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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…with Michael Buble

Michael Buble is to my listening pleasure what JaSam is to my viewing pleasure…in other words, I can listen to him all day. Thanks to my daughter, who got me his CD for Christmas, now I can. You can only imagine my sheer delight when I came across JaSam vids set to Michael Buble! It was heaven!

Today’s Sunday Drive features both of my favorites all rolled up into one…and I’m dedicating today’s post to my 17-year-old baby girl, Karina! There’s nothing more fun than when she sneaks into our bed after her dad has fallen asleep, so we can watch JaSam vids together while trying not to squeal every time we watch a “good part”…when she goes off to college this year, those are the moments I’ll treasure…and miss the most! xoxoxo


“Song For You” Becky came up with this in a day “just because” I asked her for some JaSam LOVE set to one of my favorite Michael Buble songs! GORGEOUS! Some ROMANTIC JaSam moments to a very romantic song! Thanks Becky! Credit: missingJASAMalways

“Haven’t Met You Yet, 2.0” So many cute JaSam scenes that go “just right” with the song… Credit: luckiBelle

“Everything” The perfect song to remind us that Sam is “everything” to Jason…and the lyrics fit them perfectly!  Credit: luckiBelle

“Feeling Good” Sooo sexy! Guaranteed to leave you “Feeling Good!” Credit: luckiBelle

“I’m Your Man”  She did such an AMAZING job matching each of the clips to the lyrics perfectly! Be sure to listen really closely at the beginning – a favorite JaSam moment! You’ll never be able to hear this song again without picturing JaSam – trust me! Just INCREDIBLE! Credit: fightinirish1289

I cannot say enough about all of the talented people who have taken the time to give us so many beautiful vids. I hope you’ll take a moment to share your appreciation with them on their vid pages! Thanks to all of you…from the bottom of my heart! JaSam vids make me HAPPY! 😉

I truly hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Drive…Michael Buble is just awesome for a long drive, don’t ya think?

I am really looking forward to watching Jason and Sam make new memories this year…beginning this week!

Have a great Sunday everyone! 😉



My Favorite “I Love Yous”…So Far

I don’t usually post on Monday mornings, since I wait until after Monday’s episode to comment, but today isn’t just any other Monday! It’s the Monday before Jason tells Sam he loves her! That makes this Monday special – and though not as special as tomorrow will be – it’s still pretty special.

Having spent the weekend snowed in due to a massive snow storm here on the East Coast, I had some time to look back over some of my favorite JaSam moments. I realized that their “I Love Yous” are always amazing and full of emotion. So, as a gift to my fellow JaSam fans, I have compiled My Favorite “I Love Yous”…So Far, as we know the collection will be expanding after tomorrow! 😉

Sit back and enjoy some extra-special moments in anticipation of “The Moment of ’09!” tomorrow!

First “I Love You” Moment:  January, 2005 This was my 2005 Birthday Present! 😉 Just look at the look of relief when Sam says she loves him too! Credit: NickyM96

Second “I Love You” Moment: February, 2005 This was the “I Love You” After Their First Break-Up (After Baby Hope) Credit: mzn505

“We’re Even” I Love Yous: February, 2005 This was an EEEEEEEEE-worthy moment if I do say so myself! Credit: kjewel13

SOOOOOO Sweet “I Love You” Moment: July, 2005 This kind of love is “Once In A Lifetime!” Credit: kjewel13

Jason’s First “I Love You” After Memory Loss: October, 2005 Jason realizes that he’s in love with Sam, even if he can’t remember their lives together before he lost his memory. Awww…just look at how his eyes light up when he realizes it. Credit: mzn505

“I’ve Never Loved Anyone As Much As I Love You!” June, 2006 After Sam gets shot in his arms, Jason pushes Sam away to protect her, making Sam wonder if he ever really loved her. Jason sets the record straight, for all of the fanbases…he loves Sam more than anything, and she has made him happier than anybody in his entire life! That scene at the gravesite was just heartbreaking! Credit: eedernator

“We Can Get Through Anything ~ Together” December, 2006 After reuniting after the Summer of Sleaze, then going on the run after Sam was arrested for shooting Diego, and Jason leaving to track down Spinelli to clear their names, Jason goes to get Sam and “bring her home”. It was the moment we had all been waiting for since May of that year! Aahhhh! Credit: eedernator

The “I Love Yous” We Waited Two Years For! August, 2009 I believe the scream from the JaSam fans was heard ’round the world when Jason told Sam he loved her! What a moment! I always believed Jason was lucid by that point and knew what he was saying, and soon we’ll know the truth! Credit: thepowerof3p

Well, GHers, for those of you who are avid JaSam fans, the wait is almost finally over! I am counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds to tomorrow’s GH!

Let’s enjoy the moment, but let’s never forget the moments that made Jason and Sam the best Supercouple this decade in the first place!