Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline…

Good morning, GHers!

I hope your holiday weekend was all you wished it to be!

You know, I am aware of the viewer ratings during soaps, but I am thinking that some episodes need a disclaimer that in order to be able to enjoy (or at least make it through the episode without turning it off in utter frustration), “Viewers, Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline”.

It’s either that, or just play dumb, because some of the stuff playing out on-screen has no other possible explanation. So, for the love of GH, I guess we have all made the decision to suspend our belief. We are such a loyal bunch, aren’t we?

The Suspension of Belief applied to just about every single storyline playing out:

  • It is nearly impossible for me to believe that Maxie would be this committed to protecting anyone else before herself, but especially when it comes to Matt Hunter. I get the whole “He’s a doctor making a difference in medicine”, and the whole “Patrick has already lost his wife, I didn’t want him to lose his brother, too”; I do. I just still don’t buy it, especially when it’s obviously hurting Spinelli so much! Besides, Matt is on the receiving end of some major loyalty from Maxie, when he has never shown Maxie anywhere near that kind of loyalty. Even if you can get past all of that, what about the fact that Maxie ran off with Matt, got changed and got back to the courthouse in less than an hour, and then married Matt without a license? In order to buy all of that, Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • Okay, is someone really trying to get us to believe that John McBain kept a secret from his brother Michael about a long-lost half-sister named Theresa , even after said sister DIED? Yeah, I thought so. Listen, I get that RC worships this character, but that still doesn’t make McBain GOD! I am having a tough time swallowing that backstory down, because it just seems way too unbelievable! As someone who watched OLTL, John and Michael had already been through too much together for John to have kept something that important from his brother. No way! But I guess it’s just another case of needing to Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • I guess if there is a silver lining to this silly long-lost sister thing, it will be that if McBain and McCall turn out to be McSiblings after all, at least we can be assured that her “brother” will treat Sam a lot better than her own (not-that-long-but-still-lost) sister, Kristina. May I start out by saying that Lindsey Morgan, the young woman now playing Kristina is just beautiful, and she apparently has the acting skills to boot. However, I do agree with so many of you that she seems just a little too grown to be Sam’s younger sister, even though my two youngest children are now taller than my oldest, who is 7 and 9 years older than them. Short Happens, and in this family, it apparently happened to Sam. It’s just that, at first look, this new Kristina seems too “old” to be playing a young, inexperienced college freshman, and it kinda distracted me from the dialogue playing out. Oh well, I did go back and watch again, and I’ve gotta react to this storyline as a parent. If anyone expects me to believe that Alexis was terrified (judging from her facial expressions and the sheer desperation) as Kristina confronted them about having gotten her into Yale using connections, we’ve got a problem. Sonny was right in that Kristina is acting as though a tragedy happened. ALL WHILE IN THE ROOM WITH THE PERSON TO WHOM A REAL TRAGEDY HAPPENED: SAM. Perhaps Sonny didn’t know that Alexis or any of the girls knew about Sam’s rape and the paternity issues surrounding this pregnancy, but Alexis did know, and I expected her to react as someone who knew. As a mother who knew! It was disrespectful and so insensitive to Sam for Alexis to have allowed Kristina to go on and on like that about “her life being ruined”, when Sam, whose life was blown to pieces isn’t being this histrionic!  If I were Alexis, I would have snapped Kristina out of her cluelessness by turning her self-centered butt around to face Sam, and then schooling her on the fact that what happened to Sam can truly be argued as having the potential to ruin one’s life! As for the crap about the reality show, Mob Princess, Kristina’s parents are a lawyer and a mob boss! Surely they aren’t even thinking about allowing Kristina to drag them into her stupid mistake! Surely, there is a legal injunction Alexis can employ, and certainly, there are some thugs Sonny can employ to scare the crap out of that grad student with the bright idea. I mean, come on! I would cut her off from every parent-sponsored credit card, vehicle, car insurance, and every other benefit she had reaped as being the princess daughter of two of the most powerful people in Port Charles! Instead, it looks as though the warning should be Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline.
  • I know there was some hullabaloo over the fact that Jason rang Liz when he couldn’t reach Alexis, but honestly, I didn’t even think that was worth a tweet! First of all, it’s important that we all understand the meaning of CONTRIVED: obviously planned or forced; artificial; strained. You could use any one of those words to describe the ridiculousness of Jason not being able to reach Alexis, and then calling Liz. Jason mumbled something about not wanting Bernie to “show up waving money for a nuisance arrest”. WWWWHHHAAAAAAATTTTTT???? That, Jason, is Bernie’s job! He didn’t want Bernie showing up with the money, but having a broke-ass nurse who can’t afford science camp for her son show up with the money wouldn’t be of some note? Oh, please! For those scenes, the warning Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline should have been flashing across the bottom of the TV screen like the severe weather warnings! Those scenes made absolutely no sense, especially when Liz has yet to perfect the art of playing it cool. Go back and look at her reactions when talking to Jason. For a moment, I thought Jason was going to have to slap her to get her to calm down. If the writers’ goal was to remind us of just how ill-suited Liz is for Jason and his life, that might have been the only thing they accomplished with those scenes. If I were a Jiz fan, I would be so disappointed that the only thing Liz and Jason seem to talk about these days is Sam, and how lost Jason is without her. It leaves Liz no choice but to keep talking about Jake to Jason. It’s the only connection she can cling to…with both hands, and her feet dug into the sand.

I would encourage all of the JaSam fans to avoid getting caught up in the plot points of this storyline. If Sam and McBain were the only connection being (over)used, people would turn on Sam. I believe Liz is part of this story to shift some of the blame onto Jason, which to be fair, it is his turn.

I am hopeful that this part of their angst will be over soon, and that the next challenge will be tackled by them together. Jason and Sam do everything better together. That we know, and that’s no plot point.

Hang in there, friends!

Giving up is not an option!



13 responses

  1. Kathy Glagowski

    Well said,angelique!!!Jason and Liz are just in there to provide story for Jason and Sam!!!I am a nurse and I couldnt just leave work like that!!!!!All Liz seems to do at GH is listen in on peoples conversations!!!!! If Jason was really in to Liz he would have hugged her for bringing him the money but he didnt. We all know he is for Sam. Kristina is and always was Alexis’ favorite child and a brat!!!
    This new kid seems to portray her kust right. To be fair to Alexis, the focus was on Kristina and the fact she was missing from school. Not on Sam at the moment. Kristina will find out about her sis ter soon enough. We will all hang in for Jason and Sam!!!

    May 30, 2012 at 8:15 am

  2. jenncorb

    All the McBain stuff requires a suspension of belief, so here’s mine. McBain never met his sister. The woman he met was a con. Either he met Sam running a con as his sister, or he met another con and Sam is his sister. Either way, you need to throw any sense of logic out the window, so it fits RCs pattern.

    Totally agree about Maxie too. Jen Lilley is good, but she simply doesn’t play Maxie’s impulsive side nearly as well as Kirsten did, so things like the “I’ll marry Matt” idea just don’t play well.

    And our dear Krissy… must say, I’m not as impressed with the acting as you are yet, but she definitely is gorgeous. I think once she settles it, she’ll do better. I hate when they start people off with these explosive group scenes without letting them get their footing first.

    Ah well, we wanted an escape from reality right? If only RC understood we wanted an escape from our OWN realities, not a disconnect between what our show is and what we’re watching now.

    At least Jason will start groveling soon…

    May 30, 2012 at 8:20 am

    • Beatrice

      Ooooo,I am looking forward to Jason groveling

      May 30, 2012 at 10:12 am

  3. Kathy Glagowski

    I don’t know if McBain and Sam are siblings or not. After watching John tell Anna about his sister, I felt that Sam just reminds him of her. I never watched OLTL so I never even knew he has a brother. And about Kristina, I get she would be upset that Sonny pulled strings for her to go to Yale but come on, its Yale!!!!!Just suck it up!!Lots of parents pull strings. Thats one of the benefits of having money. Get over it and don’t be a fool!!!

    May 30, 2012 at 8:21 am

  4. Beatrice

    OMG…these writers need serious help,as you said if I was a Jiz fan I would be offended,which is why if they sleep together it will be gross,his crying to you about his WIFE…she needs to tell him to shut up,and go get his wife instead of bitching all the time…what exactly is Liz position @ GH,to be able to get up and leave when she wants,yet her kids live at the daycare,WTH…I need the writers to let Liz go mess with Ewan or Patrick,there is no reason for Jason’s hotel partner to be in our JaSam situation.

    May 30, 2012 at 9:36 am

  5. I believe Sam is McBain’s sister. It probably is easier for me to believe this because I didn’t watch OLTL. I don’t know Michael or John’s backstory so it easy for me to accept what is on screen.

    Liz is a prop and that is all. She isn’t relevant to the story so there really is no need tp comment on her. Honestly she is someone Jason can have lines with when Sam is busy with her own storyline. As soon as Sam is done and Jason is back in the picture Liz The Prop will be put back in storage.

    May 30, 2012 at 9:46 am

  6. Rita

    Well, I watched OLTL and I am not sure what RC is thinking. John and Michael were very close, and he would have told Mike if there was a sister. He never mentioned a sister at all, EVER.
    Now as a Jasam fan I am more than willing for John to be Sam’s brother. But dont you think that Alexis would have known Sam’s fathers name? I know we are suspending belief, but its too weird for me to wrap my head around. McBain is not common, surely Alexis would have asked at least who his father was had she known a cop named McBain even if she was only 16 at the time of Sam’s conception. And Sam was put up for adoption, she was not in and out of foster care.
    If I get it figured out, I will accept it with glee. That way Sam can have John as a friend and brother, and Jason will have to leave it alone.
    NOW onto Jason and Liz – why call Liz? I dont get that either other than it is going to piss off Sam / and Liz is a prop.
    Jason could have called Carly or Michael, (since I do realize he tried to call Alexis and she ignored the call; and maybe Sonny’s phone was off; and maybe Sam left her phone in the car . . . I GET that the Corinthos – Davis clan were having a mob family meeting, and they were busy. But they always answer the damn phones)
    I digress, Carly or Michael would have been the logical ppl to call, not Liz. And it is sad for the Jiz fans if this is what they call a reunion. It only further backs up what we have known for the past 8 years, Jason loves Sam.

    May 30, 2012 at 10:46 am

    • Beatrice

      Why would LiarSon fans be happy with the crap they are getting now,he wines about not having Sam with him,I would mad…Liz is such a loser.

      May 30, 2012 at 1:07 pm

  7. jasamforever

    thank goodness someone sees the light Angelique, as always you make sense of non sense.
    first of all, i miss KS maxie, while Jen Lily is trying her best at maxie i don’t think she could pull off these scenes as KS maxie could. KS maxie would have knocked this ridiculousness of a s/l out of the park. I hate this s/l for maxie, what it is doing to Spinelli & why the hell would maxie go so far to protect Matt who always went out of his way to not even show maxie how he felt (only when she was locked up he did). I think the writers tried to capture what KS & JC had on days of our lives & have it on GH… but it never worked. why maxie stood by this jerk esp when he was a puppy dog after lizhoe beats me…

    i watched OLTL back in the days of john & michael, they were super close so as to why john would keep such a secret.. ridiculous. To me, ME is “the jason” on OLTL. RC has always written him as “the god” of OLTL he is always the one everyone runs to for help, the rescuer, the advisor … everything jason is on GH. So it makes sense why RC feels the need to glorify his character on GH… however, this GH not OLTL … get over it… as for the stupid sister story … it annoys me, why the hell do you come so many years after to avenge your sister’s death with i don’t know “NO PROOF”… this s/l sucks.

    NuKristina, I actually like her, she has that latina kind of look just like Dante does. She is gorgeous and seems to be acting well, but I do agree she kind of looks old. & well Kristina has always been Alexis’s favorite and bratty so i guess she is staying true to her character … lol. I am actually excited to see her upcoming scenes, she looks feisty… maybe why i like her is because i heard she is a jasam fan!!!! lol

    i was glad they showed jason calling alexis first but it still does not make up for him calling lizhoe… and come on is she chief of freaking staff that she could walk out anytime???? we all know she does nothing at GH but eavesdrop on people’s business. but Jason why would you call her to bail you out? we all know she is broke … she always reminds us this! hell the night she slept with jason she told him she had $10 so she couldn’t afford a motel… well sleep in the damn hospital not in jason’s bed! (she has absolutely no shame) i understand why he wouldn’t call sonny (because of the kate stuff), spinelli (because of maxie), maybe not even monica, to an extent i understand him not calling sam (because she was upset) michael (because i guess he is a kid & he doesn’t want him too close to the business) but come on… CARLY is supposed to be your bff … dammit jason call her!!!! & Liz looked so stupid coming with bail $, as you said Angelique it just showed me how much she doesn’t fit into his life … AT ALL! I’d be embarrassed to be a jiz fan if all i have to hear them talk about is jasam, as i always said liz uses every single opportunity to remind jason of jake because that’s all they have in common… So fed up of Liz in jasam’s lives… i hate her even as a prop!!!!

    i’m hanging in there for my jasam, not jumping ship… I’m not going anywhere… jasam forever.

    May 30, 2012 at 1:41 pm

  8. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! All I have to say is I am SO disappointed with GH right now! I will not change when it comes to Sam and Jason but watching Gh lately is painful!

    May 30, 2012 at 6:20 pm

  9. Traveler

    **Please Suspend Your Belief For The Following Storyline**.
    OMG, I love it!! Bravo!! Im going to remember to do that as Im watching some of these storylines!!

    *Giggles” McSiblings!! Love it, hope it comes to pass.

    Im hanging in.. JaSam Fan 4Ever, thats what I am!!
    Viva la JaSam!!!

    May 30, 2012 at 9:49 pm

  10. rosejasam4ever

    I totally agree with you Angelique when it comes to Maxie, I said it on one of youtube vids and someone mentioned growth of a character. Me, l don’t buy it coz l loved Maxie selfish and all, and she had a moments where she was selfless and it was refreshing. My theory is she loves Spinelli and has never been in love before so what she is feeling is scaring her to run into Matt’s arms. He does not deserve her loyalty and for her to just disregard Spinelli like that so not her. But like you said suspend your belief for the following stl, I’m just gonna do that.

    As for Krissy annoying lil brat is all l have to say. Liz Liz never knew it was possible to hate a fictional character as much as l hate the Liz character. She has no stl, they have no idea what to do with her so they use her as a prop for jasam. RC fire her as she has no purpose and waste of space and our time. Jason is one idiot but still love him. The writers are really doing a number on him but hope when the time comes he begs and grovels at Samantha to take his ass back.

    Holding on for dear life to my jasam forever

    May 31, 2012 at 1:45 pm

  11. Sonia

    Clap Clap.. you know what you talking about Lady.. all contrive plot point

    May 31, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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