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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane In Search Of Truths

Good morning, GHers.

I hope you are enjoying the last Sunday of the summer! ūüė¶ I am so sad to say goodbye to my favorite season!

As we move towards the fall and the next phase of the storylines on GH, I have to wonder what the truth will be among all of the rumors, spoilers and crapola running rampant on the internet. So, today, I’ve decided that we are going In Search Of Truths.

Truths; not just a truth.

While the baby truth is among the most important truths, there are also some truths that we need to rediscover and reaffirm for ourselves, such as the fact that Jason and Sam love each other more than anyone else in the world, and that they have always meant to be together. I want us to remember the fact hat Jason and Sam wanted a family more than anything, and that marriage was more than just a ceremony. I want us to stand firmly upon the truths we already know, but may have forgotten  Рor even pushed out of our minds in frustration.

Yeah – let’s go In Search Of Truths. Haters and their lies and delusions be damned!


“Help Me Hold On”¬† Credit: aproditebeauty

“There’s A Place For Us”¬† Credit: jasamlova1028

“How Do I Live?”¬† Credit: JaSamFanForeverLove

“I Turn To You”¬† Credit: yugottahitpeople (For My Vanessa)

“There You’ll Be” ¬†¬†Credit: mandysonly

“No I Can’t Believe That It’s Over”¬† Credit: tenpointoh1

“Slow Dancing”¬† Credit: ashleycramni

“I Won’t Let You Go”¬† Credit: packernut13

“We Keep Marchin On”¬†¬†Credit: tenpointoh1

“Just The Way You Are”¬†¬†Credit: CocoaGirlie4

I hope you took a moment to like and comment on our vidders channels! They deserve it!

Can I share one more truth with you?

I wathced the Joiz scenes on YT, and could not believe that they actually played the “warning” music! Haaaaaaaaa!

And Jason trying to maintain his personal space each time the walking whormone invaded it? Hilarious! 

Liz admitting that she knows the kiss on the bridge was just a rebound thing? Much appreciated!

And Liz confirming for all of us that she lives for the moment when her victims are most emotionally vulnerable and desperate, by saying to Jason, “And since you and Sam are getting a divorce”… (twisting the knife of his pain in deeper) Priceless!

Thanks, ho! We knew it.

So Jason didn’t pull away in the nanosecond she kissed him. I get it. He’s a jerk. But honestly? Who expected anything less?

What matters now is The Truth that follows.

We’ll have to wait and see what that is.

Let’s just wait it out together, okay?

Love you all, 




7 responses

  1. alwaysaromantic

    You are so right We definitely need to “Wait this out Together”! So many spoilers out there! Not really knowing what TPTB will decide to do as we lose SB and Our Jasam! Will they allow Jason and Sam to be a family even for a short time? Or will they continue to Bait us as they have done all along!
    I watched fridays just by again FF thru! I was glad Sam as least hesistated about the Divorce Papers even for a brief time!
    Liz is still a piece of work! How could she be all over Jason AGAIN in Sam and Jasons home? How can she be ok with being so pathetic?
    Jason seem to be trying his best to get out of line of fire but Liz was relentless,desperate! There are 2 conversations that Sam and Jason had about Liz that i revisited! One was on the docks Sam asked Jason how could he choose a person who does not understand him! The other was when she moved out and gave Jason back the star necklace!
    Sam told Jason he would regret letting Jake go and allowing another man to raise his Child! She also told him that he and Liz deserve each other for ALL the lies they told and all that they cost everyone! I am still waiting for someone anyone(I prefer Jason do it,picture that) to call Liz out on how she munipulated Jason with Jake and that every time she sets her sights on him! She munipulates and Jason allows her to,I see the writers did not change THAT!
    Here we all again nothing has changed………………..Jason and Liz enduring History/Connection………………………..WHATEVER!
    The only History that is trully History is Sams and Jasons!
    Thanks to all for still making Jasam Videos old and new!

    September 16, 2012 at 10:05 am

  2. Angie,the video’s you picked for the Sunday drive were great!!I loved every one of them. RC/FV may have broken up JaSam but they can never take away our memories of a perfect relationship!Thanks again!!Yes, that Liz/Jason kiss!!I think she caught him by surprise and yes he didn’t pull away because he is a MAN and she stroked his bruised ego!!!But when he comes doen to reality he won’t let it go any further!!Reality,he isn’t over Sam and he believes her child is still alive and he wants to find him for her!!!I remember he told Liz if he could bring Sam’s son back to her he would. That was months ago when they all thought the baby was dead!! I think Tracy knows that Franco was not even related and Jason will realize HE IS THE FATHER of Sam’s son!!!McBain has to be in the picture for obvious reasons but Sam and Jason love each other and will find their son before Steve leaves!!!Thanks again for a great ride. Let’s all keep the JaSam faith!!

    September 16, 2012 at 2:13 pm

  3. Sonia

    Thanks Angelique.. Love the videos choices, I just dont understand why Jason cannot see WHOREMONE for what she is.. He saw her ass kissing Nic right at is son hospital room that should tell him the whore she is, and he did said he dont care who she sleep with as long as it does not affect his son, well guess what Jason that did affect your son her obsession in getting her many paternity get his ass run down.. I guess finally the writer is showing nasty WHOREMONE for what she is and what we have being saying for years

    September 16, 2012 at 3:11 pm

  4. Carol Byrd

    Good Morning Ladies and I agree with both of you and I love the name “Whoremone” because that is Lizzie up and down. I don’t care about that thing kissing Jason, I truly don’t; because she is so desperate and pathetic that I have no respect for her at all. What I do care about is the fact that Jason just can’t see this women for who and what she is. What kind of women goes after a man when he is still hurting and still in love with his wife and he has’nt’ even signed his divorce papers but she’s ready to rut? Can he not see that this thing does not care one bit about anyone’s feelings and needs but her own! She is taking advantage of the situation just like the manipulative snake that she is and always has been and her fans love her for this. The only people it seems that see’s Liz for exactly what she is, is Carly and Monica.
    Fans of Liz have always called Sam filthy names while turning a blind eye to the character of Liz; man, If I were a fan of her’s she would make me puke right about now. Hopefully, Jason will take a step back, breathe some fresh air in his head, open his eyes, and set her straight once and for all. This would be some excellent writing for a change if RC has the balls to do it. Time is running out for our JaSam so enough of smirky whoremone Liz please! lets Find JaSam’s baby and stop with the mean Liz!

    September 17, 2012 at 8:22 am

    • Carol, I so agree with you about Liz!!!Jason is so blind to her because of his feelings for Jake and she was his mother!They will always have a connection but it is not and never was love!!! He feels that for Sam!!And wants to find her son,he doesn’t even know it is his son but he wants to do this for the woman he loves!!Liz always gets to him by using Jake!!I can’t stand it!!Yeas,he kissed her back. It was a knee jerk reaction. He is a man and he is hurting.She took full advantage of that!!Much like John McBain taking advantage of Sam’s mixed feelings to move in on her!!!I hope Jason steps back and sees Liz for what she truly is!!But I don’t think he will. He’s a truly nice guy in spite of his prefession and Liz will always be the mother of his son and he will respect her for that!! But Sam is the keeper of his heart,always and forever!

      September 17, 2012 at 8:29 am

  5. Traveler

    Im late on this weeks Sunday Drive!! Thanks for the Drive and Special Thanks to all the JaSam Mvider’s!!
    Im agreeing to wait this out with you and my fellow JaSammers!!

    September 17, 2012 at 11:29 pm

  6. lt4bama

    This is not fair. I’m losing Jasam and Angelique! BM had become a staple part of my day during the short months I found out and got to enjoy it. Now watching u post less and less is painful but I guess better than cold turkey.

    Have u decided on ur last day…Steve’s last day (temp end of Jasam) or blog anniversary?

    September 23, 2012 at 8:21 am

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