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A Tale Of Two Women

Good morning, GHers!

I hope you all had a restful weekend, and for all of the moms – I hope you were spoiled rotten on our special day!

I actually got in a nap during GH today, as I found it to be a bit boring, but I did manage to catch up, and realized that for just about all the men in Port Charles, the story trying to be sold was A Tale Of Two Women. 

For Todd it was a double whammy. First, he overheard the tortured confession of Kate Howard her attorney, stating that she thought Connie might have been the one to shoot out Anthony’s  tires that night, in effect being the reason for Cole and Hope’s deaths. I must interject here and say that it would be rude of me not to mention once again what an outstanding job that Kelly Sullivan is doing with this storyline! I mean, wow! I am now entirely pulling for Kate here, because how could I not? The woman had no control over Connie’s actions, and Kate is so convincingly remorseful that I honestly feel for her! Somehow, Ms. Sullivan has even managed to get me to feel for Connie, who was only manifesting in order to “save” Kate from a fate known as death. Todd heard enough that he now knows there is A Tale Of Two Women, but he didn’t really know what, or who, the hell Kate was talking about, but I have a feeling that Carly is going to be all too happy to fill him in! Which bring me to the next Tale of Two Women surrounding Todd (because God forbid that an OLTL character not have more story than a GH character) Carly finally met the other former Mrs. Todd Manning, Téa Delgado. I may not be a huge fan of all the OLTLers taking up so much screen time without even giving the GH viewers a chance to warm up to them, but I will say this: Téa is one character GH could use more of. She is strong, independent, and smart as hell. I love that she immediately gee Carly a run for her money at bitchiness, and I love that Alexis will have another smart woman to spar with. Carly thinks she likes Blair more; I’d bet it had a little something to do with the fact that Téa told Carly exactly how things are, instead of pulling up a chair at the MC bar to toast crappy exes. Téa would much rather do something about a crappy ex, than just get drunk and commiserate over him. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Téa’s brother Tomas really does turn out to be the man formerly known as Lorenzo Alcazar, as rumors suggest? I don’t think she and Carly would be bonding as in-laws any time soon.

Also not bonding as possible future in-laws are Liv and the crazy-ass Heather in Steve Webber’s unfortunate Tale Of Two Women. Both women claim to love him, but one woman is dangerous to the health of any other woman around him, and always has been. Why Steve can’t seem to piece together that his mother’s arrival in his life almost completely coincided with Maggie’s mysterious confession and suicide is beyond me, especially when Olivia, who by her own admission is not really that familiar with mental illness, seems to have the whole thing under suspicion, if not figured out just yet. If nothing else, I would think Heather’s ill-timed suggestion for a “celebration” over a BLT would have set off an alarm bell for Steve…but apparently not. And to think that Steve was once a specialist in forensic medicine. Pffft…shouldn’t he at least investigate Maggie’s death?

Speaking of Heather, she is quickly becoming the other woman in A Tale Of Two Women in Luke’s life, besides Anna. You’ve gotta hand it to Robin Matheson, she can play SOAP crazy with the best of them! Her phone call to Luke was comical, if not indicative as to how seriously deranged Heather really is. I thought it was cute that Luke, who plays cat and mouse with the sinister Helena Cassadine and thinks nothing of it, immediately had his number changed just to keep Heather from being able to reach him. She freaks him out like no other loon can, and even Anna thinks that is hilarious! I must admit that I am liking the Luke and Anna bonding more than I thought I would. I thought that moment where Luke realized he was kinda mesmerized by her smile was sweet, and the shock Anna registered was equally so. Even nicer were the scenes where Anna and Luke were bonding with their grandchildren – something that might never have happened under Guza. I think I might like where this is going…

It appears that Ron Carlivati is trying to convince viewers that there is A Tale Of Two Women in Jason’s life. And while there may be two women crossing paths with him, it is quite obvious that there is only one woman in Jason’s heart. I think I may have said once (or twice) before that it never ceases to amaze me that so much of Jason’s “relationship” with Liz must involve a child. For years, it was Jake, and how he served as a connection for them. *sigh* This time, it was Emma, Robin’s daughter, who served as the thing that created something for them to seemingly connect over, though I am not sure the connection had anything to do with them, but Jason’s past relationship with Robin. Either way, Liz seemed more than thrilled to have a reason to talk to Jason, even though once again, even she could not deny the obvious: that Jason loves Sam. Jason was dangerously close to making this into A Tale Of Three Women, as he is (to quote Jason himself) “acting like a little bitch!” I don’t know if it’s Liz’s effect, but he has gotten so freakin’ whiny! Whaa, whaa, whaa! Sam wants to be closer to McBain. Whaa! Sam doesn’t need me! Whaa! I can’t stop think ing about Franco! Oh, please! Jason, get a freakin’ grip! I still swear that Jason is the one experiencing “sympathy” hormones for his wife, because he is a hot mess! He is so afraid of saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing where Sam is concerned, that he doesn’t even know what to do anymore. To be fair, this is all fairly new to Jason. Sam has been the only woman he has ever fought to keep, as every other woman he has just watched walk away. And it’s been so long since he had to fight, I think he is a little rusty…or even a little chicken…or maybe a little of both. Maybe Jason really does believe that Sam wants to be with McBain because he fears that he is not being what she needs him to be right now. Maybe he does worry that Sam doesn’t need him anymore. The problem is that unless he overcomes the fear that he just may be right, he may lose her by default! One thing was crystal clear: for Jason, it’s A Tale Of One Woman. The minute he left Kelly’s, (right after Liz told him she would be thinking about him), it was clear to everyone that Jason was thinking about one woman. His wife, Samantha Morgan. So, without really stopping to think about it, he rushes over to the motel, just to wish her a “Happy Birthday”. He didn’t need to be reminded that it was Sam’s birthday, and he didn’t really know what else to say, but he needed her to know that he remembered. That was a step in the right direction.

From what I understand, it will be a long road before us JaSam fans are back to feeling the love we were feeling under Garin Wolf, or even Guza for that matter. Ron Carlivati has a sad, twisted idea of what we want to see onscreen. Other than reminding him every day via every available mode of communication, and logging out of our Nielsen boxes when we are getting something we don’t want to see, I am not sure there is anything else we can do but wait as patiently as possible.

However, I will tell you again, that losing by default is not an option! There will be no giving in, giving up, or giving them any thing without a fight!

It’s more important than ever that for TPTB, we don’t each become A Tale Of Two Women, where one minute we are #TeamJaSam, and the next minute we are jumping ship, and choosing one or the other. This is the time to be rock-solid supporters of our couple, even if we detest the way they are being written!

Let’s hang in there, JaSammers!

Love you all, 


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Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer/Kelly Monaco/Steve Burton…(or any other actor)
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027



Good morning, GHers!

That question actually did not start out as rhetorical…we (The Sicks is what we are calling ourselves these days) were just talking about how when your fever is spiking, you can hear yourself “double”. LOL.

But, the conversation stuck in my head, and when I went back to rewatch the show, I found that I was asking the question,DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF? of many of our Port Charlesians, and not just the feverish kind. 🙂


~ Todd Oh, how it bugs me that I even have to write about this, because I actually couldn’t watch OLTL when RH because the “real” Todd again. I thought it was a slap in the face to TSJ, and to fans, who had to be convinced that TSJ was the real Todd in the first place. The fact that he is now on my GH, and that he will inevitably be part of this blog gets on my nerves. 😛 But really, Todd, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF? How does any father think they are helping their daughter by trying to convince her that the attempted murder charges hanging over her blonde little head are just going to go away? DOes Todd not see what being his daughter has already cost Starr? Does he not see the influence he has had on her life choices has been toxic? Ugh.

~ Olivia This disappoints me, because if Liv ever had a saving grace, it was her sense of family, and her loyalty to hers. Watching her treat a clearly distressed, depressed, and damnified Kate like some leper was not what I expected. I thought where Liv comes from, family sticks together, even through thick, thin, and handcuffs. It’s gotta take a seriously stiff upper lip to see your own flesh and blood in that condition,a nd not feel a morsel of sympathy. Olivia was just plain cruel, which didn’t really register with me. Liv, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?  Liv is doing a better job of sticking by Steve, who she’s known about 10 minutes, and knows for a fact that he really did kill someone! *shakes head* Liv went on to make a really big deal about how Kate tried to leave Connie behind – as if that’s the unpardonable sin, but really Liv better take a closer look at the glass house she lives in. Liv left a whole lot of secrets buried in Bensonhurst once, too. I know she hasn’t forgotten that her son was shot by a man who didn’t know he was about to murder his son! And I don’t know, but if a doctor called me to talk about my cousin, who is freakin’ handcuffed to a hospital bed, you can bet your bottom dollar (sorry for the dollar bill reference again, Kate) that D.I.D. would be a helluva a lot more than a “fancy medical term” to me. Liv owed it to Kate to try to find out exactly what she is dealing with, and how she can be helped. Eh, yeah I know she gave in and hugged her in the end, but it still left me cold. Liv is going to have to earn some points back with me in the family department. She shot whatever points she had straight to hell!

Something definitely NOT leaving me cold? Kelly Sullivan’s portrayal of the tortured, terrified, and truly repentant Kate! I hated that RC was gonna write this s/l again so soon after leaving behind Viki/Niki and Jess/Tess/Bess, but Ms. Sullivan completely changed my mind! She had somehow managed to make me feel sympathetic towards Kate, and yet still make me giggle at Connie sometimes. I hope she knows what an extraordinary job she is doing! *applause*

~Sonny What was it I said yesterday about Sonny’s abandoning Kate? Make that a double after Wednesday’s episode! Sonny is completely in denial about the fact that mental illness exists outside of his own mind, and that other people may actually have bigger, deeper struggles with this disorder. In his narcissistic  little head, he must think that he can be the only one with a legitimate excuse for behaving completely out of character, and for being so out of control that others need to take over parts of his life for him. Hey Sonny, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF? Because we all did, and considering that Jason’s right in that what Kate is suffering from is worse than what you’re dealing with, you really did sound like an ass!

(I feel I need to preface this with a disclaimer. I am, and will always be, #TeamJaSam. That will never change. When I can find an insight I feel I can share regarding Jason’s less than swoon-worthy behavior, I will gladly do so! However, my loves, there are times, that even I cannot find rhyme nor reason to what is going on inside his head – or in this case – his dialogue sheet. That is why I didn’t even try with yesterday’s post as far as my thoughts on Jason. Simply put – I felt it was lack of integrity of the character, and I could only place that on the writers’ shoulders. Either way, Jason is sometimes going to be on the receiving end of a few choice words from me. He should consider himself lucky – I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t care so much about him. 🙂 That being said, I am not giving up, giving in, or giving them anything but my full love and support! I Promise! *curved pinky* )

Moving right along to my list of people I ask the question of…

~Jason Well, lucky for Sonny, no one sounded like a bigger ass today than Jason! I’ll let you in on a little secret about me. I actually twitch in church when I hear someone preaching about something he has no business preaching about because he is the worst offender of them all. *getting heated just thinking about it* Jason made me twitch so bad, I do believe I threw something at his head, but it could have been a hallucination from the fever. I’m just not sure. What I am sure of is that there was no one who made me ask this question more loudly or more incredulously than Mr. Morgan himself! UUUMMM…JASON...DO YOU FREAKIN’ HEAR YOURSELF? In case Jason, or anyone else missed it, these were Jason’s exact words to Sonny, after Sonny reminded Jason that Kate’s not bi-polar: “No she’s not, what she has is worse. Kate’s in a lot of trouble. Her life is a mess, and it’s nothing she chose! I understand that you’re angry. Can you try to understand that she’s sick?” *twitch, twitch* Oh, Lord, someone hand me a fan, because I feel like I’m at church! I must ask again: Jason Morgan, DO. YOU. HEAR . YOURSELF?

Better yet,  could Jason just stand in front of the mirror, and have that same conversation with himself, inserting Sam’s name in the appropriate places? Here, I will help:

Jason, no Sam’s not Franco’s sister, what Sam is, is worse. She’s his real victim.

Sam’s in a lot of trouble – she’s facing this without your help, and because of this, she is always tripping over McPain. Not only is she in trouble, but her heart is troubled. She thinks you can’t love this baby, and because she is a mother first (Don’t know how you forgot that about her when you watched it happen with Sonny over Baby Lila), Sam will put her baby first. (We are so proud of our girl!) She thinks she cannot be with you if you can’t love “her” baby. Hmmm. Come to think of it, Jason, maybe you’re the one in trouble, because we all know that if you lose her, you yourself are lost.

Sam’s life is a mess – your wife is pregnant. Pregnant! This is a time she should be enjoying moment by precious moment! This is the miracle she dreamed of for the entire time you’ve known and loved her! Instead of enjoying it, she has been stressed, tormented, teased into a false sense of security, feared losing you to death, feared losing you to your jack-ass-ity, teased once more into thinking everything was okay, had her mind blown, felt abandoned, made to feel like it  was her fault, and now fearing the future of her marriage for the sake of her baby. While staying at a motel. Alone. *smacks forehead* Jason! (Or maybe it’s your evil alter ego we’ll call “Ronnie”) Whatever happened to, “You have me, everyday, for the rest of my life.” ????? Do you even remember trying to convince to trust in marriage with you? Meanwhile, you are solving Sonny’s problems, being Kate’s defense attorney, visiting the grave of the son you could never visit at home, and having a pissing contest with McBain over Sonny. GET A FREAKIN’ CLUE, YOU BIG LUG! (Oh, don’t even get me started on the lug nut and what lug was supposed to symbolize!) *sobbing*

And finally…most devastatingly true:

It’s nothing she chose – Hey, ass! Sam didn’t choose to be Franco’s victim. She didn’t choose to “get raped”. She didn’t choose to “get pregnant by him”. She didn’t even choose to be in McBain’s orbit. She chose to be your wife. To stand by you. To love you, no matter what. How you could think it’s okay for Sam to be worrying about anything other than you counting her calories, or her servings of calcium or folic acid, is beyond any of us! Sam deserves to be loved and cared for now, more than ever, for still caring about your wellbeing when any other woman you’ve known would have blamed you for everything that happened to her because of your “life” and your “enemies”. Why can’t you see that?

We get that you’re angry – Be angry! At Franco. At what he did. At how you failed Sam…yada, yada, yada. Be angry at the fact that McBain has been there for your wife, and that she trusts him and turns to him in confidence. Be angry that he saved her and “her” baby because you were too busy solving Sonny’s problems.  Yes, be angry. But first, FIRST be angry at your damned self! Be angry that you keep making the same mistakes with the woman who’s made you happier than anyone, who has loved you unconditionally, and forgiven more than you deserved. Be angry that John McBain could only fill up not just the space, but the ROLE,  you left, and keep leaving, wide open for him. Be angry that you are pushing Sam to turn to him, instead of putting on your big boy underwear and  pleading with her to turn to you, even though you’ve failed her miserably so far. Once you’ve done that, please move on to your own final step:

Can you try to understand that she is sick…and tired – Of Fighting: To stay strong. To seem brave. To deal with what happened. To keep you from going over the edge. To keep you, period? Can you see that Sam’s heart is as sick as Kate’s? That it’s hurting because you are hurting? Because your marriage is hurting? Because your friendship is hurting? Because she fears her a baby will grow up hurting? Can you try to understand what Sam has already been though, so that maybe you’ll stop putting her through so much more?

All of your advice to Sonny was really good stuff. The question remains: DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?

If not, trust me, you will hear all of us…



Call: GH Comment Lines: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583



Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer/Kelly Monaco/Steve Burton…(or any other actor)
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There Goes The Freakin’ Neighborhood…

Well, GHers, anyone remember what it was I said the other day about the new team coming to GH? 

That I didn’t want our favorite soap town of Port Charles to turn into Llanview.

Well, Beloved…I imagine you’ve all heard by now that Llanview is coming to Port Charles this February!


There Goes The Freakin’ Neighborhood!


First and foremost, let me apologize for not posting last night. I had an outrageously bad “pain day”, and by the time I had put the kids to bed, I was desperately in need of pain meds. Unfortunately, while they might help manage my pain, they also turn my brain to mush, and while I had so much I wanted to say, I just couldn’t get those things from my head to the keyboard. Sorry! I hate disappointing you guys, I really, really do. Even today, I feel a little “slow” in my thought process, but the news today just lit a bit of a fire under my butt!

Now, back to Llanview, I mean Port Charles. 😉

Listen, I am thrilled for Michael Easton, who just recently became a father to a baby girl, and that he already has another job with which to provide her with all the beautiful things she deserves. Truly, I am. And I am equally happy for Kassie DePaiva, whom I first watched as Cassie on GL, and for Kristen, who literally grew up before my very eyes, and okay, *kicks rocks*, even for Mr. Howarth.

I wouldn’t wish unemployment on anyone!

That being said, I do watch my darling General Hospital EVERY DAY. I am painfully aware of just how many story lines are going on at the moment, and how many story lines I can’t even be bothered to try and figure out, much less invest in. I have always thought that the town of PC was overpopulated, and now we are getting new neighbors who aren’t going to “blend in quietly.” These aren’t “blend in” kinda stars, after all. These are all big stars, who will want, and very honestly, deserve to be front and center. But, this is GH, our big stars deserve to be front and center, too, and there’s only so much front and center, you know? I am just not sure how I feel about all of these new neighbors moving in, taking up screen time that I have been praying we’d get back for the Port Charles residents we love so dearly, and have shared our “neighborhood” with all these years!

Take Wednesday’s episode for example. I can think of a couple of story lines that could disappear, and I wouldn’t even miss them. More than that, there are a few characters that seem downright superfluous at this point. I just want the stories we care about to flow…to make sense, and they just cannot seem to with everything going on!

I guess our only hope now is that Mr. Carlivati is a magician when it comes to balancing the show and its plethora of mega-talent, or that at least he will be better  at it than those who came before him. *fingers and toes crossed*

I don’t know, they say pain changes people. Maybe I am feeling a little crabby today because of the pain. I just know that the things I loved about One Live To Live, and there were many, are not things I’d love for General Hospital. Does that make sense to anyone?

I guess my bottom line is this, and I’d bet my aching bum that most of you would agree:

(Feel free to copy, paste, send, fax, email, tweet or hand deliver any part of it you want! Just let them know!)


Misters Carlivati and Valentini,

Welcome to Port Charles! We hope that you are both rested and rejuvenated, and already feeling excited about having met your new family over at GH.

First, we just want to say “thank you” for One Life To Live. We loved OLTL, and will love it ’til it’s gone prematurely from our television screens tomorrow. We also love our General Hospital, and will support you both for as long as you two can work your magic, and keep it on our television screens.


Change of pace? Please! Continuity of story lines and less “chop shop”? Absolutely! The way relationships, or lack thereof, work? Have at it.

However, when it comes down to who our favorite Port Charlesians are, or the loyalties they hold dear, or even the individual patterns of behavior that we’ve come to know and love like old friends, as far as we are concerned, those have to be off limits. We don’t want to experience soap dementia, that condition where you turn on your TV and recognize the physical characteristics of a character, but nothing else. We want to love our favorites until they are no longer there for us to love, the way we did with the characters you brought to life on OLTL. (Though I may still be holding a bit of a grudge over Trevor St. John)

Please, please, please honor the love we have for our characters, and we promise to tune in, and beg others to tune back in! Respect our GH and it’s rich and storied history, and what it is about it that has held a piece of our hearts all these years, and we will shout your praises from the rooftops!

I already have three wonderful children, but I promise to name my next two pets Ron and Frank, in your honor. Just please, don’t turn my GH into something and someplace I cannot recognize, or fill it with people whom I no longer feel a connection to, or Port Charles just won’t feel like home anymore – even if it’s only for an hour per day. That would be killing off our favorite soap before the network did.

And THAT would be a tragedy, and we’ve already had enough of that.

Wishing you the greatest of success in bringing our beloved soap back to its former glory,

Angelique & The Bella Mafia Family


Love you all, 

Bella (I don’t think it was coincidence, either!)



Awww…friends, please join me in congratulating our dear friend and fellow JaSammer, Traveler, on the graduation of her son! What a wonderful occasion to celebrate! I hope you are as proud of yourself as you are of him, as it could never have happened without his mom’s love and support! *Huge Hugs*


It’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas, GHers! Even in Port Charles! 

I promise I am going to try to post every day, but it’s also beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at my house, and I am crazy busy and about to get busier as family descends upon us once more. I just finished baking 4 dozen cookies for Vanessa’s class party, a 7-layer dip for Matthew’s class party, and I have wrapped more gifts than I can count.

It really is my favorite time of the year, though!

I hope that whatever you’re up to when not watching our beloved soap, it brings a smile to your face, even if it also brings some neck strain and stress! 😉

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was that Christmas is finally being acknowledged in Port Charles, and no, not just by the shooting of the Bernificent One.


If I am honest, I was also happy about something else as well – and that was the telling of Some Inconvenient Truths. I have always been a huge believer in the truth, even when it’s not convenient, or easy to tell or hear. Truth is always the way to go, and I have to say that it needed some telling’ in PC!

I guess if we were to catalog them, Robin probably has the most unfortunate of Some Inconvenient Truths. She is struggling to decide how much of her truth she can share with Patrick, and the fact that Patrick seems to be waxing poetic about the idea of Happily Ever After doesn’t make it any easier on Robin. I know that telling Patrick the classic “I have a patient who has this problem”… scenario on when she was really talking about herself is dishonest, but I do understand Robin’s struggle. How do you lay something like that on the person you love when he is so hopeful about the future – and right before the holidays, no less? It’s hard for me to judge Robin too harshly on this, only because I cannot imagine what it must feel like to walk in shoes that heavy.

It seems that Lucky Spencer would rather take the easy way out when it comes to Liz than to tell her the truth, but thank goodness he wasn’t the only one who had the chance this time. First of all, how thrilled were all of you to finally see that Liz can no longer fool every single man in existence?!? They  all seem to be recognizing Some Inconvenient Truths about her at last, and I for one, am deeply satisfied! I know Matt can be a pain in the butt when it comes to defending the Formerly Sainted One, but he certainly got his comeuppance as he finally realized that Liz was running more maneuvers than military personnel, and all in an effort to get Lucky to do exactly what she wanted. As if that wasn’t enough, Liz then had the Christmas balls to look Matt in the face, and tell him to leave! If only Lucky had stood his ground after that, it would have been perfect! Instead, Lucky got guilted into promising her the Christmas card scenes he thinks will make her better and stronger. Fool. Across the hall, the painting Dr. Ewan heard just enough to peg Liz as the faking, manipulator she is. Dr. Ewan not only caught her faking a breakdown to scam Lucky – and for all the wrong reasons, he also caught her sneaking around to try and catch a peek at his painting. Now the professional knows that she’s not only a liar, but a sneak, too! 😉 That was great, but I must admit that the most fun I had was listening to Matt serve Patrick Some Inconvenient Truths about his friend, Nurse Webber! Comparing Liz to “A sinister geppetto” was my absolute favorite truth, as she has worked the men in Port Charles as her personal puppets by pulling their children’s heart-strings long enough. I am glad Matt sees just how wrong Liz has been, and that her manipulations aren’t all that different from Lisa’s. I actually hope those truths aren’t washed away by crocodile tears this time.

I am really pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying this Sonny and Kate relationship! I was so tired of only hearing about and seeing Sonny as a mobster dealing with bi-polar disorder. While it is a condition he has to deal with every day, I felt that over the past couple of years, I felt like bi-polar disorder was the lead on this soap, instead of Sonny. It has been so fabulous to watch Sonny smile and be the smooth operator we all know and love. My Vanessa was home in time to watch part of GH with me today, and during one of Sonny’s scenes with Kate at the brownstone, I glanced at her to ask her something and she was smiling! SMILING! During GH! And at the end, when Sonny and Kate had to run because they set off the alarm, she was actually chuckling! What a welcome change! I loved that everything Sonny and Kate talked about since driving in Bensonhurst all those weeks ago was for a real purpose. Kate was listening to Sonny (a whole lot better than I was apparently) and she used her Kate Howard pull to help Sonny finally put the past where it belongs – in the past. I loved the concept of Kate finally giving Sonny the Christmas he never got in that brownstone full of terrible and tragic memories. When Sonny said Kate had brought some light into the darkness, I found myself nodding my agreement. It seems that Garin Wolf did the same thing with this storyline, but I fear it was just too little light too late to save his job. However, I will give credit where credit is due. Sonny’s admission that when he bought the place, he thought he could own it, instead of it owning him was powerful! Him realizing that he had instead made a shrine to the damage that was done there was really an AHA moment for Sonny! Oprah would be proud! Those were definitely Some Inconvenient Truths for Sonny, but I truly believe those truths have helped to set him free! KUDOS to Mr. Wolf for turning Sonny’s place on pain into a safe haven for people in pain to turn to! The idea of turning that place into a shelter or half-way house was just BRILLIANT! Nothing takes away the power of our past pain more than allowing that pain to fuel something good, and to hemp others deal with their pain. It was a beautiful thing!

It was certainly not a good day for Jason Morgan. He definitely had Some Inconvenient Truths to face. Shawn had to point out to the usually in control Stone Cold that he is more than just slightly distracted. Shawn had to politely insist that Jason let Shawn take the meeting, instead of taking it himself. Shawn was not just being truthful, but he was on the money with his assessment of what the perception is on the Corinthos Organization. It’s been about as abandoned as the Bensonhurst brownstone, or Jason and Sam’s Love Shack in Hawaii. There’s not even a presence to deal with, and that is such a dangerous thing in this line of business. I felt badly that poor Bernie had to take one for the team, especially since I highly doubt there is another brother to take over if he were to lose that battle with that bullet, but had Jason been the one to walk into that trap, I am not sure he would have made it out alive. THAT is just how distracted he is, and how obsessed he is with finding and killing Franco.

Our beloved Samantha Morgan has finally released the choke hold she’s had on Some Inconvenient Truths since returning from her honeymoon. I am so proud of the young man Michael seems to have morphed into almost overnight! He saw that Sam was struggling with something more personal and more painful, and urged her to face it herself, and to release it so that it released some of its power over her. I was so grateful that someone finally invested enough time in Sam to see what was lying just beneath the surface, and to reach in and pull it out of her, even as she fought tooth and nail. I found the conversation between Sam and Michael was deeply moving, and important for the both of them. I think Michael had a huge healing moment, even if he has yet to realize it, and Sam seemed to be able to breathe a little deeper after telling Michael and releasing all of the tormenting thoughts she’s been keeping to herself. Perhaps Sam and Michael’s conversation was most important to the one person who wasn’t part of the conversation. No one needed to hear Some Inconvenient Truths about how difficult it has been for Sam to deal with this on her own, and to carry all of that worry and concern for Jason as well. I know that Jason seemed hurt by hearing Sam say that she can’t confide in Jason, but until he puts down the anger, rage, and hatred for Franco, and picks up the responsibility for finding out what’s wrong with him so that it’s one less thing has to worry about, I have a hard time feeling badly for him, especially when Sam is in so much turmoil. Let’s all hope and pray that hearing Sam’s truth will spur Jason on to finding out his truth about his condition. Then, and only then can Sam and Jason get back to being the very thing the other needs most.

As much as I have selfishly anticipated the end of this dark and tragic storyline, I cannot ignore the fact that Miss Kelly Monaco was finally given the kind of material she is worthy of, and has kicked its ass every chance she gets! If there is a more authentic portrayer of pain and heartache on daytime, I have yet to see her. Trust me, I would know, as I never forget the ones who make me cry like a baby! Kelly sometimes makes me forget that I am watching her character, and the sorrow I feel for her makes me want to make them stop making her cry! I so want Sam’s pain to be over. I want her nightmare to end. I want her to smile and tease her husband about chicken noises, or Hawaiian shirts, or anything at all again! It really is an amazing gift when she can make me feel so badly for her that it hurts me to watch her scenes, even though there is no one I’d rather watch on GH! I am more and more proud to be a fan of hers with every agonizing scene she delivers! *applause*

I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2012 can be a year of healing for Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, both physically and emotionally. I am hoping that at least some of the laughter and lightness that reigns supreme on One Life To Live will soon move over the skies at General Hospital, and that we will all have reason to smile with Jason and Sam again.

It’s my Christmas wish for my favorite soap!

What’s yours?



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That seems to have been the question of the day, huh, GHers?

It seems that all hell has broken loose – not only IN Port Charles, but surrounding it as well.

As I posted this morning around 3 a.m., I saw a tweet that Jill Farren-Phelps was out, and that Frank Valentini was in.

When I woke up, it was being said that Ron Carlivati was taking over as GH’s headwriter as well.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard it all by now, as it’s been all over Twitter all day!


What Does It All Mean?

I don’t really know, and I doubt that we’ll find anyone who can tell you otherwise.

This is just one of those awful times when we just have to wait it out to see what happens next, and hope that all of these new people in charge of our beloved soap are going to spend as much time on youtube getting to know our beloved characters as Steph and I spend on it during our bouts with insomnia. I found my nicest computer paper, and I am going to write my first letters to them tomorrow, (I am sure they will forward their mail) wishing them well, but letting them know that we don’t want a new show. We just want our soap, our supercouples – just written better, and more consistently.

2004-2005 is a great, ratings-strong era for them to familiarize themselves with. I wouldn’t mind going back to that kind of storytelling, when story lines had a clear beginning, middle, and end.

‘Til then, we better keep our eyes on what’s going on in Port Charles, before it becomes a place we may not recognize!

Between Patrick, Robin, and Matt, one would think that they are working together at trying to look guilty in the murder mystery surrounding Dr. Niles. Each of them is guilty of some pretty serious suspicious behavior! Robin is taking off in the middle of the night to dump rose petals in the water, Patrick is handing off surgeries to other surgeons and even more seriously – sharing the limelight, and Matt has just dropped off the hospital’s radar completely, and canceled all of his appointments! Even Mac thinks his girls might need a good attorney because of their shady dealings! We all know how the hospital’s rumor mill works; if they’re not careful, it won’t be long before everyone is asking “What Does It All Mean?” when it comes to their roles in Lisa’s murder. They need to get it together and fast!

I really am trying to understand Carly. Truly, I have made an earnest effort, but I just don’t’ get her or how her selfish, manipulative mind works. Wasn’t it just YESTERDAY that we watched as she, in tears, begged Jason to keep Joss safe because she was worried SICK over the threat he posed? Well, I have to tell you all that if I thought there was a threat surrounding any of my children’s safety and well-being, I wouldn’t be able to sleep, eat, or take a freakin’ bathroom break where I’d be forced to take my eyes off of them until I was sure that the threat was eliminated. When I saw Carly at the MetroCourt, smiling, flirting with Shawn, tasting the Daily Special, and acting as though we all dreamed the threat that is Franco, I wanted to climb through that television and give her a now classic SamSlap! Did I hear her say to Shawn that they have “guards” on Joss at home? Carly! Give me a freakin’ break! When will being a mother mean more to Carly than a way to get Jason, or Sonny, or now Shawn, to do exactly what she wants them to do? When we stop and think about the meltdown Carly had because of her supposed fear about Franco coming after Joss, and then watch her enjoying a salad as if it were her only concern, I have to ask myself,“What Does It All Mean?” to Carly to be the one person Joss has to count on for her safety and well-being? These are the kinds of things that Carly would do that would send Jax into a wild rage about her mothering. To be fair to Jax, he had every right to be concerned, and to fight Carly for a chance to keep his daughter safer than she is with a mother whose first priority changes as needed.

It’s no wonder Sonny found someone else to rebound with after Brenda. While I may be sick of the “remember when” moments that none of were around to witness, I tell you that I can handle anything that makes Sonny smile like that! It’s nice to see him having fun, and enjoying himself for a change. Whatever your feelings on Megan’s Kate vs. Kelly’s Kate, you have to admit that Maurice’s Sonny is on his game as of late, and back to obviously enjoying the time he’s putting in at work. So for me, that’s a plus. Sonny asked Kate if his attempt to melt her was working. I don’t know about Kate, but it’s working one me, sir! 😉 Sonny wants to see New York CIty through Kate’s eyes, while Kate is secretly wishing that she’s finally get to see Bensonhurst through Sonny’s eyes.“What Does It All Mean?” Probably that somehow together, they want to get to a place where they will be able to see a future together in each other’s eyes.

I am one of the people who wants Spinelli to stay in Port Charles as long as there is a Port Charles. That doesn’t mean I don’t want him to move to another part of Port Charles, because I so do, but I like Spin, and I like that he and Sam are partners, so I’d be sorry to see him go. When I saw the tweets back and forth about the rumor that he was leaving, and then his answer that he was not, I thought,  “What Does It All Mean?” even if Bradford says he was “told” he was safe, because in the past we’ve seen that sometimes the actor being let go is the last to know.  Especially with all of the sudden changes taking place in and around Port Charles…I hope the new GH honchos take the time to understand Spin’s connections to PC, especially to his best friends, Sam and Jason.

Jason is trying so hard to understand exactly what it is going through Sam’s mind that has her following strangers through dark alleys in the middle of the night, but it’s beyond him. After all that’s happened, Jason would much rather know where Sam is at every single moment, and if given a choice, he’d probably want her to take up a new line of work – any work – that doesn’t have her “following leads” or anything else on her own. Poor Jason. It must be tough to face that the very qualities that make Sam his perfect fit are the qualities that are aging him by the moment since Franco. “What Does It All Mean?”  Well, I’d bet that even if he won’t admit it, Jason probably wishes that Sam would let him scoop her up, carry her home, and keep her in a bubble bath until they both turned into prunes. Anything to keep her within sight, and within arms’ reach, and close enough to pretend that they aren’t miles apart.

Jason’s anger and frustration kinda got the best of him when he told Sam that the tag she found probably only proved that Franco was close, and that he was probably watching them at that very moment. Sam seems to think  that because of all that anger and frustration Jason feels guilty, and therefore, he’s not thinking straight, but Jason showed her just how clearly he understood that Franco was getting exactly what he wanted: to come between them. *tears* 

I hate, hate, hate, that Jason and Sam can feel this huge divide that e can only see. I hate that they feel so disconnected and far apart, and can’t even seem to think the same way until they are forced to think about Franco’s latest gift and the question, “What Does It All Mean?” for them.

I will be honest.

I had a physical reaction to watching Sam open the box and react to what she saw. And when Spin shared the meaning of the tag as “a bond to the creator”, and then suggested that maybe it was referring to “something that Franco created in Hawaii, on Jason and Sam’s honeymoon”, I literally felt the bile rise. I was nauseous, and I felt as though I had just seen something disgusting.

Just watching Jason and Sam look at each other, and once again, have the same thought was so hard for me. You could see them both fighting back the thought, pushing it way down to the bottom of their conscious thoughts, and tying to lock it away from their thoughts forever. As if what they already think happened hasn’t horrified and traumatized them enough, they now have a horror far more devastating lurking.

Oh, God. Just rewatching those scenes makes me need a Xanax.

I know that this darkness can’t last forever, and that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a pretty long tunnel, and it’s hard to focus on getting to the other side. Watching Jason and Sam struggle through this darkness makes it that much harder.

I find myself wishing that I could write Sam a note and remind her that she wore her fertility necklace made by her husband at all times, except for the time she was at Franco’s mercy. I want Jason to remember that as Sam’s brave and fierce Dragon, he has to hold on to the promise that his Phoenix has the power to turn bad luck in to good. I wish I could lock them both in a room, play back some of the vids that our Sunday Drive vidders have created, and let them bask in the magic and indestructibility of their Love Story, until they were as convinced as we are that Jason and Sam will get through this…still in tact, and still in love.

Huh…look at that. In wishing I could remind Mr. & Mrs. Morgan, I realize that I’ve reminded myself. “What Does It All Mean?” It means that I have enough to go on for another day of this long journey. It means that maybe you do, too.

Listen, I know that this was not the same concept of a Love Story we thought Mr. Wolf was describing, but the only way out of it is to trust the story as he asked, because no matter what changes are coming in the New Year, one thing remains the same. Mr. Wolf’s story was written, acted, and filmed weeks in advance. We are going to have to ride out the mind games Franco has orchestrated for Jason and Sam based on the way Mr. Wolf saw it play out in his mind’s eye.

In the meantime, all we can do is remind each other, whenever the need arises, that the answer to “What Does It All Mean?” is that we have to fight for our couple and our soap for as long as we possibly can, and with everything we’ve got!

A word of advice? A DAILY Drive Down Memory Lane helps! Try it for yourself: (It’s more calming than prescription meds 😉 )  “They Don’t Know” Credit: aproditebeauty

We’re going to get through this…