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A Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane Full Of Kisses

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

Now, before you get a little mad at me for being a bit behind schedule, just think that if Jason and Sam were on a weekend away together, no one would want Sam to leave Jason’s side for ANYTHING! And so it was for me. My hubby had the idea that we would spend this anniversary weekend together every minute, and so I did just that. How could I not, especially after 22 years of getting more than I ask for?

However, he is so sweet, that over breakfast he asked me if needed to do my “Sunday thing” on the blog, and I offered to do it after we got home and picked up the kids. He insisted I do “whatever it is” I had to do, and he’d go to the gym. THIS is why after 22 years, I am still in love! 🙂

So, I got an interesting email from a friend of Bella Mafia, who asked that I pass this along:

“The JaSam episode is more important than you think. It’s not just “too little, too late”. You’ve gotta get your readers out of that mindset. NOTHING has been set in stone. And in soaps, you know anything can happen at any time. First, we have to create buzz surrounding that day, because buzz has been in short supply for GH for a while now. Get your readers to call in and email and even tweet all of the kinds of comments I am reading in your comments section right now. Have them telling the AIC (I love that, by the way) all those things they feel! The point is to get JaSam on their minds, too! I think the reaction to the JaSam day might have far-reaching effects, if we stay invested! I hate to say it, but the “other side” is already planning to flood the AIC with tons of buzz on “their” day, even though that hasn’t even been spoiled yet. Steve isn’t gone yet, and even when he is, there’s nothing saying he can’t come back – at any time, except for VIEWERS! Believe it or not – we still have the power. But only if we use it! Now is not the time for people to throw in the towel – now is the time to RAISE SOME HELL! SNAP OUT OF IT, PEOPLE! This would not be the first time TPTB have had to beg and sweeten a deal to keep a fan fave from walking away for good!”

So, there you have it, and from someone I trust implicitly on these types of things. Jason and Sam deserve a fight on their behalf, no? And so do Steve and Kelly…we can’t just take our toys and go home now!

COME ON, Let’s do this!

We were told by an older woman at the hotel that the secret to an enduring marriage is KISSING. (I will be married for as long as I live, I guess) She said, “Kissing as often as you can, every day, will always make troubles melt away and anger will never stand a chance. And really, ‘Who could stay mad when you’re kissing?'” (she’s obviously a genius)

I’ve decided to apply that theory here. I hope our anger towards the AIC doesn’t stand a chance when we are reminded of JaSam KISSING!

“And Then He Kissed Me” Credit: odirtyrice7

“This Kiss” Credit:  JaSamAreSoulmates

“Could I Have This Kiss Forever?” Credit: jasam4ever08

“Kiss You All Over” Credit: JasonWantsME

“JaSam Kisses” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Kissing You” t TheVintageGH

“Kissing You” Credit: heartgeeks

“Kissing Rain” Credit: julietkim99

(STILL one of my faves) “JaSam Kisses (no music)” Credit: jasamarenumberone

“Kiss The Girl” Credit: packernut13

“Kiss Me Deadly” Credit: JasonWantsME

And…this is EPIC…inspired by the Official JaSam Kiss List!

“The You Kissed Me” Credit: raindance4521

I hope you are feeling the love again…and clearing your schedule for the 6th! 🙂 JaSam Needs Us!

Love and KISSES to you all,



14 responses

  1. Yes,JaSam need us and I will be there to support. we will show theAIC’s what an epic mess they made!!! Steve B has decided to leave and I feel that it took him a long time to come to this decision and he will not back down. He’s sold his house and moved his family and settled his kids in school etc. He wants to do other things now. he’s made up his mind. He could be persuaded to stay on a bit to finish his story line and maybe come back every now and then like Ingo but I think he has made his choice and we have to accept it!! But I will watch on 9/6 and love every minute of it!!Plus spoilers allude to Jason trying to find out about Sam’s baby!So I’m hoping before Steve leaves that Jason finds out the baby is alive and brings him back to his one true love===SAM MCCALL MORGAN!!! Then I hope he finds out the baby is truly his son!

    September 2, 2012 at 10:50 am

  2. lt4bama

    First Angelique let me say your husband is super awesome; let him know how much we appreciate him letting you do “your Sunday thing” without making you feel guilty about it. Sign of a truly great man.

    And thanks to you for always knowing what to say to get me pumped up to support Jasam and Stelly when hope seems like its disappearing.

    Whomever emailed you is absolutely right. We need to be extra hyped about our day b/c let’s face not many couples get a day…lets show them that this day is well deserved b/c Jasam is where it’s at and they have the spark, history, chemistry, fire and fans to show it.

    Now what you said about the other side having a day…is this something that is supposed to happen or just wishful thinking on their part? I hope it is the latter b/c they don’t deserve a day.

    I’ll watch the video on the drive and then off to my emails to support Steve, Kelly and Jasam

    Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend

    September 2, 2012 at 11:10 am

  3. Manu

    Good Morning Angelique and felllow Jasammmers !!!

    Your freind is absolutely right !!! Since the news first broke out, I cried and cried like a baby, and even today, I still can NOT shake off this heavy heart. I, like you feel broken that Steve is leaving.I find it hard that he would just walk away when GH is close to acheiving that 50 yr. Milestone. Would you want to walk away from something that would make histroy? They can give me all the stories they want I just don’t buy it. I can go and on…but I won’t becuase I know you all feel the same way.

    Since that day, I have not stopped each day calling in twice, and sending emails to everyone involved. Voicing and stating everything we feel and how this needs to be corrected. Basically everything under the sun! Of course in the utmost professional matter.

    Your friend is right .. when she says ‘ WE STILL HAVE THE POWER”
    After seeing me all week,(broken hearted) and knowing what Jasam/GH means to me (35 yrs and 21 with Steve) and explainging to him what’s up.. hubby being an high executive for a huge corp. said to me to following… It may sound crase, but it has logic… he said, look at this way… TPTB ( are the company) The Fans ( are the customer) and Steve/Jason (The product) you girls/fans keep doing what you are doing.. email, calling, snailing, etc… they will take notice,and action will be taken if they think they will loose.

    So I hope and pray, to all Jasam fans out there, if you are like me, that does not comment on sites as much, please do your share don’t stop this fight of ours, its not over, and I’ll be dambed if I’ll let the other delusional wack jobs win one over me, I’ve always been a fighter and I’m not about to stop now.

    To all the vidders out there, ” Thank-you ” is so small a word to express what your vids do for us.

    And Angelique as alwasy your the guiding light !!!

    Lov U all Jasam peeps ! Lets not take this lying down !!

    September 2, 2012 at 11:26 am

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for today’s “Kiss” as we took this Wonderful Sunday Drive!!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting lately.. I’ve slowly been pulling away from GH and especially my JaSam Obsession… I just couldn’t take another heartbreak like I did in 2006/2007. For me it was all about self-preservation…

    Now that Steve is leaving… I must tune back in and watch his final few months play out. I have to BELIEVE we will get some type of JaSam payoff before it all ends. I don’t have much faith in the AIC, but I do have faith in the Stelly Magic that is JaSam!!

    September 2, 2012 at 11:39 am

  5. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,Always!
    So we will still Hold On! I allready knew I would see Jasam through until the end! The ONLY time I am going to actually watch is when they are on! Whether it will change Steve leaving only time will tell! But this I know TPTB have to be in amazement right now as to the fans reaction over this! I hope everytime Jason and Sam are on the ratings spike is great that they will finally know what we have been trying to tell them! There NEVER EVER be a Couple like Jason and Sam Morgan!
    If they are toying with us again thats ok too! Our devotion is not for them its for Jasam and ALL that they have given us! We will fight until………….
    Thanks for taking the time away from your life Angelique to do another great drive. Vidders awesome work as always!
    Jasammers see you on 9/6/12 and whenever Jason and Sam are on together! They given us so much don’t we owe them the same!

    September 2, 2012 at 1:00 pm

  6. Sonia

    Thanks for your videos, but I have to say what is the sense of getting all hype about 1 day, Jason spend a whole week looking for his baby mama no thought if his wife is sick, now after this suppose Jasam day we have Jason and his baby mama taking care of him, and we sure will not see Jason and Sam together again we see more Jason and his baby mama.. This writer is playing nasty game, I am so waiting for
    JIZ to be at the cabin he already take everything for Jasam.. MoRon and Frank might have review Lusam and see they did have a good following, so he might think it will be the same with McSam.. sorry Jackass it sure will not be, cause the fans hate you sorry ass

    September 2, 2012 at 6:36 pm

  7. Jo McGee

    We should continue our nonstop support for Jasam and their epic love story, no matter what, because that’s what true fans do! The AIC live in a bubble and our calls and emails will burst their bubble and save our couple and maybe GH in the process. I think it’s worth the effort to continue fighting the AIC for the benefit of Jasam and ourselves. We should not and must not give up or give in!

    September 3, 2012 at 2:24 pm

  8. lm cee

    Please vote on soap opera digest. JASAM were at 65% in a matter of 2 hours we are at 41 with Jiz at 40. Polls don’t matter but if we are going to fight for JASAM than we need to show them how big JASAM fanbase is.

    September 3, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    • manu

      I’ve been voting !! It’s now 11:00PM my time est, and we’re way ahead!

      September 3, 2012 at 8:46 pm

  9. user123

    Thanks for the videos. I will watch on 9/6 and possibly 9/7 but after that date, youtube. I believe that the effort to keep the Jason and Sam love story going on GH will fall on deaf ears. The AIC are adamant to have their GH/OLTL hybrid and ,truth be told, this hybrid will be OLTL with GH characters intertwined. This talk of 50th anniversary is not for the actors we have been watching for the last 15 years. ABC agreed to this new hybrid show. They knew what FV/RC planned to do to GH, destroy it and get rid of characters that we loved for OLTL characters that they were comfortable with. Their idea was to get rid of the mob element while bringing on vets and more OLTL characters. In their minds, this is a win-win for everyone. For those of us who were invested in Jason and Sam as a couple, they fed us this bull that they were going to give them angst and eventually put them back together. They never had any attention of putting Jason and Sam back together, IMO, FV feels that if we don’t like his vision, we will stop watching.

    I am sorry if you think I am giving up, I am not. I am looking at this realistically. Business people only pay attention when you affect their wallet. If we can’t effect ABCs wallet with this campaign of getting Jason and Sam back together, they will ignore us. Remember, if FV has to put them back together we are talking about major rewrites and making Jason fit into this hybrid which was never the plan.

    FV seems to believe that by moving to the old OLTL slot he will gain more viewers, those that were watching OLTL previously. He feels that there are those “old” GH viewers that will watch for the vets and those who are going to leave will “turn the channel”.

    Bottomline, I will be watching live through this dream sequence and after that via youtube. Hopefully, Steve will get a very good sendoff from GH. I follow him on twitter and he seems to be happy and relieved.

    September 4, 2012 at 7:20 am

    • I agree. FV loves Kelly Monaco(as do I) and felt she was underused. you notice she has gotten lots of air time paired with their golden boy Michael Easton!!Steve Burton’s Jason has been reduced to being an ass! We longtime viewers know Jason loves children and would do anything for a child,especially a child of the woman he loves,Sam!!He didn’t even love her in’04 and he was willing to raise her daughter. He took Michael as his own when Carly left him after he was born!!And these 2 AIC’s want us to believe that Jason couldn’t love his wife’s child because it was a child of rape? Come on guys!!That is total BS. We JaSam fans hung on because they promised they were breaking them up to put them back. Well that hasn’t happened and will never now that Steve is leaving. A recast won’t have the same magic as Stelly!!! They had no intention of putting them back. If they did, they would have had Jason find Sam and deliver the baby but no, it was St. John to the rescue as always. I will still watch GH because of Sonny,Kate,Steve, Olivia,Carly, Johnny. but I will DVR it and FF through McBain and I will turn off completely scenes with McBain and Sam!!Never!!! I can’t stand his voice,his hair etc

      September 4, 2012 at 7:52 am

  10. user123

    I found this interview that Steve did, I felt good after reading this article and watching the video.–future-plans-Exclusive/8796728

    Kathydid53, I believe may 2 or 3 of the characters that you listed (Carly, Kate and maybe Olivia) will make it to the new GH/OLTL hybrid.

    September 4, 2012 at 8:35 am

    • Thanks for sharing that with me!! i saw a little bit of that interview but they left out the end so I was very hppy to see that. He seems happy yet sad to leave. I know that I’ve worked for 40years at the same hospital,if I was to leave I would be crying too!!It’s a place you’ve known for a long time and you’ve gone through lots of life changes with these people and it’ss bittersweet.!!Thanks again!!We really are a family at BellaMafia!!I hope that Steve’s leaving doesn’t change that. It’s really nice to have a place to go to vent/exchange thoughts etc

      September 4, 2012 at 8:45 am

      • user123

        So true. So true.
        After viewing the interview, I feel good about Steve leaving. Though he hates to leave, it is best that he does. Plus his family is happy and he is able to spend time with them in a setting that he has wanted for them for 7 years.

        It was nice to see him say that FV told him he could return and he would never say never but that he was going to take that leap of faith.

        I am glad I found this place.
        BE BLESSED

        September 4, 2012 at 9:26 am

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