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All Roads Lead To Sam

Good morning, GHers.

Let me begin by saying how proud I am of our Kelly Monaco. What an AMAZING journey she had on the Dancing With The Stars’ All Stars Season!

I said this all along, and I will say it again. Of the three finalists, Kelly was the one with the least amount of professional training – her first winning season  lasted less than Melissa’s first non-winning season, and she was neither a professional Dallas Cowboy cheerleader or a gold medal winning US Olympian. When you don’t have extensive experience in following a routine or choreography, and then performing it in front of a huge audience-both live and on air, (as both other finalists had), then you truly are at a disadvantage. To see Kelly reach that same stage as a finalist with the other (more experienced) girls was a huge moment for me as her fan. I could not have been more proud, and to me, the judges were right when they said more than once that Kelly was exactly what the spirit of the show was about. So in my eyes, Kelly is a true champion, and I am extremely proud that I was #TeamVally from day one.


Now, all I want is for Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati to give  Sam a storyline with Val, where they could show off all they learned on General Hospital. Please help me in trying to make that happen by contacting GH and TPTB any and every which way you know how! Sam is a P.I., it wouldn’t be the first time she’s had to take on a new career for a short time! They CAN and SHOULD make this happen!

That would be one more road that leads to Sam…as it seems that at the moment, All Road Leads To Sam. 

Once again, I enjoyed most of the show this afternoon. The Quartermaines were at their absolute best: plotting behind each others’ backs.  I so enjoyed hearing all that Quartermaine name-dropping in the discussions each side had. I loved that even though the math didn’t really make sense to me, both sides – AJ’s and Tracy’s, will be lacking the very shares that Sam will control. I love even more that Tracy, who started Sam on that slippery slope towards that bitch Amelia Joffe in 2007, will have to grovel at her feet and work her way up to kissing Sam’s cute little butt! While I am not sure that I like the idea of AJ slinking around Sam and Baby Danny, I do love that Sam will be in the thick of things with Jason and Danny’s family, and that they will all want to be in her good graces.

I pray that Sam will have a support system in her family, Spin, but it seems that the writers seem to have forgotten that Sam and Maxie were really good friends, because Maxie thinks she and Lulu are like sisters. So much so, that Maxie wants to be Dante and Lulu’s surrogate. Ehhh…I am not sure about that idea. While it will give them plenty of story over the next few months, I am just not sure that is the best use of Maxie. I guess we’ll see. Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised. *shrugs*

Once again, Duke and The Mask fail to keep my interest or inspire any excitement. I just do not, and never have, liked camp when it comes to my GH. I was always very thankful that I was too young to remember storylines such as The Ice Princess, and I just cannot understand how such a smart and internationally schooled spy like Anna Devane wouldn’t notice that the man in front of her is wearing a mask! *smacks forehead* I think that the last time I was this disappointed in a beloved soap’s storyline was when Guiding Light’s writers thought it was a good idea to clone Reva Shane Lewis. *shudders* Listen, I get that lots of people do enjoy camp on their soaps, or OLTL would have disappeared off our screens long before it actually did. I am just not one of them, and look forward to this one storyline wrapping.

I am not sure what that long-ass history lesson/phone convo the Manning women had was about…whether it was bringing people who never watched OLTL up to speed on Todd and Blair’s relationship, or if it was to name-drop Tomas’ name in Port Charles before Alcazar drops in on PC. Whichever it was, to me, it simply gave me time to fix a snack, trudge laundry upstairs, and even call to schedule the kids’ dental appointments during their Christmas break. 🙂

One thing I do wish we saw more of was the use of flashbacks and memories of Jason. Over on B&B, where Stephanie Forrester is dying after an incredible 25 year run on the show, there have been flashbacks in abundance, and they have never failed to move me to tears. More importantly, those flashbacks explain to the newer or less devoted viewer, why Brooke Logan is the one at her side in her final moments after a tumultuous history.  I will never, ever understand why GH doesn’t use those kinds of flashbacks more, especially since sometime they use flashbacks from like the day before ad nauseam.

Jason and Sam had something that only romantic soap legends have: a long, and storied history teaming chock full o’nuts with special moments, extraordinary memories, and tons of pivotal points in their time together that would lend themselves to understanding Sam’s refusal to give up on Jason right now. Sam and Jason have such an honest and true-blue love story, where they fell in love after seeing the very best of each other after initially thinking the very worst of each other. That is always so much better than love stories where the opposite happens and people see the worst of each other after thinking they fell in love with the very best. They’ve loved each other through life and death situations, nearly killed each other out of pain and anger, and found their way back to each other each and every time, using their love for each other as their compass. Why aren’t we seeing more of those moments? They are The Beauty of GH!

For someone tuning in without the benefit of having witnessed the history, those glances backwards in time go a long way. There may be someone tuning into GH after watching Kelly on DWTS who may have no clue as to why Sam is seemingly in denial about her husband’s unfortunate death, rather than having an opportunity to understand why Sam is not in denial, but refusing to accept he’s gone, because she feels that her heart would know if Jason’s was no longer beating. Glimpses of how their abiding and indestructible love came to be would give those new viewers a connection with Sam that they may never have reached otherwise.

I don’t know *sigh* …all we can do is ask them, and pray that they listen. All I know is that even for me, a lifetime viewer, seeing Jason onscreen again – even through memories, would fill a void Steve Burton left behind when he left for Tennessee. *tears*

‘Til then, I will keep turning to the incredible vidders who took time out of their busy lives over the years to leave us a huge part of JaSam’s Legacy in video form. Thank the good Lord for them. All of them. 🙂

Because of them, we have inspiration like this: “Heaven” Credit: YuGottaHitPeople

Much love,



7 responses

  1. Carol Byrd

    I agree. I thought KM was amazing on DWTS. She is the only reason I tuned in to watch. I hope they give her much more to do at ELQ; I love that Tracy got less than everyone else..Haha..I love seeing Sam with baby Danny and I don’t want AJ anywhere near Sam and her son. Don’t understand how they have Maxie almost a stranger to Sam; like they never even had a friendship at all. I still tune in everyday to watch GH but I just miss the heck out of Jason; and want more, much more flashbacks of him and Sam.

    November 28, 2012 at 8:24 am

  2. I know why and you all know why they are isolating Sam. So that she only has one true devoted friend that she is connected to. The friend that stands by her when she doesn’t even have the strength to take “Daniel” outside for a walk. The kind of friend that you need when you are breaking up with your husband. I mean who needs sisters and Mom when you have John McBain.

    November 28, 2012 at 8:38 am

    • kathydid53

      No McBain for Sam!!! Yes she needs a friend but not him! He’s got too much baggage!
      She is grieving right now even though she doesn’t want to! She needs her family not a man!

      December 14, 2012 at 3:33 am

  3. Kay

    I wish they would show flashbacks too. It would just keep the character of Jason alive, you know? And it would explain to the newer audience why Sam is so adamant about believing Jason is alive. Cause he is! People don’t get their history if they’re “just” starting to tune it. They don’t get to see the love they’ve shared. And it sucks that FV and RC aren’t utilizing flashbacks to show that. But I love you for pointing that out! Sending them tweets right now about it!!! 🙂

    November 28, 2012 at 9:44 am

  4. I was so sad that Kelly came in 3rd on DWTS’s!! She deserved to win!! I feel that the show is rigged. Right from the start they wanted Tony&Melissa to win. They kept commenting how she was the only one without a trophy. Be that as it may,Kelly is still a winner. She lasted longer in this season than she did before and learned so much more plus we got a little peek at her and Val!! I don’t really think anything but pure friendship is going on.Kelly has a BF and he has been in the audience along with her TV mom each week. She was with a guy for 18yrs before breaking up, she’s not a cheater. I love that the GH story line will include Sam and Danny now with the stock thing. I like AJ and I think he’s changed but I still don’t trust him. He is a Quartermaine after all,Edwards grandson!!! We will see! Thanks for that beautiful video. Just wish we could see Steve again,even if it’s just a flashback

    November 28, 2012 at 9:54 am

  5. alwaysaromantic

    The only reason I watched DWTS was because of KM. She did great ! I liked how her GH family supported her! I hoping Sam gets some good s/l’s goiung forward and not get lost! I too Love seeing her with Danny! Sams a Mom,I am glad about that! I agree that Jason and Sams Love story needs to be seen thru Flashbacks! Even if the Flashbacks afre used to help Sam go on! I hope the 2 idiots are not using Jasams history as a punishment for SB leaving!
    Thats the great thing about YT Jasams Love Story will always be with us!
    I just wish Jason and Sam would have raised Danny together!

    November 28, 2012 at 9:02 pm

  6. Sonia

    Thank you Angelique for the great Blog, and your continuation in trying to keep us interested in the show.. Yea and Kelly was the best dancer on DWTS

    November 30, 2012 at 8:47 pm

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