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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…For Auld Lang Syne

Happy Sunday morning, GHers!

It’s the last Sunday of the year, and as I look back – not just at the year gone by, but the years gone by for JaSam, I cannot help but feel nostalgic in a good way. 

Jason and Sam gave us such great times, and such wonderful years, that not even this past (hard) year could take that from me. And it shouldn’t take that from us. I think we can all agree that even after the nightmare the new regime put us through, the moment Jason and Sam were back together and admitting to each other that they had always been in love, we were back in love with them.

I have heard about Steve’s rumored move to The Young and The Restless, but I have to be honest in telling you that my reaction may not be what most expect it to be. Sure, I want Steve’s Jason back at GH, because I want him back with Sam and Danny. I think all of you know that, as I have made no secret about that. However, I get that Steve made a choice that was best for his family when he decided to move out to Tennessee. From what we’ve been told, I can only assume that there was some back and forth before he left GH because he wanted more time to be with his family. GH wasn’t willing – or able – to concede on that. Apparently, if the rumors for Y&R are true, Steve’s new role is not the kind of role that would require the time and commitment that his role (our favorite) on GH would.

Does it suck? Yeah. Am I disappointed? Abso-FREAKIN-lutely! But, you know what? As a parent, I totally get it. After years of keeping a career front and center, there comes a time when you realize that your career shouldn’t always be Number One. As a professional, I understand. After 20+ years of doing your job with such a high level of commitment and loyalty, you just think that you’ve earned some cooperation. And rightly so.

If Y&R is willing to give Steve what he needs at the moment, who am I to begrudge him the right to work a little? Especially since after being forced into retirement because of a serious injury, I totally get how desperately you miss feeling like you’re doing that one thing you were meant to do. I wish Steve all the best, but I am still holding on to the hope that GH finds a way to bring him back on whatever terms work for him and his family. I do believe that GH will always be home for him, and that he really would want to come back – even if for the fans.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!


Now, getting back to this week’s holiday-themed Drive. There’s a little old and a little new, and some of what people came up with in the past few days…but it’s ALL “For Auld Lang Syne” (For old times’ sake). A couple this perfect deserves to be remembered for the magic they created onscreen…not the headlines involving their personal lives.

That’s what these vids do…they honor the Magic of JaSam. I hope you all enjoy the Drive, and that the year ahead brings us something to be happy about again. It wouldn’t be the first time a New Year does that for us JaSam fans! 🙂 But, let;’s not take for granted that we have lots of new moments to look back on this New Year’s!

“Auld Lang Syne” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” Credit: jmsg411

“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” Credit: PeppermintPoet

“You For Christmas” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“JaSam & Danny – Only Love” Credit: mcdela02

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Credit: OCgurl840

“It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Kiss Me At Midnight” Credit: aproditebeauty


My prayer is that each of you will have a blessed, happy, safe and fulfilling 2013!

Whatever the year brings, know that it all serves to make us stronger…

Love you all,




8 responses

  1. kathydid53

    Happy 2013 to you too, Angelique! Thanks for the great video picks and a big thank u to the video makers! JaSam will always be the best soap couple ever! Do I wish they were still, of course! Do I hate Steve Burton? No never! Do I hate Carlivati and Valentini? No!!! Steve didwhat he did for his family! Let’sfCe it, it is a job! Plus Ron and Frank have ajob and they didwhat wasbest for them 2! I wish Steve well on Y&R! It’s agreat soap! I feel they should recast the role of Jason. I can’t see Sam with anyone but Jason! McBain — NO!!!

    December 30, 2012 at 4:42 am

  2. Happy New Year to everyone…How can people be mad at Steve,these writers came in and made the character an @ss,it was a matter of when he would leave, so if another job is willing to treat him with respect than, good for him, it is OBVIOUS GH is the reason his not on the show…we don’t know what went down behind close doors…those 2 pigs wanted their OLTL character’s to shine well they suceeded ,at the expense of the fan favs.

    December 30, 2012 at 9:21 am

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Happy New Year to All!
    Angelique and all the Vidders Thanks for this Sundat Drive and all the Drives and Videos that support the “Best Fictional Couple” ever! I miss them so!
    I wish SB well on this new venture! I am curious as to the reasons he left GH. Did he leave for the reasons that have been given or was there more to it? I guess we will never really know! GH is not the same without him especially for Sam and Danny! There are so many holes that will never be filled. Sam will probably end up with JMc and Jason will more than likely be recast……….it is what is!
    But Jasams story was such a wonderful thing to be a part of and it will never be reproduced not even close! Jasam was my draw to GH the reason I watched daily now not so much! I wish GH well I hope it survives. I hear the ratings are better.
    Anyway Jasammers Happy New Year be Blessed!

    December 30, 2012 at 9:40 am

  4. Bren

    Thank you once again for your words of wisdom and for finding those perfect videos for us. While I don’t always have or take the time to tell you how much this site means to me, I want you to know it always makes my day, for the better.

    I pray God will bless you and your family with a healthy and successful new year.

    To all of you JaSam fans Happy & Safe New Year!


    December 30, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    • Inlovewithjasam

      Happy New Year to all my Jasam loving friends, I will.always love Jasam, Gh just isnt.the same for me without SB. I also love Y and R, so its a win for me. Anglique I hope you have a year of overflowing health and happiness.

      December 30, 2012 at 2:56 pm

  5. Maria

    How can I privately message you? I may be able to offer some insight from what you’ve been told – unless it came from Steve himself lol !

    Sent from my iPad

    December 31, 2012 at 6:21 am

    • lm cee

      I wish you would Please give us all insight. I am confused. Steve doesn’t owe us anything and he has the right to do whats best for him and his family but it’s all the rumors that has me questioning his motives. Especially since he is joining Y&R. I heard it was because he didn’t want to work with Kelly anymore, I heard it was because he didn’t get along with Ron and Frank. He never want Jason to settle down and me a family man. The list goes on and on. Just wish I knew what was true or not.

      So if you could be so kind and give us all insight it would be very appreciated.
      Jasam was my only reason for watching GH and it’s just not the same

      January 11, 2013 at 10:11 pm

  6. alwaysaromantic

    I also would like to know your insight!

    December 31, 2012 at 7:13 pm

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