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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Under The Stars

Happy Sunday, GHers!

I apologize for the late start – it’s been a very busy weekend around here. We had a late night at my kids’ school’s Annual Gospel Concert, and my Vanessa was in a play celebrating Black History Month! So, not only have we been busy, but we’ve been celebrating our baby girl’s outstanding accomplishment! 🙂

But, never too busy to honor our Sunday routine, so, here we are…taking our Sunday Drive; this time, “Under The Stars”.

I would think that only Chinese Food could rival the significance of the stars and what they mean to Jason and Sam and their incredible history. I was inspired by a vidder new to our Sunday Drive (julietkim99) to make this week’s Drive one that would honor their connection to the stars.

There are some great moments captures within these vids…I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


“Stars, They Make Me Wonder Where You Are” Credit: julietkim99

“When The Stars Go Blue” Credit: loveandmagic

“Written In The Stars” Credit: JasamFanalways

“I Look Into Your Eyes, Falling Like A Wall Of Stars” Credit: Jasamistruelove

“History Of The Star Necklace” missingJASAMalways

“She’s Like A Star” Credit: PhickJasam4eva

“Twice As Many Stars” Credit: xohugskissesxo2009

“Waiting For A Star To Fall” Credit: ajisfine09

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Star” Credit: Kathy Federico

“Keeper Of The Stars” Credit: IrishLass1805

“Sam Tells Danny About His Father” Credit: JasamUnited


As long as there are *STARS* twinkling in the sky, Jason and Samantha Morgan will be my favorite couple ever! 

And I will continue to remember them fondly…as though Genoa City and Port Charles (the spinoff that came back) don’t even exist. 

Thanks for taking the Drive with me, Lovies!

Be well…



A BEHIND SCHEDULE Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Morning, GHers…or for those on the East Coast…Ice Pops!

I am so sorry for the late post, I was almost done posting around 2 a.m. last night when I realized that I had to plug in the charger for my laptop. I was too warm and cozy to go downstairs to get it, so I figured that I’d finish up in the morning, after seeing my hubby off to work.

Well, I saw my hubby off to work at 5, cleaned up and did the dishes from breakfast, and then went to my office to get the charger. That’s when I remembered that I’d taken my bag to a meeting, and left it in my husband’s car. The car he’d just left to work in.

So, here I am…late, but ready to finish posting the last two vids and hit PUBLISH. . .  To be fair, snowy weather in the northeast usually means delays on mass transit. 🙂

I was so happy to see so many JaSam vids added this week…it confirms my belief that for us JaSam fans, we can’t just get them out of our system or let them go. I think it’s beautiful that we all keep sharing this common love of all things JaSam. I will hold on to that for as long as I can, because it means I get to hold on to all of you. 🙂

Let’s go…

“This Is Not The End” Credit: aproditebeauty

“I Have Died Every Day Waiting For You” Credit: Nixxy JaSam

“In Loving Memory” Credit: TheSandman0889

“A Thousand Years” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Bed” Credit: lt4bama

“Worth Fighting For” Credit: ashleycramni

“Begin Again” Credit: Cocoagirlie4

“Doesn’t Mean Anything” Credit: laurynhill247

“Something More” Credit: aproditebeauty

“They Don’t Know About Us” Credit: mandysonly

Thanks to all the vidders who still find inspiration in the JaSam Love Story already told to bring us new vids and keep us together in some way. I appreciate all they do…and each new vid brings a smile to my face, even when it brings a tear to my eye.

Have a great rest of your Sunday…




A VINTAGE Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday morning to you all, GHers!

I apologize for running so behind this Sunday, but I broke my toe on Friday, and after trying to be Superwoman, I finally ended up giving in and taking the super-dose pain meds yesterday evening because I just could not take the throbbing. Needless to say, I was too groggy to drive. 🙂

Alas, my insomnia overtook the meds, and here I am; a little late, but raring to  go!

This week, I thought we could all use a JaSam “Shot In The Arm”. I decided to go with vids from one particular vidder, because her work fit the bill of what I think we all need at the moment: reminders of Vintage JaSam Romance. Each of these vids will take you back in time to a wonderful place in JaSam History, and by the time this Drive is over, you will no longer be wondering why you don’t just pack up your JaSam memories and call it a wrap.

Something this magical deserves to be held on to…with both hands, and cherished and enjoyed whenever possible! And that’s what we’ll be doing today!

All of our vids this week are credited to TheVintage GH. I hope you all take the time to “LIKE” and comment on the vids…they are really going to work like Pain Medicine! That’s a promise! 🙂 (There are also some great AU vids on the channel…they make for some great distraction from the Restless/Vampire situation we’re enduring at the moment!) 🙂

Let’s get started with this little gem…

“Kissing You”

“You’re The Boss”

“Then You Look At Me”


“Fools Rush In”

“Let Me Entertain You”

“Somewhere Only We Know”

“Save Me”

“The Book Of Love”

“This Could Be Heaven”

“The One I Love”

“That’s All”

Didn’t I tell you they’d be special? *sigh*

Oh, the good ol’ days…thanks to the magic of YouTube, they will live on in our hearts forever…just like JaSam.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

Love you guys,



A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…With Blinders On

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I will be in the back seat with you all this Sunday…I obviously cannot derive with blinders on, but it will be the final Sunday that I can take this Drive without having seen our Steve Burton with another woman on Y&R. I am choosing to wear the blinders, and refusing to see what is right in front of us…it’s the only way I can cope. 🙂

On this Drive, I will be blissfully driving through JaSam World, soaking in the sights and sounds that have brought us so much happiness throughout the past nine years. As one of Heather’s vids on this week’s Drive says, “I’ll be seeing you in all the old, familiar places”. I hope you do the same.

Thank you to every vidder who found the motivation and the inspiration to continue to make these vids that bring us so much enjoyment.

You guys rock.


“Kiss Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

“I’d GIve You The Moon” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“I Miss You” Credit: lt4bama

“Stop Crying Your Heart Out” Credit: dominiquelovesjasam1

“Fingerprints” Credit: aproditebeauty

“It’s A Fire” Credit: SarahCG

“Last Kiss” Credit: mandysonly

“Thinking Of You” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“I’ll Be Seeing You” Credit: aproditebeauty

I couldn’t drop you all off without reminding you that, together, we can get through this, too!

Love you all,


A RESTLESS Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday Morning, GHers! 

While nothing could ever shake my JaSam Loving Heart, or make me change my mind about Daytime’s Most Magical Supercouple Ever…I will admit that as I have been watching Y&R more regularly again in prep for “Dylan’s” arrival in Genoa City, I am starting to feel a little RESTLESS about seeing those blue eyes looking at anyone other Sam…or those lips kissing anyone else’s than Sam’s, or those fingers brushing aside anyone’s hair but Sam’s…well, I’m sure you get the picture.

I kinda feel nervous about it…like a PI on  a cheating spouse case about to catch the cheater! *bites nails*

I guess a PI would turn on the radio in her car as she sat waiting…we’ll turn on the vids! Thanks to all of our vidders who are doing such an outstanding job of seeing us through this withdrawal from our JaSam addiction. . . by feeding us more JaSam! 🙂

When I find myself feeling lost and adrift in either Port Charles or Genoa City, you can find me in YouTube. That’s where I’ll be, driving up and down Memory Lane, until my heartache lessens a little. I’m sure I’ll catch glimpses of quite a bit of you on there! Be sure and wave!

For today, we’re taking this Drive together. Jump in…

Yup, JaSam, You Did! “You Put A Move On My Heart” Credit: Nixxy JaSam

This was by our very own lt4bama! How FABULOUS! “Freak Me” Credit: lt4bama

A quickie, but definitely a goodie! “Your Love” Credit: yugottahitpeople

I really like this vid…and she’s new to our Drive! “Lego House” Credit: Spartins1988

This vid is short, sweet and sexy. “Down” Credit: xkeepitclassyx

This vid was so amazing! If I don’t stop watching, soon, someone will have to fix ME. “Fix You” Credit: SxyNikki06

This vid means so much, especially since we really just don’t know if we’ll ever have a whole year of Love to compile again! *tears* “I Love You and Kisses 2012” Credit: scooter5117

That Heather is not just PHENOMENAL, she’s also sweet as pie! (Check out the comments section of the vid – and then maybe leave one of your own..) Her latest masterpiece… “Kiss Me” Credit: aproditebeauty



I feel a little less RESTLESS now after having taken this Drive together! I’m glad to have shared not just this week’s Drive, or each of the many Sunday Drives we’ve ever taken, but I am also glad to have shared every single step of the incredible journey we’ve shared over the past three years! I hope this journey is far from over!

Love you guys! Enjoy your Sunday!


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…For Auld Lang Syne

Happy Sunday morning, GHers!

It’s the last Sunday of the year, and as I look back – not just at the year gone by, but the years gone by for JaSam, I cannot help but feel nostalgic in a good way. 

Jason and Sam gave us such great times, and such wonderful years, that not even this past (hard) year could take that from me. And it shouldn’t take that from us. I think we can all agree that even after the nightmare the new regime put us through, the moment Jason and Sam were back together and admitting to each other that they had always been in love, we were back in love with them.

I have heard about Steve’s rumored move to The Young and The Restless, but I have to be honest in telling you that my reaction may not be what most expect it to be. Sure, I want Steve’s Jason back at GH, because I want him back with Sam and Danny. I think all of you know that, as I have made no secret about that. However, I get that Steve made a choice that was best for his family when he decided to move out to Tennessee. From what we’ve been told, I can only assume that there was some back and forth before he left GH because he wanted more time to be with his family. GH wasn’t willing – or able – to concede on that. Apparently, if the rumors for Y&R are true, Steve’s new role is not the kind of role that would require the time and commitment that his role (our favorite) on GH would.

Does it suck? Yeah. Am I disappointed? Abso-FREAKIN-lutely! But, you know what? As a parent, I totally get it. After years of keeping a career front and center, there comes a time when you realize that your career shouldn’t always be Number One. As a professional, I understand. After 20+ years of doing your job with such a high level of commitment and loyalty, you just think that you’ve earned some cooperation. And rightly so.

If Y&R is willing to give Steve what he needs at the moment, who am I to begrudge him the right to work a little? Especially since after being forced into retirement because of a serious injury, I totally get how desperately you miss feeling like you’re doing that one thing you were meant to do. I wish Steve all the best, but I am still holding on to the hope that GH finds a way to bring him back on whatever terms work for him and his family. I do believe that GH will always be home for him, and that he really would want to come back – even if for the fans.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!


Now, getting back to this week’s holiday-themed Drive. There’s a little old and a little new, and some of what people came up with in the past few days…but it’s ALL “For Auld Lang Syne” (For old times’ sake). A couple this perfect deserves to be remembered for the magic they created onscreen…not the headlines involving their personal lives.

That’s what these vids do…they honor the Magic of JaSam. I hope you all enjoy the Drive, and that the year ahead brings us something to be happy about again. It wouldn’t be the first time a New Year does that for us JaSam fans! 🙂 But, let;’s not take for granted that we have lots of new moments to look back on this New Year’s!

“Auld Lang Syne” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” Credit: jmsg411

“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” Credit: PeppermintPoet

“You For Christmas” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“JaSam & Danny – Only Love” Credit: mcdela02

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Credit: OCgurl840

“It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Kiss Me At Midnight” Credit: aproditebeauty


My prayer is that each of you will have a blessed, happy, safe and fulfilling 2013!

Whatever the year brings, know that it all serves to make us stronger…

Love you all,



A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Through Christmas Past

Happy Sunday morning, GHers!

I hope your presents are all bought, wrapped and under the tree…and that you’ll have some time for yourself to sit back with a hot drink and enjoy some Christmases Past with our beloved couple, Jason and Sam.

I will tell you that it just won’t be Christmas in Port Charles without them being together….they became my favorite part about Christmas in Port Charles back in 2004, and I will miss them terribly.

This is why this week’s Drive is so special…I can relive all of my favorite memories of their Christmases spent in love.

I am making my Christmas wish, and my top pick on my letter to Santa…for JaSam to be reunited soon! (And that Steve really starts to miss work!)

So, please do not bust my Christmas bubble! 🙂

Sit back…relax…and open your heart to all the moments of love for each other and the holiday they complied over the years. And if me must cry, let’s make them tears of joy for having been witness to such a beautiful Love Story. Fictional or not, it changed our lives…and made us friends. That is a GIFT in and of itself!

I hear sleigh bells…jump in!

“Christmas Isn’t Christmas without You” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Christmas Through The Years” Credit: missingJASAMalways

“Are You Coming Home For Christmas?”  Credit: aproditebeauty

“Merry Little Christmas” Credit: allegator20

“The Only Gift” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Remember Last Christmas” Credit: luckiBelle

“The Gift” Credit: missingJASAMalways

“My Only Wish For Christmas Is You” Credit: charmedp3f

“Merry Christmas, Darling” (One Song, Two Vids) Credit: aproditebeauty Credit: raindance4521

“All I Want For Christmas” (One Song, Two Versions, Two Vids) 🙂 Credit: jmsg411 Credit: lalachik

Aahhh…they were beautiful, weren’t they? I hope you never stop telling TPTB how much you miss Steve, and how much you miss JaSam on your screen! Get as mushy as you dare, but make sure they know that a little piece of your heart is missing, right alongside Jason! Maybe we’ll inspire them to sweeten the deal for Steve to come back…and soon! 🙂

On a different note, I ask for your prayers. Matthew’s teacher’s husband passed away last week, and today we will be attending funeral services for him. He was only 43, and it was completely unexpected and terribly sudden. Both Matthew and Vanessa will be singing at the service, and they are both heartbroken for the family. I cannot imagine having to endure all this…and at Christmas, no less. Your prayers will go a long way today!

Thanks to all of you…I love you all so dearly!

Merry Christmas!