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A WET Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane…(Wet From Tears, Not Rain)

Good Sunday morning, GHers!

Thanks to all of you for the kind words and the prayers. My mom is recovering nicely from her surgery, but will need another one in a few weeks in order to try and save her vision, so your continued thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. As for me, I am facing a few difficult weeks ahead, but I have a lot of support, especially from all of you! ūüôā I am also trying to stay focused on the vacation we planned long ago to Lake George, NY (up by Port Charles), which we are supposed to be leaving for next Sunday, barring any other emergencies.

Please be patient with me, as some days are harder than others to find the time, or even the right frame of mind.

I will try as best I can to be here as often as I can, so that we can continue to help each other stay focused and committed!

That starts with our Bella Mafia Family Super Stars – our vidders! They’ve provided another great Drive for us to enjoy…let’s get started!


This one got me teary in .09 seconds! Beautiful! “Soulmate”¬†¬†Credit: LoveInDaytime

*wipes tears* And this one was also a tearjerker, but so worth the tears to see all of the wonderful moments featured! “I Never Told You”¬†¬†Credit: jmsg411

I loved the concept of this vid, which was described as The Making Of Jason, Jr. (our poor baby boy – lost in Llanview) ūüė•¬†“The Morgans”¬†¬†Credit: Duchess118

This keeps me going: that Jason and Sam still act and sound as though their lives are “off” without each other, and that they need the other back. “I Need You Back”¬†¬†Credit: aproditebeauty

And in that same vein, here is a vid of EPIC proportions. “I Need You Now, I Need You More Than Ever”¬†¬†Credit: 7KellProductions

Oh, heavens above! WHEN will we get back to THIS JaSam? *sobs in frustration*¬†“Turn Off The Lights”¬†¬†Credit: jmsg411

Don’t you miss the magical romance that is uniquely JaSam? “Beneath The Milky Twilight”¬† Credit: kd23oth

I am also in desperate need some HOPEFUL JaSam, aren’t you? Here ya go! “When You Were Mine”¬†¬†Credit: CocoaGirlie4

I know one more thing we call need: To be reminded of their song! *waaaaaaahhhhhh*¬†“Just You & Me”¬†¬†Credit: haihaixo

Hoping you appreciated all of the vids as much as I did, in spite of all the tears! *blows nose* I cannot imagine spending a Sunday without our magnificent vidders! (Be sure to thank them all in their vids’ comment section!)

Let’s be sure to support our couple this week as they FINALLY share some scenes again! Remember to make your positive voices heard.

Much love to all,



This Day In JaSam History: (Just LOOK at this history! Wow! Has RC seen this???)

July 27

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2009: Credit: luckiBelle When can these two parent their own kids???)

July 28

2004: Credit: luckiBelle

2005: Credit: luckiBelle

2006: Credit: jasam4everbaby

2009: Credit: kjewel13

2010: Credit: DominoesAndTequila

2011: Credit: DominoesAndTequila

July 29

2004: Credit: LoriJoGH

2005: Credit: kjewel13

2009: Credit: kjewel13

2010: Credit: DominoesAndTequila


6 responses

  1. jasamforever

    awee thanks for the sunday drive hope all is well with you and the family. Happy sunday Jasammers

    July 29, 2012 at 10:31 am

  2. Traveler

    Sending my Heart, Thoughts and Prayers your way!!

    Thanks for today’s Sunday Drive!! Special Thanks to all the JaSam Mvid’ers!! The only thing that could be better than watching JaSam Memories is watching them making “New” Memories!!

    Viva la JaSam!!

    July 29, 2012 at 3:32 pm

  3. Sonia

    Thanks for the Jasam Sunday drive just love watching old Jasam they are so in love and bad ass

    July 29, 2012 at 9:17 pm

  4. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! Another Great Drive! Loved the History! I 2nd for the New Memories! Hope and Pray that all is well and will be for your family Angelique especially your Mom!
    Thanks to he Vidders and how well they capture “our” Jason and Sam!

    July 29, 2012 at 9:57 pm

  5. Loved the Sunday drive and videos!!!Some made me smile but mostly sad because they are breaking up and these videos show them so much in love!!(: I can’t believe that RC/FV would really break them up in less than a year!!!I keep thinking that in the end they will not divorce. The baby switch will come out and they will be reunited with baby Morgan and be a family. But with the way the story breakdown are- Jason seems to be going towards Liz and helping her and Sam is drawn to McBain!!!WTF!!!!! At least we have these memories on tape. No other soap couple has affected me this way!!not even Luke and Laura and I really loved them. But at least they were given 25 years to be together before they broke up!!! The problem with Sam and Jason is that they love each other but they didn’t really talk about their problems. Sam is assuming Jason is pushing her away and Jason is assuming Sam doesn’t want him because of McBain!!!They aren’t communicating! Sam is drawn to John because he was kind to her while pregnant, every time she tried to talk to Jason he got angry and didn’t want to hear about Franco or the baby. Then john delivered baby Morgan. so she is drawn to him. Once she finds out her son is alive perhaps she’ll feel differently about Jason. I hope so because they belong together!!! my fear now for actress Kelly Monaco is that fans will hold this breakup against her and she will not get votes in the All Star Dancing with the Stars season. I hope not. some Jasam fans can be a little fanatical. They think she is Sam not Kelly!!!
    I’m really hoping that we will get a twist to this horrible story line and that they will not divorce!!!

    July 30, 2012 at 7:27 am

  6. user123

    IA Some Jasam fans forget that Kelly is not Sam. The writers are making Sam unlikable right now. I believe that Kelly tried to do damage control at her event at the GHFCW but I am not sure it helped.

    July 31, 2012 at 10:06 am

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