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TGIF, GHers!

I had to take the day off from blogging yesterday because my hubby took the day off to spend time with us, and since our beloved JaSam were not on, I didn’t think you guys would miss me.

It reached a scorching 98 here yesterday! I am hoping that wherever you are, you are staying cool and comfortable.

You know, the topic of what friends are for was on my mind yesterday afternoon. (Wonder why…) It seems some people use the term without really knowing the answer. So, when I went back to watch the show on YT, I wondered throughout…“Is That What Friends Are For?”

Johnny continues to spiral down to new depths of low, and it really saddens me. Johnny’s appeal for me was always the fact that he refused to be like the rest of the power hungry insane on his family tree. That was then. Now Johnny proves almost daily that the bad, rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree, after all. Johnny has convinced cynical Carly that he has been honest with her since she gave him a second chance. He has her believing that he can be  all she needs and wants him to be. He has even managed to make her believe that her daughter is safe in getting to know him and possibly forming an attachment to him. I wonder what Jax would say or do if he knew that his precious Joss is forming connections with yet another mobster. *sigh* Surely, in order for the relationship to truly blossom between Carly and Johnny, there has to be a foundation of trust. In fact, the same things that one would look for in a friendship would have to be part of this thing between them. I just have to ask myself, when Carly finds out the gruesome and appalling truth about Johnny, will she question every decision she made while sleeping with him? I would think so. Johnny has kept secrets and lied to Carly all along. Is That What Friends (Or Lovers) Are For? Considering it’s Carly, the answer may surprise us.

I have a confession to make. I have to swallow my resentment every time I see Dr. Ewan working with Kate, and especially with Sonny. Why? Because I get that FV and RC believe in torturing couples, but guess what? Sonny and Kate look tortured to me! However, they are being tortured together, and they are handling this torture as a couple – a united front – a team. The amazing thing to me is that if anyone had told me that both Sonny and Jason would be facing the same nightmare (coincidence in story lines, or just lazy writing? Hmmm…) in that the women that each of them loved was raped, and impregnated by their rapist, I would have instantly felt sorry for Kate. I would totally have expected Sonny to be the one to take it badly, to break down, to not be able to see himself able to get past it. To abandon Kate emotionally while he was consumed by his own emotions. I would have thought that Sonny would have been the one to allow Kate to walk out and away from their life together rather than being a willing participant in getting her help and trying everything to save their relationship – especially in the form of a shrink. Boy, was I wrong. (Well, technically, the writers are wrong, but anyway…) Sonny has been completely incredible throughout this ordeal for Kate. For as much hemming and hawing as he did in the beginning when he had trouble believing she was sick, Sonny slipped into the role of supporter and friend the way I assumed Jason would have. *shakes head* The way Sonny has held Kate’s hand, whispered encouragement and acceptance, and shown his love for her has been more than commendable. It has been downright beautiful. Is That What Friends (Or Lovers) Are For? Hell yes!

Luke Spencer has always had friends in high places, and he has always had friends in low places. What he probably was not coating on was that he had a friend in a crazy place. Heather wanted her man to know that she “took care of everything”. While Luke had to work out the particulars with Heather, he finally understood that Heather got rid of the body, thinking that she was helping keep Luke out of prison and available to her. Oh! Is That What Friends  Are For? Luke really needs to work a little harder on making Heather feel appreciated, because she didn’t seem  convinced. I think she wanted to beat him over the head with the fact that she did it all for him! Didn’t he get that? *rme* While I will concede that Robin Mattson plays crazy with the perfect balance of over the top and cool as a cucumber, I really wish that someone would finally out an end to this woman’s reign of terror.

Enter McCall & Jackal. First of all, how wonderful was it to see Spin and Sam working together again? It did my heart good to see Sam finally have some support from someone who loves both her and Jason! Spin loves Sam, but he also holds Jason in the highest regard. He wants what is best for the both of them, and I believe that he will work tirelessly to remind them both of how much they had to overcome to find one another, and Love, again. I have to believe that Spin won’t let them lost all they found. Not again. Is That What Friends Are For? YES! YES! YES! Thank goodness Sam is finally being afforded a friend during this terrible time in her life! It also did my heart good to hear that the subject of Heather was first and foremost on their radar. I am hoping against all hope that this latest case they are taking on together will lead to finding out the truth about our Baby JJ!

Based on the conversations on Twitter since Tuesday night, I thought I would tune in Thursday and watch a show that would have me going to the cabinet for anti-anxiety meds. Yet, I have to tell you that there wasn’t even enough in those scenes to change my heart rate. *yawn* What I did see was yet another pointless scene that didn’t really make sense when you know the recent trajectory of the characters involved. In a million years, neither Ron Carlivati nor Frank Valentini would be able to explain to me why Jason would go knock on Liz’s door to talk about his love for Sam, and his fear over the possibility of losing her, other than to make most of giggle at the irony of it all. Why wouldn’t he go to Carly, or Michael, or Monica? *shrugs*

As out of place as those scenes were, they did reinforce what we already know:

  1. Liz feels compelled to make every conversation she has with Jason somehow tie into Jake. It’s her go-to conversation each and every time. It’s as if she must try to remind Jason that they “had a connection” at every turn, and it always, ALWAYS sounds manipulative to me. Liz cannot have it both ways. She is either there for Jason as a friend, or she tries to hold onto what they had – which let’s face it: what they had was Jake. Jason was there in agony over his wife, hurting enough already. Why keep dragging out the “Jake card” to add to his guilt and pain? Is That What Friends Are For? Not in my book!
  2. Jason still desperately loves his wife, as he told Liz in plain english.In fact, Jason is single-mindedly All. About. Sam. So much so that even when Liz tried to absolve Jason of all wrongdoing and guilt by trying to blame Sam for what happened to the baby (I could have smacked some color into her pale face when she made the comment about the planter!), Jason reiterated that Sam wasn’t to blame; he was. (I am keeping track of the points he is earning with me) He is devastated about the choices that led to them being apart, and he wants their life back – the life they had when they started that journey together as husband and wife. I actually felt something close to love again when Jason was reminiscing to Liz about his wedding day! He remembered the smile on Sam’s face – how happy they were…how perfect things were! And he said it all to the woman he never married. I really do believe that Liz heard something else, as it caused her to move in and hang onto him like a freakin’ deer tick! It’s why her comment to Jason about that being what friends are for really irked me. She is on a different wavelength as Jason. She is listening for ways to blame Sam instead of genuinely listening for ways to help out a friend. And if anyone missed her transparent, “You know you can come to me for anything, get your Ho Radar fixed! What I heard was something dangerously close to the invitation Dolly Parton issued in “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.” Liz is hoping and praying that Jason’s anguish and heartbreak will lead to another drunken night of vulnerability. Now, I ask, “Is THAT What Friends Are For?” I guess it depends on the establishment (see above reference).

Friends, I hope we can keep our eyes on the prize here. We have got to help our fellow JaSammers to stop melting down over the possibility of Jiz scenes. Really, the only people who should have been upset by Jason going to see Liz after trying to support Sam at the baby’s funeral, are the fans who are obviously not over Jason not going to Jake’s service. It seems that we were right in that the deepest connection two people can share is LOVE. Babies should be a product of that LOVE, not the other way around. This is where Liz, and the fans of that pairing get it twisted. This is why we have got to make sure we aren’t wasting any time or energy causing “buzz” over nothing.

Especially when all that time and energy can be used more wisely, as in supporting our couple! Let’s keep reminding each other of that! “Is THAT What Friends Are For?” 

Oh, yes!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

A little inspiration to take with: “When A Man Loves A Woman” Credit: jmsg411



A Tale Of Two Women

Good morning, GHers!

I hope you all had a restful weekend, and for all of the moms – I hope you were spoiled rotten on our special day!

I actually got in a nap during GH today, as I found it to be a bit boring, but I did manage to catch up, and realized that for just about all the men in Port Charles, the story trying to be sold was A Tale Of Two Women. 

For Todd it was a double whammy. First, he overheard the tortured confession of Kate Howard her attorney, stating that she thought Connie might have been the one to shoot out Anthony’s  tires that night, in effect being the reason for Cole and Hope’s deaths. I must interject here and say that it would be rude of me not to mention once again what an outstanding job that Kelly Sullivan is doing with this storyline! I mean, wow! I am now entirely pulling for Kate here, because how could I not? The woman had no control over Connie’s actions, and Kate is so convincingly remorseful that I honestly feel for her! Somehow, Ms. Sullivan has even managed to get me to feel for Connie, who was only manifesting in order to “save” Kate from a fate known as death. Todd heard enough that he now knows there is A Tale Of Two Women, but he didn’t really know what, or who, the hell Kate was talking about, but I have a feeling that Carly is going to be all too happy to fill him in! Which bring me to the next Tale of Two Women surrounding Todd (because God forbid that an OLTL character not have more story than a GH character) Carly finally met the other former Mrs. Todd Manning, Téa Delgado. I may not be a huge fan of all the OLTLers taking up so much screen time without even giving the GH viewers a chance to warm up to them, but I will say this: Téa is one character GH could use more of. She is strong, independent, and smart as hell. I love that she immediately gee Carly a run for her money at bitchiness, and I love that Alexis will have another smart woman to spar with. Carly thinks she likes Blair more; I’d bet it had a little something to do with the fact that Téa told Carly exactly how things are, instead of pulling up a chair at the MC bar to toast crappy exes. Téa would much rather do something about a crappy ex, than just get drunk and commiserate over him. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Téa’s brother Tomas really does turn out to be the man formerly known as Lorenzo Alcazar, as rumors suggest? I don’t think she and Carly would be bonding as in-laws any time soon.

Also not bonding as possible future in-laws are Liv and the crazy-ass Heather in Steve Webber’s unfortunate Tale Of Two Women. Both women claim to love him, but one woman is dangerous to the health of any other woman around him, and always has been. Why Steve can’t seem to piece together that his mother’s arrival in his life almost completely coincided with Maggie’s mysterious confession and suicide is beyond me, especially when Olivia, who by her own admission is not really that familiar with mental illness, seems to have the whole thing under suspicion, if not figured out just yet. If nothing else, I would think Heather’s ill-timed suggestion for a “celebration” over a BLT would have set off an alarm bell for Steve…but apparently not. And to think that Steve was once a specialist in forensic medicine. Pffft…shouldn’t he at least investigate Maggie’s death?

Speaking of Heather, she is quickly becoming the other woman in A Tale Of Two Women in Luke’s life, besides Anna. You’ve gotta hand it to Robin Matheson, she can play SOAP crazy with the best of them! Her phone call to Luke was comical, if not indicative as to how seriously deranged Heather really is. I thought it was cute that Luke, who plays cat and mouse with the sinister Helena Cassadine and thinks nothing of it, immediately had his number changed just to keep Heather from being able to reach him. She freaks him out like no other loon can, and even Anna thinks that is hilarious! I must admit that I am liking the Luke and Anna bonding more than I thought I would. I thought that moment where Luke realized he was kinda mesmerized by her smile was sweet, and the shock Anna registered was equally so. Even nicer were the scenes where Anna and Luke were bonding with their grandchildren – something that might never have happened under Guza. I think I might like where this is going…

It appears that Ron Carlivati is trying to convince viewers that there is A Tale Of Two Women in Jason’s life. And while there may be two women crossing paths with him, it is quite obvious that there is only one woman in Jason’s heart. I think I may have said once (or twice) before that it never ceases to amaze me that so much of Jason’s “relationship” with Liz must involve a child. For years, it was Jake, and how he served as a connection for them. *sigh* This time, it was Emma, Robin’s daughter, who served as the thing that created something for them to seemingly connect over, though I am not sure the connection had anything to do with them, but Jason’s past relationship with Robin. Either way, Liz seemed more than thrilled to have a reason to talk to Jason, even though once again, even she could not deny the obvious: that Jason loves Sam. Jason was dangerously close to making this into A Tale Of Three Women, as he is (to quote Jason himself) “acting like a little bitch!” I don’t know if it’s Liz’s effect, but he has gotten so freakin’ whiny! Whaa, whaa, whaa! Sam wants to be closer to McBain. Whaa! Sam doesn’t need me! Whaa! I can’t stop think ing about Franco! Oh, please! Jason, get a freakin’ grip! I still swear that Jason is the one experiencing “sympathy” hormones for his wife, because he is a hot mess! He is so afraid of saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing where Sam is concerned, that he doesn’t even know what to do anymore. To be fair, this is all fairly new to Jason. Sam has been the only woman he has ever fought to keep, as every other woman he has just watched walk away. And it’s been so long since he had to fight, I think he is a little rusty…or even a little chicken…or maybe a little of both. Maybe Jason really does believe that Sam wants to be with McBain because he fears that he is not being what she needs him to be right now. Maybe he does worry that Sam doesn’t need him anymore. The problem is that unless he overcomes the fear that he just may be right, he may lose her by default! One thing was crystal clear: for Jason, it’s A Tale Of One Woman. The minute he left Kelly’s, (right after Liz told him she would be thinking about him), it was clear to everyone that Jason was thinking about one woman. His wife, Samantha Morgan. So, without really stopping to think about it, he rushes over to the motel, just to wish her a “Happy Birthday”. He didn’t need to be reminded that it was Sam’s birthday, and he didn’t really know what else to say, but he needed her to know that he remembered. That was a step in the right direction.

From what I understand, it will be a long road before us JaSam fans are back to feeling the love we were feeling under Garin Wolf, or even Guza for that matter. Ron Carlivati has a sad, twisted idea of what we want to see onscreen. Other than reminding him every day via every available mode of communication, and logging out of our Nielsen boxes when we are getting something we don’t want to see, I am not sure there is anything else we can do but wait as patiently as possible.

However, I will tell you again, that losing by default is not an option! There will be no giving in, giving up, or giving them any thing without a fight!

It’s more important than ever that for TPTB, we don’t each become A Tale Of Two Women, where one minute we are #TeamJaSam, and the next minute we are jumping ship, and choosing one or the other. This is the time to be rock-solid supporters of our couple, even if we detest the way they are being written!

Let’s hang in there, JaSammers!

Love you all, 


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Good morning, GHers!

The makers of Kleenex better pray that General Hospital stays on the air, because their sales will take a dip if it doesn’t! There is never a shortage of tears in Port Charles…they seem to be INFECTIOUS, like so many other things there!

Patrick just about breaks my heart. He is just trying so hard to keep it together and not lose it on the wife that may not have much time left with him and their daughter, but I will tell you that I don’t know how he does it. As I watched and listened to Patrick struggling to take it all in, I really wished that Robin could step away from it for a minute and hear what was really going on around her. I wished she could hear herself telling Patrick that she lied to him, trusted another man with her secret, planned out his and their daughter’s life without even their input, and then went to a mutual friend, and asked her to step in and take over her life, all because she basically wanted to control the how, when, and where they would finally deal with her disease. Patrick has totally  tried to make amends for the way he hurt his wife and their marriage, and I give him  lot of credit for extending such forgiveness and understanding towards his wife. I am not sure that if put in that situation, where my husband kept anything of importance from me, while sharing it with a woman from his past, regardless of the reasoning behind it, that I would be forgiving at all, much less THAT forgiving. I guess the on thing that is not INFECTIOUS is that kind of tolerance and forbearance. I hope that Robin truly realizes who her husband really is, and learns to respect him as such.

I am not sure when it happened, but Sonny Corinthos stopped being the mobster with the heart of gold, and has become rather heartless. By comparison, John Zacchara has taken over that role, truly and fully. While I totally get that Sonny considers John a mortal enemy, I don’t understand how Sonny could be so sold and callous towards someone whose loved one was murdered by his son, especially because of how gracious John has been towards Michael. Let’s face it, if John was half the bastard (no pun intended) that Sonny thinks him to be, Michael would have already been been a Zacchara soldier. Instead, John has refused to use Michael, and has even been such a gentleman as to refuse to use Michael’s mother, even though she so obviously wanted to be used. What does Sonny do with that? He callously goes over to John’s place, and taunts him about the fact that he’s a Soleito, not a Zacchara.  I thought that was more than enough to satisfy Sonny’s unhealthy hunger to hurt John, but, no. I will admit hat I wanted to be angry at Sonny for being so cruel, but dammit – that smile of his is so INFECTIOUS that I caught myself smiling when he did! (I know, I know – I am hanging my head in shame.) I just fail to see how John came to deserve such a ruthless attack, that Sonny would throw the fact that Claudia, a woman Sonny abused in every possible way but physically as John looked on, and who was murdered and disposed of like trash under Sonny’s orders, was really John’s mother. Did Sonny already forget the little boy in the closet back in Bensonhurst? Did he forget what happened to his mother, and how that has haunted him his entire life? I guess not, and that is why he used it to bring John to his knees. As if John wasn’t guilty enough that he didn’t protect his sister, he may just lose his mind now that he knows he failed to protect his mother. And not just the mother he was told about, but couldn’t remember, but the woman who protected him so ferociously, it bordered on bizarre.  It kind of turned my stomach that Sonny took so much pleasure in this, and it totally made me want to protect John, a la Olivia Falconeri! I hope Carly does “take care” of John, and then takes that much pleasure in telling Sonny just how much better John was. 😉

If only Anthony knew what was going on at home while he was completely focused on getting hitched. He may not be John’s father, but John is his grandson, and his blood. I think unlike John, Anthony would have blown Sonny’s head off on the spot. Instead, he was smiling away for the photographer, and making happy memories, Sonny and John the furthest things from his mind. I guess we should all be thankful for the Zacchara-Quartermaine Wedding, as at least there were some chuckles and merriment! Who’s with me on hoping that laughter will become INFECTIOUS among the residents of Port Charles?

Back at the hospital, Olivia better step up her game. It seems that Maggie is a little more INFECTIOUS than Olivia initially thought. Liv seems to have lost control of how much of Steve Maggie and their Memphis Memories have affected. If she leaves this condition untreated, Liv may find it’s too late, and she will lose the man she cares more about than she’s willing to admit – even to herself.

Also at the hospital, we were reminded of how INFECTIOUS Liz Webber can be. Like any infection, it seems she is on the warpath for any sign of weakness or vulnerability, so that she can attack and find a way in. Seeing Jason at the hospital, she first tried concern. When Jason failed to give her specifics, or turn to her for comfort, she turned to the only connection she and Jason ever really hadSECRETS. She asked Jason about Robin so that she could rally any of his susceptibilities to feeling helpless about his old friend, Robin. We’ve gotta hand it to her, Liz was obviously paying attention in class that day. When even that failed, Liz pulled out the one, ratty, old card she keeps in her scrubs pocket: Jake. Her watery mention of what a blessing it is to be a parent may have gotten Jason to utter the one word that she can sill cling to – their son’s name, but it failed to garner her a reason to cling to Jason again. She’s so pathetic! Sadly for Liz, TRUE LOVE seems to have boosted Jason’s immunity to her old tricks, because the minute his wife came into view, he proved he has built up quite a resistance when he walked away with barely a word! *snap*

Jason’s brain may still be misfiring, but his heart is shooting as straight, and as steady as I’ve ever seen. Jason has made quite the science of saying just the right things at just the right time to Sam since she broke the news of her pregnancy to him. He was an absolute rock in that exam room as they waited for Dr. Lee, handled the awkward questions so that Sam wouldn’t have to, and let Sam know that while he supported her, it was ultimately her decision for having the test or not. It reminded me of the last baby story Jason and Sam were involved in – you know, the one that brought them into each other’s orbits, and ultimately, brought them together. Jason seems to feed off of caring for the love of his life, and protecting her has the ability to fight off whatever else is ailing him. Somehow, that love Jason has for taking care of Sam is INFECTIOUS, and Sam in turn, takes great joy in taking care of. and protecting Jason, just like during her first pregnancy.

I loved that Jason was so concerned about Sam after the test (which, by the way, I still don’t understand) and wanted to make sure she was okay physically before leaving the hospital. More than that, I fell in love with Jason  even more when he took the time to make sure she was okay emotionally, too.

Jason telling Sam ,“No matter what happens, you have me. Nothing’s gonna change that,” especially within eavesdropping range, was pure matrimonial magic for me! 

Jason and Sam and their LOVE are INFECTIOUS. They wormed their way into our hearts, and make watching General Hospital worth the time, the effort, and the loyalty. They are the one thing I don’t ever want to be cured of! However, I wouldn’t mind a little laughter as medicine!


Hang in there, JaSammers! We’ve gotten over the first Baby Bump!

Much Love,




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Happy Hump Day, GHers!

Our favorite Port Charles residents have a variety of reason for the way they behave, for the way they deal with the stresses of life, and for the way they just cannot deal. Usually, it has to do with how they handle FACING THE GIANTS.

Whether in their past, or on their back, until they’ve dealt with the giants that stalk them with thoughts of fear, failure, or guilt, most people will forever live in the shadow of said GIANT. I’ve known a few in my life…haven’t we all?

I fear that the giant Carly faces is the one that came about from having been adopted. Carly came to town seeking revenge on her mother, whom she felt abandoned her when she gave her up, so it was definitely something that shaped Carly. I just think that most of us may have thought she had defeated that giant after destroying her Bobbie’s marriage to Tony Jones. But clearly, that is not the case. I believe Carly is still dealing with that abandonment today, whether she knows it or not. I mean, why else does Carly have this (annoying) unending need to be be needed and/or wanted by every man that pays her any kind of attention? All they have to do is show her some kind of decency and Carly needs to have them at her back and call, and usually in her bed as well. She did it with Jason. WIth Sonny. With Jax. And now she’s doing it with Shawn. It drives me nuts! I just want to shake her and remind her that her daughter is in terrible danger – the kind of danger poor Michael found in prison – and yet all she can think about is getting laid! UGH! Carly’s children could stand for their mom to spend some time FACING THE GIANTS of her past.

Lucky Spencer has a whole team of Giants he’s trying to outrun as he tries to move towards the future. The problem is that so many of those giants are #TeamLiz, and its hard for Lucky to disentangle himself from one, without it appearing as though he is trying to disentangle himself from all. Every time he tries to put some distance between himself and Elizabeth, she accuses him of ditching his kids and responsibilities. I know I once wondered what exactly made Liz an artist, but never mind. She is an artist of manipulation, for sure. There was no way that Lucky was going to escape her trap unscathed, and I think Lucky knew that. I just don’t think he realized she would use every single trick in (literally) her bag of tricks. She used the past, the present, the future. She resorted to using every angle, every memory, every reference to their good ol’ days she could think of. She then tried shaming him, guilting him, and even taunting him about his drug addiction, knowing full well that she was his supplier this last time around. Worst of all, Liz sunk to a new low by yelling at Lucky about his dead wife, his crazy mother, and about how she is working her butt off to try and keep a roof over the boys’ heads, but never mentioned she gambled with and lost the $5 million she earned from Jason, without a thought to the buys’ future. What a bitch! Thankfully, Lucky stayed strong against the real dirty habit in this relationship: Liz herself. Lucky listened, he heard her, and tried to get her to list to herself. He reminded her that they had to grow up, and even grow apart in order to get some real room for growth. Finally, Lucky let her know that as difficult as it seems, she is going to have to start FACING THE GIANTS of their failed relationships in order for her to see the cold, hard truth: that they are toxic for one another, and for everyone else in their lives, as long as they are staying stuck in the past only because it’s familiar. Lucky said Liz needs help, and he was right. Funny thing is he said that even before Liz tried to create copycat pillow art in order to get his attention. Shady Brook, I need to make a reservation…

Sonny’s entire life has been shaped by the Giants of his childhood. It’s the reason the Mob was such a great fit for his life, it’s the reason he needed to call all the shots, and it’s the reason that even with all of the control he can exercise with just a snap of his fingers, Sonny still fights so often between keeping control and losing it. Sonny’s childhood was traumatic in the saddest kind of way. Not only was he made to listen to his mother being beaten while he was locked away and helpless to do anything, but apparently, was the one blamed for killing his mother back in the ‘hood. Poor Sonny. I really pray he packed his medication for this trip, he is definitely gonna need it. I felt a lump in my throat when Sonny had to face one of those giants in that little boy he was, crying in the corner of the closet. As much as this is going to hurt and torture Sonny, I really do believe it will be a healing process as well. FACING THE GIANTS of his past will help Sonny to slay some of them as well, this way they can’t follow him around for the rest of his life.

I guess it’s a good thing that Michael got used to not depending on his parents when he needed them most early. If not, he’d be lost right now as he tries to deal with one of the scariest giants of his life: having been a pawn in Franco’s sick game with Jason. There really is no easy way to deal with that kind of giant, is there? Michael is projecting all kinds of feelings onto Abby’s stripper friends, because I guess deep down he resents that he did nothing to put himself in that kind of danger and still got attacked, while in his young and ignorant head, the dancers are making a choice to be vulnerable. Is it right? No. Does it make sense? Perhaps only to Michael, but that’s where it’s coming from. I know that Michael saw a therapist a couple of times at least, but that is just not the same as FACING THE GIANTS he’s been trying to hide from under all that anger and misplaced bravery for running the Mob. Which is why Michael is so often out of control. Luckily, this time, he is fortunate enough to have Aunt Sam around to keep him from going off the deep end.

Luckily for Sam as well that something and someone will finally cause her to let out her own anger and misplaced bravery, which she’s been keeping a tight lid on for fear that she will send Jason off the deep end instead. Poor Sam. Not only does she not have a point of reference to connect all of these feelings to since she can’t remember the attack Jason saw, but she is obviously trying to convince herself that she shouldn’t even have feelings – or at least not feelings that anyone might see. Each time Michael got close to getting Sam to let it out, she caught herself and pushed it all back down…until that last time. Sam may finally lose the battle with herself and release whatever it is she’s feeling, if only because she can do it without looking into Jason’s already tormented eyes while she does it. Have I already said, “Poor Sam”*screams in frustration* Doesn’t it make you crazy that the very love that is keeping Jason and Sam alive is the very thing that is keeping them from being able to open up to each other and share it? Angst may make for good soap, but it sure does not make for easy viewing! I can feel myself tensing up as I watch Sam struggle to keep her emotions in check, and her reactions unnoticeable. Sam seems terrified of FACING THE GIANTS that torment her, because it’s not just a giant named Franco; it’s also a giant known as Jason’s Rage.

While the hard-ass in me refuses to say “poor Jason”, I will admit that my heart breaks for him as well. (Do not tell my mother) It’s as if Jason is always trying to keep track of Sam, never wanting her to be too far out of reach, yet always tip-toeing around her when he finally finds her, afraid to trespass across her protective shield, visible only to him. One minute Jason is promising her to find Franco and end this torture for the both of them, and the next minute he’s the one acting as though the pain will never end. Jason is torn, and I don’t just mean emotionally. His heart and soul are painfully torn, making his hurt for what has happened to his wife and their life together, physical as well. Thing is, I don’t know if I see Jason FACING THE GIANTS of this agony any time soon. Helplessness is the worst weakness for Jason, so when he can’t seem to fix what is wrong with Sam, he has a knee-jerk reaction to fix anything he possibly can, and he’s off…on a desperate search. My greatest fear for Jason in these situations is what he’ll end up finding, because as out of control as he is, it can only mean trouble. I only wish they weren’t both choking on pain, because they vowed to never bring pain to the cabin Jason built for them, and yet, I cannot think of a safer place for them to find some peace and healing. I guess before Jason and Sam can find a physical safe place to be together again, they first need to find an emotional safe place to be together.


You know guys, if there is one thing I cannot abide it’s a HATER. You guys will not believe this, but there is actually a Haters Campaign whose sole purpose in their miserable little lives is to go find JaSam vids that are popular or most viewed, and leave nasty comments about JaSam or Kelly. You may have noticed a couple of shady users on YT suddenly showing up to comment, sometimes even to each other. I guess they finally got tired of making up fake Twitter accounts… They are convinced this campaign of ridiculousness “will alert the new bosses at GH that JaSam as a couple is…wait for it – lame.” 


I swear, sometimes if I didn’t see this crap with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. Way to save our soaps, huh?

Anyway, #TeamPositive, just thought I’d give you a heads up on the latest run of stupidity. I didn’t want to be the only one shaking my head in disbelief. Unfortunately, this is a perfect example of what happens when people refuse to FACE THE GIANTS of jealousy and hatred for themselves.

Thankfully, I know their bitterness will be buried alive as we FACE THE NEW GIANTS of GH with our LOVE for our beloved soap, and our beloved actors.


😉 I knew it.

Much love,



Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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How are you doing after the roller coaster ride of change over at our favorite soap, GHers?

I have to be honest and tell you that I had a very busy weekend, with lots of company, and STILL every time I had a moment to myself – whether I was pouring coffee, slicing birthday cake (Happy Birthday to my sister, godmother, and niece!), or even cleaning up, I found my mind drifting back to my beloved General Hospital and what the further holds for my favorite hangout – Port Charles. How could it not? I don’t even know what I will do during my 3:00 hour, and don’t even get me started on how I will survive without all of you to talk to everyday! ;(

My friends, OLD HABITS DIE HARD…and you are definitely my favorite habit!

But…I finally decided that I can’t focus on thoughts of the end. We all have to focus on how this all started…finding The Beauty of GH daily, and still finding a way to “Focus on the things that keep us watching” every single day it’s on.

I would have to say that on this JaSam-less day, the things that kept me watching, and quite interested, if I do say so myself, were the scenes between Mac and Alexis. I was just telling my Karina that there was a time long ago when Mac was the hot, blue-eyed guy, and he kept me watching. It’s been kind of tough over the years to watch Mac get relegated to the “awful PC cops” pile, and his dialogue reduced to a few hollow threats against PC’s finest mobsters, and a couple of concerned dad or uncle scenes with Maxie and Robin annually. It was nice to see Mac tease us all with the possibility that perhaps he could have been the Lisa Niles’ murderer, if only because I got to see him acting again. While I may have grown bored with the extremely sporadic Mac/Alexis scenes we’ve gotten over the past couple of years, I have always thought that having Mac and Alexis together could work if the freakin’ writers would actually commit to writing them! The way I see it, I would rather see Nancy and John on more together, than to not have them on while not putting them together. And I have always said that Robin, Maxie and Georgie turned out to be better people because of the dad role Mac played in their lives. Kristina and Molly could both use some reigning in, and Alexis could use some letting loose, if you catch my drift. Yet, as I said, OLD HABITS DIE HARD. Not only were the writers teasing us again, Alexis was back to self-sabatoging her chances with anyone halfway decent. I did think Mac’s dialogue was refreshingly fun today, and I think he should really pursue Alexis as if he meant it, instead of half-assed. Does anyone have Molly’s number? Maybe she’ll help me!

Every time I watch a Lucky scene these days, I wonder how many more Jonathan Jackson has left. *sniffle* That thought makes me sad. Especially when I watch his scenes with Luke, and think back to the magic these two actors have created over the years. Their scenes on Monday were no different. They both drive themselves to real emotion in every scene, and I always catch myself thinking that they imagine their upcoming real good-byes in order to get to that place of emotion. Luke may be a dead beat, and he may be a crappy dad, but I’ll tell you what. He was right on the money when it came to Liz…AGAIN. May I just say that I am just disgusted with Liz. It wasn’t that long ago that Liz was telling Jason that she couldn’t blame Luke for the accident that killed Jake because Luke had been her father-in-law twice, and had been good to her, and hadn’t judged her when he found out about her banging his son’s brother. In other words, when it was convenient for her. Now it seems that what works best for her is Lucky worrying about Liz falling apart, and so it seems that Liz is now not only blaming Luke, but she will lay her nervous breakdown at his feet as well. While I will always scratch my head in wonder over how Luke faced absolutely no punishment for what happened with Jake, I am irked by the fact that Liz flip-flops on where she stands almost as much as she flip-flops between the men who tickle her...fancy. When Liz accused Luke of not taking an interest in her boys because they were not Lucky’s actual sons, I wondered why that would be such a shock to her. If my son married some chick who kept sleeping around and having babies with other men, all while she kept reeling him in as her kids’ “dad”, I’d slap my son upside the head, yes. But trust me, I would not be playing grandma to her bastards either. In fact, I think it’s disrespectful for Liz to have expected that of Luke. He wasn’t obligated to her one-night-stand babies, any more than Lucky was. I am sorry, but it’s enough that Lucky has always played dad to her boys only whenever it was convenient to Liz. When she was tired of Lucky and hot for Jason after their ONS, she didn’t want Lucky in their lives. Yet, the minute Lucky showed signs of moving on, she would manipulate his daddy strings like a puppet. She did the same thing with Jason, as well as with Nikolas. Even worse, she played with her kids’ feelings as well. When she was “in love” with Jason, she would parade Cameron and Jake in front of him, and encourage them to embrace him, as if Lucky could be replaced in their lives. It made me sick! I am so grateful that Luke was there to keep Lucky from running to coddle her after her screeching fit in the hallway, and that he reminded Lucky that OLD HABITS DIE HARD. Lucky has given up enough to rescue Liz over the years. It’s time to allow her to rescue her damned self.

I really wish Luke just wouldn’t be so damned predictable. It was as if Lucky had written the script for what Luke would do next based on his life as Luke’s son, and considering that life was filled with more than its fair share of disappointment, I am almost sure Lucky expected Luke to run. OLD HABITS DIE HARD. Why can’t Luke for once, when his son obviously needs him most, do the exact opposite of what’s expected and stay – and fight to move forward with Lucky? Why? And Ethan! It’s no wonder he is over at Wyndemere chasing what he thought was a freakin’ ghost! His father has been little more than a ghost since they found each other! I wish someone would shoot Luke in the foot or the leg, just so that he would be forced to stay put long enough to put in an honest day’s work at being the parent his kids need, dammit!

Take Lulu. She may be unemployed, but she has seemingly made a career for herself out of arguing with her fiancé. *sigh* I was tired of this argument when they first had it, and that was months ago! I wonder if hearing Dante say that if she wants to be with him, she has to accept him – and his job…or NOT… had any more impact on Lulu, than it has had on the Jiz fans. Jeez. When will people get it? Loving someone means that you aren’t trying to make them into someone other than they were when you fell in love with them. If someone changed who they were after you were in love and had built a life together, that would mean all bets were off, and it would be grounds for ending a relationship because it would be based on “Fraud”. That is not the case here. (Neither was it the case in the other “situation” I mentioned) Lulu knew exactly who Dante was when she fell for him. In fact, thanks to her, everyone else found out exactly who Dante was – an undercover cop. No assignment Dante had, or could ever have, could be more risky than when he infiltrated Sonny’s organization to get enough information to put him away. Yet that didn’t stop Lulu from falling for him, or from defending him and stabbing her closest friends and family in the back. But…OLD HABITS DIE HARD and Lulu has made quite the habit of turning her relationships into shouting matches. Let him go, Lulu. Go be miserable on your own. Just please pick up the ring and return it to him, as it’s going to take him years to pay that rock off on a cop’s salary. Besides, if the rumors are true, some other chick may be interested in shouting, “Dante, Dante!” soon enough. Hint (Not for those who are spoiler free):

Robin and Patrick make me so sad now. *sniff, sniff* From what Robin was trying to say to Patrick, before he totally jumped to conclusions, I take it that Robin was so caught up in the Lisa thing, and the COS thing at the hospital, that she may have neglected her medical care. The thought of that breaks my heart, and not just because Robin is famous for being a neurotic control freak, and I cannot imagine such a thing. But also because I cannot bear the thought of Robin leaving Emma and Patrick and the life she always dreamed of because of something she did – or didn’t do. I truly wanted Patrick and Robin to finally get it together and make their marriage work, in spite of all the mistakes they’ve made. They have definitely had their share of angst over the years; I think they’ve earned some happy cruising. However, who could blame the lovely Kimberly for pursuing her professional goals, especially at this point in the game? I wish her nothing but the best, and I wish the writers would find a way to accommodate her departure without breaking thousands of hearts. I also have a wish for the characters of Patrick and Robin, and that is that they would take the time to really listen to each other, instead of trying to be the one to take control of the situation. Maybe then Robin would hear the Patrick is terrified that she committed murder, and then maybe Patrick would hear that Robin is terrified that she is going to lose him and Emma and everything she ever wanted. But who am I kidding? We’re talking about the Doctors Drake – and for these two egotistical control freaks, OLD HABITS DIE HARD.

I will admit that even for me, OLD HABITS DIE HARD.  It’s nearly impossible for me to think about General Hospital without thinking of the couple that took my love for my old friend, GH, to a whole new level. And when I think about all of the changes that lie ahead of us, I can’t help but think that nothing is more important than letting the new team know just how committed we have been to the daytime genre, and especially to our GH. We need to be more positive than ever in letting them know what  – or who, has kept us tuning in, even when the going got rough. NO OTHER COUPLE HAS HAD TO OVERCOME MORE, OR DEAL WITH MORE ANGST THAN JASON AND SAM.

Really – take the time to let the new team know which stories have touched you, and pulled you in and kept you invested. Let them know what you enjoy, and what you are looking forward to most during their time at GH, and for however much time GH has left. This is not the time to complain, or to make threats. (Though I know that’s not us anyway). This is the time to share your favorite moments in GH history, and in the history of your favorite families, friendships, and of course, LOVE STORIES. Let  them know that you are still a firm believer in SUPERCOUPLES, and in the premise that LOVE TRULY CAN CONQUER ALL. I don’t know how much history the new team will have a chance to get acquainted with before they are calling the shots, and writing the stories, but letting them know what it is about that history that has made the biggest impact on you as a viewer has got to count for something.

Make your love for GH count for something…



Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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Hey there, GHers!

I couldn’t watch GH today, but I caught up on Youtube, and I’ve gotta admit; I am feeling a little bit suspicious like Kate.

After sitting through the show, I had the same thought: “Are They Just Trying To Yank My Chain?”

I mean how else could I explain the stuff onscreen?

I mean…

What the heck was going on between Sonny and Luke? I have watched this show long enough that to know Sonny and Luke have had plenty more to be pissed with each other over than Sonny lending out his warehouse for the intervention staged by Luke’s kids. Does anyone else remember when Luke helped Faith Roscoe escape prison, and she ended up using the opportunity to kidnap all three of Sonny’s children? Sonny was going to have Luke fitted with cement shoes! Yet, their friendship won out. And not that long ago, Luke killed Sonny’s best friend’s son. Ran him over, and left him on the road like road kill. Am I supposed to believe that Luke is really at Sonny’s trying to pick a fight over the intervention? Talking down to him, jumping on his heavily-medicated nerves, and throwing his long line of failed relationships in his face? Come on! Are they just trying to yank my chain? 

You know, in trying to be fair, I actually spent some time trying to remember some quality time that Auntie Lulu has spent with Cameron or Aiden recently – while they were awake. *scratches head* I came up empty. But okay, even if I got past that, why do I feel as though I keep listening to the same argument between Lulu and Dante over and over and over again? Lulu nags, Dante begs, and round and round they go. Lulu won’t wear the ring, Dante won’t stop asking, and it’s the same conversation by a different script writer yet again. Are they just trying to yank my chain? Stop the madness! Lulu needs to decide whether or not she wants to marry Dante and be a cop’s wife, and Dante needs to decide if he really wants to be a cop…full-time, and not just when he needs to prove his father, or mother, innocent, or only when Lulu feels he can be a cop. *rolling my eyes*

If only Lucky weren’t falling asleep at all the wrong times, he may have already heard that the trip to Ireland was apparently part of Siobhan’s last revenge on her husband for treating her so poorly, because she wanted him to go all the way to Ireland so that she and “Jake” could tell him to go all the way back home, and fast. Are they just trying to yank my chain? You mean to tell me that I have to keep my own eyes open during this sleep-inducing, poorly lit storyline, and Lucky didn’t even get to see or hear the messages from beyond while awake? He could’ve stayed home and dreamed this shit!

Patrick and Robin seem to have a problem, and it’s not one I see a solution for anywhere on the horizon. Patrick and Robin are just plain awful at trying to appear innocent when they are both struggling with guilt. Not only are they talking out loud about the fact that Robin may have not only been the last one to see Lisa alive, but the one that may have murdered her, they have even managed to convince Uncle Mac that Robin is a suspect. Might I add that Robin is just about the worst suspect ever? Who else decided to recall the possible murder weapon at the exact moment they are being questioned? Ugh. Are they just trying to yank my chain? Robin is a freakin’ Scorpio for cryin’ out loud! Why is she so awful at this?

Maybe Steve could offer Robin a lesson or two on keeping a poker face…and a secret. For months, Olivia has been trying to get Steve to open up about his life back in Memphis. She’s employed sex, barbecue ribs, and a stripper pole, all to no avail. Whenever the subject came up, Steve either shut down, or took her down. Either way, his secret remained safe. That was until Maggie showed up, and basically blew Steve’s secret right out of the water. Of course Olivia figured it all out, and just wanted confirmation that Steve and Maggie were more than co-workers. I guess the question is…how much more? Are they just trying to yank my chain?  Because two years ago, almost to the date, we had another blond doctor show up out of the blue, and she was way more to a doctor on staff, too. Couldn’t they at least have found an actress with red hair now that Siobhan is gone? I can’t keep up with all of the blondes in Port Charles!

Did kissing Carly prove to make Jax’s incredible penchant for being involved with all of Sonny’s women contagious? Why is John suddenly trying to kick it to Kate? I know John has a thing for cougars, (Olivia, Skye, Carly) but can he stick to one at a time, and one not presently in a relationship with Sonny? Just seeing John with Carly seemed to get Sonny all hot and bothered, couldn’t that be enough for John? Was there really a need to put Kate on his radar? Are they just trying to yank my chain? I mean, why bother? Add to that that I have a very strange feeling about Kate, and the secret she’s keeping, and I just need John to stay way from her.

I have to be honest. after the weeks of tweets, talk, and dozens of taunting comments I received from the idiots who still just don’t get that I will never allow their nastiness to be published on my site, I really was dreading the Liz and Jason scenes. I thought for sure that they would make me want to scream or curse like a sailor. I thought for sure that I would see them and think Are they just trying to yank my chain?

But…nothing. Nada. Not only were the scenes very obviously (and poorly) contrived, they didn’t even provoke enough of a reaction out of me to take to Twitter. I watched Liz cling, and ask Jason not to leave her, and tell him she had no one else, and talk about Jake as if he were still alive, and make Matt jealous, making him realize that she may be more than someone with whom to make Maxie jealous. Then I realized that my mind had wandered to whether or not I had put fabric softener in at the beginning of the cycle, and had to rewind, just so that I could have an opinion about the scenes. The things I do for you, my friends, but so bored was I that I didn’t even catch it the first time. 😉 Here’s my opinion. You’ll find it really hasn’t changed. First, Jason was at the hospital for a check-up, not to see Liz. Jason reacted to Liz calling out for Jake when Monica told him, and even though Liz never treated him as Jake’s dad unless it was to her advantage, Jason does respect the fact that she was Jake’s mother. He went to check on Jake’s mother, because that is who he is. Second, Jason was trying to help keep her calm during her hysteria, but it was very clear to me that’s all it was for him. I know that Liz made it sound as though he was her lifeline, but just weeks ago, it was Lucky, and in a few, it’ll be the mystery doc. When Jason left the room, he left it resolutely. There were no teary eyes, or looks backward, or even another word. He’d done what he meant to do, which was help Jake’s mother when she needed it. End of (random) story.

I thought the bigger story was in what happened after Jason left the room. During his conversation with Monica, she could tell that something is weighing heavily on him. She offered her help, and a listening ear, and while Jason showed his appreciation for her concern with a hug, he is still worried sick over his wife, Sam. He is also obsessed with finding Franco so that he could give Sam the one thing they both seem to think will help them: Making Franco pay.

While Jason stood in the hallway after Monica left, he didn’t even glance towards that chick’s room again. Instead, he pulled out that pamphlet he had grabbed on Surviving Sexual Abuse and Rape, and it was clear to see that his heart is breaking for the woman he loves – the woman he married. For those who don’t understand why Jason wasn’t back at the penthouse, we cannot forget that Sam was adamant about needing to be alone. While in Hawaii, Sam was focused on holding in all of the conflicting feelings she was having since finding out about what Franco had done, for fear that if she couldn’t hold those feelings in, she would fall apart herself. She was desperate for some time alone to cry, scream, throw things, and just allow herself to feel all of those scary feelings. One of the things we love most about Sam is that she prides herself on being a survivor, on being brave and strong. It’s not easy for someone like that to allow herself to break down. Trust me, or ask my therapist. And if we think it’s hard even for Sam to break down, imagine how much harder it would be for her to break down in front of Jason. I love that Jason is respecting what Sam said she needed, even if he has to fight himself to do it. Yes, he was there to hold her together when she fell apart in the shower, but we all saw how quickly Sam shut that part of herself down and went right into “coping”. Jason felt her pulling away the minute they got home. It was hard for her to be held, and Jason knows that if he crowds her, she may run. He knows that because isn’t that exactly his own M.O.?

I think that we need to reaffirm our promise as JaSammers. We need to trust the story, and watch it play out. We need to trust the love that Jason and Sam have for one another, and the way they know each other better than anyone else. Let’s not be so hard on Jason for being a little lost on these unchartered waters. No one could have expected this, and therefore, no one could know exactly what to do, or how to react. He is focusing on the things that can bring Sam even the slightest bit of comfort, because he is listening to her…he’s getting himself checked out, which is the only reason he was at the hospital, and turning the world upside down in his search for Franco. As brave as Jason is himself, he is afraid to go back home too soon, and find that Sam isn’t ready to have him nearby. That would break his heart all over again.

Sadly, chances are, that no matter how long he waits, that may still be the case. We heard Sam say on Friday that Jason “saw” what Franco did, what she “let him do”. Sam is blaming herself as much as Jason blames himself, and that blame is going to be a hurdle for them both, and until they can each get over it, and on the same side, it will keep them apart. For those who got upset by Sam blaming herself, know that most victims blame themselves in some way. We don’t have to like it, but it’s a very normal reaction. Trust me when I tell you that oohing Jason says or does right now is going to erase that for Sam. It’s all part of a very difficult and emotional process.

I plan to be there as they get through this process together, even when it’s hard. That’s because I am a JaSammer, and it take a whole not more than angst to take me down.

But I’m just preaching to the choir, right?





Nor can I stress how important it is for us to not create “buzz” about nothing…such as Jiz. Don’t give them any attention they can’t command themselves, peeps! PLEASE! 

Take a moment and let TPTB know exactly how you felt about Steve and Kelly’s performances, and why Jason and Sam are the one couple who can make it through this!

Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE RESPECTFUL! 😉



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The Definition Of Insanity

TGIF, GHers!

For those of you who’ve been “with me” for a while, you’ll know that if there is one thing General Hospital (the actual hospital, not the show) has been missing, it’s a shrink! Lainey would be rolling in the deep…piles of money if she were still seeing patients! Port Charles is swarming with potential patients. All the tiny ‘burb needs is someone to treat all of them! This is why it excites me to know that a shrink is on his way as we speak.!

I really hope that with this new doc, we will actually be able to watch our PC favorites undergo treatment. Each of the cases would make for great story! I mean, all I have is a case of PTSD, and I’ll tell you, if you put my therapy sessions on TV, they’d get ratings! Therapy is the one place where you are encouraged (if your therapist is a good one) to find, admit, and face your truths, and where you can do it feeling protected by the veil of privacy (and good, old Hipaa laws!) 😉

 Can you imagine what we’d get if we were able to watch therapy sessions from people who actually have sessions worth talking about? Michael, Lulu, Sonny, Kristina, Liz? The list goes on and on and on, and gets more captivating as it grows!

Therapy sessions make for good TV. Did anyone watch Revenge? Emily having the therapy sessions played at the fundraiser had people glued to their seats – on the show, and in homes! It’s all Fascinating stuff! I really want GH to jump on that bandwagon!

Certainly, there is enough INSANITY to go around, just in case they wanted to bring Lainey back as well.

What exactly is The Definition Of Insanity?

According to Lucky, and to the many who have used this quote before, The Definition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. In this case, I will agree. Liz and Lucky keep doing the exact same, stupid things that lead to the same destructive results. This is what Lucky was attempting to help Liz understand. Liz said that they share two children, and it’s only natural that they spend time together as a family, to which Lucky said they can’t just act as though they’re a typical, happy family. Liz’s response? “Why not? What’s stopping us?” Best answer ever? Lucky’s. He said, “History.” Oh! So true! She just would not hear him. Notice I said would not, instead of could not. Liz chooses to believe her own version of reality. She does this over and over. Liz listed all of the reasons Lucky might blame her for Siobhan’s death. She listed all the ways she was involved in Siobhan’s demise. She gave her the wrong drugs in the OR, she had a fight with her on the stairs, and she drove her into a head-on collision. So far, so good, right? Sounds like the beginning of Liz taking responsibility. Then she says to Lucky, that Siobhan was just jealous. It was as simple as that. Siobhan just refused to see the truth – that what Liz and Lucky share is just too strong, and so Siobhan and Lucky could never work. WHAAAAAAAAATTTT??? This drives me insane, and THIS, right here, is why I could not muster a single iota of sympathy for Liz, even today. Why the hell wasn’t this love she refers to STRONG enough to stop Liz from sleeping with Jason? Not just on the night of the blackout and alcohol, but why didn’t the STRENGTH of their love stop her from pursuing Jason, even after he reconciled with Sam. Why didn’t it stop her from lying over and over to Lucky? When both of those relationships were destroyed, why didn’t it stop her from carrying on an affair with Jason in secret, all while Lucky was concerned for her and the boys’ safety? Where was this STRONG love when she flirted with crossing the line with Nikolas for months? Or when she was crossing the freakin’ harbor in the middle of the night to sleep with his brother? Thank you, Garin Wolf, and today’s dialogue writer, Susan Wald, for having Lucky ask Liz how many months she was sleeping with Nikolas! Lucky tried to explain to Liz that they were holding on to a juvenile fantasy, to promises they made when they were teenagers. Liz’s comprehensive, thought-out reaction? “Its not a fantasy!” She refused to hear. She refused to listen to the truth about this dysfunction she still considers indestructible. Lucky tried tough love. He told her that what they had was an addiction. An ugly addiction, where innocent bystanders get caught up in the train wreck that is them. He said they were like two junkies. It all fell on deaf ears. Liz tried everything. Tears. A quivering bottom lip. Forcing him to look at their wedding photo, and challenging him to tell her those people aren’t in love. When that didn’t break Lucky down, she shoved photo albums of Cam and Aiden at him. And finally, she pulled what I can only refer to now as her Wild Card. Liz did the unthinkable, grabbed Jake’s photo album, and asked, “What about Jake?” Oh my word. I will never have any respect for Liz because of how she uses her children, but especially Jake. She cried to Lucky that no one would ever understand what it felt like to lose him, except the two of them. Ummmm?  That made me talk to myself in the middle of my living room. In both languages. Too bad Jason is too far away to have felt the slap in the face. All of the times Weepy Liz ran to Jason’s recently, she found a way to talk about how the connection they shared because of Jake was so much more than that. Is she going to continue to use even his memory to manipulate the men she wants in her life? What a bitch. How can his name even cross her lips, and not cause her to shudder at using it so tastelessly? I may have wanted to poke Lucky in the eyes when he told Liz that none of this was her fault, but I applauded him for actually walking out of her house without looking back, because it’s not easy for a junky to walk away from his drug of choice. Even while I watched Liz sit alone, whispering about the permanent lock on her heart, crying, and hurling their wedding photo across the room, I could only feel my lip curling in disgust. Liz may very well be The Definition of Insanity. This chick needs alone time more than a three-year-old in the middle of a tantrum. She’s done? Ha. One can only wish.

Awww. The past few days have made me a bit of a Scrubs fan. Not that I didn’t like them, it’s just that I never really considered myself a fan. However, these past few days onscreen, and Robin’s birthday showed me a side of these two I can totally root for. First, Robin has been considerably less annoying. And Patrick has been nothing short of dreamy. Patrick has found a way to live with his wife being his boss, but still found a way to take charge of his marriage, and its well-being. I have been impressed. So has Robin. Not so impressed with how well the Doctors Scorpio have recovered, is Lisa Niles. Lisa reminds us all that sometimes a woman takes rejection really, really personally, and the way Lisa took Patrick’s rejection has turned into The Definition of Insanity. Who knew that chick could get any more insane while in a coma? She barely got the sleep out of her eyes before she knocked that nurse over the head with that industrial strength food tray, traded clothes, and took off. What the hell was in that juice anyway? I’m thinking if I took it, my spine would mend itself, and I’d be running, not walking, back to work! If only there was a way to get word to Patrick and Robin. I have a feeling they’d be running, not walking, out of the country!

I guess the only way to find out what that juice really was, we would have to ask Anthony Zacchara. What a convoluted mind Anthony has.  He hatched this entire plan to teach a few people a lesson for disrespecting him. That’s the old school way for a mobster to deal with people. It’s also The Definition of Insanity. When you believe that you can rouse a monster from her sleep in order to do your dirty work, and also believe that you can then control that monster, you have clearly lost touch with reality. I am thinking it might do Anthony some good to be on the receiving end of Lisa’s food tray. He deserves to have his very own Frankenstein turn on him!

I must say that it’s a great thing to see Sonny walk into a place, flash those amazing dimples, and not think to myself, “There goes The Definition of Insanity.” Whether it’s been having Kate back in his life, or it it’s really been his desire to be his best self for his children, especially Kristina, Sonny seems to have gotten back on his meds, and he seems to be a lot more stable. No one is happier than I am about that. I enjoy seeing Sonny have his swagger back, walking around in his expensive suits, looking dashing and debonaire, and not as though he needs to be committed. I imagine that it does a world of good for his kids, again – especially Kristina, who needs stability now more than ever, as she is about to embark on a fabulous new journey. Kristina is going away to college, because her dream really did come true. She was accepted to Yale! 😦

I am terribly saddened by the news that the sweet and talented Lexi Ainsworth has been let go. I think she was the perfect daughter for Maurice and Nancy, and the perfect sister for Sam and Molly. My Davis Girls will never be the same again! I will miss Lexi terribly, and deep down, I feel that this decision was The Definition of Insanity! I wish Lexi all the best, and know she’ll take everything she learned at GH, and make an amazing career for herself! *tears*

Friends, I think it’s important that I remind you all that Franco is a sociopath. In fact, Franco is The Definition of Insanity. His return to Port Charles was motivated by his obsession with Jason. He wants to get under Jason’s skin the way Jason has gotten under his. 

Since his charm and charisma have failed to do the trick of getting Jason’s attention, he is going with Plan B.  He is going to go after Jason’s biggest weakness.

Though many of us have wondered why the hell Franco has been keeping Jason and Sam under video surveillance, the one thing that Franco has been able to get from that is just how much Jason loves and adores Sam. Franco is positively sure that Jason does love Sam as though his life depended on it. Therefore, it would be easy for Franco to deduce that a threat to Sam would make Jason more desperate than he’s ever been, especially now that she is his wife.

I also think Franco knows that Carly is as predictable as we think she is. Getting Carly and Joss to Hawaii would split Jason’s focus, and that will give Franco the golden opportunity he needs.

Does thinking about all of that give you the kind of palpitations it gives me? Well, allow me to leave you with something to hang onto. Franco is fixated on Jason. Getting Jason to fixate on him – even if it’s for a negative reason (like killing him), is Franco’s goal. I don’t think Franco would split his focus long enough to do anything more than scare Sam, if you know what I mean.

I want us to be prepared for whatever comes next. I want us to be in a state of mind where we aren’t giving up on JaSam, or even General Hospital, at the first sign of trouble. Our couple is strong. We need to be just as strong.

Let’s take a step back and appreciate what this kind of storyline means for Kelly and Steve. It’s not every day that they get to act opposite Oscar nominated actors, though I do believe most of GH’s staff is worthy of an Oscar. Let’s remember that of all the characters on GH, Franco is wreaking havoc on Jason and Sam. Of all the women to have passed through Jason’s life, Franco is targeting Sam. Let’s take from that what matters, and leave behind what doesn’t.

Let’s promise each other right now that JaSam fans will not be The Definition of Insanity on Twitter, facebook, the comment lines, or the phone lines. Let’s promise to be each other’s therapy sessions as this storyline plays out.

Then, when all is said and done, we can GO CRAZY about just how strong Jason and Sam have proven themselves to be.


Hang tough!