 180. I am so ready for Michael to leave this “I Wanna Be A Mobster” game behind. Besides, if he wants to be a  rock Starr’s boyfriend 🙂 someday soon, he’s going to want to be on the right side of the security fence at Pentonville. 😉

Will Michael ever realize how lucky he was the day that Jason vowed to always be there for him, and the day Sam came into both their lives? I shudder to think how this could have turned out if not for the trust Michael has come to have in Aunt Sam, or the wisdom Sam showed in pushing Jason to go after Michael, regardless of what Michael said he wanted. I could never list all of the times that Jason has given Michael just the right WORDS TO LIVE BY, but I will say that Jason telling Michael that he doesn’t care how angry he is at him, he will always be there to help him, reminded US that Jason is going to be Port Charles’ Best Dad – hands down. I know that we have all wanted Jason to write Michael off, and to let him clean up his own messes, consequences be damned, but Jason loves Michael like a parent loves a child. Thank goodness for Michael’s sake that someone does.

I have often given Alexis a hard time about the attention, or lack thereof, she shows her eldest daughter, Sam. If Alexis were trying to convince me she’s going to do better, today was a fantastic start! Let me just say that having a mom and aunts who are going through menopause, and having dealt with hot flashes on all levels, I get a kick out of Alexis’s struggle with it. Most of us watching are women, and watching Alexis deal with something we have all dealt with, or will all deal with, makes for a realistic connection. I love that Sam really doesn’t know how to deal with it, because I remember reacting the same way. LOL. Both Nancy and Kelly played those scenes so well, and so realistically! I also think they did a great job with how Sam told Alexis the news that she is, in fact, pregnant. I was a bit apprehensive about Sam feeling pressured to tell Alexis before getting the results, but after watching them play out, I am glad that Sam did tell Alexis the truth. Someone needed to be able to press Sam on the fact that she is finally getting the one thing she and Jason have wanted for almost of their years together, and that she should be happy about it. I was proud of Alexis for finally stepping up to the Mommy plate and delivering very timely WORDS TO LIVE BY.  Sam most definitely needed to hear that “whatever is wrong, she needs to let it go, and just embrace the moment, because it is the best time of her life!” Hearing it from her mother will hopefully help the words to sink in.

I’d bet that if we compared notes, those of us who have experienced the joys of expecting our babies would agree that it’s a very emotional time. Sometimes those emotions are at the highest highs, and sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, they sink pretty low. We worry about out children even before we ever lay eyes on them. We worry about keeping them healthy while growing inside of us, we worry about being good parents when they enter this world. We worry about their health – emotionally, physically, and mentally, and we obsess about what we can do – or not do – to ensure all three. I imagine Sam wonders constantly about how her child is doing while growing inside the chaos that should be her safe haven for the nine moths she needs to develop. I imagine that she worries about what these paternity results will mean for her baby’s future, and what it might mean for who her child will be, should the father not be Jason. I imagine that Sam is a full-fledged member of Steph’s and my Insomnia Club, and that many a sleepless night is spent with all of these racing thoughts, when she should be blissfully dreaming of wall-paper patterns, and Boppy pillows. What should be moments of anticipation wondering if her baby will have Jason’s eyes, must turn to feelings of foreboding as she has to acknowledge the possibility that she may have to look in tot he eyes of her tormentor. Our poor Sam is a mess, even if she refuses to let Jason see all of her turmoil. Thankfully, Jason doesn’t have to see it to know that Sam is torn. All he has to do is look at her, and he can feel her restlessness. So, he shares the WORDS SAM WILL HAVE TO LIVE BY until they get some answers to all of their questions. “No matter what, I still love you.”


I never went through what Sam is going through, or I would have had a problem with my headwriter in the sky, but  I can tell you how completely healing and  pacifying those words were when all I was worried about was swollen ankles, and the only shame I felt was over a need to visit every restroom everywhere we went during my pregnancy. If those heartfelt words from my husband could calm me down, imagine the effect hearing them from her husband has on Sam, who is worried about a life-altering situation!

Jason has been a dream through this entire ordeal, and he deserves all of the love and trust that Sam has invested in him.

They will get each other through this, and they will finally get to celebrate this miracle together. We had faith in that from the beginning…and it is finally going to happen!

It’s a great time to be a JaSam Fan! 


Enjoy every second!



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Good morning, GHers!

The makers of Kleenex better pray that General Hospital stays on the air, because their sales will take a dip if it doesn’t! There is never a shortage of tears in Port Charles…they seem to be INFECTIOUS, like so many other things there!

Patrick just about breaks my heart. He is just trying so hard to keep it together and not lose it on the wife that may not have much time left with him and their daughter, but I will tell you that I don’t know how he does it. As I watched and listened to Patrick struggling to take it all in, I really wished that Robin could step away from it for a minute and hear what was really going on around her. I wished she could hear herself telling Patrick that she lied to him, trusted another man with her secret, planned out his and their daughter’s life without even their input, and then went to a mutual friend, and asked her to step in and take over her life, all because she basically wanted to control the how, when, and where they would finally deal with her disease. Patrick has totally  tried to make amends for the way he hurt his wife and their marriage, and I give him  lot of credit for extending such forgiveness and understanding towards his wife. I am not sure that if put in that situation, where my husband kept anything of importance from me, while sharing it with a woman from his past, regardless of the reasoning behind it, that I would be forgiving at all, much less THAT forgiving. I guess the on thing that is not INFECTIOUS is that kind of tolerance and forbearance. I hope that Robin truly realizes who her husband really is, and learns to respect him as such.

I am not sure when it happened, but Sonny Corinthos stopped being the mobster with the heart of gold, and has become rather heartless. By comparison, John Zacchara has taken over that role, truly and fully. While I totally get that Sonny considers John a mortal enemy, I don’t understand how Sonny could be so sold and callous towards someone whose loved one was murdered by his son, especially because of how gracious John has been towards Michael. Let’s face it, if John was half the bastard (no pun intended) that Sonny thinks him to be, Michael would have already been been a Zacchara soldier. Instead, John has refused to use Michael, and has even been such a gentleman as to refuse to use Michael’s mother, even though she so obviously wanted to be used. What does Sonny do with that? He callously goes over to John’s place, and taunts him about the fact that he’s a Soleito, not a Zacchara.  I thought that was more than enough to satisfy Sonny’s unhealthy hunger to hurt John, but, no. I will admit hat I wanted to be angry at Sonny for being so cruel, but dammit – that smile of his is so INFECTIOUS that I caught myself smiling when he did! (I know, I know – I am hanging my head in shame.) I just fail to see how John came to deserve such a ruthless attack, that Sonny would throw the fact that Claudia, a woman Sonny abused in every possible way but physically as John looked on, and who was murdered and disposed of like trash under Sonny’s orders, was really John’s mother. Did Sonny already forget the little boy in the closet back in Bensonhurst? Did he forget what happened to his mother, and how that has haunted him his entire life? I guess not, and that is why he used it to bring John to his knees. As if John wasn’t guilty enough that he didn’t protect his sister, he may just lose his mind now that he knows he failed to protect his mother. And not just the mother he was told about, but couldn’t remember, but the woman who protected him so ferociously, it bordered on bizarre.  It kind of turned my stomach that Sonny took so much pleasure in this, and it totally made me want to protect John, a la Olivia Falconeri! I hope Carly does “take care” of John, and then takes that much pleasure in telling Sonny just how much better John was. 😉

If only Anthony knew what was going on at home while he was completely focused on getting hitched. He may not be John’s father, but John is his grandson, and his blood. I think unlike John, Anthony would have blown Sonny’s head off on the spot. Instead, he was smiling away for the photographer, and making happy memories, Sonny and John the furthest things from his mind. I guess we should all be thankful for the Zacchara-Quartermaine Wedding, as at least there were some chuckles and merriment! Who’s with me on hoping that laughter will become INFECTIOUS among the residents of Port Charles?

Back at the hospital, Olivia better step up her game. It seems that Maggie is a little more INFECTIOUS than Olivia initially thought. Liv seems to have lost control of how much of Steve Maggie and their Memphis Memories have affected. If she leaves this condition untreated, Liv may find it’s too late, and she will lose the man she cares more about than she’s willing to admit – even to herself.

Also at the hospital, we were reminded of how INFECTIOUS Liz Webber can be. Like any infection, it seems she is on the warpath for any sign of weakness or vulnerability, so that she can attack and find a way in. Seeing Jason at the hospital, she first tried concern. When Jason failed to give her specifics, or turn to her for comfort, she turned to the only connection she and Jason ever really hadSECRETS. She asked Jason about Robin so that she could rally any of his susceptibilities to feeling helpless about his old friend, Robin. We’ve gotta hand it to her, Liz was obviously paying attention in class that day. When even that failed, Liz pulled out the one, ratty, old card she keeps in her scrubs pocket: Jake. Her watery mention of what a blessing it is to be a parent may have gotten Jason to utter the one word that she can sill cling to – their son’s name, but it failed to garner her a reason to cling to Jason again. She’s so pathetic! Sadly for Liz, TRUE LOVE seems to have boosted Jason’s immunity to her old tricks, because the minute his wife came into view, he proved he has built up quite a resistance when he walked away with barely a word! *snap*

Jason’s brain may still be misfiring, but his heart is shooting as straight, and as steady as I’ve ever seen. Jason has made quite the science of saying just the right things at just the right time to Sam since she broke the news of her pregnancy to him. He was an absolute rock in that exam room as they waited for Dr. Lee, handled the awkward questions so that Sam wouldn’t have to, and let Sam know that while he supported her, it was ultimately her decision for having the test or not. It reminded me of the last baby story Jason and Sam were involved in – you know, the one that brought them into each other’s orbits, and ultimately, brought them together. Jason seems to feed off of caring for the love of his life, and protecting her has the ability to fight off whatever else is ailing him. Somehow, that love Jason has for taking care of Sam is INFECTIOUS, and Sam in turn, takes great joy in taking care of. and protecting Jason, just like during her first pregnancy.

I loved that Jason was so concerned about Sam after the test (which, by the way, I still don’t understand) and wanted to make sure she was okay physically before leaving the hospital. More than that, I fell in love with Jason  even more when he took the time to make sure she was okay emotionally, too.

Jason telling Sam ,“No matter what happens, you have me. Nothing’s gonna change that,” especially within eavesdropping range, was pure matrimonial magic for me! 

Jason and Sam and their LOVE are INFECTIOUS. They wormed their way into our hearts, and make watching General Hospital worth the time, the effort, and the loyalty. They are the one thing I don’t ever want to be cured of! However, I wouldn’t mind a little laughter as medicine!


Hang in there, JaSammers! We’ve gotten over the first Baby Bump!

Much Love,




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TGIF, GHers!

I am so glad it’s finally the weekend! Here’s to hoping that the new week will bring us closer to the stories that will keep us watching…with a little more interest. 😉

If I am honest with you guys, I have to admit that I actually had to go back and rewatch yesterday’s GH again, because I could not remember what happened – for the life of me! I am really hoping things pick up a bit storywise – and soon.

Everyone seems to be in the middle of a game – for survival, for one-uppance, for power, and even for love. What I did see yesterday was that everyone seemed to be making their moves.

I am positive that the Lante fans are in heaven right now. Dante comes home in the middle of the day to make sure his wife has fresh flowers, they have middle-of-the-day nookie, and he seems to be totally okay with the fact that she has no job, and no income, and no idea how that will change. Ah, bliss. Except that for Lulu, the bliss really seems to stem from one place lately  – the bottle. After a whole bottle, everything seems to be completely okay.  I think Lulu has made her move. Towards becoming just like her dad. I think it’s important for Dante to pay close attention to what’s happening with his wife. I think what he does next is just as important as what she does. Honeymoons don’t last forever – especially in Port Charles.

I really do love watching Alexis when she’s playing the smart, strong chick we all know she can be. The way she handled TJ was brilliant, and I loved that she let him know he was nothing more than a punk. I also thought it was kinda funny that Mac would be just as impressed with Alexis, and that it would lead him to ask her out – again. It is certainly Alexis’ move here; Mac has made his intentions pretty darned clear. I say, “Get it on, already!” We need all the lovin’ we can get around here!

I am just curious, and need your help. Are any of you interested n this Cassandra story? I am trying. I always enjoy having Helena in town – just not standing around silently in the corridors and tunnels. Somehow, I am sure that no matter what is going on with this story, the next move always belongs to Helena. We’ll just have to hang in there and see what that turns out to be. As for Ewan, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if Liz fell head over heels only to have Carly decide that she misses shrimp on the barbie, and go after the doc herself! I think a Liz/Carly/Ewan triangle would be just the kind of triangle that would get people talking, and with all of the history between Liz and Carly – it would have the potential to be pretty explosive! Other than that, I just can’t get myself motivated to care about any of the characters currently at Wyndemere. Bring back the Real Prince!

Carly is playing a game that breaks every single rule a mom should abide by. When, not if, Michael finds out about this, his opinion of his mother is going to sink to new lows. I get that Carly thinks she’s doing this for Michael, but I still think she’s doing it for herself, too – or at least for her libido. Hey, John is a hottie. No one can deny that. I just think that in life, some hotties are off-limits. Uncle Luke came through about three minutes too late, but I don’t really think Carly was too upset about that. Let’s hope she took the time to consider what John’s next move will be, since they don’t really have an iron-clad contract, or anything. Or, actually, she might have given some thought to what his next move would be, but just not off the couch.

Speaking of John, there seems to be a big secret looming. I follow my favorite writer, Michele Val Jean, so I know what the secret is, and let me just say that it threw even me for a loop. What it will do to John, and what it will mean for his barely-there balance is anyone’s guess. But I am sure that his next move after finding out will be one worthy of his lineage.

If we were to leave it to Sonny, John wouldn’t even live long enough to find out the big secret. Thank goodness that even with a misfiring brain, and a secret of his own that’s eating him alive, Jason is still the cooler head that prevails. If the next move were left to Sonny, John would pay with his life for something he had nothing to do with, and Sonny already has enough bad Karma to deal with, don’t you think? I’m glad Jason was able to talk him down with some common sense. Let’s see how long that lasts. Unfortunately, I have a sinking feeling that Luke has every intention of sharing the information he got from Skye with Sonny…and there is no way Sonny will be able to act with any sense after that.

In the game of what GH’s future will be, it’s definitely the new team’s move. Whatever they do next will decide whether GH really has any hope or not. I do believe good, solid writing will give GH the shot it needs to stay on the air.

The other thing it must have is good, solid support from all of the people who’d like it to stay on the air. This is not the time to pick up your checkers and go home. Now is the time to dig in our feet, and fight for our soap like never before. It’s not over ’til production wraps.

Your move. . .

Mke it a positive one.




Good morning, GHers!

I hope your day is getting off to a great start.

Port Charles seems to be in a transition, and I don’t just mean the recent writing changes, which are about to undergo change again. I’m talking about the relationships, and when things in a relationship change, you have to ask yourself, “What Now?”

While I think Jen Lilley did a great job of coming into a role and making it her own, I am really, really excited that Kirsten Storms will be back as Maxie, especially that Matt has proven himself to be the ass I thought he was the first time he seemed to be falling for Liz. I get that Maxie’s proposal to move in together is for all the wrong reasons, and that he shouldn’t feel pressured to change his own living situation. However, the fact that Maxie seems genuinely shaken every time she notices the “fedora guy” who’s stalking her, should garner her at least a little bit of concern from her boyfriend. It bothered me the first time Matt shrugged her off about it back at her apartment, and then just left her there, especially since she was near tears. But there was an extra coolness about Matt yesterday, and it just got on my damned nerves. A lot of that may have something to do with the fact that Matt also stood there as Liz baited, and basically mocked his girlfriend. Sure, I have something to say about Liz sticking herself smack dab in between Matt and his girlfriend, but I blame Matt for allowing it. I also blame him for feeding Liz’s hate by constantly talking Maxie down to her. My question for Matt is…”WHAT NOW?” You have obviously made your choice about the woman you care about and respect. WIll you be able to live with that choice when Liz makes hers?

I wanted to smack that lipgloss right off Liz’s face when she decided to interrupt a conversation between Matt and Maxie, with the sole intention of upstaging Maxie’s news. Liz was very clear about one thing: she saw it as a competition, and made no apologies for it. Were I Maxie, when Liz asked me to explain the specifics of Matt’s research, I would have asked Liz to first explain the specifics of birth control, since they obviously were never in Liz’s head to begin with. What drives me nuts about Liz is that when Matt even shows a sliver of feeling for her in front of any other man, such as Dr. Keenan, Liz acts as though he is her stalker.   So Liz, “What Now?”What happens next time Ewan is around and Matt wants to act towards you the way you acted towards him in front of his girlfriend? Bitch.

I was really happy that Maxie marched herself over to the offices of McCall & Jackal PI (someone needs to change that door!) and told Spinelli that she changed her mind, and now wants him to be her roommate! Mostly, I was happy for Spin, who seemed to have gotten the news of the year, but I was also happy that Matt will now be reminded that he isn’t the only guy in Maxie’s orbit. So, “What Now?” Hopefully, it’ll mean that our real Maxie and Spinelli get back to being somewhat normal again, and then they can lend some support to their best friends, Jason and Sam.

I can barely remember sometimes that there is a story involving Shawn, mostly because the term “story” is a little generous. After the awkward moments with Carly, the writers seemed to drop that storyline, and Shawn was just left floundering. Well, now TJ is in town with, of course – anger and attitude, and it’s all directed at Shawn. I am hoping that Molly can find a way to deal with her penchant for saving the lost and forlorn before this kid can get her in trouble, but how fun would that be, right? *rme* Carly seems to have just realized that no one had been running Kelly’s for months, and gave Shawn the job, but “What Now?” How will TJ and Shawn deal with life in Port Charles, and with each other? Hopefully in a way that makes sense. 😉

Boy, who knew that I was basically one step ahead of Kate and her breakdown? As you guys know, I saw this coming, but not even I saw it coming this quickly, or this dramatically. I would like there to be a release form that every woman in a mobster’s life must read and agree to, before stringing said mobsters along, and getting their emotions all twisted. What angers me the most about this crap with Kate is that we JUST WENT THROUGH THIS with Brenda! Why do these women keep pretending that they don’t know who Sonny is, or what he does, only to get him to fall headfirst into these messy, emotional traps, and then five minutes later decide “they can’t do this?” Did we not just see and hear Kate defending Sonny from his ex-wife, who was basically calling Sonny a cold-blooded killer? Why didn’t Kate seem to blink herself into reality then – when she heard Carly say that Sonny was the one planning to do the shooting? Now that Sonny was the one shot it’s time to reassess your priorities, decide that Sonny isn’t among the top five, and break up? Listen, Kate, cut the crap and get to the freakin’ point. “What Now?” Are you going to stop playing games, stop playing Sonny’s soul mate, and stop playing Sonny, period? I hope so, because I have absolutely no use for women in denial about who they’re sleeping with!

I am almost afraid to ask the question when it comes to our Jason and Sam. Truly, I am. I guess it’s because the answer seems to be so far off. I know this has been a very traumatic event for The Morgans, but I just want them to have answers, instead of more questions. Since their wedding,  – no since their proposal, really, it has been one question after another for these two, with seemingly no answers. First it was Jason’s accident, and subsequent surgery. Would he be alright? Would he remember Sam? Would he remember who he was? Would he remember his life? When they finally got through those questions, there were new ones. The night at their cabin there were questions about that moment where he seemed to be somewhere else. On their honeymoon, they explored the question about whether or not to have a baby almost daily. I think they also practiced making a baby almost daily. Question after question after question, and I think we are all ready for some answers! For fans of Jason and Sam, asking “What Now?” is quickly becoming a traumatic event.

I am not sure how technologically advanced the OBGYN Department at GH is, but thirteen years ago, when I went to my OBGYN after not feeling well for a few weeks, but never having missed a period, the doctor told me I was pregnant. Then right there, in his office, I had a sonogram done that told me I was nine weeks pregnant. Surely, thirteen years later, GH has the capability to tell Sam how far along she is, at the very least. Wouldn’t that be the first thing to have done, to see if the question they are dreading the answer to can’t be at least narrowed down? If the mission here was to torture the viewers for as long as possible – they have accomplished that mission and then some!

I can tell you that The Beauty of GH for me, even in this storyline, still lies in the depth of the love Jason has for Sam. This situation would not be easy for any man to deal with, much less a man with a savior complex and sudden, unexplained anger issues. Yet, we have all witnessed Jason forcing himself to breathe deeply, to stay in control, so as to not scare Sam any more than she already is. He has said all the right things, has reassured Sam in every way possible, and has reaffirmed his love for her as many times as it takes for her to hear and believe it.

Sam is lost in a sea of despair, and who can blame her? I got choked up when Sam talked about how she could feel this baby changing her body, because this should be a time Sam is relishing, especially after believing for so long that she would never experience pregnancy again. Yet because she can’t get Franco, or his DVD, or the attack Jason thinks he witnessed out of her head, this baby feels like an intruder to her. That breaks my heart. Which is why I am thankful that Jason keeps throwing himself towards her, encouraging her to hold on, like the lifesaver she needs right now. Only his love can get her through this, just like only her love has gotten him though everything they’ve ever been through before.

“What Now?”

I really just don’t know.

Hopefully, some closure to this nightmare… some answers to all of their questions. With fingers crossed, I dare to hope that we will finally get some happy moments, where Jason and Sam are talking about the changes in Sam’s body with smiles and happiness, instead of anger and resentment. I dream of a day not too far off where Jason is easing pregnancy books from Sam’s grip as she naps on their couch from the sheer exhaustion of carrying their bouncing baby girl.

“What Now?” shouldn’t perpetually send ripples of fear through a fanbase. At some point, we have to turn the corner…no?

It’s time for “What Now?” to be the phrase that sends electricity and excitement through this fanbase again. It’s time for it to make us imagine all of the wonderful and amazing possibilities. Time for us to finally realize the dreams we’ve held onto for our couple all of these years. Time for us to tune in with enthusiasm again, instead of a prayer and a sense of dread.

“What Now?”

I have a feeling that our soap’s survival depends on it.



Good morning, GHers!

Sorry for taking an extended weekend. It was my birthday on Monday, and my hubby took some time off to spend with me, so I had to reciprocate. 😉

I finally caught up on the two days of GH I’d missed, and I only wish there was more worth celebrating.


It seems that wherever we turned on GH, someone was having a hard time swallowing the JAGGED LITTLE PILL of truth they were being handed. Sometimes Life hands us situations that are tough to swallow, but it seems Life is working overtime for those we love, and those we love to hate in Port Charles.

If Lulu Spencer-Falconeri expects me to garner even a smidgen of interest in her new life as Mrs. Falconeri, she’s going to have to go to and figure out her career path offscreen. Between her failed attempt at being the new Mama Pasta, her supposed newfound appreciation for art, and her 3-second stint as a dog walker, I am already bored with her. Whatever happened to remodeling and revamping The Haunted Star with all of the money her brother Nikolas gave her? I think PC needs some nightlife action again, like when it had The Cellar, or even when The Haunted Star was getting some action. I think it would be a venture worth taking on, because let’s face it: Realizing you have no life,as has Lulu, is A JAGGED LITTLE PILL to swallow.

It seems that dabbling in fantasy situations is Dr. Keenan’s specialty. First, he wa sharing hospital beds in the hallway, looking up at imaginary constellations. Now, he is taking his pet patient, Liz, on an imaginary elevator ride…in the supply closet. It’s a good thing Liz doesn’t suffer from amnesia, like Cassandra, or being in that supply closet may have triggered one of her favorite memories – doing Nikolas, while Lucky was right outside the door of that supply closet. I must admit that I allowed myself to try his new technique, and I allowed myself to use my imagination while Ewan was working with Liz. I imagined that I was also on the elevator, and when I heard the “ding” of the elevator, the doors opened between floors – and I pushed her off. Hey! He didn’t say it had to be a happy fantasy! 😉 Liz however, proved once more that she was never in Shadybrook because she was having a breakdown, but because she is incapable of being truthful in relationships with men, even when the man is her therapist. If anyone believed that Liz was actually having a breakthrough when she said she wanted to be “right there” at that moment, think again. Oh, I do believe that she did want to be right there, right then- but with the possibilty that she could be with Ewan. Liz said what she knew would pique Ewan’s interest most. I don’t believe any of that crap she was spewing about not wanting to go back or forward – the minute she is within ten feet of Lucky or Jason again, she will forget why she ever said that! I sense another Liz triangle being set up here – she seems to like the attention she gets from both Ewan and Matt. However, another WTD storyline – especially for her, would be more than A JAGGED LITTLE PILL for me to swallow.

 While Anthony Zacchara may be funny at times, and while he may have a wicked green thumb and a gift for cultivating roses and delicate orchids, I would think the novelty of life shackled to him would wear off rather quickly. I had hoped that Tracy had been kidnapped by Luke in an effort to save her from having to go through with her marriage to the crazy old coot, but sadly, Papa Z had been the one behind her abduction. I will say that I love that Tracy is at least trying every way she can think of to get out of it, including paying him back for the money she supposedly stole from him. I expected nothing less than for Tracy to fight like mad to avoid being in a club with women such as Dominica! Unfortunately for Tracy, Anthony wants his payment in wedded bliss. No wonder Tracy looked as though she might be sick – the thought of being Mrs. Anthony Zacchara is A JAGGED LITTLE PILL.

Marrying a Zacchara may not be very appetizing, but sleeping with John Zacchara seemed to be pretty appealing to Carly, whose been much too…shall we say, chaste?…over the past few months. Even when Carly was married, if she and Jax were having trouble that kept them from connecting, Carly would find her release with Sonny. She has never been one to even attempt a life of celibacy, but since she and Sonny happen to be mortal enemies this month, he’s not available. Which is, in all honesty,  why I thought she’d have jumped John’s younger, hotter bones by now. I don’t really understand this game she’s playing, but I know this – John’s got her number. He can see right through her – she wants him. I imagine that for an old pro like Carly, being called out that easily had to be A JAGGED LITTLE PILL.

 Sonny may need to make nice with Carly sooner than he’d hoped, because there’s no way he can turn to Carly without making at least a little nice. And chances are, he will need to if Kate finally snaps out of her sex-induced coma. When Kate overheard Michael and Sonny talking about Sonny having been shot, I thought I recognized  a flash of memory cross Kate’s face. I mean hearing that Sonny had been shot – possibly by a Zacchara, had to be  A JAGGED LITTLE PILL. After all, Kate was once shot as she stood facing him at the altar, by a Zacchara. While I know that it seems as though Kate has gotten over all of that, I just don’t know if she was blocking that reality in her pursuit to “reconnect” with her first love. I guess we’ll soon find out.

I’ll tell you that watching our beautiful, tortured Sam have to agonize over telling Jason that she is pregnant, and watching them both reel from the news was, I am sure, A JAGGED LITTLE PILL  for all of us to swallow, especially after we’ve waited eight long years to watch Jason and Sam enjoy the joys of pregnancy again! I don’t care why Garin Wolf did it – I don’t care what he thought would be the bigger story to come out of it! This was cruel and unusual punishment for a fanbase of a real couple, who has hung in there for almost a decade! It kills me that the news that should have made them both cry tears of joy has filled them both with dread and fear beyond anything they ever could have imagined. It angers me that they had Jason kill Franco without getting any answers first! I wanted Jason to know that what he “saw” wasn’t necessarily what happened. I wanted Franco to tell Jason that he enjoyed playing him, but that he never raped Sam! This storyline took up so much of our airtime over the past couple of months, and it took so much of the joy that should have been theirs –and ours, only to end in some uncharacteristic dumb move by Jason. Jason and Sam deserve happiness more than any couple on Daytime! Trust me – I watch every soap remaining, and no couple deserves this more than they do.

I am praying that the new writers recognize the need to lift some of this darkness from Port Charles, and that they will finally let the sun shine through. I want them to go back and watch Jason and Sam during her pregnancy, and I want them to build on how much they loved the baby girl they were going to raise together. I want to see how that bond they shared, and the bond they shared with the baby growing inside of Sam only deepens now that the baby is not just a baby they will raise together, but a baby they made together – in love.  I’ve had enough of the tough pills to swallow for our couple! The ONLY JAGGED LITTLE PILL I want to hear anything about for Jason and Sam for a good, long while better have come from a bottle of prenatal vitamins!

*stomps foot*

Hey, it’s my birthday week, and I may be feeling slightly “entitled.”