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A Fate Far Worse Than Death

Good morning, GHers. (I say that with puffy eyes and a headache, from all the JaSam tears I’ve shed)

Wow…the comments section kept me busy reading this evening. Every single comment and thought you guys take the time to share with me registers with me, and I am listening to you all, my friends! I just want to take a moment to offer a heartfelt welcome back to our friend, Lara, who is back from her time volunteering her nursing skills with those who needed them most! I am so proud to know someone like Lara, and I am happy for her now that she is back with her family. I hope she is surrounded with lots of love and friendship after giving so much so far away! Welcome home, Lara! I’m so glad you’re back safely!

I feel badly for Lara. She couldn’t believe she “came back to this!” Trust me, Lara, we may not have been away, but we can’t believe it either!

I found today to be harder on me emotionally than yesterday. First of all, I had trouble finding today’s clips because I kept typing in JaSam in the search box. Could you imagine not doing that anymore? *blows nose*

Then having Sonny tell Sam that Jason had been shot was hard to watch, especially since Sonny was trying his best to be strong as Sam went on and on talking about how perfectly everything was going to be between her, Jason and their son, now that she and Jason had found their way back to each other. *tears*  

Somehow I knew that there would be no hysteria and fainting spells when Sam was told about Jason being shot and going missing after falling into the water. Not our Sam. I knew her first reaction would be disbelief, then a refusal to accept anything she was told. In her heart, Sam knows that Jason was willing to fight tooth and nail to have his family and their life together. She knows, like she knows her name is Samantha Morgan, that there is no way that Jason wouldn’t just be shot, fall into the water, and give in to death. So, in classic Sam form, she informs Sonny that if he didn’t find Jason, she would. *lip trembling with pride*

Oh, how many of you had flashbacks to the Train Wreck of 2005 when Jason was presumed dead after the tunnels collapsed, and Sam refused to believe it? I was thinking that if Dante didn’t hurry up and get out of her way, he was going to get sucker punched a la Jesse, because when Sam is on a mission to rescue her man and confirm that he is still living and breathing and hers, I pity the fool who tries to stand in her way. Sonny wasn’t gonna try, and he advised Dante to let her go. It was something she needed to do herself, and Sonny knew that Sam would never have a moment of peace if she went home to wonder always whether or not she might have found Jason herself. Sonny knew that for Sam, that would have been A Fate Worse Than Death.

I’ve gotta say that when Sam told Baby Danny that “Mommy” would be right back, and that he was staying with Uncle Sonny, and then proceeded to stalk out that door to find her husband, I cried! That kind of love is so rare. It’s the kind of love that gives you strength when the world expects you to fall apart, and pumps adrenaline through your body when your veins run cold. It has always been the magical ingredient; the spark, in Jason and Sam’s love story. Throughout the years, when Jason and Sam have been in situations where they have feared losing the other, we’ve watched that spark kick in, and instead of falling apart or giving up, they fight like hell. Because of that, I did worry that the writers wouldn’t get our Sam right, and that she would behave completely out of character. But thankfully, someone went back and watched some classic JaSam before these scenes were written.

Watching Sam insist that no one was going to keep her from going into the water in search of her husband reminded me, and hopefully everyone else, that Sam loves Jason better than anyone else I’ve ever know in Port Charles. When faced with the possibility that her husband could really be gone, Sam jumped into a wetsuit and dove right in to search for him and bring him back, (just like we die-hards knew she would) because the very thought of hers and Danny’s lives without Jason was A Fate Worse Than Death. 

It’s funny how even though I knew Jason couldn’t be found, even with all of his wife’s determination, I caught myself sitting on the edge of my seat, willing her  to come up with him. That’s the power they have. Jason and Sam make me hope against hope all the time. If that isn’t escapism and Love In The Afternoon, I don’t know what is. When Sam finally came up with the one thing she did find, and showed Sonny that it was Jason’s Phoenix, my heart sank all over again. Jason won’t be coming home any time soon, and Sam and Danny will be facing life without him, even though they just had a few short hours together. *sobbing*

Yes, it sucks. I hear you all on that. I even agree with you all on that. So much about this storyline sucks. Blows. Stinks. Is an Epic Fail. I am not saying otherwise by any stretch of the imagination! And so you know, I have my own suspicions on what helped Steve to make his decision to leave. However, as I’ve said before, and as so many of you have also said: “It Is What It Is.” This is what we got. And while we could go on for days, and weeks even about how much we hate it, I don’t think it will be helpful to our ultimate cause: which is to continue to support our couple, even through the darkest of times. Even through the times without half of it. 

If I may, allow me to offer you all a different perspective. Something that may help all of us to keep it together, and to keep holding on…so that TPTB never underestimate just how much we want our Jason and our JaSam back. I want you all to think of it this way: while Jason’s death may be the worst kind of heartbreak, and the worst kind of slap in the face to Steve and to his thousands of devoted fans, don’t ever forget that there was another possibility here. And one that would be, for us, A Fate Far Worse Than Jason’s “Death”. 

I can prove it. You see, the other possibility, had Steve not decided to leave, would have been to drag out this “angst” for Jason and Sam far longer. In fact, if we are to believe everything said in interviews of late, Sam may not have even gotten her baby back before November. Worse than that, Jason and Liz would have most likely complicated their friendship far more than Liz already had, just as a means to keep Jason and Sam apart. I have to tell you, as much as I miss Jason Morgan on my screen, I would rather miss him knowing that wherever he is, he is in love with and loyal to his wife and son,  than to miss him because I cannot stand to watch him onscreen…as was the case in late 2007-2008. During those times, when I couldn’t find a shred of the Jason Morgan I knew and loved for so long, I honestly could not watch him. When I did, my fingers itched from the insane urge to slap the crap out of him. 🙂 If given a choice between months of Sam missing Jason and Jason missing out on life with his family, OR Jason dealing with the loss of his wife by tripping onto the traps set by Liz’s manipulations, what would your choice be? I know what mine would be…and I have a sneaking suspicion I know what most of yours would be too. 🙂

So…Let’s deal with our fate knowing that while Jason may be gone, he isn’t lost to Sam or the family they created, and their Love was stronger than ever when he walked out their door. Let’s allow that to be our lifeline over the next few months. Don’t make me post a vid of The Dark Ages of GH in order to remind you of what the alternatives were! *stern face*

Not when I love posting vids like these instead: “JaSam: Oh, How The Years Go By” Credit: IrishLass1805 (How many of the moments in this vid were on Jason and Sam’s lists?) *passes the tissue box*

Love you all, Die-hards!









14 responses

  1. kathydid53

    Sam broke my hesrt today when she came up with Jason’s phoenix! You could see the look in her eyes! I wanted to cry for her! But I loved how she ran down to the docks to search for her dragon! She was not going to judt sit home and wait for news she was going to search herself! What a great use of history! Sam used to do salvage so of course she knows how to dive! Next week Sam gets confirmation that Daniel is indeed Jason’s son! It will be bittersweet for us! Why couldn’t the writers let Jason know before he left!? But Sam will know for sure that when she and Jason made love on their honeymoon they created Daniel! Something wonderful and beautiful came from that honeymoon, Franco couldn’t ruin that! Jason nay be gone for now but he lives on in his beautiful son! Lets hope the idiot writer will keep Sam without a msn for a little while! I really hope Steve will come back!

    October 24, 2012 at 3:11 am

  2. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers!
    Angelique I was hoping you would Post today! Our girl,Our Phoenix rose to who she is and how much she Loves her husband! You are so on point that scene could have been written to who we know Sam is not! But it was written for the Sam who we all know and Love! My Jasam Loving heart was so amazed at how Sam just took control! No one was going to keep her from looking for her Husband! She did exactly what we knew she would as she has always done! She will fight for Her,Jason and their son! Can you imagine her reaction when it FINALLY comes out that Daniel IS Jasons Son?
    Even Sonny made me proud! He dove into the water without a 2nd thought! He went to Sam 1st! He KNEW where she was! And the scenes with Daniel and Michael tore at my heart! This Sonny has been absent for too long! Sonny knew Sam was going to look for her husband and he let her! The looks on both their faces just made me smile! They Love Jason,They all do! But Sam is the one who LOVED him so completely! Hopefully GH will continue to respect who Jason Morgan was too so many on GH! Because they clearly did not with his last scene! Kathy I 2nd that Daniel was made on their Honeymoon and Franco did not ruin that! Even when I revisit their Honeymoon scenes it just makes me smile at how Happy they were! I dismiss Franco completely!
    It is strange to search for Sam Morgan and not The Morgans or Jason and Sam or Jasam! It literally brings tears to my eyes! I will miss Jason always! Angelique you are so right this could have been written so differently! I was pleasantly surprised it was not! GH did do that right they brought Jason and Sam back together with their son! And Jason was allowed to put Daniel back in Sams arms!Jason is gone for now,But he was not only Happy he felt complete!Thanks for the Post Angelique! JASAM FOREVER!

    October 24, 2012 at 6:06 am

  3. lt4bama

    “Danny, mommy’s gonna be right back stay with uncle Sonny” Sonny knew he couldn’t stop her here or from diving b/c like she told Dante “One way or another I’m going down there” Nobody was stopping her. I was sad and happy at the same time.

    Sad since I knew she wouldn’t find Jason b/c Steve is gone. Sad that things always seem to go bad for Sam. When good things do happen so many times it’s short lived. Sad that when the thing she wanted most, to have a family with Jason FINALLY happened, it didn’t even last one comeplete night. Not even one stinking night. Apparently that was too much to ask for!! Sad b/c when the shock and denial wears off and she finally has to come to terms with the fact that the love of her life (now with Danny she has two loves of her life) is gone…..she is gonna SNAP. I hate to be the one in her path.

    But I was happy b/c she acted as the Sam I know would have. Determined to find her man and bring him home to their family. Happy that she has Danny to keep her going. Happy that Jason and Sam went to hell and back and no matter what all the crazies and delusionals and intruders threw at them, they never fell out of love and they found the way back to each other. Happy that when it was all said and done Jason chose Sam and Sam chose Jason. They both chose to have their family. And even if Steve Burton never comes back I’ll be content in knowing that and plus I have YT

    Now if someone can just show me the destroyed divorce papers so I know the a little someone doesn’t I would feel even better

    Thanks for posting Angelique

    October 24, 2012 at 6:50 am

  4. Have not watched GH yet, but I have to say I agree with you, I am happy and I know I could not sit though another LiarSon crap session, so as much as I will miss Jason’character, I am happy we are left with what we knew he never stopped loving his wife he was happy to have her back,he choose her, placed in a position to sleep with FloorWhore, he backed out,there was no mistake he choose Sam.

    October 24, 2012 at 7:31 am

    • Yes, Jason chose Sam ans he always did. she was his life!!He was so happy and didn’t want to leave her but she understood. That was his job,that’s who he is!!She didn’t want to change him. It is what made Sam the perfect mate for Jason. Jason’s last scenes were way to short but he left letting Sam and all of us know, he chose Sam and their family.He loved Danny and he didn’t even know he was truly his!!In his heart he was because he was Sam’s son. And that was a truly beautiful ending to JaSam!

      October 24, 2012 at 7:42 am

  5. Carol

    I agree totally with EVERYONE today; Sam Morgan was pitch perfect yesterday..nothing and no one could stop her from looking..searching..for her husband. Sonny understood this and said ‘Let her go”..Sam would not have stayed home and stayed on the sofa and waited for news..she would have done exactly what he did..when Sonny told Starr to take “care of that precious baby”..I could have kissed him right on his lips…because this is the Sonny I’ve been missing..he went to Sam first, and he knew he had to get down their to “take care of Sam”..loved it! I love that Sam is showing alot of strength and does not beleive that Jason is “gone”..and I hope she continues to show this strength because that is whio she really is…a women who always lands on her feet. Am I sad Jason is gone, damn right I am; but I’d rather he be gone than watch Jason running to Liz and being caught in her lies, and man traps of manipulations and watching him hurt Sam while he lies in Liz’s arms. Nope, not me..don’t ever want to watch that crap again. So thanks for that at least cuz he left knowing that he and Sam were still in love and that they were going to be a family..he left with Sam and Danny in his heart! that’s good enought for me!

    October 24, 2012 at 7:34 am

    • I would really like to see Jason come back to Sam and Danny! She waited 4 months to get her son back! Maybe in 4 months Steve will come back as Jason!!! That would be so awesome but I fear it ain’t gonna happen!!!! When I met Steve,he seemed happy with his decision to keave! At least he dis leave knowing Sam had Jason’s heart ! He to,d her he loved her and Danny forever! She said we love you more! She meant it too! I will forever be Jasam and Daniel Morgan!

      October 24, 2012 at 4:23 pm

  6. I agree with you Angelique. I would rather have Jason gone than travel back in time to another calamity known as Jiz. Am I heartbroken that Steve left the show? Yes, tremendously. But I am not surprised that he did with what may have been his only option. I’m more upset with the writers and how this S/L has played out since the wedding. I will keep up with YT for the Sam storyline- but as for viewing the show, no thank you I’ll pass.

    October 24, 2012 at 11:12 am

    • Lissa

      I’m the same! Following Sam on YT. I’m passing on the rest of the show as well. Just not interested!

      October 24, 2012 at 1:52 pm

  7. SamJasonsHeart

    That’s our girl.. Strong, independent, and a force to be reckoned with when Jason is in trouble. I loved it when she said I’m going down there and find Jason don’t try to stop me.. You go Mighty Mouse.. That’s the Sam I have always loved.. She has willed and nursed him back to health so many times.. How would she know this time wouldn’t have the same outcome…
    I also loved everyone saying Danny looks just like Jason can’t wait until Sam finds out that although she has lost Jason she has HIS son.. So like in Hawaii when she told Jason ” I know you might have to leave me but you don’t have to leave me alone..” She now will always hold a part of Jason every time she holds THEIR son.. And that is a beautiful thing and what I will hold onto and is now the beauty of GH to this die hard JaSam fan!

    Love you babe!

    October 24, 2012 at 1:46 pm

  8. Traveler

    Bravo… I love your perspective!! I feel the same way!! (A fate worse than Jason’s Death is Jiz!! *Giggles*)
    If Steve had to leave… I’m so Thankful Jason ended on a JaSam High, just as it should have been.
    For me the hardest part is… There was NOT enough JaSam this year.. And there has never ever been enough JaSam/Baby togetherness!! You see.. I’m selfish!!! I wanted JaSam/Daniel and more babies 4Ever!! It would never have been enough for me!! I’m so Thankful for all JaSam moments we did get these past almost 9 years..

    I love our Sam in action and in denial. Sam is giving me hope Jason will be back someday!! I have to believe we will see Stelly/JaSam together again someday!! ..
    Thanks for today’s Wonderful Blog!! xoxoxo

    October 24, 2012 at 5:39 pm

  9. Lara

    Thank you so much Angelique for that wonderful welcome back!! I’ve been home for almost a week now and as I sit typing this with the baby asleep on my lap everything seems almost back to normal and right with the world, that is of course until I put GH on. It’s funny because my husband was keeping me abreast of what was going on (even though I was YT’ing all the Jasam scenes) and everyday he just seemed more and more sad until 2 weeks ago, when things finally started looking up. (BTW I totally got a kick out of imagining him sitting down everyday and watching GH religiously because he’d NEVER done that before!) I’ve rewatched all those episodes from Jason telling her about Danny to now and I feel like Sam in the ‘What If’ episode where she said she gets greedy the longer she daydreams about what they could have had. I mean they really could have had them go away, say the cabin or something for a couple of weeks, just have them film a few short scenes to appease everyone, but for the most part have them off canvas. Then after that they could have done the ‘death’ s/l. I mean I’m sure the scenes would keep even if they were filmed weeks before. What really makes this all so tragic is the speed at which everything happened. While, the baby switching thing needed to be over and done with months ago, they really could have let them have SOME time together to be a family and enjoy what they’d been robbed of for so long.
    Like everyone said I’m so glad that they had Sam immediately take charge and go looking for her husband. It’s a bit sad watching her be in denial, but man will it payoff when he waltzes back in to PC and she’ll be the only one who kept the faith that he was alive. She has really good intuitions and just like she knew her son was alive she knows Jason is too. It was kind of mean, but I loved today when she said to her family if you can’t support me on this you can just leave because neither she nor Danny needed it. It was so funny seeing her with all those maps like she had when Jason was going to prison and she was going to bust him out, I just want to shout, ” Go girl, never give up!”

    October 24, 2012 at 8:08 pm

  10. alwaysaromantic

    Welcome Home Lara!

    October 24, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    • Lara


      October 25, 2012 at 11:56 am

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