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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…With The Couple Who’s Still Number One

Good Sunday Morning, GHers!

I don’t know about you, but nothing happening on GH right now, and definitely not on Y&R, could satisfy the void I am feeling for JaSam! I find myself battling my insomnia with their vids until I am convinced that I didn’t imagine the magic they shared!

While watching some vids this past week, I decided to honor one of the vidders who helped keep me sane through my last JaSam withdrawals, circa 2007-08. I remember feeling pretty hopeless about a JaSam future back then, as even Steve was saying at his PA’s that he thought Jason and Sam were done for good. Yet, any time I saw one of this vidder’s creations, I felt hope creeping right back in to my cold little heart.

I realized that once again, this time, her vids helped me with this sense of loss I’ve been feeling about our couple, and so she deserves a little bit of recognition for her amazing talent and outstanding efforts on each incredible vid.  My hope is that her vids will do for each of you what they did for me – TWICE…and that they’ll keep us from giving up on the possibility of reliving the magic we all fell in love with. Vampires and Genoa City Be Damned! 

I personally would like to thank jasamarenumberone for each of her fantastic vids! She has such a keen vision for how she wants to tell each unique story of her vids, and she nails it each time! There are so many more where these came from…when this Sunday Drive is over, go subscribe to her channel and check out all of her others! You are gonna love them all!

Let’s get going…

“Lying Naked On The Floor”


“When I’m Gone”

“Come On Closer”



“Crazy For This Girl”

“Hanging By A Moment”


“Stay With Me”

“Let’s Get It On”

“Make You Feel My Love”

“All I Want Is You”

“Hold It Against Me”

“Sweetest Sin”


And…who could ever forget this gem? “Kisses – No Music”

Wasn’t that AMAZING? 

I could drive in circles all day if it meant reliving these memories!


Let’s remember what brought us all together, and let’s refuse to let that bond slip away! I would miss you all too much!




3 responses

  1. lm cee

    WOW sometimes I have to pinch myself. They were so incredible. There is NO one like JASAM. Sometimes I think it’s just me, I am the only one that thinks they were this magical but it’s not just me. We all see it so my question is how could Ron and Frank not? I have never witnessed another couple like them. I miss them so much. I have stopped watching, I am sorry but there is nothing that I am finding entertaining it’s just not the show that I grew up on sitting in my grandma’s living room. There aren’t even any great love story couples that I can root for. Even Luke and Laura can’t pull me back in because they are not my JASAM.

    I was wondering if I could ask for anyone’s help with finding out a date of a certain scene, I was watching a video on you tube Jason & Sam | “Every time you fall, Every time you try”. It have voice overs and in the video Jason tells Sam whatever you think of me I always loved you. Does anyone know the date of this clip? I was thinking it was around Jiz but I am not sure. I stopped watching when Liz told Jason he was father cuz I just couldn’t bare to see Jiz. and I knew that was were the show was going to go. If anyone knows the date of the scene I would so apprecitate it.

    I still hoping in a JASAM reunion sooner rather than later. Does anyone know how long of a contract Steve signed with Y & R?

    GOD Bless

    February 17, 2013 at 7:35 am

  2. The videos are great as always. but they make me miss JaSam all the more. I cpuldn’t eve watch all of them,it was too painful. Steve has left and is VERY happy where he is now. Kelly is VERY happy with her job too. Steve has done interviews and he said it was just time to move on. GH couldn’t accomodate what he wanted and he didn’t want special treatment just for him,he said it wasn’t fair to the other actors. Jill Phelps wanted him and was going to do anything to make it happen. Let’s face it, to the actors,it’s just a job and they go where they can get the best deal for them and their families. That’s what Steve did. I love GH now except I do miss JaSam and I don’t like the way Sam never mentions Jason and keeps going to Pier 52 where he died!! Change is never easy. But we have this site and You Tube to relive these memories!!

    February 17, 2013 at 12:01 pm

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers!
    That will not change! There so much about our current status I do not appeal to but our Sunday Drives continue to remind me of our Jasam! For that i am greatful! This site still brings a smile to my face! I too love the Videos they bring me back to some wonderful memories and thats a good thing……….it Always will be! I can watch GH and even be entertained at times! But when we had Jasam it went beyond entertainment it was such a Connection! They just filled my heart even though it was fictional it STILL filled my heart!
    Jasam Forever that will never change………………….they were just to Epic!
    Hi Angelique and Thank You!

    February 19, 2013 at 10:16 pm

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