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A Tale Of Two Women

Good morning, GHers!

I hope you all had a restful weekend, and for all of the moms – I hope you were spoiled rotten on our special day!

I actually got in a nap during GH today, as I found it to be a bit boring, but I did manage to catch up, and realized that for just about all the men in Port Charles, the story trying to be sold was A Tale Of Two Women. 

For Todd it was a double whammy. First, he overheard the tortured confession of Kate Howard her attorney, stating that she thought Connie might have been the one to shoot out Anthony’s  tires that night, in effect being the reason for Cole and Hope’s deaths. I must interject here and say that it would be rude of me not to mention once again what an outstanding job that Kelly Sullivan is doing with this storyline! I mean, wow! I am now entirely pulling for Kate here, because how could I not? The woman had no control over Connie’s actions, and Kate is so convincingly remorseful that I honestly feel for her! Somehow, Ms. Sullivan has even managed to get me to feel for Connie, who was only manifesting in order to “save” Kate from a fate known as death. Todd heard enough that he now knows there is A Tale Of Two Women, but he didn’t really know what, or who, the hell Kate was talking about, but I have a feeling that Carly is going to be all too happy to fill him in! Which bring me to the next Tale of Two Women surrounding Todd (because God forbid that an OLTL character not have more story than a GH character) Carly finally met the other former Mrs. Todd Manning, Téa Delgado. I may not be a huge fan of all the OLTLers taking up so much screen time without even giving the GH viewers a chance to warm up to them, but I will say this: Téa is one character GH could use more of. She is strong, independent, and smart as hell. I love that she immediately gee Carly a run for her money at bitchiness, and I love that Alexis will have another smart woman to spar with. Carly thinks she likes Blair more; I’d bet it had a little something to do with the fact that Téa told Carly exactly how things are, instead of pulling up a chair at the MC bar to toast crappy exes. Téa would much rather do something about a crappy ex, than just get drunk and commiserate over him. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Téa’s brother Tomas really does turn out to be the man formerly known as Lorenzo Alcazar, as rumors suggest? I don’t think she and Carly would be bonding as in-laws any time soon.

Also not bonding as possible future in-laws are Liv and the crazy-ass Heather in Steve Webber’s unfortunate Tale Of Two Women. Both women claim to love him, but one woman is dangerous to the health of any other woman around him, and always has been. Why Steve can’t seem to piece together that his mother’s arrival in his life almost completely coincided with Maggie’s mysterious confession and suicide is beyond me, especially when Olivia, who by her own admission is not really that familiar with mental illness, seems to have the whole thing under suspicion, if not figured out just yet. If nothing else, I would think Heather’s ill-timed suggestion for a “celebration” over a BLT would have set off an alarm bell for Steve…but apparently not. And to think that Steve was once a specialist in forensic medicine. Pffft…shouldn’t he at least investigate Maggie’s death?

Speaking of Heather, she is quickly becoming the other woman in A Tale Of Two Women in Luke’s life, besides Anna. You’ve gotta hand it to Robin Matheson, she can play SOAP crazy with the best of them! Her phone call to Luke was comical, if not indicative as to how seriously deranged Heather really is. I thought it was cute that Luke, who plays cat and mouse with the sinister Helena Cassadine and thinks nothing of it, immediately had his number changed just to keep Heather from being able to reach him. She freaks him out like no other loon can, and even Anna thinks that is hilarious! I must admit that I am liking the Luke and Anna bonding more than I thought I would. I thought that moment where Luke realized he was kinda mesmerized by her smile was sweet, and the shock Anna registered was equally so. Even nicer were the scenes where Anna and Luke were bonding with their grandchildren – something that might never have happened under Guza. I think I might like where this is going…

It appears that Ron Carlivati is trying to convince viewers that there is A Tale Of Two Women in Jason’s life. And while there may be two women crossing paths with him, it is quite obvious that there is only one woman in Jason’s heart. I think I may have said once (or twice) before that it never ceases to amaze me that so much of Jason’s “relationship” with Liz must involve a child. For years, it was Jake, and how he served as a connection for them. *sigh* This time, it was Emma, Robin’s daughter, who served as the thing that created something for them to seemingly connect over, though I am not sure the connection had anything to do with them, but Jason’s past relationship with Robin. Either way, Liz seemed more than thrilled to have a reason to talk to Jason, even though once again, even she could not deny the obvious: that Jason loves Sam. Jason was dangerously close to making this into A Tale Of Three Women, as he is (to quote Jason himself) “acting like a little bitch!” I don’t know if it’s Liz’s effect, but he has gotten so freakin’ whiny! Whaa, whaa, whaa! Sam wants to be closer to McBain. Whaa! Sam doesn’t need me! Whaa! I can’t stop think ing about Franco! Oh, please! Jason, get a freakin’ grip! I still swear that Jason is the one experiencing “sympathy” hormones for his wife, because he is a hot mess! He is so afraid of saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing where Sam is concerned, that he doesn’t even know what to do anymore. To be fair, this is all fairly new to Jason. Sam has been the only woman he has ever fought to keep, as every other woman he has just watched walk away. And it’s been so long since he had to fight, I think he is a little rusty…or even a little chicken…or maybe a little of both. Maybe Jason really does believe that Sam wants to be with McBain because he fears that he is not being what she needs him to be right now. Maybe he does worry that Sam doesn’t need him anymore. The problem is that unless he overcomes the fear that he just may be right, he may lose her by default! One thing was crystal clear: for Jason, it’s A Tale Of One Woman. The minute he left Kelly’s, (right after Liz told him she would be thinking about him), it was clear to everyone that Jason was thinking about one woman. His wife, Samantha Morgan. So, without really stopping to think about it, he rushes over to the motel, just to wish her a “Happy Birthday”. He didn’t need to be reminded that it was Sam’s birthday, and he didn’t really know what else to say, but he needed her to know that he remembered. That was a step in the right direction.

From what I understand, it will be a long road before us JaSam fans are back to feeling the love we were feeling under Garin Wolf, or even Guza for that matter. Ron Carlivati has a sad, twisted idea of what we want to see onscreen. Other than reminding him every day via every available mode of communication, and logging out of our Nielsen boxes when we are getting something we don’t want to see, I am not sure there is anything else we can do but wait as patiently as possible.

However, I will tell you again, that losing by default is not an option! There will be no giving in, giving up, or giving them any thing without a fight!

It’s more important than ever that for TPTB, we don’t each become A Tale Of Two Women, where one minute we are #TeamJaSam, and the next minute we are jumping ship, and choosing one or the other. This is the time to be rock-solid supporters of our couple, even if we detest the way they are being written!

Let’s hang in there, JaSammers!

Love you all, 


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Wow…just like *that*, it’s another opportunity to TGIF, GHers!

This week seemed to fly by for me, but running around tends to make the days go by faster. 😉

Thanks for all the well wishes for Vanessa! It’s very kind of you, and I had her read all the comments and emails and fb comments. They made her smile, and of course, that made me smile. Her fever seems to finally be under control. It’s been hovering around 99 with meds, and that’s pretty good after the first couple of days. She was starting to act a little more like herself today, and I a finally breathing a sigh of relief.

I’ll tell you who’s not breathing a sigh of relief…all those in PC who happened to have one thing in common: they all got BUSTED!

While I do feel for Robin in that no mother should have to plan for her family’s life without her, but there are just some things I will never understand about her behavior. Asking Liz to step in was of course the first thing, but Robin not telling Mac or Maxie when she has told Jason and Matt is just completely wrong! I was so glad that Mac walked right into their conversation and BUSTED Robin for it! Of course, it was all the harder for Mac to hear since he was able to figure out that Robin knew about her viral load even back on the night of the bridge and never said a word. Mac has done right by Robin most of her life, especially in the absence of her parents. There is just no excuse for Robin doing so wrong by Mac.

Why do I have a feeling that Officer Padilla’s husband is about to get BUSTED for something much bigger than not being able to keep a job? The guy may be the first guy on a soap to give me the creeps without ever having laid my eyes on him. It just seems to me that Eddie isn’t the kind of guy his wife can count on. He never seems to have steady work. He never seems to be around to support his wife. And he stood her up in front of his new partner! What a scumbag! If he happens to be the one about to pounce on her in the alley, I am going to need Dante to bust a cap in his butt, like he did for Brenda’s scummy ex!

So, it’s official! Alexis is menopausal! Diane broke it to her with as little finesse and sympathy as possible, and Alexis had no choice but to embrace it; especially when Diane reminded her that it means she now has the freedom to have all the pregnancy-proof sex she wants now! (I’ll have to run that by all my menopausal family members!) Alexis didn’t seem as excited about that as Diane, but that didn’t mean Diane wasn’t going to keep trying to bring her over to the other side! She tried to sell Alexis on the idea of wild, passionate, abandoned SEX just as Mac walked up to them both. BUSTED! (I will admit – I loved the whole convo between those two -especially the reference to Sonny’s “might warriors” and the “Are you on crack?” question! LOL!)

It’s about damned time that Olivia put that some of the Bensonhurst Sass to good use! She has been watching Maggie move in on her turf, and her man for quite some time! I am so glad that she finally called her on it, but I am even happier that she called Steve on it at the end, too! This is not a one-sided game, and  it’s a matter of principle. No one of the opposite sex should be turning to your man for anything – not even a professional opinion, once you have BUSTED her playing tongue hockey with said man. Once that line has been crossed, the possibility of any relationship – professional, platonic, or otherwise gets crossed off the list. Maggie gets on my nerves anyway – I’m kinda glad Olivia stomped her back off her man. It just seems to me that Olivia is going to have to be stomping by the hospital more often. I’m not sure Maggie really got the message all too clearly. Let’s just hope those dizzy spells Olivia has been having don’t keep her from stomping anywhere.

I guess nothing makes a woman feel better about her new man worries than stopping by her former man’s place hoping for a little attention. Unfortunately for Liv, John had his own hockey game going with Carly. BUSTED! Carly might have a much tougher time convincing her employee she misses Jax now. Yet, correct me if I’m wrong, Carly didn’t really seem to care. I think Olivia seemed more bothered by the BUST than anyone else in the room. It must be because she’s a little disappointed to think she isn’t the only cougar whose purr got John’s attention.

Carly may be purring, but Sonny is on the prowl! I just knew Sonny would not be able to control his impulse to find out exactly what Kate was hiding, and I have to hand it to him – he didn’t leave any room for misunderstandings or games this time. Kate was BUSTED! Sonny was right about one thing – he didn’t get where he is today without being the suspicious, slightly paranoid man he is. OF COURSE he would find out where she was, and follow her so he could figure out what she was really up to. I don’t know how Kate thought she would get away with it so soon after a failed attempt. What a newbie! (no pun intended!) I am with Sonny – I had no idea what the hell Kate was talking about when Sonny was trying to get to the bottom of what she was doing in Chicago instead of Palm Beach, and who she was meeting with. All of that stuff about the cigarette in her bra, and wanting to call her mom left me scratching my head…imagine what it was like in Sonny’s head!

Being BUSTED is no fun! Not only is it inconvenient, it’s also sometimes shameful and painful to see what dishonesty does to the people who love you. After one is BUSTED, the long and painful process of picking up and trying to put back together the pieces of the tattered relationships begin. Sometimes, you just can’t find all the pieces, and the relationship is never made whole again.

We’ll just have to see which Port Charles relationships get put back together, and which ones are left shattered – not even worth the trouble of trying to piece it back together.

Either way, this is getting interesting…




Good morning, GHers!

The makers of Kleenex better pray that General Hospital stays on the air, because their sales will take a dip if it doesn’t! There is never a shortage of tears in Port Charles…they seem to be INFECTIOUS, like so many other things there!

Patrick just about breaks my heart. He is just trying so hard to keep it together and not lose it on the wife that may not have much time left with him and their daughter, but I will tell you that I don’t know how he does it. As I watched and listened to Patrick struggling to take it all in, I really wished that Robin could step away from it for a minute and hear what was really going on around her. I wished she could hear herself telling Patrick that she lied to him, trusted another man with her secret, planned out his and their daughter’s life without even their input, and then went to a mutual friend, and asked her to step in and take over her life, all because she basically wanted to control the how, when, and where they would finally deal with her disease. Patrick has totally  tried to make amends for the way he hurt his wife and their marriage, and I give him  lot of credit for extending such forgiveness and understanding towards his wife. I am not sure that if put in that situation, where my husband kept anything of importance from me, while sharing it with a woman from his past, regardless of the reasoning behind it, that I would be forgiving at all, much less THAT forgiving. I guess the on thing that is not INFECTIOUS is that kind of tolerance and forbearance. I hope that Robin truly realizes who her husband really is, and learns to respect him as such.

I am not sure when it happened, but Sonny Corinthos stopped being the mobster with the heart of gold, and has become rather heartless. By comparison, John Zacchara has taken over that role, truly and fully. While I totally get that Sonny considers John a mortal enemy, I don’t understand how Sonny could be so sold and callous towards someone whose loved one was murdered by his son, especially because of how gracious John has been towards Michael. Let’s face it, if John was half the bastard (no pun intended) that Sonny thinks him to be, Michael would have already been been a Zacchara soldier. Instead, John has refused to use Michael, and has even been such a gentleman as to refuse to use Michael’s mother, even though she so obviously wanted to be used. What does Sonny do with that? He callously goes over to John’s place, and taunts him about the fact that he’s a Soleito, not a Zacchara.  I thought that was more than enough to satisfy Sonny’s unhealthy hunger to hurt John, but, no. I will admit hat I wanted to be angry at Sonny for being so cruel, but dammit – that smile of his is so INFECTIOUS that I caught myself smiling when he did! (I know, I know – I am hanging my head in shame.) I just fail to see how John came to deserve such a ruthless attack, that Sonny would throw the fact that Claudia, a woman Sonny abused in every possible way but physically as John looked on, and who was murdered and disposed of like trash under Sonny’s orders, was really John’s mother. Did Sonny already forget the little boy in the closet back in Bensonhurst? Did he forget what happened to his mother, and how that has haunted him his entire life? I guess not, and that is why he used it to bring John to his knees. As if John wasn’t guilty enough that he didn’t protect his sister, he may just lose his mind now that he knows he failed to protect his mother. And not just the mother he was told about, but couldn’t remember, but the woman who protected him so ferociously, it bordered on bizarre.  It kind of turned my stomach that Sonny took so much pleasure in this, and it totally made me want to protect John, a la Olivia Falconeri! I hope Carly does “take care” of John, and then takes that much pleasure in telling Sonny just how much better John was. 😉

If only Anthony knew what was going on at home while he was completely focused on getting hitched. He may not be John’s father, but John is his grandson, and his blood. I think unlike John, Anthony would have blown Sonny’s head off on the spot. Instead, he was smiling away for the photographer, and making happy memories, Sonny and John the furthest things from his mind. I guess we should all be thankful for the Zacchara-Quartermaine Wedding, as at least there were some chuckles and merriment! Who’s with me on hoping that laughter will become INFECTIOUS among the residents of Port Charles?

Back at the hospital, Olivia better step up her game. It seems that Maggie is a little more INFECTIOUS than Olivia initially thought. Liv seems to have lost control of how much of Steve Maggie and their Memphis Memories have affected. If she leaves this condition untreated, Liv may find it’s too late, and she will lose the man she cares more about than she’s willing to admit – even to herself.

Also at the hospital, we were reminded of how INFECTIOUS Liz Webber can be. Like any infection, it seems she is on the warpath for any sign of weakness or vulnerability, so that she can attack and find a way in. Seeing Jason at the hospital, she first tried concern. When Jason failed to give her specifics, or turn to her for comfort, she turned to the only connection she and Jason ever really hadSECRETS. She asked Jason about Robin so that she could rally any of his susceptibilities to feeling helpless about his old friend, Robin. We’ve gotta hand it to her, Liz was obviously paying attention in class that day. When even that failed, Liz pulled out the one, ratty, old card she keeps in her scrubs pocket: Jake. Her watery mention of what a blessing it is to be a parent may have gotten Jason to utter the one word that she can sill cling to – their son’s name, but it failed to garner her a reason to cling to Jason again. She’s so pathetic! Sadly for Liz, TRUE LOVE seems to have boosted Jason’s immunity to her old tricks, because the minute his wife came into view, he proved he has built up quite a resistance when he walked away with barely a word! *snap*

Jason’s brain may still be misfiring, but his heart is shooting as straight, and as steady as I’ve ever seen. Jason has made quite the science of saying just the right things at just the right time to Sam since she broke the news of her pregnancy to him. He was an absolute rock in that exam room as they waited for Dr. Lee, handled the awkward questions so that Sam wouldn’t have to, and let Sam know that while he supported her, it was ultimately her decision for having the test or not. It reminded me of the last baby story Jason and Sam were involved in – you know, the one that brought them into each other’s orbits, and ultimately, brought them together. Jason seems to feed off of caring for the love of his life, and protecting her has the ability to fight off whatever else is ailing him. Somehow, that love Jason has for taking care of Sam is INFECTIOUS, and Sam in turn, takes great joy in taking care of. and protecting Jason, just like during her first pregnancy.

I loved that Jason was so concerned about Sam after the test (which, by the way, I still don’t understand) and wanted to make sure she was okay physically before leaving the hospital. More than that, I fell in love with Jason  even more when he took the time to make sure she was okay emotionally, too.

Jason telling Sam ,“No matter what happens, you have me. Nothing’s gonna change that,” especially within eavesdropping range, was pure matrimonial magic for me! 

Jason and Sam and their LOVE are INFECTIOUS. They wormed their way into our hearts, and make watching General Hospital worth the time, the effort, and the loyalty. They are the one thing I don’t ever want to be cured of! However, I wouldn’t mind a little laughter as medicine!


Hang in there, JaSammers! We’ve gotten over the first Baby Bump!

Much Love,




As Always #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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TGIF, GHers!

As you read this, I am either trying to prepare for, or starting, a very important day. (The date was not my choice, by the way  -____- )

Please send happy, positive thoughts and prayers my way. I can use them ALL!

Thank you!

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Have you ever noticed how much of life goes by in search or REDEMPTION?

Whether it’s as simple as trying to make something up to our kids, or trying to make things right with someone we love, we spend a lot of time in the search for being redeemed in the eyes of those who matter to us most.

Our friends in Port Charles are no different.

I am not sure what it is that Dr. Steve Webber did, and then dragged Dr. Maggie Worth into back in Memphis, but it is obviously still tearing him up. I have been trying to figure out why in the world Steve would basically demand that Maggie come to PC, then treat her as if she is some kind of stalker, but I am going to guess that he brought her along in search of REDEMPTION. Perhaps Steve felt badly about hauling it out of Memphis, and leaving her behind to deal with the fallout alone. Or maybe he didn’t trust her to keep it together without him there to keep an eye on her. Whatever it is, he is obviously torn – and not just by what happened back in Memphis, but by the woman he met there, and the woman he met here.

Though Maggie seems to think Olivia could never offer Steve REDEMPTION, I am going to take a wild guess here and predict that at some point Olivia is going to make Steve work for that REDEMPTION like his life depends on it. I was actually shocked that Olivia was able to walk away from watching Dr. Worth suck face with her man, and then come back with a plan – as “mature” as it was and all. I must say that all I could think about as Olivia walked in and made out with Steve after having watched him make out with Maggie, were the number of germs that were swapped in that hospital environment, but I am a little OCD about things like that. Dr. Webber on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind at all. On a side note: I wonder if Scott Reeves realized that he licked his lips after kissing Olivia as if he had just finished a cupcake with lots of frosting. It made me giggle – both times I watched! 😉

Perhaps Liv was able to keep it together after realizing that her only other alternative was to be like Sonny and murder Maggie, and after spending some time with Sonny, murder may not have seemed as appealing. It’s nice to know that Sonny and Olivia can co-parent, especially after all they’ve been through, and as a bonus, they can laugh about what might have been. The dialogue was much lighter today, and Olivia’s mention of “a half-million hickeys and a grown baby” was not just funny – it was fun! So was Sonny laughing after telling Liv that she and Connie could have fought for him! And boy, have I missed that on GH! I also love the idea that hey are finally going to open up Sonny’s restaurant to the public! I miss the days when people dined at the Metro Court, or at Kelly’s. I love it when our favorite Port Charlesians run into each other and say hello. It’s what usually happens when you live in a small harbor town! It’s good to know someone remembered that! I give them points for finally putting all of Olivia’s pasta-making skills to some good use – such as coming up with menu items for the new “Fortunato’s,” Sonny’s next uber-expensive attempt at REDEMPTION. It totally makes sense that Sonny would turn to Liv for that! (I only wish he could have gotten right on the menus instead of calling Jason to nag him!)

I think that Haley Pullos has turned into quite the beauty! No need to ever SORAS her – she has morphed from annoying little sister to lovely young lady just like that! However, I would like Molly to know that both of my kids who are allowed to be on social networking sites also have me as a friend! Get a grip, Molly! 😉 I think it’s nice that we see some nice Davis Girls scenes (though they make me miss Lexi immensely), but is it me, or did it bother anyone else that the first time Alexis would make an attempt to reach out to Sam it would be for help with one of her other daughters, even though she hadn’t seen her since her wedding, and knows that she and Jason went though hell on their honeymoon? Alexis is in real need of REDEMPTION in my eyes, because her very unbalanced love and concern for her daughters makes me a bit angry!

Sam doesn’t even know it, but she has been looking for REDEMPTION ever since she was told by her husband that she was attacked. It’s a crazy thing to watch Sam and Jason each struggle with all the blame they respectively feel for what happened! How I wish I could sit both their asses down and tell them they are not allowed to leave the room until they have both honestly told each other how they feel, what their fears are, what they feel responsibility for, and then give each other what they most need – some nakedness and lovin’!  I mean, how much longer will we have to watch this painful struggle for the blame? I love that Sam, in her love for Jason made it very clear to him that she doesn’t blame him, or think it’s his fault, but oh how I wish Sam would look herself in the mirror and say the very same words to herself! If I know Sam as well as I think I do, she even blames herself for getting pregnant – possibly by the psycho who has tortured them, because she went through with the reconstructive surgery. I just want this nightmare to be over so that Sam can finally enjoy the miracle she’s been given, and so that she and Jason can finally embrace the one possibility they never really dared to hope for! Nothing redeems a shattered soul faster or more completely than the miracle of a new life you’ve helped create. Just the thought of Jason and Sam allowing themselves to plan for their life as parents makes me feel completely content!

Let’s move this along, Writers! PLEASE!

If John McBain really is coming to Port Charles to get rid of the Mob, (See how pragmatically I am dealing with the changes?) Jason could make a new career out of searching for REDEMPTION. He usually blames himself for everything and anything that goes wrong, and wants to be the one to make things right again. However, he has taken even that obsession to a whole new level as he blames himself for what happened to his beautiful wife. Looking back over the years, Jason’s larger-than-life love for Sam has always had the ability to consume when it comes to Sam being in danger. We saw it for the first time when he thought he’d lose her after losing the baby, and we saw it when he fought singlehandedly to prove her innocence when Faith kidnapped Sonny’s kids. We saw it during Manny’s reign of terror, during the train wreck, the virus, and we saw how nearly losing Sam made Jason lose his mind after she was shot. Even when they were apart, the thought of Sam being hurt because of him even made Jason unable to hear the fact that his lover at the time, Liz, had also been taken by The Text Message Killer. All he could focus on was that Diego had taken “her” to where he had dumped Alcazar’s body. So while throughout their history, Jason has never been able to deal with Sam being hurt, this time Jason sees the kind of hurt that doesn’t heal like a virus, or bumps and bruises, or even a gunshot wound. The kind of hurt Franco caused Sam this time is something that Jason knows Sam will carry with her always. That it changed her in ways that only he would know as her husband. Worst of all, Jason feels responsible for allowing Franco to live long enough to have hurt her, so the only thing that might even come close to REDEMPTION for Jason is to kill Franco. But coming close isn’t the same as the real thing. What was it I said redeems a shattered soul? Hmmm.

Never before has a baby been wanted as much as the baby we all want for Jason and Sam. Eight years has been a long, tortured road for us as fans. But I have to tell you, I have crossed over the line from simply wanting this baby for them, to really needing this baby for them. I need it as a fan who has patiently waited, and bravely watched as our favorite couple has been put through the ringer, only to be thrown right smack into the fire. ENOUGH! How about a reprieve? How about something positive to hold onto, instead of more pain and angst? Then GH will finally have earned their REDEMPTION from me. 😉 I know – just what they are all lying awake wondering about, right?

All kidding aside, I have given this whole PortView thing a whole lot of thought – being home trying to give my body time to get itself together will afford you that luxury every once in a while. Having had a day to absorb everything, and to get my pain under control, I think I can accept that The Beauty of GH may look a little different in the near future, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You see, I imagine that Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini dealt with their own share of blaming themselves for One Life To Live getting canceled, even though we all know it was totally one of the worst mistakes ABC has made this century. I also imagine that they too, feel a need for some REDEMPTION from the fans, and not just the fans of OLTL, but the fans they are responsible to now – us fans of General Hospital. I want to believe that they want to come into PC and earn some of that REDEMPTION by making General Hospital the very best show it can be, or it will die with them trying. I also imagine that the opportunity to allow the loyalest of fans of Llanview to have their favorites live on, even for a little longer, was a gift they couldn’t pass up.

How can we not respect that? 

So, let’s give them some time. Let’s give them a chance. After all, it seems to be the only chance our beloved GH has.

I know that there was some confusion about the announcement being made that ABC had given up the 3 pm time slot to Couric, but that part of it was old news. There was an article printed that brought up the whole painful subject again, and even went on to say that it meant Couric was GH’s “last patient”, and it meant that GH was certainly cancelled. Until we hear those exact words: GH HAS BEEN CANCELLED, let’s keep hope alive. Let’s stay positive and determined to make liars out of those who thought Soaps are a thing of the past!

I believe in you guys! We can keep this glass half full!

Love you all,




Good morning, GHers!

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to give a very grateful shout-out to our friend, Darlene, (samjase) for giving #TeamPositive a much needed shot in the arm! Darlene shared the very exciting news in our comments section that Carly Phillips, romance writer extraordinary, and NY Times best-selling author, is a very devoted and loyal Daytime Fan! She loves General Hospital, as she loved All My Children and One Life To Live as well, and deserves our loyalty in return for hers. You see, she’s not only a Daytime Fan and a GH fan, she is a Jason and Sam fan as well! Check out her very exciting interview, where she refers to so many of the reasons we love Mr. & Mrs. Morgan!

What I loved most? She too, uses the term “in all soap history,” when referring to JaSam’s unique and incredible love story. Isn’t that the very sentiment shared by so many of us?

I know one thing for sure, my love for reading romance has just expanded to include contemporary romance! Barnes and Noble is on my list of places to go, as I must pick up some Carly Phillips reads for when everyone goes back to school and I am back to being solo! How could I not want to read her stuff when she so obviously “gets” real romance??? Jason and Sam are the genuine article.

Now if only she’d want to take a stab at writing for her favorite soap…. Imagine the story lines we’d get then!


I am hoping that each of you will not only take the time to read the article, and share it with TPTB, and Kelly and Steve, via whatever avenue you choose…Twitter, email, phone calls, snail mail, etc., but that you will also take the time to check out Carly Phillips’s books as well! I know she made my day with that article! How about we make her day with a SOAP BOOST in sales? It’s all about passing on the excitement!

On to Port Charles…

One would think that with women as the target audience, we would get a little more in the way of women’s points of view, and a little less of men who need to man up. Right? That hasn’t been the case lately, and it kinda drives me nuts!

Take Steve. When he was trying to get Doc Maggie to join the ranks at GH, you’d think she was his worst nightmare. Even after her arrival, Steve seemed to be acting as though she was some burden that he’d be dragging around against his will. Which is why it threw me off a bit to see Steve so willing to join the fake stargazing “trend” by sharing a gurney with Maggie, especially so out in the open. I sensed a bit less tension between Steve and Maggie as they talked about  different times, before their shared mystery experience aged Steve, and I wonder what it was that changed even their relationship so drastically. However, I bet Olivia is even more curious as she walked off the elevator to see Maggie lying in her man’s arms. Something tells me that Steve is gonna get a Bensonhurst education on how to behave Like A Man who already has a woman!

I doubt that one of Robin’s symptoms of her failed HIV medication protocol is memory loss. Yet, she is acting as though she forgot that she and Jason made a deal about doing the right thing for their significant others. She seems to have also forgotten that she was basically harassing Jason about “being a man of his word.” Robin now knows from Patrick that Jason did go to the  hospital, and even stuck around for some tests relating to his missed follow-ups, and still, she has not said a work to Patrick about her truth. Patrick is a doctor. He’s familiar with her disease, and he knew what the risks were. He married Robin anyway, and has loved her well since. Secrets nearly destroyed them before. I cannot believe that Robin would allow secrets to cost her even a minute with her husband and daughter, especially when it appears her disease will cost her a future together. I want Robin to be a woman of her word, and tell Patrick the truth. She owes him the opportunity to take it Like A Man, who always knew this day could come, and never let it stop him from taking his first  chance on love with her.

I get that Michael is furious with Carly for her lies regarding Jax’s fake death, but if there is one thing Michael has known and loved Jason for his whole life, it’s being Carly’s friend-no matter what. How then could Michael expect Jason to learn of Carly’s secret, and then rat her out by sharing it with whomever he chose? Besides, if Michael would only take the time to hear Jason out, he would realize that Jason found out from Carly while in Hawaii, right before Franco blew up Jason and Sam’s honeymoon. Surely, Michael couldn’t expect Jason to have Jax on the brain when he and Sam are both consumed by Franco’s attack! Seeing Michael prepare to self-destruct just reminds me that he is still as out of control as when he was five and would run away, or seven and try to run his father’s sordid love life like a mini-mobster. I say let Michael join the Zaccharas, and when the consequences of that choice are breathing down his neck…let him handle those too. Like a man.

It really is no wonder that Carly, Alexis, and Olivia have all had to ream Sonny out when it comes to his parenting skills. Sonny acts as though he has Parenting A.D.D. Whenever Sonny’s kids are in need of a stable, wise influence, Sonny either loses it, or loses himself in a relationship. It made me roll my eyes a bit when Kate’s advice to Sonny was to be consistent with Michael, because if there is one thing we know about Sonny as a dad, it’s that he’s consistent ONLY at being INconsistent. Sonny knows that Michael is torn up, lashing out, and fighting back anyone who wants to help him stay on track right now. All he can focus on, as usual, is taking his place in the family business. Meaning that Sonny’s only business right now is staying close to Michael, whether he wants Sonny there or not. Sonny should be lurking in the shadows, trailing him by half a step, and staying within hearing distance, the way Jason has done so often for Michael. Had Sonny done that, he would know that as he is at the Metro Court cozying up to Kate and making plans for dinner tomorrow, John Zacchara is about to give Michael everything he wants. Sonny needs to stop acting like a boy in love, and start acting Like A Man who will be there for his son.

Jason Morgan is a man in turmoil. He’s struggling with some unknown brain condition causing him uncontrollable bouts of rage. His honeymoon was hijacked by a maniac, and his wife was seemingly raped. Said maniac continues to taunt and torture Jason, all the while remaining out of his reach, and to top it all off, Jason’s obsession may have been the reason Jason ran his nephew off the road. As if all of that wasn’t already more than one person should have to handle, Michael has now unceremoniously shoved Jason out of his life. It’s enough to drive a man right over the edge, and perhaps it all would have if Jason didn’t have the anchor that he has in his wife, Sam. She has carried her own burden of pain, so that it didn’t make Jason’s burden heavier. She has stayed put when everything we know about Sam tells us she probably wanted to run far away from the pain of what she was told happened, but can’t remember. Everything Sam has fought so hard to do, from standing by his side even when he seems impenetrable, to reaching out to hold onto him when the last thing she wanted was physical contact, has kept Jason from falling off that edge, and has kept him within the reach of her all-powerful love. Now all Jason needs to do is start living Like A Man who has the love of a Phoenix. He needs to actually believe that she can turn bad luck into good, and that she truly does harvest luck, success, and prosperity, and together they can and will attain all three in their marriage.

The lovely Samantha Morgan has had her own lot of pain, preoccupations and worries, now confounded by the realization that her period is late and she may be pregnant. However, she once again has done the one thing that makes her different than any soap heroine I’ve ever known. She resists the urge to collapse from the pressure, takes a deep breath, she pulls herself up to her full height of whatever her stilettos allow her to be in that moment, and she takes flight to save her Dragon, even if right now, it’s only from himself. There is no lying back down on that bed for our Sleeping Beauty, awaiting a prince to come and save her from her nightmares. No, our favorite fictional character hears the cry of her lover in need, drops her pee stick still in the bag, and takes off to ride to his rescue…just Like A Man would have done if this was still 1981 Daytime.

It’s the reason I love them so much. It’s the reason we are all so invested in this Love Story that only exists on our screens for a tiny part of an hour. It’s the reason that every single one of us should be making sure that those in charge of the mighty pens over at GH know exactly what Jason and Sam’s draw really is. What their Magic makes happen in our days so that for an hour a day, we are poised and ready to catch even three minutes of what they bring to our afternoons. If ever there was a way to have an impact on our couple, it would be to let TPTB know just how huge an impact their love story has had on us…right now, not after they’re taken in new and unknown directions.

I am a firm believer that there is a time for everything, even in the art of being a soap watcher. There is a time to watch and wait, and there is a time to watch out and act. It is time for watching out for our favorite couple, and it is time to act on their behalf… NOW.

Let’s be proactive in our fight to keep the strongest, most in love couple “in all soap history” going strong. Remind GH that alone they bring happiness to us as viewers, but together, they bring Double Happiness. 


Much love,



As Always #TeamPositive: Be passionate, be sincere, but always BE POSITIVE and RESPECTFUL! 😉


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“There’s Nothing Worse”…

Good morning, GHers.

I am thinking that the best thing that I can do for Port Charles General Hospital is to give them my therapist’s number. Business would be booming if they had someone on staff to help all of these Port Charles residents deal with all of the emotional turmoil they’re going through!

I am not sure that I could find anyone in Port Charles right now that wouldn’t benefit from some one-on-one time with a mental health professional – and I do mean anyone!

I mean even poor little Emma is displaying signs of acting out, according to Dr. Maggie! Is no one safe from the darkness? The scary thing is that this is Emma acting out, even before she has to deal with whatever is going on with her mother! Dear Lord, what will become of Emma then? I mean, this thing that Robin is dealing with – with Stone – is really beginning to worry me. It was already sounding ominous, and hearing Robin sound hopeless only made it worse. But hearing Robin talk to Mac about wanting to see him have something good in his life other than work, before she dies, not only brought tears to my eyes, it immediately made me feel as hopeless as Robin! I mean, really…“There’s Nothing Worse” than when you start to think about things you won’t get to see or experience if death were to darken your door sooner, rather than later. Sure, like Mac, we’ve all known all these years that Robin is living with HIV, but also like Mac, we’ve been lulled into this false sense of security that Robin was going to stay ahead of this deadly disease for many years to come. Hearing her talk about death as if it were around the corner gave me the chills. I know just how Mac felt, because I would not be able to say goodbye to Robin either. *tears* Whatever it is that Robin is dealing with, I am just hoping that it isn’t as hopeless as it seemed.

Lucky is spending a lot of time in that hospital since his return to Port Charles; too bad it isn’t with the right professional. Lucky has had a tough time of it lately. He got a letter from his dead wife, flew across the pond in order to get another message from her, ended up getting a message that”rocked” his world from Jake about Aiden, needed to phone home and ask his father,the person responsible for killing his son with his car to put his youngest son in his car and rush him to the ER, only to get there to find out the message in stones may have saved his baby boy’s life, and to top it all off – the dr.’s name has a connection to the churchyard where it all went down – St. Margaret’s. If all of that doesn’t sound crazy to you… I imagine that this is the very reason Ethan is so concerned for his brother. “There’s Nothing Worse” than knowing that your loved one is trying like hell to stay clean, yet everything in his life is a perfect excuse for self-medicating. And just wait until Liz starts projecting the “glimpses of her future” onto Lucky. Someone page the shrink. STAT.

Dr. Webber is reeling after getting a glimpse of his future in the shape of a box with a pregnancy test in it. Finally, Steve tells Olivia that he “knows” she’s pregnant, and finally, Olivia has figured out why Steve hasn’t been able to look her in the eye, and why he’s been acting so freaked out! Olivia assured Steve that she’s not pregnant (though I never saw her take the test) and then backpedals to ask him if finding out that she was pregnant would have been so bad. Someone should tell Steve that “There’s Nothing Worse” than freaking out about the thought of becoming a father when there’s still a very real possibility that he could be. Somehow, I think Steve just failed a test he didn’t even know he was taking.

Is John aware that even manly men become codependents? Sure, it’s a nice thing that Jay-Z II is willing to pay his strippers “hazard pay”, but it would be a nicer thing if John stopped surrounding himself with women he thinks he can save, even if by providing them with a way to make a living at his strip club. *rolling eyes* John said himself that sometimes being the nice guy willing to help comes back to bite one in the ass, but it seems to me that he may not be hearing himself. John continues towing the line with Abby, and I don’t think that can end well. He has already pushed a couple of Sonny’s buttons by flirting and making out with Carly, but for John to move on to messing with Michael’s chick? “There’s Nothing Worse” than drawing that much of the Corinthos’ attention to himself. Well, there is one thing that could be worse, but must we really discuss another murder?

Carly has an amazing gift for having the worst possible timing when it comes to putting more on Jason’s already overburdened shoulders. My goodness! She just never fails to hit Jason where it hurts, and leave him reeling when he is already off-balance. Carly has no idea what Jason and Sam are dealing with. She has no idea that once again, Franco has used Josslyn as the diversion while his target all along has been Jason’s heart. While Carly is going on and on about Franco’s strategy, Jason shares a stunningly honest, yet heartbreakingly sad, truth: “There’s Nothing Worse” than what Franco has already done to him, because there’s nothing that could hurt Jason worse than hurting his wife.

Jason has seen that hurting Sam in this way, by violating her, even if only in her imagination, has left her broken in a way that he has no idea how to put back together. Sam, the brave, resilient, hard-knock life survivor has just taken the hardest knock of her life, and there are pieces of her that I don’t think Jason could even find, much less put back together at this point. Jason, the great “fixer” can’t fix this. Apparently, Jason and Sam agree on that, even if they wish for it to be different, for it to be “simple again.” The awful truth is that “There’s Nothing Worse” than feeling the need to be alone, when there was once a time that feeling alone was a curse, the way it was for Sam.

I know that many are confused and angered by Sam’s apparent disregard for her safety, but honestly I just don’t think people understand that for Sam, she is  TRULY convinced “There’s Nothing Worse” than what Franco has done to her. The scary thing here is that for a lot of victims, living with this kind of trauma may actually be harder to deal with than the thought of being murdered. I know it sounds unbelievable, but believe it or not, living with the effects of a sexual attack is more than some women can take. I see Sam’s blind drive as a sign that she needs to shut out the silence of what she can’t remember with real, adrenaline-pumping danger (even if it seems senseless and reckless),  just so that she can feel that she’s in charge of it – so unlike this “attack” that’s left her and Jason frozen.

Sam and Jason are both fighting to keep from losing it, and from losing each other among the madness. I think we’re going to have to love them through the choices they make in that fight, and trust that in the end, it’s the fighters who never stop fighting who usually come out victorious. To quote Garin Wolf, we can rant and rave. We can even scream and curse like sailors from the top of our lungs, but the one thing we can’t do is turn and walk away… Jason and Sam need us in their corner.

Steve and Kelly need us in their corner. 

In fact, GH needs us in their corner.

I’m in. Are you?




Happy Hump Day, GHers!

I’m just getting caught up on GH after a CRAZY, Chock-Full Of Family Week, so I’ll be blogging about Monday and Tuesday today. I guess I should be thankful that ONE DAY in Port Charles sometimes plays out over WEEKS, or I may have missed something. 😉


It seems to me that Port Charles’ couples are all suffering from the same ailment. They are all DAMAGED.

Damage is a serious thing.  Whether it’s physical or emotional, once there is damage, there needs to be some repair in order to keep it together, or the damage becomes deterioration, and deterioration becomes destruction. It’s a sad cycle, and I am starting to think that the odds of all of these couples repairing the damage plaguing their relationships are pretty low. It may sound a little cliché, but when it comes to LOVE in Port Charles, ONLY THE STRONG WILL SURVIVE.

Sonny and Kate have grown on me, and I will tell you why. Maurice Benard was meant to play the dimple-wearing, mobster with a heart of gold, that is more likely to kill you softly with his lovemaking, than with a bullet. He does it so well! As much as I loved Sonny and Brenda once upon a time, Maurice was just not meant to play that sulking, begging, lost puppy character he became during that whole fiasco of a return. This Sonny, the one who has the tough-as-nails NuKate off her game, and questioning everything she thought she had decided about her relationship with Sonny the last time around, is the Sonny I love to watch! I love the gift-sending, hotel-reservation-making, slay-you-with-that-smile Sonny Corinthos! Therefore, every scene  he’s in can draw me in now, and I have even found myself smiling right back at him. That’s a good thing! Kate is right when she said that as much as Sonny has accomplished, as much as he has overcome, and as much as he has become the man wielding the control, instead of the little boy cowering front hat control, he is still a DAMAGED little boy deep down. Until Sonny allows that little boy the chance to realize that his memories of Deek have been like shadows – that they are only that huge until you step right into them, he is always going to be cowering, even if he won’t admit it. I think Kate has the right idea. Sonny needs to go back to that brownstone, march up those stairs, find that closet, and face his demons. Then maybe control won’t be the one thing Sonny will always choose before anything and anyone else. Will that undo the damage that’s been done between Sonny and Kate over the years? Don’t know. But it’s certainly worth a shot, and as long as Maurice is that much fabulosity to enjoy on my screen – I hope the writers give it their all!

Dante and Lulu have been having issues all along, haven’t they? Lulu has her own childhood issues to deal with, thanks to dear, old Dad, and when you add all of the secrets they’ve kept from each other along the way have led their relationship down a slippery and deceptive road that’s left them DAMAGED. Now it seems that Lulu’s fears have her rethinking the life Dante is asking her to share with him, and Dante is nothing if not a cop, so what will give? Does it help that this time it’s Lulu keeping a secret? Nope. Instead of opening up about what she’s struggling with, Lulu is turning to the bottle, in true Spencer fashion. I wish I could give her my therapist’s number, or the number of any therapist in Port Charles, but since I think they have all taken down their shingles and left town, I guess Lulu will just have to keep leaning on the bottle. Will that bottle be instrumental in repairing some of the damage that’s been done between Dante and Lulu? Not likely, but I am sure we’ll be drinking by the time they figure it out.


Carly and Shawn have barely gotten started, but Carly’s mouth is sure to DAMAGE every single step forward they take. Is it possible to find a drug that would shut down her thoughts, and thereby shut her mouth? My goodness. The only time poor Shawn was able to get in a word or two, was when she was stuffing her face, and with Thanksgiving behind us, poor Shawn. Carly has never been able to control what comes flying out of her mouth, and considering that Shawn already has PTSD, I am thinking that she need not damage him any further!

I’m not sure why I like Steve and Olivia, but I kinda do. Maybe it’s just that they’re the only chance we get at Sex In The City by the Bay these days. 🙂 Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the fact that they smile and laugh, and have some fun. I really do enjoy that in the middle of my afternoon. Go figure. Yet, with all that fun, Steve and Olivia are facing a new challenge, and it’s one that’s gonna give Ms. Bensonhurst a run for her money, it seems. Dr. Maggie Worth has stepped up her game when it comes to getting and keeping Steve’s attention…and who knew she’d do it with  seem corn bread she didn’t even make herself? If I were Liv, I’d keep an eye on her, but the other on Steve. He is hiding something, and I would bet my bottom dollar that he’s hiding the DAMAGE that his past relationship with Maggie caused. The thing about damage that you carry with you is that it tends to pop open like a shampoo bottle on your carry-on, and it ends up getting on everything new. We’ll just have to see how this turns out for Steve and Olivia, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s gonna get messy.

I really, really miss our Maxie. Kirsten Storms is the only Maxie for me now. In fact, every time I watch the NuMaxie, I seem to think I am watching another new character. My husband asked me the other day who she was, and for a second, I couldn’t even remember her name! Why? Because no matter what her temporary paycheck reads, she is NOT MAXIE! I will, however, say that I do like the actress – and while she is playing that chick sleeping with Matt Hunter, I think they may even have a spark that’s all their own. I do love the way the writers are teasing us with Maxie’s big confession about having done something terrible, but her confession was not about murder, but about faking an engagement for her interview. LOL. Matt, sneaking out and whispering something about Maxie “not needing to know anything” about what he was doing, was not so funny. A secret like one where he may have murdered Lisa would cause DAMAGE that Matt and Maxie aren’t equipped to handle. As much as she enjoys role-playing, I would think Maxie had enough of playing that game with the murderous psychopath, Franco.

Speaking of Lisa, she may be gone, but the DAMAGE she inflicted on the Doctors Scorpio is certainly her legacy. Robin and Patrick are feeling haunted instead of thankful, and it’s not just that they are confused about their holidays! Lisa has ruined their lives…AGAIN! Of course Patrick is feeling guilty and totally to blame! He is the one who brought that crazy bitch into their lives, and then into their marriage! I rarely feel bad for cheaters, considering my dad taught me all I needed to know about them, but really, I feel kinda bad for Patrick. He has certainly paid the piper here! This was Fatal Attraction Gone Wild!  If only we could go back and undo the damage that we bring into the loves we share with those we love, but we just can’t. And while Patrick may not have ever imagined that Lisa would turn out to be a sociopath, that is the lesson for everyone who ever thought of cheating! You NEVER know! As for Robin, while I know that Lisa took her toll on her, there is something else at play here. When I saw Robin digging out the picture of Stone, and then going off to the bridge to “talk to” Stone, I thought, “Oh boy. This is not good.” Robin sounded almost hopeless, and that’s not usually Robin. I would hate to think that she has lived this long with HIV, only to have to face a harsher reality, and real DAMAGE from the virus now. (I know that Kim is leaving the show, but I am hoping she doesn’t break my heart to do it. )

Seeing Jason and Sam in their bedroom – together – was exactly what I needed in order to have my GH world righted again. With everything that they’ve been going through, and with all of the distance between them because of it, I just needed to know that the “time” Sam needed didn’t move her out of the room where they shared their nights. That kind of distance would be hard to bridge. It’s hard, so very hard, to watch Jason and Sam trying to deal with this heartbreak and pain, but at least they are trying. Franco has left them DAMAGED, seemingly beyond repair, but Jason and Sam are the very epitome of STRENGTH.


This is what I am seeing with Jason and Sam. You may see something different…I’d love to hear it.

Jason is carrying around the guilt that once again, his life has hurt the one woman he was willing to risk it all for. On top of that, and I don’t think we can overlook this, Jason recently had brain surgery, and as we all know surgery is traumatic, especially to the brain. While Jason is adamant that he’s angry, and with good reason, I think Sam is right. This new anger, the out-of-control, out-of-the-blue, rage that he’s been displaying more and more is reason for concern, and reason for her to ask about his check-up again…and again. This is the worst possible time for Jason to be dealing with anything physical, especially with all of the emotional hell he and Sam are dealing with, but Life rarely gives us a choice on these matters. I think he needs to be seen. And soon.

As for Sam, I know that she must want to run for the harbor and jump onto a ship and sail away into quietude whenever she feels that storm raging inside Jason coming her way. And who wouldn’t? Sam has no memory of what happened when Franco carried her out of that shower, into Jason’s line of vision, and onto that bed. Yet, all she has to do is close her eyes, and she can almost see it all play out for herself, because her imagination is just as brutal as Franco’s. Dealing with that is hard enough, but having to see the man you love dealing with actually living it? It’s too much! Yet there’s more. No matter how much Jason takes the blame for what happened to her, Sam still feels responsible for unleashing that storm inside of Jason, and no matter how many times Jason reminds her that they were both drugged, Sam will carry the blame for “letting it happen” for a long time, or at least until she finds out that nothing did happen. (Yes, I’m still hoping)

Still, I find it so telling that no matter what Jason and Sam are going through on their own, they still love each other so much more, that they will drag themselves over the line of their comfort zones to try to be what the other needs.

We saw that in that Jason tried to do the Quartermaine Family Thanksgiving, and in that he is fighting himself when all he wants to do is hold her, because he knows that she’s not ready for that kind of contact.

And we see it in that though Sam would much rather be alone on the couch with the covers pulled up over her head, she is in the bedroom she shares with Jason, and when he needs to know that he is not alone in this hell Franco left behind, Sam fights herself to reach out and touch him, even when it hurts her.

So, are Jason and Sam DAMAGED?

Undeniably yes.

Absolutely so.

But if any ONE thing can repair the damage that’s been done to two people, they already have it. It’s already at work, and it’s already working.


Pure and unconditional.

Brave and heroic.

Determined and strong.

And most importantly: ALIVE AND WELL.

Franco may have damaged their peace of mind, and he may have damaged their honeymoon phase, but he could not damage the LOVE that Jason and Sam have, and have always had, for one another.

That Love is what will bring them through this, just like it’s brought them through everything else. When we stop and look back at the journey that Jason and Sam have taken because of Love, how can we think – even for a minute – that the Love that got them through losing a baby, memory loss, brain surgery, a deadly virus, gunshots, kidnappings, bombs, serial killers, toxic balls, and every Manny, Jerry, and The Balkan that has come at them, would let them down this time? Would let US down this time?

No way. Jason and Sam and their Love will be the difference between those who are destroyed by the DAMAGE, and those who are made stronger by it.

Believe it…

I do.