Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

“I Can Handle It; Even If You Can’t”

Good morning, GHers!

Ugh, still no laptop, but even with my stiff back from all of this nonstop rain, there was no way I could turn in without “talking” about today with all of you. This is one of those times I wish we had a mega-conference call to really hash this out together! I guess I will just have to wait to get all of your comments…

I know a lot happened in Port Charles, and I know some it was important, but nothin’ was more important than what went down between The Morgans!

So, I will just say that:

  • I am proud of Sonny for actually stepping up and standing by the woman he loves, and who loves him, even when it’s “hard”. Good for Sonny for finally showing some growth!
  • I am also proud of Michael for not running from Starr even after he turned her in. I think  Michael has always shown more growth than his father, and I am proud that he picked up on the good side of Jason while it was still there. -________-
  • Poor Emma. What confusion she must be feeling at all of the loss and transition she has faced in such a short period of time. (I just wanna eat up that Brooklyn Rae Silzer! She is just too adorable!) The fact that use is so confused is the only reason I am not insisting that Patrick bring her to GH in the morning for intensive therapy for even thinking that Liz could be her new mom! Heaven forbid, Emma! You’d be abandoned in day care until all hours of the night, just like Cam and Aiden, while “new mommy” was out seeking her new bed buddy! Good for Patrick for letting Emma know that it would take a village to help raise her with Robin gone, and him adjusting. We want that awful image out of Emma’s pretty little head STAT!
  • Carly left me a bit unconvinced on her threat to Todd about having to go through her before messing with Michael. It appears he has already gotten through her, via some laughs and fries. In case no one remembers, she and Johnny once shared a bag of fries, and look where that eventually landed them.
  • Speaking of Johnny, Ron Carlivati has managed to give just about everyone i care about in Port Charles undiagnosed DID. Yu guys know that I always believed that Johnny was “a good guy” deep down, and that when faced with the tough choices, he would at least almost always do the right thing. Mr. Carlivati blew that theory straight to hell! Wow. If the fact that Johnny could shoot his grandfather in the heart at point-blank range several times didn’t shock you, how about the fact that Johnny is the one responsible for the deaths of Cole and Hope, and is letting Crazy Connie take the fall for it? You know, as if he didn’t take enough advantage of a mentally ill woman. I am sorry. I just don’t buy that John would ever treat a woman, especially one “not all there”, so much like Claudia, so cruelly and callously. I am just disgusted in this character assassination! Johnny deserved better, and so did Brandon Barash!

Well, friends, I think we can all agree that no character’s assassination has been more drastic than that of Jason Morgan. Holy crap! Jason is just being destroyed by his own dialogue, and as a longtime viewer of the show, and a self-proclaimed expert on the characters of Jason and Samantha Morgan, I can very confidently declare that Jason Morgan would never, ever act or speak this way.

I think it’s important to make that clear before we discuss Tuesday’s scenes, because so much of our anger is being misdirected at the wrong person(s)! The real jerk here is the genius who decided that this would be a great way to   get people talking and tuning in to Sweeps! I believe that distinguished honor belongs to the headwriter. Not Steve Burton. Not Jason Morgan. If we are going to expend any energy on being upset with what’s playing out onscreen, let’s  expend that energy wisely – by laying the blame where it belongs, and letting them know exactly how it makes us feel to hear Jason “Father To All Except His Own” Morgan suggesting to his wife, who has waited almost eight years (right along with us) to have a baby of her own, that there are alternatives to raising this baby together! Call, email, tweet, write to your heart’s content, and do it with class – no threats, insults, or nastiness! BUT! The wrong thing to do would be to throw in the towel on the couple that both Steve and Kelly have worked so hard to make a raging success, and so damned believable – for all of us! 

Think about the number of interviews they’ve both given, the JaSam Event, the way they try to show us fans that Jason and Sam are still deeply in love in every scene, no matter what’s going on story wise. Think about the number of ways both Steve and Kelly have worked so hard to bring smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes over the years, especially most recently! Aren’t they worth the frustration and the urge to reach through the screen and choke someone? Aren’t they worth holding on to, in spite of the DID storyline they are trying to survive? I will be honest – to me they SO ARE WORTH IT! I am a survivor of the Summer of Sleaze and the Destruction of Sam McCall. Why would I suddenly be taken out by the Assasination of Jason Morgan? I loved them through the absurdity and indistinguishability of those story lines, and loved my Soap Supercouple through it, and guess what? My steadfast loyalty was rewarded! Jason and Sam have made watching GH a true-blue joy ride! There have been ups and downs, but because of their Love Story, my afternoons of watching them provided me with a pocket of distraction and escapism unlike any other. My only regret would have been if I had given up on them in 2006, 0r 2007, 0r 2008. Imagine all of the magic I would have missed out on! Imagine all of the friendships we would have missed out on if none of us kept the JaSam Love alive long enough to bring us all together!

*trying to swallow the lump in my throat*

No matter where Jason and Sam have been over the years, no matter what they’ve said or done to make us scratch our heads in wonder – or hurl things at our televisions in anger, it only takes Steve and Kelly nanoseconds to remind us of why we hold on so tightly to Jason and Sam.

That’s how I know that even when Jason is spewing crap like what he said to Sam at the hospital, I can look any doubter straight in the eye and say, without reservation, “I Can Handle It, Even If You Can’t.” 

I am just hoping we can all handle it!

When we look back at their scenes, there is so much being tossed at us in the form of lifelines, but unless we decide to grab them and hold on, we’ll drown in all of this doom and gloom surrounding our favorite couple!

This is what I saw when I calmed down long enough to rewatch:

That hug Sam and Molly stumbled off the elevator upon was the first lifeline. Liz initiated that hug, and obviously thought much more of it than Jason did. The minute Jason turned around and saw Sam, he forgot all about Liz. In fact, it was Liz who guiltily had to explain what she was doing with both her arms around Sam’s husband. I loved that Sam immediately held Jason responsible for that, and didn’t engage Liz, by asking Jason if he just happened to be there for the celebration! (But I have to admit that I adored the stare down Molly was giving Liz! LOL!)  Immediately, Jason took a huge step towards his wife, and away from Liz, as if she was no longer there. (Lifeline!) Once his eyes were on his wife, everything else seemed to fall away, and you could see the love in his eyes as he explained that he had been there for a followup.

Even while Molly was applying the pressure, he was looking at Sam as though he wanted, or maybe even needed, Sam to ask him to go with her herself. All he could see and hear was Sam, (Lifeline!) and that still pierced my JaSam loving heart! When Liz refused to go on about her own business, and butted in once more to tell Molly that it was something Jason and Sam should decide (did she hear herself?), the sound of her voice seemed to grate on Sam’s ears, but Jason didn’t even react. A hovering gnat might have garnered more attention from Jason! (Lifeline!) I loved that. Jason is not confused about how much he loves his wife, and amidst of all this madness, I really needed that to be crystal clear.

When Sam asked to speak to him alone, Liz seemed to struggle with them being out of earshot and alone. Jason seemed to struggle with Molly knowing that someone else knows how he failed to protect his wife. Still, Jason seemed sincere that he was glad Sam wasn’t alone in this, and maybe even a little relieved that she was turning to her family, and not McBain. No matter what was said, Jason seemed truly torn. He is lost without Sam, but he cannot seem to deal with the reminder of what (he thinks) he allowed Franco to do. That’s what Jason is struggling with, even though he refers to it as the baby. I know that so many were upset about everything Jason said, but he was right about one thing: they didn’t talk about the baby, and still haven’t. They both share some responsibility in that failure, but I still don’t think it’s too late, except for the fact that they are in the middle of a hospital and Sam is almost late for Lamaze. I think the pressure of saying as much as he could, as quickly as he could, may have worked against Jason in this instance. While I know that it sounded downright sinful for Jason to even suggest an alternative, to which Sam clarified that he meant they give the baby up for adoption, there was more to that than what we all walked away with.

If you listen carefully, Sam says she allowed herself the same thought for a second. To be fair, while Jason and Sam were unsure of the paternity the first time around, Sam did say to Jason that she couldn’t imagine having Franco’s baby. She struggled with the very thoughts Jason is having. Yet, she explained to him that when she saw that sonogram, and felt her baby move, she realized that the baby was a part of her, and when Ronnie held that gun at her side, it became real. Other than the sonogram, which we know still has a hold on his heart, those other things she mentioned Jason did not experience with her. I am not blaming Sam or absolving Jason! I am merely stating a fact. Jason was hearing those revelations from Sam for the first time! Jason was hearing what this baby has come to mean for Sam for himself at that moment! I do not think Jason was trying to be cold or cruel when he talked to her about alternatives. I want to believe that Jason was letting her know that he still desperately wants to be together, (Lifeline!) and that he was genuinely offering his love and support on what would be tough decisions for her to make, but based on what he believed her struggles were.

When Sam said, “I love this baby. I want this baby. And “I Can Handle It; Even If You Can’t”, several things happened at once. Jason understood that Sam is already a mother, and because of that, she is already in love with her baby, and that baby is first and foremost. He also realized that he may be the big, scary, mob enforcer, and she “this little thing that likes to fight people twice her size”; but she is still the bravest woman he knows. And with that, Jason realized that for the love of her baby, Sam is even going to be willing to brave life without him; something that terrifies him to paralysis.

Do I wish that they’d had the foresight and courage to have this conversation somewhere and some time other than right there? Hell yes. But they did have it right there, and when Molly came over to remind Sam that class would start any minute, Sam didn’t allow Molly to pressure Jason any longer. She did something way more effective and sensible, perhaps without even realizing she was doing it. She showed Jason she wasn’t afraid to take this on by herself by walking away, not once, but twice. Now Jason will have to face his own fears, and decide what he can and cannot take on without Sam.

Lifeline! Lifeline! Lifeline!

Did it hurt to watch?


Did it break my heart to see Jason and Sam still so in love, and yet so far apart, even though they were within a breath of each other?

Hell yes!

Did it make me be the one to walk away from the most amazing couple of TV, and The Beauty of GH?


I Can Handle It…because they are oh so worth it!

I know you can handle it, too!

We’ll get each other through this… *holding out my hand*



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43 responses

  1. Kathy Glagowski

    I love your blogs and take on the episodes but—-I don’t know if I can forgive Jason!! He’s so willing to help Carly and Liz with their kids and he can’t be there for Sam!! I too saw the love in his eyes! I also saw the longing and hope in Sams eyes when he told her she didn’t have to raise the baby alone! She so wanted him to say he would be there for her but he couldn’t ! I admire her for being strong. She is a mother doing what best for her child even if it means leaving the man she so loves!! I will watch to see if Jason can be redeemed but I am now Team Sam and baby!!!!

    May 23, 2012 at 2:26 am

    • Hang in there, Kathy!
      We CAN handle this even if we hate it! 🙂

      May 23, 2012 at 6:57 am

      • Kathy Glagowski

        I went back and read your blog a few more times. I am hanging in there. I keep watching to see how they will find their way back. Jason has got to do a lot of groveling . He really hurt Sam! But as soon as he saw Sam he turned around from Liz!! He wants Sam and she wants him!!! I’m mad at the writers for this character assassination of Jason and Johnny! Thanks for the blog,it helps me to hang in!!

        May 23, 2012 at 7:32 am

    • Beatrice

      I agree with you, Sam is strong…I felt so bad for her as she had a little hope and he took it from her,by telling her to give the baby up,and they can have one when she is ready,…that was disgusting to hear from him…I want my Jason back.

      May 24, 2012 at 9:25 am

  2. Ana

    Angelique wow once again thank you. I was waiting for your post in great anticipation and anxiety. You never let me down. All I have to say is I got chills just reading this today. Thank you and know that my hand is also reaching out to yours.

    May 23, 2012 at 2:29 am

    • Well, Ana, thank YOU for giving me such a huge sense of purpose! You made me feel as though blogging is a very important job, and that made me smile! Thanks for the kind words… *holding hands*

      May 23, 2012 at 6:54 am

  3. jasam ff

    Awesome blog angelique. I love my jasam/stelly always have always will
    but ron c the new head writer is making it really easy for me to hate to watch my favorite show. This is not the jason i knew and loved for the past 20 years.And this is not the jasam i loved for the past 9 years.

    May 23, 2012 at 4:21 am

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Hang in there! ❤

      May 23, 2012 at 6:51 am

  4. jasam ff

    I also thought the jonny stuff was really ooc and much like jason things he would never do.

    May 23, 2012 at 4:29 am

  5. lt4bama

    The actress that plays Emma is so adorable and when she asked Patrick if Liz was going to be her new mom. Before Patrick could answer I yelled HELL NO. Cam and Aiden wouldn’t wish that torture on another kid. I’m sure Kimberly M. would fly out of retirement and snatch her kid up so fast….

    Johnny to answer your question – No I did NOT see that coming. I thought when they had him rape Kate that was crazy but Johnny is officially off the hook

    I guess it was cool Mike stood his ground but his Momma is a trip. After someone threatened my kid no away am I sharing a fry much less a smile with them that quick or possibly ever. I must admit that I really love Todd. Can’t explain why I like his crazy ass. I just do!

    Sonny was a real stand up guy. I definitely started to like this character again like I did back in the day. Wow never thought I’d see the day I had more respect for Sonny than Jason.

    WTF did the writers do to Jason. I feel worse for Steve than I do Kelly but to be fair Kelly had to go through this BS in 07 so I guess now Steve know what it feels like. And even though I can’t stand Jason’s punk ass right now, Steve was looking super hot with his fresh hair cut and his lean body. That was my lifeline. In my mind he’s getting in shape for a killer love scene. Not this bull s$#% kiss and cut. A real love scene. Can’t wait.

    Now to talk about this MF Jason. WHAT? I wanted to bust him in the head. I’m not even going to lie. This dude is not in his right mind if he thought that at this point in Sam’s pregnancy she was going to walk way from her baby. So proud of Sam. I know it was hard but she let Jason know that he’s not #1 anymore. Baby eggroll Morgan is. And Molly yes. Love her to death. She stood up for a his sister. Ignored the neglectful nurse and told this clown like it is. I will say one thing about Liz. I was shocked at the end that she walked away from Jason. Usually that is her cue to pounce. I guess she needs to get a taste of Ewen first (sorry just can’t really give her an honest compliment. It’s not in me yet)

    It funny how Jason keeps saying that they haven’t had a chance to talk when he keeps refusing to by walking out, staying behind to “deal with McBain”, outright saying talking won’t change anything or leaving Sam lonely on her Bday. All because he’s AFRAID to talk about the baby and his real fears. By his own admission to Spinelli in a roundabout way. But Sam knows this is about his own perceived failure by her explaination to Molly. Sam made her move. Now it’s his turn and his time is ticking.

    Can’t wait for the next set of events and how it sll unfolds. However if John delivers Sam’s baby I will be very unhappy. He has done more than enough.

    Phew. Thanks for the wonderful blog ( Although sometimes I write so much you would think I thought it was mine 🙂 ) and for giving us Jasammers an outlet, a place to connect, share our thoughts and of course to get YOUR insightful POV. You rock!!

    May 23, 2012 at 6:01 am

    • lt4bama

      One more thing. Happy Birthday KeMo!!!

      May 23, 2012 at 6:33 am

    • You are adorable…and very funny, Miss Graduate! (Congrats!) LOL! I love long comments because I love getting a sense of how you all saw & heard things. Thanks!

      May 23, 2012 at 6:48 am

      • lt4bama

        aww you remembered. Thanks. Saturday was a very memorable day. I’m now rocking a M.B.A.

        You gave me the green light for long comments….Oh sooky I don’t think you really know what you just did. LOL

        On a serious note I had to let them know on YT that whenever I feel like I’m losing my way, I look to you cause you are like my North Star

        May 23, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    • jasam forever

      lol i know there is so much to write on these 2 lol

      May 23, 2012 at 9:30 am

  6. aproditebeauty

    Hey partner love your blog and a great giant thank you for the hope. Just when we needed your words.Yesterday was hard for the JaSam fans but I refuse to give into TIIC. I read so many messages yesterday where people were saying that they finally won they were throwing the towel and giving up on JaSam.
    I will never give up no matter how they write them because I believe they will prevail in the end. JASAM FOREVER-DESTINED BY THE STARS.
    i was just telling my mom yesterday that what Sam say to Jason was true. She is already in love with this baby because she has felt the baby kick inside her and she was in a dangerous situation with Ronnie and feared for her baby’s life. But Jason as far as we know has never felt his baby kick and he wasn’t there for the danger to his child. So I think to Jason its not real yet, but to Sam it is.
    Like you said Sam at first talked about she didn’t know whether or not she could raise this child and because they haven’t really talked yet Jason may still have thought she still felt that way in his brain damaged head. And in his brain damamged head he probably thought that would be the right decison for both of them.
    But yesterday he finally knew how Sam felt about their baby and now he has to decide whether or not he can get over not being there for Sam and lettting her down and being able to love their child. He just doesn’t realize yet but he already loves this child or he would not still be carrying the sonogram around.
    Now on to the ho, she should just mind her own business and stay away from Jason. We all remember this is how she started out in 06. She look like she was trying to be a friend and help Jason and Sam get back together but she was just waiting for her chance to sleep with Jason and Sam has not forgotten that. Love how when Jason saw his wife he forgot all about that albatross round his neck and only had eyes for the love of his life. Hang in there we will prevail and I refuse to give up.
    Love always AB

    May 23, 2012 at 7:08 am

  7. It really hurt to watch Gh yesterday. I really hurt to see Jason and Sam being divided on the baby. I truly hurt for Sam yesterday and I was very angry with Jason. But I will never give up on this couple because to me, they are the couple that makes GH and brings me to my TV EVERY day to watch and I have been watching thru all the mess and the love and the angst and the happiness and the pain of JaSam, so I won’t stop now. I believe strongly that Jason will realize that he loves Sam and the baby; I just pray that it is not too late because sometimes you can destroy a character so much that fans just won’t forgive. I have to trust and beleive that RC knows when to pull back. Sam is very strong and brave and she will make a good Mother; she already loves her baby and she is not letting her desperate love for Jason top the love for her baby and that is what makes a good and protective Mother. I hurt for Jason too because he is missing all those baby moments he could be having with HIS baby and when he realizes this, it will break his heart. I don’t think Jason realizes the power of a Mother but he will realize the power of their love, lets just hope it is sooner rather than later because I want my loving strong couple back, pronto!

    May 23, 2012 at 7:35 am

  8. Beatrice

    I think we are trying our hardest to handle the craziness,that is happening before our eyes,I hope soon enough we start to some positive movement for our couple.

    May 23, 2012 at 7:58 am

    • jasam forever

      we will we all just have to stay positive & united.

      May 23, 2012 at 9:49 am

  9. samjase

    Applause! Applause! YOU…my dear..are a master of wise thoughts and ability to put into words what we ALL feel. The writers are giving Sam back her groove! They are re-building Sam to be, not only Jason’s supporter, but..the woman who has more strength in her “tiny” finger than any woman on GH. Jasm will get through this! Jason’s love for Sam is more evident now than ever! The longing is so obvious! I’m hanging in there!

    May 23, 2012 at 8:13 am

  10. jasam forever

    Hi Angelique,
    Once again … brilliant… we need to have Spinelli come up with a name for you, LOL… wow I am so glad that I came across your blogs. They are so hopeful & full of insight. Thank you for all you do. Hope you feel better, I did missed you yesterday (although I know you don’t post every day, I wait anxiously for your blogs, you rock!).
    Yesterday’s episode brought tears to my eyes & Angelique your blog made me teary eyed too!!!
    I’ve always loved sonny, he may be arrogant & bone headed sometimes but he is surely entertaining & great at what he does; its either you hate him or love him, I happen to love him! I felt his pain in his scenes yesterday, wow I didn’t really like this DID storyline but crazy Connie / Kate has actually grown on me (totally unexpected!)
    I really like Michael as well, to me Chad is the best Michael (I know some people don’t like him). I like him & the little red head kid who tried to pay Sam off to get out of town when she was with Sonny in the beginning  lol. I love the relationship he has with Sam now.
    Emma is adorable; I hope they don’t do anything to spoil her character. When she asked if Liz was her new mommy I wanted to pass out & then get up & scream at my TV set … doesn’t mother Theresa (Liz) have enough kids! Jeez she & Sonny are so damn fertile… I love Patrick & I miss him with Robin they really make a good team / couple.
    Carly got me mad yesterday… I mean come on… Carly would fight off any one who even looked at Michael wrong… now she is sharing fries with Todd … jeez Carly… you let me down … are you are getting soft? While I think that Todd is a good actor, I never really liked him, even on OLTL.
    I really feel for Johnny, I really like him but they are turning him into a monster. Carly like Lulu brought out the best in him, I don’t know how they could redeem him from this one, although I’d really like to see them try I know he is not a favorite PC resident. I love Brandon he is sooo hot!
    As for character assassinations I think Liz is the only one whose character was not assassinated … she is still the same… nosy as normal, if not more! Does she even work? Is she GH security because to me she is always in everyone’s business instead of changing bed pans & checking on patients (no disrespect meant to any nurses but like it4bama I really can’t waste any compliments on Liz, I DO NOT like her) I see right through her transparent “Jason I am your friend & I want the best for you, I’ll be thinking of you” act. Mother Theresa… go check on Ewen & stay away from Jason, Sam, baby Morgan & Molly!!!!
    I love molly, she is a little over the top sometimes but I just love her. Some people say Sam was wrong to tell her 13 year old sister about the situation & she should have confided in Alexis or Kristina but in all honesty I think Molly’s advice would have been better than Kristina’s … Kristina was kind of ditzy sometimes & as for Alexis, while I would have liked her to talk to Alexis, she never has time for Sam & Alexis would have blown her top so in my opinion I didn’t mind Sam talking to Molly… Molly should have put Liz in her place yesterday; I mean why Liz was even standing there still when Sam & Molly came beats me, she should have backed the hell off & go do some damn work. But Molly ignored her which was just as good as insulting her… coming to think of it… everyone ignored her… lol. I mean is it ok for Liz to tell Jason what to do & for her to tell Sam to go talk to her husband & Molly (Sam’s sister) can’t offer some advice??? Liz … get a storyline or go make a baby with Ewen who knows he might turn out to be Lucky’s brother!
    I can’t stress how proud I am because Sam stood up to Jason & put her baby FIRST, I mean she has wanted to be a mother so long, her baby means the world to her Jason & if your dumb a$$ can’t see her for the woman she is especially after all the drama she has been in (BECAUSE OF YOU) then wow … let’s have Liz schedule another follow up appointment for you ASAP, because clearly doc checked your kidneys instead of your brain! Sam is the best. She is willing to walk away from Jason for her baby that is unconditional love. And she did walk away before when he had amnesia I think.
    Jason Jason Jason… how dare you suggest Sam give this baby up for adoption, why didn’t you suggest that with Jake or Michael, you’ve raised many children as your own, you even wanted to marry Liz & raise her battalion of kids as your own but your wife who is allegedly carrying your twin’s child (ok I know Franco is a psycho but still) you can’t do this for her????!!! Ok I’ll calm down & say Jason I know this is not your fault its RC’s and with all that … RC better be working overtime to fix this & make sure Jason apologizes for that dumb comment! Jason, you disappointed me yesterday, but I still love you, I know RC is doing this to you so I wait the day you & Sam meet your baby & become a family again… so Jaseypoo … MAN UP!
    Jasam all the way… I CAN handle it!
    By the way, the song at the end … wow … I loved it… I swear Jason was going to punch the elevator doors.
    Thank you A.

    May 23, 2012 at 8:52 am

    • Beatrice

      I am with you here the freaking writers better be working overtime trying to fix the horrible thing they did to us fans with this pregnancy..just when we were ready to see sweet over protective Jason,we got someone we do not recognized…

      May 25, 2012 at 12:04 am

  11. Jerron

    I am loving loving loving me some Sam Morgan!!! That’s right Jason, I’m a mother first! Loved that!

    Dear Sweet Molly, I love the fact that you have your sister’s back!

    I can’t believe we’ve waited 8+ years to have a Sam baby and this is what we are given. This is a crime! A total mockery of of any soap fans good sense. If anyone deserved a happy pregnancy it’s Sam and her fans.

    Now this troubles my because I don’t understand how they can expect us to buy this story. It’s being shown like Sam cheated and got pregnant. Jason is acting like this is a child of an affair not rape. If anything he should be wanting to love this child more not less. I just don’t understand where did his Sam love go? Shouldn’t his love for this woman trump all that other bull? On this part the writers have failed.

    May 23, 2012 at 9:18 am

    • Beatrice

      OMG,I agree with you,one would think Sam cheated on Jason…the writers really need to sit down and watch what message they are sending,they are showing us a woman having to choose between her husband and her child,cause she was raped…this is just crazy.

      May 24, 2012 at 10:17 am

  12. Lara

    Oh Angelique, I swear your posts are the only thing keeping me sane right now!! Can you fell me squeezing the blood out of your hands?! I’m really glad I read today’s post because I’m so heartsick at the moment that I thought that yesterday’s episode might have been it for me. I just felt like he was saying, “Well I still love you and everything, but that thing you’re carrying needs to go!” That to me was just horrific and I couldn’t believe that he would even suggest it. But you’re assessment has made me realize that for all his jackasssery it’s just making Sam stronger and stronger. It broke my heart to hear her turn to Molly and say, “It’s just you and me Sis”, but I realize now it’s just empowering her and I gotta say I really love it because she’s right, she can do it even if he can’t. I hate the writers for what they did to Jasam as a couple and Jason as a character, but if we getter a stronger and more independent Sam I think I’ll be able to get through it. I have to be honest though, I don’t think I’ll ever really like Jason again whether they get back together or not. I really never got over how he treated her in ’06. I’ll keep fighting the good fight though, I’ll keep calling and emailing, because in the end they really did have a beautiful relationship that should be honored.

    May 23, 2012 at 9:55 am

  13. Rita

    Thank you Angelique and to everyone who comments. I think we all add perspective to the story and make each other think.
    Sometimes our Jasam support groups are all that get us thru.

    May 23, 2012 at 11:22 am

    • jasamforever

      You are so right, these comments and angelique’s blogs are so therapeutic … I’m so grateful. Thanks all

      May 23, 2012 at 11:25 am

  14. samjase

    In the newest edition of SID..Ron C. states that ‘JASAM WILL GET AN EMOTIONAL PAYOFF”…regarding the birth! Good to hear. It’s about time we see our gorgeous couple happy for a minute! This was like music to my ears…!!!!!

    May 23, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    • Beatrice

      Really, I want him to accept the child before he knows it is his.

      May 24, 2012 at 10:21 am

      • jasamforever

        Guys.. I need some therapeutic words… All these spoilers are sending me mad… I know I should not be reading them but jeez… 😦

        May 24, 2012 at 12:11 pm

      • Kathy Glagowski

        I feel the same way. All these spoilers make me crazy!!!Even the GH sneak peaks!!!I thought the other day Jason was going to tell Sam he could love the baby. When the scene played out her told her to give it up for adoption!!!!!

        May 24, 2012 at 1:39 pm

      • jasamforever

        😦 heard some abt liason having a bond and jake coming back … Don’t even get me started on mcbam or watever they call it… Some jasam fans have even jumped ship bcuz of character assassination which I find is not fairplay @ all on the writers part… I’m not jumping ship but its just hard esp with the rumors about GH being or not being renewed… And U just don’t know what RC / FV will do next … 😦

        May 24, 2012 at 1:50 pm

  15. Traveler

    *Takes your hand* I TOTALLY Can Handle it, I’m a JaSam Fan for life!!!

    I will ride these lows all the while hoping things pick up. I will savor any and all highs we get for our couple!! I will keep the faith Jason will see the light!! I will try and stay optimistic that the New Powers That Be will learn nothing they do, can ever take away from the Stelly Magic that is The Morgans!!

    Like most of the Posters here. This Storyline has been very painful and frustrating for me to watch!! *Tears* I want back the Jason I know and fell in love with right alongside Sam!! I’m keeping the faith we will see him again soon…..
    (Side note: Ive been watching GH since before Jason was born.. But I didn’t fall in love with him until Sam did).

    Darn those New Powers That Be for what they are turning my Johnny into!! Jason and Johnny are my #1 #2 GH guys.. I want better for both of them….

    Thanks for another AMAZING Blog!! Bravo My Friend!! xoxoxo

    May 23, 2012 at 6:40 pm

  16. Sonia

    CLAP CLAP Lady your the Bomb.. You know your stuff,, and we are holding hands with you

    May 23, 2012 at 7:45 pm

  17. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammer………………….for Life!!!
    Angelique i do believe if it was not for this blog and how you can calm us all down many of us including myself would have thrown the towel in! We have waited for this Baby for 8years and they do this! I cannot figure out what RC is trying to do! Is there a Light at the end of this Jasam Tunnel? Is he trying to turn GH into OLTL? What is the true angle? The best scenes yesterday was Sam and Molly,they were sisters! Molly was what Sam needed,Everything Molly said and her reactions was what Sam needed more than McBain! Liz will never,ever be on my good side! I do not trust a thing she says or does! Last week when Sam said to Liz Friends…..right! That was on the money! Until Liz OWNS her BS I am done! But really I was never a fan anyway so she does not even matter!
    Jason and Robin has a true friendship,Liz whatever! All we can do is Hold On and ride this out! Is it heart breaking YES! But i will Love Sam and Jason forever! I allready know I will never be this attached to TV Couple ever,its just not possible!!!!!!
    If there is was one thing I am very impressed about is all the respones…..its GREAT!
    You are right Sonny came through yesterday!
    I could not believe what RC just did to Johnny!

    May 23, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    • jasamforever

      please don’t get me started on this RC / OLTL … lol Mac was fired was that to bring across mcbain as commissioner or bo … even tho anna was asked i mean come on…. but all the comments & plus angelique calming words really help me .. ALOT!

      May 23, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    • Beatrice

      I too do not trust that BS Liz is talking about friend,last time we heard the friend line they ended up in bed..

      May 24, 2012 at 11:49 pm

      • jasamforever

        yep, sry but i never trusted the mother Theresa act! besides its kind of getting old! have a gnite jasammers…

        May 24, 2012 at 11:53 pm

  18. Carol

    I have nothing to say except who is this man on my screen saying these god awful things to sam and where the hell is jason morgan?

    May 24, 2012 at 7:53 pm

  19. jerron

    you know what I find funny? I don’t, I can’t comprehend why Liasonites would want THIS Jason Morgan.

    May 24, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    • Beatrice

      Well if you notice this Jason is only an @ss to Sam, so to them his light with Liz cause she is whom he wants to be with…never mind the obvious pain we clearly see his going though of not being with her.

      May 24, 2012 at 11:45 pm

      • Jerron

        I just hope the writers don’t go there because they want people to watch the ruckus it would cause.

        May 25, 2012 at 11:28 am

      • Beatrice

        How nasty would it be on Liz part to be with a man whose turned his back on his pregnant wife cause she is pregnant by her rapist, especially since she is a rape victim herself,I have not once heard her say, “Jason,this is hard for Sam”…right now would not be a good time for LiarSON, if they want to break up JaSam, than Jason should be alone,I truely hope Liz is simply trying to be a friend to Jason…even though I don’t trust her one bit.

        May 25, 2012 at 1:25 pm

  20. jasamforever

    tell me about it… i saw some liason fans commenting & putting up some scenes of them … so i decided let me see what the fuss & so called chemistry that liason fans claim jason & liz supposedly has … OMG those scenes are sooo boring … their so called scenes pale in comparison to jasam heat … liason fans have to actually watch our jasam scenes & comment negatively in order to feel good about liason… pathetic!!!

    May 24, 2012 at 11:50 pm

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