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Good morning, GHers!

It is pouring rain here in Jersey as I type this, and has been all day. It was a gloomy day here, just as it was in PC – where the sun was shining. Go figure!

May I just say that you guys were on FIRE today! I love it when everyone shares their thoughts on what’s happening onscreen, and I especially love it when everyone is so respectful of what everyone else is feeling! I agree with everyone who said that we are like a big family – I’ve been telling you guys that you are my family for years! Glad everyone is starting to understand exactly what I was talking about! 😉

I am with Tracy! I wish GH would get how all of us feel: Enough With The Doom and Gloom! I only wonder if the writers actually read what they wrote, because the doom and gloom is not only surrounding Luke and Tracy! Enough already!

Luke and Tracy should be enjoying the fact that they are finally rid of the crazy Anthony Z! They should be enjoying each other openly, instead of worrying about how it would “look” for the Zacchara widow to have moved on! Instead, Anthony is still hovering over them like the black cloud he was. Yet, in spite of that,  I caught myself smiling at Tracy’s overzealousness when it came to getting the barbecue sauce off of Luke’s face. If only we could have more moments like those..with light and laughter, for more people on the canvas! Luke and Tracy have been the only people to actually kiss on our favorite soap all week, I believe! And they aren’t even a couple! That’s gotta change and soon! So, yes, Mr. Carlivati, ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

I am still trying to figure out why Starr Manning has decided to remain in Port Charles, a town she was just passing through, when her life was changed so drastically and negatively, forever. I would think (and hope) that Starr would want to leave PC and be back in Llanview, where she can be surrounded and supported by her friends and family, and perhaps not feel so alone. Yet, for whatever reason, she’s still here, and still crying when Michael very literally runs into her on the pier. Starr goes on to tell Michael about finding out that Connie was the one who shot out the tires and caused the accident that killed her family, and Michael was incredibly supportive of her. I guess we will be seeing much more of Michael and Starr, but I would think if sexy summer romance is what they are going to try to sell for these two, then ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

I have never really been a Lante fan, but I will admit that it worries me that now even Lulu is lying to her husband again, even after all those two have learned about honesty. Why must everyone in PC now be a liar? Lulu told her dad that she took a day off to avoid lying to her husband. Do they not live together anymore? Or if they do, do they not speak to each other? And now, adding to the lie is the fact that Lulu just shook on a deal to go into business with her ex-whose still a mobster-lover, without discussing it with her still-kinda-new-cop-husband? Come on! This is going to translate into more trouble for more people, and another marriage on the outs. *sigh* ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

Wow. Kate has the exact opposite reaction to being late for her period as me! I always react as though I got away with something, whereas Kate reacted as though a tragedy had happened on June 12th! Vanessa even asked me, “Was that the date she was shot?” *giggles* Talk about doom and gloom! WIth everything that Kate has been through, because of everything that Connie has done, the date nearly brought Kate to her knees because she is late. Listen, Kate, Sonny just counseled Jason on how to get through the woman he loves being pregnant with his archenemy’s baby growing inside of her. If these new writers have gotten so freakin’ lazy already that they are going to recycle a story they JUST did, there will be plenty of material to get you and Sonny through it. Don’t you worry. But as for the rest of us, I think we have totally had our fill of unplanned rape pregnancies and paternity bingo. Kate has enough going on, why add even more? Ugh. ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM!

Honest to God, Jason really needs to get it together. I know that he is feeling guilty, and lost, and hurting for Sam, but this is just not productive. I wish we could sit Jason down and make him watch a YT vid of when Sam was shot, nearly had a hysterectomy, woke up to Alexis knowing she was her mother, had a brain bleed, had brain surgery, all while crying rivers between each surgery, only to wake up to have Jason leave her for her own good. If anyone had a reason to mope around aimlessly, it was Sam. Instead, she picked up her tiny battered, bruised and stitched-up self and gave Jason the fight of his life for their relationship! Sam barely raised her voice at Jason and threw some truth at him, and he is ready to throw in the towel and crawl into a hole. And this, right after he told Sam he wasn’t going to give up on her. *sigh* And people think women are the weaker sex. -_______- Listen, I am still not ready to make nice with Carly after what she did to Sam when Robin died, but I had to thank the good Lord that she was the one to come on over and shout at the top of her lungs, ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM! Carly was right. If Sam didn’t want to hear anything Jason had to say, then he needs to keep on telling her, until she does, because that’s what Sam did for him when the roles were reversed! That’s what you do when you’re in love and not willing to let the other persona just walk away from everything you’ve built together! While it still gets on my nerves that Carly is coddling Jason as though he was the one who was raped, got pregnant, and lost the baby, Carly sees it as her job as his BFF to catch Jason before he falls onto reality. She is trying to be supportive, and she is trying to get him to stop wallowing in self-pity and actually fight for his marriage and for the love of  his life. For that reason alone, I won;t say anything negative about Carly. At least nor tonight. *zips lips, and slips key into pocket for easy access later* I was glad to see that something Carly said to lug head  Jason sunk in, because at least we got to see him looking for Sam, even though she threw his ass out last time he was there. I guess we should be thankful he remembered that he’s a god-damned hit man, and should not scare that easily. *rolling eyes* Unfortunately, he missed Sam, who would rather sign herself out than listen to any more of what St. Liz was spewing, and came face to face with more contrived bullshit. I mean Liz. *innocent look* 

Sam cannot even mourn in peace, can she? There she was, holding onto her dragon, trying to do some thinking, when in floats Nurse Unprofessional. There’s a Puerto Rican saying that when people who are not your friends start visiting you in the hospital, they are really only there to estimate how long they’ll have to wait for your hand-me-downs. I am almost sure that the saying is referring to clothes, or shoes, or maybe even property, but the saying still applied today. IF (a very big IF that is) Liz truly was the only nurse who could have been assigned to deliver those flowers to Sam’s room, she should have tiptoed in, placed them next to her bed, whispered her condolences, and tiptoed right out. But no. She not only had to try and tell Sam what losing a child is like, (even though Sam knows all too well for herself) she had to let her know that she saw Jason and that he was destroyed. How about that Liz, huh? Not only did she please Jason’s case to Sam, but she actually wanted Sam to know that he was sincere, and that he was a mess, and that he wanted to mourn with her. I had to fight the urge to use alliteration to describe Liz – using the letter F. The comment that pissed me off the most was when Liz said, “I believe him.” She said that as if she always believes the best about Jason, that she is able to see the good in him when no one else can. Well, Liz, where the $%@#  was all that belief and understanding in Jason when he was destroyed over losing his son – the son you still refused to see as his, even as he lay kept alive only by a ventilator and you never even thought to call him? Didn’t you think Jason would have wanted to mourn with you and Lucky? And where was all of that belief in Jason’s good intentions and noble character when you slapped the crap out of him, and then accused him of abandoning Jake and you, as if that was the reason Jake died? Unlike in Sam’s situation, Jason had nothing to do with the circumstances surrounding Jake’s death, and Liz not only shut him out, she shut him down.How dare she stand there, trying to make Sam feel guilty because Jason is “a mess right now”. Hey, Liz! ENOUGH WITH THE DOOM AND GLOOM when it comes to Jason, when you don’t even know what is going on! You know who’s also a mess right now? Sam. The person whom all this has happened to physically, and not just emotionally! How dare this clueless bitch even comment on this very personal situation between husband and wife? Talk about waiting for hand-me-downs! I was so incredibly proud of Sam for seeing right through Liz and her concern. I could not have said it better myself than when Sam said, “Well then go! Go Elizabeth! Dry his tears, put your arms around him, and make sure that everything is going to be okay.” And when Liz ever-so-weakly murmured, “That’s not going to help,” Sam said, “No, I’m serious. It’s over. He’s all yours.”

I DARE the haters to comment on how weak and needy Sam is when it comes to Jason. She looked Liz in the eye, and didn’t for a moment see her as a threat, even though Sam could see where this will lead for Liz. Sam knows that Liz is not the issue. Sam was thinking like a JaSammer should be thinking.

Sam may be exhausted and grieving and not thinking clearly, but she finally understands her worth. She deserved better from the man she loves, and she needed more from the man who promised that she’s have him, every day for the rest of his life. I am not giving up that she will get that man back, and deep down Sam doesn’t want to give up either. That is why she is so afraid, and so hurt.

*wipes tears* 

I will say it again. I am a full-fledged, unwavering JaSam Fan, who refuses to jump ship, switch teams, or wave the flag of defeat. I fight for JaSam every day, and will continue to do so, even through THE DOOM AND GLOOM. But, like Sam, I think we deserve the Jason she fell in love with. We deserve for Jason to fully understand that Sam deserves to be loved at least as well as she has loved Jason, and that kind of love requires action, not mere words. Jason has got to do the one thing he has never done before for a woman he loved: FIGHT. I think Jason has gotten a bit too comfortable in the easiness of loving Sam, while for her, it has been anything but easy with all of the responsibilities and priorities he has. Jason is going to have to show Sam just how badly he wants her and their marriage.

It’s the only way for The Dragon to be reunited with His Phoenix. 

And we already know they are indestructible…so hang in there.

Thinking like a JaSammer, no matter what I see onscreen,




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  1. Kathy Glagowski

    My dear Angelique!!!
    Well said! We have to stick together for our beloved couple!! I too am a true Jasmmer but I like Sam am not going to let Jason off that easily!!!! He does need to fight for his Phoenix!!!! She still has his dragon so thats good !! I dont really think she is ready to give up!!! I read a few spoilers(taken with a grain of salt) 1 said that Robert Yi tells them the marriage wasnt legal!!!! 2 said Olivia gives Sam some proof that JJ is still alive!! Hope that one is true. They need something good to help them heal. Its going to be a long summer but we must stay strong and not stop watching

    June 13, 2012 at 2:29 am

    • beatrice

      are they serious they are gonna say JaSam is not really married what kinda crap is that…

      June 13, 2012 at 11:04 am

  2. jasamforever

    Hey Angelique,
    I agree with u, GH has been too dark for too long now. Tracy and Luke are always hilarious!!! And their kiss seems to be the ONLY romance on GH since what Johnny and Connie did the nasty (which we only heard of by the way!) I’m not even counting Mother Theresa and EWen’s kiss, tthats like a walk in the park for LIz!

    Starrs character on GH I still do not get, I’m waiting to find out that she is Saint LIz paternal twin because she is just as damn whiny and sickening as her. I love Michael glad he is getting a love interest mixed feelings about it being STarr… I guess I’ll wait till that one plays out to see how I feel.

    Confused abt Lante.. Wasn’t LULU the one who got mad at Dante for the lying stuff with Brenda, really and truly why does all the ppl in PC have to be liars esp the women to their husbands. I really did like Lulu and Johnny back in the day and I like Lante so I didn’t know yet as well how I feel abt JOLu. I know I don’t like Lulu lying to Dante tho.

    Truly I don’t know what to say about Kate and being pregnant… First of all ewww… I REFUSE to believe RC will do another of the same s/l that is yet to be finished. I am totally fed up of the damn paternity drama save that for LIz she is damn good at not knowing who’s the daddy! Besides everybody knows its Sonny’s u just have to walk past Sonny and u’re pregnant for him, he is so damn fertile!

    Now onto my Jasam, jason is really annoying me with his bitch ass attitude, in one Breath u say u are not giving up but then u go telling every tom, dick, liz and carly that u and sam are over …. WTH! I love that Carly was the voice of reason and the way she gets through to him. When sam was managed in 2005 and Jason broke up with her she fought tooth and nail every chance she got, she begged him literally to take her back. She walked through the blasted rain blocks from the hospital to the PH to talk to Jason.. I know its the writing but RC needs to man up and stop writing Jason as a pussy (it better not be to make Mc Bain a damn hero!) I want to see Jason fight, the way he fights the mob for sam.

    Who the hell gives that nosy dumb ass of a nurse Liz the right to counsel sam. She is so damn out of the place I was glad sam put her ass in her place. Liz is always so high and mighty never doing wrong and looking down on ppl! I don’t care how noble she was leave sam the hell alone. Its none of ur business so stay the hell out of MARRIED ppl’s business. Who the hell cares if jason is right and if u believe him… Y does she always have to defend jason like that… I tell u that damn woman just gets to me… Its like she is coming to see if its really over with jasam so she cud stake her claim wrap her legs around him and then drag his ass into another baby daddy drama!!! Is that all she is good at!??? Steups… Sam even told her she had to tip toe around jason’s feelings she cud’t tell him how she really feels. I hate how she feels the need to run back to jason and snitch every single time… Ugh I hate liz!!! I need to stop with mother theresa because I could go on and on and get mad in the process! She needs to go make rounds and take care of her damn children for once. Sam I’m glad u told that bitch where to get off!!! Jason better start acting and show his wife what she means to him.

    As I always say I’m a jasammer no matter what I’m not giving up or jumping ship. Have a good day jasammers!

    June 13, 2012 at 5:13 am

    • dawn

      I agree with you about Carly. Most of the time when Carly is awful to Sam or awful when talking to Jason about Sam it is because she is jealous of Jasam’s relationship. However, like a real friend, Carly can see that Jason is devistated and she is not going to hurt him by saying cruel things about Sam because she sees that he is down and she knows that he needs support right now. There is a fine line to walk as a best friend, you don’t want anyone else to take your place and jealousy can sneek in–such as has been Carly’s problem since Jason found his way back to Sam in the fall of ’09. Carly does value Jason and knows that he loves Sam completely, Carly also knows that Sam loves Jason completely, and if Carly does not encourage Jason to fight for Sam, Jason will ultimately be destroyed. Carly doesn’t want Jason to be destroyed because she loves him; I think she would take him for herself if he would have her, but if that cannot happen then she wants Jason to be happy and Sam makes Jason happy.

      Carly has been altruistic over the last couple of weeks and I am thankful that at least her character has not completely lost her mind. I must point out that I love having Carly telling Jason that he must be the man that Sam needs right now; when Carly said that Sam wanted Jason to hold her, tell her that he could love her baby, and everything is going to be all right, I thought “HALLELUJAH”. Carly is giving Jason the female perspective and that is an area where Jason needs some guidance.

      Keep the faith, there is positive foreshadowing happening on the canvas!


      June 13, 2012 at 6:32 am

    • Lara

      Well said girl!! Would you believe I got attacked on the GH Facebook page yesterday because I said that Sam should chuck the dragon ceramic at Elzabeth’s head! People were like, “oh, but she’s being nice, or Sam is selfish, Elizabeth is a good friend, she’s trying to help Sam out!” Well you know what FUCK Elizabeth and FUCK her unwanted help!!! As a mother who already lost a child she should have known that Sam wanted to be alone and definitely didn’t want to hear anything she had to say. I’m so glad that Sam is remembering who she is and not taking anymore shit from people. This s/l is really rubbish, but if it’s going to make Sam a stronger and fiercer character then I’ll take it. I can’t wait to see Elizabeth throw herself at Jason and for him to shut her down hard!! Did anyone see the twinkle in her eyes when Sam said they were over? She was like, “Dr. Keenan who?!” I want to see Jason FIGHT and FIGHT hard for the only woman that has truely loved and appreciated him. He’s taken advantage of her for far too long and it’s time he gets his comeuppance!!

      June 13, 2012 at 10:48 am

      • jasamforever

        I thought sam was either going to throw the dragon or the flowers! Liz has some nerve! And yes I saw the glitter in her eyes when sam said they were over as well as the day b4 when ewen asked if she was seeing ne one, to me she hesitated to answer for a bit. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth or any noble efforts to comfort and give advice. I still and will always think she is going to make a play for jason, which in my mind is pathetic! Even if its contrived its still damn pathetic!

        I’ve had my incidents with ppl on fb, youtube, msg boards and twitter so sometimes I just don’t even both to comment because some fans are rude and way out of line!

        I just want this sl to be over with so jasam could go back to being happy then maybe RC could pick on a new couple!!! Because I’m totally fedup of the shit they have to go through. I know it will make them stronger but sometimes its too hard to watch and too much bs!

        June 13, 2012 at 11:05 am

      • beatrice

        Liz is such a slut…why would people say she was being a friend to Sam she was, just being herself noisy and at the sametime she got answers, now she knows Jason is available…

        June 13, 2012 at 11:12 am

      • bren

        I absolutely agree with you about Liz. She made me sick today.

        June 13, 2012 at 8:31 pm

  3. dawn

    I just had a revelation while reading Angelique’s post, regarding the dragon and the pheonix symbolism. The dragon spews fire and the pheonix rises out of the ashes to live again. I mentioned yesterday that RC had to burn Jasam’s life down to the ground in order to make any of this plausible, then Angelique referred to the dragon and pheonix and it hit me…they are yin and yang, they belong together like a force of nature. This is a theme that has been common since their marriage and deffinately has been used throughout the pregnancy debacle. They are linked beyond their control, because it is written in the stars–which Sam loves so much.

    I think this is a massively wonderful sign, everyone!!! We are going to have our couple back soon!

    Have a great day,

    June 13, 2012 at 6:13 am

  4. lt4bama

    Angelique you were on fire today and so was Sam. I’m glad so early in the morning I was able to laugh b/c some of your points were so perfectly describe and intertwined with comedy I really feel today will be a good one….at least for me. Don’t know about PC this afternoon.
    Sam just continued the roll she was on and just obliterated Liz with pure facts. What possessed her to really try to have that conversation with Sam is beyond me. She got all what she deserve. I agree with the PR saying. I’ve been saying for a while when Liz have been trying to give “advice” and “encourage” Jason to stay with Sam that she was just feeling things out. Testing the water conditions so to speak. Sam knew. And I’m glad Sam made her very aware that she knew what Liz is really up to. Even though Liz won’t admit it.

    You won’t say anything neg about Carly today but I will. Yes she told Jason don’t give up and to keep fighting and that was good advice. And we all know she is only doing it for Jason’s benefit. Otherwise she couldn’t care less about Sam. I’m cool with that. But she pissed me off when she tried to say this was Sam’s fault..”for leaving him”, “for moving into the motel” or “she walked through a rainstorm with a newborn?” If Jason hadn’t been so cold to his wife, Sam wouldn’t have done the first 2 things and if Jason hadn’t sent the thugs to beat up John because he was helping Sam (Sam called it. Jase did it b/c he was jealous) She would have been at the hosp. instead of wandering through the woods. So Carly no matter how far you go back this IS on Jason. She and Liz really have some nerves. They are too busy trying to make Jason feel better they just absolve him of any role he played in the situation and then to make matters worse, make this about what Sam did “wrong” Sometimes I think they are crazier than Heather.

    Jason, please man the F up already. He needs to stop sulking and start fighting for his wife. Angelique you brought up 06. I would just like to add after everything that happened to Sam and Jason left her. She walked 10 blocks in the rain to fight for this man. And he turned her away and she still wasn’t done fighting. And you’re are so right, because she for the first time didn’t cave immediately to his “I’m sorry” and yelled at him (which by the way was well over do) he switches from “I’m not giving up on you” to “I’ve lost Sam” and “Sam and I are over”…*record screeches to a halt* WHAT?? I so wanted to smack Jason. Johnny and Carly have been “dating” for a hot second and even he put in more work to win her back. Sam took the humiliation in 06 to try to get back with Jason. Pride was nonexistent at times. Well guess what Jasey Poo? You will need to throw pride, ego and whatever else out the window and fight for your woman, your wife, the love of your life. Fight and don’t give up. Do like we Jasam fans are…fight til the death, fight til the end. Win Sam back or die trying. She is worth it.

    Now just for our sake, even though hope Jason has to go and beg a few more times before Sam gives in, I hope this doesn’t take too long. We need our Morgan family Mom, Dad and Baby, together where they should be

    An isolated thought that just popped into my head. Why the heck was Liz going through Sam’s things? When Jason walked in she was holding the card that went with Sam’s flowers. Yes Sam did leave it behind but maybe she was in a rush to get the hell away from Liz that she missed a thing or two. Ok another random thought: Is baby Morgan’s Bday June 10th? I was going with June 1 but they made a point to tell us it was June 12th when Kate was talking and this is Sam’s second Day in the hosp….

    Positive Jasam thoughts everyone

    June 13, 2012 at 7:15 am

    • TheNamesAnyone

      Honestly, that’s when Carly fell out of character. The real Carly wouldn’t have said those things. Carly, is a true friend to Jason and has always had at least a little respect for Sam. She would have never tried to blame Sam. Not at a time like this anyway. Also, the real Carly would have admitted it was Jason’s fault. I’m looking back through the history of Jasam. When Jason and Sam had baby Hope. Carly was the one that told Jason, maybe it was him that had the problem. That he should enjoy Hope, and the time they do have.

      June 14, 2012 at 8:36 pm

  5. samjase

    I miss Jasam so much! I know it’ll be ok, but in the interim, I feel sick and sad! Jason’s pep talk to Sam about taking the next step sticks in my mind..”words aren’t enough anymore, I want to prove it to you”! proved it to her alright! You didn’t know if you could love her baby! You allowed your wife to walk out while you decided. You turned down any request to talk. I want him to crawl “on broken glass to get Sam back”

    June 13, 2012 at 7:27 am

  6. Kathy Glagowski

    I agree!! Jason has broken hos promises to Sam!! He has abandoned her when she needed him the most!!! He never once thought how she must feel to be carrying a rapists baby!! She did everything she did to protect him and all he could see was that she lied to him!!!! I love what she said to hom that she loved and wanted this baby just as much as her daughter. Didn’t matter how he was conceived, onlt that she was finally going to be a mother!! That really broke my heart!!! I hope Monica consoles him but also gives him hell and tells him to fight for Sam!!!

    June 13, 2012 at 7:38 am

  7. Traveler

    Thanks for another Great Blog!! I always look forward to reading it and today was no different. 🙂
    I try to stay positve, but some days are harder than others. Right now Im having a hard time. 😦 Angst is one thing, but “Months” of Doom and Gloom for our couple just gets to be too much for me at times. I just WISH there would be some actual Pay Off once in awhile. *Sighs*

    Im ready to watch Jason FIGHT for Sam and their marriage. Until I see him start to really do that, I cant be a happy JaSammer. I will keep the faith that I will one day “soon” be a happy JaSammer again!!!

    Viva la Morgan Family!!

    June 13, 2012 at 7:49 am

    • Jerron

      I would to see Jason fight for a change. Something I don’t think he has ever done. This is totally foreign territory for him.

      Sigh…pay off would have been lovely. I am not giving up on Jasam…but I do feel like giving up on the show until baby Cheeto comes back. Kelly’s acting is what is keeping me watching. That’s it.

      June 13, 2012 at 8:09 am

  8. Jerron

    This storyline is so all over the place…but Kelly is rocking it like a champion.

    I wasn’t even mad at Liz yesterday…she is who she is. Just a ho with a halo. Is there any doubt in my mind she wants Jason? Nope she does. But really does she have an excuse this time? Last time it was because Lucky was on every drug he could get his hands on. This time, what, the sexy doctor who wants her, doesn’t say “God Bless you” when she sneezes. I mean really what’s her excuse? I just hope, and I really mean this, I hope if they re-visit the amazing connection (gag me) they show her for being the ho she truly is. And to further the point, I have a feeling they aren’t going to let Jason make the same mistakes. I think he has taken such a beating in the writers room they they are going to let him turn the corner on this and man up.

    Sam, I mean what can I say. She is so full of pain, hurt, and loss that I am amazed she didn’t go in harder on Liz. I applaud her restraint. Any other nurse could have come in and talked to her and maybe just maybe. But ELIZABETH! Just when things couldn’t get any worse here comes this ho.

    Now on to my usual complaints…really writers! RC this is for you. Please stop the madness. Just before you even go with Liason and McBam highlight and delete. Give the Jasammers who are losing patience with your show something. We have endured all of this angst and for what? Just to see a repeat of 07? I implore you to watch AMC on Sundays and steal some ideas. Or HBO. I mean really. Now Connie is/ may be pregnant too. Same script as Sam had? You are taking “going green” to a whole other level. Just stop.

    June 13, 2012 at 7:56 am

  9. ★•*♥Crazy Angel♥*•☆ I ❤❤❤U So very much…u make me laugh, cry, smile, giggle and remember all the things I believe in for our JaSam couple and GH show…. Loved the PR saying and it totally fits the Nightmare walking inside her deceptive Halo of Nursing whoreness….. Why would you be assigned to Sam? Why did you need to speak on her marriage? Why did you read the card after Sam checked out, when she had already READ it to you? HOW do you know what the Dragon means…..? You weren’t INVITED to the wedding so unless you STALKED it like normal how would you know about the Dragon and Phoenix meanings for Jason and Sam!! And since Robin GAVE you Patrick, Doc Abs head wound is making him see the Noose, I mean Halo invisible to the rest of us and kissed you (still need porcelain god for that image…) you still require that THIRD man searching for your greatness or do you need more coins in the BABY DADDY slot of your life…By the way How are Cam and Aiden?..You know the two blessings you have after LOSING a child…Unlike Sam!!

    Wish Re_Ron would tell a story of Love and Marriage not Lies and Destruction. Wish we had LOVE in the Afternoon!!..when is the last time anyone had sex with AFFECTION and NOT AGENDA or Mental Illness or revenge on GH… Umm! Jason can hug Carly and Nurse Irrelevant but Sam has yet to win that HONOR and everyone is upset cause McVampy does…. IF anyone deserves a DAMN HUG!!! it’s SAMANTHA McCALL MORGAN don’t even care if Doc ABS drops his towel and does it…(WOW visual…towel, hugging, aussie accent, no towel, hugging} sorry what was the point!! LOL Anyway RC/FV I happen to know the goal but You better get there FASTER because APATHY in the Afternoon is not a good Ratings trick either!!! .

    June 13, 2012 at 11:01 am

    • Lara

      You know what Stephanie? You made a great point, how the hell DOES she know about the dragon and Phoenix thing?! That chick is a fucking stalker!!! And as someone who has never had a healthy marriage, she should NOT be dispensing marriage advice to ANYONE!! As to the ‘love in the afternoon’, yup, it’s been sorely missing!! I’m just hoping that when (and not if) Sam and Jason get back together we get a great love scene. Maybe honeymoon cabin esque?! 😉

      June 13, 2012 at 6:40 pm

  10. beatrice

    Hi all….
    I can’t believe that whore had the nerve to come and tell Sam, about losing a child, had she forgotten, iam sure she couldn’t have, cause she was doing the samething snooping around, to find out anything that has to do with Jason, i loved Sam’s behavior toward that ho, but i bet it was music to her ears, when Sam said go to him she is done, that is what the @ssho’s will say, after she sleeps with Jason, which at this point i think will happen, as disgusted as i am to say this…i am sure our couple will find their way to each other again, but i think Jason will hit rock bottom, and i see the way the writing is going Liarson will probably have a filty one night stand again…I am so disappointed in Jason, he said his gonna fight for Sam yet he tells Carly they are over, iam like are you kidding me…I just hope the writers have mercy on us soon.

    June 13, 2012 at 11:02 am

    • jasamforever

      I’m wondering the same thing since RC loves to recycle s/l and there seems to be so much similarities between the sl now and their 2007 breakup just a role reversal… I’m wondering if its leading to jiz ons… As much as I’m sure jasam will get back together and I would not like to see a jiz ons I don’t know what is RC’s thoughts right now! He better wrap this sl up I am so fed up of it now

      June 13, 2012 at 11:16 am

  11. AND THERE IT IS! I tell ya girl, your insight to my JaSam heart has been a blessing since the day I stumbled upon you, but today, OH MY MY. You hit the nail so hard on it’s tiny little head that I felt you were in the living room with me, we were killing that bottle of red, and getting our; “HELL YEAH! – THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT! – SERIOUSLY GIRL!” on! All I have to say now is, haters to the left, Sam rules, and JaSam forever baby!
    Flove Ya,

    June 13, 2012 at 12:51 pm

  12. msaloe

    Thanks for another day of encouraging words. Behind all my negative thoughts I always seem to remember your positivity. Thanks again

    June 13, 2012 at 6:42 pm

  13. SamJasonsHeart

    Steph as always you keep me laughing.
    Liz makes me laugh!

    June 13, 2012 at 7:24 pm

  14. I cant say anything good so I won’t say anything at all after todays GH.

    June 13, 2012 at 8:13 pm

  15. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,you are all on Fire today………………….its Great!
    Ho with a Halo,thats a good one!
    Dragon and Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 13, 2012 at 8:33 pm

  16. bren

    Well said, all. I’m so depressed after watching GH that I just don’t know what to think anymore. I will stay a true JaSam fan, but I really can’t take any more of this crap.

    June 13, 2012 at 8:39 pm

  17. jasamforever

    I feel so sick after watching GH today, I don’t think I can take this anymore. RC/FV is really riping our soap apart & to be honest i don’t think they care that we don’t like it. It’s not like the previous writing regime that fans protest and changes are made, I think RC is doing as he pleases it doesn’t matter what the die hard fan bases think.

    Just my opinion I really needed to vent I just and sick and tired of this non sense & feel somewhat helpless as to what is going on our screens. I have never been invested in a daytime couple as I am in jasam. Seeing jasam leave their figurines today just made me lose hope, the little hope i was holding on to; i don’t mean to sound negative but it got to me. After jason stood there and said he was not giving up on sam, his actions seemed to point to the opposite direction.

    jasamforever feels more like depressed jasammer….

    June 13, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    • Kathy Glagowski

      I agree with you on everything. I too and feeling depressed over this show and the breakup. He said he would NEVER leave her and he has!!He’s not fighting for her!!He’s playing pool with Liz. Why isn’t he talking with Sonny?I too feel like RC is doing as he pleases, the heck with the fans wishes. He is bringing OLTL back to life through GH!!!!!

      June 13, 2012 at 10:16 pm

  18. SamJasonsHeart

    The couples that are “meant to be” are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out stronger than they were before… This will be true for our JaSam family!!!!

    June 13, 2012 at 11:26 pm

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