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TGIF, GHers!

I had to take the day off from blogging yesterday because my hubby took the day off to spend time with us, and since our beloved JaSam were not on, I didn’t think you guys would miss me.

It reached a scorching 98 here yesterday! I am hoping that wherever you are, you are staying cool and comfortable.

You know, the topic of what friends are for was on my mind yesterday afternoon. (Wonder why…) It seems some people use the term without really knowing the answer. So, when I went back to watch the show on YT, I wondered throughout…“Is That What Friends Are For?”

Johnny continues to spiral down to new depths of low, and it really saddens me. Johnny’s appeal for me was always the fact that he refused to be like the rest of the power hungry insane on his family tree. That was then. Now Johnny proves almost daily that the bad, rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree, after all. Johnny has convinced cynical Carly that he has been honest with her since she gave him a second chance. He has her believing that he can be  all she needs and wants him to be. He has even managed to make her believe that her daughter is safe in getting to know him and possibly forming an attachment to him. I wonder what Jax would say or do if he knew that his precious Joss is forming connections with yet another mobster. *sigh* Surely, in order for the relationship to truly blossom between Carly and Johnny, there has to be a foundation of trust. In fact, the same things that one would look for in a friendship would have to be part of this thing between them. I just have to ask myself, when Carly finds out the gruesome and appalling truth about Johnny, will she question every decision she made while sleeping with him? I would think so. Johnny has kept secrets and lied to Carly all along. Is That What Friends (Or Lovers) Are For? Considering it’s Carly, the answer may surprise us.

I have a confession to make. I have to swallow my resentment every time I see Dr. Ewan working with Kate, and especially with Sonny. Why? Because I get that FV and RC believe in torturing couples, but guess what? Sonny and Kate look tortured to me! However, they are being tortured together, and they are handling this torture as a couple – a united front – a team. The amazing thing to me is that if anyone had told me that both Sonny and Jason would be facing the same nightmare (coincidence in story lines, or just lazy writing? Hmmm…) in that the women that each of them loved was raped, and impregnated by their rapist, I would have instantly felt sorry for Kate. I would totally have expected Sonny to be the one to take it badly, to break down, to not be able to see himself able to get past it. To abandon Kate emotionally while he was consumed by his own emotions. I would have thought that Sonny would have been the one to allow Kate to walk out and away from their life together rather than being a willing participant in getting her help and trying everything to save their relationship – especially in the form of a shrink. Boy, was I wrong. (Well, technically, the writers are wrong, but anyway…) Sonny has been completely incredible throughout this ordeal for Kate. For as much hemming and hawing as he did in the beginning when he had trouble believing she was sick, Sonny slipped into the role of supporter and friend the way I assumed Jason would have. *shakes head* The way Sonny has held Kate’s hand, whispered encouragement and acceptance, and shown his love for her has been more than commendable. It has been downright beautiful. Is That What Friends (Or Lovers) Are For? Hell yes!

Luke Spencer has always had friends in high places, and he has always had friends in low places. What he probably was not coating on was that he had a friend in a crazy place. Heather wanted her man to know that she “took care of everything”. While Luke had to work out the particulars with Heather, he finally understood that Heather got rid of the body, thinking that she was helping keep Luke out of prison and available to her. Oh! Is That What Friends  Are For? Luke really needs to work a little harder on making Heather feel appreciated, because she didn’t seem  convinced. I think she wanted to beat him over the head with the fact that she did it all for him! Didn’t he get that? *rme* While I will concede that Robin Mattson plays crazy with the perfect balance of over the top and cool as a cucumber, I really wish that someone would finally out an end to this woman’s reign of terror.

Enter McCall & Jackal. First of all, how wonderful was it to see Spin and Sam working together again? It did my heart good to see Sam finally have some support from someone who loves both her and Jason! Spin loves Sam, but he also holds Jason in the highest regard. He wants what is best for the both of them, and I believe that he will work tirelessly to remind them both of how much they had to overcome to find one another, and Love, again. I have to believe that Spin won’t let them lost all they found. Not again. Is That What Friends Are For? YES! YES! YES! Thank goodness Sam is finally being afforded a friend during this terrible time in her life! It also did my heart good to hear that the subject of Heather was first and foremost on their radar. I am hoping against all hope that this latest case they are taking on together will lead to finding out the truth about our Baby JJ!

Based on the conversations on Twitter since Tuesday night, I thought I would tune in Thursday and watch a show that would have me going to the cabinet for anti-anxiety meds. Yet, I have to tell you that there wasn’t even enough in those scenes to change my heart rate. *yawn* What I did see was yet another pointless scene that didn’t really make sense when you know the recent trajectory of the characters involved. In a million years, neither Ron Carlivati nor Frank Valentini would be able to explain to me why Jason would go knock on Liz’s door to talk about his love for Sam, and his fear over the possibility of losing her, other than to make most of giggle at the irony of it all. Why wouldn’t he go to Carly, or Michael, or Monica? *shrugs*

As out of place as those scenes were, they did reinforce what we already know:

  1. Liz feels compelled to make every conversation she has with Jason somehow tie into Jake. It’s her go-to conversation each and every time. It’s as if she must try to remind Jason that they “had a connection” at every turn, and it always, ALWAYS sounds manipulative to me. Liz cannot have it both ways. She is either there for Jason as a friend, or she tries to hold onto what they had – which let’s face it: what they had was Jake. Jason was there in agony over his wife, hurting enough already. Why keep dragging out the “Jake card” to add to his guilt and pain? Is That What Friends Are For? Not in my book!
  2. Jason still desperately loves his wife, as he told Liz in plain english.In fact, Jason is single-mindedly All. About. Sam. So much so that even when Liz tried to absolve Jason of all wrongdoing and guilt by trying to blame Sam for what happened to the baby (I could have smacked some color into her pale face when she made the comment about the planter!), Jason reiterated that Sam wasn’t to blame; he was. (I am keeping track of the points he is earning with me) He is devastated about the choices that led to them being apart, and he wants their life back – the life they had when they started that journey together as husband and wife. I actually felt something close to love again when Jason was reminiscing to Liz about his wedding day! He remembered the smile on Sam’s face – how happy they were…how perfect things were! And he said it all to the woman he never married. I really do believe that Liz heard something else, as it caused her to move in and hang onto him like a freakin’ deer tick! It’s why her comment to Jason about that being what friends are for really irked me. She is on a different wavelength as Jason. She is listening for ways to blame Sam instead of genuinely listening for ways to help out a friend. And if anyone missed her transparent, “You know you can come to me for anything, get your Ho Radar fixed! What I heard was something dangerously close to the invitation Dolly Parton issued in “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.” Liz is hoping and praying that Jason’s anguish and heartbreak will lead to another drunken night of vulnerability. Now, I ask, “Is THAT What Friends Are For?” I guess it depends on the establishment (see above reference).

Friends, I hope we can keep our eyes on the prize here. We have got to help our fellow JaSammers to stop melting down over the possibility of Jiz scenes. Really, the only people who should have been upset by Jason going to see Liz after trying to support Sam at the baby’s funeral, are the fans who are obviously not over Jason not going to Jake’s service. It seems that we were right in that the deepest connection two people can share is LOVE. Babies should be a product of that LOVE, not the other way around. This is where Liz, and the fans of that pairing get it twisted. This is why we have got to make sure we aren’t wasting any time or energy causing “buzz” over nothing.

Especially when all that time and energy can be used more wisely, as in supporting our couple! Let’s keep reminding each other of that! “Is THAT What Friends Are For?” 

Oh, yes!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

A little inspiration to take with: “When A Man Loves A Woman” Credit: jmsg411



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  1. Kathy Glagowski

    Angelique!! I dont trust Liz at all! Jason is so in love with his wife!! Liz to hom is a friend! I dont feel he would hop in bed with her again but she would jump at the chance!!! I almost jumped through my TV to ask him “what the hell are you doing at HER house?” he should be talking to Carly or Sonny anyone but her! I really think mr RC and FV want to pair up Liz and Jason again! Also to pair up Sam and John. I think thats what the comment about love not being enough sometimes. There is no doubt that Sam and Jason love each other. But love is not enlugh, she has been deeply hurt by him. I think she’s gling to end the marriage! Hopefully she’ll work with Spinelli and get her mind off that!

    June 22, 2012 at 3:30 am

  2. Trini

    What I heard clearly is that Sam and Jason love each other. Sam is hurt and Jason is scared. Role reversal. I love it and I love every beat as they work themselves back to each other. I will not waste energy on irrelevant issues or people. ForeverandeverJASAM

    June 22, 2012 at 5:55 am

  3. lt4bama

    Angelique, as always you are dead on. Thanks for bringing me laughter so early in the morning.

    I don’t know what Luke was thinking but he needed better acting skills if he wanted to convince Heather not to go crazy on him. To make matters worse he turns his back on her. What was he thinking?

    I also loved McCall & Jackal back in action again. Spin is so sweet. He offered to escort Sam home, he brought her water, food and he was trying to help her see the positive in her relationship with Jason. I really hope he gets lucky in love. He really deserves it. Sam loves her husband and she always will. In time she will allow herself to let him make it up to her

    Let’s talk about something coming out of nowhere – Jason running to floorwhore (FW, in case you don’t know what that stands for). That doesn’t happen. At first I thought it was a dream sequence or something. But whatever! Hated that FW tried to make this Sam’s fault. Even Jason had the look of “what are you talking about?” FW it was not raining when Sam was outside…that was Tea’s dead baby. Also there were no working phones and she needed to get help. Her ride was busy getting is but whooped and laid out by thugs your new BFF Jason hired. She’s acting like Sam just decided to take her baby for a damn stroll after a thunderstorm. Also hate that FW has to bring up her “precious, only worthy son, Jakey” Enough already. Sam’s baby Lila has been RIP a whole lot longer and she doesn’t feel the need to bring her up to make others feel bad every chance she gets. I’m going to start counting how many scenes Jiz will do without her mentioning Jake. I didn’t too care for her hugging up on Sam’s husband or extended him an open ended, non-expiry sex invitation. I don’t give a care who says she was just trying to be helpful that was my take on it.

    What I loved: Jason didn’t acknowledge her invitation. Ha! No response to that’s what friends are for etc. He didn’t hug her back, he implied that Liz failed Jake because he was quick to say that Sam didn’t fail her baby, he did. (That’s how I took it) He wanted to pay respects to Sam’s baby boy and he was the one that set everything up for baby Lila’s funeral yet he didn’t go to Jake’s (does it make me a bad person but I found joy in that? Oh well). And the thing I love the most is Jason went there and whined how much he loves Sam, wants to comfort Sam, to say how wonderful Sam is, how mad Sam is at him and how much he wants Sam back and all FW could do is pretend to be supportive. Ah music to my ears.

    June 22, 2012 at 6:24 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      agre,agree,agree!!FW tried to blame everything on Sam,didn’t even ackknowledge Jason’s part in the whole debacle!! It is his fault!!!If he hadn’t sent goons to beat up John,Sam would have been in the hospital with HIS SON and no switch etc would have taken place. The only good thing out of this whole mess is we got to see what a fantastic actress Kelly Monaco is!!!And what fantastic chemistry she has with Steve Burton!!Hopefully Mr. Carlivati sees thios too and doesn’t split them up for good!!!FW is just that, a floor whore. She uses Jake to get to Jason because that is her only connection!!!Once Jason Jr. comes home, she won’t be able to use that because Jason will have a living,breathing son that he is allowed to acknowledge!!!Amen

      June 22, 2012 at 7:30 am

  4. Dawn

    Happy Friday! I have to say that I Love Spinelli and I Love the dynamics between him and Sam.

    Ok, don’t let this thought ruin your day, but, I thought the visit to Liz made somewhat of sense to the storyline because Jason has confided in her every step of the way–whether we have liked it or not. So that was not totally out of place. What was out of place, but made me happy to watch, was Jason’s despiration. Usually Jason goes back to the Penthouse and works to clear his head of whatever is bothering him. On this day he didn’t want to be alone after his encounter with Sam, he needed to be around people because he was hurting so badly. All Jason talked about was his love for Sam and how he does not blame her for anything…which I find ironic that that he keeps telling Liz this, because Liz is the one that was negligent and unfortunately Jake died because of her terrible ways. For being everyones hero and always knowing how to fix things, Jason is completely at a loss with Sam. He said he couldn’t fix this and the words were like acid rolling off his tongue.

    I thought the message to gain from todays episode was that Jason is so distraught and still so in love and he doesn’t know what to do, so he is giving his all to figure this out, and make it right. His comment about how he saw Sam at the cemetary and could tell how hard she was crying means he is paying attention to every detail. Furthermore, for Jason to reminisce about how Sam was smiling on their wedding day and how everything was perfect, was beautifully endearing. I am seeing so much more to Jason now, than I have in the last few months of his petty, jealous, bulls**t. Also, the way their scenes were intertwined, like a dance, was very poingnant because they are thinking about each other constantly even though they are not together. All of these are signs that they are meant to be together and they will find their Baby; the Baby is the only thing that will instantly put a huge smile on both of their faces and start the healing process immediately. Then Jasam can be a happy family!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    June 22, 2012 at 6:52 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      Yes,Dawn your comments were right on!!I.too,saw how jason was hurting!!Liz<I think is reading more into it though. She is putting blame on Sam when really there isn't any!!Sam was desperate,she just had a baby and he wasn'r breathing well,McBain didn't come back and she panicked and went out to seek help. She did mention that no one was at the desk to ask for help and the phone didn't work. Liz is just trying to have Jason for herself. And yes, the scenes were so in sync,they are both thinkin of eanc other and still have so much love. I keep remembering their fortune cookis,Love is in the eyes of a child and love comes in 3. Once Jason Jr is found to be alive and back with Sam they will begin to heal and when Jason finds out he is the dad, he'll be over the moon with happiness and so will Sam. Liz will not!!!

      June 22, 2012 at 7:22 am

    • embee

      Aawww, he did say he could tell how hard she had been crying. I didn’t catch that when I saw it the first time. You’re good.

      Wait, no, I’m still upset with Jason cuz of the way he treated Sam and the baby since Sonny’s birthday party. Don’t be trying to melt my heart with your keen observations. 😛

      I can somewhat agree with you on Jason going to Liz. It just makes me really miss his friendship with Robin. 😦

      June 22, 2012 at 4:53 pm

      • Kathy Glagowski

        Yes,I miss Jasons friendship with Robin. Butit was just that— friendshio!! Liz has other motives. Why didnt Jason just puthis arms around Sam and dry her tears?? The old Jason never could or would have stood by like that and watch her cry like that!! Then to go over to the Lizzard,s house!!!?it was just awful. Think its goingto be a long time before we see a reunion. Then John McBain will come back and add some more fuel to the fire! Sam will keep running into him!

        June 22, 2012 at 5:05 pm

  5. SamJasonsHeart

    Haha.. I heard the same thing you did when Liz said ” you can come to me for anything” I laughed when she said that and I said aloud to myself “I bet he can ,bitch” she is so pathetic!
    Holding on to the fact that they will find their son and the joy that will fill my screen when they find out JJ is theirs!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    June 22, 2012 at 8:00 am

  6. jasam forever

    Hi JaSammers, Happy FRIDAY!
    I feel for Johnny, I really penned him as the mob prince with a big heart now it seems like he is turning out just as bad or worse than Claudia (there was a time that I felt soft for Claudia). I can’t believe I am saying this but I miss Jax (I actually like Carly & Johnny I like their crazy chemistry) but I know it’s going to turn out really bad for Johnny (no one in PC likes him, so I am doubting that anyone would come to his rescue) hummm… sad…
    Kate/Sonny – I really like how Sonny has stepped up & rose to the occasion, it shows a lot of growth for Sonny. Angelique like you I would have lost a bet had I done so about Jason being the caring considerate one in these 2 s/ls. I am shocked & pleasantly surprised at Sonny & his soft side toward Kate. Jason… take a page from Sonny’s book; no as a matter of fact take the damn book Jason!
    RC’s writing… lazy, contrived, agenda based I don’t care but why would you even have 2 rapes/2 identical s/ls when one has not even been played out yet (Sam’s) … & don’t use the excuse of the previous regime started it, I am not buying it at all because you scrapped many of their s/ls.

    Luke/Heather – annoying, RC can we please have Heather over & out already!>? I am tired of her antics. Yes she does crazy well but it is kind of annoying now.

    Sam/Spinelli – I really love their relationship from day 1. I like how he has loyalties to both Sam & Jason and never gave up on them. Glad that Sam is still thinking of Jason after their talk at the cemetery.

    Jason/Liz – it beats me as to why Jason has to go knocking on Nurse Betty’s door to cry me a river! Could RC/FV please enlighten me on this????!!! & what the hell was she wearing? Steups. As I always say Liz & Jason have no conversation without bringing up Jake! Every single freaking time she has to bring up Jake O M G… GET OVER IT! Steups I really don’t mean to hate on a child but Jakey your mommy is driving me to do it! I don’t get how Liason fans bash Sam for ALL kinds of ridiculous reasons, but Liz is mother Theresa.. how so? When every single time she see Jason she has to rehash Jake … GUILT TRIP much? Omg baby Lila died so many years ago but you don’t see Sam bringing her up every time she sees Sonny or Jason or even Alexis, jeez writers let Jake RIP. The Liason connection is done & over with; ok you don’t have to forget but birthdays, Christmas, hell even Hanukkah, but not every time they have a scene. Furthermore, Lizzie no need to drape around Jason like that, he didn’t ask you for no damn hug! Get your hands off Sam’s husband! Felt so good to see Jason’s only conversation was about Sam. He didn’t even say Liz you are a good mother when she brought up Jake’s death because we all know it was her own damn careless fault he ran outside the damn door! There I said it! This whore has the nerve to bring up Sam saying it was Sam’s fault WOW home girl you really have some nerve! Furthermore, you giving Jason the” I’m always here for you/ what are friends for” = SLEEP WITH A SLUT FREE CARD (use like monopoly’s get out of jail free card). She has some damn nerve. She looked like she wanted to get Ewen out & sneak Jason back in to tell you how freaking obvious she was! She keeps telling Sam don’t push Jason away, it’s because she is giving you fair warning Sam! So when she helps herself to your husband she would have told you before therefore she would not feel bad about it! LIZ YOU CAN NEVER STEP IN SAM’S SHOES! So stay clear, you want to help Jason fine, but stay away from Sam, she isn’t your friend for a damn good reason! I am going to stop now because this “character” will not make me boil on this lovely Friday morning! That said I think Sam finding out her baby is alive in September is too far away because I am sure Jason will find out he is the father for November sweeps! Steups

    Have a good weekend guys, stay sweet  remember … jaSamforever!

    June 22, 2012 at 9:01 am

  7. embee

    Thank you, Angelique!!! I thought I was the only one who wanted to go THROUGH my TV when Liz mentioned the planter. Even thinking about it now makes me go all squinty-eyed. grrrr…

    I just have to keep reminding myself that the writers are only trying to save the show so they bait the fan bases (like at least once a week now!!).

    Liz looked silly in these scenes, and I’m not a Liz hater at all, I just noticed how weak she sounded comparing her anger towards Jason after he suggested Jake’s organs be donated to Sam’s anger at him for contributing to the loss of her child. I mean, I guess I would agree if she had said they were both grieving and needed time. But then she goes on to list reasons why Sam might be blaming herself, which she already does (and told Jason at the cemetery), but not for any of the reasons she listed. That’s what’s so frustrating. Besides, Sam has said REPEATEDLY too much has happened between them to just go back to how they used to be. It’s not only because of Jason’s actions the night their baby “died.” Even if Sam did go back home today, what would it be like between them? Awkward wouldn’t begin to describe it.

    This is why grown people (friends, family) should stay out of other grown people’s relationship/marriage troubles. You never know all the details of the couple’s issues or all the sh*t they’ve put each other through. That’s what therapists and priests are for. Friends are for providing comfort, not excuses for bad behavior.

    June 22, 2012 at 9:53 am

    • Lara

      I totally agree!! I’ve never wanted to physically strangle someone so badly as I did Liz yesterday. To say that Sam is mad at Jason because she can’t accept her own guilt is bullshit. Sam bears no fault in “her son’s” death. For all intents and purposes Jason does!! Im like I know Liz has guilt over Jake’s death because she wasn’t paying attention to him, but don’t dare put that on Sam. She was trying to get her son help not reading DNA results for another one of her illegitimate offspring!! What I continue to notice is that in all her scenes with Jason she never fails to bring blame around to Sam as if in doing so making herself look like the saint we really know she ain’t!!

      June 22, 2012 at 12:27 pm

      • jasam forever

        I could not agree with you more, every time I see liz she makes my blood boil, strangling her is putting it mildly! she keeps putting Jason on a guilt trip because she is the one who can’t accept the shit she did, she was the one who let Jake slip out the door because of her damn paternity issues!!!! she is such a snake when she is talking to Sam she is talking about motherly stuff etc as soon as she gets to Jason she flips the switch on Sam making her out to be the bad one. I can’t believe people can’t see through her liason fans she does nothing wrong she is ‘o so moral’ MORALS MY ASS! she was soooo moral that she has 3 kids with 3 different men all of whom she couldn’t figure out who the daddy was!!!! more like MORAN!

        Liz just gets me so damn mad & the liason fans always bash Sam for some ridiculous shit! UGH

        ok I’m done venting!

        June 22, 2012 at 12:42 pm

  8. Okay, here’s the thing: If I had gone to Vegas, got settled in at the Hard Rock hotel and casino, put on my favorite cocktail dress and placed my bet, I would be collecting my winnings right now cos I was dead on the money for what would be the topic of today’s convo!

    Is that what friends are for? Get the hell outta here! *steam coming out of ears as I picture Liz. and realize the Guys in the writers room must have regained control of the scripting pen, it’s blatantly obvious for a couple of reasons. UGH.

    1.Luke has had enough encounters with people who are ‘Not friends’, especially crazy women, including Helena, to know never to turn his back on them.

    2. Johnny is so far gone he needs a new psychiatrist ‘friend’, an should make an appointment with Dr. Keanen (sooner than later) so he can tell him, “I See Dead People!” In fact, if he needs to figure out which Ghosts are real and which are aberrations he should meet him with Liz in the room for clarification. (Bitch take those kids to spend some time at the pool, it’s summer time for God’s sake.) Color me hateful if you must, but I’m not wrong!

    3. The thought that they would have Jason intentionally show up at
    Liz’s door (rather than being cornered by that venomous creature at the hospital, or at Kellys’, ) in search of a friend to talk..wait…I meant to Whine to, is such ridiculously bad writing that it almost begs us to channel surf “Desperately Seeking Story”! Hell even if he had run into her at the Metro Court as he was looking for Carly, and the Lizard was waiting for Dr. Nextvictim, that would have made more sense. *SMH. Not to mention, the way that cold heart-ted snake calculatingly slithers in for the kill really does make my skin crawl. *shivers and gets a blanket!
    *Note: this reminds me of a story my ‘friend’ told me of her pet snake that slept curled up at the foot of her bed (different strokes right?). One day she woke to the snake stretched out full length beside her. She asked the Vet why it did that. He said, “It is measuring you, to see how big it needs to get to EAT YOU! WTF! Jason really needs to see that snakes are not ‘friends’!

    How seriously lacking in talent do these writers have to be, to not be able to wrap up a story Line in seven months? Especially one that doesn’t work for anybody… all in the name of Angst? This wasn’t Angst from the start! It has been nothing but Anguish! I really can’t bare the anguish of our Sam missing another week of her baby’s life!

    But my betting days aren’t over cos I feel lucky! Yeup I feel without a doubt our McCall and Jackal (and even Olivia) are on the case of, “It Happened One Stormy Night”, (which I’m sure will be the title of Spinellis’ new book) and they are gonna find out Heather’s Horrible Happenings, because that’s what friends are for. Dear God, ABC, RC, FV, Buddha, Mother Nature, Mothers’ Intuition, Kismet, and any other powers that be, Please Make It Happen As Soon As Humanly Possible! In fact today at 3pm would work for me.

    Love to you all,

    June 22, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    • Lara

      @Kathy, this is so perfectly said that I literally hav nothing to add!! Great insight 😉

      June 22, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    • Jerron

      omg…that snake story creeps me out!!!

      June 23, 2012 at 6:33 am

  9. Lara

    So, forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember Sam EVER seeking John out for comfort like Jason did with Elizabeth yesterday!! He’s made such a to do about her and McBain and yet their meetings except for the last two were purely coincidental. The only thing I appreciated out of that scene was seeing Jason stick up for Sam and express how deeply he still loves his wife. I was not fooled by any of Elizabeth’s veiled come hither looks whatsoever!! Once a whore always a whore! Plus, now we know she’s batshit crazy for blaiming Sam for the baby’s death! I nearly threw my Ipad at the t.v when she said that!! Again, always trying to make the other woman look bad!! I so want to see the look on her face when Jason shuts her down hard! It’s ridiculous how much her character makes my blood boil!!!
    Anyway, as for Sam and Spinelli, I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but I always felt like Spinelli wasn’t ever their friend so much as their child! I really love his interactions with Sam because outside of the buisness stuff she mothers him quite a bit. Even her yelling at him about the filing system or lack there of was super cute! What I’m really enjoying is that they both seem to be emotionally growing at he same time and I hope the writers play that up because god knows both of them need friends right now. Also, who loved the smack down he laid on Maxie!!! I was jumping up and down screaming, “Yes, finally, you grew a pair!!” Maxie has taken way too much advantage of that sweet boy and it’s about time she was put in her place. If she doesn’t man up about Spinelli, I hope they write him in a nice girl who’ll love him just as fiercely as he loves!!
    Have a great one guys!!

    June 22, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    • Beatrice

      I was so happy Spinn told Maxie about her spoiled @ss,….Liz needs to go looking for Lucky off screen.

      June 22, 2012 at 1:50 pm

      • yeup, not like she would miss those poor kids while she’s gone, and we sure as hell won’t miss her.

        June 22, 2012 at 3:03 pm

  10. Beatrice

    I am not sure why the LiarSon fans,are happy to see Them together,when he only goes there to whine about losing Sam…even if Jason sleeps with that dirt pig,it will only be sex…he does not want her that way,why can’t these Jiz fans see that…Liz is an idiot,why keep bringing Jake up he was an accident, Jason was not even around to raise,yet his talking about how he wanted Sam’s child,wouldn’t that be offending.

    June 22, 2012 at 1:46 pm

  11. TheNamesAnyone

    Honestly, Liz/ Liason fans aren’t the only ones we have to worry about. Jason fans are taking little jabs at Sam to. It makes me sad that some are doing this. Because, why would you talk about the character you love wife? these Jason fans are delusional and are trying to say Sam has no right to feel what she feels. I never seen that before. I always assumed Jason and Sam fans liked each other. But, I guess, that isn’t always the case.

    June 22, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    • Lara

      It’s true. With this horrific s/l the writers have succeeded in doing one thing and that is splitting the fan base. There is a lot of in house fighting as it were with people taking either Sam’s side or Jason’s. Trust me, I got into a whole thing with this girl who yelled at me about a comment I made about how it wouldn’t be fair for Sam to just go home with him because he’s begging. She begged him to love the baby and he couldn’t make any promises. She seriously called me out and said that I wasn’t “ALLOWED” to say that because Jason didn’t do anything and how dare I say that he said he couldn’t love the baby and that I heard what I wanted to hear. I was like first off, I’m allowed to do whatever I want and second this is my opinion, you can’t tell me it’s wrong! People have really lost their minds over this s/l and have lost the real reason we love these two TOGETHER! That’s why I love that Angelique tries to keep us so positive about them as a couple and not as two separate ideas.

      June 22, 2012 at 11:29 pm

      • TheNamesAnyone

        I really don’t like the writers. They are way worse than the ones we previously had. At least the old writers knew how to fix what ever horrible storyline they started. The old writers had a balance of things on the show. These writers are pushing the envelope. General Hospital gets darker and darker every time I watch. I’m new to this blog, I feel so rude I haven’t said hey to everyone yet. I’ve been posting on here for a nice little period of time.

        Sorry, I wanted to say hello Jasam lovers. Also, thank you Angelique for providing a safe haven for people who love Sam/Jasam and can be objective about the current situation. (I also LOVE JASON. I’m just currently angry with him.)

        June 22, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    • Kathy glagowski

      I am a Jason and Sam fan! I can see that Jason has not treated Sam well during her pregnancy but I still love him! Sam also didnt handle things well,keeping things from him,confiding in John McBain but I still love her too! They are better together. Hope the writers can see that and fix this s/l fast!! Cant wait for Sam to figure lut the baby switch and for Jason to believe her! Hope they find their baby boy and bring him home!!! Hope its not too late to reunite them.

      June 23, 2012 at 5:20 am

      • TheNamesAnyone

        I for one want Carly, Jason, Sam, and Spin to find the baby. But I just know it’s going to be Sam and McBain finding little Jason Jr. Honestly, I don’t think Sam was wrong for confiding in McBain. All her friends were busy. She isn’t sleeping with him, just talking. She didn’t leak any information about Sonny or Jason. I don’t think it’s right for Jason to talk to a woman he got pregnant. Who’s not the kind of friend she claims to be. Lying about Robin’s death she was trying to help Jason. There was no telling if he would have had a set back. The man had surgeries back to back. She was scared. Plus, Sam did also have to convince Patrick to even help Jason. I hate they don’t mention this to Jason. Now, I’m not the kind of fan that brushes over Sam’s mistakes. I didn’t like her when she was messing around with Sonny, and I cringed when she slept with Ric. The jake thing didn’t actually upset me, because what people fail to see was Sam never allowed for Liz’s kids to get hurt during the whole ordeal. She was just trying to scare Liz. Liason fans make it seem like She hired men to kill Elizabeth and her kids. This particular time, none of this is Sam’s fault. I too am hoping for them to reunite soon. It’s killing me to seem Jasam fans splitting like this.

        June 23, 2012 at 11:12 am

      • jasamforever

        I couldn’t agree with you more, I am a jason and sam fan myself and I will admit that they both have made mistakes.
        Jason – going to confide in an ex, you have other friends go to them. You know this will cause trouble no matter how you look at it. Allowing people to berate sam sometimes he doesn’t even stick up for sam. These are just to name a few.
        Sam – yes she didn’t tell him about robin but he had brain surgery for god sakes patrick told her try not to make him aggravated; yes when she was out of the woods she could have told him – ok I agree on that one. After all she has been through rape, finding out franco is jason’s twin plus learning he was the father of her baby. Ok she could have told her husband asap but come on she needed time to process this herself at the end of the day she is the one carrying the baby and has all the hormonal changes etc. Sleeping with ric made me cringe too I don’t condone it in any way but it was heartbreaking to see her beg jason to take her back all those weeks and I give her kudos for telling him the very next day. About the jake kidnapping thing I am so damn fed up of liason fans and everyone always bringing that up and holding it against sam; ok she made a mistake which she totally paid for and redeemed herself by saving jake.

        My writing maybe all over the place its Just that I’m tired of the ever bashing of Sam and now jason too (some of which he deserves I agree but still). It just makes me feel like the writers are trying their hardest to break up jasam by using their fans to divide them. All in an effort to push mcbam we all know mcbain is the writer’s pet and jason is definitely not a fav… (Seems so to me). Hate these writers but what else can I do but wait and see how this mess of a s/l turns out!

        June 23, 2012 at 11:30 am

  12. Jerron

    Do these writers suck or what? I don’t think I have ever seen the show this unorganized, and disjointed.

    June 23, 2012 at 6:37 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      I do think the writers suck!!But the stories are quick moving and the actors scenes are so short!!I hate all this rape and baby swiching nosense. Especially Heather!! I work in a hospital and people can’t just walk around and get into labs like she does!!Plus how does she have the strength to haul grown men around? I hate that the writers have appeared to break up Sam and Jason and appear to be pairing Jason back up with Liz!!!I won’t stop watching and hoping for a JaSam and baby reunion!!!

      June 23, 2012 at 6:47 am

      • jerron

        That’s the thing…it seems like the stories are moving quickly but they are not. It takes the audience 3-4 days to view one day on the soap. To me, things are dragging out even worse than before. Tea’s baby’s funeral started on Tuesday and on Friday, Sam was wearing the same clothes. That’s 4 days to their one. They are totally milking Jasam down to the marrow. Notice the characters will say one or two lines and then it’s cut.

        I won’t stop watching but I would be lying if I said it was for any other reason other than habit. I’m frustrated with this show.

        June 23, 2012 at 7:47 am

      • Kathy Glagowski

        I do agree with you on that point!! But it has always been that way on any soap I’ve watched over the years not just GH. But it is frustrating. Inswear if the writers have Jason and Liz back together,I won’t watch any more!!! But I really don’t think they will. I think they are hinting at such and Sam and John to get viewers from all the fan bases to watch. What a terrible thing to do to get viewers! Rape,baby deaths and baby switching!!!! I liked it better when it was “Love in the afternoon” it is nice to have this blog to vent to one another!!!

        June 23, 2012 at 8:07 am

  13. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! Boy the Blog is on fire! There is not anything to add everyone has the bases covered!
    Jason and Liz, Sam and John====Flat and Forced
    (that snake story………………..understable Nature is Nature but creepy!)

    June 23, 2012 at 11:38 am

  14. alwaysaromantic

    One more insight about FW! The only reason Liz is teling Sam not to let Jason go is………….She can feel ok with stabbing Sam in the back again! This is her way of saying “I warned you”,just like before! How many times have we heard Liz proclaim her “only friends” speech before? I am hoping Sam this time around calls her out and she is not nice about it! I will say this the writers have not cleaned FW up as some may have thought! She is setting Jason and Sam up again! This time I hope they both are a lot wiser!
    I can see Carly,Spinelli and Molly giving FW some good advice……..”if you tryand hurt Sam again” ??????? Do you even realize how much thses 2 mean to each other how much they trully Love each other? Sam and Jason are not just together they are married,Thank You GW for that!
    It was great to see Sam and Spinelli together and working as only they can! Has Sonny finally come full circle?

    June 23, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    • jasamforever

      My sentiments exactly said it b4 and I’ll say it again she is only giving sam fair warning for when she goes after jason to try get baby # I don’t know I’ve lost count and another 5 mil!!!! So when she does try to bed jason she could say I warned u!!! I don’t and will never buy the friendship act! I would like carly to rip into her and call her out!

      June 23, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    • Kathy Glagowski

      You really see Liz for what she is—FW!!! Live it!! Yes I too bieve she is batting her eyes and using her sweet little voice so she wont feel guilty taking Sam’s husband!!! I don’t think this time around Jason will fall for it because as you stated he is married!! And yes, thank you GW!! At leadt we got that!! John comes back to town and he and Sam keep running in to each other do I read. I think more of him because he knows that Sam loves Jadon, I dont feel he will try anything with het. He is there to help her find the baby. I think!!!

      June 23, 2012 at 12:25 pm

  15. alwaysaromantic

    Will someone PLEASE set the record straight about Jason,Jake and Liz!
    Liz is the one who set that in motion all of it including the ONS! Jason wanted to be a father to Jake who persuaded him not to! Who persuaded him to let Lucky raise his son! The only reason it went down like that because Liz could not even with Jake steal Jasons heart from Sam! Do you see how often she ask if he he still LOVES Sam? Liz is ready to attack if he even waivers in that answer! Liz is far from Grace always has been!

    June 23, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    • jasamforever

      You know what’s the saddest thing, no matter how the writers try to redeem her I can’t or would not believe it. Once a whore, bitch, liar, manipulator… Always a … Who the cap fits… Wear it! That character only exists to make my blood boil. In my eyes she cannot redeem herself. I mean she slept with her husband’s brother / best friend’s husband… Yea ppl would argue sam slept with her mother’s husband but she regretted it as soon as she woke up and owned up to her mistakes! Liz had a relationship with NIc so in my book she is worse off!!! Her holier than thou mother theresa act never won me over AT ALL. She could bring home baby jj I’d say thank goodness n go right back to hating her! That’s how much that character gets me! The funny thing about it is I like the bad boy/ good girl romance but jiz never sold it to me… Jasam all the way!

      June 23, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      • Kathy Glagowski

        you are so right. I can’t stand the character of Liz!!Her sweet voice and being Jason’s friend all the while sizing him up to have another kid!!! I wish someone would call her out on that. Monica told her once to stay away from Jason because he was married. We need her again!!!Wait till Baby JJ comes home and is revealed to be Jason’s son!!!Liz will be put out royally.

        June 23, 2012 at 1:51 pm

      • jasamforever

        I sure hope so because this s/l is dragging its feet! Imagine we have to wait till sept for sam to find her baby WTH!!! And then I’m sure till November for the paternity reveal… By then jasam wud be so far apart… They better find a way to reunite them asap! Don’t u see the irony.. So far by then mcbain wud be in love with sam etc… Liz already pregnant by either jason or ewen.. She never knows who’s the daddy! GH is frustratiing,!!

        June 23, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    • Kathy Glagowski

      Agree! Liz has has 3 kids with 3 men!! Each the product of an affair!! Sam loved Sonny and she got pregnant. She was eith other guys before Jason but never got herself pregnant. Dhe wanted sex and money from Jason. And yes,dhe talked him into giving up rights to Jake to keep him safe!! But she still wanted secret sex with Jadon! Well now Lucky is gone and she thinks JASON is free so she wants sex and money and probably another kid!!! Well Jason is all about Sam

      June 23, 2012 at 12:38 pm

  16. alwaysaromantic

    As far as McBain he does nothing for me! Iliked him on OLTL and thats where he should be! That goes for all the OLTL’s! But I understand the reasoning to bring both together for both fan bases to increase ratings! The one thing I do not care for is how RC has had Jason do and say things he NEVER would! While having McBain be Sams Jason! He has uplifted his pet for Jasons sake! RC can test the waters all he wantsyou cannot logically rewrite history,but on a soap who knows! KM is such an outstanding actress she makes anyone she works with look good! But KM and SB are it hands down! I have never seen anything close to it probably never will!

    June 23, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    • jasamforever

      Agreed I loved mcbain and starr on OLTL as soon as they stepped on GH sets … Hated them! I could never ever stand Todd on OLTL I hate him even more on GH!!! I think RC is using jason to pimp out mcbain and I hate it! The reason I believe this is becuz mcbain for starters seems to be his pet and the fact that RC wants to move away from the mob stories, have u noticed that mcbain has so far been sam knight in shining armor and jason is the douche … That’s jason’s role… Suddenly handed over to mc bain! Hummm … Interesting!!!!

      June 23, 2012 at 12:42 pm

      • jerron

        Thing is the ratings are reflecting this blog! They are getting lower and while that makes me sad cause I don’t want GH to go off the air, another part of me is happy cause maybe the writers will do better.

        June 23, 2012 at 1:18 pm

      • Kathy Glagowski

        I can see McBain being on GH as they have written him a history with Sonny, but the others—-no! I think Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati want to ressurect OLTL and they are using GH to do that. They think they are increasing viewers but the ratings show they are not!!People don’t want rape and baby deaths we want romance and adventure. This world we live in is so filled with crime and hate,that’s all there is in the newspapers!!We want love. That’s what Jason and Sam were all about. Love and adventure. Much like Luke and Laura back in the day. GH won a lot of things at the creative Emmy awards. We’ll see at tonights show if the actors win. hopefully ratings will get better. Once they start to put JaSam back together with their son, I think things will improve. Lets keep the faith for our beloved Sam and Jason!!

        June 23, 2012 at 1:44 pm

      • jasamforever

        Agreed it feels like all their plans for OLTL if prospect park had taken it up we are seeing them here on GH and I am sure we will be seeing a lot of GH characters being “replaced” either fired or leaving by choice to make room for OLTL characters. If too many more of them come over I don’t know how long I could watch GH! Because now I only tune in when jasam is on… Fundamental point … GH is GH don’t take that away from us to make it into OLTL 2.0!

        June 23, 2012 at 1:52 pm

      • jasamforever

        Yes GH won @ the technical emmys and if they win tonite it would be because of GUZA not RC/FV… They just took over in march 2012 all the praise and glory is for the previous regime. We will c how much OlTL wins tonite…

        June 23, 2012 at 2:22 pm

      • jasamforever

        Yea but I have to wonder better for who!? Because they seem to be doing their own thing. I mean thank you for saving our soap and infusing OLTL viewers and characters in order to get boost ratings but enough is enough I’ve watched both OLTL and GH and I feel like I’m watching OLTL all over again (I stopped watching OLTL only tuned in for the finale) at the end of the day GH is GH, OLTL is OLTL y try to make them into soaps that stray from their history or main purpose!? Just my humble opinion. 🙂

        June 23, 2012 at 1:47 pm

      • Kathy Glagowski

        I havent watched OLTL in years but I read about them in the soap magazines and yes they are the same stories!!I saw a Youtube video on Marty going into the lab and switching paternity on Natalies baby to say it wasn’t John’s!!Same exact thing on GH!!!I guess they did a baby switch thing with Hope and Starr,same exact thing. People don’t want to see that. Plus Sam already lost a child and now they are making her lose another!!They can showcase her great talent in other ways

        June 23, 2012 at 2:02 pm

      • jasamforever

        Yep saw the marty/natalie/john one didn’t see the starr / jess one but I heard it took like a year or more to wrap up. I seriously think yes Ke Mo. Is talented but to do another baby switch with her character its cruel. Well will c soon enough if GH does actually survive all this!

        June 23, 2012 at 2:06 pm

  17. alwaysaromantic

    I want GH to stay and my main reason is Sam and Jason! I just do not like the combining of the 2! I absolutely Hate sacrificing GH actors for OLTL! OLTL was cancelled on rc and FV’s watch and you are right so right Sam has suffered enough! They could have spun this in so many different ways! When you go to remember Sams pregnancy it will be to PAINFUL! It was happy for a second and then THEY leveled the ax.I want GH to fight GH not OLTL! I use to watch OLTL in spurts and the one thing was clear there couples were always apart! Since 2009 Sam and Jason had issues but they were together even thru Franco which never really made sense! RC has done some good he made the scenes more inclusive but that should have been GH actors and not these OLTL additions! I know actors need to work just like the rest of us but GH is not OLTL and it should not be!

    June 23, 2012 at 2:46 pm

  18. alwaysaromantic

    Wow look at the Board!

    June 23, 2012 at 2:46 pm

  19. TheNamesAnyone

    I don’t have a problem with OLTL characters coming over. I have a problem with the over selling of them. The writers are shining too much light on them. Making them seem greater than what they really are. The new Kristina, (She can’t act to save her life!!!) Stupid writing. My god the writing is bad! The lack of storyline for minority characters. When Shawn came I saw so much potential. Now they wrote him out, same with TJ. Me, myself, am a writer. I wish they took people’s input. Because, I would have come up with some amazing storylines.

    June 23, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    • Kathy Glagowski

      We haven’t seen shawn or TJ in so long!Are they even on the show? New Kristina is awful.So many OLTL characters and they seem to be getting the storylines!!! You are so right. is this GH or OLTL?????

      June 23, 2012 at 4:01 pm

      • TheNamesAnyone

        They’re on the show as props for certain moments. Most likely to never see an actually storyline. It’s sad, but Shawn and TJ are now there for diversity sake.

        June 23, 2012 at 8:02 pm

  20. Sonia

    Great Blog.. I was saying the same thing about Jason and Sonny what a difference with these two.. Sonny is there for Kate while Jason licking his wounds with his whore of a baby mama..Sonny get over Connie and Johnney to help Kate while all Jason can think about is what about him.. and for that help he finds the only person who will not tell him what he should hear the truth

    June 24, 2012 at 6:46 pm

  21. I truly am always amazed when Jiz fans say that Jason and Liz had a beautiful romance and want to see them back again. IMO Jason only ever went to Liz when he had a problem with Sam and she had a problem with Lucky; they had a ONS and Liz accidently got pregnant; she didn’t even want him to be her baby’s father. He truly was never a father to Jake, Lucky was and Liz was happy with that. Now, from that, they have their notion that Jason and Liz had their epic romance. when in fact, if she had not accidently gotten pregnant, they would have had nothing to tie them together after their sexual romp. Liz comes off to me as someone who only wants Jason when Lucky is not around and can only be with Jason when he and Sam are having problems. She takes advantage of their friendship and will open her legs to Jason if he even sniffs her way. Her timeing with Jason is off as usual and I don’t see how in the world her fans can be happy about her behaviour.
    The man obvisouly loves his wife and all the OOC writing in the world can not make Liz and Jason and happy couple after his love and marriage to Sam. It just makes Liz’s Jason’s “jump off” and her fans seem to be happy with that?
    The women needs to start respecting herself and stop using her deceased son to strangle Jason with every time she see’s him.
    I truly hope RC does not go there with Jiz because that would be such a total disrespect to the fans that have watched and know the deep love that Jason and Sam have for each other. FW needs to see Ewen as a patient and not a love interest because she has serious issues with her scuzzy behaviour and wanting to climb on Jason by any means necessary.

    June 25, 2012 at 8:33 am

    • jasamforever

      Carol, I couldn’t agree with you more! From what I have read & clips i saw (I try not to watch jiz clips because they make me nauseous) Liz met Jason while she was trying to get over Lucky’s death (which he wasn’t) they has some “romance” and it ended, then the ONS came about I never bought into that either. They try to play them off as good girl/bad boy but even for the ONS the way SBu was acting it didn’t seem natural like when he is with Kelly. I watched the dreaded ONS / night of nausea ummm sorry “night of passion” the way Jason was complimenting her on how beautiful she was seemed so fake! So i really want to know what romance they really had??!!! because to me they give off a sibling vibe, liz in her scenes always try to make it out to more (its blatantly obvious so to me she is the sibling trying to commit incest which is just gross!!!!)

      Forgive me if i seem Jasam biased but i really don’t see this world wind chemistry/romance that jiz has/had… I did not like Courtney & i prefer Courtney to Liz any day. I think they tried to make Liz into another Courtney for Jason & then when Sam came along & the chemistry was off the charts with her & Jason it was like Liz who …. Sam & Jason to my knowledge were not supposed to happen, they just happened & they were GOLD!!!!!

      My 2 Jason pairings are Robin & Sam. To me Robin was his first love, the one he would never forget she taught him about love & life but Sam is his great love. I am not liking Robin because scrubs are endgame but I get Robin & Jason, they were really good together. Liz was like the ONS that keeps reoccurring, Courtney I don’t know what she was never really followed them too much! Something about robin/brenda/sam … they have a cute resemblance….

      Ok I’ve strayed enough! I just really hope its RC’s intention to resolve Jiz for good once and for all, I don’t see them as being good s/ls except as props…

      Its Jasam FOREVER!

      June 25, 2012 at 9:35 am

    • Lara

      Well said Carol, I absolutely agree! I keep questioning how BH fans could be happy with seeing her disrespect herself by lusting after a man that is clearly in love with his wife! These Liasoners have to be blind not to see that her character is really just being made fun of at this point. Now, I don’t know about any Liason history before the ONS, I only remember Jason with Courtney who I’ll admit I liked, but not anywhere as much as I like him with Sam. Him and Sam have THE epic loves story of all time and nothing can top that! So I cant imagine him having anything REMOTELY close to that with Elizabeth. I think instead of pushing Elizabeth on to Jason, why don’t the writers have her mature and become self sufficient. Her character sets the woman’s movement back 100 years because it’s like she doesn’t know how to be, unless she’s with a man!! Also, the Jake thing, now don’t get me wrong I am not trying to be insensitive, but is that the ONLY thing she can EVER talk about with him? Doesn’t she think that it must hurt him to keep bringing up a child he sired, but that he really had very little contact with? At her say mind you! I would buy the friendship card if she wasn’t ALWAYS bringing Jake up as a reminder of what they had. It’s pathetic and frankly very morose.

      June 25, 2012 at 5:15 pm

      • kathydid53

        Agree Lara! It is disrespectal to Liz to have her chase after a married man!!! I saw the Jiz story and it wasnt epic like Sam and Jason, she was longing for Lucky thinking him dead and she hooked up with Jadon but thatscall it was, a hook up! Thrn the ONS that produced Jake because the condom was defective!

        June 25, 2012 at 5:28 pm

  22. kathydid53

    I couldnt agree more with your take on Liz!!! Yes!! She is nothing but a sloppy second to Jason!!! Sam is his life! I do brlieve you are right about Jason and Sam not supposed to have been. But the chemistry between Kelly and Steve was and still is to great to pass!! Kelly and Michael Easton have some too but its because they have acted together before so we see a familiarity there much like Richard Gere and Julia Roberts have in movies. But I always say if Steve B wasnt married, he and Kelly would go well together,thats how good their chemistry is !! Cant see ehy the writers chose to ruin that and are now trying to shove Jiz back at us

    June 25, 2012 at 11:43 am

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