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“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This”

Good morning, GHers!

I just want to start by telling you that I missed you all, too! ❤ Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, and for all the encouragement about NC. You guys warm my heart (a NC saying, which I typed while saying it in my head with a Southern drawl) 🙂

Today was an emotional day all around. I am writing with a sad heart, and not just because of the heartbreak on GH. I found out today that I lost a dear, old friend last night. He was only 45. I spoke to him two days before he had the surgery that left him in a coma for the past two months, and I am so grateful that our conversation was about all of the good times, and that there was nothing left to say between us.

Take a moment today to tell those you love what they mean to you. Please.

While GH may still serve as a distraction, it surely was not an escape from the heartache or sadness. I wish I could send in a prescription for depression to the writing team. Every time I see the commercial for the antidepressant where it claims to help those who find that “Everything Hurts”…from birthday wishes to hellos, I think of GH. Everything hurts our PC residents, too. From honeymoons to long-awaited baby births. Jeez, our head writer needs some happy pills…STAT!

And even then, he is truly going to have to work to get everyone back who has chosen to tune out from the (MISSING) Love In The Afternoon until things lighten up. I will tell him this right now: “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” He’s going to have to work a little harder than that! 

I would think I won’t be the only one making that statement, either.

  • I get that Matt just had his own “I Remember” moment about killing Lisa, but his actions since were a bit self-centered. I don’t think Matt really stopped to think about how his going to prison would affect all those he love…and is now leaving behind. Namely his brother, who is still trying to find some solid ground, Emma, who has lost more than any child should, and of course, Maxie, who put her own self-centeredness aside in order to save his career, his contributions to society, and what’s left of his family, even though he certainly never proved himself worthy of all of her loyalties. I get why he did it, and I get the whole hippocratic oath thing, but when it comes down to hurting those who are going to try to make it through the next five years without him,“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • As for Maxie, I haven’t been this angry at her since she lost JaSam’s ring the second time. I get that she wanted to stand by her man, and all that jazz, but she obviously sees how much all of this is hurting Spinelli, and she keeps pouring salt in his wounds – liberally. Why Spin still thinks that Maxie is worthy of his love and devotion is beyond me, but I just hope that once Matt is gone, she doesn’t think she can just walk back into Maxie’s life and be his Number One again. I am crossing my fingers that Spin lets her know, in no uncertain terms, that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • Perhaps we really can’t blame Maxie for being so clueless about having a good man and not appreciating him. She obviously inherited that character flaw from her mother, Felicia! I was a Mac and Felicia fan back in the 90’s! I watched them fall in love, I watched them get married in that surprise ceremony, I watched them raise Maxie and Georgie as a family. Then I watched Felicia break Mac’s heart over some weird attachment to Luke, and then I watched her get chance after chance, and I watched her blow chance after chance with Mac. She’s been gone all of these years, and yet Mac seems to have let all of what happened go, and he seems ready to give Felicia yet another chance to make things work! Oh, Mac! No wonder you got fired! You cannot even buy a clue! I was SO hoping that Felicia would realize what a mistake she’d made, and that Mac would look her square in the eye and tell her, “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • I guess Alexis should be happy that Mac is seemingly moving on and away from her, after all, that’s what she said she wanted. However, I don’t think Alexis is going to have a minute to be happy about anything, with all of those television cameras rolling, thanks to the spoiled ingrate she still calls a daughter. That Kristina is even dumber than she was before attending Yale for a whole semester! How could she sit and listen to everything Alexis said about Sam and her loss, and the fact that she is being manipulated in order to pull in ratings, and still not tell them to stop filming? We all know that this, too, shall come back to bite Kristina in the butt, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think she deserved it. I just hope that when she does get what’s coming to her, the family she cared less about than proving a point to her parents – during this tragedy, turns around and says to her,“Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” 
  • Oh, Heather, Heather, Heather. I will give you this: you make it really easy to hate you! Not only is Heather crazy, she is a hateful, spiteful bitch with axes to grind all over the place, and possibly even all over people. Her hatred for Sam is completely disproportionate for what we know Sam “did”, or didn’t do that ultimately pissed Heather off, but if my little “theory” proves correct, it may be what Heather did many years ago that birthed the real cause for her seeking such cruel vengeance of Sam. I can only hope that when Jason finds out the whole truth behind what Heather has been up to, he sends her a message by putting a bullet between Heather’s eyes. I would think that if  anyone would agree with me, on the fact that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!”, it would be Jason,  
  • Unfortunately for Jason, no one is going to learn any harder that “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” Fixing what is “broken” between them will require more that words this time, and for Jason, that may be something he isn’t used to. Over the course of their relationship, including their breakups and consequent reunions, Jason has pretty much gotten away with just using words, although he had more to prove when they got back together this last time in 2009. I must say that it might be a bit refreshing to finally see Jason having to do more than use his words, and have to actually work for his place in Sam’s life and heart. That’s not to say that I think everything that has happened over the past few months is all Jason’s fault, because I believe they have both made mistakes. But when it comes to how Jason handled Sam’s baby being Franco’s, he failed Sam and the baby. As difficult as it was to watch them both hurting over what has happened, I have to say that Jason had it coming. I know that Sam is lashing out and that she is angry, but the things she said in her anger were true. While Jason couldn’t get past the fact that Franco was “the dad”, Sam was doing all she could to keep it together for the baby growing inside of her, until she realized that she could love that baby no matter what! I loved that Sam asked Jason if he thought she hadn’t had her own doubts or questions, because she was the one who was raped, and the one who got pregnant! And I loved that she told Jason that all that mattered to her was that she was going to love that baby with all that she had! When Jason finally learns the truth about JJ being his, I believe his heart will expand about two sized when he realizes just how fiercely Sam protected and loved their son. More than that, I had been hoping for weeks that someone would end Jason’s pity party over Franco a long time ago! Watching Jason finally digest what Sam was saying was painful, but he needed that moment of clarity in order to understand where Sam’s pain and disbelief was coming from. How, or why even, would Sam suddenly believe that Jason really did come to want her baby, when all of the things he is saying to her now are after the fact – at least to her own ears? Sure, we all know that Jason truly was at that motel room door, saying all of those things to Sam, and that he wanted to take her and the baby home, but he said it when she wasn’t there to hear it. So while we all know about his good intentions; Sam doesn’t know. She only has his word, and when she took his failure to confess about what he did to McBain as a lie, (just as Karma will remind us Jason did when Sam failed to tell him about Robin, or Franco, or the paternity) and when you are as hurt and as devastated as Sam is for her baby boy, you don’t want to take the time to be rational or to think things through. I clearly remember Jason refusing to be rational or to think through Sam’s side of things when he found out the truth before she could tell it to him. Surely he will understand, no? You know, today’s scenes reminded me a bit of when Sam woke up after losing Lila, and Alexis came in and spilled to Sam that Sonny had signed for the baby’s stem cells to be harvested and given to Kristina while Sam was unconscious. When Sam saw Sonny after that, she accused him of not caring that their daughter had died, as long as Kristina got to live. They were tough scenes to watch as well, but just like this time, how could anyone not understand where Sam was coming from? It was her truth, as told to her by her pain and loss. What Jason said to Sam was absolutely and undeniably true. He was the one by her side after Lila died, and he was the one who had to tell her that awful truth. Of course Jason would never wish that on Sam again, even if Satan himself had fathered that baby. In time, that will finally ring true to Sam’s ears – and heart – again; but that time is not now. Jason needs to allow for Sam to grieve, and to process all of the feelings she’s experiencing right now, and he’s gotta do it with love and understanding; the way Sam has always done it for him. Jason said that he wouldn’t give up. Now he’s gotta prove it to Sam (and to us) that he meant every word. I took it as a good sign that Jason reached into his pocket and placed The Dragon within Sam’s view, as if to remind her of what they share, especially now that Sam is convinced that what they have is broken.I took it as an even more hopeful sign that Sam didn’t demand that he take it with him, or hurl it across the room at his head, as I might have done. Forgiveness has always been divine between Jason and Sam. I am hoping that is just one more of the constants between them.

For whatever reason, Mr. Carlivati enjoys stretching out the pain and suffering of his couples. We are going to have to hang in there for OUR couple if they are to survive the threat of GH’s cancellation. As for all of this contrived, ridiculous “angst” coming in the form of third parties, *yawn*.

Be sure to let TPTB know how impressed we all were with the outstanding scenes Kelly and Steve gave us, and how they tug at our heartstrings. And don’t forget to let them know how bored and uninterested you are in all of these contrived scenes that don’t make sense or seem to belong.

And for heaven’s sake, STOP reading spoilers and rumors!


Much love,



21 responses

  1. Kathy Glagowski

    Oh Angelique!!!
    You have nailed it —again!!! I feel the same way about our couple!! Sam needs time to grieve and process! I too took it ad a sign of hope that she didnt hurl that dragon but put it bedide her. She still loves him!!! I just wish he could have told her how much he loves her(: but I suppose that would have seemed a lie too! My only fear is Liz waiting in the wings!!!! JAson told her he lost Sam so she will try to swoop in and comfort!! But I don’t think he would sleep with her! Lets kerp the faith!! Thanks for your positive take always and wrlcome back
    Kathy G

    June 12, 2012 at 3:12 am

    • beatrice

      man i qm hopeing they don’t make him sleep with this slut now, that would be the worst.

      June 13, 2012 at 12:39 pm

  2. lt4bama

    I am truly sorry to hear about your friend. My condolences to you and his family!

    I’m not invested in Spixie as I am Jasam so I wish they would bring someone nice and sweet to fall for Spinelli and for Spinelli to equally love and just forget about selfish Maxie because she doesn’t deserve him.

    I kept telling myself that Sam had to have done something else (even unintentional) to piss Heather off that Sam or I don’t remember or know about. I was refusing to believe that this was all about some dumb letter to “Steven Lar” (boy am I sick of Heather saying that) But Heather confirmed today just how cray she is. She is destroying Sam’s life because of a stupid letter. I should have known. Maggie became her victim because she called her crazy. Can’t wait for her to get what’s due to her

    I’ve been waiting for Sam to go OFF on Jason. Oxymoron? Maybe she’s not done but I thought it was going to be worse. I would have had a few more things to add. I do feel bad for Jason because of my love for him but Sam needed to unload all her pent up feelings. He treated her horrible during this pregnancy and as far as she’s concerned was the reason for the death of her son. It amazes me how people can turn around and say this is Sam’s fault. Even when Jason is admitting that it is his. What? Because Jason apologized she has to immediately accept his apology? Hell to the NO. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I just don’t want a whole year to past for her to forgive him. Now that would just be punishing us Jasam fans. A little begging and groveling would do just find. He can go find her son, prove that he loves him, they reunite, THEN they find out he’s the bio dad. Hope it all unfolds before their anniversary.

    The baby they found is soooo adorable and I love that he smiles so much with KeMo. With all that she and Sam are going through I hope she gets an Emmy because she has definitely been consistently delivering Emmy worth performances.

    Jasammers life is short and unexpected. Tell people in your life that you love and/or appreciate them while you still have the chance and try to do positive things in this world. Angelique you are the best and very gifted and thank you for this outlet. All those that contribute to this blog thank you for your perspective, comfort and/or reality check. You guys are part of my growing online family. One Love

    June 12, 2012 at 4:29 am

  3. jasamforever

    Hey Angelique,
    My deepest condolences go out to you, life is precious and short; tmow is never promised. Of late Gh is not a distraction to me at all, it just adds to the pain esp when I’m having a bad day. I hope RC works overtime to fix this mess we see everyday, I’m hanging in there but its really hard.

    First of all, I HATE HEATHER she annoys me in ways I never knew I could be annoyed. I can’t believe all this is because of a stupid letter OMG… Furthermore if I have to hear Steven LArs or a BLT @ Kelly’s I’ll scream. I wish Olivia uncovers the truth about her and jason finishes her off for good!!!!

    Matt really annoyed me with his sudden growth of a conscious and morals, what maxie is doing to spin breaks my heart as I am a spixie fan as well, but IMO JL maxie is portraying this lightly somehow I think KS maxie would have made those wounds hurt a lot more. However, JL is doing a very good job. I feel sry for her but more for spin.

    Didn’t really get to see much of mac and felicia but I think they’re cute. Alexis surely lost her chance! I hate this mob princess nonsense and that stupid producer is really annoying, Kristina even tho I liked both lexi and I’m giving nukrissy a chance, to me kristina has always been a dumb ass (sry if I offended and krissy fans) molly has been more of an adult than krissy.. ALWAYS! That said mob princess is wearing me out cut this stupid sl I hope sonny/alexis finally make krissy pay for her nonsense bcuz she always gets away scotch free.

    I hate all this contrived bs.. It didn’t even sound convincing when liz told ewen she wasn’t seeing ne one then to conveniently run into jason… I hate all that nonsense, give liz a sl that does not involve jason omg! I hate her character… And that’s putting it mildly.

    As for jasam, those scenes broke my heart in so many ways I felt sry for jason but I agree he did deserve to hear all those things esp from sam, she always tries to spare his feelings while hers get hurt in the process. Good for u sam. They are really killing this sl even tho I hate it. Kudos to them. I do hope jasam reunite b4 their anniversary I don’t know how long. I can take this! Jason better shape up and step up and I want to see him fighting tooth and nail for his marriage. As much as I hated this for jason he really needed that I hope it rings some bells in his head. This is much worse than what sam did to him and they never let her live it down so jason needs to see that. Glad he left the dragon it was a sign of hope although I thought sam was gona hurl it at him lol

    So they is hope at the end of this never ending tunnel of doom. Thank you as always for ur insight and comfort, without this blog I don’t know how I could get through this. Have a good day jasammers

    June 12, 2012 at 5:27 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      I agree with all your thoughts. I felt bad for Jason but not too bad!!!He treated Sam HORRIBLE during her pregnancy. Then once the baby is dead he tells her he was going to accept him!!! We saw him at the motel room door but Sam didn’t We heard him say he was going to find Sam and HIS SON but she didn’t. We know the baby is his and not dead but they don’t. So Jason deserved all he got. she is a mother grieving.

      June 12, 2012 at 7:18 am

  4. dawn

    Jason and Sam were blissfully happy when they got married; they were enviable because their bond was so incredibly deep. When they left on their honeymoon all we could see were years of happiness because they were the perfect couple that loved each other like their lives depended upon it. Then Franco happened.

    Jason could not imagine a more stark reality than Franco taking what is his and tainting it. Sam even said that is how Jason looked at her once they got home to the penthouse. Jasons worse fears came to light and he introverted instead of helping Sam deal with the devistation that was inflicted upon her. They both needed to heal, but Jason offered little to Sam but a couple of apologies. Jason became obsessed with Franco when Sam needed him, and after Jason killed Franco Jason thought the situation had been handled. Unfortunately you cannot fix everything by simply eliminating the threat. Jason’s brain troubles and then his misunderstanding of how Sam handled his illness and Robin’s death were unexcusable. Sam had recently been raped and found out she was pregnant, she was living a nightmare alone. Jason ran to Sonny’s rescue during the Star Manning trial and left Sam to deal with Franco’s tape and Heather alone. Remember the day Sam cam home to the penthouse and called for Jason, she call him baby, she said ,” baby, I really need to talk to you.” Jason was not there for Sam. Period. In a perfect world he would have been by her side caring for her and together they could have healed.

    I believe yesterday was a wake up call to Jason. Much has passed, and sometimes we get bogged down in the details, but the ultimate reality is that he left Sam alone. Alone to experience her tiny miracle. Alone to worry over what her life had become. Alone to face the future. Alone to birth her baby. Now Jason must come to terms that Sam wants to grieve alone, because that is what life has dealt her and she has adapted.

    Jason always wants to manage every situation that occurs within his orbit. This is why I find it ironic when Carly yelled at Sam that Jason doesn’t like to be managed, because that is all he does. He is everyones hero, accept Sam’s. Maybe this whole storyline is to show that Sam is the ultimate, she is Jason’s hero, the hero’s hero. Maybe that is why she shows so much strengh, is always ignored by her husband, mother and friends in her darkest times of need. Perhaps her strength will be what carries she and Jason back together. These are just hopes for the future, because a character as genuinely good as Sam does not deserve to live in a nightmare. Hopefully RC is on the same wavelength.

    Have a nice day,

    June 12, 2012 at 6:46 am

    • jasamforever

      Wow u said it dawn! Jason needs to be the HERO always! He is a hero to everyone except his wife which is sad because she is ALWAYS there for jason thru thick or thin! Sam is a ride or die wife/gf!!! I love both jason and sam as well as jasam, but I’d have to agree jason deserves some of what sam went tru. He broke up with her in 05 I think, he took away her rights isn’t that being managed!??? So if this sl would make jasam a stronger unit ok, even though I HATE it with a passion hate seeing jasam go through all this, it hurts seeing this!

      June 12, 2012 at 7:03 am

    • Kathy Glagowski

      WOW!!! Dawn you said it all. Jason is everyone’s protector except SAM’s. It’s so sad because you can see how much even now they love each other. Maybe this will be a wake up call for him. Believe it or not I think Carly of all people is going to make him see that. Well said,Dawn,well said!!!

      June 12, 2012 at 7:10 am

    • Lara

      Wow, is all I can say Dawn! This was so wonderfully insightful that I have nothing left to say!!

      June 12, 2012 at 10:46 am

  5. Lara

    Hey Angelique, how I missed you last week! I was very much in need of your wise councel and because i was so busy with work i didnt even get to go on the Sunday Drive with you. I’m glad that you’re back now though;) I am however, so sorry to hear about your friend. I recently found out about an old school friend of mine that past away last year. We used to be so close and then drifted apart over the years what with different schools and moving and life. I wish that I had gotten to talk to him one last time before he died though. So I’m atleast glad that you got that opportunity.
    Now, on to GH! I told a fellow Jasammer yesterday that these writers must be depressed because Sam and Jason’s s/l for the past 7/8 months has been like ‘slit your wrist depressing!’ I thought Carlivati was supposed to bring the show back to ts soapy goodness filled with intrigue and loving, instead we just all sit around and cry into our soups.(which I actually did last week, it makes your lunch cold and salty, I don’t recommend it) I’m so grateful that I’m not the only one who thinks that Heather’s wrath is in NO way comparable to what Sam did, which lets face it was really nothing in hindsight, as Heather is out and living with her beloved Steven Lars (ugh, gag me!) I’d love to hear what your theory is on Heather because the sheer ferocity of her spitefulness confuses me!
    As for our couple…. I wish I could cut and paste a comment that I posted yesterday on one of the GH fan sites. I’m going to try to paraphrase it here instead. It basically said that yes I am and always will be a Jasam fan, but I could really care less about Jason right now. I mean I know it’s the writers, but they’ve done a great job of turning my mind off of him. He’s been written to be the victim in all of this which is why I was so happy that Sam called him out on his bullshit yesterday! I’m glad that they are not making her wallow in her grief and that instead she’s gaining some clarity out of this horrendous situation. Shes been his doormat for far too long and its about time she gained some of that fire back.Yes she’s grieving and she angry, but words spoken in anger are almost always truthful because they express the feelings that we don’t want to say outloud normally. Any mother in her situation would feel the same way. Even though Jason didn’t physically kill the baby, he set in motion the events that led to ‘her child’s death’. We have to remember it’s not like Sam had a miscarriage, this is the SECOND baby that she’s carried TO TERM only to be going home empty handed once again. That is a grief that no mother should EVER have to face, and yet she’s done it without needing a trip to Shadybrook! At this point in their journey I really just want her to get her baby back and to be happy FOR ONCE! Whether that’s with Jason or not, who knows. All I know is that words are empty, actions have meaning and if he wants his wife back in his life he’s going to have to start doing a WHOLE lot more than apologizing!!

    June 12, 2012 at 10:41 am

    • dawn

      I see many posts that express the same sentiment that your has…Sam isn’t taking Jason’s crap anymore(to paraphrase). I don’t think that is really the point, I believe that she CANNOT listen to him now, because she is in self preservation mode. She said a while back that she wanted to hold him and comfort him but she needed to care for herself, well things have only gotten worse and worse for her. Sam has hit rock bottom, her whole dream of a happily ever after has been ripped away. This is why she is spewing anything that she thinks and feels without a social filter, because she literally has nothing. left. to. loose.

      We all know this is a soap opera and there must be temult, the only way to create a rift between Sam and Jason without it seeming made up is by completely burning down their world. Never fear, they will end up back together, they will be STRONG because of this, but they must suffer in the rawest most horrifying ways to come out surviving together.

      The thing we need to carry with us and refer to on our darkest days is that Sam has given birth to Jason’s son. She is the one, the love of his life, the mother of his son, and that makes her priceless. Jason is going to come to his senses and truly put Sam first and help her heal. She will grieve deeply and push him away, that is natural, but he will not stop because he is a fool for her. Remember, Jason has shown that ultra-sound picture around like a proud Papa, and he told everyone that he was going to be a Dad, while grinning like a goofball. Also, he has such a support base from Monica, Sonny, Carly, Liz, Michael–which by the way all accept Sam and think she is ‘the one’ for Jason–that he will not let Sam go. I refuse to accept an ending where Jason and Sam are not together!!! Period.

      Have a good evening,

      p.s. I really enjoy being able to discuss GH with all of you, it is like our own little soap club.

      June 12, 2012 at 6:36 pm

      • jasamforever

        I do agree with u, especially on 2 things: Sam is Jason’s great love, she is the mother of his child, the child he so wanted… which does make her priceless… well said.

        Having Angelique & this blog is so therapeutic, to have all you guys here to lean on and talk to is really nice, this feels like a safe haven because some fans out there are so brutal/rude/disrespectful (I could go on) but it really does feel like a family.

        So much thanks to Angelique & all of you guys. have a good night jasammers 🙂

        June 12, 2012 at 8:18 pm

      • Kathy Glagowski

        Agree with you especially about the blog being like a family!! I love having this forum to vent!! I an totally invested in Sam and Jason but layely I want to slap Jason! He said all the things to her he should have said to her months ago!! Not after she lost her baby!!! I wouldn’t believe him either!!!! Of course she is drawn to John. He helped her when Jason couldnt even look at her and he deluvered her child!!! Could it turn to love? Maybe but I dont think so! Jason has to grt off his pity party and fight for his wife and child!!!!

        June 12, 2012 at 8:29 pm

      • beatrice

        i agree with your list but i do not believe Liz should be in it, she does not believe Jason and Sam should be together, she wants him for herself.

        June 13, 2012 at 12:51 pm

  6. jasamforever

    This may be a bit off track but I’ve been following the msg boards and twitter; now I totally understand that we have jason fans, sam fans and jasam fans. I also know that this s/l sucks but wow the in house fighting with some fans is overwhelming.. And sad. I’ve seen these fans fight against each other and it can get really brutal. It leads me to wonder if this is all a part of the writers plan to divide jasam by writing one or the other so out of character that their fans turn on them completely; all in an effort to pair them with others or to facilitate the OLTL characters. Its just a thought that’s been in my head…. I could be totally wrong but …

    June 12, 2012 at 12:38 pm

  7. beatrice

    Condolence, for your lost, if it helps at least you know his at peace, and pain free….
    These crazy writers need to get our couple back on track soon, i can’t stand the division, any longer…but i too am glad, she keep her little dragon, instead of throwing it over his head…i hope it was pain talking cause i feel those were words she needed to say, as hard as it was to watch and hear…i felt so bad for Jason…i keep hearing he has many scenes with Liz coming, if he sleeps with that slut, it will be hard to forgive him, at this point, i think he needs to find ways to earn Sam back, not do the well she is mad at me, so i had to turn to Liz.

    June 12, 2012 at 4:31 pm

  8. So sorry for your loss angelique.
    Jasons words do not make me feel he is going to fight for sam. he seems to have given up on them. everytime someone asks him, he says we are over. What a bunch of crap. If this were Sam she would be fighting tooth and nail to get Jason to forgive her. I do like seeing the feisty sam back. I am unsure what the writers are trying to do, but I like jasamforever see the fans splitting. I myself am a jasam fan but right now cannot stand jason. of course i havent forgiven him for the SOS. Jason is going to have to do something really fantastic to get sams forgiveness.

    June 12, 2012 at 6:46 pm

  9. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! Wow this board is jumping today…………….Good!
    I am thrilled at all the different insights some I agree with some I do not but I appreciate them all! Team Jasam Always and that will never change for me! I hate this s/l I still feel its should have been written SO differently! In saying that Sam nailed Jason yesterday and she needed too! To many times its been about jason and not about Sam! Even after Francos crap! Jason treated Sam and their baby horribly! i do not hate Jason because he is being scripted this way! It amazes me how RC turned the tables.He put Jason in Sams shoes from 2007! Jason is doing and saying things we know he would never do! Isn’t that what we said when they had Sam doing the same thing in 2007! As disappointed as I am I can still watch GH with a deep breath,many deep breaths. Yet even through all this pain we at least know 1. Little J is alive and 2. He is Jason son! 3. This child was conceived on 9/29/11 on his parents Honeymoon “the Greatest Love Scene” ever! At least that I am sticking with!So I am still Holding that Jasam will survive this crap and be Stronger than ever! Jason and Sam will be a little worn but may just get to the Core of a lot things unsaid! Great blog! Great Sharing!
    Angelique my prayers are with you always! We missed you!

    June 12, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    • Kathy Glagowski

      So glad to read a post with the same thoughts and feelings I have!!! Jason is really going to have to do some soul searching!! Hope he gets off his pity party soon and reclaim his wife foe we all know he cares for Liz as a friend but Sam is the love of his life!!! But we better prepare fpr a long hot summer!!! Jasam 4 ever!!!

      June 12, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    • beatrice

      I am with you at least we know the baby is alive, and we got our JaSam baby.

      June 13, 2012 at 12:55 pm

  10. Traveler

    Thanks for today’s Wonderful Blog!!
    Yep, I completey agree!! “Sorry’s Not Gonna Fix This!” Actions speak louder than words!! Im ready for a little less talk and lot more action!! Its time for TPTB to start “Rebuilding” our Moragan Family!!
    Viva la JaSam and Baby JJ.

    Sending a “Big Hug” your way!! Sorry about your loss!! XOXO

    June 12, 2012 at 11:40 pm

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