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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Under The Stars

Happy Sunday, GHers!

I apologize for the late start – it’s been a very busy weekend around here. We had a late night at my kids’ school’s Annual Gospel Concert, and my Vanessa was in a play celebrating Black History Month! So, not only have we been busy, but we’ve been celebrating our baby girl’s outstanding accomplishment! ūüôā

But, never too busy to honor our Sunday routine, so, here we are…taking our Sunday Drive; this time, “Under The Stars”.

I would think that only Chinese Food could rival the significance of the stars and what they mean to Jason and Sam and their incredible history. I was inspired by a vidder new to our Sunday Drive (julietkim99) to make this week’s Drive one that would honor their connection to the stars.

There are some great moments captures within these vids…I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


“Stars, They Make Me Wonder Where You Are”¬†¬†Credit: julietkim99

“When The Stars Go Blue”¬†¬†Credit: loveandmagic

“Written In The Stars” ¬†¬†Credit: JasamFanalways

“I Look Into Your Eyes, Falling Like A Wall Of Stars”¬†¬†Credit: Jasamistruelove

“History Of The Star Necklace”¬† missingJASAMalways

“She’s Like A Star”¬†¬†Credit: PhickJasam4eva

“Twice As Many Stars”¬† Credit: xohugskissesxo2009

“Waiting For A Star To Fall”¬†¬†Credit: ajisfine09

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Star”¬† Credit: Kathy Federico

“Keeper Of The Stars”¬†¬†Credit: IrishLass1805

“Sam Tells Danny About His Father”¬†¬†Credit: JasamUnited


As long as there are *STARS* twinkling in the sky, Jason and Samantha Morgan will be my favorite couple ever! 

And I will continue to remember them fondly…as though Genoa City and Port Charles (the spinoff that came back) don’t even exist.¬†

Thanks for taking the Drive with me, Lovies!

Be well…


A BEHIND SCHEDULE Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Morning, GHers…or for those on the East Coast…Ice Pops!

I am so sorry for the late post, I was almost done posting around 2 a.m. last night when I realized that I had to plug in the charger for my laptop. I was too warm and cozy to go downstairs to get it, so I figured that I’d finish up in the morning, after seeing my hubby off to work.

Well, I saw my hubby off to work at 5, cleaned up and did the dishes from breakfast, and then went to my office to get the charger. That’s when I remembered that I’d taken my bag to a meeting, and left it in my husband’s car. The car he’d just left to work in.

So, here I am…late, but ready to finish posting the last two vids and hit PUBLISH. . . ¬†To be fair, snowy weather in the northeast usually means delays on mass transit. ūüôā

I was so happy to see so many JaSam vids added this week…it confirms my belief that for us JaSam fans, we can’t just get them out of our system or let them go. I think it’s beautiful that we all keep sharing this common love of all things JaSam. I will hold on to that for as long as I can, because it means I get to hold on to all of you. ūüôā

Let’s go…

“This Is Not The End” ¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“I Have Died Every Day Waiting For You”¬†¬†Credit: Nixxy JaSam

“In Loving Memory”¬†¬†Credit: TheSandman0889

“A Thousand Years”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“Bed”¬† Credit: lt4bama

“Worth Fighting For”¬†¬†Credit: ashleycramni

“Begin Again”¬† Credit: Cocoagirlie4

“Doesn’t Mean Anything”¬† Credit: laurynhill247

“Something More”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“They Don’t Know About Us”¬† Credit: mandysonly

Thanks to all the vidders who still find inspiration in the JaSam Love Story already told to bring us new vids and keep us together in some way. I appreciate all they do…and each new vid brings a smile to my face, even when it brings a tear to my eye.

Have a great rest of your Sunday…




A VINTAGE Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday morning to you all, GHers!

I apologize for running so behind this Sunday, but I broke my toe on Friday, and after trying to be Superwoman, I finally ended up giving in and taking the super-dose pain meds yesterday evening because I just could not take the throbbing. Needless to say, I was too groggy to drive. ūüôā

Alas, my insomnia overtook the meds, and here I am; a little late, but raring to  go!

This week, I thought we could all use a JaSam “Shot In The Arm”. I decided to go with vids from one particular vidder, because her work fit the bill of what I think we all need at the moment: reminders of Vintage JaSam Romance. Each of these vids will take you back in time to a wonderful place in JaSam History, and by the time this Drive is over, you will no longer be wondering why you don’t just pack up your JaSam memories and call it a wrap.

Something this magical deserves to be held on to…with both hands, and cherished and enjoyed whenever possible! And that’s what we’ll be doing today!

All of our vids this week are credited to TheVintage GH. I hope you all take the time to “LIKE” and comment on the vids…they are really going to work like Pain Medicine! That’s a promise! ūüôā (There are also some great AU vids on the channel…they make for some great distraction from the Restless/Vampire situation we’re enduring at the moment!) ūüôā

Let’s get started with this little gem…

“Kissing You”¬†

“You’re The Boss”¬†

“Then You Look At Me”¬†


“Fools Rush In”¬†

“Let Me Entertain You”¬†

“Somewhere Only We Know”¬†

“Save Me”¬†

“The Book Of Love”¬†

“This Could Be Heaven”¬†

“The One I Love”¬†

“That’s All”¬†

Didn’t I tell you they’d be special? *sigh*

Oh, the good ol’ days…thanks to the magic of YouTube, they will live on in our hearts forever…just like JaSam.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

Love you guys,



A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…With Blinders On

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I will be in the back seat with you all this Sunday…I obviously cannot derive with blinders on, but it will be the final Sunday that I can take this Drive without having seen our Steve Burton with another woman on Y&R. I am choosing to wear the blinders, and refusing to see what is right in front of us…it’s the only way I can cope. ūüôā

On this Drive, I will be blissfully driving through JaSam World, soaking in the sights and sounds that have brought us so much happiness throughout the past nine years. As one of Heather’s vids on this week’s Drive says, “I’ll be seeing you in all the old, familiar places”. I hope you do the same.

Thank you to every vidder who found the motivation and the inspiration to continue to make these vids that bring us so much enjoyment.

You guys rock.


“Kiss Me”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“I’d GIve You The Moon”¬†¬†Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“I Miss You”¬† Credit: lt4bama

“Stop Crying Your Heart Out”¬† Credit: dominiquelovesjasam1

“Fingerprints”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“It’s A Fire”¬†¬†Credit: SarahCG

“Last Kiss”¬† Credit: mandysonly

“Thinking Of You”¬†¬†Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“I’ll Be Seeing You”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

I couldn’t drop you all off without reminding you that, together, we can get through this, too!

Love you all,


A RESTLESS Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday Morning, GHers! 

While nothing could ever shake my JaSam Loving Heart, or make me change my mind about Daytime’s Most Magical Supercouple Ever…I will admit that as I have been watching Y&R more regularly again in prep for “Dylan’s” arrival in Genoa City, I am starting to feel a little RESTLESS about seeing those blue eyes looking at anyone other Sam…or those lips kissing anyone else’s than Sam’s, or those fingers brushing aside anyone’s hair but Sam’s…well, I’m sure you get the picture.

I kinda feel nervous about it…like a PI on ¬†a cheating spouse case about to catch the cheater! *bites nails*

I guess a PI would turn on the radio in her car as she sat waiting…we’ll turn on the vids! Thanks to all of our vidders who are doing such an outstanding job of seeing us through this withdrawal from our JaSam addiction. . . by feeding us more JaSam! ūüôā

When I find myself feeling lost and adrift in either Port Charles or Genoa City, you can find me in YouTube. That’s where I’ll be, driving up and down Memory Lane, until my heartache lessens a little. I’m sure I’ll catch glimpses of quite a bit of you on there! Be sure and wave!

For today, we’re taking this Drive together. Jump in…

Yup, JaSam, You Did! “You Put A Move On My Heart”¬†¬†Credit: Nixxy JaSam

This was by our very own lt4bama! How FABULOUS! “Freak Me”¬†¬†Credit: lt4bama

A quickie, but definitely a goodie! “Your Love”¬† Credit: yugottahitpeople

I really like this vid…and she’s new to our Drive! “Lego House”¬†¬†Credit: Spartins1988

This vid is short, sweet and sexy. “Down” ¬† Credit: xkeepitclassyx

This vid was so amazing! If I don’t stop watching, soon, someone will have to fix ME. “Fix You”¬† Credit: SxyNikki06

This vid means so much, especially since we really just don’t know if we’ll ever have a whole year of Love to compile again! *tears* “I Love You and Kisses 2012”¬† Credit: scooter5117

That Heather is not just PHENOMENAL, she’s also sweet as pie! (Check out the comments section of the vid – and then maybe leave one of your own..)¬†Her latest masterpiece…¬†“Kiss Me”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty



I feel a little less RESTLESS now after having taken this Drive together! I’m glad to have shared not just this week’s Drive, or each of the many Sunday Drives we’ve ever taken, but I am also glad to have shared every single step of the incredible journey we’ve shared over the past three years! I hope this journey is far from over!

Love you guys! Enjoy your Sunday!


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…For Auld Lang Syne

Happy Sunday morning, GHers!

It’s the last Sunday of the year, and as I look back – not just at the year gone by, but the years gone by for JaSam, I cannot help but feel nostalgic in a good way.¬†

Jason and Sam gave us such great times, and such wonderful years, that not even this past (hard) year could take that from me. And it shouldn’t take that from us. I think we can all agree that even after the nightmare the new regime put us through, the moment Jason and Sam were back together and admitting to each other that they had always been in love, we were back in love with them.

I have heard about Steve’s rumored move to The Young and The Restless, but I have to be honest in telling you that my reaction may not be what most expect it to be. Sure, I want Steve’s Jason back at GH, because I want him back with Sam and Danny. I think all of you know that, as I have made no secret about that. However, I get that Steve made a choice that was best for his family when he decided to move out to Tennessee. From what we’ve been told, I can only assume that there was some back and forth before he left GH because he wanted more time to be with his family. GH wasn’t willing – or able – to concede on that. Apparently, if the rumors for Y&R are true, Steve’s new role is not the kind of role that would require the time and commitment that his role (our favorite) on GH would.

Does it suck? Yeah. Am I disappointed? Abso-FREAKIN-lutely! But, you know what? As a parent, I totally get it. After years of keeping a career front and center, there comes a time when you realize that your career shouldn’t always be Number One. As a professional, I understand. After 20+ years of doing your job with such a high level of commitment and loyalty, you just think that you’ve earned some cooperation. And rightly so.

If Y&R is willing to give Steve what he needs at the moment, who am I to begrudge him the right to work a little? Especially since after being forced into retirement because of a serious injury, I totally get how desperately you miss feeling like you’re doing that one thing you were meant to do. I wish Steve all the best, but I am still holding on to the hope that GH finds a way to bring him back on whatever terms work for him and his family. I do believe that GH will always be home for him, and that he really would want to come back – even if for the fans.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!


Now, getting back to this week’s holiday-themed Drive. There’s a little old and a little new, and some of what people came up with in the past few days…but it’s ALL “For Auld Lang Syne” (For old times’ sake). A couple this perfect deserves to be remembered for the magic they created onscreen…not the headlines involving their personal lives.

That’s what these vids do…they honor the Magic of JaSam. I hope you all enjoy the Drive, and that the year ahead brings us something to be happy about again. It wouldn’t be the first time a New Year does that for us JaSam fans! ūüôā But, let;’s not take for granted that we have lots of new moments to look back on this New Year’s!

“Auld Lang Syne”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”¬† Credit: jmsg411

“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”¬† Credit: PeppermintPoet

“You For Christmas”¬† Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“JaSam & Danny – Only Love”¬† Credit: mcdela02

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”¬† Credit: OCgurl840

“It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“Kiss Me At Midnight”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty


My prayer is that each of you will have a blessed, happy, safe and fulfilling 2013!

Whatever the year brings, know that it all serves to make us stronger…

Love you all,



A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Through Christmas Past

Happy Sunday morning, GHers!

I hope your presents are all bought, wrapped and under the tree…and that you’ll have some time for yourself to sit back with a hot drink and enjoy some Christmases Past with our beloved couple, Jason and Sam.

I will tell you that it just won’t be Christmas in Port Charles without them being together….they became my favorite part about Christmas in Port Charles back in 2004, and I will miss them terribly.

This is why this week’s Drive is so special…I can relive all of my favorite memories of their Christmases spent in love.

I am making my Christmas wish, and my top pick on my letter to Santa…for JaSam to be reunited soon! (And that Steve really starts to miss work!)

So, please do not bust my Christmas bubble! ūüôā

Sit back…relax…and open your heart to all the moments of love for each other and the holiday they complied over the years. And if me must cry, let’s make them tears of joy for having been witness to such a beautiful Love Story. Fictional or not, it changed our lives…and made us friends. That is a GIFT in and of itself!

I hear sleigh bells…jump in!

“Christmas Isn’t Christmas without You”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“Christmas Through The Years”¬† Credit: missingJASAMalways

“Are You Coming Home For Christmas?”¬†¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“Merry Little Christmas”¬† Credit: allegator20

“The Only Gift”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“Remember Last Christmas”¬† Credit: luckiBelle

“The Gift”¬†¬†Credit: missingJASAMalways

“My Only Wish For Christmas Is You”¬†¬†Credit: charmedp3f

“Merry Christmas, Darling” (One Song, Two Vids) Credit: aproditebeauty Credit: raindance4521

“All I Want For Christmas” (One Song, Two Versions, Two Vids) ūüôā Credit: jmsg411 Credit: lalachik

Aahhh…they were beautiful, weren’t they? I hope you never stop telling TPTB how much you miss Steve, and how much you miss JaSam on your screen! Get as mushy as you dare, but make sure they know that a little piece of your heart is missing, right alongside Jason! Maybe we’ll inspire them to sweeten the deal for Steve to come back…and soon! ūüôā

On a different note, I ask for your prayers. Matthew’s teacher’s husband passed away last week, and today we will be attending funeral services for him. He was only 43, and it was completely unexpected and terribly sudden. Both Matthew and Vanessa will be singing at the service, and they are both heartbroken for the family. I cannot imagine having to endure all this…and at Christmas, no less. Your prayers will go a long way today!

Thanks to all of you…I love you all so dearly!

Merry Christmas!


A DIVERSIONARY Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday morning, GHers.

If you are anything like me, you’re trying to de-puff your eyes and downing some pain relievers to try and deal with the headache still lingering from all of the crying. Never in my life have I felt such an overwhelming sense of shock and disillusionment with life as we knew it in America. Something is fundamentally wrong when something like the tragedy in Newtown, CT can happen, and yet we can’t fix whatever it is that’s wrong right away.

I thought for a bit that I couldn’t…shouldn’t…wouldn’t post this weekend’s Drive. Then I realized that sometimes in devastating situations like this, we could all use a break. A diversion. A reason to smile.

Furthermore, my dear friend, Steph, had a special request: that our Drive after such a hard week be about good times and reasons to smile. I couldn’t agree more, and actually felt lighter after taking the time just to compile the vids, and getting my mind off of everything else for a little while. (I can only hope and pray that you guys know me well enough by now to know that in no way am I trying to minimize the terrible thing that has happened to those innocent victims. I am simply trying to provide an escape for those who desire one. If you are not ready for that yourself, then please, by all means, do something else. It is certainly not my intention to offend or hurt anyone. As most of you know, I taught in a K-4 school for 10 years before teaching Pre-K for seven. I feel a personal connection to this, as many of you do for different reasons. I pray you understand.)


I will tell you that almost immediately upon seeing Steve and Kelly do their thing, I was reminded me that Jason and Sam are the absolute best DIVERSION onscreen! It’s my hope that our Drive this week will serve to lighten your heavy hearts, brighten the dark feelings surrounding this tragedy, and actually give you a reason to smile, even if for just a few minutes.


“You Make Me Smile”¬†¬†Credit: 22anybeth

“The Way You Are”¬† Credit: lalachik

“JaSam As Hart to Hart”¬† Credit: holsgem

“When I See You Smile”¬† Credit: candece

“Only Girl In The World”¬†¬†Credit: lalachik

“Smile”¬†¬†Credit: zetter09

“Brown-Eyed Girl”¬† Credit: zaltana1

“LOL! Smiley Face”¬†¬†Credit: babyphat9191

“Fine By Me”¬† Credit: jmsg411

“Here In Your Arms”¬† Credit: Kaitie Hicks


I hope you enjoyed our Drive this week, and that it was a source of tranquility for a little bit.

Let’s continue to pray for these families and for this community, and let’s vow to cherish every moment with those we love; especially our children. Hold them a little tighter, hug them a little longer, kiss them a little harder, and take the time to just breathe them in.

I love you all,


A *DAZZLING* Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

It is a HUGE day at our house today! It’s the day of the annual Christmas Spectacular at our children’s school – and this year is my youngest’s first time with a major part as an angel, and my son’s last…as he will be graduating at the end of this school year. So I will be packing lots and lots of tissues and applying waterproof mascara in preparation, but boy am I excited and immensely proud!

Wish them luck, won’t ‘cha? ūüôā

As I went through vids this week, I came across one that I remember served as a smilemaker during a pretty hard time for JaSam during the Brenda era. Then I remembered that this particular vidder was one who, in my mind, has made some pretty *DAZZLING* vids over the years, and they were memorable to me because of the effects she used. So, I went back and watched quite a few of them, and found myself smiling and recalling some wonderful, exciting moments for us as JaSam fans. I just knew that I had to take you on the same drive down memory lane.

Her vids are of the shorter variety, so I included way more than I usually do. (And still, she has many more you should check out when you have time!) I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did, as this vidder, mcdela02, is in the driver’s seat today, and all the vids we’ll be enjoying are credited to her. The really incredible thing is just how much JaSam “ground” she covers in her vids. It truly will be A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane. Be prepared to be *DAZZLED*! She’s absolutely magnificent!

“I Just Wanted To Thank You”¬†¬†

“My World Would Go Dark”¬†

“Super Duper Love”¬†

“It Wasn’t A Choice”¬†

“I Got You”¬†

“What Do You Get From It?”¬†

“God Damn You’re Beautiful”¬†

“Love You”¬†¬†

“Baby Promo”¬†

“Your Love Is A Song”¬†

“13 ILU’s”¬†


“For U Always”¬†

“Husband & Wife”¬†

“Someone Like You”¬†


Wow…isn’t she a talented little thing?¬†

I hope you’ll all show her some love for all of her hard work over the years…maybe it will inspire her to make a new vid…including some of the scenes with JaSam and Baby Daniel. ūüôā

Truly, our JaSam vidders are all so AMAZING. I think we are so lucky they are #TeamJaSam!

By the way, I hope this week’s drive also served to show us all why the JaSam Magic is irreplaceable – and could NEVER be imitated by anyone other than STELLY! A Jason recast would be an insult to me as a fan – a slap in the face even. I am praying that it never happens. I’d rather Jason be “out there somewhere” trying to get back to his family, than for some new Jason come in and ruin (or even change) the fantastic thing we had going between Steve and Kelly!

I will hold out hope until the very end that Jason will come back – OUR Jason, even if we have to wait a while.

Enjoy your Sunday, loves!

It’s always wonderful to start off my Sundays with you all!


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…In Black & White

Good morning, GHers.

By the way, for those of you longtime readers, you’ll recognize the theme for this next week is from our second year together together! Awww…I still remember putting it together! Back then, we were enjoying that first anniversary of Jason and Sam’s first year together since their reunion. If only we could rewind… ūüė¶

The holidays are my favorite time of year! I am so excited already…there are presents under the tree now, my shopping list is getting smaller, and thoughts of seeing all the little ones in my family tearing open gifts are already dancing in my head.

I’ll be honest though. Just thinking about the holidays in Port Charles, without a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree that Jason and Sam would decorate together with Danny, and without them having their first family Christmas together, the thought of Christmas in Port Charles makes me a little sad.

I am missing Jason and Sam like crazy. With me, it’s simple. It’s as clear as black and white – no gray areas: Jason and Sam were, for me, The Beauty of GH Always. In my search for this week’s vids, I started out looking for vids that gave us a “classic” feel for our favorite couple. That then turned into a search for vids that not only “felt” classic but “looked” classic as well.

In the end, I found a nice collection from different times in their history, that left me smiling and feeling lucky to have been part of their journey from the first minute they laid eyes on each other. I hope this week’s Drive leaves you feeling the same.

Let’s get going…

“To Fall In Love Again” Credit: jasamarenumberone

“By Your Side”¬† Credit: loveepeacee

“I Will Always Love You”¬†¬†Credit:jmsg411

“I’ll Stand By You”¬†¬†Credit: shy jay

“Home Again”¬† Credit: ashleycramni

“This I Promise You”¬†¬†Credit: BecauseFlinySaidSo

“Follow” Credit: SarahCG

“I’m So In Love”¬†¬†Credit: heartgeeks

“Running Away”¬† Credit: jasamarenumberone


Aren’t they just perfection? ūüôā

Enjoy the rest of your SUnday!

Lots of Love,


All Roads Lead To Sam

Good morning, GHers.

Let me begin by saying how proud I am of our Kelly Monaco. What an AMAZING journey she had on the Dancing With The Stars’ All Stars Season!

I said this all along, and I will say it again. Of the three finalists, Kelly was the one with the least amount of professional training – her first winning season ¬†lasted less than Melissa’s first non-winning season, and she was neither a professional Dallas Cowboy cheerleader or a gold medal winning US Olympian. When you don’t have extensive experience in following a routine or choreography, and then performing it in front of a huge audience-both live and on air, (as both other finalists had), then you truly are at a disadvantage. To see Kelly reach that same stage as a finalist with the other (more experienced) girls was a huge moment for me as her fan. I could not have been more proud, and to me, the judges were right when they said more than once that Kelly was exactly what the spirit of the show was about. So in my eyes, Kelly is a true champion, and I am extremely proud that I was #TeamVally from day one.


Now, all I want is for Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati to give ¬†Sam a storyline with Val, where they could show off all they learned on General Hospital. Please help me in trying to make that happen by contacting GH and TPTB any and every which way you know how! Sam is a P.I., it wouldn’t be the first time she’s had to take on a new career for a short time! They CAN and SHOULD make this happen!

That would be one more road that leads to Sam…as it seems that at the moment, All Road Leads To Sam.¬†

Once again, I enjoyed most of the show this afternoon. The Quartermaines were at their absolute best: plotting behind each others’ backs. ¬†I so enjoyed hearing all that Quartermaine name-dropping in the discussions each side had. I loved that even though the math didn’t really make sense to me, both sides – AJ’s and Tracy’s, will be lacking the very shares that Sam will control. I love even more that Tracy, who started Sam on that slippery slope towards that bitch Amelia Joffe in 2007, will have to grovel at her feet and work her way up to kissing Sam’s cute little butt! While I am not sure that I like the idea of AJ slinking around Sam and Baby Danny, I do love that Sam will be in the thick of things with Jason and Danny’s family, and that they will all want to be in her good graces.

I pray that Sam will have a support system in her family, Spin, but it seems that the writers seem to have forgotten that Sam and Maxie were really good friends, because Maxie thinks she and Lulu are like sisters. So much so, that Maxie wants to be Dante and Lulu’s surrogate. Ehhh…I am not sure about that idea. While it will give them plenty of story over the next few months, I am just not sure that is the best use of Maxie. I guess we’ll see. Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised. *shrugs*

Once again, Duke and The Mask fail to keep my interest or inspire any excitement. I just do not, and never have, liked camp when it comes to my GH. I was always very thankful that I was too young to remember storylines such as The Ice Princess, and I just cannot understand how such a smart and internationally schooled spy like Anna Devane wouldn’t notice that the man in front of her is wearing a mask! *smacks forehead*¬†I think that the last time I was this disappointed in a beloved soap’s storyline was when Guiding Light’s writers thought it was a good idea to clone Reva Shane Lewis. *shudders*¬†Listen, I get that lots of people do enjoy camp on their soaps, or OLTL would have disappeared off our screens long before it actually did. I am just not one of them, and look forward to this one storyline wrapping.

I am not sure what that long-ass history lesson/phone convo the Manning women had was about…whether it was bringing people who never watched OLTL up to speed on Todd and Blair’s relationship, or if it was to name-drop Tomas’ name in Port Charles before Alcazar drops in on PC. Whichever it was, to me, it simply gave me time to fix a snack, trudge laundry upstairs, and even call to schedule the kids’ dental appointments during their Christmas break. ūüôā

One thing I do wish we saw more of was the use of flashbacks and memories of Jason. Over on B&B, where Stephanie Forrester is dying after an incredible 25 year run on the show, there have been flashbacks in abundance, and they have never failed to move me to tears. More importantly, those flashbacks explain to the newer or less devoted viewer, why Brooke Logan is the one at her side in her final moments after a tumultuous history. ¬†I will never, ever understand why GH doesn’t use those kinds of flashbacks more, especially since sometime they use flashbacks from like the day before ad nauseam.

Jason and Sam had something that only romantic soap legends have: a long, and storied history teaming chock full o’nuts with special moments, extraordinary memories, and tons of pivotal points in their time together that would lend themselves to understanding Sam’s refusal to give up on Jason right now. Sam and Jason have such an honest and true-blue love story, where they fell in love after seeing the very best of each other after initially thinking the very worst of each other. That is always so much better than love stories where the opposite happens and people see the worst of each other after thinking they fell in love with the very best. They’ve loved each other through life and death situations, nearly killed each other out of pain and anger, and found their way back to each¬†other each and every time, using their love for each other as their compass. Why aren’t we seeing more of those moments? They are The Beauty of GH!

For someone tuning in without the benefit of having witnessed the history, those glances backwards in time go a long way. There may be someone tuning into GH after watching Kelly on DWTS who may have no clue as to why Sam is seemingly in denial about her husband’s unfortunate death, rather than having an opportunity to understand why Sam is not in denial, but refusing to accept he’s gone, because she feels that her heart would know if Jason’s was no longer beating. Glimpses of how their abiding and indestructible love came to be would give those new viewers a connection with Sam that they may never have reached otherwise.

I don’t know *sigh* …all we can do is ask them, and pray that they listen. All I know is that even for me, a lifetime viewer, seeing Jason onscreen again – even through memories, would fill a void Steve Burton left behind when he left for Tennessee. *tears*

‘Til then, I will keep turning to the incredible vidders who took time out of their busy lives over the years to leave us a huge part of JaSam’s Legacy in video form. Thank the good Lord for them. All of them. ūüôā

Because of them, we have inspiration like this: “Heaven”¬†¬†Credit: YuGottaHitPeople

Much love,


Not Ready To Give Up Yet, Either

Good morning, GHers.

My house is so quiet and solitary now that I actually had some time to myself, so I pulled out the laptop and decided to post about today’s GH (Yesterday’s by the time you guys read it).

What a great episode! No fake masked people, or onslaughts of newbies…just good ol’ fashioned beloved GH characters all on the same page over the devastating loss of Edward Quartermaine. As it should be. Even Trey and Starr were on today because of Edward, albeit indirectly. I just love it when my GH feels, looks and sounds familiar.

For the record, Ron Carlivati’s name is always listed as the headwriter, but the credit for each episode goes to the script writer whose name is listed with editor, Elizabeth Korte’s. Today’s script writer, therefore, was Scott Sickles, and considering he is new to the GH writing team, added after the clean sweep of longtime GH personnel, the episode struck a chord with me.

I thought everything about the episode seemed “right”. From the drama and turmoil at the Quartermaine Mansion, to the heartbreak Sam’s sisters are feeling over Sam’s situation, I watched and understood every scene because it made sense. And that is something that needs to be a little more consistent on GH. There are days that I watch and think, “Who are these people?” because the characters that I both love and love to hate are acting completely “off”. If only the feel of today’s show was one that became the norm, I would feel a whole lot more connected to my beloved soap.

Yet, though that consistency is lacking, Monday’s touching episode pointed out one thing for me. Like Sam, I am not ready to give up yet, either. Not on Jason coming home, not on my soap coming out of this alive and kicking, and not on GH in general.

How could I not feel that way after seeing that Quartermaine house filled with…genuine Quartermaines! Not long-lost relations that we feel no connection to, or ghosts of the people we loved, but real, in-the-flesh Quartermaines! Fighting and back-biting and arguing as though they never stopped! I really had forgotten how much I missed Ned, and even Skye doesn’t bug me as much when she’s part of the hullabaloo. And as much as I have detested A.J. ever since he slammed Jason into the tree, it’s nice to have some life back in that mansion again after all these years! I will take Quartermaines over Mannings on any calendar day of the year!

Having Edward’s will read was a classic moment, as we would expect nothing less from Tracy. I loved the bickering back and forth, and Tracy’s true-to-form bitchiness, even in the sacredness of the moment. I did like that Diane, a bitch in her own right, was the attorney to deliver the blow, because she was not going to cower to Tracy…or anyone for that matter. I thought that gave it a little extra. What I am confused about, and what is niggling around in my brain, is what change Heather could possibly have made to Edward’s will, or what it was that “she knew that the Quartermaines didn’t.”¬†I don’t like loose ends. I don’t like inconsistencies, and I guess that is my main bone of contention with GH right now. I need that settled, and sooner, rather than later, please.

I have never been a Lulu fan, but I thought her talking to Sam about wanting to have a baby was something that would happen, and I enjoyed that. I also liked that her scenes with Maxie, mostly because I love that Maxie is the one trying to deal with heartache instead of Spinelli. While I a may not be crazy about the idea, I also thought it was very clever how they walked Maxie right into that corner where she felt her idea of becoming Lulu’s surrogate was a great idea. Personally, I would rather see Maxie getting back to work somewhere – anywhere, but I am just happy to have her back, so I guess I’ll take it. ūüôā

I must say I also really, really loved the whole Davis Girls scenes…I hated that Sam and her family left things the way they did. I loved that her sisters made the move and asked Sam to come over for dinner, and I loved that they focused on their nephew, because any aunt would be willing to jump through hoops, even the one they think is denial, in order to be able to enjoy their nephew or niece. Trust me. I speak from experience.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the writers are using all of Molly’s romantic tendencies to give her something constructive and smart to do! Having her write a novel was BRILLIANT! I wrote a novel when I was Molly’s age, and like Molly, I did it just for the satisfaction, but chickened out of submitting it anywhere out of fear, so I thought that would resonate with a lot of girls like Molly…and me. It made total sense that she would be afraid of rejection, because unless you have a friend like Starr, who has a dad in the publishing business, it just seems like a huge, lofty dream to have a novel published. Way to go on that, writers! I will take Molly churning out romance novels over hooking up before she’s ready every single time! Molly is jut too smart to make the same old mistakes; especially when the Molly I know and love would have learned from the mistakes of the women in her life.

Finally, Sam’s scenes just touched my heart and made me sad; but in a productive kind of way. Sad, because Sam and Danny are trying to go on with their lives, and Sam is trying desperately to be stable and calm and even happy for their son, but all of that is happening without the benefit of Jason’s presence and love in their loves. *sigh* Just like the rest of us are trying without his presence onscreen. It can’t be anything but sad when we think about how much Jason and Sam love each other, or how much they went through on their way to having everything they wanted, before it was all stolen from them before they could even enjoy it all together. It’s just sad.

I also said it was productive because it reminded me that this is the season of “Believing”. It’s the season on miracles and magic. It made me want to remind you all to take a page from Sam’s book, and in the face of even the best of friends, like Spinelli, refuse to stop believing that Jason is out there and coming back to the loves of his life! Sam’s resolve gave me strength to square my shoulders, tip my chin up, and declare that “I Am Not Ready To Give Up Yet, Either!”

What about you?

Do you still believe that in the end, “Love will win out and that it always does?”

I sure hope so…that is The Beauty of GH.


A Heather GEM to inspire your Belief: “I Believe In You & Me”¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

A THANKFUL Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…In Spite Of Everything

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I hope and pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you shared the day with those you are most thankful for.

As most of you know, holidays only mean one thing at my house: Family. Family. And more family. Now that the holiday is over, and the leftovers are gone, everyone has departed, and we are back to being on our own again…until the next round at Christmas. ūüôā

I’ve had some long, sleepless nights over the past week…I always get a bit anxious when I am responsible for pleasing so many people. The silver lining to my insomnia being such an issue this past week was that it meant I had plenty of time to watch JaSam vids…from the classic to the most rent. And since the overwhelming sense of THANKFULNESS is still with me, I began to feel very THANKFUL for the gift we were given in the form of daytime’s Best. Couple. Ever.

Listen, I know we’ve had a rough year as JaSam fans. I know that we had a tough loss in losing half of our Super COUPLE. I know that some of us think we should give up the ghost on thinking that Jason will ever be back (not me!) However, IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING, we are taking a THANKFUL Drive this week, because especially for us JaSam fans, these vids will remind us that it was better for JaSam to have loved and lost (and left us SO MANY INCREDIBLE MEMORIES), than never to have loved at all.

So, to that end, I found some “THANKFUL” themed vids, and I know that looking back at these ( many of which are Vintage JaSam), you will realize that we still have so much to be thankful for when it comes to our couple and their AMAZING history. There’s enough JaSam love on YT to help us keep that love alive…and to keep us feeling THANKFUL that we part of their legacy.

Chin up, jump in, and prepare to feel THANKFUL  all over again!

“I Just Wanted To Thank You”¬† Credit: mcdela02

“Thank You For A Love So Beautiful”¬† Credit: AfterTheRAin

“Thank You” (w/voiceovers)¬†¬†Credit: GGlvr06

“I Have You To Thank”¬† Credit: CKellyRM

“Thank You For Loving Me”¬†Credit: bthpeters

“Thank God I Found You”¬†Credit: ajisfine09

THANK YOU All for taking the Drive with me. It’s still one of my favorite things about the weekend!

Have a fabulous Sunday! Be well!



A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Celebrating Jenn & Steph!

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. I will admit that I only really watched GH on Friday when Sam was on – the one other day she was on, we lost power due to the condition of our transformers around here. ūüė¶

I will tell you that I did have the TV on a couple of times this week (when we did have power), and I just do not like the whole face mask thing with Duke/Faison AT ALL! Ugh… I am hanging on by my fingernails, but luckily Sam and Danny and the thought of Jason coming home to them keep me from letting go.

Well, that and the vids all of our vidders keep dreaming up! Thank goodness for all of the motivation to hold on they provide us. How grateful am I for each of them? EXTREMELY GRATEFUL!

I am also very grateful for you guys, my friends, and want to wish two very special friends, Jenn and Steph a ton of birthday wishes! Jenn’s birthday was this past week, and Steph’s is coming up this week, so as we take our Drive, let’s be sure to celebrate in their honor!

As a gift to you both, I hope you enjoy every single and special JaSam moment put together and tied neatly in a (birthday) bow for your enjoyment (and ours).

I love you both to pieces! xoxox

“I Dreamed A Dream”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“Brokenhearted”¬† Credit: LumiSnBJaSam

“I’m Gunna Love You Both Forever”¬† Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“Tonite”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

*Her First Vid* “What About Now?”¬† Credit: Pernilla Frid

“Won’t Give Up On Us”¬†Credit: Mary H

“The Soul Never Dies”¬†Credit: SwishandFlick17

And…if, like me, you really did need a reminder of just how much Jason and Sam loved each other over the past nine years, and how much they wanted a life together as husband and wife, this vid is for you! The vidder has given us an incredible gift…something to truly be thankful for!

“Jason & Sam | The Proposals”¬†Credit: luckiBelle

*wipes tears*

Know that as I drop each of you off, I am leaving with a renewed devotion to our favorite couple! There will just NEVER be another couple like them, and I will keep fighting for them to be back in each other’s lives…and in ours! I hope you will, too!

Love you all! 


A SENTIMENTAL Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…In Honor Of Becky and Sarah

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

Oh, how I’ve missed you all! It’s sunny and beautiful here in Jersey, and things are really starting to normalize again. We still don’t have a reliable internet connection at home as the junction that fed our block’s internet service went down with the pole and two trees almost two weeks ago with the storm. So here I sit at Barnes and Noble watching the vids for this week, even if I have to to everything else at home. I just cannot bear to post vids that I can’t watch first! ūüôā

Thanks for all of the phone, fb messages and emails. We lost power more than once and even when it was back, it was impossible to get a cell signal, but I did eventually get them all, and they touched my heart. Thankfully, we made it through both storms: Sandy and the November Nor’easter without incident. It was truly a miracle, as our neighborhood was hit really hard and our waterfront was obliterated. ¬†We are so grateful, we all get choked up and teary when we talk about it. ūüôā

I am soooooooooooo behind on GH. The last thing I saw in its entirety was Sam’s Jason fantasy, which left me in tears! I’ve tried catching up on YT, but at home the vids only go a few minutes before losing the connection. Still, I couldn’t wait to see what our vidders came up with this week. Thanks to Barnes and Noble, I was not disappointed.

I want to honor two of our Bella Mafia Family members…both special to me and both at different stages in life. Becky is celebrating a birthday this weekend, and Sarah is starting a new journey, but taking all the love and fabulous memories of her previous journey with her. ¬†I am hoping that our Drive together this week will keep them both focused on some of the things I know make them smile, and bring them a little joy…the way only JaSam can.

I love you, Becky and Sarah! I am here for you now, and for the long haul! 

“Someone Else’s Story”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“I’m Falling In Love With You”¬† Credit: ashleycramni

“Love Ballad”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“Sad, Beautiful, Tragic” Credit: justagirl1516

“You Were”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“Better Dig Two”¬† Credit: DrEaMiNgGH

“Without You”¬†¬†Credit: TheRealNakya

“The Day You Gave Me A Son”¬† Credit” aproditebeauty

“My Everything”¬†¬†Credit: OCGurl840

“A New Day Has Come”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“Forgetting”¬†¬†Credit: LG541

¬†“Please Don’t Go”¬† Credit: tenpointoh1

I hope our (longer) drive made up for the drive we missed last week…I want you guys to know that it never feels like a Sunday for me unless I spend it with all of you.

Please don’t forget to keep letting TPTB know that our GH just isn’t the same without our Jason … or Steve.

Love you all, 


An AMOROUS Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Happy Sunday Morning, GHers!

Hurricane Sandy is on everyone’s mind up here in the northeast. She is due to arrive shortly, even though she is certainly not welcome. NJ is under a state of emergency, and I live by the waterfront, so though we are determined to ride out the storm in our home, Sandy will get the last word. I am hoping that those of you who’ve already dealt with her are okay, and breathing a sigh of relief, and that those of you, who like me, are still dreading her arrival, will be safe and dry until she’s outta here. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! xoxox

I thought about this week’s Sunday Drive several times during the past week. We have shed so many tears, and been so heartbroken over Jason’s “death” and Steve’s exit, that I determined early on that I did not want to take another tearful Drive this Sunday. I think that instead of crying, we need to “refuel” on our reason for fighting to hold on to our couple and their love story in spite of their current and unfortunate separation. You can only imagine my delight and excitement when I logged in to Youtube to find that for the most part, our vidders and I were on the same page.

If you are missing the incredible brand of love and romance JaSam brought to our afternoons, and sizzled on our screens with, and were famous for…this Sunday Drive will give you “the fix” you need.¬†The test run I went on in preparation was FANTASTICAL! *opening a window*¬†

You guys are sooooooooo gonna wanna show our vidders some love for every single one of these! Whew! THEY ROCK!

Jump in…

“Run RIght Into You” Credit: ashleycramni

“My Everything”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“I Will Love You”¬†¬†Credit: gigga143

“Enchanted”¬† Credit: brittcb4

“Soulmate”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“Holding On and Letting Go”¬† Credit: JaSamFanForeverLove

“Wind Beneath My Wings”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

And how could we end our Drive without the JaSam theme song playing in the background? 

“Just You and Me”¬† Credit: PhickJasam4Eva

“Baby, It’s Just You and Me”¬† Credit: ashleycramni

Well, wasn’t that the most perfect way to spend our Sunday together? I hope it inspired you the way it inspired me to keep on fighting for JaSam by supporting them DAILY via ABC. Let the AIC know, in no uncertain terms, that you miss Jason Morgan and Mr. & Mrs.Morgan and that you want them to move heaven and earth to bring him back to Sam and Danny, and US! Tell them Jason and Sam are The Beauty of GH!

When you’re done using your voice for our couple, go back and take that Drive again – it was SO worth it!

Stay safe out there – no matter where you are and what you’re doing.¬†



Happy Anniversary, GHers!

You aren’t seeing things!

Three years ago today, I posted my first Bella Mafia blog, and met all of you! I have always changed the look of the blog on its anniversary each year, but this time I decided that before I chose a new theme, I would post each of the themes of the past three years for a week each…starting with the one that started it all. In revisiting those themes of the past I hope we take a minute to reminisce and celebrate our journey together as faithful JaSammers. We’ve been through so much together, and our couple has been through so much together, but we made it. We are still here and still holding on! So, Congratulations to us all! *hugs*¬†

I am hoping to have The Beauty of GH to talk about for a long time to come; hopefully we will see that happen. I just wanted you to know that I never, EVER take for granted the years we have already spent together and the beautiful friendships that started here. I love you guys!


How about our Samantha Morgan, huh? To say that no matter what comes at her, she always rises from the ashes, would be an understatement. Sam is the very embodiment of The Phoenix. 

Not only has Sam refused to be knocked down by this latest bump in the road for her and Jason, she is going, going, going and refuses to slow down when it comes to proving what she knows in her heart. Today, we saw exactly what we began to fear yesterday after Sam’s visit with her family. People, even those closest to Jason, seem to be accepting that Jason is gone, albeit with a considerable amount of sadness and devastation. But, they are accepting it nonetheless, and Sam has already said she doesn’t want to hear that, and she doesn’t want that negativity around her son. Spin struggled with the possibility that Sam is slipping into a sad case of denial, but in the end, he agreed to do as Sam asked – and investigate. I love that Sam was able to convince Spin because it was clear to him that, no matter what he really thinks based on the facts, She Knows What She Knows.¬†

I am sure that the one thing fueling her hope when she is left with only her thoughts is that beautiful baby boy of hers. I ADORE SEEING THAT BABY ON MY SCREEN! He has got to be the most mellow TV baby I’ve seen in a very long time, and he looks SO VERY MUCH like Jason Morgan, that he pulls at my heartstrings each time I lay eyes on him! I love the fact that when Sam is holding him, she can’t help but to smile and laugh, because she has her son back, and sure refuses to have sadness and tears surrounding him as he makes the transition into his new life and his new home. I really do love that about Sam! It reminds me that I always knew she would be a great mom, who put her child and his needs first, and that is exactly what she is doing. I also loved Spin’s reaction to seeing Baby Daniel. Spin, almost¬†as much as Molly, knows just how much this baby meant to both Jason and Sam, and I am sure that seeing that blue-eyed baby made his heart contract. Yet, what I really loved was how Sam talked about how much Danny looked like Jason, and Spin mentioned how they share a great deal of DNA, only to have Sam tell him that Jason is Danny’s father in every way that counts. Boom! What can we say? She Knows What She Knows.

Did I mention that Sam is going, going, going? Because she went all the way down to Pier 52 once more to see what she could find out as far as getting some leads regarding her husband. I just knew that a baby wouldn’t stop Sam from being the woman she is! I am so glad and grateful the writers have stayed true to who Sam is. I also think it is a wonderful idea to have Sam and Spin go at this investigation like real investigators – showing up and refusing to let the PCPD shut them down, instead of just slinking around trying to stay under the radar like Duke Lavery is at the moment. *yawn*¬†That’s right, Spin, you guys are licensed investigators, and it took a lot of haggling with an FBI agent to get those licenses! I loved that Anna asked Sam about Bernie and the phone call, because watching Sam really be part of piecing this case together to find Jason and bring him home is as important to me as a viewer as Jason being part of the investigation to bring Baby Danny home. It’s what makes sense, especially given Sam’s background. Once again, the people around Sam seem to be completely floored by her composure and behavior, as Dante shook his head after she left and said, “Wow. She’s in some serious denial.”¬†Anna did a fantastic, experienced job of explaining what Sam is really going through. People will call it denial, while the one going through it calls it hope. Most hopeful to me was when Anna reminded us that sometimes things get turned around and that hope is realized. What Anna was saying, perhaps without even realizing it, is that when it comes to Sam, She Knows What She Knows.

I was thrilled that Todd’s lump-of-coal-heart was somehow miraculously moved, and that he thought having Diane give Sam the paternity test would help Carly, who at the moment, is the only other person that he cares about outside of Starr. I was also thrilled that Diane got right to it, and that she was at the penthouse when Sam arrived with Daniel. We can only hope that we won’t have to wait that much longer for Sam to have that long-awaited and much-needed truth in her hands. Not that it should surprise Sam too much…after all, She Knows What She Knows,¬†and I think that all along, Sam has really known Jason being Daniel’s father to be the truth. This is confirmation of what she knew.

I think that the one thing that should keep us holding on right now is that deep down, WE Know What She Knows…¬†

Wherever Jason is, he is trying really hard to get back to his wife and son; the two loves of his life. As long as that’s enough for Sam, it will be enough for me. ¬†Is it enough for you?

“Come Back To Me”¬†¬†Credit: brandicrowson

Have a great weekend! See you all on Sunday!


A Fate Far Worse Than Death

Good morning, GHers. (I say that with puffy eyes and a headache, from all the JaSam tears I’ve shed)

Wow…the comments section kept me busy reading this evening. Every single comment and thought you guys take the time to share with me registers with me, and I am listening to you all, my friends! I just want to take a moment to offer a heartfelt welcome back to our friend, Lara, who is back from her time volunteering her nursing skills with those who needed them most! I am so proud to know someone like Lara, and I am happy for her now that she is back with her family. I hope she is surrounded with lots of love and friendship after giving so much so far away! Welcome home, Lara! I’m so glad you’re back safely!

I feel badly for Lara. She couldn’t believe she “came back to this!” Trust me, Lara, we may not have been away, but we can’t believe it either!

I found today to be harder on me emotionally than yesterday. First of all, I had trouble finding today’s clips because I kept typing in JaSam in the search box. Could you imagine not doing that anymore? *blows nose*

Then having Sonny tell Sam that Jason had been shot was hard to watch, especially since Sonny was trying his best to be strong as Sam went on and on talking about how perfectly everything was going to be between her, Jason and their son, now that she and Jason had found their way back to each other. *tears*  

Somehow I knew that there would be no hysteria and fainting spells when Sam was told about Jason being shot and going missing after falling into the water. Not our Sam. I knew her first reaction would be disbelief, then a refusal to accept anything she was told. In her heart, Sam knows that Jason was willing to fight tooth and nail to have his family and their life together. She knows, like she knows her name is Samantha Morgan, that there is no way that Jason wouldn’t just be shot, fall into the water, and give in to death. So, in classic Sam form, she informs Sonny that if he didn’t find Jason, she would. *lip trembling with pride*

Oh, how many of you had flashbacks to the Train Wreck of 2005 when Jason was presumed dead after the tunnels collapsed, and Sam refused to believe it? I was thinking that if Dante didn’t hurry up and get out of her way, he was going to get sucker punched a la Jesse, because when Sam is on a mission to rescue her man and confirm that he is still living and breathing and hers, I pity the fool who tries to stand in her way. Sonny wasn’t gonna try, and he advised Dante to let her go. It was something she needed to do herself, and Sonny knew that Sam would never have a moment of peace if she went home to wonder always whether or not she might have found Jason herself. Sonny knew that for Sam, that would have been A Fate Worse Than Death.

I’ve gotta say that when Sam told Baby Danny that “Mommy” would be right back, and that he was staying with Uncle Sonny, and then proceeded to stalk out that door to find her husband, I cried! That kind of love is so rare. It’s the kind of love that gives you strength when the world expects you to fall apart, and pumps adrenaline through your body when your veins run cold. It has always been the magical ingredient; the spark, in Jason and Sam’s love story. Throughout the years, when Jason and Sam have been in situations where they have feared losing the other, we’ve watched that spark kick in, and instead of falling apart or giving up, they fight like hell. Because of that, I did worry that the writers wouldn’t get our Sam right, and that she would behave completely out of character. But thankfully, someone went back and watched some classic JaSam before these scenes were written.

Watching Sam insist that no one was going to keep her from going into the water in search of her husband reminded me, and hopefully everyone else, that Sam loves Jason better than anyone else I’ve ever know in Port Charles. When faced with the possibility that her husband could really be gone, Sam jumped into a wetsuit and dove right in to search for him and bring him back, (just like we die-hards knew she would) because the very thought of hers and Danny’s lives without Jason was A Fate Worse Than Death.¬†

It’s funny how even though I knew Jason couldn’t be found, even with all of his wife’s determination, I caught myself sitting on the edge of my seat, willing her ¬†to come up with him. That’s the power they have. Jason and Sam make me hope against hope all the time. If that isn’t escapism and Love In The Afternoon, I don’t know what is. When Sam finally came up with the one thing she did find, and showed Sonny that it was Jason’s Phoenix, my heart sank all over again. Jason won’t be coming home any time soon, and Sam and Danny will be facing life without him, even though they just had a few short hours together. *sobbing*

Yes, it sucks. I hear you all on that. I even agree with you all on that. So much about this storyline sucks. Blows. Stinks. Is an Epic Fail. I am not saying otherwise by any stretch of the imagination! And so you know, I have my own suspicions on what helped Steve to make his decision to leave. However, as I’ve said before, and as so many of you have also said: “It Is What It Is.” This is what we got. And while we could go on for days, and weeks even about how much we hate it, I don’t think it will be helpful to our ultimate cause: which is to continue to support our couple, even through the darkest of times. Even through the times without half of it.¬†

If I may, allow me to offer you all a different perspective. Something that may help all of us to keep it together, and to keep holding on…so that TPTB never underestimate just how much we want our Jason and our JaSam back. I want you all to think of it this way: while Jason’s death may be the worst kind of heartbreak, and the worst kind of slap in the face to Steve and to his thousands of devoted fans, don’t ever forget that there was another possibility here. And one that would be, for us, A Fate Far Worse Than Jason’s “Death”.¬†

I can prove it. You see, the other possibility, had Steve not decided to leave, would have been to drag out this “angst” for Jason and Sam far longer. In fact, if we are to believe everything said in interviews of late, Sam may not have even gotten her baby back before November. Worse than¬†that, Jason and Liz would have most likely complicated their friendship far more than Liz already had, just as a means to keep Jason and Sam apart. I have to tell you, as much as I miss Jason Morgan on my screen, I would rather miss him knowing that wherever he is, he is in love with and loyal to his wife and son, ¬†than to miss him because I cannot stand to watch him onscreen…as was the case in late 2007-2008. During those times, when I couldn’t find a shred of the Jason Morgan I knew and loved for so long, I honestly could not watch him. When I did, my fingers itched from the insane urge to slap the crap out of him. ūüôā If given a choice between months of Sam missing Jason and Jason missing out on life with his family, OR Jason dealing with the loss of his wife by tripping onto the traps set by Liz’s manipulations, what would your choice be? I know what mine would be…and I have a sneaking suspicion I know what most of yours would be too. ūüôā

So…Let’s deal with our fate knowing that while Jason may be gone, he isn’t lost to Sam or the family they created, and their Love was stronger than ever when he walked out their door. Let’s allow that to be our lifeline over the next few months. Don’t make me post a vid of The Dark Ages of GH in order to remind you of what the alternatives were! *stern face*

Not when I love posting vids like these instead: “JaSam: Oh, How The Years Go By”¬† Credit: IrishLass1805 (How many of the moments in this vid were on Jason and Sam’s lists?) *passes the tissue box*

Love you all, Die-hards!








For Die-Hard Fans Only

Good morning, GHers.

Well, I thought I would be crying like a baby yesterday during¬†Jason’s last scenes. Now I just wish I could have missed the last ones, and just dealt with his semi-last scenes on Friday. You know, before Duke kicked and rolled him into the harbor like some piece of garbage. ūüė¶ I am not sure who over at GH thought that was a great ending for one of GH’s legacy characters, and one of its most popular of all time, but I would strongly disagree. I could have lived without that, especiallysince we only saw Jason in the very beginning of the hour and then not again. WHAT. A. JIP.

I’ll be honest. The other thing I could have done without yesterday was¬†the bizarre reaction to yesterday’s Sam scenes by some. For a moment, I thought Jizzers had hacked the Twitter accounts of some of the people I follow, because people were actually hating on Sam. Honestly, I just didn’t get it, even though they were clear on their reasons. People were upset that Sam was talking to John while her husband lay “dying”, and they were beyond angry that Sam let John hold Daniel.

First of all, I hope that I have made it crystal clear over the years we’ve spent together on Bella Mafia that I am a die-hard JaSam fan, and that I started this blog especially for other¬†die-hard JaSam fans. I know from talking to so many of you over the years, that most of you are¬†those die-hard¬†fans I write for. However, perhaps not everyone out there who claims to be a die-hard JaSam fan really understands what that means. I hope this helps:


diehards, plural

  1. A person who strongly opposes change or who continues to support something in spite of opposition

When we say that we are die hard JaSam Fans, that means we are fans of Jason and Sam together. According to the definition as listed in Merriam Webster (above), it means that we continue to support something in spite of opposition. 

Therefore, an authentic die hard JaSam fan would never jump ship and turn on Sam at the very first inkling of “opposition”. Just as they wouldn’t have done so to Jason during these past few months. Agreed?¬†

Now, that being said, I had such a hard time understanding what the commotion was even about yesterday during Sam’s scenes. I honestly thought the scenes were about John seeing that Sam had chosen her husband, and their life together. I thought the whole purpose of John showing up at the penthouse was for him to see with this own eyes that Sam was happy. That she finally had what she wanted so badly all along. AND…that IS¬†what he saw! Sam even told him that she and Jason and Daniel belong together. I watched the scene and thought it was closure for the ambiguity of their relationship. Finally, the uncertainty surrounding their relationship seemed a lot more certain. Sam told John that she would miss him if he was gone, and that she wanted him in her life, because he was her friend! Is that so terrible? Was it so unthinkable for some that Sam wouldn’t want to keep her only friend after everything? Didn’t Jason get to keep Carly in his life, even after the many times she tried to ruin his relationship with Sam? Maybe even Liz at some point?

No matter that I detest the thought of John and Sam becoming anything more than friends, I do appreciate the fact that he is her friend – and thanks to Maxie’s¬†absence in her life, her only true friend, who puts Sam first.¬† Not even Spinelli can do that, people!¬†More than that, I thought her relationship with John at least leveled the playing field for Sam a bit. I admit, I actually smiled a bit when Jason asked Sam at the hospital if McBain was the one keeping her from their life together. Not because I wanted him to think it, or because I enjoy the idea, but because for so long Sam was the one to wonder about her place in Jason’s life. I like the “equality” aspect of Jason having to experience that heavy shoe being on his foot! Hey, what’s good for the goose… Have some of us gone backwards in that thinking?

Furthermore, Sam was on Cloud Nine!¬†She is hours from having had the happiest moments of her life – from having been handed back the son she thought she’s lost forever. Hours from hearing her husband say that he loves them both and desperately wants a life with them – her and the son they believe to be Franco’s. Hours from having come back home to the place she and Jason shared and planned so much. Hours from watching her husband put his wedding ring back on, and watching him put her own ring back on, reaffirming their love for each other and their commitment as husband and wife. JASON is the man she loves and wants to be with! I didn’t think for a single MOMENT that Sam floundered on that! There was no doubt of that in my mind before John arrived, while he was there, or after he was gone!

I thought Sam was being forward with John, letting him know in no uncertain terms that she and Jason are back together. That she’s happy. I took their scenes to mean that she wanted that for John, too. In fact, I imagine that when Sam handed John her son to hold, and told him that he looked good with a baby in his arms, she was thinking that it might remind him that he has the same possibilities for happiness to look forward to and fight for in Liam…and Natalie. Some people will have to forgive me, but¬†I just don’t think it’s fair that Sam should have to give up the only friendship she has in oder to prove that she loves her husband. She has proven her love for Jason over and over, and in every way that counts!

And lastly, not only is Sam thinking about Jason, she expects him to walk back through that door at any moment, take her and their son back upstairs, and start their lives over once more. As a family. I just don’t understand how anyone could be upset for Sam doing anything while Jason was “dying” on Pier 52. How, dear God,¬†could Sam possibly know that? And my goodness, don’t we know Sam and Jason well enough to know that if Sam thought for one second that Jason was in trouble or in danger, or that he needed her in any way, shape or form, that Sam wouldn’t find a way to get to him? Isn’t that what we’ve seen from her over the past eight years?

I mean, really, throughout the nine years that Jason and Sam have shared a relationship, and even from the minute they met, Sam was the McCall to his Morgan, his holding cell mate, his failed attempt at blackmail, his favorite opponent in the game of tit-for-tat (no pun intended), his most infuriating charge, his most exciting challenge, the responsibility he was most passionate about, his surprising supporter, his accidental confidant, his provoker¬†of thoughts, his unexpected ally, his co-conspirator in a well-intentioned lie, his most-wanted live-in partner, his unwilling wife-to-be, his runaway bride, and then just¬†his runaway, his top ¬†priority, the person he most loves tucking in and watching sleep, his preferred protectee, his smile coach, his file clerk, his defender, his life coach, his most-loved terrible singer, the one he almost lost, the one whose heart he broke because he wouldn’t allow for anyone else to do it, his stargazer, his favorite hand to hold, his precious heart to mend, the one who always wanted to be the one to take her home, his most fun wedding date ever, his favorite dance partner, the first kiss h fell for, his dinner time fire starter, his loved-so-much-he-had-to-let-her-go, his loved-so-much-he-had-to-win-her-back, his Hope restored, his Hope lost,¬† his cabin-fever nurse, his on-the-run hottie, his proven innocent, his PI partner, his unforgettable¬†dancing in the rain partner,¬†his reason for believing¬†in shooting stars, his helped-him-to-see-what he-had-missed-before, his Bahama Mama, his big, scary monster, his¬†Captain of the Love Boat, his good twin, his keeper of the memories, the love of his life for the second time, the one who fought to save his life, the one who made him fight to save his own, his love-so-much-it-terrifies-him-at-the-thought-of-losing-her, his never-loved-anyone-as-much, his worth forgiving, his reason for being willing to try, his love-on-the-run, his¬†¬†reason for believing in Christmas Miracles, his New Year’s Baby, his Everyday Hero, his gambled away love, his lost treasure, his demander¬†of truth or consequences, his loves-so-much-it-cannot-end-well, his biggest heartache, the one who called him on wearing the mask way after the ball, his most dreaded topic of the text-message killer, his rescue mission on an icy bridge, his late night hospital visit, his coffee mate during times of crisis, his explosive soulmate, his son’s only hope, his reason for playing russian roulette, his Bahama¬†Mama once more, his #Team Spin team-mate, his one true love, dropped from the sky, his undercover strip club waitress, ¬†his co-pilot on a Mexican¬†mission, his reason for overheating under the hood, his savior, his nurse, his Miss Hawaiian Tropics fantasy, his steamy Mexican physical therapist, his DJ on the road, his carnival cutie, his slumber party sweetheart, his staircase stuntwoman, his pink tie perfection, his unwitting role-playing partner, his motivation for Thanksgiving, his reminder that Christmas miracles still exist, his only choice, his inspiration for pink champagne and a different kind of romantic prose, his island fantasy, his enforcer, his Mighty Mouse, his Brenda impersonator, his Jailhouse Rock, his welcome home, his out-to-prove his innocence, his unexpected camping partner, the one “who gets him”, the only one he wants, ¬†his heat-packing lover, his grown-up Charlie Brown Christmas special, his partner in crime who became¬†too-hot-to-handle-too-important-to-lose, his inspiration for taking up sign language¬†and¬†old movies, the glue that held him together, the one who made him believe he could be a father again, his never wrote him off believer, his “perfection”, except for her cooking, his realization that they could¬†have it all, his belief that his third time’s the charm when it comes to proposals, his everything, his lug-nut-wearing-love-of-his-life, his Dream Lover, his reality is even better bride, his phoenix, his wedding night dream-come-true, his home, his Hawaiian honeymoon honey, his heartbreak, his family, his gone-but-not-forgotten, his best friend, his one more chance, his happily ever after, his whole life, his reason for smiling again. His reason for being happier than ever before walking into the trap that supposedly ended his life.

How could anyone ever be angry at the woman who was all that and so much more for our beloved Jason Morgan?

I don’t know, but I do know none of those people belong here. This is Bella Mafia, and here, we are die-hard JaSam fans.

Now and forever.

Let’s not forget that it was Stteve Burton’s last day. We are in mourning. Let’s remind ourselves and our friends to not lash out because of our grief. Sam needs us. Kelly needs us. Let’s be the kinds of fans they both deserve for being The Beauty of GH for so long.

What’s that saying? Oh yeah…JaSam In Life. JaSam In Death. Takes on a whole new meaning now, huh?

Thought so…


A HEARTBREAKING Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good morning, GHers!

Forgive me for running late today, but we had family over until the wee hours of the morning, and by the time I cleaned up and showered, I could not keep my eyes open to save my own life!

I have to tell you that I still cannot watch Friday’s scenes without crying. I am so heartbroken about Steve and Jason leaving, that I feel as though there was a death in my very own family. I just do not know what I will do without Jason Morgan as part of my daily life…he’s been part of it for half my life! *sniffles*

I will miss my JaSam as well, and I cannot help but wonder if this would have been easier if we got so little of them over these past 8 months. I guess we’ll never really know.

All we can do now is hope and pray that Steve returns to the role that stole our hearts for so long, as I would NEVER accept a recast Jason. Steve will always be the only Jason for me…and the MAGIC he and Kelly created could never be replicated or duplicated. In fact, it can never even be touched, so I just want them to leave it alone.

Until Steve’s return, I will wallow in my sorrow while watching classic JaSam vids, and remembering every moment that turned my GH watching into a JaSam obsession and ultimately, The Beauty of GH. I will continue to watch as Sam tries to cope with her loss, and as long as the writers honor the love she and Jason shared. The love that our vidders captured within their vids this week…

My new addiction: “Look What We Made When We Made Love”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

“Shadows In A Mirror”¬†¬†Credit: jmsg411

” I Love You Both”¬†¬†Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“JaSam: Stay”¬†¬†Credit: laurynhill247

“I Believe”¬†¬†Credit Jasamis4evr

I know we didn’t get much, but Heather managed to compile every baby moment Jason and Sam have had…reminding us it all led to the moment they were bonding with their child. This vid is a KEEPER! “The Eyes Of The Child”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

Have a great Sunday!

See you all next time…when I compile the list of what Sam has been to Jason (you guys didn’t think there wouldn’t be one, did you?)

Much JaSam Love to you all,



Good morning, GHers.

The countdown, I know, is on. I can just about hear the ticking of the clock counting down our Jason Morgan minutes…

However, I almost lost track of that ticking while watching today. I just could not help focusing on how much Jason Morgan wants his wife and son home. For me, that is the thing I find myself fixating on at the moment. I will never EVER tire of hearing Jason tell anyone and everyone who will listen that he loves his wife and their son, and that he wants a life with them. It fills my heart to the brim to hear the passion in his voice when he talks about it, and it seems to be pretty clear to everyone else as well.

Are you guys aware that we have heard Jason spend every single day of the last week and a half (though it’s just been a day and a half in PC) telling someone about how much he loves Sam, and their son, and how much he wants a life with them? He has told Heather, Monica, Sonny, Carly, and now – in no uncertain terms, he has finally told Sam.


As a JaSammer,  take a moment to rejoice and to allow that to sink in!

Jason Morgan, Stone Cold, Mob Enforcer, and let’s face it, occasional chicken-shit when it comes to LOVE,¬†has gone on and on and on about wanting something that was anything but a sure thing to anyone with the ability to hear! And even when he was tempted to “love them enough to let them go”, he decided for himself that Sam and Daniel are WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Do you see what LOVE can do?


I am not even sure we realize how huge! Jason has loved Sam so deeply and truly over the past eight years of being in a relationship. He has loved and lost and loved again. In those years, Jason has been her hero, her best friend, her lifeline, her fianc√©, the only one in her corner, her redeemer, her second chance, her shooting star, her first mate, her no-memory-having-but-falling-in-love-again-while-taking bubble baths-partner, her first PI partner, her family, her hospital bed guardian (more than once), her coward full of guilt, her Halloween Treat, her rescuer from buildings from which she dangled, her partner on the run, her exonerator, her greatest motivator, her staunch supporter, her biggest fan, her biggest disappointment, her rug pulled out from under her, her stranger, her hero once more, even when he acted like he didn’t know her, her¬†partner in crime, her most grateful guardian, her rescuer more times than I can count, her silent partner, her there-to-catch-her-when-she-falls-in the most-literal-sense-of -the-word-and-in-her-underwear, her road trip buddy, her patient, her only hot tryst in a church, her best way to wake up on the side of a Mexican road, her insistent carnival date, her favorite wedding date, her most romantic surprise-preparer, her Christmas memory-maker, her hero once again, her Funny Valentine, her compass, her most-wanted inmate, her fake husband with a real conjugal visit, her free man, her Clyde to her Bonnie, her jerk with a superman complex and a pain-in-the-ass-ex-wife, her Christmas tree handler, her gun cleaner, her very serious Valentine, her reminder of Hawaii, her Love whisperer when she was hearing impaired, her nurse, her determined fianc√©-to-be, her convincing fianc√©, her almost gone too soon, her dream come true, her husband, her Dragon, her Honeymoon Honey, her surf competition, her jewelry maker, her heartbroken husband, and sadly – her heartbreak. But lastly and amazingly, Jason got to be her Healer in the most significant way possible. Jason believed Sam when no one else would, and fought to find and bring her baby back to her. Yes, her hero once more.¬†What an amazing journey we’ve taken with Jason and Sam! Yet, even with all that he’s been to her over the years, all the man wants now is to love Sam and their son and take care of them forever! Oh. My. God.¬†¬†*wipes tears*

As I think back on this week we’ve enjoyed, I realize it isn’t just the journey; it’s what they’ve learned along the way. This is such new territory for Jason. The minute Sam hesitated, the former Jason would have shut down and let her go. Not this Jason. Jason not only asked Sam to bring Danny and come home with him to be a family, he admitted his mistakes and took ownership of them. He told her he loved her, that he loved Danny, and that they could have that dream. Jason Morgan pled his case. Something I have never seen him do. He did it for LOVE; Sam’s Love. And the right to earn Danny’s Love. He did it because he believes the love he and Sam have always shared is WORTH FIGHTING FOR, and he sure did fight.

Jason fighting for his marriage and his son is a gift to us JaSam fans. If you listen to every word Jason said to Sam about being Danny’s father, you will realize that not even when Jason knew he was Jake’s father did he fight to be part of Liz’s life. He let her go, even if it meant taking Jake with her. Every single time.


As you well know, I believe we only fight for things that really matter to us. Things that are WORTH FIGHTING FOR. 

Jason hasn’t been the only one to learn a thing or two. Our Sweet Sam has finally learned not to settle; not even for the greatest love she’s ever known. She wasn’t sure what Jason was asking for a moment, but she made it clear she knew what she was asking. She wanted to be sure her son can experience the same kind of love she has experienced from Jason. She wanted to know that Jason was sure, because as Danny’s mother, she isn’t willing to take any chances. Most of all, Sam learned to think before running, even when she is most scared, and to know when things, even scary things like believing in Love again, are WORTH FIGHTING FOR.¬†

I cannot begin to tell you just how grateful I am that if Jason and Sam’s Incomparable Love Story has to hit a pause, it will do so while leaving things very clearly understood – not just to JaSam Fans, but all fans. We go into this pause understanding that Jason is in love with one woman: his wife. We understand that he could have had another woman, but didn’t want her. It is crystal clear that Jason wants not just a life together because of an obligation (one of my favorite lines today!), but a life filled with love and happiness with his wife and their son, whom he doesn’t need to be related to biologically.¬†Dammit, Jason Morgan dares to want FOREVER! (Something I am not even sure he believed in until Sam!)

*sobbing uncontrollably*

Beloved, Jason’s words and actions will leave no doubt that he has never loved anyone as much as he loves Sam.

And he always will. Even if he must do so off camera. 

THAT, my dear Bella Mafia Family, was SOOOOOOOO WORTH FIGHTING FOR. 

And I am honored to have fought for that with all of you these past three years!

I love you all…and I LOVE JASAM…NOW AND FOREVER!

Angelique    *tears open first of many boxes of tissue*



Good morning, GHers!

I don’t know about you, but I am heartbroken every time I think about the answer to that question! On the one hand, how can we not all be thrilled with how the last few days have played out between Jason and Sam?

THIS is exactly the way we knew Jason woulda, shoulda, coulda been with his wife and their baby (even if he wasn’t the father), so it’s nice to finally see that play out onscreen. Jason is supportive and loving, calming and tender, and most importantly, completely and totally embracing his role as Daniel Edward’s father. I feel as though I have waited F O R E V E R for these scenes!

Yet, on the other hand, these are the scenes that remind us that the end is near. We know these are Jason’s last precious hours in Port Charles, and Steve’s last precious hours onscreen. As much as I’ve waited and longed for these scenes, I want to hold them back and put off those goodbyes we are all dreading so very much. I want to yell, “N O O O O O!” every time I see the end of the episode I am watching, because it only means there is one less episode of JaSam Fabulosity to look forward to. *sniff*

So, Certainly, the question of “What Now” does not mean the same thing to us that it means to our beloved Jason and Sam, but all we can do is focus on what it means to them for as long as we possibly can.

So what do you think it means to them?

I can tell you that from Jason’s tone of voice when talking to Sam, the searing way he looks at his wife, and the way he seems to breathe only when she does, it appears, at least to me, that Jason has no plans whatsoever of going home without his family. It’s as if he wants to keep both Sam and Baby Daniel within arms’ reach.

And as far as Sam is concerned, she is living out a dream come true, delayed though it may be. Imagine being so happy that…it hurts? It makes you feel guilty? It scares you? While at the same time, having the son she thought she’d lost forever, and Jason having been the one to find out he was alive AND the one to place him in her arms – safe and sound. ¬†THAT’S some kind of happiness!

And how could we not love watching that?

I am so looking forward to Jason and Sam finally getting some time alone so that they can finally ask the question they both already asked aloud, “What Now?”

I want to see, hear and experience everything these two have to work through in order to get them from the hospital to HOME. Their HOME. Together. As a family. 

I know that every smile, every tear, and every word will be a special part of their AMAZING Love Story and History, and I cannot wait to be a witness to it.

So, “What Now” for me?

I will enjoy the love and excitement Jason and Sam are sharing at the moment, and I will not allow myself to think past that.


I just can’t.

What about you?


How ‘Bout A Monday (Late Night) Drive Down Memory Lane?

Good morning (or it will be by the time I post), GHers!

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to all of you who privately emailed, texted and facebooked me about my (now I see it was rather) cryptic last post. No, the court case I mentioned is not, thankfully, about my children or and other family member. However, if any of you were reading Bella Mafia during the Kristina/Keifer storyline, or even after the Honeymoon Rape storyline, you know that I don’t need it to be about my kids or my family for it to get me HEATED and ready to FIGHT! It’s enough for me that I was (kinda mistakenly, but totally heaven-sent) given information that could help put a stop to a bunch of pigs who would allow a cover-up where children were involved – and thereby changed forever. There was no way that I could sit this one out. I owe it to those kids, especially since one of them is no longer with us, and their families to make sure that everyone involved faces the music. And we ALL owe it to every kid out there to stand up and do what’s right the minute we are given the opportunity. There will never be an excuse, at least in my book, to keep silent on anything that has the power to hurt a child. But truly, I was so touched when I came back and saw all of your sweet and touching messages of concern for my family! I adore each of you for taking the time to be my support ¬†– and as Rita so beautifully put it – for willing to be the wind beneath my wings as I try to fly above the ugliness ahead. ¬†*tears*

Now, forgive me for being MIA on Sunday – as Steph put it – she knew something had to be up when there was no Drive. I actually ended up in the hospital ¬†on Saturday afternoon. Sometimes when I have this much going on, I push myself too hard – and with my medical history – it’s always a gamble. This time I crapped out – and ended up needing medical intervention to get back on track. Luckily (for me – not those affected), there was a terrible outbreak of some kind of virus or flu – and my doctor wouldn’t even allow for me to be treated in the ER, for fear that with my compromised immune system, I would end up catching it. So after a night in a recovery suite on the surgery floor, I was sent home with meds, and strict instructions to recover at home. ūüôā

Thankfully, I was able to watch the oh-so-anticipated moment when Jason placed their son back in Sam’s arms. What a moment it was! I cried the entire scene! The way that Jason looked at Sam and that baby was so beautifully stirring – and it almost made me forget that we should have seen that very look four months ago when Sam gave birth, and Jason should have been by her side instead of John McBain. But I digress. Today was absolutely magical for me, and I am looking forward to absolutely every second that we get of that gorgeous Morgan Family from here on out.

Let’s agree to soak it up, take it in, and lock away very amazing moment they share together before it gets ripped away from us. And, most importantly, let’s trust our magical JaSam vidders to do their very best at preserving these memories for us…FOREVER.¬†

Just like they’ve done here…with the good, the bad, the regrets and the celebrations. Everything about JaSam is BEAUTIFUL and worth remembering ALWAYS.

“Oh, How The Years Go By” Credit: jusablond79

“The Scientist”¬† Credit: jmsg411

“…That Girl’s My Best Friend”¬†¬†Credit: Jenn1367

“Anybody’s Heart”¬† Credit: FairSamantha

“To Have And To Hold” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Who Knew?”¬† Credit: GHRickLesley

“Wanted”¬†¬†Credit: jusablond79

Through The Years” ¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

I can’t wait to see Jason take his family home…especially knowing we’ll be enjoying it together!

Love you all, Baby Morgan conmadres!


Loves Of A Lifetime

Good morning, GHers.

So much has happened this week, that I could base a telenovela on our lives. My hubby was hurt at work on Tuesday and needed to see one doctor after another this week, we had a family we know go through a terrible crisis, and I am preparing for the possibility of being part of a very painful, but very important lawsuit that would be all about taking a stand against sexual abuse and the cover-ups that happen afterward all too often. I really need your prayers and good thoughts, because I am already dealing with some pretty serious anxiety and panic attacks, and we are weeks away from finding out if it will actually end up in court.

Anyhoo…I finally got to sit in bed last night with my laptop and earphones to watch the week’s GH. It just so happened that the one day there was nothing going on in this family, ABC pre-empted GH in order to show the Columbus Day Parade in NYC. -_____-

What a week it’s been in Port Charles, huh?

From Luke coming home to Duke coming back from the dead…it has been like taking a trip back to the ’80s. I have to admit that I was a little swept up in the flashbacks of the Duke and Anna from ¬†back then. I have always said that flashbacks (from way back when in GH’s rich and fabulous history ¬†– NOT incessant flashbacks of what happened that week) have the ability to tug at our heartstrings like little else can. I also think that for the viewers who have joined GH in most recent years, it’s a great way to show them what the fuss over Duke is all about, and may even encourage them to look up some old scenes.

I found that the head writer I will never forgive for the past year may actually have scored a very small point with me in having all this talk onscreen about Loves of a Lifetime. Duke and Anna, Luke and Laura.

And they aren’t just talking about Loves of a Lifetime. They are showing them in action and in the present in Jason and Sam. I have been very satisfied to see that the story about our missing baby has centered on Jason and Sam, and their dealing with it together. The jerk responsible for tearing our JaSam Dream apart this past year also earned a point with me in that Jason was the one to insist that Sam’s baby might actually be alive, and that he was the one to set things in motion to bring him home. Had it been McBain, I may have lost it.

I also am grateful that in Steve’s last couple of weeks onscreen, he has been all about his wife, and his Love of a Lifetime: Samantha McCall-Morgan. In fact, it has been quite obvious that as far as Jason is concerned, there is no other woman who could ever compare. (*cough, Cough* Liz)¬†If Jason had to leave, I am grateful that he leaves behind no doubt about the woman he chose – the woman he loves more than anything or anyone. Sam was more important than Sonny, than Carly, and Michael, even in the midst of their falling-to-pieces lives. I have waited a long time to see that, and I am glad that I got to see it before Jason disappears from all of our lives.

Watching Jason and Sam bond over the pictures of their son, and watching Jason be there for Sam at every moment has been long overdue, and those moments have melted my heart. Truly, it has been The Beauty of GH for me. Every little thing has made me ache for the moment Jason and Sam hold their son together and take him home as a family. If only all of this had played out long before Steve made the decision to move to TN. *sigh*

I will say that the supporting roles so much of the canvas has had in this storyline has been great – it proves that they seem to get that it doesn’t have to be a wedding or a funeral to get the entire cast involved in something. Isn’t that what happens in a small town like PC?

I am looking forward to today’s GH with more excitement than I’ve felt in a very long time. I am hoping that we get the moments we’ve been holding our breath for sooner, rather than later, but just knowing that we’ll all be sharing it together brings me incredible joy. You guys are an important part of my life, and there’s just no other way to watch GH now.

See you on Sunday morning!

Love you all,