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“I’m Here For You”…

TGIF, GHers!

Laptop is back, but now I can’t find my glasses, so let’s hope and pray this makes sense when I am done! Ha Ha!

It feels good to actually sit down to post without taking a huge sigh of disappointment first!

I think we are turning the proverbial corner on all things DOOM as far as our GH is concerned. I saw real signs of Hope, which for me, is a very good thing, because I need for General Hospital to stay around for a very long time! I think it has a really good chance of doing that, because I do believe they are finally listening to all of our calls, emails, letters, postcards, FB posts, and tweets. I am really, really proud of you guys.

And…wait for it: I am really proud of Misters Valentini and Carlivati for a couple of reasons. *takes cover*

Hold on, let me explain. You know that I will call them out on crap when that is what we are getting, and I have, believe me. In fact, the last time I lost my phone last week (it happens at least twice per week, thanks to years of pain meds) my daughter checked online to see if my phone had been used. As I stood there waiting for the news, she very solemnly told me that, oh yes, someone had stolen it and had gone on a calling spree to two places: New York and Los Angeles. She said, “It’s like a pattern. There are two calls in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two at night.” 

I had a mini heart attack and then quickly realized that I had actually had my phone longer than I realized, and that it hadn’t been used by anyone but me – to call GH Feedback on both coasts. 🙂

But I digress. Back to why I am kinda proud of the new GH Honchos. There are a couple of reasons. First, other than the short-term memory loss the writers seem to be suffering from, their long-term history continues to ROCK! GH  has not had this much of a blast from the past since the last time there was a big anniversary, and they played some montages! Seeing Anna and Felicia reconnecting, and hearing Felicia talk about having been involved with Luke way back when was just GENIUS! It helps the younger and newer viewers to do something they never could before: RELATE to and UNDERSTAND the connections in Port Charles. Moments like that continue daily, and it is really something that I enjoy as a longtime viewer! The other thing I am really enjoying is the fact that there are more than 15 people living in Port Charles again! Kelly’s has hungry diners, the PCPD has cops walking around, and the Metro Court actually has guests looking to fill the many guest rooms available! It seems like an insignificant thing, but it feels right! It makes the stories move and make some sense, and I really do give them props on that!

As for Thursday’s episode, what can I say? It was really, really good soap. I know! I can hardly believe I am saying it myself, and I am half terrified that tomorrow’s show will have me eating my words, but the truth is the truth. It was a great episode!

Nothing warms the heart of a die-hard soap fan more than when the characters we love to watch are there for each other in their times of need. GH was nothing, if not full of those moments throughout Thursday’s episode.

I remember watching Weekend At Bernie’s years ago and laughing my butt off! Don’t ask me what it was about it that had me in stitches, but I do remember enjoying it. I was reminded of it, of course, by the inappropriately funny scenes of Luke and Tracy trying to deal with a very dead Anthony Z! Oh, those two (three, actually) did a great job of bringing some much-needed sunshine (literally!) to the perpetually dreary PC! (Another thing the new team gets points for – DAYLIGHT SCENES!) How funny were the scenes of Luke and Tracy moving the body all over the Quartermaine Property, only to be followed by the scenes of Anthony being “Bernified” on the lounge chair! It feels good to giggle over a death in PC for once – as wrong as that sounds. 🙂 I loved that both Luke and Tracy thought the other had jumped the gun on killing Anthony before realizing that neither of them was guilty of getting the deed done. Most of all, I loved that Luke, in spite of his previous dastardly deeds as a husband to Tracy, showed up when needed, and said to his wife, “I’m Here For You”, with more than just words!

Sidenote: I thought it was a neat twist to have Tracy hear the news about Franco and that entire ordeal in a way that kept Jason from having to hear any inappropriate  or hurtful comments from his aunt. Tracy eavesdropping was a smart way to have her informed without having to have her involved. Let’s see how long Tracy can actually sit with that news before doing something hurtful.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. For me, Olivia’s greatest redeeming quality has always been how fierce she is about family. Therefore, it was good to see that Liv has researched exactly what it is that is “ailing” her cousin Connie, and showed up to lend her ear and shoulder when they’re needed most. Having Liv say, “I’m Here For You” during such a dark time in her life is just the right medicine all around. It was also good to see that Liv left all of her Bensonhurst smart-assness at home, because it was the last thing Kate needed. What she does need right now are people who TRULY love her and know her, and people who have her best interests at heart. Maybe when all of those rings come together, someone will be able to help Kate figure out that Johnny set Connie up to take the rap for his crime. I think Kate has been through more than enough, don’t you?

Sonny loves power.
Todd loves power.
The quandary begins when both men want to have more power than the other, and to make it even more complicated: when they want more power OVER the other. That little showdown over at Pozzulo’s was only missing two cowboys coming out of saloons on opposite sides of the town! Each of them came to that table wanting to let the other know, ““I’m Here For You”, as in “to take of you once and for all”. I thought it was genius to have both Todd and Sonny resort to what they both do best: For Todd it’s blackmail, and for Sonny, it’s a death threat. Even more genius? To have the non-violent power play be the one to come out on top!  I am a strong believer in the school of thought that the brain is the greatest weapon, and I loved to see that theory tested and proven! Sonny totally underestimated Todd, and didn’t realize that he’s as clever as the devil. So waving that gun in Todd’s face as he pompously refused to take either of Todd’s alternatives seemed a bit foolish once Todd was done waving around his ingenuity. I couldn’t help but smile at how effective Todd was at shutting Sonny up, and I can’t even stand Todd! LOL!

If Johnny thought he was tripping before Carly came knocking on his door, he must have really thought he was losing it when Carly let him know that she was there to say, “I’m Here For You”. Who can blame Johnny for his confusion?  That was one hell of a turnaround for Carly, who kneed Johnny’s family jewels last time she came by! I have to admit that Johnny still had the power to make me feel for him, even after all he has finally admitted to doing. Johnny was tormented by his guilt over everything, as apparently he felt no guilt for any of it at all over all these weeks. I guess it all caught up to him at once, and now it seems to be more than he can deal with. I thought Brandon Barash did a really incredible job of showing his heartache and vulnerability, and I thought Johnny did a great job of showing those same things to Carly. Who wouldn’t want to take him into their arms and offer him comfort, and what he needs most – forgiveness. Carly didn’t realize that in offering Johnny the possibility of that forgiveness, she may be saving him from the sense that he is now completely beyond it for all he’s done. How the writers can redeem Johnny after all of this, including trying to frame Tracy for Anthony’s murder, I don’t know. But I hope they figure it out fast! I am not ready to say good-bye to Johnny!

We’ve gotta give Ron Carlivati props for something else. *shrugs* Family obviously means something to him, because he has done a superb job of reminding us all that no one is an island in Port Charles, and that everyone has family to turn to. What a special moment when we get to see Jason turning to his mother to tell her the details of his life, especially when he’s never really done that before. Sam urged Jason to tell his family the truth about the baby, even though Jason didn’t want to, because she knows what family means to the Quartermaines. It is the complete opposite of when Jason wanted to tell Monica about Jake, and Liz didn’t want him to. I was glad for Monica, that she finally had an opportunity to dispense more than prescriptions for medication. She was finally able to dispense some of that wisdom and experience she has collected over the years, and she was able to give it to Jason, the only family child she’s got left. It was a beautiful moment, even under such sad circumstances. I will tell you that when Jason told Monica that Sam was raped, I cried. Why? Because I have waited since November for someone to have that horrified reaction to the news that Sam was raped on her honeymoon! Thank you, Leslie Charleson, for knowing exactly what we fans needed from you! Monica reacted as a mother, as a grandmother-to-be, and as a woman, and I really connected with that. I was so proud of Monica for also knowing that Jason needed more than just a listening ear. He also needed guidance and advice, even if he didn’t know it. I know that so many of us longtime viewers had been hoping that Monica would share her initial resentment over Jason with him, because I think it forced Jason to consider what we have all known all along. He can love this baby they think isn’t his, because he loves Sam, and how could he not love her child? Monica’s counsel to Jason was perfect. It was honest, wise, and even hard-to-hear, but that’s why it was exactly what he needed. It gave me great joy to hear Monica being able to tell her son,“I’m Here For You”. Jason may finally believe it, and may actually take her up on her offer.

I began to feel hope thumping through my veins when Jason walked in to Kelly’s and found Sam. I nearly melted into a puddle on the floor when Sam asked Jason if he was there for a bite, and Jason answered, “I’m Here For You”. 

It was soooo good to see hints of the Jason Morgan I have loved for so long! I know Jason told Sam that he was there because he wanted her to know that he had told Monica everything, but the fact that he had to get Molly to tell him where to find her tells me that Jason left Monica and really thought about what she’d said. Jason loves Sam more than anything,the way that Monica described loving Alan, and he may finally be coming to understand that the love he has for her can and will extend to the baby, who is growing inside of her, and who will be a part of her. He may not be able to grasp that fully for himself just yet, but as Steve Burton always says, “Blame it on the brain damage!” 

All kidding aside, it was so sweet to see Jason being awkward and unsure in front of his wife, because not only does it bring back memories of their beginning, but it shows that he is trying desperately to stay close enough to not lose her, even if he feels a little lost himself. As for Sam, she needs to know that Jason can love this baby, and she needs to know it soon. I think a little piece of her heart breaks off every time Jason tells her he cannot be sure he can love the baby. While it was great to know that he was at Kelly’s for her, she needs more. Sam needs to know that Jason is truly there. For her. Now. And for whatever comes next.

Moments like those they shared at Kelly’s remind me so much of when Jason and Sam were trying to deal with falling in love with each other without giving too much away…because of fear. Both Jason and Sam are afraid of losing what they have – yes – have, not had, because all of the love is still there. They are so scared of losing the one thing they both promised to never lose again, but seem to be completely at a loss as to how to hold on to it.

I am hoping that their Love will serve as the Shooting Star that lights their way.

As the Compass that helps them find their way back to each other.

As the Polynesian Flower that symbolizes new life and new beginnings.

Maybe then, they’ll not only remember, but believe, in the power of the Fertility Necklace Jason put around Sam’s neck, which was safely put away during that awful time I cannot bring myself to mention again.

Besides, Double Happiness cannot happen without the both of them…

Jason and Sam may have trouble believing they will get there right now, so we will just have to believe enough for the both of them.

Who’s with me?


Have a great holiday weekend! I promise I will make time between barbecues and family to take a Drive with you all on Sunday!

Love you all…



18 responses

  1. Kathy Glagowski

    Oh Angelique!!! You are the greatest!!! I love your take on this episode!! For the first time in months, I had hope for our couple!! He’s coming around. And she asked him to go with her to Lamaze class!!! They are reaching out to each other!! But crazy Heather is lurking do our joy is short lived—- for now. I know they are coming back together. Maybe it’ll take all summer long and into the fall but they will be back together and this time they’ll have a son!!! JaSam 4ever!!!

    May 25, 2012 at 3:06 am

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for the Great Blog!! I’m with you!!

    My habit for the past few years was to “Save” some of my favorite JaSam/GH Episodes on my DVR for months. That way I could go back and watch my favorite scenes over and over and over again. However, these past months I have watched GH “once” and then deleted it from my DVR. I did not want to go back and rewatch!! For the first times in months, I “Saved” this GH Episode, because for me its worthy watching again!! 🙂 Im hoping my DVR will once again fill up with GH/JaSam Episodes I WANT to watch over and over…

    I LOVED the Monica/Jason scenes!! I have always loved the way she has supported JaSam!! I was so happy Monica shared her feelings/history with Jason. It is exactly what he needed to hear.

    The JaSam scenes made my heart happy!! My heart just melts when I see Jason not only looking at Sam like she is the love of his life.. But when I see him treating her like that!!

    Wishing you and my fellow JaSammers a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. See you on the Drive!! 🙂 xoxoxo

    May 25, 2012 at 5:30 am

  3. lt4bama

    First thing I’ll say is I can’ believe I’m up this early. I was on the computer last night talking GH for hours and then had to finish up somethng for work. So when the alarm went off I was about to hit snooze but then I thought Angelique HAD to write something about yesterday’s episode so I grabbed my laptop. Then when I saw that you did I perked rigth up.

    Now to get into this: I love Kelly Sullivan. It was a few month ago I was telling my mom she was a horrbile actress, even when she started this DID s/l. But as I watched her transform between both personalities I had to eat crow (never really got that saying but what the hell, it fits!) She is phenominal and I hope they keep her around. If not someone will snacth her up. This woman has a range of talent. As does Brandon Barash. I can’t believe I want him to stay too. But I don’t like him with Carly. She has better chemistry with crazy Todd or even Shawn.

    I love AG so much. He’s a fool. And so is Luke. Luke and Tracy scenes were a relief. What are they going to do when the cops determine that was Anthony’s blood I wonder… Speaking of which how the blip Padilla saw that spec of Anthony’s blood so fast. PCPD go super competent over night and then stupid again in minutes by not realizing they were looking at Anthony’s corpes.

    I love fierce Sam. To me she has the upper hand on Heather but then I have to remember “that chick cray.” But my girl was not backing down she gave Heather the “if I weren’t pregnant” speech. If only she wasn’t that would be great to she Heather get that ass whooped. I hope Sam knows crazy fights dirty so she needs to be prepared for anything.

    After Sam walked away from Jason twice the day before, he was so scared he had run to mommy. Love it! It showed he heard and listened to everything that was said at the hospital even though he stood there most of the time with his damn blank stare. I haven’t loved Monica this much since she told off Liz. She broke it down for Jason. She let him know “I didn’t want your ass either” (yeah I paraphrased) “but it was so easy for me to love you through all the pain, hurt and resentment I had b/c I loved Alan that much.” Aww. Mommy got through to him. So glad it was her and not FW.

    Then my boy searched all over town looking for his woman. He even risked the wrath of Molly. He walked into Kelly’s and she threw him a smile. “Here for a bite?” then he was like No “I’m here for you!” playing with his hands nervously (oh yeah loved him playing with his ring when he was talking to Monica) And then I was like I forgive Jason. I’m a wuss. I hope we do get to see him apologize to Sam though b/c she really deserves it. He showed interest in the baby for the first time in a long time and that has to be why she invited him to the class but why didn’t she just go. Now I’ve agonized all night that he might reject her in today’s episode. Then I’ll be all upset with Jason again and with Sam too for putting herself out there. But I guess that’s what love will do to you. Make you vunerable.

    Now I KNOW I wrote too much today once the scroll bar popped up to the right of my text but after so many months of miserable episodes, yesterday’s was too good for me to resist. But hey I did warn you. And you did give the green light to pour my heart out. Thank you. Have a good holiday weekend. And you did great as usually even without glasses. Haha

    May 25, 2012 at 5:54 am

  4. Beatrice

    I am so happy I came across your blog,you are the reason I am still watching GH,after every bad scene with JaSam,I turn to here for hope, so thank you…..I too had a little hope from this eppy. I loved the scene with Jason and Monica,I hope that guides it on the right path…man I am scared to hear Jason’s answer to going to the class with her..enjoy your weekend.

    May 25, 2012 at 6:56 am

  5. jenncorb

    It came out perfect, as always. Maybe you aren’t as blind as I am!

    Monica/Jason was the best part of yesterday. And the best of the best… Monica repeatedly referring to Jason as ALAN’s baby. How could she not love Alan’s child? Hey knucklehead! This is Sam’s baby! The sooner you start thinking in those terms, the better we will all be! Then you can be there for her.

    May 25, 2012 at 7:17 am

  6. SamJasonsHeart

    I agree Jenn.. Monica and Jason were the best part of yesterday. Jason heard her and took it all in then went to find Sam. I haven’t had this much hope in a long time. Today Jason is back in my good graces.. Tomorrow well only time will tell.
    I have hope that The Morgans will find their way back together as they always have.. “Love ca build a bridge between your heart and mine” that bridge has been built now Jason needs to cross over.. Ok they can meet in the middle either way works for me.
    Loving GH.. and today I saw the Beauty again in Jason/Monica and Sam/Jason scenes!

    Have a safe and Happy weekend with friends and family! ❤

    May 25, 2012 at 8:13 am

  7. inlovewithjasam

    I will admit my Jasam loving heart has take a huge beating since this stoyline started, but finally yesterday I saw a little of the old Jason emerging. Hope this is the first step in them moving forward happy and raising a family they both obviously want with one another!! VIVA LA JASAM!!!

    May 25, 2012 at 9:33 am

  8. Rita

    Love your thoughts on the episode, this episode was a definite win for Jasam

    May 25, 2012 at 9:45 am

  9. jasam forever

    Hey Angelique,
    Great / insightful blog as per usual. I read your blog every time I feel disappointed & sad about JaSam; it gives me hope & makes me see things that I was blind to. Also, thanks for the vote of confidence in us but I really hope somehow that we can get to the JaSam fans that have jumped ship (Mcbam or whatever they call it) if not maybe we could at least petition for John to go back to Llanview so he doesn’t mess with our JaSam… I mean Natalie & Liam need him!!!! Ok ok I guess that wasn’t nice but its wishful thinking!!!!
    Tracy / Luke / Anthony were hilarious as usual; I can’t believe that PC cops really fell for Anthony sleeping. Padilla who spotted a speck of blood couldn’t see that Anthony was not moving because he was dead & not sleeping! & where is Anthony’s blood I mean come on he was shot at close range in his chest or wherever & no blood? Did Johnny embalm him already!!!!??? I hope Tracy was not the one to sell out JaSam to the tabloids… I know Jason isn’t her favorite family member but jeez!
    I really like Olivia but she hasn’t had much of a story line for a while now, I fear she might be on the chopping block with Padilla next to be fired! It’s nice how she sticks by Kate. I must admit though when NuKate showed up I didn’t really like her AT ALL! But she has really grown on me so has this DID s/l. To be honest, I don’t think the other Kate (Megan Ward I think) could have pulled it off. Well maybe she could have pulled off the Kate part but the Crazy Connie part… not too sure!
    I really don’t like Todd … since OLTL maybe if it were the Todd before (I believe he is Victor now) but Todd annoys me, I guess because I love my hot headed Sonny!
    I really like Johnny & it would be interesting to see how the writers redeem his character, I don’t want to see Brandon leave  & I know some ppl will want to clobber me for this but… I love him with Carly; she brings out a side of him I haven’t seen since he was with Lulu. I think they both are good for Johnny.
    Monica never really did anything for me but wow I’ve made a total 360… I have always loved though how she supported Sam/JaSam. But her scenes yesterday with Jason were really good … & I loved that Sam said she will make sure the baby knows her. When she told Jason about him being the “bastard” child & that she loved him in spite of that I feel so happy that someone finally told Jason what he already knew… I must admit she got me a little angry with her first thought on Jason telling her that the baby is not his (Thinking Sam cheated on him) but she quickly redeemed herself with her reaction to Sam’s rape.
    When Jason saw Sam I was so sure that he was gona say I’m here to take you home Sam… but I had to remind myself that this is soap opera! It’s really nice that he asked about the birthing classes & seemed genuinely interested.
    My hope was strengthened yesterday for my JaSam, but to be safe I’ll give them until August /September to reunite fully … we know August is their month for loving (August 2010 reunion).
    Thanks all for the continued support in this journey it really means a lot to have all you JaSam supporters to lean on in these hard times. & Angelique I can’t stress how much I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog, you ROCK!
    PS my favorite scene yesterday … NO Liz/Liarson… lmao & sorry I know I didn’t get the official green light but talking about JaSam just makes me yap on & on!!!!

    May 25, 2012 at 10:23 am

    • Beatrice

      Any eppy with “NO,Liz” is good, there is no reason,for Liz and Jason right now…she is pointless…if they wanted her in their business,I feel she should’ve been there for the person she could relate to,Sam cause she was raped,not Jason,so she can collect sex points, why can’t she turn toEwan and Patrick,or Matt, leave Jason alone…I like how when Jason tried to run away from Monica she still got her point across to him, it would be great if it was Liz that spilled the story….but we know it’s not.

      May 29, 2012 at 7:23 am

  10. Jerron

    Tell you what I loved most about the episode…Sam is making it crystal clear she is going to love her child.
    Even though he was saying some of the most hurtful things I have never doubted his love for Sam. I don’t think Liz comes close. It’s deep. It’s down to the marrow. That doesn’t just go away. Sam and Jason aren’t like Carly and Sonny who go out of their way to hurt each other. It’s the last thing they would ever want to do to each other.

    May 25, 2012 at 10:58 am

    • Beatrice

      I love how even apart you can see the love between them, Jason and Sam does not even have to say anything to each other for you to see there is something there, just put them in the same room, the chemistry is there,that is why those LiarSon haters,hate JaSam so much,the so called love LiarSon see does not come across as ez…boy how they will die when the baby comes and Jason accept him,the late Jake will become topic again,I am sure,why couldn’t he love Jake but can love this baby.

      May 29, 2012 at 7:35 am

  11. jasam forever

    i agree with you, the love they have goes way beyond what he has with liz, even if they re write liz’s character or history whatever … they still won’t come near to what jasam has. i don’t think we could compare carly or sonny either, while i agree they do love each other alot but their love is destructive, jason & sam … i can’t put it into words but i could say their love definitely is true. its love!

    May 25, 2012 at 12:06 pm

  12. rosejasam4ever

    I gotta admit the jasam scene had me jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store and garnered some crazy stares from work people but l didn’t care. It gave me hope and reminded me why l loved Jason and when Sam smiled as he walked in it confirmed the love, not that l doubted it but it was nice to see. Monica always loved her support of Sam/Jasam and yes Jason needed to be reminded that the baby might be Franco’s but its also Sam’s baby and he loves Sam with all he has, he cant just throw away his heart. cant wait for some good bonding scenes and am praying and hoping he goes to lamaze class but am also prepared for disappointment.

    Angelique as usual u were on point and thank you, I come here everyday just to hear your take coz l know u are going to give me hope with our jasam babies.

    May 25, 2012 at 12:13 pm

  13. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers! Wonderful Blog Angelique…….I’m Here For You!
    I had forgotten how much i have always Loved Monicas and Jason relationship! There scenes together reminded me of when Sam got shot! Once again Monica was there for Jason the way no one else could be! And Monica was one of the 1st people who knew Sam was Good for Jason! I allready knew Jason was not going to go with Sam to the class but was thrilled she asked him! I was just glad they were talking TO each other! Nice touch to have Jason ask Molly where his wife was! I wish it had been on screen! Molly is still upset about seeing Liz hug Jason! The little cute smile Sam gave Jason as if she could not hold it in if she tried! Jason saying I’m Here For You just made me smile!
    Angelique you are so right RC has brought some GH history back and making the connections is great! If only he would have done the same with Sam and Jason!
    Who would have thought that Luke and Tracey would have been such a great match!!! They can be hilarious! Kates and Olivias relationship was sealed I thought their scenes were good too!
    Well one day at a time! Hopefully we have same Jasm Love in the afternoon soon! Hopefully Jason Love for Sam will be stronger,deeper than anything or anyone else Franco,McBain,Heather,Liz!!!!!
    Great respones Ladies I so enjoy reading the different views!

    May 26, 2012 at 7:10 am

  14. Sonia

    Great comment. I was asking for so long why Jason was not speaking
    to his Mama instead of outsiders.. finally did and Monica told him what most likely Jason knows he can and will love Sam baby.. he just messed up right now

    May 26, 2012 at 5:11 pm

  15. Carol

    What I see is Sam not giving up on Jason….She knows he will love this child just like he loved her first baby and she is giving him room to figure that out. I hate she is being kicked down at every turn when she offers him once again a chance to accept her child. Sam loves Jason so much but I am glad she is putting her child first. I just hope when Jason finally realizes that he does love the baby, Sam hasn’t given up on him and their love.

    May 28, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    • beatrice

      i am with you on that one i hope jason does not wake up when it’s too late…

      May 29, 2012 at 12:37 am

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