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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…Without Really Knowing Where We’re Headed

Good morning, Beloved GHers!

Well, we may not know where the show is going anymore, and we may not even know where we’re going, BUT we do know that on this Sunday morning, we are going down Memory Lane together! That’s enough for me!

It was an emotional week, and I know many of us are just done, but after reading your comments, emails and fb messages, I am going to try to hang in there for as long as I can. If you guys think you need me, I need you all that much more!

So, let’s see what each day brings from here on out, and leave our goodbyes unsaid until they’re absolutely necessary.

For now, however, let’s take this Drive together, being comforted by the fact that we are not alone in our combination of love and frustration.

Here we go…

“I Have Been Blessed” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Loss of Baby Morgan” Credit: charmedlover251

“We’re Having A Baby” Credit: aproditebeauty

“What If?” Credit: ashley1282008

“The Heart Never Forgets” Credit: aproditebeauty

“One More Try” Credit: ssassy75

And because I will never tire of How It Should Have Been…

“JaSam / Just The Dream” Credit: LoriJoGH

Love you guys,



This Day In JaSam History

September 8 





September 9

2005: Part One: Part Two:





9 responses

  1. samjase

    Thank you Angelique! I have been a basket case since the fantasy episode. I’m thrilled that TIIC did this, but SO upset that it didn’t happen this way. The ONLY positive that came out of their problems was the AMAZING breakup scenes..performed by the BEST in daytime..Stelly. They’ll NEVER be another STELLY/JASAM..EVER! ALL the videos were amazing. I cried all through them.

    September 9, 2012 at 10:46 am

  2. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers……..Always!
    Angelique Thanks for another Sunday Drive under Heartfelt Distress about Our favorite Couple Jasaon and Sam Morgan!
    The Videos and History does our hearts good,Thank You All!
    This IS Our Reality how we will always know Jasam!
    I really like to see the ratings for 9/6 and 9/7.
    I hope at least TPTB realize what we have been fighting for all long! Jasam are end game for GH and nothing or noone else is exceptable!
    Their History is too Great,Strong and Enduring! Their Love is there greatest assest!!!!!!!!!!!
    Daniel Edward Morgan needs them both and so do we!

    September 9, 2012 at 11:26 am

  3. Rita

    I don’t think you know how much we all depend on you for a little jolt of encouragement from your blog. I want to say thank you. There is so much wrong in my life at the moment (I too have a very sick family member. My Mother has CHF and only has an EF of 45%. Oxygen not getting to her brain, sadly there is no coming back)

    I am no longer watching GH, but I did watch the dream scenes. How sad that it is not the way things really went! How sad that in all the horror and devastation in the real world, that for ONCE we could have had a happy pregnancy on a television show and they dropped the ball. I blame this on FV most of all, because of his lies to the public.

    As Kassie DePaiva said about Blair and Todd, when OLTL went off the air. She left them in bed and happy because FV/RC and GH would just mess it up.

    I am leaving Sam and Jason on their wedding night at the cabin, before all this shit started. And how sadly we all know it is going to end. . . .without Steve half of Jasam is gone. Whether he goes to jail, falls into a coma, or is killed. It is done.

    Even if SB is just taking a few months off to do his project with James Franco, if he comes back they will already have Sam in love with John.
    Because that is FV and RC way of doing shit. They weren’t brought in to save GH, they were brought in to destroy it.

    Yes I sound and feel defeated, and yea I think its worse than the 2006-2008 era. I may be barely breathing but I am not dead. I will scream at the assholes in charge for the rest of my life.

    September 9, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    • samjase

      I feel the exact same way you do! I lost my husband several years ago..and Stelly/Jasam provided me with that “feeling” my husband and I shared….real love and devotion. It’ll be gone now…and I am totally down about it. Crazy. I’ve never felt this way about any soap couple before…EVER!

      September 9, 2012 at 12:39 pm

  4. kathydid53

    Angie,you are beautiful,sister! The videos you chose for our drive were wonderful,as always! I especially loved the dream,the parts where Sam is talking to Jason are cut out so it makes it seem more real than dream! At least we can come back to that and relive the magic. Don’t give up on GH! Your blog is called the Beauty of GH. There are other characters. But Sam and Jason are the best! I don’t think Steve would want us to stop watching. He just felt the time was right for him vand his family. I do believe the story line of late gave him the push,though. In a way,I wish Kelly Monaco would leave too! She has been very quiet and hasn’t given her thoughts on his leaving! I will support her on DWTS- all Stars. I found this blog by accident and it has been my saving grace since the destruction of JaSam! No other couple has affected me so much. Thanks again for all you do!!!

    September 9, 2012 at 1:03 pm

  5. lm cee

    There will NEVER be another couple like JASAM. Like you kathydid53 this couple has affected me more than any other couple EVER. I will miss them more than words can say.

    September 9, 2012 at 7:15 pm

  6. Sonia

    Thanks Angelique for the Sunday Drive with Jasam awesome videos
    it is a depressing time on GH Frank, Ron, Vicky has put a stake to Jasam and their fans heart and laugh while they doing it, nothing in this writing said anything about common sense, but just pure hate for the daytime hottest, sexiest and love couple, and then hate for one half of that couple. ABC should be ashamed of themselves and they want fans to watch their stupid shows they putting on, oh well they can dont look for my viewing

    September 9, 2012 at 9:30 pm

  7. Carol Byrd

    I agree with everything everyone says on here so I have nothing left to say other than I don’t care how much Liz Webber wiggles her tail around Jason Morgan because there love and Life were over years ago and it’s as dead as a door nail now so they can put it on life support but someone should have pulled the plug on them a long time ago because now they are just sucking up GH air time! I will miss SBu so much and feel sad he’s leaving but can understand why he chose this time to do it. Really dont want KeMo to leave and understand she has a life and living to make and has to think of her self and honestly I want to continue to watch her on GH, even if it’s with McBain. Can’t really blame ME for RC wanting his McBam. I’m sure all of them are feeling some loss and stress right now over SBu’s decision to leave.
    Don’t think GH is going to last much longer anyway and would love to see SBu come back for the finale episode and take “Sam” away with him. Wow..for someone with not much to say.absolutely LOVED the Dream episode…

    September 10, 2012 at 8:47 am

  8. Rita

    Well, I wanted to jump back in here and once again thank you Angelique for being here for us. I truly feel that the Jasam family will continue. (I can only think of Celine singing My Heart Will Go On). We will come back and share memories and watch videos. I had requested a video, and when I found out Steve was leaving it was almost too much to watch. But I think it truly expresses how we all feel, hope you dont cry too much guys

    Thank you guys so much for the support.

    September 11, 2012 at 1:38 am

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