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“What Good Did It Do?”

Happy Hump Day, GHers!

I am hoping and praying that we don’t experience our first blackout of the season, as there have been high heat and humidity warnings since early yesterday. I do not plan to use any electricity except for the pool filter – because that is where the kids and I will be all day (at least until GH time) 🙂 Whatever you guys are all doing today – stay cool!

What a day in Port Charles, huh?


Johnny Zacchara must be a glutton for punishment. Why in the world would he choose to listen to Starr singing…(you guys thought I was leaving it there, didn’t you?) about her dead child on a daily basis? It’s bad enough he knows he’s done something wrong, and that he has to live with it, and the existence of the person he hurt most. But why would he choose to surround himself with Starr’s pain by choice? “What Good Did It Do?” for Johnny to cover up the truth from Starr, and then face her with written all over every day? More than that, How will Starr feel when she finds out that it was Johnny all along, and thinks he was “profiting” from her loss and pain by allowing her to be the entertainment at The Haunted Star? It’s all so creepy! Add to that the pain in the butt it’s going to be to deal with jealous and suspicious Dante’s extra “cop” attention on him, and I just don’t get why Johnny didn’t decide to start up a flower shop in his grandfather’s honor – no pun intended. Johnny isn’t exactly the sharpest of PC’s business men.

Heather Webber exhausts me, but I am thinking that she exhausts Todd Manning a helluva lot more! How is it that the shrewd, calculating, equally evil Todd didn’t foresee this as a complication? I mean, how did he think that he could run into a strange woman dressed like Paddington Bear and carting around a dead body in a wheel barrel in the middle of a rain storm, take her advice and get her help in switching Tea’s dead baby for Sam’s live one, and go on his merry way, without any complications? Duh. This latest blackmail scheme that Heather has leveled against Todd is only that – the latest scheme. (And could you imagine Heather as STYLE editor after that yellow rain ensemble?) This is never going to end. There will always be something else she wants, and something else she will expect Todd to facilitate for her, and if he refuses, she will “dangle that baby switch” in front of his face yet again. How is it that Todd hasn’t stopped to ask himself, “What Good Did It Do?” to save Téa the heartache that stormy night, only to make it a thousand times worse when she finds out the truth? …And she will find out the truth sooner or later. As someone who watched OLTL, I know that Todd knows that. Why hasn’t he figured that out yet? How could it possibly be better for Téa to find out that she never held her own son, or that her son was buried without her? The truth really needs to hurry its ass up here! Ugh!

Heather may want to consider the obituaries after all, considering she seems to be putting together quite the list of soon-to-be-dead-bodies. If Heather had her own place instead of living with Steven Lars, I bet she would have a bulletin board that kept track of her dirty deeds – both done and those still to be done. I also bet that Heather would be adding the new commissioner’s picture to her project board after what she stumbled upon today. What a disappointment for Heather, especially since she had “money in her hands that she’d really like to blow” on her man! “What Good Did It Do?” to push Todd Manning so hard, only to have her hopes for her and Luke’s “new start” dashed? Anna has no idea the dangerous crosshairs she just stepped into. No matter what she and Luke decide to continue doing, it will come at a hefty price…and not just to her new career, now that Heather got an eyeful.

Maxie is completely clueless to what it cost the people around her to watch her serving prison time for a crime she did not commit. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she is even more clueless to how undeserving she is of Spinelli’s love and loyalty! I hate that she is still angry at Spin for telling the truth about Matt in order to secure her freedom! Really? “What Good Did It Do?” for Spin to work so tirelessly to give Maxie her life back when all she wants to do is make his a living hell? It makes me want to have Maxie spend some alone time with Tiny!

Just when I thought that Kristina could not find a nerve she has not already gotten on, Michael peels back another layer of this spoiled brat’s selfishness and stupidity! Michael accused Kristina of going along with this whole Mob Princess crap because she “likes” her producer, and Kristina acknowledged it to be the truth. WHAAAAAAATTT? I am not sure if Mr. Carlivati is aware of his unfortunate pattern of having every new character written to earn viewers’ anger and hatred right off the bat, but it cannot be good for business! This is a new level of self-centeredness, even for Kristina! “What Good Did It Do?” for Kristina to unleash this nightmare on her hurting, grieving family, all in the name of trying to score with that LOSER? Kristina needs a real dose of REALITY, and I would love to be the one to give it to her! *cracks knuckles*

Well, I must say that the scenes between Jason and Sam played out a lot differently than I imagined they would. And I will tell you all that THAT was a good thing. I was truly expecting what I could only describe as the worst, since last time Jason tried to comfort Sam, she reacted by screaming for him to leave her alone. Though she had every right to be angry and lash out, I sure am glad that they spared my achey-breaky JaSam-loving heart another blow. I wasn’t sure it could take the hit right now. Now that I have watched them about 672 times, I have to say that as much as I would love to send Mr. Carlivati a “McBain” kind of message and send him packing back to NY sometimes, I thought the scenes were written beautifully – and on many levels.

First of all, I thought Jason FINALLY said and did a lot of the right things at the right times this time. That was something he was failing miserably at over the past few months. Jason let Sam know that he wanted to be there for her, but that he just didn’t know if she wanted him to be there. I thought it was necessary that Jason began by apologizing to Sam, and sincerely expressing his regret that the baby is gone, because Sam has to hear it enough times to try and erase that she “heard” him say he wanted her baby gone.  How crucial it was that Jason gave Sam the opportunity to talk, to let out what she was bottling up inside, and that he listened. It was what she needed as we heard when she talked about the baby being buried next to her daughter, and how she didn’t feel the peace that the flowers seemed to bring to Molly. I loved that Sam asked Jason if he remembered it being winter, because I thought it was an acknowledgment on her part that Jason has gotten her through the worst of times before. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering everything that’s gone on, I think we have to take that as a positive sign, and we have to hold onto it.

I loved that Jason’s protector instinct kicked in and he asked her where her mother and sisters were, but I thought it spoke volumes that Jason would show up at the precise moment that Sam realized she didn’t really want to be alone. How very fortuitous, as it gave them some much-needed time to themselves. (Though 5 minutes of JaSam scenes were not nearly enough time for the rest of us!) There were moments that may have escaped our notice if not careful, such as the fact that we watched Jason do something he has rarely ever done. You see, Stone Cold deals in hard facts and absolutes. You hear him remind Sam that he usually doesn’t think about things that didn’t happen, or wonder how things could have been different, but now he can’t stop. Why? Because when it comes to the love of his life, he can do things he never could before. Like forgive. Like wonder. Like believe. Like fight for love. Like dally in What Ifs. I don’t care what anyone thinks is happening between Jason and Sam. When a man like Jason Morgan is struggling to stop replaying scenarios and regrets over and over, you know that he is consumed with love. It was such a heartbreakingly sad list to have to hear Jason recite, because all of those What Ifs were possible, if only he had taken the time to do with Sam what he was doing with her at the cemetery. This only inspired Sam to share her own tragic list of What Ifs, and her pain over what they’d lost because it was palpable. But…“What Good Did It Do?” for either of them to talk about how different things could have/would have/should have been if…If…IF!!! It seemed to make it even harder for them to come to grips with what actually did happen, but it also showed that Jason knows words have very little weight, but he so wanted for Sam to know that he truly meant them. *quickly wipes tears to hide JaSam weakness*

I am not sure that they were truly of any genuine comfort to Sam, but it did get them talking about everything leading up to the funeral, where Molly read the poem that ended with, “Don’t stand at my grave and cry. I am not there.  I did not die.” The way Jason covered Sam’s hand as she was reading it, and the way he immediately went to her, telling her that he wanted to help her through this, before he asked her if she would, was what Sam needed to hear, even if she couldn’t answer. His concern for Sam’s well-being was genuine; I don’t think anyone – even Sam would argue that, but that doesn’t make it any easier for her to trust again, while in so much pain. When he told her that staying at the hotel couldn’t be good for her, and Sam said if he was worried about John, he was gone, Jason didn’t even hesitate when he told her he was worried about her.

You could see the sadness and regret in Jason’s eyes when Sam informs him that she is staying with her family, because family is what he and Sam should have been. Should be. You could hear the need and the love in his voice when he tells Sam that no matter what has happened, he is still her husband. And when Jason said, “Just come home with me,” my Jason-hardened heart began to melt!  You could see him breathing as though he might stop at any second if she said, “No”, and it made my own heart flutter as I waited for her answer, even though I know what it would be.  That’s probably because knowing Jason the way most of us do, we know just how inexperienced he is at this, and how hard fighting like that was for Jason. And knowing Sam the way most of us do, we all know how equally hard it was for Sam to not crawl across that stone bench, climb into his lap, and whisper, “Take me home.” Not because she is ready to forgive and forget, or to go on as though how Jason behaved doesn’t matter. But because it was in that warm, safe circle of Jason’s arms that Sam was able to survive and eventually heal from the loss of her daughter. Don’t think even for a minute that she isn’t longing  and aching for the kind of comfort and strength she knows only her husband could give her! But… “What Good Did It Do?” Sam to know that? She also knows that so much has happened, that the heart-stopping pain she is feeling isn’t what can bridge this divide between them right now. Not having her son in her arms is something that she can not trade for having Jason instead. And who could blame her? There is no greater loss.

Jason wasn’t giving in that easily. He told Sam that he loved her and that he believed she loved him too. And Sam, *sobbing* bless her heart, told him that she promised to love him forever, and that she would, but…

To which Jason answered, rather fiercely, “Then come home! Come home!” Jason’s desperation was unmistakable, as was the fact that Sam was painfully torn. But her “but” was one that Jason hasn’t processed yet. For Sam, she cannot go back home as though nothing has happened. And though Jason thinks “It happened, but they can move on from it together.” And then he said, “Please”, the way only Jason Morgan could.

It still wasn’t enough to sway Sam, but it was enough to make her run, rather than having to continue to face him with all of those warring emotions running around in her head and heart. Again, who can blame her?

That’s gotta be one helluva war.

I think the crux of the problem leading to even more angst going forward will be the fact that Sam couldn’t tell Jason that she was willing to try. But you know what? Jason had to try, and he has to keep trying, because Sam is worth fighting for, and he knows it!

I haven’t asked this question in a couple of years, but I find myself having to ask it now. “What Good Did It Do?” to tear Jason and Sam apart with so much angst and pain and heartache? *shakes head*  The only answer that could possibly make sense to me would be that they had to be torn apart in order to be put  back together stronger. Wiser. Greater. And More In Love.

I hope you wrote that down, Mr. Carlivati!

*blows nose*

Hold on for dear LOVE, JaSammers! Don’t let anything shake, rattle or roll you over! (We’ve already held on through so much!)

Today’s Inspiration: “Hold On” Credit: yugottahitpeople

Love you all,



37 responses

  1. Kathy Glagowski

    Love the comments and the video!! I hope Jason doesnt give up on Sam. He meeds to kerp foghting for her. He needs to win her trust back. The love is still there,she even said it to him. Its just too early for her to forgive him. Dont forget she just had a baby so her hormones are running wild. I thought their scenes wrte beautiful. The way she was hding his arm and he held her hand while she was reading the poem! And that poem was so touching!!! I know they are headed for a break up but I dont think it will be long before they are back .

    June 20, 2012 at 4:18 am

  2. Trini

    I loved Jason strongly declaring He was Sam’s husband and He loved her. All I needed to hear. #foreverandeverjasam#

    June 20, 2012 at 5:10 am

  3. lt4bama

    Angelique of course you are so wise and gifted. Love the way you put words to the page.

    Oh my. Although it was barely 5 min of Jasam it was quite an emotional time for them and me. I see I wasn’t the only that was pleasantly surprised b/c I thought Sam might hand Jason his ass at some point during their conversation. This is what I wanted to see Jason doing. Telling Sam how he really feels about the baby. Telling her that he loves her (Although we knew it, it’s been a min since he’s acknowledged it to her) O M G when she sobbingly said I swore to always love you and I will and he almost instantaneously said then come home, THEN COME HOME! Sigh It was almost too much for me. I think I would have definitely given then. In fact I probably would have caved when he said I’m still your husband just come home with me.

    I know it must have hurt him when she said she was staying with her family as if he was no longer her family but he didn’t let that stop him. He pleaded with his wife any way. Good Job Jason! He wants to work through this with her. That is the ONLY way they will really get past this. Talking EVERYTHING out and then working through it TOGETHER. But Sam needs and has a right to take all the time she necessary for her to make it to the next step. I am happy for all the baby steps I am seeing both Jason and Sam make. Their love will get them through this.

    I don’t get how some people are accusing “Sam fans” of not seeing that Jason just needed some time to love the baby b/c he got so much info so fast but turn around and say it’s unfair that Sam hasn’t forgiven Jason or that she is a hypocrite just b/c Jason has apologized. So now that Jason is ready Sam must immediately be too?? I agree that Jason needed time to process things but wouldn’t it mean that Sam needs even more time?…My gosh, even though we the viewers know the truth, the woman thinks her baby is dead and that he had a role in it. Can she MF breathe and process everything? We know she will forgive him eventually. Even Jason understands.

    As content as I was with yesterday’s scenes I got kicked in the gut once again by Jason’s inability to realize that going to Liz is just NOT helping his case. But according to the preview for Thursday he will do just that. And Momma Liz Lioness looks like she is ready to pounce…Lizzie style. When she does, I hope he knocks her on her ass with his continuous profession of his love for HIS WIFE. That ho is just too thirsty. Gosh she is able to bring out the worst in me. What will bring out the best in me is when my couple reunites, especially with their son JJ.

    Random: in the vid @ 2.27 Jason snaps someone’s neck kungfu style. Does anyone know who that was and/or when that happened? That scene does not ring a bell for me. Thanks

    P.S. I so love Jason playing with his wedding ring. Makes me giddy. Good Morning All

    June 20, 2012 at 6:07 am

    • Lara

      Well said girl! I got yelled at by some chick yesterday because I too was like, “she needs A LOT more time buddy, before she takes you back, this works both ways!” I hate though that this s/l has really managed to split a lot of Jasam fans loyalty. Now that JJ is here, now is not the time to be choosing sides. Now don’t get me wrong I was very anti Jason For awhile (and to be honest I still am a little) but for me the baby changed that a lot and now it’s more about them being unified so that they can bring their son home!

      P.S- Liz brings the worst out in me too!!! 😉

      June 20, 2012 at 7:07 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      I agree with you on your take. Sam needs time,we all forget she did have a baby and there are hormones raging around her still. She didn’t scream and yell at Jason,that was a good sign but she didn’t cave either,that was even better. He needs to fight for her and stay away from Liz. she is after his body part not his frienship!!She is ready to pounce on his bones but he truly loves his wife,Sam!!! Remember years ago he asked Liz to marry him because of Jake but she couldn’t handle his lifestyle and wouldn’t let him be a father to Jake until he died, now she uses hher dead child to get to Jason!!Well Sam can handle his life and wanted to bring a child into it and he did MARRY SAM!!!!! He wants her,not liz. Can’t wait for Liz to finally see that

      June 20, 2012 at 8:01 am

  4. Lara

    Try to stay cool girl, it’s going to hit 98 in some parts of NY today too. Makes me sooo grateful that I’ll be in an air conditioned hospital all day!! Remember, keep those electrolytes up!!!
    I was mentally preparing myself for Sam to just lay into Jason yesterday, but was genuinely surprised by the scene that unfolded instead. Just like how we all wanted Alexis to yell at him at the hospital, her calm demeanor spoke far more than angry prostrations would have. ( I guess she is her mother’s daughter!) Their scenes were heartbreaking, yes, but I think or atleast I’m hoping that this will get the ball rolling in the right direction. I did get upset that he was begging her to try when all I kept thinking was, “she asked you to try and you made no promises, but she’s supposed to because you’re begging!” Sam’s grief is incredibly palpable right now and as someone who’s lost a child it’s rehashing all my memories and making her scenes that much more poignant to me. I however, HAD my husband at my side the WHOLE time. I remember we clung to each other so fiercely during the weeks and months that followed. He was the only thing I wanted because he was the only one that could equally and honestly share in my grief, and thankfully we were able to move on to become stronger and wiser people. But I can honestly say that I definitely could not have gotten through it alone. The death of a child is incredibly hard on a relationship, coupled with the problems they already had would spell disaster for any marriage. It would have been so easy to allow herself to just fall into his arms, but that would have solved nothing. A lot of the issues that have gone unresolved need to be aired before they can begin to move on. But the one thing that emerged from their scenes, the one thing that cannot be mistaken is the true depth of the love they have for one another. That was evident in every little look, sigh, touch, and tear that we saw yesterday. Jason has a long fight ahead of him though because he has a lot to make up for and like Carly screamed at him, “he needs to keep trying until she listens!”

    So I never watched OLTL, but I keep asking myself if Todd is as devious as people say he is, shouldn’t he have smelled Heather out? Isn’t that how it works? Evil knows evil?! I’m glad that you could see that guilt has started to step in because he’s learned how badly Sam wanted her son and that Heather is a bloody lunatic! (Man, do I have a sock full a nickels waiting to beat her to a bloody pulp!) I just hope he realizes how dangerous she truely is!
    As for my sweet Spinelli, I so hope GH can write him in a nice girl who will love him back just as fiercely as he loves and appreciate him in all his unique Spinelliness! He’s allowed Maxie to take advantage of him and it looks like tomorrow he’s gonna give it to her good for how she’s treated him. I mean come on, he took a goddamn bullet for her!! Yet she’s mad that he broke a promise and told the truth to get her out of prison! I’m glad Lulu called her out and that even she can see that Maxie is clearly still in love with Spinelli, she’s just too stupid to figure it out! I just feel so protective of him because we know his ‘parents’ are going through a tough time and he needs someone to be there for HIM!

    June 20, 2012 at 6:59 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      Lara, those are my sentiments also!!I love Sam and jason. He has been a real jerk thanks to the new writers but yesterday he poured his heart out/to Sam and finally told her how he truly feels. I think she is staring to believe him and I too am glad she didn’t just run in his arms,you could see she wanted to but like you said,it wouldn’t solve anything. Hopefully he won’t give up and will keep telling her until she listens. I hope he helps her find the baby and bring him home and not John McBain!! Although John probably will be the one to suspect since he now is in Llanview when Baby Boy Morgan is!!!

      June 20, 2012 at 7:52 am

    • lt4bama

      First let me say I’m sorry for your lost and I’m happy you and your husband had each other during, which I can only imagine, was a horrific time.

      I loved that the love JASAM shared just oozed during those few min we had with them. I didn’t notice until my second time watching that they were holding hands as she read the poem. Just the little things SB & KM do add so much to the couple they portray.

      Others may enjoy our suffering as our couple struggle right now but as the saying goes he who laughs last laughs best.. love will prevail, JASAM will reunite, JASAM will be better than ever (i hope no writer ever feel the need to test their love to this magnitude ever again) and we will rejoice. As I whine and complain and be frustrated etc with all of you, it will be even sweeter to celebrate with you guys as well. I’ll time will be here soon.

      June 20, 2012 at 8:51 am

      • Lara

        Thank you so much for the lovely sentiment. Yes, it was horrible, but now we have a 2 year old son that drives us wonderfully insane, who we appreciate more and more everyday!
        I know what you mean about the little things between Kelly and Steve. He said in an interview that they’ve been working together to add just small things for the audience to appreciate during this s/l. So that hopefully, yes, no writer will feel the need to write this kind of grief again for such a wonderful couple! We’ll celebrate soon, I’m buying the champagne from now 😉

        June 20, 2012 at 9:25 am

    • embee

      My sister went through the same thing a few years ago, Lara, and I really don’t think she would have survived without her husband’s support. She had me, but I couldn’t share in the same pain of their loss. Now they, too, have a 2 year-old boy who is sweet and mischievous and literally the light of all our lives. Am I getting emotional typing right now? Ugh. 😉

      Anyway, on Todd: I’ve watched him from the time he led the gang rape on Marty, and while he did eventually redeem himself from that hideous crime (Marty forgave him), he is still a bastard and extremely self-absorbed. He had Blair convinced her baby (Jack) died because he thought he wasn’t the father. He’s rotten but he has a conscience, which makes for good drama (a lot like Johnny right now). Unfortunately, most likely Todd is going to ride this lie until somebody else finds out and corners him with the truth. As usual.

      June 20, 2012 at 12:04 pm

  5. dawn

    Jason was perfection yesterday. Jason needed time to process all of the terrible things that had happened–Robin’s death, Franco raping Sam, being the baby’s father and his twin, and the whole McBain jealousy. Sam had to face all of these things also, and she is getting her anger out now because she does not have that little baby ray of hope that is shining a bright direction into the future. We always give people the benefit of the doubt and say, “everyone grieves differently”, but we have not been so easy on Jason. In Jason’s ugly life, Sam is his serenity, and he had many hopes and dreams tied up in his new life with his new wife and baby. Jason is grieving also, maybe not the way that we have wanted him to–I have hated Liz throughout this whole fiasco–but over the last couple of days, Jason has finally stopped his own mind from overreacting, he has started listening to those who love him and Sam and he has pulled himself together enough to FINALLY comfort Sam properly. This may be too late, Sam may not be ready now to hear him, she may never forgive hime, but Jason has found clarity and he is going to be a rock for Sam.

    I have a feeling that Jason will endure and that he will comfort Sam if she wants or he will be a punching bag if she wants, because he knows that she is sooooo very sad. Jason has faced the harsh reality that he failed Sam, and I do not mean not protecting her from Franco, but he failed to comfort her before himself through this entire baby debacle. Jason should have held Sam, proclaimed his love for her and never let her go until they both believed it in their hearts and they could have healed together. Jason out of anger turned from Sam, starting in the church the night of Robin’s death. He turned his back on Sam and she grasped for him, but he was the one that was unwilling to budge. Jason has now put things in perspective because he said to Sam yesterday, “if you were waiting at the hotel for ME,” with emphasis on ME. This was despiration in his voice, he was wishing things were dramatically different with a happier ending.

    Jason also put his hands together almost as if he were praying to Sam to come home. He has realized the gravity of the situation, he knows that Sam wanted to talk about things and that he shut her out. He finally has come to his senses, and this is a positive ray of hope that will hopefully bloom into a storyline of Jason bringing Sam her baby boy back from Llanview.

    Sam was kind to Jason yesterday, and Jason said all the right things, so lets take this as a good sign that something positive this way comes. Oh, also what about the poem’s foreshadowing! I loved it. I loved that Sam Shared that with Jason. I loved the heartfelt performances of Steve and Kelly. Don’t loose hope, because I think that we are due for something positive to happen.

    Have a wonderful day,

    June 20, 2012 at 7:27 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      Dawn, I totally agree with you! yesterdays scenes were a step in the right direction. Jason poured his heart out to Sam. She listened you could see that. She is just not ready to forgive but you could tell by her actions,she wants to!!She was kind and she brought up her daughter because Jason was there for her then. I love when she sais “If you are worried about John,he’s gone” and he said “I’m worried about YOU” And she told him she will love him forever. She just needs time now to heal. I think she felt his sincerity. They may take some steps back but they are on the right tract!!!

      June 20, 2012 at 7:42 am

    • said it all..I have nothing more to add and I agree with your post 100%.

      June 20, 2012 at 8:20 am

    • lt4bama

      Awesome perspective. Great read on both Jason’s and Sam’s view. And definite kudos to SB & KM. We witnessed Stelly magic in progress. It’s amazing what those 2 can do in as little as 5 min that so many can’t do no matter how much time you give them.

      Our couple is definitely going in the right direction. I’ll take that

      June 20, 2012 at 8:26 am

    • jasam forever

      Dawn i love your insight.

      June 20, 2012 at 9:53 am

    • embee

      Ah, the line at the end of the poem, you’re so right!!! I’ve heard it somewhere before so I was totally thinking from the perspective of somebody who has actually passed away. But not in this case! I feel horrible for Téa: not being able to bury her own child thanks to the two stooges. But Sam and Jason’s baby “did not die.” Those words are even lovelier now (and terribly heartbreaking at the same time).

      June 20, 2012 at 11:39 am

  6. SamJasonsHeart

    Like all of us not giving up on JaSam.. Jason will not give up on Sam this time, I believe he will fight for her with all he has. He has let her walk out of his life to easily in the past. It makes my JaSam heart hurt a little less knowing he is going to move heaven and earth to bring his love and his life home.
    Yesterday’s scenes between Jason and Sam were beautiful and heart breaking.. KeMo and SB rocked them as always.. Stelly magic the reason I watch!

    June 20, 2012 at 7:56 am

  7. jasam forever

    Good morning Jasammers,
    Thank you Angelique, I watched yesterday’s episode live so since yesterday I was waiting patiently on your thoughts, can I say as usual I am not surprised at your talents!
    Johnny – For starters, I can’t believe Johnny is making us listen to Starr sing… ugh. I really like his character, always have but I don’t know how this is all going to work out for him, I don’t see it happening in a positive way; I am also wondering if this is his exit story because majority of PC hates Johnny so I don’t know how the hell he can redeem himself from this at all…

    Heather – my comments on her remain the same… lock her ass up in a double padded cell in 2 straight jackets!!! I was SOOOOOOOOO happy that I didn’t have to hear her say STEVEN LARRRSSSSSS or BLT at Kelly’s yesterday! Or did it happen & I was either tuned out or just numb!??

    Anna/Luke – Anna you better watch out, you creeping up on Heather’s man & she saw you kissing up on him… boy does she have a jumbo pitcher of ice tea waiting for you! I still don’t feel Anna/Luke it’s too awkward for me, I liked his scenes with spanky lol they were hilarious!

    Maxie/Spinelli – I loved that Maxie had flashbacks of her & Spinelli & that she realizes that she really does love Spinelli but enough of the damn flashbacks already. It reminds me of Bollywood soaps that my mother watches on Zeetv!!!! & kudos to Spinelli for giving it to Maxie today, I think that is the only reason I would tune in today. I love Maxie/Spin (not as much as JaSam though).
    Kristina/Michael/Trey – Somebody please shoot me already! I want Michael to show Trey what Jason taught him in prison! Trey may not be bad on the eyes but he is too annoying & Kristina has always been so boy crazy; she has always been so ditzy jeez, I much prefer Molly to her any day! I love my Michael, I wish he could have slapped Kristina & Trey, I am all for giving nuKristina a chance but this s/l is too annoying I am fed up of the recycled OLTL garbage. Every s/l I see on GH now I have seen it on OLTL (and please OLTL fans spare me the ‘GUZA had that s/l in place before RC came on’) To be honest, Kristina’s character always annoyed me I sometimes wonder if she is really Liz’s sister because she is just as whiny as Liz!!!

    JaSam – awe they made the flood gates open again, I was like cry me a river why don’t you! jeez making me all mushy & emotional! To be honest, Jason didn’t have to ask me twice, he had me at ‘COME’!!! I watched their 5 min scenes like 5 times pausing in between & each time I cried. Jason really had me, now I know it’s way too soon for Sam but I hope they don’t torture us too long, because I heard Sam gets her baby back in September & the baby switch & paternity are 2 different scenes. I just want may JaSam unit back together. Jason really made me cry yesterday their scenes shocked me though, I was pleasantly surprised too. I thought it would have been ugly and Sam would have yelled at him and pushed him away. He held her hand, told her he loved her omg I melted, as hard as it was to look at, JaSam made me fall in love with them all over again (for the… I don’t know… probably millionth time!!!) Jason good work, a little too late but I hope you don’t stop. & please stop listening to that floor mat, she does nothing for you! I’ve realized when Jason talks to Monica, Carly or even Michael he acts on his feelings for Sam but when he does to the floor mat he doesn’t… Jason leave the whorebag alone!!! She is definitely not worth it!
    Could someone tell me why in Thursday’s preview is Liz draped around Jason like a damn hideous curtain & what/ why are they at her house? Do I have to see Jason & Liz have an encounter or a run every damn week? If so just let me know so I could tune the hell out! I can’t tell you how much that character makes my blood boil & brings out the inner bitch in me that I only save for special occasions!!!! I hate her, omg I wish someone besides Carly (Jason that would be you!) could see her for the manipulative, slut she is. I’ve seen on msg boards how people bash Sam for not being nice to Liz when she is trying to help Sam … WTH!?? Steups Liz it ain’t your business stay the hell out of Jasam’s marriage. You want to help Jason fine… go right ahead but stay to hell away from Sam she isn’t your friend and for damn good reasons. I tell you Liz just makes my ass tick!

    I am waiting patiently for my JaSam/JJ reunion. Mr. RC please don’t mess with me & make me have to bring out my inner bitch!
    Have a good day Jasammers, always… forever JaSam.
    PS. Thank you my JaSam family, my friends think I have an unhealthy GH obsession only you guys understand 

    June 20, 2012 at 8:51 am

    • Lara

      I totally cracked up at the Bollywood comment because I had the same reaction!! My mom watches the whole gamut of soaps on Zee and SonyAsia and they bombard you with flashbacks. I’m like this is why I watch American soaps!! And because I only watch GH I too have an unhealthy obsession with it, but hey it could be worse, we could be addicted to crack instead! 😉

      June 20, 2012 at 9:34 am

      • jasamforever

        Lara omg… My mother watches all! Every night sheesh! RC maybe channeling into Zeetv for ideas because we saw he did channel telenovia with Tea and her spanish! Lolol and yes my jasam addiction … Is better than crack lol

        I may sound like a broken record but I am so grateful for finding this blog and for the wonderful friendships I’ve made through our jasam addiction! 🙂

        June 20, 2012 at 9:47 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      Bravo,well said especially about Liz!!!

      June 20, 2012 at 2:09 pm

  8. jerron

    I am truly amazed that they are able to take their acting to a higher level than the one before.

    June 20, 2012 at 9:11 am

  9. Beatrice

    I have been asking that question too,what was the point of all of this none sense…but I have hope,at least she did not tell him “no they can’t try” as much as I want my JaSam, it is too soon.

    June 20, 2012 at 1:34 pm

  10. Traveler

    Thanks for today’s Blog!!
    Finally… This is the JaSam I know and Love!!! Jason was there supporting Sam. They were both honest and very respectful to one another.. This type of Angst I can take and even enjoy…
    If we have to have all this Angst, please let it be like this! I felt JaSam finally took a step toward each other in these scenes. I just hope they keep going forward and dont take too many more steps backwards…
    Viva la Morgan Family!!

    June 20, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    • Kathy Glagowski

      Yes they did take a step forward but I fear they will take many steps back before they can go forward again. Especially with Liz in the mix! Tomorrow’s preview shows jason at her house on the sofa and she is draped around him!!He is not draped around her though. He’sprobably talking to her about Sam. Then when John comes back to town,he’ll be after Sam but I hope not. I think John will tell her about the baby, I think John realizes that Sam still loves Jason even though she’s pushing him away because she is hurting right now. He doesn’t seem to be a guy who would takr advantage of that unlike Liz. We’ll see!!!

      June 20, 2012 at 4:42 pm

  11. jasam ff

    I ask myself the same question i just dont think this storyline was worth it. it did no good to destroy this couple. couples need angst but
    with all the damage rc did i can’t find the good it did.

    June 20, 2012 at 3:48 pm

  12. lc

    Jasam were amazing yesterday. The chemistry Steve and Kelly have is off the charts. I swear they have a way of sucking you in and making you forget that they are not a real couple. They had me tearing up before they spoke a word to each other. It was just in the look. I swear if we get a repeat of the summer of 06 I am going to be one pissed off woman. I want Jason to fight for Sam and most important I want them to remain faithful.

    My husband and kids think I need help with my JASAM addiction. Keep threatning to shut of cable LOL. They don’t know about you tube LOL.

    June 20, 2012 at 5:17 pm

  13. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers and that is exactly who we are……..Jasammers! We are in Love with this remarkable couple the best I have ever seen or ever will! They obviously Touch each of us for the same and different reasons! Everytime they are on together its………..magic,Stelly majic and it always has been! ALL of theses wonderful Insights. This fantastic Blog that was started from a Jasammers willingness to share how her insights could make a difference and THEY have,Thank You Angelique!
    I have no idea what RC will do especially when it comes to Sam and Jason! But this i do know,whatever is given or thrown at us we can survive together! Whether its liz or mcbain we will Hold On Together,No Matter What! They can twist History all they desire but we know what we know when it comes to Jasam! Does anyone else sort of daydream about how Jason and Sam will react when they FINALLY realize that not only is Sams baby ALIVE but Jason is his Dad! What we have hope for for about 8years has come to be Sam and Jason and their LOVE for each other produced a child they share! Monica,Edward,Spinelli,Molly and Michael are going to be beside themselves. i think in time Alexis will come around she will be more than Happy for Sam! These 2 have so much to give their Son!
    I was so engulfed with Sam and Jason yesterday I missed that line from tthe Poem now that was profound!

    June 20, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    • Kathy Glagowski

      Yes,yes yes!!! You are so right! I do daydream about Sam and Jason!! My daughtertells me I have an addiction! I’ve never been so involved in any soap couple before like this! I guess I am a romantic and I believe they belong together! It is not right the way the writers just snatched Sam’s son away from her! So cruel! She aches for her daughter as she said but she never held her,she held her litlle boy and bonded until Heather and Todd had their way!! They better take cover when Jason finds out the truth!! I,too,cant wait to see his face when Sam finds out her boy is alive. He will be happy for her but when he finds out HE is the daddy,he will be thrilled. There is no greater joy than to share a child with the person you love!! I also cant wait to see Liz’s reaction!! She will be pissed because she thinks she holds that honor! But he never loved Liz the way he loves Sam,to quote Alexis,”like his life depended on it”.
      Molly,Michael, ever Alexis will be thrilled but Carly will be most thrilled for Jason and Sam!! Hope RC doesnt make us wait too long for this!!!

      June 20, 2012 at 9:32 pm

  14. Sonia

    Wonderful blog.. trying to believe Jason and Sam will be back together
    but with this sadly writing and bringing outside forces in the mix is just hurtful..Jason with Sam looks like he wants his marriage to work, but then he goes and do something that says what the hell i am living my life.. HMM SHAKE HEAD

    June 20, 2012 at 9:34 pm

  15. TheNamesAnyone

    I really get sick of people saying Liz is just trying to be a friend. Liz is trying to bait Jason into giving up on Sam. She’s doing it in a subtle way. She talks to Sam, to make it seem like she’s trying to help. But, all she is really doing is setting Sam off. Sam would rather have a lecture from Carly, than Liz. Because, unlike Liz. Carly, knows both Sam and Jason’s lives well and can speak on it.Though I hate Carly, I’ve grown to respect her now. I just realized, well I knew already, but the fact hit me harder. The fact that Carly, Micheal, Alexis, Sonny, and Monica, were all apart of the Jasam love story. These are the only people I want to lecture Jason and Sam about their problems. They’ve seen the good and the bad. Of course, Molly and Spin to.

    I don’t think Carly knows, Jason has been running to Liz. I hope she lays it in thick on Jason! Because, Carly and Sonny are his friends. I understand Sonny being busy with Kristina and Kate. But Carly is free. He could talk to Carly instead of Liz. In the past they were busy with things.Still Carly, Sam, Jason, and Sonny found the time to talk about the issues among them. The writers are just badly teasing us Jasam fans.

    June 21, 2012 at 11:30 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      Agree about Liz!! Shecwants Jason!!! She keeps asking him if its over and going to Sam and asking so she can move right in and not feel guilty about it!! I don’t think Jason would sleep with her right now though. Hope not anyway

      June 21, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    • Mark my words: If that Lizard is in the room keep one eye on your man and one eye on her. If you have to take your eye off one of them to say, pour another shot, just don’t take the one off of Lizard!

      June 21, 2012 at 7:53 pm

  16. What good did it do?
    I have to ask and answer, What good did it do my Heart?
    Answer: A HELLLOFALOTTAGOOD. That’s what good this episode did my heart. Speaking of Heart, finally we see some when it has been so lacking on GH for 7 months now I was pretty sure it could not be revived!

    Have the writers finally found the Heart that is so purely and perfectly our JaSam? Have the Alien body snatchers that have been occupying Jason Morgan finally made that gadget work, phoned home, and finally got a damn ride? Have these constantly disappointing writers finally figured out how to write them again? Is there hope to warm my Heart with the tender loving dialogue we have not only come to expect but have been so longing for? What good would it do my Heart to hope? A HELLOFALOTTAGOOD. Because my heart has been without JaSam hope for so long.

    Without hope Jason would ever take that damn ass hat off, man up realize, do and say the things that Sam and our JaSammin Hearts needed to hear. Tho he really did try to get through to her (this man who has never been short on words when it comes to talking to Sam), my Heart is still to raw from the whole rotten fiscal year that I DID take offense to him saying, “I know we’ve hurt each other.” Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! In my opinion (even if she had done anything to “Hurt” him, and for the record I don’t think she did) she has suffered the pain of the lack of him in every way she needed him since the day she was raped. This day was so full of grief for her that he should have born the full weight of responsibility for her pain!

    He should also learn a lesson that has escaped him for so many, MANY years. Confiding in, and or pouring your Heart out to Former Sex Partners is offensive, disrespectful and HURTFUL to your spouse EVERY time you do it!!!!!!!!! IDIOT. Can’t he confide in some buddies he could meet at that gym he obviously spends so much time in? ‘Nuff said, it hurts my Jasam Heart.

    Being that I have had to learn to survive on JaSam rations for quite some time, I am so thankful for a full share of morsels on this day. Huge step in the right direction to doing my Heart good for him to start showing Sam the Heart she has been missing from him for so long. So well written that our beloved characters were completely recognizable for the first time in a long, long time. I will not stand by the grave of our JaSam love story and grieve because their love and Heart is not there it has not died, and if there was any doubt in anyone’s mind it should have been removed today.

    Could this be because this episode was written by Katherine Schock and Elizabeth Korte? I’m certainly not saying that male writers are incapable of penning Heart warming scripts, I’m #justsaying that maybe the one’s that have been hired for this gig should pass the pen to these two ladies for safekeeping and sit down and take notes. Yeah, that’ll do my Heart good.

    JaSam Do not stand at my grave and weep: via @youtube

    June 21, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    • Kathy Glagowski

      So beautifully said and the video perfection! I did not know the episode was penned by women! Thats why it was so heartfelt! Hope we can see more

      June 21, 2012 at 8:05 pm

      • Dear Kathy, I Flove that you enjoy what I have to say. It is truly Heart Warming to be heard. and I’m so glad you liked the vid…I wanted it to be like the true voice (whisper) of love itself. Have a great weekend.

        June 22, 2012 at 10:19 am

  17. Kathy Glagowski

    Amen to that Kathy! I totally agree, especially after seeing her in todays episode! She wants Jason! But he wants Sam!

    June 21, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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