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Happy Anniversary, GHers!

You aren’t seeing things!

Three years ago today, I posted my first Bella Mafia blog, and met all of you! I have always changed the look of the blog on its anniversary each year, but this time I decided that before I chose a new theme, I would post each of the themes of the past three years for a week each…starting with the one that started it all. In revisiting those themes of the past I hope we take a minute to reminisce and celebrate our journey together as faithful JaSammers. We’ve been through so much together, and our couple has been through so much together, but we made it. We are still here and still holding on! So, Congratulations to us all! *hugs* 

I am hoping to have The Beauty of GH to talk about for a long time to come; hopefully we will see that happen. I just wanted you to know that I never, EVER take for granted the years we have already spent together and the beautiful friendships that started here. I love you guys!


How about our Samantha Morgan, huh? To say that no matter what comes at her, she always rises from the ashes, would be an understatement. Sam is the very embodiment of The Phoenix. 

Not only has Sam refused to be knocked down by this latest bump in the road for her and Jason, she is going, going, going and refuses to slow down when it comes to proving what she knows in her heart. Today, we saw exactly what we began to fear yesterday after Sam’s visit with her family. People, even those closest to Jason, seem to be accepting that Jason is gone, albeit with a considerable amount of sadness and devastation. But, they are accepting it nonetheless, and Sam has already said she doesn’t want to hear that, and she doesn’t want that negativity around her son. Spin struggled with the possibility that Sam is slipping into a sad case of denial, but in the end, he agreed to do as Sam asked – and investigate. I love that Sam was able to convince Spin because it was clear to him that, no matter what he really thinks based on the facts, She Knows What She Knows. 

I am sure that the one thing fueling her hope when she is left with only her thoughts is that beautiful baby boy of hers. I ADORE SEEING THAT BABY ON MY SCREEN! He has got to be the most mellow TV baby I’ve seen in a very long time, and he looks SO VERY MUCH like Jason Morgan, that he pulls at my heartstrings each time I lay eyes on him! I love the fact that when Sam is holding him, she can’t help but to smile and laugh, because she has her son back, and sure refuses to have sadness and tears surrounding him as he makes the transition into his new life and his new home. I really do love that about Sam! It reminds me that I always knew she would be a great mom, who put her child and his needs first, and that is exactly what she is doing. I also loved Spin’s reaction to seeing Baby Daniel. Spin, almost as much as Molly, knows just how much this baby meant to both Jason and Sam, and I am sure that seeing that blue-eyed baby made his heart contract. Yet, what I really loved was how Sam talked about how much Danny looked like Jason, and Spin mentioned how they share a great deal of DNA, only to have Sam tell him that Jason is Danny’s father in every way that counts. Boom! What can we say? She Knows What She Knows.

Did I mention that Sam is going, going, going? Because she went all the way down to Pier 52 once more to see what she could find out as far as getting some leads regarding her husband. I just knew that a baby wouldn’t stop Sam from being the woman she is! I am so glad and grateful the writers have stayed true to who Sam is. I also think it is a wonderful idea to have Sam and Spin go at this investigation like real investigators – showing up and refusing to let the PCPD shut them down, instead of just slinking around trying to stay under the radar like Duke Lavery is at the moment. *yawn* That’s right, Spin, you guys are licensed investigators, and it took a lot of haggling with an FBI agent to get those licenses! I loved that Anna asked Sam about Bernie and the phone call, because watching Sam really be part of piecing this case together to find Jason and bring him home is as important to me as a viewer as Jason being part of the investigation to bring Baby Danny home. It’s what makes sense, especially given Sam’s background. Once again, the people around Sam seem to be completely floored by her composure and behavior, as Dante shook his head after she left and said, “Wow. She’s in some serious denial.” Anna did a fantastic, experienced job of explaining what Sam is really going through. People will call it denial, while the one going through it calls it hope. Most hopeful to me was when Anna reminded us that sometimes things get turned around and that hope is realized. What Anna was saying, perhaps without even realizing it, is that when it comes to Sam, She Knows What She Knows.

I was thrilled that Todd’s lump-of-coal-heart was somehow miraculously moved, and that he thought having Diane give Sam the paternity test would help Carly, who at the moment, is the only other person that he cares about outside of Starr. I was also thrilled that Diane got right to it, and that she was at the penthouse when Sam arrived with Daniel. We can only hope that we won’t have to wait that much longer for Sam to have that long-awaited and much-needed truth in her hands. Not that it should surprise Sam too much…after all, She Knows What She Knows, and I think that all along, Sam has really known Jason being Daniel’s father to be the truth. This is confirmation of what she knew.

I think that the one thing that should keep us holding on right now is that deep down, WE Know What She Knows… 

Wherever Jason is, he is trying really hard to get back to his wife and son; the two loves of his life. As long as that’s enough for Sam, it will be enough for me.  Is it enough for you?

“Come Back To Me” Credit: brandicrowson

Have a great weekend! See you all on Sunday!


That’s The Only Way This Story Ends

Good morning, GHers.

I wonder when the tears will end while watching GH. Surely I can’t cry every single day until Jason comes back to his family!

As I told you guys yesterday, I am weary of trusting those in charge of what comes out of Sam’s mouth, so I take it day by day. I wasn’t sure what to expect from our Sam today, but I must say that I was not disappointed in the least! While it broke my heart to think that Sam was in such denial that she wasn’t dealing with her pain, I am glad I didn’t rush to judgment.

I kinda had the same reaction as The Davis Girls. Not sure what to think, and wondering if Sam might be facing a breakdown, and flat out worried for her. It seemed at first that Sam just wasn’t dealing with what had happened the night before, and I could totally understand why Alexis and her sisters might feel that she was simply in denial. Everyone deals with tragedy and grief differently, and so her family just assumed Sam was dealing with it by simply convincing herself that it didn’t happen. What else could they think as they sat there in stunned silence as Sam said, “Jason’s coming back. I know he is. That’s the only why this story ends.  Let’s be honest. If we were any one of the Davis Girls, we would have been exchanging the same, exact bewildered looks between ourselves.

When Sam explained how last spring she was handed a dead baby and told that it was hers, and how everyone accepted that truth, except for her, I immediately felt the lump form in my throat. When she said that’s exactly how it was now with Jason, I cried, because Sam can feel that Jason is alive. She knows it in her heart, just as she did with her son, and this time, she doesn’t want to waste any time going against what she knows in her heart. *sobbing* What courage and resolve Sam showed in the face of being looked at as though she had six heads. How many of us would even dare to believe in a situation like this hers?

I will say that I give Alexis so much credit for reacting so quickly and trying to appease Sam by agreeing that it was possible – for Jason, specifically, to have survived, because he had certainly survived worse over the years. I am not sure how many mothers would have gotten it so quickly, but it was obvious to Alexis just how badly Sam needed someone to believe with her. (The poor thing) I felt for all of them, because I know it was an impossible situation for all involved, as Sam is convinced that her husband is alive, and her family was desperate to help her through something she refuses to accept. Molly especially broke my heart, because no one has been a greater or stronger supporter of Jason and Sam’s Love Story than Molly. Watching her with tears swimming in her eyes at the thought that the one true Love Story she had dared to believe in would end tragically after all was tough. I would hate it if Molly lost faith in True Love, especially since Jason and Sam championed on its behalf so often with her.

Alexis and the girls’ mistake was in talking about what about what they really thought about Jason’s chances within Sam’s range of hearing.  Her no-holds-barred reaction to hearing them talk about how unreasonable it was for Sam to be so hopeful clearly stunned Alexis and the girls, but I totally get that Sam just cannot abide any other belief than the one that Jason is alive and coming back to her right now. She is fighting like hell to keep that hope alive and surrounding their son, because she fears the alternatives so terribly. *wipes tears* 

When Sam held that door open and told them it was time for them to leave, I was torn. I knew that it was hurting her family, but I am not sure that they truly understood how much it hurts Sam that they won’t believe her heart – AGAIN. In the end, that is what today’s showdown was about. Sam is believing what her heart, not the circumstantial evidence, is telling her once more, and her loved ones are finding it nearly impossible to do the same because it just doesn’t make much sense. Then again, neither did the thought that Sam was given the wrong baby make any sense, and just look at how that turned out.

I did appreciate the fact that Alexis came back before leaving and kissed Sam and told her that she loved her and would be back. Whether Sam wants to hear that right now or not doesn’t matter; as long as she can remember what Alexis said when she needs it most. Clearly, Sam is struggling with the fact that Jason is gone at all, even if he is alive. She wants him home. With her. With their son. She is all too aware of how much time was lost, and somewhere deep down, she blames herself because she didn’t fight hard enough for what she knew in her heart after she was told her baby died. She is going to refuse to make that mistake again. Every moment that was lost to them as a family because of that mistake is a moment she will forever regret, especially now that Jason isn’t with her and Danny.

{Which is why God help Liz Webber if that paper she tried to crush like leaves into that harbor was proof that Jason was Danny ‘s father. If she ran her own test and never told Jason or Sam, I hope Carly personally crushes her like leaves…right off of the highest bridge possible.} 


I imagine that it will be a rough and lonely road ahead for Sam as she tries to hold onto the hope that’s keeping her going, as the rest of Jason’s loved ones try to deal with the loss and try to get some closure. Everyone, including Sonny, Carly, and Monica, seem to have accepted that this time, Jason isn’t coming back. That will not be easy for Sam to accept.

However, Die-hards, it wasn’t a coincidence that Sam realized how important it was for Jason to have enough hope for the both of them while they were kept apart by fake circumstances. I bet that realization will help her to have enough hope for the both of them now that they are being kept apart by fake death. They will be together again…“That’s The Only Way This Story Ends.”

I, too, have enough hope for the both of them. What about you?

I hope this inspires you: “JaSam: Hope Now” Credit: aproditebeauty


Yeah…”WHAT IF?”

Good morning, GHers.

I’m sorry. I really needed to process all of my thoughts before posting. And I had to get through writing all my heartfelt letters to TPTB.

Well, I will say this: if Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini wanted to get us thinking about “What If?”, they sure did. Just not the way they planned.

Instead, that JaSam episode got me thinking about “What If Ron Carlivati and Frank Velntini Had Never Come To Crap On Our GH?”


While I was just soaking up all of the Jason and Sam LOVE and HAPPINESS I could get before Steve leaves GH, during every commercial break I stopped to scratch my head and thought, “If he knew how to write JaSam, then why DIDN’T HE?” I mean, it was obvious he understood that Steve and Kelly are sooooo good at showing us a side to Jason and Sam that made us all fall in love all those years ago. You know what I’m talking about. The playful, yet heated, sweet, but deep-as-their-souls connection they share. My goodness! Jason laughing as Sam was praticing the “her-hee-hoo” breathing, their adorable scenes with Sam trying to get Jason to keep his hands to himself during Lamaze, and even the Jason feeding Sam – and himself – ice chips. No other couple can do heat one moment and fun the next as well as Jason and Sam, thanks to their alters, Steve and Kelly.

It made me incredibly sad to think that so much of that was wasted since the time this new team came into the leadership role at GH.

It most certainly had me thinking “WHAT IF? WHAT IF RON CARLIVATI HAD NEVER BEEN MADE HEADWRITER?” I mean, say what you will about Garin Wolf’s awful decision to write the Franco Honeymoon, but before that misstep, we had romance, we had legacy characters onscreen like Monica and Edward, and we had FAMILY moments to smile about and to remind us that GH was founded on core families! *tears* And you know what? say what you will about Bob Guza’s years of darkness, but at least he made moments of LIGHT mean something!

As I watched yesterday, I was tortured, more than “rewarded” by thoughts of “What If?” 

  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had not been set on this dead end road because of Heather’s lies, and Sam reacted exactly that way, not letting herself be manipulated by a woman sitting in a mental institution? You know – WHAT IF she had actually used the instincts she uses to make a living?
  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had enjoyed more moments of love and romance and increased hormones, as so may couples do during a time when they are reveling in the fact that their love created a new life? They were on the road to doing just that up and until RC took over the headwriting position. (Remember the cabin?) What a waste!
  • WHAT IF…Jason and Sam had been able to share the moments that strengthened their bond, respected their commitment to each other, and even honored their Love Story? Jason and Sam fell in love while bonding with each other and Sam’s unborn baby. Why not give them “the works” when it came to this baby – their baby.
  • WHAT IF…this pregnancy storlyine, and the waiting period for this child of LEGACY FAMILIES, was actually filled with scenes with those LEGACY CHARACTERS, like Monica, Edward, Alexis, and hell – even Tracy? Just imagine the amount of longtime viewers who might have felt a renewed connection to their long beloved soap?
  • WHAT IF…instead of tears, pain, sorrow and separations, this pregnancy had been filled with what we saw yesterday? Laughter and wonder, happiness and togetherness? There was such a golden opportunity here to bring people together again – and I am not just talking about Jason and Sam, though they are first on my list! I am also talking about Spinelli and Maxie (though it just felt so much more “right” with the beautiful Kirsten Storms back in the role). I am talking about Monica and Jason, and Monica and Sam, because they already had a history of a good, strong relationship. I am talking about The Davis GIrls. I am talking about The Grandmothers – bonding and perhaps trying to one-up each other in a bit of friendly competition. Families who have been part of our own families are what viewers want to connect with – not newbies who mean nothing to us! WHEN, DEAR GOD, WILL WRITERS AND EPs GET THIS???
  • WHAT IF…instead of dead babies and baby funerals, we had just what Sam dreamed of? Live, beautiful babies, and baby showers? I don’t know about you, but there is enough real sadness and heartache in my own world. I don’t want to turn on the TV to struggle through more tears and sadness! I want to turn on the TV to be transported, albeit only for an hour daily, to a happy place, where dreams do come true and true love does win out!
  • WHAT IF…the writers had taken the least traveled road here, and instead of writing a tragedy on the day of this LEGACY BABY’S birth, had actually written a fun, sometimes funny, but thoroughly celebratory event, as they did in Sam’s fantasy? Oh, how much more fans could have looked forward to, and enjoyed it! So many JaSam fans refused to tune in, simply because of the fact that they knew it would end with the ugly and cold reality RC wrote instead. How sad is that?

And finally…

  • WHAT IF…Jason had not been written out as the lead in his own storyline – you know, the storyline that helped to secure his character’s LEGACY, all so that Mr. Carlivati and Mr. Valentini could force John McBain into that lead spot? Into Jason’s Spot!?! What if Steve didn’t have a reason to feel that he could walk away from GH without leaving his fans completely devastated? As things stood when he made that decision, I imagine that Mr. Burton already thought that he had “left” the storyline and place of importance he held for all of the fans. All he did was make it official. Yes, I know all about the house in Tennessee, and the kids in school, but NO ONE will EVER convince me that he would not have found a way to make it work IF HE REALLY THOUGHT he would continue to be doing something worthwhile for all of us!

Which leads us to…

  • WHAT IF…The Beauty of GH was not ripped out from under all of us because a couple of guys came in here and refused to listen to what the fans wanted? WHAT IF we were all looking forward to what came next for us on this journey, instead of feeling like we’re getting ready to say goodbye? I am already wondering when my last post will be. Steve’s last day, marking the end of JaSam? On the 3rd anniversary of Bella Mafia in October? Or should I just give up now and just like Sam, suggest that “Maybe we should just give up. Walk away with (more than) two years of really beautiful memories, instead of destroying it, by trying to hold on.” *wipes tears*

We shouldn’t be thinking about THE END, but we are. And I place the entire blame for that SQUARELY on the shoulders of Misters Carlivati and Valentini.

No matter what I decide, I want you all to know one more thing I can quote Sam on: “I will love you ALL for the rest of my life. If I die tomorrow, or if I live to be 100. Even if I never see your faces,” even for the first time, I will never forget the place you guys took up in my life, and in my heart, when I needed you most. What I want is for you guys to really hear me on that, and understand the depth of my appreciation for each of you.

Like I said to my beloved Stephanie yesterday, JaSam Made Us Family. And no one can EVER take that away. Not even the stupid, lazy AIC. 

Today’s Lifeline: (This is the one silver lining to that JaSam Fantasy – that it will live on in our hearts because of our talented friends like Heather) “Look What We Made When We Made Love” Credit: aproditebeauty


This Day In JaSam History

September 7





Good Morning, GHers!

Thanks to all of you who left words of encouragement for our Sweet Sarah! I hope she feels surrounded by all of us, even if only in spirit!

We Love You, Sarah!


Todd Manning is looking to put down ROOTS in Port Charles, but that only means that a whole lot of weeds for PC’s residents! Todd has nothing good or noble to add to the landscape of our favorite fictional town! I mean, he was only passing through, and look at all the damage and heartache he’s caused already! 😦 I wish he would take his newspaper, his abs, and his daughter and hightail it back to Llanview! Like yesterday!

Heather is pure evil, but other than Olivia, the viewers must be the only ones who see it! Is Steven really this clueless about his crazy mother? I don’t even get it! There is no reason that Steven would feel the kind of bond with Heather that might make him show this much faith in her. I just don’t get it! The only ROOTS Heather has ever cultivated in PC are those of insanity and danger. Why is it so hard for people who know this about her to imagine that she might go off the rails again?

Let’s just hope this time, Olivia isn’t her next victim. Liv is getting dangerously close to to ending up like Maggie – especially with words like “nut job” flying around! Luckily for Liv, Spin seems to have returned to his PI ROOTS with a renewed sense of urgency, and hopefully, he will turn up more than whatever root-less things Heather has “planted” out there on the country road.

So Luke and Anna completely eschewed both of their romantic ROOTS in order to hook up like it was 1979! They were barely even awkward around each other the morning after, as Luke was sitting there watching her sleep, and then making mention of their “dirty deed” without either of them blushing! I know there are those who think Anna and Luke are just wrong because of Robert and Laura, but you know what? I disagree. Robert and Laura are their past, not their present, or their future (based on all current indicators!) AND…If there must be a triangle, I am so glad it includes these three, and not a currently married couple!

Although I will say that I feel badly that Tracy is going to be hurt once more because of her love for Luke. 😦 Tracy has proven herself to be more than Luke deserves, as she loves him unconditionally, no matter what she says! It makes me sad to see that Tracy really only has Luke – and well, apparently now Alice, to lean on. The Quartermaines used to have the strongest, most widespread ROOTS of any family in Port Charles, now this once great family has withered way to almost nothing. I wish the writers would come up with a way to turn that around!

I guess the best way to turn that around and to keep the Quartermaine Family ROOTS growing is to add to the Family Tree. The writers did that by making sure that Jason, Jr. is alive, even if they had to tear his poor mother’s heart out in the process. Poor Sam, having to endure another loss, another service to say goodbye to her child, another funeral, another attempt to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. (I must say that not only do I believe the writers see Sam as a strong woman, I think they see Kelly as the strong actress she is. As much as we all hate this storyline, it has given Kelly opportunity after opportunity to show off her incredible talent. She had me tearing up from the moment she walked into the cemetery, and it only got worse from there! Kelly is an outstanding actress, and I am so proud to be her fan!) 

I have to admit that there is something I must give the writers props on, and that is that we got to see, throughout the entire episode, that Sam has put down and cultivated her own set of ROOTS in Port Charles. I love that the writers allowed Sam to be supported by so many, and not just her family – even though I adore Davis Girls scenes. Sam has lived and worked in this town for almost ten years! It would only make sense that there would be people who get her loss, and wanted to be there to support her! I thought the scenes between Spin and Sam were heartwarming and sweet. Spin telling Sam that he loved her and was sorry felt perfectly right, and made sense. Having Michael want to be there for Sam, and telling her that she would have been a great mother were touching and warm, and really reminded us that Michael would know, as Sam has been such a presence in Michael’s life. The scenes with Carly caught me completely off guard, and left me weeping! While Carly and Sam have never been BFF’s, I am glad the writers chose to show us that no matter what, they do share a connection. Sam needed all the support she could get, and deserved all the support she got, and more.

Because of his family and friends, Jason Morgan has among the strongest and far-reaching ROOTS of anyone in PC. He is connected in some way to just about every family, and everyone. However, as we heard him talking about those connections with Michael yesterday, one thing was quite clear: Jason has no deeper ROOTS than the ones connecting his heart to Sam’s. I will be the first to say what an ass Jason has been throughout this outrageous storyline, but I cannot ignore that Jason seems to be unable to thrive without his wife. I was so thankful for his conversation with Michael, because it was good for me to hear that Jason understands why Sam cannot let him back into her heart right now. It was also good to hear Michael being the voice of reason, and telling Jason what all of us would have been screaming at the TV had he not. Michael telling Jason that what Sam said, was not necessarily what she needed, was something I’ll be grateful to Michael for, for a long time! Perhaps hearing it from the first child Jason ever held was the secret to Jason finally putting his fears and his feelings aside for the woman whose heart is breaking over the child she believes she will never hold again. I am so glad that Jason finally got out of his own way and showed up for Sam. Had Jason let that opportunity pass him by, he would have regretted it forever. No matter how it turns out tomorrow, and no matter what Sam says out of her unimaginable pain and loss, it was crucial to the nurturing of their ROOTS as a couple that he be there during Sam’s darkest moments. She will never forget that he was present. No matter what.

I think it is part of the MAGIC that Steve and Kelly have not only created, but perfected, that Jason and Sam didn’t saw a single word to each other, and barely shared 10 seconds onscreen, and yet, so many of us were so deeply affected by what they did share! In those couple of screenshots, I read so much into what they were feeling: Love, Concern, Need, Fear of Losing Each Other, and again – LOVE. I know that there are still some hard to watch moments and several weeks of tough stuff that will try our patience and loyalty, but it was like a shot in the arm to be reminded by Sam and Jason themselves that they are deeply and totally in love! Thanks for the crumbs, Mr. Carlivati and Writing Team! I will take it!

You know, our love for Jason and Sam has served as the ROOTS of the wonderful relationships formed and nurtured here! It’s so important that we not turn our backs on the thing that brought us all together, and helped so many friendships BLOOM! Keep supporting our couple and their Love Story, even when things seem bleakest. Keep fighting to keep their Love Story going, because this chapter will finally give way to another – hopefully more blissful one. Just think of all the chapters we’ve already experienced together over the years! There have been some we hated along the way, but we must remember that we are working towards a Happily Ever After, and that rarely happens without conflict and angst along the way!

Hang In There – for JaSam and for GH!

Hopefully this will serve as inspiration: “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” Credit: jasamlova1028

We can do this! Together, we can do just about anything!

Love you all,


“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This”

Good morning, GHers!

I just want to start by telling you that I missed you all, too! ❤ Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, and for all the encouragement about NC. You guys warm my heart (a NC saying, which I typed while saying it in my head with a Southern drawl) 🙂

Today was an emotional day all around. I am writing with a sad heart, and not just because of the heartbreak on GH. I found out today that I lost a dear, old friend last night. He was only 45. I spoke to him two days before he had the surgery that left him in a coma for the past two months, and I am so grateful that our conversation was about all of the good times, and that there was nothing left to say between us.

Take a moment today to tell those you love what they mean to you. Please.

While GH may still serve as a distraction, it surely was not an escape from the heartache or sadness. I wish I could send in a prescription for depression to the writing team. Every time I see the commercial for the antidepressant where it claims to help those who find that “Everything Hurts”…from birthday wishes to hellos, I think of GH. Everything hurts our PC residents, too. From honeymoons to long-awaited baby births. Jeez, our head writer needs some happy pills…STAT!

And even then, he is truly going to have to work to get everyone back who has chosen to tune out from the (MISSING) Love In The Afternoon until things lighten up. I will tell him this right now: “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” He’s going to have to work a little harder than that! 

I would think I won’t be the only one making that statement, either.

  • I get that Matt just had his own “I Remember” moment about killing Lisa, but his actions since were a bit self-centered. I don’t think Matt really stopped to think about how his going to prison would affect all those he love…and is now leaving behind. Namely his brother, who is still trying to find some solid ground, Emma, who has lost more than any child should, and of course, Maxie, who put her own self-centeredness aside in order to save his career, his contributions to society, and what’s left of his family, even though he certainly never proved himself worthy of all of her loyalties. I get why he did it, and I get the whole hippocratic oath thing, but when it comes down to hurting those who are going to try to make it through the next five years without him,“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • As for Maxie, I haven’t been this angry at her since she lost JaSam’s ring the second time. I get that she wanted to stand by her man, and all that jazz, but she obviously sees how much all of this is hurting Spinelli, and she keeps pouring salt in his wounds – liberally. Why Spin still thinks that Maxie is worthy of his love and devotion is beyond me, but I just hope that once Matt is gone, she doesn’t think she can just walk back into Maxie’s life and be his Number One again. I am crossing my fingers that Spin lets her know, in no uncertain terms, that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • Perhaps we really can’t blame Maxie for being so clueless about having a good man and not appreciating him. She obviously inherited that character flaw from her mother, Felicia! I was a Mac and Felicia fan back in the 90’s! I watched them fall in love, I watched them get married in that surprise ceremony, I watched them raise Maxie and Georgie as a family. Then I watched Felicia break Mac’s heart over some weird attachment to Luke, and then I watched her get chance after chance, and I watched her blow chance after chance with Mac. She’s been gone all of these years, and yet Mac seems to have let all of what happened go, and he seems ready to give Felicia yet another chance to make things work! Oh, Mac! No wonder you got fired! You cannot even buy a clue! I was SO hoping that Felicia would realize what a mistake she’d made, and that Mac would look her square in the eye and tell her, “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • I guess Alexis should be happy that Mac is seemingly moving on and away from her, after all, that’s what she said she wanted. However, I don’t think Alexis is going to have a minute to be happy about anything, with all of those television cameras rolling, thanks to the spoiled ingrate she still calls a daughter. That Kristina is even dumber than she was before attending Yale for a whole semester! How could she sit and listen to everything Alexis said about Sam and her loss, and the fact that she is being manipulated in order to pull in ratings, and still not tell them to stop filming? We all know that this, too, shall come back to bite Kristina in the butt, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think she deserved it. I just hope that when she does get what’s coming to her, the family she cared less about than proving a point to her parents – during this tragedy, turns around and says to her,“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • Oh, Heather, Heather, Heather. I will give you this: you make it really easy to hate you! Not only is Heather crazy, she is a hateful, spiteful bitch with axes to grind all over the place, and possibly even all over people. Her hatred for Sam is completely disproportionate for what we know Sam “did”, or didn’t do that ultimately pissed Heather off, but if my little “theory” proves correct, it may be what Heather did many years ago that birthed the real cause for her seeking such cruel vengeance of Sam. I can only hope that when Jason finds out the whole truth behind what Heather has been up to, he sends her a message by putting a bullet between Heather’s eyes. I would think that if  anyone would agree with me, on the fact that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!”, it would be Jason,  
  • Unfortunately for Jason, no one is going to learn any harder that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” Fixing what is “broken” between them will require more that words this time, and for Jason, that may be something he isn’t used to. Over the course of their relationship, including their breakups and consequent reunions, Jason has pretty much gotten away with just using words, although he had more to prove when they got back together this last time in 2009. I must say that it might be a bit refreshing to finally see Jason having to do more than use his words, and have to actually work for his place in Sam’s life and heart. That’s not to say that I think everything that has happened over the past few months is all Jason’s fault, because I believe they have both made mistakes. But when it comes to how Jason handled Sam’s baby being Franco’s, he failed Sam and the baby. As difficult as it was to watch them both hurting over what has happened, I have to say that Jason had it coming. I know that Sam is lashing out and that she is angry, but the things she said in her anger were true. While Jason couldn’t get past the fact that Franco was “the dad”, Sam was doing all she could to keep it together for the baby growing inside of her, until she realized that she could love that baby no matter what! I loved that Sam asked Jason if he thought she hadn’t had her own doubts or questions, because she was the one who was raped, and the one who got pregnant! And I loved that she told Jason that all that mattered to her was that she was going to love that baby with all that she had! When Jason finally learns the truth about JJ being his, I believe his heart will expand about two sized when he realizes just how fiercely Sam protected and loved their son. More than that, I had been hoping for weeks that someone would end Jason’s pity party over Franco a long time ago! Watching Jason finally digest what Sam was saying was painful, but he needed that moment of clarity in order to understand where Sam’s pain and disbelief was coming from. How, or why even, would Sam suddenly believe that Jason really did come to want her baby, when all of the things he is saying to her now are after the fact – at least to her own ears? Sure, we all know that Jason truly was at that motel room door, saying all of those things to Sam, and that he wanted to take her and the baby home, but he said it when she wasn’t there to hear it. So while we all know about his good intentions; Sam doesn’t know. She only has his word, and when she took his failure to confess about what he did to McBain as a lie, (just as Karma will remind us Jason did when Sam failed to tell him about Robin, or Franco, or the paternity) and when you are as hurt and as devastated as Sam is for her baby boy, you don’t want to take the time to be rational or to think things through. I clearly remember Jason refusing to be rational or to think through Sam’s side of things when he found out the truth before she could tell it to him. Surely he will understand, no? You know, today’s scenes reminded me a bit of when Sam woke up after losing Lila, and Alexis came in and spilled to Sam that Sonny had signed for the baby’s stem cells to be harvested and given to Kristina while Sam was unconscious. When Sam saw Sonny after that, she accused him of not caring that their daughter had died, as long as Kristina got to live. They were tough scenes to watch as well, but just like this time, how could anyone not understand where Sam was coming from? It was her truth, as told to her by her pain and loss. What Jason said to Sam was absolutely and undeniably true. He was the one by her side after Lila died, and he was the one who had to tell her that awful truth. Of course Jason would never wish that on Sam again, even if Satan himself had fathered that baby. In time, that will finally ring true to Sam’s ears – and heart – again; but that time is not now. Jason needs to allow for Sam to grieve, and to process all of the feelings she’s experiencing right now, and he’s gotta do it with love and understanding; the way Sam has always done it for him. Jason said that he wouldn’t give up. Now he’s gotta prove it to Sam (and to us) that he meant every word. I took it as a good sign that Jason reached into his pocket and placed The Dragon within Sam’s view, as if to remind her of what they share, especially now that Sam is convinced that what they have is broken.I took it as an even more hopeful sign that Sam didn’t demand that he take it with him, or hurl it across the room at his head, as I might have done. Forgiveness has always been divine between Jason and Sam. I am hoping that is just one more of the constants between them.

For whatever reason, Mr. Carlivati enjoys stretching out the pain and suffering of his couples. We are going to have to hang in there for OUR couple if they are to survive the threat of GH’s cancellation. As for all of this contrived, ridiculous “angst” coming in the form of third parties, *yawn*.

Be sure to let TPTB know how impressed we all were with the outstanding scenes Kelly and Steve gave us, and how they tug at our heartstrings. And don’t forget to let them know how bored and uninterested you are in all of these contrived scenes that don’t make sense or seem to belong.

And for heaven’s sake, STOP reading spoilers and rumors!


Much love,



Good Thursday morning, GHers!

I am a bit busy getting ready for a little road trip with the family – our two youngest will finally be done with school on Friday, and so we are planning on hitting the road right after to go check out what MIGHT be our future home: North Carolina! I am so excited, but scared at the same time! This lifelong Jersey girl doesn’t really like change, but I owe it to my family to give it a whirl. I’ll just need to keep my anxiety meds within an arm’s reach. 🙂

Well, I think we can all agree that sometimes it sucks when REALITY comes knocking, and we are caught off guard. Such was the case in good ol’ Port Charles, where REALITY came knockin’ on more doors than the Avon lady!

For Luke and Tracy, REALITY BITES big time! Not only were they stuck with the dead body of someone they were each convinced the other killed, they then LOST the body to complicate things further! I really, really do love the scenes these two share! Honestly, they are about the only reason for smiling we have these days – and even though it’s all about murder, I am happy to have something to be happy about! (HINT, HINT, Mr. Carlivati!) Jane Elliot and Tony Geary have the ability to make you feel like you’re watching good, old-school SOAP, which in this day and age, is saying something! Truly, I enjoyed all of their dialogue, especially the part about Tracy offering up her mother as the one thing she genuinely cared about (even though she is a mother herself). If only the writers would capitalize a little more on these moments that tug at our hearts! We would be in Ratings Heaven! The moment where Luke and Tracy were snagged by the cops while trying to get rid of the weapon was fantastic 70’s kind of cliffhanger stuff, and I cannot wait to “tune in tomorrow” to find out what happens next!

As far as Johnny is concerned, one would think that the current LACK of REALITY is his biggest problems, but look a little closer. Johnny’s biggest problem is actually the REALITY of what he’s done and the guilt that comes with it! No matter what Johnny said, killing his grandfather in cold blood sent Johnny over the invisible line he had once decided never to cross. Add to that the guilt he is stills trudging with over being responsible for the deaths of Hope and Cole, and the fact that he completely manipulated a mentally ill woman, who was already a victim of her own illness, and it’s no wonder John can “see dead people”. Unfortunately for Johnny, though REALITY concerning his grandfather’s living “status” may continue to elude him for a while, it does not elude him when it comes to the long arm of the law. Dante and Delores arrived with a search warrant and proved that REALITY BITES indeed, as they found Anthony’s cell phone in Johnny’s penthouse. Maybe Johnny wasn’t really ready for the ugly part of the business after all.

I think one person who has had to deal with more than his fair share of just how badly REALITY BITES is Spinelli! His hard work, loyalty and dedication to his Maximista and One True Love has finally paid off, and Maxie is now free. Unfortunately, she is not free to rediscover hers and Spinelli’s Love Story,as her freedom, which she linked to Matt’s, came at the ultimate price: Marriage. According to the Prosecutor, as long as Maxie stays married to Matt, she cannot be compelled to testify, thanks to Spousal Privilege. I could barely stand to watch Spin’s heart break over and over as his new REALITY seemed only to get worse the more Maxie talked about it. I know that Spin couldn’t stand to watch his once non-wife waste away in prison, but I wonder if Spin will survive the cruel alternative: to live in the prison of knowing that Maxie is now Mrs. Matt Hunter. 😦

Kristina is proving to her mom and dad, and her unsuspecting sisters, that REALITY BITES hardest when it jumps out and catches you off guard. I don’t think anyone could have imagined that Kristina would ever come home demanding that her family not only allow her to be part of her own reality TV show, but that they be part of it as well! I thought Kristina crossed one too many lines when she began airing her family’s dirty laundry – and I do mean DIRTY, on camera! Especially since Kristina knows first hand how damaging this kind of press could be to her family, especially her younger sister Molly, who is at a tough age to be dealing with the kind of torment this will bring from her peers. How selfish can this girl be? Kristina threatening to walk out and never see them again packed a bigger punch than they anticipated, and left them rather speechless, because it is quite the dilemma. I honestly had to take a moment to think about that one myself, because honestly, I am not sure what’s worse: having my daughter exploit herself and everyone she loves while I stand by and do nothing…OR…refusing to allow it, and risking that she really will walk out and remove herself from my life for an indefinite amount of time. Hmmm… In the end, I decided that neither option would work for me. I am Puerto Rican, so my family would have to help me to lock that little chica up in this house until she came to her senses! (:) ) Sometimes these things TAKE A VILLAGE! 🙂 I honestly think that’s where Sonny was leaning, too, but Alexis would never go for that. Instead, I think Alexis will cave, and Kristina will continue to bash her parents and completely humiliate her brothers and sisters on air. I just hope Kristina remembers that reality isn’t the only thing that bites – so does Karma!

Poor Sam. She is surrounded by babies – and she hasn’t even given birth yet! Not only is her sister a big, fat baby in disguise, her husband is a big, whiny baby, too! Jason goes RIGHT to McBain’s room upon his release to get in his face about tipping off the cops…which John denies. So, Jason keeps going at him – presumably about John coming after him, except that Jason keeps mentioning Sam. If I drank, I would start a drinking game where we took a swig every time Jason said Sam’s name. One of my favorites was, “You’re here for Sonny, but you spend most of your time with Sam.” Ha ha ha!  Could he sound any more childish? Jason is so jealous that he just doesn’t know how to play this game at all! He’s never done this before, because usually, he would just walk way and let the other guy win. This time around, Jason cannot walk away, and he cannot just let the other guy win. Jason is in love with his wife, and he cannot bear the thought of losing her – not to John or anyone else. Even if at the moment he cannot get around the problem that he thinks “Franco’s” baby presents, Jason’s reality is that it isn’t enough of a problem to stop him from missing Sam. Yes, Jason, REALITY BITES, but you haven’t even begun to understand the REALITY of your choices and the consequences they will have! Perhaps if Jason could take a moment to try and get a clear head, he might actually see that he is wasting so much energy on keeping Sam from John, instead of bringing Sam back to him. The problem is that the usually cool Jason is anything bunt cool right now. He is borderline obsessed with John, all the while John, who’s playing this cool as a cucumber, barely blinks whenever Jason comes at him. John really does see this for what it is – Jason freaking out over the paternity issue and not being able to move forward because of it. To John’s credit, he has made things crystal clear to Jason that neither he, nor more importantly Sam, are talking about anything else. I loved the way he put it to Jason when he said, “Even if I were after Sam, you’re the one she loves. You’re the one she wants to be with. “ I liked that so much because he wasn’t backing down from trying to keep Jason on his toes about someone else seeing in Sam what Jason is not right now, but he also was very fair to Sam in letting Jason know where her loyalties lie. I have a confession, and that is that I had a Love For McBain moment when he gave Jason this piece of advice, “If you lose Sam, you’ll be losing the best thing that’s ever happened to you, and it won’t be because of what I did. It’ll be because of what YOU did.” Hallelujah! I’m so glad someone finally said it to Jason! It’s so true! (And a bit of foreshadowing, I’m afraid)

As for Sam, I am glad that she was headed back to her room, rather than to try to find Jason after hearing he’d been arrested and released. As for the Liz thing, I was very satisfied that it was Jason who told Sam about it, unlike what my cable breakdown said, which was that “Sam is surprised by Liz”. I have said it once, I have said it a million times. When Jason is forthcoming and honest with Sam, there is no secret, so there is no threat. Secrets were the one thing that buried their love the first time around. Furthermore, when Jason told Sam, he said he didn’t want her involved, which I took to mean that he didn’t want her having to deal with any of that. Once gain, I hope all of you intelligent, soap-savvy chicks can see that it was a big, old plot point and nothing more. Jason was all about warning Sam to be careful, because Sam is the one he loves. When Jason said, “Please Sam, you have to be careful”, I heard the love in his voice. Too bad that when REALITY BITES this time, it may just be because Jason went after the wrong person, not because Sam trusted the wrong person.

Let’s just hope the damage is not irreparable.

Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline…

Good morning, GHers!

I hope your holiday weekend was all you wished it to be!

You know, I am aware of the viewer ratings during soaps, but I am thinking that some episodes need a disclaimer that in order to be able to enjoy (or at least make it through the episode without turning it off in utter frustration), “Viewers, Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline”.

It’s either that, or just play dumb, because some of the stuff playing out on-screen has no other possible explanation. So, for the love of GH, I guess we have all made the decision to suspend our belief. We are such a loyal bunch, aren’t we?

The Suspension of Belief applied to just about every single storyline playing out:

  • It is nearly impossible for me to believe that Maxie would be this committed to protecting anyone else before herself, but especially when it comes to Matt Hunter. I get the whole “He’s a doctor making a difference in medicine”, and the whole “Patrick has already lost his wife, I didn’t want him to lose his brother, too”; I do. I just still don’t buy it, especially when it’s obviously hurting Spinelli so much! Besides, Matt is on the receiving end of some major loyalty from Maxie, when he has never shown Maxie anywhere near that kind of loyalty. Even if you can get past all of that, what about the fact that Maxie ran off with Matt, got changed and got back to the courthouse in less than an hour, and then married Matt without a license? In order to buy all of that, Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • Okay, is someone really trying to get us to believe that John McBain kept a secret from his brother Michael about a long-lost half-sister named Theresa , even after said sister DIED? Yeah, I thought so. Listen, I get that RC worships this character, but that still doesn’t make McBain GOD! I am having a tough time swallowing that backstory down, because it just seems way too unbelievable! As someone who watched OLTL, John and Michael had already been through too much together for John to have kept something that important from his brother. No way! But I guess it’s just another case of needing to Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • I guess if there is a silver lining to this silly long-lost sister thing, it will be that if McBain and McCall turn out to be McSiblings after all, at least we can be assured that her “brother” will treat Sam a lot better than her own (not-that-long-but-still-lost) sister, Kristina. May I start out by saying that Lindsey Morgan, the young woman now playing Kristina is just beautiful, and she apparently has the acting skills to boot. However, I do agree with so many of you that she seems just a little too grown to be Sam’s younger sister, even though my two youngest children are now taller than my oldest, who is 7 and 9 years older than them. Short Happens, and in this family, it apparently happened to Sam. It’s just that, at first look, this new Kristina seems too “old” to be playing a young, inexperienced college freshman, and it kinda distracted me from the dialogue playing out. Oh well, I did go back and watch again, and I’ve gotta react to this storyline as a parent. If anyone expects me to believe that Alexis was terrified (judging from her facial expressions and the sheer desperation) as Kristina confronted them about having gotten her into Yale using connections, we’ve got a problem. Sonny was right in that Kristina is acting as though a tragedy happened. ALL WHILE IN THE ROOM WITH THE PERSON TO WHOM A REAL TRAGEDY HAPPENED: SAM. Perhaps Sonny didn’t know that Alexis or any of the girls knew about Sam’s rape and the paternity issues surrounding this pregnancy, but Alexis did know, and I expected her to react as someone who knew. As a mother who knew! It was disrespectful and so insensitive to Sam for Alexis to have allowed Kristina to go on and on like that about “her life being ruined”, when Sam, whose life was blown to pieces isn’t being this histrionic!  If I were Alexis, I would have snapped Kristina out of her cluelessness by turning her self-centered butt around to face Sam, and then schooling her on the fact that what happened to Sam can truly be argued as having the potential to ruin one’s life! As for the crap about the reality show, Mob Princess, Kristina’s parents are a lawyer and a mob boss! Surely they aren’t even thinking about allowing Kristina to drag them into her stupid mistake! Surely, there is a legal injunction Alexis can employ, and certainly, there are some thugs Sonny can employ to scare the crap out of that grad student with the bright idea. I mean, come on! I would cut her off from every parent-sponsored credit card, vehicle, car insurance, and every other benefit she had reaped as being the princess daughter of two of the most powerful people in Port Charles! Instead, it looks as though the warning should be Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • I know there was some hullabaloo over the fact that Jason rang Liz when he couldn’t reach Alexis, but honestly, I didn’t even think that was worth a tweet! First of all, it’s important that we all understand the meaning of CONTRIVED: obviously planned or forced; artificial; strained. You could use any one of those words to describe the ridiculousness of Jason not being able to reach Alexis, and then calling Liz. Jason mumbled something about not wanting Bernie to “show up waving money for a nuisance arrest”. WWWWHHHAAAAAAATTTTTT???? That, Jason, is Bernie’s job! He didn’t want Bernie showing up with the money, but having a broke-ass nurse who can’t afford science camp for her son show up with the money wouldn’t be of some note? Oh, please! For those scenes, the warning Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline should have been flashing across the bottom of the TV screen like the severe weather warnings! Those scenes made absolutely no sense, especially when Liz has yet to perfect the art of playing it cool. Go back and look at her reactions when talking to Jason. For a moment, I thought Jason was going to have to slap her to get her to calm down. If the writers’ goal was to remind us of just how ill-suited Liz is for Jason and his life, that might have been the only thing they accomplished with those scenes. If I were a Jiz fan, I would be so disappointed that the only thing Liz and Jason seem to talk about these days is Sam, and how lost Jason is without her. It leaves Liz no choice but to keep talking about Jake to Jason. It’s the only connection she can cling to…with both hands, and her feet dug into the sand.

I would encourage all of the JaSam fans to avoid getting caught up in the plot points of this storyline. If Sam and McBain were the only connection being (over)used, people would turn on Sam. I believe Liz is part of this story to shift some of the blame onto Jason, which to be fair, it is his turn.

I am hopeful that this part of their angst will be over soon, and that the next challenge will be tackled by them together. Jason and Sam do everything better together. That we know, and that’s no plot point.

Hang in there, friends!

Giving up is not an option!