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GHers, Port Charles is just one of those towns. Stay around long enough and you’re bound to find out that there really are no secrets here, and even if managed one – sooner, rather than later, you’re gonna get caught red-handed!

Poor Jules. I really did get a kick out of Jules. He’s like a more mature, more refined Spinelli, and he even makes my nine-year-old giggle. We’ve gotta love the comedic relief whenever we can get it. and we do get it whenever Jules graces our screen. Too bad that Jules doesn’t have what it takes to work for The Balkan, he’s just too honest, and too decent to be working for one man, while plotting to betray him to another. Poor Jules nearly scalded himself with Mr. Hoffman’s hot, BLACK coffee just at the sound of hs voice. He is jumpier than a two-year-old at church. His second mistake was when he called Theo Mr. Hoffman. I thought it a nice detail of his controlling personality that The Balkan would notice that Jules didn’t call him “Theo” or “Mr. Big”. However, the best moment of their interactions was when Theo asked Jules if he was planning to execute him, and Jukes nervously answered, “Yes.” I chuckled right along with my daughter’s laughter as the entire scenes was really well done. Who is this Jules guy? I really wish he could stay around! He and “The Blade” could team up with Spinelli and maybe come up with a sequel to his first novel. Unfortunately, thanks to Brenda’s BBBIIIIIGGGG MOUTH, our pal Jules was caught red-handed when Theo opened the door and Brenda yelled out, “Are we leaving?” Duh, Brenda! Thanks for spoiling our fun!

Maxie spent way too much time with her ex-non-husband, Spinelli. She has as many hare-brained schemes as he did. Now she and Matt have broken into John’s apartment, and are perfectly poised to hear exactly what Maxie suspected all along.! Yup! John and Lisa have been caught red-handed, and not just about to get busy either! They are going on and on about the fact that John is blackmailing Lisa about the syringe she was going to use on Robin! Talk about busted! Let’s just hope Maxie and Matt can get out of there without John or Lisa making them collateral damage in their twisted game of CRAZY!

Poor Spinelli. No good deed ever goes unpunished! He takes the first break he’s had in weeks, as I have not seen hide nor hair of him, and sits at the bedside of his friend and partner, Sam to entertain her with a reading of his Stone Cold chapter, and he’s caught red-handed by Stone Cold himself! Jason was a bit of a brute with Spinelli today, and Sam had to step in and back him off. I just really wish Jason could use some of that insensitivity for a good cause: like asking Spin to move out!

Perhaps Spin could move into Siobhan’s old room over Kelly’s when she takes Lucky up on his offer to become Mrs. Lucky Spencer (Hey, Steph! I almost typed Lucky Charms! LOL!) GH’s writing team continues to woo me this week with something I will always continue to see as The Beauty Of GH – and that’s when we see our favorite, long-time characters like Alexis Davis and Luke Spencer involved in a story together. This makes sense to me! Luke and Natasha have a deep connection and a great friendship. They also have extraordinary chemistry onscreen! I loved that both Alexis and Luke were there to help Lucky and Siobhan deal with her immigration issues, and attempting to keep Lucky from getting caught red-handed with a fraudulent marriage, in very contrasting ways. It was a classic moment!

(Can I just say that Alexis never looked more like daughter Sam than today, as she rocked that black leather jacket! Nancy Lee Grahn was caught red-handed looking Davis Girl HOT! )

Carly would probably make the List of the Top Ten Most-Busted Chicks in PC, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see her claim the top honors. It seems that Carly gets busted a whole lot more often, and a whole lot faster whenever she takes on an underhanded or dirty deed these days. I mean, compared to back in the day when Carly was able to come to town, work at the hospital with the unsuspecting mother who’d given her up for adoption and was about to have her life blown apart as part of Carly’s revenge, lure said mother’s husband away, get pregnant by AJ Quartermaine, pawn the baby bump off on Tony, and then have Jason step in to hold the paternity diaper bag before having her secrets come crashing down on her, today’s Carly is a lightweight! Carly not only helps Tall, Extra Dark and Handsome Shawn Butler, but she puts him up at her house, lets him spend the night, AND wear one of her hubby’s shirts. Problem? Yeah, when she gets caught red-handed by aforementioned hubby, who just happens to have a serious abhorrence to all things mafioso. Really, Carly should have thought that one out a little better. She doesn’t know Shawn from a hole in the wall – and hopefully Shawn still doesn’t know her from a hole in the wall yet either. I want to believe that Carly has learned something – anything from the past few years and what her children have been through. I would like to see her think about this for at least a (half) hot minute! 

Jax is of course, furious! This is after all, still half his house, and Carly’s got some freshly showered, half-dressed dude walking around like he knows the place rather well. It wasn’t a good thing for Josslyn to see, and thank God that Morgan wasn’t there to see it! Carly is a mother! Their mother, and don’t those kids deserve some stability? It’s a scary thing when Jax seems like the most stable person in their lives, but that’s how it looks. Jax, a corporate raider by trade, immediately calls in the legal experts to protect his interests – and both Joss and Morgan are. Too bad that the moment Jax spills the beans of his intentions with Carly, he is caught red-handed by Carly’s ex, and the crux of their problems – Sonny.  Not even Diane can facilitate talks between these two, but really at the bottom of all of this is more than just Carly or her kids. This is a long, legendary battle that stems from their love for another woman – Brenda. I really would have liked to have seen Brenda’s return be more about Sonny and Jax and less about Jason, The Balkan, and Dante. Sonny and Jax still push each others’ buttons, they still make each other seethe whenever she is at the center of their disagreement, and there are lots of long-lost fans who would’ve shown up ring-side for that battle. Oh well, what’s done is done. We’ll just have to see where everyone lands when this is all over.

It seems that Dante The Wonder needs to get Spin a job so that for once he can actually get all of the facts straight on a case before Jason does. I must say, Jason owes Spin an apology. He really did deliver when he showed up at the Penthouse with that picture of Theo and Suzanne back in the day! (If that picture were real, it could totally end up on Ellen’s “Bad Pictures People Pay For”, by the way) I was so damned happy that Spin didn’t blurt it out in front of Dante – I just can’t take Dante being any more heroic than he has already been since his arrival in Port Charles! Really! I mean, the other day even Sonny wa trying to get him out of PC – I think we all need a break! Thank goodness (and Spinelli) that it wasn’t Dante who got to figure out the Mr. and Mrs. Balkan Connection! Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this post – you can’t really keep a secret in Port Charles, so just as PC luck would have it, Suzanne decided to go sniff out some information from Sonny’s camp, and knocks on Jason’s door as he is absorbing the information. She really stepped in it, huh? Jason, who is NOT GOOD at pussyfooting around something like this, lets her know in no uncertain terms that she has just been caught red-handed. Good luck, Suzanne!

Jason would hate this if he read this just as much as he hated knowing he’s a chapter in Spin’s novel, but I’m going to write it anyway: Jason and Sam were caught red-freakin-handed being totally adorable! From the moment Spin left the hospital room and Jason heard he was going to get to take Sam “home”, he went from surly Beast to Prince Bumbling, but still Charming.

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I love the way Jason talks to Sam, I love the way he kinda smiles like he did when he walked over and leaned in for a kiss, and my knees go weak when he looks into her eyes like he did after that kiss. That look is a look of adoration, and I tell you that I feel the intensity from this side of the screen!

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I know that usually I tend to see more into something than what others see, but I just cannot help it when it comes to Jason and Sam. I heard Sam say to Jason at the hospital that he “got to take her home”. Home. If we were to take that sentence literally, Jason would have taken Sam to her own apartment to recover. But, really isn’t home where the heart is? (Right, Jenn and Ro?) And as my pal Becky believes, Sam is Jason’s Heart, and Jason is hers, and so in the very next scene, we see Jason walk Sam into his penthouse. *sigh*

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What a great moment, huh?

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You know the other great realization was finding that the penthouse has finally been stripped of all that horrible pink, along with Brenda’s crap. Hallelujah! I never realized just how much I loved the neutrality of Jason’s place until it was no longer neutral. Suddenly, the penthouse felt like home even to me! What about you?

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Most inspiring about the few stolen moments of alone time we got from Jason and Sam were the ones on the couch. I have to smile as I think about how many times Jason and Sam’s History would have to begin or end a chapter, or even a sentence with those very words…”on the couch…” 

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Yes, Jason and Sam have made some great memories on his couch. Some pivotal points in time happened as they sat there together. Some crucial conversations took place there. Some decisive moments happened while on that couch. There have been big “I love yous”, and bigger promises to stand by each other. There have been many a case figured out there, and many a misunderstanding ironed out there as well. When we look back at their history, whether in our minds or in a spectacular vid made by a friend, so many momentous occasions took place right there.

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Sure, a lot of that has to do with the issue of logistics in the world of soap sets, but more has to do with the fact that Jason and Sam find their most normal moments in each other’s arms when no one else is around. And as we discussed yesterday, Jason and Sam’s most important moments didn’t take place in the bedroom. Unlike other couples, their history doesn’t hinge upon one night or one act. Their love story hinges upon what came from their hearts, over and over again, and throughout the years. Therefore, it seemed perfectly fitting that the first place they’d end up after a near death experience like the one Sam just escaped, would be on that couch, where everything seems most familiar.

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How beautiful was that moment when Sam tried to remind Jason that all she needs to feel better is him? How sweet was it when she reminded him of where his hands need to be, and where his eyes need to be, and where his lips need to be in order for her to feel not just better – but alive?

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That was just a SPLENDID moment in JaSam Time!

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Had you been able to see me, I would have been caught red-handed wiping away a tear.

*quivering lip*

Jason and Sam are LOVE. Pure and simple, huge and all-consuming, loud or completely silent…it’s LOVE!

And I can’t wait to watch it grow… 



March 9

2004: Michael was too damned much! *smh* Jason is so lucky Sam didn’t listen!

2006: Jason is most amazing when he is standing by his woman!


2010: Love Sam and their airplane scenes!

March 10

2005: Where would Jason be without his Sam? This experience may be one Jason may have to draw upon soon.

2006: Do you all see how they take turns being there for each other? So incredible! Loved the ending scenes…almost funny! Almost!

2010: Do you all remember how happy we were about the spoiler pics for these scenes? And when they actually played out, Twitter was ON FIRE! So were Jason and Sam! LOVED THIS DAY IN THEIR HISTORY!

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3 responses

  1. JasamFan

    Coffee and Bella.. how do you start your day?

    So when Jason brought Sam home the first thing I noticed was no pink.. and well I yelled thank god that pink crap is gone. The PH has now become Sam and Jasons place again, as it should be.

    Adorable is what I have to say about all things Jasam yesterday. I fricking love them more everyday. They are so in tune with each other and each others heart.. the hospital, walking into the PH, Sam telling Jason you are a fast learner.. the beauty of GH is alive and well!

    Love you babe

    March 10, 2011 at 12:02 pm

  2. Deborah

    First of all I’m going to say that I’m sure it was TOTAL coincidence (wink, wink) that in one sentence you talked about Alexis being Davis Girl HOT, and the very next line was about the Top-Ten Most BUSTED Women in PC.
    But on to Jason and Sam. The great thing in knowing our couple so well is that we can picture scenes that aren’t even on the screen. So when Jason came down the stairs and told Dante that Sam was sleeping I could see him taking Sam upstairs, putting her in bed and tucking her in, getting in next to her and holding her until she fell asleep, feeling warm and safe (remember what she said a long time ago about only feeling safe with him). There was no shrieking nightmare from the room next door to interrupt their solitude or their healing time.

    March 10, 2011 at 7:14 pm

  3. Usually I don’t learn post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite great post.

    November 29, 2012 at 9:46 am

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