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An EARLY Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Happy Saturday evening, GHers!

I am so sorry for throwing you guys off with such an early post, but honestly, I want to take a hot bubble bath with my Hawaiian bath products (Thanks again, Fab Four – there’s still some in there!) and funnel my way under my blankets and shut out the world. I figured if I delayed putting this Drive together, I might never get back the energy and leave you guys hanging.

A friend who was battling cancer  over the past two years passed away on Friday, leaving two children, a loving family and many friends heartbroken over her loss. I am so sad. We’ve experienced a lot of loss lately, and I guess I hit some inner limit. I need to not hear any kind of news for a while.

I hope you guys will understand. Karina was gracious enough to select the vids with me, just to keep me from going too dark. 🙂 She even recognized a bit of a theme…I know you guys will enjoy it!

Have fun!

“To Think I Might Not See Those Eyes Again” Credit: Imaginations7

“Just Say Yes” Credit: Juter0208

“Hold On Tight” Credit: Jasam4everandever

“Say (All I Need)” Credit: Lovelace

“And Everyone Wants To Know They’re Not Alone” Credit: Imaginations7

“Season of Love” Credit: heartattack44

“Just Say It HOT” jasamarenumberone

If you love vids that remind us of the parallels in Jason and Sam’s incredible Love Story over the years, such as I do, then you will just adore this last vid! The vidder did a phenomenal job of gathering some of their very best. “Gravity” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

I love you guys! Have a great week!



8 responses

  1. lm cee

    I am so sorry for your loss. Just try to remember she is in a much better place. Praying for you and her family.

    GOD Bless

    January 6, 2013 at 12:30 am

  2. Dear Angelique,
    Your friend is free from any pain now, and in the loving arms of our Lord. This thought is
    what I have clung to since Oct, knowing my soulmate is free. I hope it helps you and her other loved ones now. Thank you for all you have done for us in these empty months. It
    is a bleak time with winter, no JaSam, our beloved GH a travesty, and all these dates of
    sadness that seem to be upon us.
    Thank God for the promise of spring. We love you dear friend. – Sarah

    January 6, 2013 at 10:51 am

  3. Dear Angelique,so sorry for your loss! Your friend is at peace with God now,never to feel pain again!!
    Ihaven’t started 2013 on a good note either, came down with bronchitis,my husband has an infection but thankfully all is treatable and we are getting better.
    Thanks for the beautiful JaSam video picks and always thanks for the vidders who made them! I fear we will never have JaSam magic again as Steve B is about to make an announcement tomorrow on the Talk. I guess he will tell us he is joining Y&R since that is a CBS soap and the Talk is also on CBS. More power to him. I guess he needed a change, we all need that once in awhile. But he made such a thing about leaving Gh and tearing upetc. I can see will people get mad at him for lying. He didn’t lie,he can’t tell his real reasons yet. I just hope Ron and Frank don’t put Sam with McBain right away but it looks like they are going that way!!Their ratings are up but will they stay that way? Interestingly the ratings are up and McBain hasn’t been seen in weeks!!But Sam really hasn’t either. It would be nice if Kelly left too and joined Y&R!!One can only hope!!
    Thanks again and God Bless!!!

    January 6, 2013 at 2:20 pm

  4. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers!
    Loss is always hard! And when it comes back to back it can bring anyone to their knees. And that is not a bad thing if you really stop and think about it! Its at those moments you may appreciate what you have even more! Even knowing that this person is a better place still does not fill the void left! That will come with time!
    I miss our Jasam their will never be another couple like them!
    As far as GH I am curious to see what happens with Johnny,Todd,Carly when their lies come to light! I wonder will this betrayal bond Sam and Carly! I also hope the Memorial to Jason is honorable for the character Jason Morgan. I would not be surprised if its not! FV and RC have kept Sam and John off screen for a reason! I think they were purposely waiting for this Y & R annoucement about SB. So those Jasam fans who are left would be more excepting! For me it will not happen! I rather see Sam with someone new! This has nothing to do with ME but everything to do with how FV and RC destroyed Jasam! There is so much more to why and how SB left I do not think we will ever trully know! I think there was betrayal on both sides! Sorry Jasammers thats just how i feel!
    Anyway thanks for another Sunday Drive and to all the Vidders!

    January 6, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    • You know I feel the same way!!!!! John and Sam have been off the canvas way to long!!!Kelly’s dancing has been over well past a month now and she has been on vacation after vacation!!! Spoilers say there will be a memorial for Jason and then John is injured and Sam is at his hospital bed!!There we go!!RC/FV are not even giving Sam proper time to grieve. how insulting to women!!To think a woman can’t be without a man!!!And insulting to JaSam fans. There’s was the greatest love story since Luke and Laura,maybe even better. The man is declared dead and the next minute his widow is mooning over another man??So disgraceful!!
      I wish Steve Burton well,I really do. But I do feel he betrayed his fans. He made such a big thing about leaving and it was time,moving his family etc. I saw him in person and he said it was just time to go. It wasn’t about story line or money. He has respect for GH and even Frank!! Was that all a lie? If he couldn’t say anything then he should have said nothing not stretch the truth. It is his business and he had to do what was right for his family. But Y&R films in LA also!!Maybe GH wouldn’t give him a contract that alows him to commute? Scott Reeves commutes and now the dumped him!!We will have to wait and see what the big announcement is. But I know fans will be mad at RC/FV for ruining JaSam because they really did!!They put them back but it was too late!!Steve had already decided to leave. I hope Kelly will soon be joining him!!! One can hope. I do not want to watch McBam!!!

      January 6, 2013 at 6:47 pm

  5. SamJasonsHeart

    My dear sweet Angie,

    I’m so sorry to hear about Wendy, you have lost more loved ones in the past month my heart just aches for all you’ve been through. I know I don’t have to tell you this but if you need to chat give me a call or text.
    I can’t believe you still have some of the goodies left, I hope your Hawaiian spa helped some. Sending love, prayers and strength your way.

    I love you tons! ❤

    January 7, 2013 at 1:05 am

  6. SetItoff239

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. May GOD Bless her family and yours.
    GH is still worth watching but I will never understand how they made the decision to destroy JaSam the way that they did. That is the main reason most will not accept Sam and McBain, plus anyone watching OLTL knows that John’s heart belongs to Natalie and this flirtation with Sam was totally unbelievable. I do wish Steve Burton the best, not sure what his motive is but I’m sure he sat down with his wife and discussed his options; Steve has to do Steve; just hated that he choose to leave GH; and I’m pretty sure it was due to some crap with FV and his writing for JaSam. Or maybe Steve was just tired of the back and forth with Liason/JaSam crap. Anyway, I miss JaSam terribly but I do want Sam Morgan in a story and I want to see her on screen much much more with her son. As far as her and McBain, dare I say if they write it tastefully (that’s a stretch) then it just might work, or not!

    January 8, 2013 at 8:35 am

  7. bren

    I have been so busy since Christmas-New Year’s, I am just sitting down to read your last post. I am so very sorry for your loss. I pray for you and your family, I know that God will give you the strength, courage and wisdom needed to get through this. I certainly hope 2013 becomes a great year for you.

    I really miss my JaSam. As for GH, what can I say? I’m saddened that Steve decided to go to Y&R, but not surprised. I always thought that was where he was headed especially since he, Jill and Franco are working on something together.

    As for Kelly, I’m torn about my feelings on whether I want her to stay or leave GH. In a way I do, because I think she deserves better than what she has gotten or is going to get,. Then I think if she leaves there won/t be a reason for me to continue to watch GH. Selfishly, I want her to join Y&R in hopes of getting some of that Stelly magic again! Well, one can dream….

    Much love to you and all you JaSam fans. As always, I’m so grateful to you for giving JaSam fans a place to come together and of course, to all of you wonderful vidders out there too.

    God bless,

    January 12, 2013 at 1:12 pm

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