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Good morning, GHers.

The countdown, I know, is on. I can just about hear the ticking of the clock counting down our Jason Morgan minutes…

However, I almost lost track of that ticking while watching today. I just could not help focusing on how much Jason Morgan wants his wife and son home. For me, that is the thing I find myself fixating on at the moment. I will never EVER tire of hearing Jason tell anyone and everyone who will listen that he loves his wife and their son, and that he wants a life with them. It fills my heart to the brim to hear the passion in his voice when he talks about it, and it seems to be pretty clear to everyone else as well.

Are you guys aware that we have heard Jason spend every single day of the last week and a half (though it’s just been a day and a half in PC) telling someone about how much he loves Sam, and their son, and how much he wants a life with them? He has told Heather, Monica, Sonny, Carly, and now – in no uncertain terms, he has finally told Sam.


As a JaSammer,  take a moment to rejoice and to allow that to sink in!

Jason Morgan, Stone Cold, Mob Enforcer, and let’s face it, occasional chicken-shit when it comes to LOVE, has gone on and on and on about wanting something that was anything but a sure thing to anyone with the ability to hear! And even when he was tempted to “love them enough to let them go”, he decided for himself that Sam and Daniel are WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Do you see what LOVE can do?


I am not even sure we realize how huge! Jason has loved Sam so deeply and truly over the past eight years of being in a relationship. He has loved and lost and loved again. In those years, Jason has been her hero, her best friend, her lifeline, her fiancé, the only one in her corner, her redeemer, her second chance, her shooting star, her first mate, her no-memory-having-but-falling-in-love-again-while-taking bubble baths-partner, her first PI partner, her family, her hospital bed guardian (more than once), her coward full of guilt, her Halloween Treat, her rescuer from buildings from which she dangled, her partner on the run, her exonerator, her greatest motivator, her staunch supporter, her biggest fan, her biggest disappointment, her rug pulled out from under her, her stranger, her hero once more, even when he acted like he didn’t know her, her partner in crime, her most grateful guardian, her rescuer more times than I can count, her silent partner, her there-to-catch-her-when-she-falls-in the most-literal-sense-of -the-word-and-in-her-underwear, her road trip buddy, her patient, her only hot tryst in a church, her best way to wake up on the side of a Mexican road, her insistent carnival date, her favorite wedding date, her most romantic surprise-preparer, her Christmas memory-maker, her hero once again, her Funny Valentine, her compass, her most-wanted inmate, her fake husband with a real conjugal visit, her free man, her Clyde to her Bonnie, her jerk with a superman complex and a pain-in-the-ass-ex-wife, her Christmas tree handler, her gun cleaner, her very serious Valentine, her reminder of Hawaii, her Love whisperer when she was hearing impaired, her nurse, her determined fiancé-to-be, her convincing fiancé, her almost gone too soon, her dream come true, her husband, her Dragon, her Honeymoon Honey, her surf competition, her jewelry maker, her heartbroken husband, and sadly – her heartbreak. But lastly and amazingly, Jason got to be her Healer in the most significant way possible. Jason believed Sam when no one else would, and fought to find and bring her baby back to her. Yes, her hero once more. What an amazing journey we’ve taken with Jason and Sam! Yet, even with all that he’s been to her over the years, all the man wants now is to love Sam and their son and take care of them forever! Oh. My. God.  *wipes tears*

As I think back on this week we’ve enjoyed, I realize it isn’t just the journey; it’s what they’ve learned along the way. This is such new territory for Jason. The minute Sam hesitated, the former Jason would have shut down and let her go. Not this Jason. Jason not only asked Sam to bring Danny and come home with him to be a family, he admitted his mistakes and took ownership of them. He told her he loved her, that he loved Danny, and that they could have that dream. Jason Morgan pled his case. Something I have never seen him do. He did it for LOVE; Sam’s Love. And the right to earn Danny’s Love. He did it because he believes the love he and Sam have always shared is WORTH FIGHTING FOR, and he sure did fight.

Jason fighting for his marriage and his son is a gift to us JaSam fans. If you listen to every word Jason said to Sam about being Danny’s father, you will realize that not even when Jason knew he was Jake’s father did he fight to be part of Liz’s life. He let her go, even if it meant taking Jake with her. Every single time.


As you well know, I believe we only fight for things that really matter to us. Things that are WORTH FIGHTING FOR. 

Jason hasn’t been the only one to learn a thing or two. Our Sweet Sam has finally learned not to settle; not even for the greatest love she’s ever known. She wasn’t sure what Jason was asking for a moment, but she made it clear she knew what she was asking. She wanted to be sure her son can experience the same kind of love she has experienced from Jason. She wanted to know that Jason was sure, because as Danny’s mother, she isn’t willing to take any chances. Most of all, Sam learned to think before running, even when she is most scared, and to know when things, even scary things like believing in Love again, are WORTH FIGHTING FOR. 

I cannot begin to tell you just how grateful I am that if Jason and Sam’s Incomparable Love Story has to hit a pause, it will do so while leaving things very clearly understood – not just to JaSam Fans, but all fans. We go into this pause understanding that Jason is in love with one woman: his wife. We understand that he could have had another woman, but didn’t want her. It is crystal clear that Jason wants not just a life together because of an obligation (one of my favorite lines today!), but a life filled with love and happiness with his wife and their son, whom he doesn’t need to be related to biologically. Dammit, Jason Morgan dares to want FOREVER! (Something I am not even sure he believed in until Sam!)

*sobbing uncontrollably*

Beloved, Jason’s words and actions will leave no doubt that he has never loved anyone as much as he loves Sam.

And he always will. Even if he must do so off camera. 

THAT, my dear Bella Mafia Family, was SOOOOOOOO WORTH FIGHTING FOR. 

And I am honored to have fought for that with all of you these past three years!

I love you all…and I LOVE JASAM…NOW AND FOREVER!

Angelique    *tears open first of many boxes of tissue*




Good morning, GHers!

I don’t know about you, but I am heartbroken every time I think about the answer to that question! On the one hand, how can we not all be thrilled with how the last few days have played out between Jason and Sam?

THIS is exactly the way we knew Jason woulda, shoulda, coulda been with his wife and their baby (even if he wasn’t the father), so it’s nice to finally see that play out onscreen. Jason is supportive and loving, calming and tender, and most importantly, completely and totally embracing his role as Daniel Edward’s father. I feel as though I have waited F O R E V E R for these scenes!

Yet, on the other hand, these are the scenes that remind us that the end is near. We know these are Jason’s last precious hours in Port Charles, and Steve’s last precious hours onscreen. As much as I’ve waited and longed for these scenes, I want to hold them back and put off those goodbyes we are all dreading so very much. I want to yell, “N O O O O O!” every time I see the end of the episode I am watching, because it only means there is one less episode of JaSam Fabulosity to look forward to. *sniff*

So, Certainly, the question of “What Now” does not mean the same thing to us that it means to our beloved Jason and Sam, but all we can do is focus on what it means to them for as long as we possibly can.

So what do you think it means to them?

I can tell you that from Jason’s tone of voice when talking to Sam, the searing way he looks at his wife, and the way he seems to breathe only when she does, it appears, at least to me, that Jason has no plans whatsoever of going home without his family. It’s as if he wants to keep both Sam and Baby Daniel within arms’ reach.

And as far as Sam is concerned, she is living out a dream come true, delayed though it may be. Imagine being so happy that…it hurts? It makes you feel guilty? It scares you? While at the same time, having the son she thought she’d lost forever, and Jason having been the one to find out he was alive AND the one to place him in her arms – safe and sound.  THAT’S some kind of happiness!

And how could we not love watching that?

I am so looking forward to Jason and Sam finally getting some time alone so that they can finally ask the question they both already asked aloud, “What Now?”

I want to see, hear and experience everything these two have to work through in order to get them from the hospital to HOME. Their HOME. Together. As a family. 

I know that every smile, every tear, and every word will be a special part of their AMAZING Love Story and History, and I cannot wait to be a witness to it.

So, “What Now” for me?

I will enjoy the love and excitement Jason and Sam are sharing at the moment, and I will not allow myself to think past that.


I just can’t.

What about you?


How ‘Bout A Monday (Late Night) Drive Down Memory Lane?

Good morning (or it will be by the time I post), GHers!

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to all of you who privately emailed, texted and facebooked me about my (now I see it was rather) cryptic last post. No, the court case I mentioned is not, thankfully, about my children or and other family member. However, if any of you were reading Bella Mafia during the Kristina/Keifer storyline, or even after the Honeymoon Rape storyline, you know that I don’t need it to be about my kids or my family for it to get me HEATED and ready to FIGHT! It’s enough for me that I was (kinda mistakenly, but totally heaven-sent) given information that could help put a stop to a bunch of pigs who would allow a cover-up where children were involved – and thereby changed forever. There was no way that I could sit this one out. I owe it to those kids, especially since one of them is no longer with us, and their families to make sure that everyone involved faces the music. And we ALL owe it to every kid out there to stand up and do what’s right the minute we are given the opportunity. There will never be an excuse, at least in my book, to keep silent on anything that has the power to hurt a child. But truly, I was so touched when I came back and saw all of your sweet and touching messages of concern for my family! I adore each of you for taking the time to be my support  – and as Rita so beautifully put it – for willing to be the wind beneath my wings as I try to fly above the ugliness ahead.  *tears*

Now, forgive me for being MIA on Sunday – as Steph put it – she knew something had to be up when there was no Drive. I actually ended up in the hospital  on Saturday afternoon. Sometimes when I have this much going on, I push myself too hard – and with my medical history – it’s always a gamble. This time I crapped out – and ended up needing medical intervention to get back on track. Luckily (for me – not those affected), there was a terrible outbreak of some kind of virus or flu – and my doctor wouldn’t even allow for me to be treated in the ER, for fear that with my compromised immune system, I would end up catching it. So after a night in a recovery suite on the surgery floor, I was sent home with meds, and strict instructions to recover at home. 🙂

Thankfully, I was able to watch the oh-so-anticipated moment when Jason placed their son back in Sam’s arms. What a moment it was! I cried the entire scene! The way that Jason looked at Sam and that baby was so beautifully stirring – and it almost made me forget that we should have seen that very look four months ago when Sam gave birth, and Jason should have been by her side instead of John McBain. But I digress. Today was absolutely magical for me, and I am looking forward to absolutely every second that we get of that gorgeous Morgan Family from here on out.

Let’s agree to soak it up, take it in, and lock away very amazing moment they share together before it gets ripped away from us. And, most importantly, let’s trust our magical JaSam vidders to do their very best at preserving these memories for us…FOREVER. 

Just like they’ve done here…with the good, the bad, the regrets and the celebrations. Everything about JaSam is BEAUTIFUL and worth remembering ALWAYS.

“Oh, How The Years Go By” Credit: jusablond79

“The Scientist” Credit: jmsg411

“…That Girl’s My Best Friend” Credit: Jenn1367

“Anybody’s Heart” Credit: FairSamantha

“To Have And To Hold” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Who Knew?” Credit: GHRickLesley

“Wanted” Credit: jusablond79

Through The Years” Credit: aproditebeauty

I can’t wait to see Jason take his family home…especially knowing we’ll be enjoying it together!

Love you all, Baby Morgan conmadres!


Loves Of A Lifetime

Good morning, GHers.

So much has happened this week, that I could base a telenovela on our lives. My hubby was hurt at work on Tuesday and needed to see one doctor after another this week, we had a family we know go through a terrible crisis, and I am preparing for the possibility of being part of a very painful, but very important lawsuit that would be all about taking a stand against sexual abuse and the cover-ups that happen afterward all too often. I really need your prayers and good thoughts, because I am already dealing with some pretty serious anxiety and panic attacks, and we are weeks away from finding out if it will actually end up in court.

Anyhoo…I finally got to sit in bed last night with my laptop and earphones to watch the week’s GH. It just so happened that the one day there was nothing going on in this family, ABC pre-empted GH in order to show the Columbus Day Parade in NYC. -_____-

What a week it’s been in Port Charles, huh?

From Luke coming home to Duke coming back from the dead…it has been like taking a trip back to the ’80s. I have to admit that I was a little swept up in the flashbacks of the Duke and Anna from  back then. I have always said that flashbacks (from way back when in GH’s rich and fabulous history  – NOT incessant flashbacks of what happened that week) have the ability to tug at our heartstrings like little else can. I also think that for the viewers who have joined GH in most recent years, it’s a great way to show them what the fuss over Duke is all about, and may even encourage them to look up some old scenes.

I found that the head writer I will never forgive for the past year may actually have scored a very small point with me in having all this talk onscreen about Loves of a Lifetime. Duke and Anna, Luke and Laura.

And they aren’t just talking about Loves of a Lifetime. They are showing them in action and in the present in Jason and Sam. I have been very satisfied to see that the story about our missing baby has centered on Jason and Sam, and their dealing with it together. The jerk responsible for tearing our JaSam Dream apart this past year also earned a point with me in that Jason was the one to insist that Sam’s baby might actually be alive, and that he was the one to set things in motion to bring him home. Had it been McBain, I may have lost it.

I also am grateful that in Steve’s last couple of weeks onscreen, he has been all about his wife, and his Love of a Lifetime: Samantha McCall-Morgan. In fact, it has been quite obvious that as far as Jason is concerned, there is no other woman who could ever compare. (*cough, Cough* Liz) If Jason had to leave, I am grateful that he leaves behind no doubt about the woman he chose – the woman he loves more than anything or anyone. Sam was more important than Sonny, than Carly, and Michael, even in the midst of their falling-to-pieces lives. I have waited a long time to see that, and I am glad that I got to see it before Jason disappears from all of our lives.

Watching Jason and Sam bond over the pictures of their son, and watching Jason be there for Sam at every moment has been long overdue, and those moments have melted my heart. Truly, it has been The Beauty of GH for me. Every little thing has made me ache for the moment Jason and Sam hold their son together and take him home as a family. If only all of this had played out long before Steve made the decision to move to TN. *sigh*

I will say that the supporting roles so much of the canvas has had in this storyline has been great – it proves that they seem to get that it doesn’t have to be a wedding or a funeral to get the entire cast involved in something. Isn’t that what happens in a small town like PC?

I am looking forward to today’s GH with more excitement than I’ve felt in a very long time. I am hoping that we get the moments we’ve been holding our breath for sooner, rather than later, but just knowing that we’ll all be sharing it together brings me incredible joy. You guys are an important part of my life, and there’s just no other way to watch GH now.

See you on Sunday morning!

Love you all,


A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…While Thinking About Goodbyes

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

I will be honest with you, as positive as I fight with myself to be, I cannot help but think about the goodbyes that await Jason and Sam…and all of us. It makes me teary and it always forces a lump into my throat whenever I think of it. *sniff*

However, as the JaSam trooper that my kids remind me I am, I have decided to persevere and try to focus on the fact that Jason and Samantha Morgan are so magical, that not even the daunting thoughts of goodbyes could make me look away. I will take very second of JaSam we have left onscreen…and on here.

I am almost sure you all will too!

Let’s start right now…

“Dance So Good” Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“You Shoulda Known Better” Credit: jmsg411

“I Was Enchanted To Meet You” Credit: kd23oth

“As Long As You Love Me” Credit: ATWTlover4ever1

“You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” Credit: Sly0789

“Goodbye For Now” Credit: JaSam4EverAlways

“Goodbye My Lover” Credit:jenn4jasam

These two vids kinda go together…

“You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Lady” Credit: aproditebeauty

This vid should get our adrenaline pumping for the week ahead: “JaSam FTW” Credit: Leylann


That was beautiful. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday than with all of you, honoring our favorite soap couple of all time!

I hope to do just that for a long time to come…


ANTICLIMACTIC…Where Else Was There To Go?

Good morning, GHers.

I almost didn’t post today to be honest. I know my view will be in the minority, but decided it is my “job” to share it anyway. 🙂  I stayed away from Twitter, Facebook and even Youtube, because I didn’t want any of the meltdowns to affect my instinctual feelings about how this Liz drama finally climaxed…rather anticlimactically.

I will be honest in that I did not expect it to go down this way. I expected some more drama. More emotion. More … MORE.

I know so many wanted Jason to rip Liz a new one, threaten to thrown her down the 15 flights she travels more and more desperately each time, or at least to flick her out on her pale butt. Yet, if we really, really look at the history of this relationship between Jason and Liz, we would see that wanting any one of those things would boil down to wanting Jason to do what WE would do if we had the chance.

You see, I didn’t take it as a slap in the face to JaSam fans. I didn’t see that he was giving Liz a “break”. Honestly, this is what I saw: (please refrain from throwing anything at me until I am done)

FIrst, let me explain a little bit of my own history with the Jason and Liz situation. I was watching when they first “got together” (and I use that term oh-so-loosely). I was watching when Jason witnessed Liz and Zander hooking up, with barely a reaction. I was watching when Liz walked out of Jason’s PH and his life, with barely a reaction. I was there for all of her jealous fights with Courtney. I was there for all of it. And the one thing that felt right about what went down in Jason’s PH all these years later, was the sameness of the “barely a reaction.” 

When we look at our own lives, there are people who hurt our feelings because of something they said – or didn’t say about us. Yeah, it stings. It hurts. But then there are the people that we love. When any of those people hurt our feelings because of something they said or didn’t say – all hell usually breaks loose. There are tears, heated exchanges, words that can never be taken back, and feelings of betrayal that may even go beyond than they should. Why? Because when we love deeply, we hurt deeply.

I have watched Jason and Liz walk in and out of each others’ lives, and even when there were tears, I have never felt anything pulling on my heartstrings. It has always felt ANTICLIMACTIC. I remember the day Liz walked out of the PH all those years ago after finding out Sonny was really alive, I called my sister and told her, “I am so done with Liz and Jason as a couple.”  And I was – and have never looked back on it. When a couple cannot make me feel something as they walk away from each other, (other than relief) something is missing!

Each time since then that Jason and Liz have walked away, I have been left feeling the same way. They have never left me feeling that there was so much passion that every emotion between them explodes – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not the way Jason and Sam do.

In fact, the moment I knew there would be magic between Jason and Sam was the moment that Jason tried to run her out of town and slammed the briefcase shut in her face. Sure, it was condescending and insulting on Jason’s part, but I think even then, Sam rankled Jason. Made him seem more alive than he had for a while. Each time they traded barbs, Jason and Sam made me smile, and wonder why they got under each other’s skin so badly. Sure enough, it was the pull of that mutual attraction that frustrated them both. Still, it wasn’t romance, but damn – not once did I watch them have one of those heated exchanges and think, “Ugh. That was ANTICLIMACTIC.” 

In fact, I remember burning quite a few dinners because I refused to miss a second of what was developing between Jason and Sam…even when it was at a snail’s pace. Yet, even when it was moving ever so slowly, I felt that it was always moving forward…growing…changing. And I couldn’t look away, because they were taking me along for the ride! Oh, how I loved the way Jason and Sam would say what they meant and mean what they said, even if it meant they said it loudly. I could feel the passion behind every word they said to each other, even when they had to apologize later. That “kinda real” dynamic made Jason and Sam so different than any other couple I had ever enjoyed, that I became a full-fledged FAN. That has never changed.

Not even when that dynamic between them led to ugly breakups and hurtful words and actions. How could Jason and Sam have ended and just walked away without the same amount of passion they loved each other with? It just wouldn’t be possible!

Which brings us back to Jason’s reaction to Liz. I imagine that RC took some time to go back and revisit the history of their relationship. I believe he took the time to watch all the things I mentioned – including all the times they walked away from each other. And I have to say, that after seeing that history, I cannot imagine that RC thought it would make sense to have some emotional, passionate blow-out between Jason and Liz at this juncture. Not after so many years and so many occasions where things between them always lead to an end that was ANTICLIMACTIC.

Sure, I saw that Liz was emotional and weepy, but Jason was stoic and focused on what he wanted – to find Sam’s baby. As Liz is pouring out her regrets, Jason comes right out and asks her if she has the real results. I thought it was incredibly telling that as Liz was explaining why she did it – blaming it on what Sam did, and then somehow wanting to believe that Jake’s life would have turned out differently if Sam hadn’t seen Maureen take him, Jason seemed to look at her the way he has so many times in the past few years – as though he felt sorry for her. Pitied her. Didn’t really know her. Even more so when Liz admitted that she didn’t want the baby bringing Jason and Sam back together – because she wanted a chance for them. Jason told her he didn’t know what she wanted him to say, but he obviously had nothing to offer on his own about the fact that he didn’t feel the same. He also didn’t reach out to her. He didn’t touch her. He didn’t hold her. He may not have threatened to kill her, but his not taking her into his arms and immediately sheltering her as he has habitually done, and instead erecting a physical boundary line did kill her. Every word he directed at her after that was meant to keep her from going off the deep end – the one he failed to see her inching towards all these months. Nothing more. No shouting or passionate outburst from Jason. Just another reminder that he would figure out how to fix this…for Sam. Liz was left to fix it for herself for the first time. (Boo-freakin-hoo!) 

That, my friends is ANTICLIMACTIC. 

And when you look at the story between these two over the years of tries and misses, you realize that this ending, like all the others, just had to be written as ANTICLIMACTIC. Where Else Was There To Go? 

At this point, I don’t need another second of Jason’s dwindling time in Port Charles spent on Liz and her latest breakdown. I want to focus on what Jason does now. On what he and Sam have left before they are ripped apart by onscreen fate and real life reality. Let’s focus on The Beauty Of GH we have left…the fact that Liz’s lies are now exposed and Jason and Sam can stop being kept apart by lies. They still have to find their son and bring him home. Let’s forget the forgettable and focus on the unforgettable…for as long as we have it.

Much Love,


Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I hope you are all having a great morning, and that you are looking forward to doing whatever makes you smile.

I have to say that it’s a little bit tougher than I imagined knowing that Steve has taped his last scenes and has walked away from that GH building for the last time (at least for the foreseeable future). I don’t really know what I will do with a Jason Morgan-less existence. He has been part of my daily life for so long…

I am truly grateful for the 21 years he gave to all of us as Jason, and I will never forget how he made me fall in love with a mobster who fell in love with the tough-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside Sam McCall. Nothing else Jason Morgan did stole my heart like that did, and the past (almost) nine years of tuning in just to see what would happen between them next were the best years on a soap for me, ever. So, while I wish Steve NOTHING but the very best, I cannot deny that he takes a little piece of my heart with him to Tennessee, because I won’t be the same without my JaSam. 😦

That being said, I hope we all take a moment to recognize and appreciate how important and invaluable these vids that we all love and count on so much really are. I have been getting my JaSam fixes here for the past few months, but I realize that I have been going through mini-marathons as the end of Steve’s incredible run comes to an end, along with our JaSam Love Story playing out onscreen. I imagine that the gift our favorite vidders have given us will seem all the more special following the last JaSam scenes. *tears*

Please, please take a moment to thank each of them for being such a huge part of The JaSam Love Story and the legacy they shared with all of us. Each vid we have in a playlist or as part of our favorites will help to keep JaSam’s Love alive and well in our hearts for years to come…and that is just plain magical. For that, we owe our vidders a huge debt of gratitude.

Thanks from me personally to all of you, for making the last three years of Sundays on Bella Mafia a time that brought us all together – no matter where we were or what we were going through! I have decided that no matter what I decide about blogging for GH, Sundays will continue to be our “thing”. No matter what is going on in Port Charles, we will continue to take  A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…with JaSam, for as long as you’re willing to go with me!

For now, get in…and let’s get going!

“Marry Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

And one more time: “Marry Me” Credit: aproditebeauty

“All I Ever Needed” Credit: charmedp3f

“Will You Be Mine?” Credit: Fair Samantha

“Husband & Wife” Credit: mcdela02

“Endless Love” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Let’s Get Married” Credit: Ro Blackett

“I’ll Stand By You” Credit: yugottahitpeople

“4Ever More” Credit: gigga143

I just knew that if I held on, (or fell asleep, like I did somewhere in the middle of posting) she would post a new vid for this week… 🙂

“Now That You’re Gone” Credit: aproditebeauty

And of course, there is no way we can celebrate their wedding week without celebrating their wedding night, and my favorite JaSam Moments:

“9/29/11 Jason & Sam Make Love” Credit: ashleycramni

“9/30/11 Jason & Sam *Home*” Credit: ashleycramni

I hope you enjoyed revisiting the week we had all been waiting and wishing for since the minute we fell in love with Jason and Sam all those years ago. I know that like me, so many of you will be “revisiting” so many of their most magical moments in the days and weeks ahead. Thanks to Youtube and our beloved vidders, the JaSam Magic lives on.

Love you all,