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HEADING FOR THE HONEYMOON On A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday Morning, JaSammers!

Well, as promised, we are stretching out the JaSam Anniversary Celebrations as far as we can…and our last stop is Hawaii for their honeymoon!

Let’s try and relive the magic of those happy moments in Hawaii…and in our history as JaSam fans.

We came so close to having it all, but let’s not allow the fact that we lost them taint the fact that while we had them it was PHENOMENAL!

Let’s enjoy this Drive and HEADING FOR THE HONEYMOON!

“Every Time We Touch” Credit: ashleycramni collab w/CocoaGirlie4

“Little Moments” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Good Life” Credit: PhickJasam4Eva

“All Your Life” Credit: Amanda Rano

“Somewhere” Credit: aproditebeauty

‘Feel This” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“She’s Everything” Credit: Amanda Rano

“Endless Love” Credit: aproditebeauty

“From This Moment On” Credit: lalachik

“For Just One Moment” Credit: aproditebeauty

It was great while it lasted and no one can ever take that (or these amazing memories) away!

Much love,



“Tell Me What You Remember”…

My Dearest GHers, let me begin by saying that I am so proud of all of you!

Truly, I am just so impressed by all of you after Tuesday’s scenes, where from the moment we saw Jason in tears, it felt as though they’d reached in, pulled out our hearts, and twisted them dry. It was a tough day for those of us who love Jason and Sam so much…especially as we watched Jason have to rip out his own heart in order to break Sam’s with the awful truth that it wasn’t him there with her, but Franco.

For weeks, we have encouraged each other, tried to remind each other of how strong their love was, and all in preparation for this. I have to say that we are one hell of a support group, because even as it played out onscreen, and challenged us to face our biggest fears, we held it together. I was immediately impressed by how so many of you recognized that this story is going to allow Steve and Kelly to take their acting to a whole new level, and that’s their reward; a well-deserved reward.

More than that, I am really proud of you all for not jumping to conclusions or making assumptions. I think many of you remember that Garin Wolf warned us to “not assume,” and “even when we saw it.”  You guys are getting really good at playing this the way Mr. Wolf wants us to play it – riding it out, paying attention, and believing in the story that has touched us so deeply over the past seven years. You guys are actually a little better than me – I was a nervous wreck!


Once again, I know there were other stories onscreen today…

  • Steve is about as honorable as his sister it seems, as he took one glimpse of that pregnancy test, and hauled ass out of Liv’s so fast, you’d think the flames of hell were licking at his feet!
  • Dante and Lulu….I don’t know, did a lot of kissing, talked about the ring, and grocery shopping…and Lulu hit the wine bottle again.
  • Sonny reminded us why he’s so damned good at getting what he wants, which, let’s be honest can be summed up in one word: LAID. After weeks and weeks of going after Kate, he has finally gotten her exactly where he wants her: she’s the one doing the begging now, and on Coleman’s turf. He’s not just a player – he’s an MVP.
  • Carly and Shawn seem to have taken a time machine ride back to the last millennium. The one thing that actually got my attention was Carly telling Shawn that he’s “not into her” because she’s white. Was this even an issue back in the ’90’s when Jason and Keesha “did it”? It bothered me almost as much as people calling Shawn “Black Jason”. I thought we were way past labeling people by color. I am hoping this wasn’t  part of GH’s idea to revisit “history”..

While I am sure that all of those stories meant something to lots of viewers, I must tell you, that my attention span could only absorb Jason’s desperate attempt to get to his beloved, and I struggled to be patient during any other scenes. I felt like the minutes between their scenes were like enduring the summer after a show’s cliffhanger for their season finale!

When was the last time a storyline sucked you in like this? Certainly not burning hotels, crashing trains, or toxic spheres. What has drawn me in and kept me, even against my will, is the amount of emotion that this story has not only had as its main ingredient, but the amount of emotion it has evoked from us as viewers. I could barely hold it together as I saw Jason pacing his cell, crying as his imagination tortured him with what Franco could have done to Sam. I will say this again. If Steve Burton doesn’t get an Emmy next year, no male lead should get an Emmy next year.

What emotion didn’t Steve make you believe he was feeling? Fear for the woman he loved? Done. Utter Desperation? Done. Paralyzing helplessness? Done. The possibility that he would lose his mind? Bust a vein from the sheer pressure? Curl up in a ball and cry? Done, done, and done. What an amazing myriad of feelings Steve convinced me Jason was feeling! More than that, he made me feel them as well! If I thought he could hear, me I would have stood and shouted my appreciation.

Even when Jason ran into the bungalow shouting Sam’s name, I cried. I could only imagine what was running through his mind. He had no idea what happened after Franco covered the camera. Did he expect to find Sam was hurt? Taken? DEAD? He must have had to entertain, if even for a moment, all of those thoughts, because as I saw his complete anguish as he ran towards where he had last seen her onscreen, all of those things ran through my own mind, even though I knew Sam would be there.

When Jason was trying to shake Sam awake, you could feel his urgency. He needed to know she was okay…“as if his life depended on it.” Those scenes of Jason lying on Sam, clinging to her, and then kissing her belly, where I hope their baby felt it, were everything a good soap are made of. Those scenes also showed the incorruptible strength of Jason and Sam’s love in that without truly knowing what had happened there, but having the worst kinds of suspicions, Jason wanted no space between them. He held on to her as if holding her could erase Franco’s touch. For me, that was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen Jason do. I wept like a baby.

The cruel thing about Jason’s position was that while he wanted more than anything for Sam to wake up, he probably dreaded it just as much. Jason knew that once she was awake, he would have to tell her what he had dealt with as she lie there unconscious.

And who said the writers didn’t remember the loss of Sam’s baby? Wasn’t that the exact same torment Jason faced then? 


I know that things look really bad. Franco had Sam at his mercy. He was unhindered, and basically unstoppable. Meanwhile, Sam was completely helpless and unconscious. Yet, I think that we should take our cues from Jason here.

Jason asked Sam, “Tell me what you remember…”

Sam told him everything she could remember, right down to Jason being outside the shower, and …

“In the bed with her.”

Oh, God. To hear that was a blow…for Jason, and for us as well. Wouldn’t that be any man’s worst nightmare under any circumstances? Another man in bed with his wife? Add to that the fact that Jason was unable “to do anything to protect her”, as he had promised her just hours before, and it’s enough to drive any man over the edge.

Yet, Jason held it together for Sam. He listened attentively, thought carefully, and visibly suffered with what he had to tell her. But how could he not tell her, based on what she remembered? Jason knew what Sam didn’t. That he wasn’t there with her to rescue her from her dizzy spell in the shower, or to lie with her in their bed.

So, once again, seven years after he did it for the first time, Jason had to tell her yet another most difficult thing that happened to her… while she was sleeping.

It broke my heart to hear Sam asking Jason what was going on, but still answering his question, because even though she knew there was more, she trusted his process. When she finally said, “Please, tell me,” and her voice trembled, I felt a lump in my throat. She knew something was wrong, but hearing the truth was more important than being protected. That’s the Sam I love.

When Jason told her it wasn’t him in the bed with her, and she struggled to ask the next questions, I was bawling. She didn’t want to know, but had to know all at the same time. How tragic!

As much as I love Sam, I am loving the way that Jason is loving our Sam! More than I have in years! I was touched by the way he fell to his knees before her, and took her hand, to steady her before he told her the rest of it. It took a bravery I just can’t even understand for him to be able to tell Sam, especially when she looked absolutely devastated by the words, “It was Franco.”

Sam was blown away by Jason’s words. That Kelly Monaco can say so much with just a look! Was that horror? Disbelief? Devastation? Or a combination of all three? All I know is that she made me want to climb through my screen, put my arms around her, and cry with her.

Steve and Kelly are truly gifted on their own, but together, they bring Double Giftedness.

They are in a class all their own.


How will Sam be able to process what Jason is telling her? How will she deal with the implications?

I’m not sure, but unlike Jason and Sam, we don’t have to immediately assume the worst.

Can we focus on what Sam didn’t remember for a moment?

She didn’t say that she remembered Jason touching her, or them making love.

She didn’t say that she felt his arms around her, or her turning to him.

And what about what Jason didn’t see?

He didn’t see Franco sitting around, playing his ukulele, while poor Jason was left to imagine Franco playing Sam’s lover.

He didn’t see Franco taunt him in the worst possible way, which would be to violate Sam while Jason watched.

I choose to believe that what we didn’t hear, and what we didn’t see, is more significant than what we did hear and and see. I choose to believe that while Franco is one sick bastard, and a murdering sociopath, he is not a rapist, or he could have raped Sam when he took her in her bikini from her hot tub.

I do, however, believe that Franco wanted to assault Jason’s mind, and leave it reeling, the way Sam will be reeling from thinking he sexually assaulted her.

I think most of you are on the right track in believing that we should assume nothing, even though we think we saw it happen, just like Jason did.

Mr. Wolf is into games, too. Just like Franco, I think he wants to see how we react, and if we can keep it together long enough to appreciate the story, even when we can’t see the beginning from the end.

The story here, my dear, dear friends, I truly believe, is Jason and Sam’s Incredible Love Story.

Let’s do it.

Let’s keep it together long enough to appreciate the strength and beauty of their Incomparable Love Story.

I really feel we won’t be sorry…



Hi there, GHers!

If Port Charles has been known for one thing throughout its long history, it’s been family. Years ago, it was more of a traditional family – Mom, Dad, Children, Grandparents. Everything you’d expect a family to be … back in the day.

I feel as though the writers are trying (albeit a bit differently than perhaps you or I would), to remind us that Port Charles is still about families…just more… Modern Families. 

Luke and his Brood of Dysfunction is a Modern Family if I’ve ever seen one. It’s just Luke and his DNA samples at times, as I think without a woman’s steady influence on his life, Luke even forgets what being a father is all about. And I guess since they have Lucky running off to Ireland to sleep in cemeteries, and await messages from beyond, Luke needed someone to remind him, and I think Tracy’s done trying, so Ethan took a crack at it, and surprisingly, he did quite well. I think what I most liked about Ethan’s dialogue with Luke is the fact that it tackled the one thing about Ethan’s parentage that never sat well with me – that it came about at a time in the Epic Luke and Laura history where longtime fans would not have believed they’d be vulnerable to extramarital affairs. Not only did Luke address that, he also addressed how Ethan was more than just some colossal mistake. I really, really appreciated the fact that Ethan would feel that every time Lucky and Lulu looked at him, they thought about Luke hurting Laura. It was reminiscent of when Nikolas came to Port Charles, and it was revealed that he was Laura’s son. I know the writers have it in them to get things right…this proves it.

Sonny Corinthos can have his own Modern Family sitcom, or crime drama, or his own freakin’ version of The Chew, as when his family gets together, they talk pasta, sauce, coffee beans, and hydrocodone, all in one messy sitting. It’s just like those ridiculous commercials for that God-awful show that killed All My Children! The one thing you’ve gotta love about the writers and this idea for a party at Sonny’s is that it can bring so much of the cast together, under one roof, as Sonny has children, and therefore connections, with just about every adult female on the canvas! I did like that Sonny was shooing Abby from the room just to get to spend some time with two of his three sons, and I loved even more that he thought it was a special moment, even while Dante and Michael were thinking he was being corny. Classic family stuff in an anything-but classic family situation. You’ve gotta love that.

Alexis and her daughters, better known as The Davis Girls, also make up a Modern Family. Single mom, three times over (though Molly got a glimpse of life with both mom and dad before she was old enough to remember it) and three beautiful, incredible, and incredibly unique daughters – yup, that’s Modern. It’s also been a winning formula, those bold, brunette Davis Girls…so it worries me that they are messing with the winning formula. Sure, I get that sometimes SORASing a kid on soaps is the only way to propel them into a bigger, and more adult storyline (a la Chad Duell replacing Drew Garrett), but the dynamic between Nancy, Kelly, Lexi, and Haley is going to be most difficult, if not impossible, to recreate. I will tell you that I cried during those goodbye scenes between them at the Lakehouse, because I know that it really was the emotion of the actors, not the characters, coming through. Yet, sentimentality aside, it really bugged the crap out of me that the picture frame that Alexis gave Kristina was of The Davis Girls, minus 1. What the heck? That would be like me giving one of my kids a family pic to keep by their bed, with one sibling missing. Not cool, Alexis. And hey – not cool, GH!

Luckily, Jason and Sam reminded me today that Sam has her own Modern Family. Jason and Sam are family in all the ways that count. They are there for each other, they love each other, and they get each other through the hard times. Sure, they’ve kinda raised a bunch of kids who belonged to other people, including their big boy, Spinelli, but that was before – when Jason and Sam were nothing if untraditional. I am thinking that Jason and Sam’s family is about to expand. Once again, Jason seems to be unable to keep his mind from being hopeful towards having a baby, and they seem to have had plenty of practice – not that we’ve seen one freakin’ iota of The Hotness!

I thought it was sweet, and deeply sentimental (which I’ve said before, seems to be a new part of this post-accident Jason) for Jason to make Sam a necklace out of the shell, especially because he never wanted to forget “that image of Sam picking it up on the beach, so happy, and at peace.” Even with the added significance of the shell representing fertility, I am thinking that the shell necklace is going to have the power to transport them back to a good and happy place, even when they find themselves in the very middle of hell.

And I guess that’s the reason we got another meaningful necklace, because since the early days of their relationship, hasn’t Sam always had something meaningful hanging around her neck, resting close to her heart? First it was the star necklace, and then the second star necklace. Then this time around, it was the compass, to remind Sam that Jason would find his way back to her, which he did; and then the polynesian symbol he gave her on Valentine’s Day – wait: to remind her of Hawaii! And finally, that lug nut Jason gave her when he proposed, which symbolized their indestructibility, and the strength of their love together, and it lay solidly atop her heart while Sam lay in Jason’s hospital bed and wondered if Jason would survive the surgery, and dreamed of what life could be like for them if he did. So, of course I get why they chose to have Jason give her another necklace…but hey, Mr. Wolf, just in case you’re wondering, there are some other pieces of jewelry we wouldn’t mind, such as an ENGAGEMENT RING, a charm bracelet with charms that represent Hawaii, where their baby was conceived, diamond earrings, or even a freakin’ anklet would be okay! It’s just that Sam is never going to walk around wearing all those necklaces…she’s not Dante, for cryin’ out loud!


Something tells me that Jason may be the one needing to wear that necklace, just so that it can bring him back from the edge Franco is about to push him to. It’s coming…that scary threat that’s been hangin’ over our heads for weeks and weeks, but the way I see it, we have to face it head on in order to survive it. As for the worry that Hawaii may be ruined for them, just remember that Jason and Sam have already been terrorized in Hawaii, compliments of Manny Ruiz. Jason and Sam still chose to go back there when Jason was dying, because the good, the happy, and the unforgettable memories they made there, outweighed the horror that was Manny Ruiz. Even when Jason lay in Sam’s lap, fighting for his life in that abandoned church in Mexico, after his fight with Jerry Jacks, it was those memories of being in love, and in Hawaii with Sam, that became his lifeline, and ultimately saved his life. That tells me that nothing can ruin the paradise they’ve created. Not even another maniac.

I believe with all my heart that the reason we’ve seen and heard about the memories Jason and Sam have been making there this time around is because it’s symbolic of their LOVE. No matter what happens, the good, the happy, and the unforgettable will get them through the horrors Franco has in store. And more than that, just the possibility that they could have created a life together in their moments of bliss and all-consuming love while there, will be able to erase any moments of terror.

Besides, the Dragon brings love to those who carry him emblem, and the Phoenix can turn bad luck into good.

And together…they bring double happiness.

Hold on tight…



Take a moment and let TPTB know that if they ever again run out of ideas for how to fill the time while waiting for Franco (other than giving us more HOT love scenes)…they could always do what Y&R and B&B do…they could fill all of that time letting Jason and Sam share flashbacks of their long and beautiful history. I swear sometimes the CBS soaps only have to produce half of a show, because they use flashbacks CONSTANTLY…and obviously, they’re effective! This idea alone can slash their budget and save GH!!! 😉

Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE RESPECTFUL! 😉

You may also want to ask if we are EVER going to get another LOVE SCENE on this HONEYMOON!



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A LONG Sunday Drive Memory Lane

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

Click to view full size image

I’m sorry for “picking you all up” a little later today, but this virus is going around our house, and Mommy duty kept forcing me to “pull over” en route! This may be the longest it’s ever taken me – about 8 hours!

Click to view full size image

But…you are all so worth it, I just kept getting back behind the wheel, and kept right on driving!



Click to view full size imageI am really hoping you’ll take the time to “Like” and comment on this week’s choices…what would our Sundays be without these vidders?


I hope we never have to find out!


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Let’s begin this Sunday Drive with a bit of a journey…just to remind you that these two have already been through so much, and it has only served to make them stronger than ever! Show this vidder some Bella Mafia Love – she’s new to our Drive! “Please Don’t Go” Credit: iLoveYouLess

Click to view full size image

Another new vidder needs some LOVE! I think this is something that both Jason and Sam have realized about each other… “Cant Live Without You” Credit: OCgurl840

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Of this we can be sure, regardless of the past, or whatever may happen in the future, Jason and Sam have an “Endless Love” Credit: aproditebeauty

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 This song reflects upon my favorite place for Mr. & Mrs. Morgan to be… “Between The Sheets” Credit: imcoollikethat101

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Why? Because as weall know, their “Sex Is On FIre!” Credit: lalachik

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This is a pit stop for some light and sweet “Little Moments” Credit: aproditebeauty

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It makes me happy to find all these new vidders! This one is all honeymoon – all the time! Love it! “My Love” Credit: 8107nancy

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Uuuummmm, I know you’ve seen them in slow motion, but have you seen them in slowest motion? It’s a sight to behold! “Anytime Anyplace” Credit: 1127RochelleB

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Aahhh, I can never tire of watching these two! Let’s hope that soon their sum equals 3, instead of 2~ “1+1” 😉 Credit: 1127RochelleB

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No matter what or who, Sam is Jason’s “#1 Girl” Credit: aproditebeauty

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Like they’ve done with most of us, Jason and Sam have gotten in each other’s “Bloodstream” Credit: Jasamistruelove

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Isn’t this exactly what makes our Sam so beautiful? “What Makes You Beautiful” Credit: tenpointoh1

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Friends, regardless of rumors, spumors, and plain, old delusional BS, we are the lucky ones who have had the past two years of love, romance, commitment, MARRIAGE, and WE HAVE right the hell “Now” Credit: aproditebeauty

Click to view full size image

Friends, no  matter what you’re hearing, reading, or expecting, the truth is that Jason and Sam are about to face their biggest challenge yet!

If I am not mistaken, I thought I remembered both Steve and Kelly say during those wedding interviews that challenges tend to bring Sam and Jason CLOSER.

Let’s ride it out before melting down…and not give the loons anything to enjoy, as our reactions is all they’ve got!


I need to catch some shut eye…I’m starting to imagine that I’m asleep!


Love you all!


The Definition Of Insanity

TGIF, GHers!

For those of you who’ve been “with me” for a while, you’ll know that if there is one thing General Hospital (the actual hospital, not the show) has been missing, it’s a shrink! Lainey would be rolling in the deep…piles of money if she were still seeing patients! Port Charles is swarming with potential patients. All the tiny ‘burb needs is someone to treat all of them! This is why it excites me to know that a shrink is on his way as we speak.!

I really hope that with this new doc, we will actually be able to watch our PC favorites undergo treatment. Each of the cases would make for great story! I mean, all I have is a case of PTSD, and I’ll tell you, if you put my therapy sessions on TV, they’d get ratings! Therapy is the one place where you are encouraged (if your therapist is a good one) to find, admit, and face your truths, and where you can do it feeling protected by the veil of privacy (and good, old Hipaa laws!) 😉

 Can you imagine what we’d get if we were able to watch therapy sessions from people who actually have sessions worth talking about? Michael, Lulu, Sonny, Kristina, Liz? The list goes on and on and on, and gets more captivating as it grows!

Therapy sessions make for good TV. Did anyone watch Revenge? Emily having the therapy sessions played at the fundraiser had people glued to their seats – on the show, and in homes! It’s all Fascinating stuff! I really want GH to jump on that bandwagon!

Certainly, there is enough INSANITY to go around, just in case they wanted to bring Lainey back as well.

What exactly is The Definition Of Insanity?

According to Lucky, and to the many who have used this quote before, The Definition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. In this case, I will agree. Liz and Lucky keep doing the exact same, stupid things that lead to the same destructive results. This is what Lucky was attempting to help Liz understand. Liz said that they share two children, and it’s only natural that they spend time together as a family, to which Lucky said they can’t just act as though they’re a typical, happy family. Liz’s response? “Why not? What’s stopping us?” Best answer ever? Lucky’s. He said, “History.” Oh! So true! She just would not hear him. Notice I said would not, instead of could not. Liz chooses to believe her own version of reality. She does this over and over. Liz listed all of the reasons Lucky might blame her for Siobhan’s death. She listed all the ways she was involved in Siobhan’s demise. She gave her the wrong drugs in the OR, she had a fight with her on the stairs, and she drove her into a head-on collision. So far, so good, right? Sounds like the beginning of Liz taking responsibility. Then she says to Lucky, that Siobhan was just jealous. It was as simple as that. Siobhan just refused to see the truth – that what Liz and Lucky share is just too strong, and so Siobhan and Lucky could never work. WHAAAAAAAAATTTT??? This drives me insane, and THIS, right here, is why I could not muster a single iota of sympathy for Liz, even today. Why the hell wasn’t this love she refers to STRONG enough to stop Liz from sleeping with Jason? Not just on the night of the blackout and alcohol, but why didn’t the STRENGTH of their love stop her from pursuing Jason, even after he reconciled with Sam. Why didn’t it stop her from lying over and over to Lucky? When both of those relationships were destroyed, why didn’t it stop her from carrying on an affair with Jason in secret, all while Lucky was concerned for her and the boys’ safety? Where was this STRONG love when she flirted with crossing the line with Nikolas for months? Or when she was crossing the freakin’ harbor in the middle of the night to sleep with his brother? Thank you, Garin Wolf, and today’s dialogue writer, Susan Wald, for having Lucky ask Liz how many months she was sleeping with Nikolas! Lucky tried to explain to Liz that they were holding on to a juvenile fantasy, to promises they made when they were teenagers. Liz’s comprehensive, thought-out reaction? “Its not a fantasy!” She refused to hear. She refused to listen to the truth about this dysfunction she still considers indestructible. Lucky tried tough love. He told her that what they had was an addiction. An ugly addiction, where innocent bystanders get caught up in the train wreck that is them. He said they were like two junkies. It all fell on deaf ears. Liz tried everything. Tears. A quivering bottom lip. Forcing him to look at their wedding photo, and challenging him to tell her those people aren’t in love. When that didn’t break Lucky down, she shoved photo albums of Cam and Aiden at him. And finally, she pulled what I can only refer to now as her Wild Card. Liz did the unthinkable, grabbed Jake’s photo album, and asked, “What about Jake?” Oh my word. I will never have any respect for Liz because of how she uses her children, but especially Jake. She cried to Lucky that no one would ever understand what it felt like to lose him, except the two of them. Ummmm?  That made me talk to myself in the middle of my living room. In both languages. Too bad Jason is too far away to have felt the slap in the face. All of the times Weepy Liz ran to Jason’s recently, she found a way to talk about how the connection they shared because of Jake was so much more than that. Is she going to continue to use even his memory to manipulate the men she wants in her life? What a bitch. How can his name even cross her lips, and not cause her to shudder at using it so tastelessly? I may have wanted to poke Lucky in the eyes when he told Liz that none of this was her fault, but I applauded him for actually walking out of her house without looking back, because it’s not easy for a junky to walk away from his drug of choice. Even while I watched Liz sit alone, whispering about the permanent lock on her heart, crying, and hurling their wedding photo across the room, I could only feel my lip curling in disgust. Liz may very well be The Definition of Insanity. This chick needs alone time more than a three-year-old in the middle of a tantrum. She’s done? Ha. One can only wish.

Awww. The past few days have made me a bit of a Scrubs fan. Not that I didn’t like them, it’s just that I never really considered myself a fan. However, these past few days onscreen, and Robin’s birthday showed me a side of these two I can totally root for. First, Robin has been considerably less annoying. And Patrick has been nothing short of dreamy. Patrick has found a way to live with his wife being his boss, but still found a way to take charge of his marriage, and its well-being. I have been impressed. So has Robin. Not so impressed with how well the Doctors Scorpio have recovered, is Lisa Niles. Lisa reminds us all that sometimes a woman takes rejection really, really personally, and the way Lisa took Patrick’s rejection has turned into The Definition of Insanity. Who knew that chick could get any more insane while in a coma? She barely got the sleep out of her eyes before she knocked that nurse over the head with that industrial strength food tray, traded clothes, and took off. What the hell was in that juice anyway? I’m thinking if I took it, my spine would mend itself, and I’d be running, not walking, back to work! If only there was a way to get word to Patrick and Robin. I have a feeling they’d be running, not walking, out of the country!

I guess the only way to find out what that juice really was, we would have to ask Anthony Zacchara. What a convoluted mind Anthony has.  He hatched this entire plan to teach a few people a lesson for disrespecting him. That’s the old school way for a mobster to deal with people. It’s also The Definition of Insanity. When you believe that you can rouse a monster from her sleep in order to do your dirty work, and also believe that you can then control that monster, you have clearly lost touch with reality. I am thinking it might do Anthony some good to be on the receiving end of Lisa’s food tray. He deserves to have his very own Frankenstein turn on him!

I must say that it’s a great thing to see Sonny walk into a place, flash those amazing dimples, and not think to myself, “There goes The Definition of Insanity.” Whether it’s been having Kate back in his life, or it it’s really been his desire to be his best self for his children, especially Kristina, Sonny seems to have gotten back on his meds, and he seems to be a lot more stable. No one is happier than I am about that. I enjoy seeing Sonny have his swagger back, walking around in his expensive suits, looking dashing and debonaire, and not as though he needs to be committed. I imagine that it does a world of good for his kids, again – especially Kristina, who needs stability now more than ever, as she is about to embark on a fabulous new journey. Kristina is going away to college, because her dream really did come true. She was accepted to Yale! 😦

I am terribly saddened by the news that the sweet and talented Lexi Ainsworth has been let go. I think she was the perfect daughter for Maurice and Nancy, and the perfect sister for Sam and Molly. My Davis Girls will never be the same again! I will miss Lexi terribly, and deep down, I feel that this decision was The Definition of Insanity! I wish Lexi all the best, and know she’ll take everything she learned at GH, and make an amazing career for herself! *tears*

Friends, I think it’s important that I remind you all that Franco is a sociopath. In fact, Franco is The Definition of Insanity. His return to Port Charles was motivated by his obsession with Jason. He wants to get under Jason’s skin the way Jason has gotten under his. 

Since his charm and charisma have failed to do the trick of getting Jason’s attention, he is going with Plan B.  He is going to go after Jason’s biggest weakness.

Though many of us have wondered why the hell Franco has been keeping Jason and Sam under video surveillance, the one thing that Franco has been able to get from that is just how much Jason loves and adores Sam. Franco is positively sure that Jason does love Sam as though his life depended on it. Therefore, it would be easy for Franco to deduce that a threat to Sam would make Jason more desperate than he’s ever been, especially now that she is his wife.

I also think Franco knows that Carly is as predictable as we think she is. Getting Carly and Joss to Hawaii would split Jason’s focus, and that will give Franco the golden opportunity he needs.

Does thinking about all of that give you the kind of palpitations it gives me? Well, allow me to leave you with something to hang onto. Franco is fixated on Jason. Getting Jason to fixate on him – even if it’s for a negative reason (like killing him), is Franco’s goal. I don’t think Franco would split his focus long enough to do anything more than scare Sam, if you know what I mean.

I want us to be prepared for whatever comes next. I want us to be in a state of mind where we aren’t giving up on JaSam, or even General Hospital, at the first sign of trouble. Our couple is strong. We need to be just as strong.

Let’s take a step back and appreciate what this kind of storyline means for Kelly and Steve. It’s not every day that they get to act opposite Oscar nominated actors, though I do believe most of GH’s staff is worthy of an Oscar. Let’s remember that of all the characters on GH, Franco is wreaking havoc on Jason and Sam. Of all the women to have passed through Jason’s life, Franco is targeting Sam. Let’s take from that what matters, and leave behind what doesn’t.

Let’s promise each other right now that JaSam fans will not be The Definition of Insanity on Twitter, facebook, the comment lines, or the phone lines. Let’s promise to be each other’s therapy sessions as this storyline plays out.

Then, when all is said and done, we can GO CRAZY about just how strong Jason and Sam have proven themselves to be.


Hang tough!



Good morning, GHers!

I’ve been thinking…

If ABC really understood exactly just how much viewers count on General Hospital, One Life To Live, or even All My Children, for God’s sake, for an hour of escapism, they would use that to get advertisers on board instead of those stupid and outdated Nielsen ratings! And ABC soaps would live on forever…

I can only hope you guys understand just how much I count on you to provide me with the added bonus of a couple more hours of escapism, because the time I take to discuss GH and all of our favorites with you has saved me, on more occasions than I can count, from real life and all of the things about it that give me anxiety!

So, as you read today’s post, know that you are actually performing a public service! 😉

Counting on people is something that never used to come naturally to me. In fact, there were times in my life where I would actually be really angry with myself if I caught myself counting on anyone for anything! To me, it was a weakness, and one I couldn’t afford!

It took a long time to turn that around, and it took a lot of patient, loving people who were willing to stick it out with me, while I slowly put down my suspicions and low expectations. Only the strong survived, believe you me!


Click to view full size image

I imagine that’s the reason I have such a hard time writing Sonny off completely. Sonny’s that way, too. He always expects the worst in people, and as a result, usually ends up getting just that from them. What Sonny doesn’t get yet is that when we expect the worst of people, we are usually giving our worst to them, and rarely leave them with another option. Sonny finds it so hard to count on people, unless they are the women he’s sleeping with, and then he counts on them too much, and ends up disappointed and back at the end of the healing line all over again. (Such as with Brenda.) What a vicious cycle! I know that it seems so dysfunctional for Sonny to be leaning on Kate when Brenda’s scent can still be picked up, but this is what Sonny does. What I am not sure of is what Kate does in these situations. I can’t seem to make her out. I said before that when someone is as suspicious as Sonny, only the stong will survive, or even want to stick around. I got the distinct impression last time Kate tangled with Sonny that she wasn’t one of the strong who could survive. She seemed to fade out of his life the way my tan is starting to fade heading into October – wake up one day, and it’s just gone! Perhaps she learned something over the past couple of years that she thinks equips her for another round with Sonny, but if I were Sonny, I would have to see proof before taking another chance. I do believe that what Kate wants is to open up to Sonny, and say, “Count on me,” but maybe she can’t even count on herself to feel the same way tomorrow.

Click to view full size image

Poor Dante (pay attention because I don’t usually feel much sympathy for him). He is drifting in and out of consciousness, fighting for his life, and the last time he was awake for more than a few seconds, he was begging Lulu for an answer to his proposal, and still didn’t get it. That’s really gotta suck. I wonder if Lulu has noticed that she is sending more mixed signals to Dante than an out-of-order traffic light. One minute she can’t be with him, and needs a break, and the very next she’s dressing up in a ridiculous outfit and scary hair, and crying black tears all over him. What’s it going to be, Lulu? If I were Olivia, and I knew that Lulu had broken my son’s heart by turning down his proposal, just hours before he was nearly shot to death, her ass would be sitting in the waiting room – and not even the one for family. How can Lulu really expect Dante to wake up and believe her when she says, “Count on me” to get you through it, when anything and everything that seems to hint at a rough patch has sent her running for the hills in the past? Beats me.

Click to view full size image

You know, I need the number of Shawn’s psychiatrist because I need the meds he’s on. Being locked in that panic room with no ventilation for even five minutes would have sent me into a full-blown panic attack. Someone would have had to yank a bag of Vicodin out of that ventilation system just to put me down. Not Shawn. He was cool, calm, and condescending to Carly, which is quite impressive under those conditions. I love that not even under duress did Shawn allow Carly to railroad him – that is not an easy thing to avoid with her. His resistance is not just impressive to me, believe me. The message Shawn was sending Carly was you can “Count on me”, and in Jason’s absence, that’s exactly what Carly is searching for.  Someone might want to tell Shawn he may want to consider having a breakdown…

Click to view full size image

Trust me, I am so glad that Jason is far away in Hawaii during this warehouse shooting incident, or he’d be pulled into it up to his ears. However, I do wish that someone up that chain of Mob command would get a glimpse of Michael breaking down, because then the endless conversation about him joining the family business would be over! For good. I mean, can you imagine Michael trying to say to Jason or Sonny, “Count on me” to take care of things, when he is crying at the first shooting he stumbled upon? What would have happened if Michael had witnessed the shooting? Or had to shoot back in his own defense? Too bad the only one seeing him this way is Abby. Chances are she’s not going to say a word about it to anyone. Too bad.

Click to view full size image

Jason and Sam have finally arrived in Hawaii!

Let’s take a moment to absorb that.

Click to view full size image

That scene where Jason scoops Sam up as if she was weightless, and carries her over the threshold to their honeymoon home was adorable! Hearing Jason say, “Welcome to Hawaii, Mrs. Morgan” was absolute perfection!

It made me think of Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island!


Click to view full size image

I guess when you arrive in Paradise in the middle of the night, without much sleep over the past several days and a lot of physical activity, *wink wink* it makes you a bit…reflective???

Click to view full size image

I totally got that being in Hawaii, after another brain surgery and a near death experience, would take Sam right back to the nightmare she lived through back in 2005, when she thought she was spending her last moments with Jason. I really did. I even got that the past few days have been really, really emotional for Sam and Jason, and I guess that is what sent Sam on that gloomy “What If?” journey.

Click to view full size image

However, I’ve gotta give it to Jason. He never forgets that all of this happiness must really scare the hell out of Sam, and he immediately reached out, took her on his lap, and reassured her. Kudos to Jason for trying to keep her in the moment.

Click to view full size image

It didn’t take long for Sam to start wondering once again, and she worried that if Jason had woken up with all of his Quartermaine memories, and turned out to want to be a doctor, then he probably wouldn’t want a wife like her. *cue foreboding soundtrack* I am going to tell you that once again, Jason earned points with me for his response to Sam, “Would you rather be with a doctor?”

Click to view full size image

That seemed to shock our girl right back to where she needed to be – on her honeymoon, enjoying the man she loves. THANK GOODNESS! Sam was able to get back to a place where she had to believe in what she has with Jason, as scary as all of this happiness is to her. I loved that Sam didn’t mind showing her vulnerability when she told Jason that she never let herself count on anyone, until him.

Click to view full size image

I loved even more that Jason couldn’t hide his vulnerability if he tried, when he admitted to her that he counted on her, too.

So powerful!

Click to view full size image

It’s important that Jason and Sam take this time, before Franco, to look each other in the eyes, and say, “Count on me.”

Click to view full size image

They are going to need to count on each other to get through whatever comes next. They are going to have to count on each other to bring the other back from whatever hell Franco drives them to. They are going to have to count on each other to find their way back to each other, regardless of the twists and turns life (and the writers) have in store for them.

Click to view full size image

Jason and Sam have found their way back to each other each time their love has been tested…or even misplaced. Not even losing any memory of her was enough to keep Jason from loving Sam. Not even Sam forgetting who she really was enabled her to forget why she loved Jason.

Click to view full size image

 Their love has already demonstrated the characteristics of the Dragon and his Phoenix. Their love has already proven itself to be as strong and durable as the lugnut. Their love has already shown its capability to find their way back, just like that compass. Their love has been the thing that lies beneath, no matter what happens, just like the love that kept their wedding rings on the fingers of Lila and Alan for so many years.

Click to view full size image

Whatever comes next, we have to count on their LOVE just as much as they are going to have to count on it. We also have to count on each other for reminders, for pep talks, and for smacks upside the head. 😉

Click to view full size image

We were told by Mr. Wolf not to assume anything. The fact that there has seemingly been this much foreshadowing only makes me believe that I should not assume that which appears to be obvious.


Click to view full size image

Instead, I will enjoy all of the sweet honeymoon scenes, like the one after their apparent lovemaking, where Jason puts his shirt back on, then walks up to, and kisses a lingerie-clad Sam, and tells her he loves her so much.


Click to view full size image

I will enjoy the moments like today’s, where I hear Stone Cold wondering aloud why they were lucky enough to get a second chance, and that it is a gift.


Click to view full size image

I am going to focus on the fact that Jason seems determined to keep his promises to his wife…like his promise that they would watch the sunrise in Hawaii.


I love kept promises!


Let’s stay in Paradise for the time being, friends.

Mr. & Mrs. Morgan can count on me…can they count on you?

Much love,



I hope that everyone took the time to thank the writers and TPTB for taking us along on this long anticipated Morgan Honeymoon!

I believe now, more than ever, our positivity and gratitude is needed as a guiding light for those making decisions for our soap.

Be honest, be gracious, be positive. Let’s enjoy each of JaSam’s moments as they are happening.

Let’s leave tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow…or next month. Let’s take in right now. We’ve waited too long to let is pass us by while we are focusing on something else…

And the only thing we need to know about Franco is that he’s an Oscar-nominated movie star who took the time to film with Steve & Kelly, and that the material was “intense”.

I really wish more of us appreciated James Franco for that. He’s not on Y&R!

Take a moment and let TPTB know that you are excited about Jason and Sam’s story, and confident that they will come together and overcome WHATEVER comes their way!

Please? With sugar on top?



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Let me begin today’s post by saying that you guys are the Shimmering, Shining, Silver Lining in the Cloud that was my accident. Not only have you helped me deal with this past year with your friendship and support, yesterday on our Anniversary, I was overwhelmed by the Emails, DM’s, Tweets, and Comments from all of you!

Thank you, all of you for being part of my life! I hope we can continue on this journey of positivity and love for a long time to come!

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for all the love I get back! You guys are exactly what I needed!

On to the fictional people that brought us together…

You know what I love about Lucky and Siobhan? Their relationship, however new and informal as it is, doesn’t weigh Lucky down. He seems lighter, unencumbered, and maybe even like he’s really enjoying his time with her. Lucky has the freakin’ Balkan breathing down his neck, his father up to no good, and he’s worried about how to keep one girl in hiding, while trying to figure out how to get the other one out in the open, and yet…he still seems less burdened than during his time with Liz. I guess it said it all when Lucky acknowledged the fact that Siobhan has kneed him in the chest, almost shot him, spit on him, and slapped him, and she’s still more fun to be around. Hmmm…that says a whole lot, doesn’t it? Yes, Siobhan is exactly what Lucky needs right now.

Luke Spencer is one devious, untrustworthy louse who will lie, cheat, and take advantage of a woman’s sympathies just to get what he wants. Right now Luke wants Tracy back in his life. Luke says he loved her, and it may be the one thing he’s telling the truth about, but because he’s building on a foundation of lies and manipulations, he could lose her all over again, and this time it will be permanently. I’d like to see Luke and Tracy work it out before she busts him again, because I think Tracy gives Luke the challenge he needs out of life. Considering just how little regard Luke has for his own life, it’s safe to say that Tracy is exactly what Luke needs right now.

Is it me, or is Lulu incredibly selfish and totally out of touch with what other people need? First she calls Lucky and begs him to come out as Lucky Spencer so that he can help his family convince Tracy that Luke is in trouble. Lucky tried to explain that it was dangerous and risky, but Lulu insists. Self-centered is an understatement. Did she forget that Lucky’s life was already in danger once because of her? I guess she did because now she blew his cover with her whining on the pier. Next, Lulu was off to ask Cousin Carly to please have Jax ask his ex, and Carly’s nemesis, Brenda, if she would “pretty-please be on the cover”, knowing that Carly feels threatened by Brenda. Does this chick’s ignorance have no end? I wonder if Lulu ever realized just how pissed Carly really was when Lulu chose Dante over her family. I think not, or Lulu wouldn’t be back in Carly’s face, being even more self-centered and clueless than before. Yeah, a good, old-fashioned ass kicking is what Lulu needs right now.

Thankfully, Jax seems to have made it down Memory Lane with Brenda and back without getting completely sucked into The Brenda Vortex that Carly fears so much. I was actually proud of Jax when he told Brenda that while he did wonder about what coulda been had they stayed together, he is thankful that those twists and turns in his life led him to where he is now. Happily married with a family he loves, and a baby girl he adores and shares with Carly. Good for Jax…he realized that Brenda is so not what he needs right now.

You know, Molly needs to sit Jason’s butt down again for another “Be Careful With My Sister” chat. I get why little Molly is concerned about her sister, obviously she knows what we all know: that Jason is as clueless as they come when it comes to Love. Molly’s interference is exactly what Jason needs right now.

I love Chad Duell’s Michael more and more. He plays vulnerability so well, that it just makes me want to crawl into the TV and hug him! Michael is still so torn up about what happened to him in Pentonville that he can’t seem to move on, and he’s afraid of trusting anyone – or even himself with a relationship. I was so happy that Candy breezed right into Kelly’s and back into Michael’s orbit. I love the way she seems to set Michael at ease, and gets him talking without even realizing it. I am also thankful that Abby explained exactly what went down between her and Sam, and that it was not about a hooker hook-up. I really hope that Abby sticks around and helps Michael through this tough spot. I think Abby, the person, is exactly what Michael needs right now.

I really loved the entire Molly/Michael conversation. I love that Molly cares about her big sister, Sam, to be concerned with her feelings and well-being. Thank God someone does! I also love that Molly continues to behave more like a little sister to Michael than a  little cousin. Michael needs to feel needed, and Molly does a good job with that. She turned to Michael for help, and he was wise beyond his years. Michael is pretty darned perceptive for a kid who is inexperienced in love and relationships. I loved what he said about Sam and Jason: “I don’t think you need to worry about Sam; she knows that Jason loves her.” I think that line was more for our benefit than for Molly’s. I think we, the viewers, needed to hear that more than Sam’s little sister, as many of us would likely line up right now to let Jason have it. Molly has the same concerns we do, “I’m sorry, but Jason isn’t very expressive,” she reminds Michael. Once again, we see that Michael has not only observed the beauty and functionality of Jason and Sam’s relationship, but that it has taught him a thing or two about what he would want out of a relationship of his own. “When you go through something difficult, something that you can’t forget, what you want more than anything, is to be with someone who understands. Someone that if you want to talk about what happened, they’ll listen, if you don’t want to talk about it, their fine with that. That’s what Sam does for Jason. He needs her, and she knows it. That’s more important to them than a picnic in the park.”

Michael was right: Sam is what – Sam is who Jason needs. Not just right now. Jason needs Sam always.

I don’t know about you, but I thought Sam made a pretty convincing argument for why she should go in Brenda’s place. I wouldn’t send the unsteady Brenda to the corner store! Jason also made a pretty good argument for why he couldn’t take the risk. I just wonder if all the times Jason said she could die was enough foreshadowing for us. *rolling my eyes*

All I ask of my favorite soap is that this time around, that they not just give us suspense and danger, but that they give us some of the emotion that Jason and Sam are famous for. I want to see the kind of emotional scenes that made today’s Encore Episode (I swear that if the ABC Soaps In Depth guy calls it a rerun one more time…) the magical piece of History that it is!

I want to see Jason completely broken and lost! I want to see him completely forlorn and desperate without her. I want him to know the feeling of losing her again so that he never again forgets it. Is that too much to ask?

We’ll soon see. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Until then, we have the FABULOSITY and EPICNESS of Jason and Sam’s trip to Hawaii after Jason decides to die instead of trying to fight his brain tumor. This episode is so huge on so many levels, guys.

It reminds us that Jason wanted Sam’s face to be the last one he ever saw.

It shows us that he considered anywhere with Sam paradise, even while facing death. (That’s HUGE LOVE)

It reminds us that Sam really wanted so badly to hold on to a piece of what they shared, that she asked him to give her a baby, even though there was substantial risk to her involved.

Most importantly, that storyline showed us that Daytime TV is about LOVE STORIES, but a love within a story that’s so big, and was powerful enough to actually save a life? That’s what separates your typical Daytime Love Stories from EPIC LOVE STORIES, and it was what put Jason and Sam in a league all their own.

As I type this, I check in on Twitter from time to time, and it’s so nice to see everyone filling Kelly’s and Steve’s Tweet Streams with Positivity and JaSam Love! Thanks to all of you who took the time to tweet them!

Let’s make sure we do the same with Facebook, the Comment Lines, and their email boxes with the same WAVE of JASAM LOVE!

Let’s not leave any doubt about what we want onscreen everyday by showing an abundance of love and appreciation for what’s onscreen today!


Much love to you all,




October 27 Happy Birthday To My BFF Sue!

2004: OMG! These two were so IN LOVE right here! Even Monica can see it! I adore these scenes!

2005: To say that Sam has “always carried Jason” would not be an understatement. I just loved when Manny spoke Spanish to Sam; it added to his freakiness!

2006:  The only thing that keeps me from still HATING Sonny for what he was doing to Sam here is the knowledge that Sonny is diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, and that’s exactly how I’d describe his behavior towards Sam!

 2009: I love when they “talk shop”, but I love when they spend time laughing and making out even more! LOL



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