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ANTICLIMACTIC…Where Else Was There To Go?

Good morning, GHers.

I almost didn’t post today to be honest. I know my view will be in the minority, but decided it is my “job” to share it anyway. 🙂  I stayed away from Twitter, Facebook and even Youtube, because I didn’t want any of the meltdowns to affect my instinctual feelings about how this Liz drama finally climaxed…rather anticlimactically.

I will be honest in that I did not expect it to go down this way. I expected some more drama. More emotion. More … MORE.

I know so many wanted Jason to rip Liz a new one, threaten to thrown her down the 15 flights she travels more and more desperately each time, or at least to flick her out on her pale butt. Yet, if we really, really look at the history of this relationship between Jason and Liz, we would see that wanting any one of those things would boil down to wanting Jason to do what WE would do if we had the chance.

You see, I didn’t take it as a slap in the face to JaSam fans. I didn’t see that he was giving Liz a “break”. Honestly, this is what I saw: (please refrain from throwing anything at me until I am done)

FIrst, let me explain a little bit of my own history with the Jason and Liz situation. I was watching when they first “got together” (and I use that term oh-so-loosely). I was watching when Jason witnessed Liz and Zander hooking up, with barely a reaction. I was watching when Liz walked out of Jason’s PH and his life, with barely a reaction. I was there for all of her jealous fights with Courtney. I was there for all of it. And the one thing that felt right about what went down in Jason’s PH all these years later, was the sameness of the “barely a reaction.” 

When we look at our own lives, there are people who hurt our feelings because of something they said – or didn’t say about us. Yeah, it stings. It hurts. But then there are the people that we love. When any of those people hurt our feelings because of something they said or didn’t say – all hell usually breaks loose. There are tears, heated exchanges, words that can never be taken back, and feelings of betrayal that may even go beyond than they should. Why? Because when we love deeply, we hurt deeply.

I have watched Jason and Liz walk in and out of each others’ lives, and even when there were tears, I have never felt anything pulling on my heartstrings. It has always felt ANTICLIMACTIC. I remember the day Liz walked out of the PH all those years ago after finding out Sonny was really alive, I called my sister and told her, “I am so done with Liz and Jason as a couple.”  And I was – and have never looked back on it. When a couple cannot make me feel something as they walk away from each other, (other than relief) something is missing!

Each time since then that Jason and Liz have walked away, I have been left feeling the same way. They have never left me feeling that there was so much passion that every emotion between them explodes – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not the way Jason and Sam do.

In fact, the moment I knew there would be magic between Jason and Sam was the moment that Jason tried to run her out of town and slammed the briefcase shut in her face. Sure, it was condescending and insulting on Jason’s part, but I think even then, Sam rankled Jason. Made him seem more alive than he had for a while. Each time they traded barbs, Jason and Sam made me smile, and wonder why they got under each other’s skin so badly. Sure enough, it was the pull of that mutual attraction that frustrated them both. Still, it wasn’t romance, but damn – not once did I watch them have one of those heated exchanges and think, “Ugh. That was ANTICLIMACTIC.” 

In fact, I remember burning quite a few dinners because I refused to miss a second of what was developing between Jason and Sam…even when it was at a snail’s pace. Yet, even when it was moving ever so slowly, I felt that it was always moving forward…growing…changing. And I couldn’t look away, because they were taking me along for the ride! Oh, how I loved the way Jason and Sam would say what they meant and mean what they said, even if it meant they said it loudly. I could feel the passion behind every word they said to each other, even when they had to apologize later. That “kinda real” dynamic made Jason and Sam so different than any other couple I had ever enjoyed, that I became a full-fledged FAN. That has never changed.

Not even when that dynamic between them led to ugly breakups and hurtful words and actions. How could Jason and Sam have ended and just walked away without the same amount of passion they loved each other with? It just wouldn’t be possible!

Which brings us back to Jason’s reaction to Liz. I imagine that RC took some time to go back and revisit the history of their relationship. I believe he took the time to watch all the things I mentioned – including all the times they walked away from each other. And I have to say, that after seeing that history, I cannot imagine that RC thought it would make sense to have some emotional, passionate blow-out between Jason and Liz at this juncture. Not after so many years and so many occasions where things between them always lead to an end that was ANTICLIMACTIC.

Sure, I saw that Liz was emotional and weepy, but Jason was stoic and focused on what he wanted – to find Sam’s baby. As Liz is pouring out her regrets, Jason comes right out and asks her if she has the real results. I thought it was incredibly telling that as Liz was explaining why she did it – blaming it on what Sam did, and then somehow wanting to believe that Jake’s life would have turned out differently if Sam hadn’t seen Maureen take him, Jason seemed to look at her the way he has so many times in the past few years – as though he felt sorry for her. Pitied her. Didn’t really know her. Even more so when Liz admitted that she didn’t want the baby bringing Jason and Sam back together – because she wanted a chance for them. Jason told her he didn’t know what she wanted him to say, but he obviously had nothing to offer on his own about the fact that he didn’t feel the same. He also didn’t reach out to her. He didn’t touch her. He didn’t hold her. He may not have threatened to kill her, but his not taking her into his arms and immediately sheltering her as he has habitually done, and instead erecting a physical boundary line did kill her. Every word he directed at her after that was meant to keep her from going off the deep end – the one he failed to see her inching towards all these months. Nothing more. No shouting or passionate outburst from Jason. Just another reminder that he would figure out how to fix this…for Sam. Liz was left to fix it for herself for the first time. (Boo-freakin-hoo!) 

That, my friends is ANTICLIMACTIC. 

And when you look at the story between these two over the years of tries and misses, you realize that this ending, like all the others, just had to be written as ANTICLIMACTIC. Where Else Was There To Go? 

At this point, I don’t need another second of Jason’s dwindling time in Port Charles spent on Liz and her latest breakdown. I want to focus on what Jason does now. On what he and Sam have left before they are ripped apart by onscreen fate and real life reality. Let’s focus on The Beauty Of GH we have left…the fact that Liz’s lies are now exposed and Jason and Sam can stop being kept apart by lies. They still have to find their son and bring him home. Let’s forget the forgettable and focus on the unforgettable…for as long as we have it.

Much Love,



23 responses

  1. kathydid53

    Well said Angrlique! I loved Jason’s reaction to Liz, no reaction! No hugging or kind words! Just concern for Sam! Sam already lodt 1 child, a child that she & Jason wanted Baby Lila! Liz forgets that! He wad so angry st Sam brcause he loves her so much snd he told her many years ago she had the power to hurt him and he her because they love! That’s why what Liz did didn’t hurt, he doesn’t love her! All he wants is to make things right for Sam!

    October 3, 2012 at 1:24 am

  2. SamJasonsHeart

    Well said.. You have the power to hurt me.. I will never forget that conversation Jasam had sitting at Jakes. Even when he didn’t know he loved her.. He loved her. Oh how I will miss those two together on my screen.
    He was all about Sam and maybe just maybe Liz finally gets it. I loved as she was leaving Jason said “now you know what it’s like to make a terrible mistake” I believe this was about Sam watching Jake get kidnapped.
    I will miss them always but because of YT we will forever be able to watch all the magic that was Jasam!
    Now go get your son Jason and bring our baby home to his momma!!

    Love this post .. Love you more!

    October 3, 2012 at 2:09 am

    • All About Sam…Let’s have Alyssa Corb design the t-shirts!
      I love YOU more! ❤

      October 3, 2012 at 11:03 pm

  3. lt4bama

    Hi Angelique you are always so on point. It takes me a while sometimes.
    I’m not gonna lie I so wanted Jason to tear into Liz and was so prepared for it especially the way things ended on Monday. I’ve never been so excited to watch GH in such a long time because I thought finally Liz is gonna get the “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” yell from Jason that he gave Sam. (I knew they wouldn’t take it as far as I’ll kill so I was willing to settle for that.)

    As it unfolded before my eyes I was so pissed. A lot with Liz when she tried to bring up once again about Sam watching Jake be kidnapped because I’m thinking a)that happened donkey years ago b)are you forgetting Sam saved his life when you, Jason or Lucky couldn’t? But I was more upset with Jason b/c he just stood there. He let her talk bad abt Sam again and didn’t defend her or anything. I felt like he was too understanding and even covering for already (The reason he gave to John he had the wrong result)

    I had built up something in my head of how I imagine it would happen and when it didn’t I went off. But after abt an hr of ranting and another hr of being in disbelief I decided to rewatch. The best thing I could’ve done. It was only then I could really understand the essence of that scene. When Liz said something about it being their time Jason starts walking out leaving her there (they are no longer going together) But when she said something abt Sam’s baby he turns around. She said what she did his main focus was do you have the real results (of course the loser has it in her purse) and that Sam’s baby was alive (he played with his hands nervously as waited for her to get the results to him) He was so excited that the baby was alive. As Liz gave her reasons all he gave her was his blank stare. Haha. Then she said Why couldn’t we have a chance? He gave her I don’t know what you want me to say? As if to say I told u 3 days ago I don’t want you. Yeah he had sorrow and pity for her but that was it. After she left he jumped right on it. How am I getting Sam her baby back? That is all that matters right now.
    It all now made sense. He didn’t go off on Liz b/c he just doesn’t care enough. Sam and her baby is what is important and relevant and Liz was not worth expending that energy. Although I didn’t see it the first time it is now crystal clear to me. So happy I decided to calmly rewatch
    Morgan family will soon be reunited even though it will only be brief I still can’t wait!!

    October 3, 2012 at 5:50 am

    • I’m glad you came around…because anticlimactic relationships don’t deserve reactions from us…as Jason showed us yesterday! LOL!
      Now…I’m with you…BRING ON THE REUNION!

      October 3, 2012 at 11:09 pm

  4. Carol Byrd

    Good Morning Ladies;
    I actually loved yesterday’s GH..because for me it was a win win for JaSamer’s. It was the END of Jiz that’s for damn sure. For once I loved Jason’s blank stare and total coldness..I think he handled Liz perfectly! No yelling, no shouting, no “how could u do this to me”..just total shut down. No comfort to her at all. Jason knows there is nothing he can say to Liz that he has not already said to show that he just does not love her in that way and does not want her. I beleive yesterday’s show let everyone watching see this and know this and the less words said by Jason the better! How many of the JaSamers would EVER think we would see Liz crying and begging and looking pathetic and lying and manipulating so she could get Jason away from Sam? Not me, that’s for damn sure and how many of us JaSamers thought we would ever see Liz knocking at Sam’s door telling her Jason loves YOU and not me!
    Oh be still my heart! for once I have to say thank you RC…u finally got
    SOMETHING right! As far as Liz saying Jakes’ life would be different if Sam had not watched the kidnapping..that was the dumbest statement I have every heard in my frigging this cow for real??
    Sam left Jake in Liz’s arms safe and healthy and happy..Jake died on your watch Liz! I think even Tea’ would think Liz was out of her damn mind and their is NOTHING root worthy in what Liz did in this situation.,..because it was all about her watching Jason for herself..she didn’t give a rat’s behind about Sam and her baby or Tea’ either!

    October 3, 2012 at 7:32 am

    • Carol, you are sooooo right!
      It was a WIN-WIN for us all, and TOTALLY agree with you that what happened to Jake was on her watch and she should have bitten her tongue off when she even implied otherwise!
      But oh well…since Jason went looking for Sam afterwards…not wasting another second thinking about her!
      WOO HOO!

      October 3, 2012 at 11:20 pm

  5. I love Angie, I was disappointed also at first. The scene looked at first like he really needed to know why she would do such a thing. I didn’t like when asked why & the reason behind it, her response was it didn’t really matter and he said he would like to know, at first Jason was looking for a excuse for why Liz would do such a thing like. I thought he was going to say he can see why she did it and that would taken us JaSam fans over edge. Those yes I kept rewinding the scenes between her and Jason watching his facial expression, trying to see if he had that I want to just hold you & comfort you face but he didn’t. Jason looked dumb founded when trying to reason why Liz did it. In so many words he was like you about John Mcbain and Sam for what? He even started to pick up her scheming of trying to convince Sam that he moved on. Jason in the beginning of their conversation was so done with her with no emotion walking out door with her. The Liz said the magic words there more about Sam baby, that stop him in his tracks, Jason turned around what about Sam baby. That was his main focus even Liz stood apologies in hand to Jason about lies and betrayal. Jason still didn’t show any concern until he got the information he wanted. I bit angry about how Jason didn’t figure out Liz switch the ASAP in that conversation it looked he want her to say the lab made an error or something anything other than she had something to do with it. The statement Jason made to Liz when she asked him why they couldn’t be together and him saying what to you want me to say. That was priceless, as if he already gave his reason and it doesn’t matter what she thinks about why it different with Sam. He seem like he frustrated that she doesn’t get it for someone that he suppose to this connection with over all these years. Jason really needs to have that sit down full conversation with Liz about how much he loves Sam above as his mate. Those would think that if this man was so reluctant to sign the papers she had to tell that John and Sam was dating to push to do it. That was the final answer Liz needed but know she over looked the answer that was staring her in the face. Your so right Angie but his feelings liz has never had the real power to hurt Jason like Sam does. Thank you for posting, look for you blog everyday some twice to see for updates on the show about the ESP. That surrounding this miss of a story line. This attraction that Sam and John is so freaking force, will never root for them.

    October 3, 2012 at 7:40 am

    • I loved that he didn’t even touch her…and the whole time I was wondering if the Jizzers were off convincing themselves that there was “eye sex” involved.
      But honestly, I don’t want or need Jason to have any more talks with her. Stick a fork in Jiz – they are done. Done. Done.

      October 3, 2012 at 11:26 pm

  6. samjase

    Every single word you wrote in today’s blog is EXACTLY how I felt. I was waiting to see when Jason would reach out and hold this pitiful woman bleeding before his eyes. Nada! Zip! It was almost as if he was saying..”ok, I get it…now can you leave so I can follow up on the baby”. His lack of emotion was so telling. He was completely void of anything remotely resembling love. If anything…maybe confusion and pity. It certainly defined their relationship….void of passion. He was indifferent. Sure Jason cares for Elizabeth…maybe at one time he “loved” her…but, to compare Jason’s love for Sam and that of Elizabeth is like comparing your love for your mate and love for your pet. It’s DIFFERENT. The writers should have kept Dr. Keenan. Liz needs a doctor. Big time.
    On another note…GO KELLY ON DWTS. She’s absolutely adorable! I love watching her! She’s got more stamina than anyone I know! Yes…I feel like I know her.

    October 3, 2012 at 8:23 am

    • Liz needs to check in to Shady Brook and take over Laura’s rocker for a while.
      And we ADORE Kelly on DWTS! She is the cutest thing!
      (Now if only FV would hire the makeup/hair from DWTS!)
      I feel like I know her, too! ❤

      October 3, 2012 at 11:28 pm

  7. jenncorb

    So when I was watching this (and actually live for a change), I was laughing my a$$ off at how Jason was just standing there. He had that “why didn’t I see this coming?” look on his face. You’re right, he has no emotion toward her. He doesn’t ever want to hurt her feelings, but that’s as far as it goes. However, I’m not giving any credit to RC, especially after I heard Kelly and Steve say they sometimes have to redo the emotions in scenes to make it true to character. I prefer to give full credit for this one to Mr. Burton. That was perfect. She’s crying and whining (and not doing a terrible job of it for once either…) and Jason is just standing there wishing it were over so he could move on to the business of getting back to Sam. It was so funny. And so Jason. They asked on GH – Should Jason forgive Liz? Well of course he will, that’s who Jason is. But you can just see on his face that while Sam’s lie (of omission only) hurt deeply, he downright expects this stuff from Liz. And though he might use not hurting the kids as an excuse, it’s really just because he will never trust or love her like he does his Sam. I might just have to watch again today… But I’m saving my pink/black tie dyed shirt for Sam gets her baby day!

    Love you!

    October 3, 2012 at 8:50 am

    • I agree with you on his reasoning. He has never trusted or loved Liz any where near the way he trusted or loved Sam, and we have the past nine years to prove it.
      And that sounds like a plan – Baby JaSam Reunion Is Officially Pink/Black Tie Dye Day! Thanks to Aly! Woo hoo!
      Love you, too! Lots and lots!

      October 3, 2012 at 11:35 pm

  8. Cherile

    Very well said and I agree with you! I hated Liz for using the reason that it was all Sam’s fault! Wasn’t it Luke who hit Jake with his car because Jake was able to let himself open he door when Liz’s back was turned? Seeing Jason’s face when Liz admitted everything that she did wass priceless!

    October 3, 2012 at 10:27 am

    • I agree! I waited a long time for Jason to look at that fake saint that way! So glad I got it before Steve left!

      October 3, 2012 at 11:37 pm

  9. embee

    Angelique, spot on as usual.

    Another thing I got out of Elizabeth’s scenes with both Jason and later with Sam: Liz is still frozen in adolescence. When the truth FINALLY came out after a few minutes of uncomfortable struggling, she sounded straight up like a whiney teenager: “I just didn’t want the baby to bring you back together!” Then later when she goes to Sam, she’s all “Jason belongs to you” like he’s some goddamn toy you can play with and discard depending on your mood. She said it herself, what she did was stupid and immature, and I’ll go further and say it was hateful. And if Sam can’t redeem herself then neither can she–“I’m gonna make this right” um, no apparently you can’t, according to you. And Sam can throw it in your face or get payback anytime she feels like, right? I mean, is this how forgiveness works in this silly girl’s head? How sad.

    Look, I’m just glad the nightmare that was Liason is over at long FREAKING last! Jason looked so done by the time Liz left.

    I’ll say this, though, Rebecca was outstanding in her scene with SB/Jason. I’m looking forward to what happens with KM/Sam today.

    October 3, 2012 at 11:36 am

    • You know, you’re right. And that is one of the reasons I have never liked Liz. She has never really grown or changed…or even stretched as a person. She seems to never learn from anything, and she treats every situation as though she were still 15. It drives me nuts!
      I am celebrating the end of Jiz, too! It’s about damned time!

      October 3, 2012 at 11:43 pm

  10. Dawn

    I actually liked the scene between Jason and Liz because Liz is truly one of the only people that actually drags out her feelings for her dead little boy like a real woman would do.

    DO NOT GET ME WRONG- I never like Jason with Liz, I think she is a pathetic excuse for a human being, she cheats on men, neglects her children and always hides behind a sweet tone. But one thing I hate worse is that soaps take so long to get to the heart of whatever matter they are dealing with, accept when something tragic happens to a character like death of a loved one, adultury, rape, kidnapping, etc….

    In life people need to grieve, and some people take a year, or years to do so. Liz at least is not just getting over Jake’s death, she is haunted by it, like a mother would be. My husband and I went through two very serious things in our 20 years of marriage and I will tell you that it takes time to adapt to your with the absence that tragedy bestowed upon you.

    One thing we love in soaps is the continuety of the characters, what we call being true to character. Well Liz is whiney and so she stayed true to character. Jason on the other hand has not been himself over the last year, since the Franco situation and how he was going to react to Liz is what I was most frightened of. THANK GOODNESS he didn’t baby her and hold her and tell her he understood. He just looked at her with his cold stare and simply asked her for the facts and then schooled her on how she now knows what it is like to do something terrible. This was the ultimate denile to Liz because she is used to being babied by Jason.

    However, I must regress because I thought of something as I was writing an earlier paragraph–I said Jason has not been acting like himself, but you know he and Sam have been through a hell of a year, that would crush most people. How should he have acted? When I have endured tragedy I have acted so badly to strangers, to my husband, I even couldn’t hardly stand myself, even though I knew I was doing it. That is the terrible hurt that you exude, that consumes you. Until it doesnt consume you anylonger.

    Jason and Sam have been sweeter to each other, more understanding, and much more like themselves over the last six weeks or so. They are/were starting to heal from all of the tremendous chaos their first year of marriage has brought. Now we will see the people that we know and love so well, because they are going to have their baby to cure anything that stood in between them.

    PS/ I have a theory, that SB will be back for the 50th, I believe that he just needed to get his personal house in order and then he will come back.

    October 3, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    • Dawn,
      You made me tear up. I know exactly what you are talking about with how we react towards others when we are hurting. I have been there when I was at the worst of my physical pain, and I hated myself for it. I imagine that emotional pain would have the same results. That’s a great point you made!
      While I agree that Liz still misses her son, I guess I would need to see her spending more time being a better mother to her two living children before I was convinced that she doesn’t just drag out the Jake card when it’s convenient. But I do agree that we need to see more of the “journeys” to healing on soaps – especially GH.
      And my love, as far as your theory…I have had that same thought! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
      Thanks for sharing all of those incredible thoughts!

      October 3, 2012 at 11:54 pm

  11. bren

    Angelique: Once again, very well said! Exactly my thoughts on Jason and Liz. Now let’s move this storyline on so we can have a few happy moments of our beloved Morgans. I wish they hadn’t drug out Jason telling Sam about the baby over a week, just jumped into it so that we could get more scenes of them with the baby.

    Have a great rest of the week,

    October 3, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    • Agreed!
      Why waste even A MOMENT of their time left??? *sobs*
      I just want them to get to the family time we have waited nine years for!
      You have a great week, too!
      Hopefully it’ll be a great JaSam week for all of us! 🙂

      October 3, 2012 at 11:57 pm

  12. Sonia

    Thanks Angelique .. now you break down for me.. I can get pass Jason did not knock her head off.. And some of us just look at it that nasty whore get away again without any punishment

    October 4, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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