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A RESTLESS Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Good Sunday Morning, GHers! 

While nothing could ever shake my JaSam Loving Heart, or make me change my mind about Daytime’s Most Magical Supercouple Ever…I will admit that as I have been watching Y&R more regularly again in prep for “Dylan’s” arrival in Genoa City, I am starting to feel a little RESTLESS about seeing those blue eyes looking at anyone other Sam…or those lips kissing anyone else’s than Sam’s, or those fingers brushing aside anyone’s hair but Sam’s…well, I’m sure you get the picture.

I kinda feel nervous about it…like a PI on  a cheating spouse case about to catch the cheater! *bites nails*

I guess a PI would turn on the radio in her car as she sat waiting…we’ll turn on the vids! Thanks to all of our vidders who are doing such an outstanding job of seeing us through this withdrawal from our JaSam addiction. . . by feeding us more JaSam! 🙂

When I find myself feeling lost and adrift in either Port Charles or Genoa City, you can find me in YouTube. That’s where I’ll be, driving up and down Memory Lane, until my heartache lessens a little. I’m sure I’ll catch glimpses of quite a bit of you on there! Be sure and wave!

For today, we’re taking this Drive together. Jump in…

Yup, JaSam, You Did! “You Put A Move On My Heart” Credit: Nixxy JaSam

This was by our very own lt4bama! How FABULOUS! “Freak Me” Credit: lt4bama

A quickie, but definitely a goodie! “Your Love” Credit: yugottahitpeople

I really like this vid…and she’s new to our Drive! “Lego House” Credit: Spartins1988

This vid is short, sweet and sexy. “Down” Credit: xkeepitclassyx

This vid was so amazing! If I don’t stop watching, soon, someone will have to fix ME. “Fix You” Credit: SxyNikki06

This vid means so much, especially since we really just don’t know if we’ll ever have a whole year of Love to compile again! *tears* “I Love You and Kisses 2012” Credit: scooter5117

That Heather is not just PHENOMENAL, she’s also sweet as pie! (Check out the comments section of the vid – and then maybe leave one of your own..) Her latest masterpiece… “Kiss Me” Credit: aproditebeauty



I feel a little less RESTLESS now after having taken this Drive together! I’m glad to have shared not just this week’s Drive, or each of the many Sunday Drives we’ve ever taken, but I am also glad to have shared every single step of the incredible journey we’ve shared over the past three years! I hope this journey is far from over!

Love you guys! Enjoy your Sunday!



7 responses

  1. alwaysaromantic

    I do not know how tro Good-Bye to Jason and Sam……yet! I miss them so much! The reason I think I am having such a hard time is because of the way their ending was Orchestrated by the 2 idiots! It should have been EPIC not rushed! For EVERYTHING Jasam had been through to get to the other side togehter with their Son they deserved so much more!
    Great Sunday Drive Angelique and Thank You for Everything!My Thanks also goes to all those who are STILL creating/created these wonderful Videos they really mean so much! I too have gone to YT to remember how Jasam will always have a special place in my heart!

    January 13, 2013 at 7:58 am

  2. SamJasonsHeart

    I have never watched Y&R and to be honest I won’t be watching even now that SBu will be moving there. I guess that it’s good I’ve never watched because I really couldn’t bear to see Jason kissing someone other than Sam.. Yes Jason because to me no matter where he goes he will ALWAYS be Jason.. and Sam will always be Jason’s heart.

    I too don’t know how to let them go and move on.. I feel so cheated of all that was yet to come 9 years and it ends like this. Why did GH just let him walk away when I’m sure if they had just let him have less taping days and more time with his family Steve just might have hung around Port Charles a little longer *SMDH* at the idiots that let him slip away and end the greatest love story ever told!

    May this journey never end Angie, because as long as you are posting up Sunday Drive’s I’m hopping in the car.. so don’t forget to stop by and pick me up!

    There will never ever be another JaSam what they had and brought to our screens could never be duplicated!!!

    Love you!

    January 13, 2013 at 9:58 am

  3. Dear angie, great drive as always. you seem to pick just the right videos. We will always have our JaSam on You tube if not on our TV screen. Keep doing your sunday drive,it gives us all something to look forward to!! I will miss Steve Burton as jason but will watch him on Y&R. I am after all a fan of his. you know people changes jobs all the time for all different reasons and that is just what he did!!We may never know the real true reason and that’s okay. It is HIS BUSINESS not ours. Kelly will still shine on GH because she is Kelly and that’s who she is.It must make her and Steve feel good to hear all the uproar being made because they kknow that they have done their job well. And that’s just what it is to them– a job!!Kelly has said so many times.We as fans have gotten so wrapped up in the characters because they have given us a little relief from the problems in our own lives and we feel cheated and angry! But we shouldn’t. We should just be glad we had these 9 years of watching an awesome love story develop and now we have a baby boy born from that love.Danny will grow to look and be like his Daddy. I just hope TPTB don’t shove McBain down our throats just yet. I don’t feel that Jason is dead. I know Steve is on Y&R now but he could come back,other actors have done that. We can only hope but in the meantime we have you,Bella Mafia and all the great vidders to keep our couple going strong.
    Have a great week!!!
    Kathy G

    January 13, 2013 at 3:40 pm

  4. lt4bama

    Aww thanks for the including my vid in this week’s drive Angelique. My new hobby I picked up just b4 the new year. I’m sad Jasam is over but for me they will live on through memories….I’m not ready to let them go quite yet.

    Hope Sam get a real SL away from John this year!!

    January 14, 2013 at 12:59 am

  5. Carol Byrd

    I still like GH and I still watch it faithfully but there is a big hole where SBu left and it is just not the same for right now.I’m sure after a while I will want Sam to move on just not so fast. “Sam” needs story because moaning over Jason being gone will get boring after so long. Not sure I want to watch him on YnR or not..just right now seems like he is still Sam’s man..I want Sam to have more story with her son right now. I’m sure the writers can think of stories for her and her son and family w/o sticking her into a relationship so soon after Jason’s death”.

    January 14, 2013 at 2:39 pm

  6. Sophie

    I really enjoyed this post. That’s what I’ve been kinda going through. To me, Jason’s still out in the universe somewhere trying to find his way back to his family. But right now, I’m having a hard time adjusting to see Steve in scenes with another girl other than Kelly. And even though he won’t be Jason, it’s knowing that his character, like you said, will now be sharing looks with someone else, kissing someone else, brushing aside someone elses hair, possibly telling someone else that he loves her. That’s just something that’s kinda just hitting me. That, and the opposite end of the spectrum, where Sam will (eventually, but hopefully none too soon) will be sharing those same moments with someone else. That’s harder because while SB will be another character, Kelly is still Sam. Sam has to move on without Jason. And that’s just the way it goes, but I don’t want it to be rushed. Yeah, we can’t see Sam crying forever, but I’d like for her to sit down and really just take in how big this is for her and Danny. I don’t think she’s done that. Instead she’s worrying about freaking McPain. Whattt??? I’m sorry, she just realized her husband just died, you know who needs her more? Danny.

    Okay, ranting. But I loved this post and the vids and you keeping Jasam’s spirit alive. 🙂

    January 17, 2013 at 12:17 pm

  7. Karlene

    You are so awesome for keeping the spirit of Jason and Sam alive 🙂 I feel blessed whenever you chose one of my videos for the Drive. I don’t watch Y&R so I doubt I will tune in for Steve but I will forever be a fan of General Hospital and Kelly/Sam/Danny. Hope to see you at the Kelly event in your home state of New Jersey in February!! I will be at the Sunday morning event at Uncle Vinnie’s with my mom so I hope to meet you there 😀
    JASAM Love Always,

    January 20, 2013 at 7:41 pm

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