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“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This”

Good morning, GHers!

I just want to start by telling you that I missed you all, too! ❤ Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, and for all the encouragement about NC. You guys warm my heart (a NC saying, which I typed while saying it in my head with a Southern drawl) 🙂

Today was an emotional day all around. I am writing with a sad heart, and not just because of the heartbreak on GH. I found out today that I lost a dear, old friend last night. He was only 45. I spoke to him two days before he had the surgery that left him in a coma for the past two months, and I am so grateful that our conversation was about all of the good times, and that there was nothing left to say between us.

Take a moment today to tell those you love what they mean to you. Please.

While GH may still serve as a distraction, it surely was not an escape from the heartache or sadness. I wish I could send in a prescription for depression to the writing team. Every time I see the commercial for the antidepressant where it claims to help those who find that “Everything Hurts”…from birthday wishes to hellos, I think of GH. Everything hurts our PC residents, too. From honeymoons to long-awaited baby births. Jeez, our head writer needs some happy pills…STAT!

And even then, he is truly going to have to work to get everyone back who has chosen to tune out from the (MISSING) Love In The Afternoon until things lighten up. I will tell him this right now: “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” He’s going to have to work a little harder than that! 

I would think I won’t be the only one making that statement, either.

  • I get that Matt just had his own “I Remember” moment about killing Lisa, but his actions since were a bit self-centered. I don’t think Matt really stopped to think about how his going to prison would affect all those he love…and is now leaving behind. Namely his brother, who is still trying to find some solid ground, Emma, who has lost more than any child should, and of course, Maxie, who put her own self-centeredness aside in order to save his career, his contributions to society, and what’s left of his family, even though he certainly never proved himself worthy of all of her loyalties. I get why he did it, and I get the whole hippocratic oath thing, but when it comes down to hurting those who are going to try to make it through the next five years without him,“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • As for Maxie, I haven’t been this angry at her since she lost JaSam’s ring the second time. I get that she wanted to stand by her man, and all that jazz, but she obviously sees how much all of this is hurting Spinelli, and she keeps pouring salt in his wounds – liberally. Why Spin still thinks that Maxie is worthy of his love and devotion is beyond me, but I just hope that once Matt is gone, she doesn’t think she can just walk back into Maxie’s life and be his Number One again. I am crossing my fingers that Spin lets her know, in no uncertain terms, that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • Perhaps we really can’t blame Maxie for being so clueless about having a good man and not appreciating him. She obviously inherited that character flaw from her mother, Felicia! I was a Mac and Felicia fan back in the 90’s! I watched them fall in love, I watched them get married in that surprise ceremony, I watched them raise Maxie and Georgie as a family. Then I watched Felicia break Mac’s heart over some weird attachment to Luke, and then I watched her get chance after chance, and I watched her blow chance after chance with Mac. She’s been gone all of these years, and yet Mac seems to have let all of what happened go, and he seems ready to give Felicia yet another chance to make things work! Oh, Mac! No wonder you got fired! You cannot even buy a clue! I was SO hoping that Felicia would realize what a mistake she’d made, and that Mac would look her square in the eye and tell her, “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • I guess Alexis should be happy that Mac is seemingly moving on and away from her, after all, that’s what she said she wanted. However, I don’t think Alexis is going to have a minute to be happy about anything, with all of those television cameras rolling, thanks to the spoiled ingrate she still calls a daughter. That Kristina is even dumber than she was before attending Yale for a whole semester! How could she sit and listen to everything Alexis said about Sam and her loss, and the fact that she is being manipulated in order to pull in ratings, and still not tell them to stop filming? We all know that this, too, shall come back to bite Kristina in the butt, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think she deserved it. I just hope that when she does get what’s coming to her, the family she cared less about than proving a point to her parents – during this tragedy, turns around and says to her,“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • Oh, Heather, Heather, Heather. I will give you this: you make it really easy to hate you! Not only is Heather crazy, she is a hateful, spiteful bitch with axes to grind all over the place, and possibly even all over people. Her hatred for Sam is completely disproportionate for what we know Sam “did”, or didn’t do that ultimately pissed Heather off, but if my little “theory” proves correct, it may be what Heather did many years ago that birthed the real cause for her seeking such cruel vengeance of Sam. I can only hope that when Jason finds out the whole truth behind what Heather has been up to, he sends her a message by putting a bullet between Heather’s eyes. I would think that if  anyone would agree with me, on the fact that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!”, it would be Jason,  
  • Unfortunately for Jason, no one is going to learn any harder that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” Fixing what is “broken” between them will require more that words this time, and for Jason, that may be something he isn’t used to. Over the course of their relationship, including their breakups and consequent reunions, Jason has pretty much gotten away with just using words, although he had more to prove when they got back together this last time in 2009. I must say that it might be a bit refreshing to finally see Jason having to do more than use his words, and have to actually work for his place in Sam’s life and heart. That’s not to say that I think everything that has happened over the past few months is all Jason’s fault, because I believe they have both made mistakes. But when it comes to how Jason handled Sam’s baby being Franco’s, he failed Sam and the baby. As difficult as it was to watch them both hurting over what has happened, I have to say that Jason had it coming. I know that Sam is lashing out and that she is angry, but the things she said in her anger were true. While Jason couldn’t get past the fact that Franco was “the dad”, Sam was doing all she could to keep it together for the baby growing inside of her, until she realized that she could love that baby no matter what! I loved that Sam asked Jason if he thought she hadn’t had her own doubts or questions, because she was the one who was raped, and the one who got pregnant! And I loved that she told Jason that all that mattered to her was that she was going to love that baby with all that she had! When Jason finally learns the truth about JJ being his, I believe his heart will expand about two sized when he realizes just how fiercely Sam protected and loved their son. More than that, I had been hoping for weeks that someone would end Jason’s pity party over Franco a long time ago! Watching Jason finally digest what Sam was saying was painful, but he needed that moment of clarity in order to understand where Sam’s pain and disbelief was coming from. How, or why even, would Sam suddenly believe that Jason really did come to want her baby, when all of the things he is saying to her now are after the fact – at least to her own ears? Sure, we all know that Jason truly was at that motel room door, saying all of those things to Sam, and that he wanted to take her and the baby home, but he said it when she wasn’t there to hear it. So while we all know about his good intentions; Sam doesn’t know. She only has his word, and when she took his failure to confess about what he did to McBain as a lie, (just as Karma will remind us Jason did when Sam failed to tell him about Robin, or Franco, or the paternity) and when you are as hurt and as devastated as Sam is for her baby boy, you don’t want to take the time to be rational or to think things through. I clearly remember Jason refusing to be rational or to think through Sam’s side of things when he found out the truth before she could tell it to him. Surely he will understand, no? You know, today’s scenes reminded me a bit of when Sam woke up after losing Lila, and Alexis came in and spilled to Sam that Sonny had signed for the baby’s stem cells to be harvested and given to Kristina while Sam was unconscious. When Sam saw Sonny after that, she accused him of not caring that their daughter had died, as long as Kristina got to live. They were tough scenes to watch as well, but just like this time, how could anyone not understand where Sam was coming from? It was her truth, as told to her by her pain and loss. What Jason said to Sam was absolutely and undeniably true. He was the one by her side after Lila died, and he was the one who had to tell her that awful truth. Of course Jason would never wish that on Sam again, even if Satan himself had fathered that baby. In time, that will finally ring true to Sam’s ears – and heart – again; but that time is not now. Jason needs to allow for Sam to grieve, and to process all of the feelings she’s experiencing right now, and he’s gotta do it with love and understanding; the way Sam has always done it for him. Jason said that he wouldn’t give up. Now he’s gotta prove it to Sam (and to us) that he meant every word. I took it as a good sign that Jason reached into his pocket and placed The Dragon within Sam’s view, as if to remind her of what they share, especially now that Sam is convinced that what they have is broken.I took it as an even more hopeful sign that Sam didn’t demand that he take it with him, or hurl it across the room at his head, as I might have done. Forgiveness has always been divine between Jason and Sam. I am hoping that is just one more of the constants between them.

For whatever reason, Mr. Carlivati enjoys stretching out the pain and suffering of his couples. We are going to have to hang in there for OUR couple if they are to survive the threat of GH’s cancellation. As for all of this contrived, ridiculous “angst” coming in the form of third parties, *yawn*.

Be sure to let TPTB know how impressed we all were with the outstanding scenes Kelly and Steve gave us, and how they tug at our heartstrings. And don’t forget to let them know how bored and uninterested you are in all of these contrived scenes that don’t make sense or seem to belong.

And for heaven’s sake, STOP reading spoilers and rumors!


Much love,



A Tale Of Two Women

Good morning, GHers!

I hope you all had a restful weekend, and for all of the moms – I hope you were spoiled rotten on our special day!

I actually got in a nap during GH today, as I found it to be a bit boring, but I did manage to catch up, and realized that for just about all the men in Port Charles, the story trying to be sold was A Tale Of Two Women. 

For Todd it was a double whammy. First, he overheard the tortured confession of Kate Howard her attorney, stating that she thought Connie might have been the one to shoot out Anthony’s  tires that night, in effect being the reason for Cole and Hope’s deaths. I must interject here and say that it would be rude of me not to mention once again what an outstanding job that Kelly Sullivan is doing with this storyline! I mean, wow! I am now entirely pulling for Kate here, because how could I not? The woman had no control over Connie’s actions, and Kate is so convincingly remorseful that I honestly feel for her! Somehow, Ms. Sullivan has even managed to get me to feel for Connie, who was only manifesting in order to “save” Kate from a fate known as death. Todd heard enough that he now knows there is A Tale Of Two Women, but he didn’t really know what, or who, the hell Kate was talking about, but I have a feeling that Carly is going to be all too happy to fill him in! Which bring me to the next Tale of Two Women surrounding Todd (because God forbid that an OLTL character not have more story than a GH character) Carly finally met the other former Mrs. Todd Manning, Téa Delgado. I may not be a huge fan of all the OLTLers taking up so much screen time without even giving the GH viewers a chance to warm up to them, but I will say this: Téa is one character GH could use more of. She is strong, independent, and smart as hell. I love that she immediately gee Carly a run for her money at bitchiness, and I love that Alexis will have another smart woman to spar with. Carly thinks she likes Blair more; I’d bet it had a little something to do with the fact that Téa told Carly exactly how things are, instead of pulling up a chair at the MC bar to toast crappy exes. Téa would much rather do something about a crappy ex, than just get drunk and commiserate over him. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Téa’s brother Tomas really does turn out to be the man formerly known as Lorenzo Alcazar, as rumors suggest? I don’t think she and Carly would be bonding as in-laws any time soon.

Also not bonding as possible future in-laws are Liv and the crazy-ass Heather in Steve Webber’s unfortunate Tale Of Two Women. Both women claim to love him, but one woman is dangerous to the health of any other woman around him, and always has been. Why Steve can’t seem to piece together that his mother’s arrival in his life almost completely coincided with Maggie’s mysterious confession and suicide is beyond me, especially when Olivia, who by her own admission is not really that familiar with mental illness, seems to have the whole thing under suspicion, if not figured out just yet. If nothing else, I would think Heather’s ill-timed suggestion for a “celebration” over a BLT would have set off an alarm bell for Steve…but apparently not. And to think that Steve was once a specialist in forensic medicine. Pffft…shouldn’t he at least investigate Maggie’s death?

Speaking of Heather, she is quickly becoming the other woman in A Tale Of Two Women in Luke’s life, besides Anna. You’ve gotta hand it to Robin Matheson, she can play SOAP crazy with the best of them! Her phone call to Luke was comical, if not indicative as to how seriously deranged Heather really is. I thought it was cute that Luke, who plays cat and mouse with the sinister Helena Cassadine and thinks nothing of it, immediately had his number changed just to keep Heather from being able to reach him. She freaks him out like no other loon can, and even Anna thinks that is hilarious! I must admit that I am liking the Luke and Anna bonding more than I thought I would. I thought that moment where Luke realized he was kinda mesmerized by her smile was sweet, and the shock Anna registered was equally so. Even nicer were the scenes where Anna and Luke were bonding with their grandchildren – something that might never have happened under Guza. I think I might like where this is going…

It appears that Ron Carlivati is trying to convince viewers that there is A Tale Of Two Women in Jason’s life. And while there may be two women crossing paths with him, it is quite obvious that there is only one woman in Jason’s heart. I think I may have said once (or twice) before that it never ceases to amaze me that so much of Jason’s “relationship” with Liz must involve a child. For years, it was Jake, and how he served as a connection for them. *sigh* This time, it was Emma, Robin’s daughter, who served as the thing that created something for them to seemingly connect over, though I am not sure the connection had anything to do with them, but Jason’s past relationship with Robin. Either way, Liz seemed more than thrilled to have a reason to talk to Jason, even though once again, even she could not deny the obvious: that Jason loves Sam. Jason was dangerously close to making this into A Tale Of Three Women, as he is (to quote Jason himself) “acting like a little bitch!” I don’t know if it’s Liz’s effect, but he has gotten so freakin’ whiny! Whaa, whaa, whaa! Sam wants to be closer to McBain. Whaa! Sam doesn’t need me! Whaa! I can’t stop think ing about Franco! Oh, please! Jason, get a freakin’ grip! I still swear that Jason is the one experiencing “sympathy” hormones for his wife, because he is a hot mess! He is so afraid of saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing where Sam is concerned, that he doesn’t even know what to do anymore. To be fair, this is all fairly new to Jason. Sam has been the only woman he has ever fought to keep, as every other woman he has just watched walk away. And it’s been so long since he had to fight, I think he is a little rusty…or even a little chicken…or maybe a little of both. Maybe Jason really does believe that Sam wants to be with McBain because he fears that he is not being what she needs him to be right now. Maybe he does worry that Sam doesn’t need him anymore. The problem is that unless he overcomes the fear that he just may be right, he may lose her by default! One thing was crystal clear: for Jason, it’s A Tale Of One Woman. The minute he left Kelly’s, (right after Liz told him she would be thinking about him), it was clear to everyone that Jason was thinking about one woman. His wife, Samantha Morgan. So, without really stopping to think about it, he rushes over to the motel, just to wish her a “Happy Birthday”. He didn’t need to be reminded that it was Sam’s birthday, and he didn’t really know what else to say, but he needed her to know that he remembered. That was a step in the right direction.

From what I understand, it will be a long road before us JaSam fans are back to feeling the love we were feeling under Garin Wolf, or even Guza for that matter. Ron Carlivati has a sad, twisted idea of what we want to see onscreen. Other than reminding him every day via every available mode of communication, and logging out of our Nielsen boxes when we are getting something we don’t want to see, I am not sure there is anything else we can do but wait as patiently as possible.

However, I will tell you again, that losing by default is not an option! There will be no giving in, giving up, or giving them any thing without a fight!

It’s more important than ever that for TPTB, we don’t each become A Tale Of Two Women, where one minute we are #TeamJaSam, and the next minute we are jumping ship, and choosing one or the other. This is the time to be rock-solid supporters of our couple, even if we detest the way they are being written!

Let’s hang in there, JaSammers!

Love you all, 


Call: GH Comment Lines: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583



Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer/Kelly Monaco/Steve Burton…(or any other actor)
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027


Good morning, GHers!

I was so excited about yesterday’s episode, and really couldn’t wait to “talk” to you bout it. Then a “project” here at home (for those of you who’ve been reading me for a couple of years, you know Spring Fever always inspires me to take on new projects) took way longer than my hubby anticipated, and even though my job was simply to stay close by in case he needed something (we also always have our best uninterrupted conversations during those times, as our kids tend to stay far away from any projects). By the time he was done, and everything was cleaned up, I was exhausted, and had to take advantage of the fact that I actually felt sleepy! 😉

Sometimes I think the GH writers are suffering from DID themselves. The “personality” of the show yesterday was so incredibly different from its personality on Friday! I thought yesterday’s show was soapy and exciting!

I also got to thinking that there is more than one “TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” in Port Charles!

Kate’s vulnerable side seemed to be in control yesterday, and I found myself actually feeling sorry for her, which was a surprise to me, as I wouldn’t normally consider myself a Kate fan. I do think I enjoy Kelly Sullivan’s portrayal of “Kate” more than I enjoy “Connie”, and I think it’s because she does a really great job of convincing me of just how unstable and affected Kate really is by what’s happening to her. When she couldn’t remember her run in with Carly, I could almost feel her desperation, and that’s pretty amazing. I thought the sheer panic in her voice when speaking to Dr. Keenan gave her a side that makes me want to root for her to get well, even though she is seriously  “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”.

Carly is also “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” because I just can never understand why she does the things she does. Why does she get so much joy out of the thought of ruining relationships for the men she supposedly cares about and protects so much? I am not sure that she’s a nut I’d like to crack as much as CRUSH! The mere mention of Sam’s name coming from her was enough to make m see red! I wasnt Carly to be smacked down a couple dozen notches! I would love for the men in her life to call her on her selfish hateful ways, and I will give birth myself if she is allowed to be Baby Morgan’s godmother! I was thrilled when John McBain walked in and busted her trying to break into Kate’s cabinet! She already knows one too many secrets; let’s not empower her any more, please!  -_-

Johnny was on a steady climb as one of my favorite guys in town as of late, but I had to put his climb on hold after his slippage yesterday. I think Johnny has the potential to be the smarter of the two between him and Sonny, hands down; but only when he does the one thing Sonny fails to do all the time: THINK. I think Johnny let his desire for revenge on Sonny cloud his judgement when he chose to tell Sonny about Kate wanting to sleep with him. Now Sonny is on red alert when it comes to Kate, and Johnny has lost the element of surprise. If he really wanted to bring Sonny to his knees, he would have kept that little golden nugget of truth in his back pocket just a little while longer! Ugh! I can’t stand when Johnny reminds us why he’s “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK” sometimes.

I guess the NUT never falls far from the tree, as Anthony is one of “THE TOUGHEST NUTS TO CRACK” we will ever meet. Does anyone have a handle on this guy? One minute I believe that he really does love Johnny, and wants the best for him and his future, and other times, I think he would take Johnny out himself if he thought he was too much of a threat to what Anthony wants for himself. He makes me nervous for Johnny’s future!

Dr. Keenan might be able to help make a dent in all of the nut-cracking needed in PC, except that he himself is  “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”. After months and months of keeping it a secret that he was the one who pulled Liz from the water that night (damn him), he just blurts it out to her as if it was nothing but a normal occurrence. What the heck? Could it be that he got as bored with her as I do that it wasn’t worth the trouble of keeping it from her? Or did he finally do his homework and realize that Liz always shows her gratitude towards men in the same way? He must be lonely after all, now that Cassandra is no more… though I am not even sure if he knows  what happened to her. Whatever the reason, I did expect a little more of a shock factor when Liz finally found out. Oh well…

Speaking of Liz, I have to say that Patrick’s phone call to her when Emma asked about “Mommy in a box” left me baffled, and well, quite honestly, thinking Patrick was “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”. I get that Liz promised Robin to keep an eye on Patrick and Emma, and that somehow, we are supposed to believe that Patrick and Liz have this close relationship that we haven’t really seen onscreen. However, Robin’s mother is in town! Mac is on call! Matt is Emma’s uncle! I just didn’t understand how Patrick would see the wisdom – or even the common sense – of calling Liz for advice. As a mother, it also ticked me off a bit. This is something that Anna should have at least been consulted on. But I guess that’s always going to be a stickler with a plot point.  I guess the moment that overshadowed my complaints was the moment where we got to see that Robin is, in fact, alive. Yay! While people had their theories, it’s always nice to see that there is hope for the Scrubs and Robin fans! I remember back in 1999 when Lucky was thought to be dead after the fire. I remember running to answer the phone because my best friend, Sue was calling to scream her excitement over Lucky being alive! Sure he was still going to be missed onscreen, but al least we knew that he would someday be back. The same was true for all of the Robin fans, and I am thrilled for them!

You know what really made me smile yesterday? The fact that Jason has finally come face to face with someone who doesn;t have to threaten physical violence against someone he loves in order to rattle his cage, or make him feel protective of “his wife”. I have to say that after all of the rumors and gossip everyone was sending me, I was starting to dread the Jason/John confrontation. I could not handle Jason yelling at Sam one more time. Thankfully, after watching the scenes (about a dozen more times), I have to say that I was very satisfied with how it turned out. I love that John is so kind to, and considerate of, Sam, especially in Jason’s presence. John wanted to know if she and Jason had worked things out. He told Sam that she didn’t have to stay while he talked to Jason. And he didn’t ignore her presence, even after she refused to leave. I am convinced that the hairs on the back of Jason’s neck were standing on end from the vibe he picked up from McBain’s interest in Sam – hence the “Don’t talk to my wife!” demand. And guess what? I LOVED IT! No one deserves to be shaken up more than Jason Morgan. I think for the first time, the roles were reversed, and Jason, not the cop questioning him, was left thinking, “This guy is A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”, and I think I was more than ready for that change.

When Jason asked, “You two know each other?” after Sam made reference to a previous conversation, and John answered, “As a matter of fact, we do”, I was kinda hoping he would then say, “We have a connection.” Perhaps when Jason is on the other side of that, he will finally realize just how easy that is to swallow. (Not!) John even made sure to tell Sam that it was good to see her again before leaving. Perhaps Jason was so concerned about why Sam seemed so upset because he was the one thrown off by the attention McBain showed Sam. And maybe it made him realize that he should make a stronger effort to do the same. I would not complain at all! 😉

I did like that Jason fought Sam some on going to NYC to track down his medical records, and that he took the time to express and show his love and concern for Sam and our baby. And the kiss was a very welcome bonus!  Those are the moments we’ve waited 8 long years for! Thanks, Writers! More, please!

I felt the thrill of anticipation for what comes next with Jason and Sam and John. Not because I would ever be okay with him coming between Jason and Sam, but because if he helps Jason to take things for granted less, and realize that friendships between your spouse and someone of the opposite sex makes one uncomfortable, I am all for it! Welcome to town, Lt. McBain! 

I know that we are all worried for our Supercouple and the direction Ron Carlivati is taking, especially with all of the speculation and general B.S. out there. I also know, after watching OLTL over the years, that our new headwriter is “A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK”, but I think the only chance our soap has of surviving starts with our rock-solid support!

We’ve had some head-scratching moments, sure; but I also believe we’re going to have some triumphant moments as well!

Hang in there with me!



TGIF, GHers!

I hope that you are all enjoying the same kind of fabulous weather we are enjoying in Jersey! I LOVE IT!

Am I the only one who finally exhaled after today’s episode of GH?


Truly, I thought Luke’s warning to Lulu: “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!”, was a bit of foreboding for us all. Thankfully, it was just a sign that GH was gonna deliver some good ol’ classic soap.


Still, had I been given the opportunity to warn Spinelli myself, I would have warned, “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!” How difficult it must be for Spin to keep slamming into the brick wall of his Maximista’s resolve to punish herself for Robin’s death by self-destructing and taking the blame for Lisa’s murder. Bradford Anderson rarely gets the chance anymore to show us what he’s made of, but I have not forgotten. He never fails to show us Spinelli’s vulnerability and innocence, in spite of the fact that he works for Stone Cold. Today was no exception. I was completely sold that Spin’s hearts literally breaks for Maxie and the pain she’s feeling over Robin’s loss, and it reminded me that once upon a time not that long ago, Spin and Maxie were a couple I was rooting for. When he brought in Maxie’s makeup, I felt a lump in my throat. These are the reasons that I will always believe that Maxie walked away from the man who would love her like no other, and most importantly, would always believe the best of her first. What a mistake. And to think that Maxie is even involved in the Lisa Niles’ murder mess because she was afraid for Matt and his involvement in it just adds to the heart ache, because he is so undeserving. Perhaps this nightmare and the support that stays the staunchest will help Maxie to see that she still has a choice about the man she trusts her heart to.

I am hoping that Maxie will be allowed to have some friends nearby during this crisis. Perhaps when Lulu is done hanging out with her dad’s crowd over at The Floating Rib, she can take some time for her old friend, especially since Maxie made it easy for her by getting herself stuck at her job. Lulu’s relationship with her dad hasn’t been an easy one – or a healthy one. When Lulu walked into the bar formerly known as Jake’s and started berating him for being in a bar on the anniversary of Jake’s death, I thought to myself that this role reversal is one of the biggest issues for her. Lulu is always doing the parenting in this relationship, and maybe she needs to leave that responsibility to Luke from now on. Of course, it would help if Luke wasn’t always about to say something to his daughter that required “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!” as a preface. Luke should know better than telling Lulu something that he was going to ask her to keep from her “cop” husband. Hasn’t his being her dad put enough of a strain on her relationships?

Besides, Dante’s already got his mother keeping secrets from him – and it is a mother of a secret, too. I was actually a bit surprised that Liv would lie to her baby’s face, especially while he was on the job, all in an effort to make a deal with her ex-lover to save her current lover. I would have to say that before Dante is told what his mama was really doing at Johnny’s, someone issue the familiar warning:“Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!”

Awww, was I the only one who was happy to see Anna and Noah come face to face again? While I have to agree with Noah that I wished it was under better circumstances, reunions like theirs I’ll take under any circumstances! I am sure that Anna would have welcomed the opportunity to catch up with Noah, chat about their granddaughter, and discuss how they could help Patrick get through this together over a cup of coffee and some shared tears, but Noah had other plans. “Brace Yourself, Anna, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!” No one would like having to hear what Noah had to say when she was already saying the very same thing to herself. Noah let her know, in no uncertain terms, that he was not going to let Anna take out her pain on Patrick. It was interesting to see both parents reacting to their child’s pain, in spite of the fact that their connection is about more than their children having been married. I thought Patrick coming in to back Noah off, because he earnestly felt he deserves everything Anna had to say, was just the thing to convince Anna that she was doing the right thing by offering him heartfelt apology. I wept during their conversation, mostly because as a mom, I totally understand everything Anna has felt: from wanting to rip Patrick a new one, to being devastated at realizing that her daughter had kept things from her. Mostly I understood when Anna warned Patrick that the ass-kicking Robin saved him from by not telling her about his cheating would have been a bad one. What mother wouldn’t want to beat the crap out of anyone who hurts her baby? And as Anna said, what mother wouldn’t want to murder the woman who tore her daughter’s life apart? If I were Anna, I would console myself with that. That Robin didn’t tell her because she knew Anna would have murdered that crazy bitch at the first sign of trouble. It might someday even give her a reason to smile.

One thing that did not give me a reason to smile was Jason when he first got home. In fact, when Jason yelled at Sam that “it was his life,” I had an Ally McBeal moment where I walked in, stood between him and Sam, and asked him to hand me his gun. So that I could shoot him between the eyes. As for the rest of it, I tried really hard to try and look at this issue between him and Sam as impartially as I possibly could. Sam never thought that what she was doing in keeping the truth from Jason was the right thing. And she never thought there weren’t intrinsic consequences that would come as a result of her choices. In fact, she told Carly that she would rather have Jason pissed at her, but alive. I am not saying that Sam deserves any of the bullshit Jason has dished out at her, and neither am I saying that Sam was wrong. What I am saying is that she knew it wouldn’t be the right choice for Jason, and she was still okay with that, because the benefits outweighed the risks. It’s something I would have done myself, placed in the same position. However, I would have to be prepared to do something else Sam did, and that was apologize. I was having a tough time today in trying to understand how Sam apologizing for something she knew was wrong for the man she loves was seen as weak by some. I thought Sam was giving as good as she was getting in their conversation. I thought she was fighting for Jason to see her side. That didn’t make her weak – that made her the fighter I know her to be. So easily, Jason could have shut down, focused on what Carly convinced him was a betrayal, and stayed there, but Sam was not allowing him to stay there. I’m sorry if it upsets you when I say this, but Sam did owe Jason an apology, and she knew that the moment she made the decision. Offering an apology doesn’t make someone weak, it makes them strong enough to admit that sometimes we do the wrong things for all of the right reasons under the sun. I loved that Sam apologized for doing the one thing Jason hates the most, but I loved even more that she was willing to tell Jason “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!”, but if I could go back, I would do the same thing. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t sound like a weak, pathetic woman to me. Sam made apologies for doing something she knew would not sit well with him, but she wasn’t making apologies for the reasons she did it. That’s the Sam I know and love.

As for Jason, sure he was holding on to the fact hat Sam took away his power of choice like a dog with a bone, but I thought he seemed to get it when Sam defended her rationale. As for Jason “rubbing Liz in her face”, I’m sorry. I just didn’t see it. To me, it would have been a hundred times worse for Jason to have come home and not told Sam that truth right away. And judging from Sam’s reaction, Liz is not a threat to their marriage, and therefore, neither was the truth about them talking about their dead son on the anniversary of his death. There wasn’t even a need for Jason to offer an advisement of “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!” I thought the way he told Sam about seeing Liz on the bridge was very matter-0f-fact, and inconsequential to them as a couple. I didn’t see him saying it to hurt Sam at all. Even when Jason said that Liz said it wasn’t Sam’s fault, and he knew that, I took that to mean just that. Liz said it, but he knew it. Liz’s comment was superfluous, because the fact that his anger and pain weren’t Sam’s fault wasn’t something he was even entertaining. I must say that I know Jason pretty well. I did say yesterday that this was about two things for Jason, and both of them involved Robin. 1. He couldn’t save Robin, and 2. Robin saved him. Jason told Sam today that he was angry with Robin, but we all know that more than that, Robin’s death forced Jason to put down that superhero cape of his. Of course he doesn’t know what to do with that. Jason was lost. Sam and their baby were his compass this time, and helped him find his way back. That’s why he loves her.

Do I still think the writers were way off on his reactions towards Sam for a couple of days there? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY! We know our Jason as well as Sam does! But what’s done is done. They did a good job at bringing me to a place where I could be as content as Sam was, lying in her husband’s lap, and finally able to get some sleep after a few sleepless nights. Jason and Sam talking peacefully on the couch like the good ol’ days was The Beauty of GH for me today. Like most of you, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jason’s outrageous behavior towards Sam either. Let’s just be thankful that the thought of Sam leaving their home freaked Jason out as much as it did us, and he grabbed onto her, told her he loved her, and didn’t let go. Most of all, let’s be thankful that Mr. & Mrs. Morgan needed to reconnect almost as much as we needed them to! (Hence the over 1,000,000 YouTube views of their wedding night!)

Too bad that it should have gone without saying that even with the new headwriter in place, we should have recognized the warning.“Brace Yourself, JaSammers, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!”

Of course Spinelli would arrive with information that could not wait just as they were racing up the stairs for some “rest!”



The least of our worries, I’m sure!


Keep watching, GHers! It’s now or never!




Good morning, GHers!

This post must begin with a heartfelt *sigh*.

As a lifelong soaper, I usually take the token Dissociative Identity Disorder storyline that apparently must visit every soap town, and cause upheaval and drama for a few of its residents, in stride, I really do. Sometimes, I even love them. My God, I remember Jane Elliot (GH’s Tracy) playing Carrie on Guiding Light opposite Jerry Ver Dorn (OLTL’s Clint) as Ross, and the story had me riveted – even though I think I was about 10. 🙂

Through the years, I’ve held on even when the story lines wore on my patience and interest, only because I know that at some point, the patient with the disorder will either be treated, or shipped off to a mental institution, and the issues resulting from the disorder will be resolved.

THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS, for me, comes when it seems that the condition seems contagious.

Yes, I said it. Or at least I typed it.

And I mean it, too!

I found myself watching GH today thinking, “WHO THE HELL WAS THAT?” Is everyone in Port Charles suddenly suffering from some kind of personality disorder?

And listen, I am not even talking about Kate/Connie and now Carmen (Miranda)! Although, I heard myself take a really deep breath when Connie told Sonny she was now Carmen. I guess what bothered me most is that Sonny may not always be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I will tell you what: if my significant other randomly started calling himself by other names, while already under the care of a licensed psychiatrist, I would be backing out of that room while dialing said psychiatrist’s number! For Sonny to just think that Kate was suddenly turning into some kinky chick was just ridiculous! Sonny is bi-polar. Surely he knows what the beginnings of a breakdown look like in someone else, no?

What about Maxie? This is a tough one, because I am still trying to get used to seeing the lovely and talented Jen Lilley and registering her as Maxie. The fact that this Maxie is already so different is one thing, but to have Maxie completely break down and cop to killing her cousin in front of her grieving family – especially her young daughter? WHAT THE #&%$!  (And by the way, we all know that Liz is completely useless, but dear God, did she have to just sit there gawking at Maxie all that time when she should have been getting Emma to safety long before she did? Pffft. It made me want to bash her head in with Robin’s commemorative brick!) Maxie was obviously out of control from the moment she walked in. In fact, I was screaming for Father Coates to stand up out of that chair he was sitting in and perform an exorcism, because obviously, Maxie was possessed! Even for Maxie, it was just too damned much. Too damned selfish. Too damned thoughtless. Too damned hard to watch. But when Maxie hissed, “I’m Maxie Jones, and I am a murderer”, I rolled my eyes like a 5th grader, and walked out of the room. Who are these people?

I love Anna. I do. In spite of the fact that she hasn’t exactly been the best mom to Robin over the years, I do really love the way she mothers when she is around. The one thing I thought was a bit out of character was that Anna was back on the roof after days and says of watching her daughter’s husband struggle to envision his life without his wife, ripping him a new one over his affair with Lisa Niles! Oh how I wish she had out that much passion in telling Robert what a dirt bag he was for leaving town instead of attending his daughter’s funeral! Or how I wish Anna had actually been around more so that she wouldn’t have had to hear about this after her daughter was gone. And that barely disguised threat to take Emma from Patrick? Did she want Patrick to jump off the freakin’ roof? (asked in my best Chandler Bing voice!) Anna talked to Patrick about wanting to think about her daughter being happy, and always laughing. I am sorry, but I would need to do more than imagine that. I would need to be near my daughter a lot more than Anna was near Robin. At the very least, Anna could have kept tabs through Mac – there was no way Mac would’ve held back on the Lisa thing! The timing was completely off for me, and things got even darker for Patrick – and me – in a matter of seconds. And trust me when I tell you – darker is not better.

I know this was like the 5th day of Robin’s funeral, but Carly is the one who is DEAD TO ME. Carly’s personality disorder is different in that they are all rotten. I thought there was no way she could make me hate her more after Friday’s episode, but boy, was I wrong! That BITCH has sunken to an all new low. In my own life, I try to follow one very simple guiding principle when it comes to how to handle questionable behaviors from the people in my life. That is to try and understand the motives behind their actions. Very often, the people we care about do the wrong things for what they truly believe are the right reasons, and the right reasons are usually not self-serving. If Jason were to take a moment to do the same, he would soon realize that Carly’s motives were pure evil. Just as Johnny did before Carly jumped his bones for some celebration sex. *gags* Carly could not even keep her crocodile tears going long enough to feel sorry for Jason once he’d left the room. Once she was done trying to destroy his marriage to Sam, she was gloating triumphantly! It turned her on, and sent her running to John’s for a romp, instead of home to hold her daughter, thankful that Dr. Robin livelong enough to save her godfather, or I don’t know, celebrate the fact that Joss is alive and well a year after receiving Jason’s dead son’s kidney. Carly is the scum of the earth, and even if she offered her own kidney to Sam on a silver platter, she will never be redeemed in my eyes. Did you read that, Mr. Carlivati? NEVER!

There was only one thing that made me smile about today’s Jason and Sam scenes, and that just breaks my heart. Jason and Sam, their love, and that baby we’ve all been praying for since 2004 were the only rays of sunshine peeking through the massive storm clouds that seem to have rolled into Port Charles once more. That one thing, sadly had nothing to do with anything they said, or anything the writers wrote. It was actually a comment on the JaSam scenes uploaded to YouTube by ashleycramni. Check out the comment: Jason please do not make me come through this tv and smack one care that you are can be a lil upset, but you are being really selfish with your “BFF” Carly!! Carly comes in after the fact, but where was she when you were “dying” sleeping with Johnny.seriously grow up and be a is it me,but how is he up so fast and mad after having a complicated brain surgery?? Jason get it together and stop letting Carly run your life…SO SELFISH Robin come down and smack Comment by: mommiesangelej

To that, I say: AMEN!

I wanted to slap the shit out of Jason’s head.

I wanted Sam to take off one of her spiked heels and leave a piece of it in Jason’s brain where that piece of the dashboard used to be, because obviously removing that “inorganic matter” has caused pieces of his brain to fall out, and it needs to be plugged up.

I wanted her to tell Jason that he was right. His hypocritical ass wasn’t worth the sacrifice.

And when he said that maybe Carly did know him better, I wanted her to grow fangs like she did as Livvie and drain the life from his already dead soul. That Mother #%$^&#! 

Then . . .

I shut off my TV and did laps around my living room as I went over all the reasons I should start blogging about The Bold and The Beautiful, or retirement, or gardening in New Jersey!

And that was when the increase of oxygen helped to clear my own brain, and I realized that this is THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS. 

When we heard that the Misters Carlivati and Valentini were taking over the reigns at GH, we pleaded with them not to turn our beloved characters into people we didn’t recognize.

Unfortunately, that is what just happened right before our very eyes!

Surely Jason Morgan would not be so much of a hypocrite that he would forget that he did the exact same thing when Carly was pregnant and he couldn’t tell her that Claudia was responsible for Michael being shot! Or that he made the choice for Sam when she was shot in his arms and he decided that his life was suddenly too dangerous for her. Or when he decided that Sam would be too heartbroken to hear the truth about the lie that Liz told him when she lied for months and let him believe Lucky was her baby bump’s father, so he turned around and kept that from her, too. Were those his choices to make?

And certainly Jason would never, ever use Carly against Sam to hurt her! Not when she just sat by his bedside, willing him to live for the 69874095708374598643598th time, all while pregnant with the baby she wanted more than anything, and was scared it might not have been his because she might have been raped by his enemy while on their honeymoon!

No way. No how.

The Jason Morgan I know would never hold Sam to such an impossibly high standard when he himself could not live up to it. And the Jason Morgan I know would never purposely hurt Sam with careless words. Not again. Not after all they’ve overcome to find their way back to each other and start the life together that makes each of their halves complete!

So, yes, I am still pissed, and yes – I want to draw blood. But I have reset my sights on a new target for my anger and frustration: The idiot(s) who actually wrote this new, emerging personality disorder Jason is dealing with.

Whoever it was, they realized THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS for themselves when they got an earful from all of my own personalities.

  • They heard from the angry me, who refuses to be treated as though we should all have amnesia and not remember what our favorite characters are like.
  • They heard from the disappointed me, who trusted them to keep their word when they said they would honor the history of the characters on GH.
  • They heard from the me dealing with my anxiety disorder, who cannot stand idly by and watch the train wreck I fear is going to happen without screaming to get someone’s attention.
  • They heard from the emotional me, who is devastated at even the thought that our favorite couple could be written so drastically different that I feel as though they are lost.
  • And they heard from the teacher in me, who demanded that they do their homework, brush up on their history, and treat me with respect!

I am thinking that after all of that communication, they, like us, have now had their fill of personality disorders, too!

We can only hope!

YOUR HOMEWORK: Communicate, communicate, communicate! Let TPTB know exactly what’s on your mind – on all of your minds of all of your personalities. Silence is not an option here!

Much love from all of Me, Myself, and I,


“Not On My Watch!”

Morning, GHers!

Thanks for all the get well wishes. I don’t think it’s the flu, as it still hasn’t really taken me down. I am fighting my way through fevers throughout the night, and I still feel as though I have the chills throughout the day, but I still feel as though I am fighting whatever it is – and we’re locked in a battle that won’t end one way or the other. The silver lining is that I don’t think I’ve slept this much in 2 days in like 5 years! Whatever it is, I have lost the battle over energy, and cannot seem to keep my eyes open very long, and being the chronic insomniac I am, that is one symptom I will never complain about! I’ll take it! 😉

You know, “Not On My Watch” is a serious declaration to make. It’s actually a promise, really, and too often, one that no one can guarantee keeping.

Take Michael, for instance. Basically Michael met Starr after a very traumatic accident, and found her to be completely hysterical and desperate for help. Problem was, Starr had hurt her ankle, and could do nothing to aid in the rescue of her boyfriend and baby daughter. So Michael does the one thing that he has probably regretted since the moment the words left his lips. He promised to save them both for Starr. Michael was determined that the two people trapped in the car would not be lost to Starr…that Starr would not have to go through the agony that Michael is still trying to recover from when he lost the love of his life…Abby. NOT ON HIS WATCH. Too bad that’s exactly when it happened. Now Starr, in her unimaginable grief, will need someone to blame, and since Michael is already blaming himself, he will make it nice and easy for Starr to do just that. And knowing her family – including dear old dad, who just arrived in Port Charles, there will be no shortage of blame to go around! Look out.

It has been so nice to enjoy Kassie DePaiva onscreen again. She really is one of my all-time faves, ever since she played Chelsea Reardon on Guiding Light. I truly am so glad she is working, and doing what she does best! As a mom, Blair Cramer has lived with a promise that her children would be safe, and that no danger would befall them. NOT ON HER WATCH. Every mother declares that unrealistic promise – even if only to herself, the minute she lays eyes on her baby for the first time. The fact that this accident didn’t technically happen on Blair’s watch, as Starr is more than a big girl now, doesn’t really matter. Blair will still struggle with not being able to protect Starr, nit just from the accident itself, but from the loss of her own daughter. I felt awful for Blair, and wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone, much less a mother.

Am I the only one who gets beyond annoyed when Carly acts as though Jason and Sonny are hers to protect, and NOT ON HER WATCH will they be hurt? Perhaps this wouldn’t be so freakin’ maddening if she didn’t turn around and be the one to hurt them – especially Sonny, so often. I mean didn’t Carly hear her big, fat hypocritical self when she was talking about how Kate should have been there for Sonny after he got shot, but just a couple weeks ago, she was telling anyone who would listen that Sonny was a cold-blooded murderer at the party in her hotel? Carly should be banned from both of them until she has a run-in with reality!

John Zacchara undoubtedly has some serious magnetism. What is unfortunate, however, is that he seems to be a mega-magnet for all of the crazies! It’s a shame John doesn’t pursue higher education and a degree in psychiatry! Business would never be slow for Dr. McHairy-But-Hot, because he seems to be able attract mental patients all the time! In fact, other than Jason and Patrick, I am trying to recall if any other “normal” person has ever knocked on John’s door! It’s as if his motto could be that NO MENTAL CASE WILL GO UNNOTICED – NOT ON JOHN’S WATCH. When Connie-from-the-block(that’s what I always call Connie and Liv!) came lookin’ for some action, John had to wonder what it is about him that seems to call out to the unstable like a mating call. Hmmm. I think it was quite interesting  that Connie wants help from John in order to save Kate. This is going to make for some reheated bad blood between John and Sonny – to say the least. I guess we should all be thankful that Connie opted for the golden look of the ’80’s instead of the bloody wedding dress again.

Kate’s love life may be the least of Connie’s worries now that Cousin Dante has found the gun used to shoot out Anthony’s tires in Kate’s office. It seems that Kate is in for some pretty (no own intended) big trouble, because as we all know, unless Dante is in love with someone, they aren’t getting away with anything, much less murder! NOT ON HIS WATCH. I wonder if Connie was on a shooting spree the entire night, and the slugs found in Anthony’s tires won’t match the one found in Sonny’s shoulder. Talk about Bella Mafia – Connie may be able to head up her own rival mob family. She got more done in one night than Sonny’s gotten done as mob boss in five years!

Maybe Connie will go back to the office and get really pissed at Maxie and shoot her in the stiletto. Maxie deserves no less for the way she;s treating Spin, the one person who is determined that she will not be forced to get through this tragedy alone – NOT ON HIS WATCH. I get that Maxie is grieving, but when she told Spin to just go home and pack, when all he has done is stand by her through it ALL, I wished Matt would walk in wreaking of Liz’s cheap perfume, just so that she could get a wake-up call about whom Matt was comforting FIRST!

How do I know it’s cheap perfume she wears? What else would she wear, considering she is over at Patrick’s, acting like some cheap excuse of a “fill-in” for Robin! It irks the crap out of me that she is making food for Patrick, answering his door, and fielding his visitors, especially when I don’t even think she’s fed her own kids herself in months! Patrick should be left to deal with his daughter among FAMILY, not the chick who agreed to take over for Robin once before! We all know how Liz’s mind works. There will never be a grieving, devastated man who will have to suffer alone. NOT ON HER WATCH. It kinda gave me the creeps when Liz was telling Matt, Patrick’s brother, what “they” told Emma about Robin’s death. Yuck! I mean –  other than allowing Cameron to nearly burn Robin and Emma alive at Emma’s birthday party at Mac’s a couple of years ago, I cannot think of one contribution Liz has made to Emma’s life thus far. I would think it would be completely freaky for Emma to have Liz all over that. This whole concerned neighbor act just makes her look even more opportunistic than we already believed her to be. I am half expecting her to start flipping pancakes while wearing Robin’s robe! *shakes head*

I guess the only person to really have the purest and sincerest motives when he declared, “NOT ON MY WATCH!” was Luke when he shouted it at his old friend, Robert. Luke was determined to not lose the friend that helped make him who he is, and of all who thought it, Luke was the only one I believed. Mr. Carlivati has done a SUPERB job of FINALLY understanding that taking advantage of GH’s long legacy isn’t just about bringing vets back to the show, it’s what they do while in Port Charles that counts! This time around Robert wasn’t chasing some monkey in search of an antidote to some bizarre virus, he was taking us all back to the hey-days of GH, when friendships, even between men, were strong and important, and written. The dialogue between Luke and Robert was deep, and relevant, and so true to who these characters once were to each other. As a lifelong viewer, I felt honored that the writers took that much care in reaching me where it counts – the heart.

Soaps are about heart, and when that’s lost, so are viewers.

I give Mr. Carlivati all the credit in the world for trying to find GH’s heart again. My hope is that he gets the chance to do just that for years to come!

Losing our only remaining ABC soap is not something we are ready to accept!


Much love,


TGIF, GHers!

I hope you are all looking forward to an awesome weekend!

Sometimes in life, we are faced with situations, or even people, that are HARD TO BELIEVE. No matter how we try, no matter how we deal or react, some things will remain downright HARD TO BELIEVE.

Holly Scorpio is one of those people who creates one of those situations that make her HARD TO BELIEVE. One really can’t blame Luke or Ethan for not believing a word out of her mouth, and even when they finally do, it won’t make it any easier for them to accept. How will Ethan feel when he finds out that Robin, not Lulu, was the sister he should have been getting to know all along? And how devastated will he be when he finds out that it’s too late for any of that? That Robin is gone? I’m not sure Holly would or should be forgiven. Her reasons for lying to Ethan and Luke were purely selfish, and no apology in the world can buy back time.

Robert Scorpio was a man on a mission unlike any other he’s ever taken on before. While every mission Robert takes on is dangerous, none will ever be as dangerous as this one was – to his heart. For Robert, the second he heard the devastating news from Anna, it was HARD TO BELIEVE that Robin could really be gone. “She doesn’t make mistakes,” he said to Anna. Robert could just not wrap his brain around the fact that something like her life’s work – saving people – could ever cost her her own life! I am not sure that it was intuition, or a long life of understanding that some things require proof beyond a reasonable doubt that caused Robert to need to see Robin’s remains, but I totally got it. It didn’t seem that anyone else got it, as poor Mac tried to protect his brother from seeing the one thing that would tear his heart out. Mac begging Robert to understand what Robin would have wanted, how he would know because he raised her for more years than Robert had, was heartbreaking, wasn’t it? It’s too bad that big brother still seems to have the upper hand when it comes to besting his little brother. Mac was down for the count, and by the time he could get himself together, it was too late. Robert was already inside and had locked the door behind him. Wow. Those were some spellbinding moments with Robert in the morgue, willing himself to lift the sheet and face his greatest fear. Tristan Rogers proved that he’s still got what it takes to scoop us all up and take us along a journey! I was in tears as he fell apart, and when he actually saw “Robin”, I lost it when she asked him where he was when she needed him most. I have convinced myself that the “Robin” everyone is seeing is really the voice of their own conscience – and isn’t it completely apropos that conscience would take on her form? Robert was struggling with the cold, hard truth that he had basically abandoned his daughter, and so when he saw “her”, that is what he had to face. I thought that moment where the hand was sticking out of the sheet, and “Robin” put it back under was brilliant! Robert was broken, and I am sure that so were most of us! Not many shows have the longstanding history and connection with a group of actors that have the power to reel us in and make us feel all the sadness they are. I am so proud of GH for finally capitalizing on that! Even when Anna got the tex message from Robert, where he told her he couldn’t do this, that he loved her, and good-bye, forced a lump into my throat all over again! Thanks, Mr. Rogers and Ms. Hughes, for being willing to come back and making this tragedy about the important things: family and love.  It’s what The Beauty of GH is all about.

Poor, poor Patrick. HARD TO BELIEVE doesn’t even begin to explain what he’s thinking right now. Literally – one minute he and Robin were happy and enjoying the prospects of a long, happy life together,and the next minute, Robin is gone, leaving him with very little to look forward to at all. It’s no wonder Patrick can’t stop crying. I loved hearing Patrick talk to Anna about Robin, and how she didn’t like him at first. Those were some classic moments, and it’s great when our favorite characters can look back and make us recall those moments right along with them. I also loved hearing Anna talk about Robin – reminding us all of the little girl we watched grow up right before our very eyes. It’s nice that Patrick actually has someone who feels the same, devastating loss that he does. I loved that Anna offered to help him break the news to Emma, and that she respected his decision to do it alone. I think Patrick and Anna have always had the kind of relationship most sons-in-law could only dream of.

I must tell you that what happened next at the Drake home really was more than just a little HARD TO BELIEVE for me. I get that Liz wanted to stop by and see her friend, Patrick, and to express her sincerest condolences, I really do. I get that she would give him a peck talk on how much Emma needed him. That’s where the “getting” stopped. I will never “get” what the hell Liz was thinking when Emma came into the room looking for her mom, and Patrick took his daughter in his arms and prepared to tell her the biggest thing he’ll ever tell her, and Liz didn’t wish him the best, and LEAVE. Perhaps is the writers wanted us to believe that Liz actually had some kind – any kind – of relationship with Emma, we might have been shown some of those moments. Even a warm hello at the hospital might have helped. But watching Liz watch Patrick and Emma during such a private moment, and then swooping in to add her (stupid) two cents only pissed me off! I was so upset by her intrusion that I nearly forgot to be devastated for Patrick and Emma! In fact, I had to go back and listen to Patrick talking to Emma before I actually got emotional again. Liz ruined the moment for me. (I bet that’s NOT HARD TO BELIEVE.) If anyone had to be there with Patrick, it should have been Anna, not this piranha, who can smell a vulnerable, suffering man as if he were bloody bait. Hey, Liz, how about you go home and deal with your own vulnerable, apparently freezing kids, who’ve already lost so much?

I am hoping Dr. Keenan gave up on trying to fix Liz’s furnace, and went instead to the hospital to try to find some information on any shooting victims brought in to the hospital, so that he could try to track down the woman who should be his newest patient. Kate is flicking personalities on and off faster than a light switch. She obviously needs help, and I don’t think it’s the kind Sonny (or his lovemaking) can provide. Kate’s mental instability makes her unable to stick to a decision about Sonny or their relationship, and I imagine that’s not the most dangerous of her decisions. Yes, Dr. Keenan needs to get to work on helping Kate – and fast!

Some of you may find this HARD TO BELIEVE but I am actually liking Johnny and Carly. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I’d always rather see John in amorous situations, and I always rather see Carly five miles from Jason and Sam. Unfortunately, now that Carly took the time to check the weather, if not check in on her children, and knows that Robin is dead, I have a feeling that The Morgans’ peace and quiet while Jason recuperates is over. Damn.

 It’s actually still a little HARD TO BELIEVE just how much I look forward to the next episode of General Hospital these days! HARD TO BELIEVE, but NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND WHY!