Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning, GHers!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. Every message, tweet, comment, text and voicemail put a smile on my face, and truly helped me to remember to take deep breaths before taking lots of little breaths and working myself into hyperventilating. 😉

The day is now behind me, and now all that is left to be done is wait. Thank goodness for our common love of JaSam. YouTube never sleeps, and that’s where I’ll be as I do the one thing I am most awful at: wait.

The more I spend time on YouTube, the more I see what a problem it is for General Hospital and its last chance on TV that the new team doesn’t spend more time there with us. They have it all wrong on so many of our characters that it seems we are watching a completely different show sometimes. Some have asked, “Why keep watching?” Others have come right out and said, “DON’T keep watching!” Yet, anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a terribly annoying habit (or so I’m told).


I can only tell you that it has annoyed the hell out of some of the people I love most, because at times they have been more than ready to give up and walk away from someone or something, and I have refused to. Whether at work, in my family, at church, or with friends, there have been times that I just couldn’t bring myself to walk away. Now, I wish that I could tell you that my faith has always paid off. Sadly, I can’t. There were times I have been dead wrong in placing my faith on someone or something I refused to see as a lost cause. However, I can tell you with all certainty that there were also other times I have cut people or things out of my life with the accuracy of a superstar surgeon – and you would never even know they were ever there. Unfortunately, I’ve been wrong on that a couple of times, too.

Because I have erred on both sides, I know one thing for sure. It is a lot easier to deal with erring on the side of hope (and caution), than to realize I gave up too soon – way too late. Worst feeling ever.

Beloved friends, I am more than painfully aware that the slaughter of the characters and the show we love so much is being slowly but surely stripped down to nothing we can love or even recognize. I also realize that GH is bleeding viewers like crazy (336,000 less than this time last year!), but I cannot just tune out and walk away. I can’t do it.

Instead, I want to try the tried and true to stop the bleeding. I WANT TO PUT THE PRESSURE ON JUST  LITTLE BIT LONGER – TO SEE IF IT CAN BE STOPPED.

I think we all need to put more pressure on Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati, letting them passionately and truthfully know just how betrayed and disappointed we feel by their decision to turn our GH into something we can’t connect with! We need to keep the pressure on them about what it is that we DO LOVE, and what we do miss, because they have a responsibility to those of us who have fought like chicks from the back streets of Bensonhurst to keep GH alive – and them employed! Something is going to end this nightmare at GH, I rather it be the pressure from those of us who love it.

I know that some of you are rolling your eyes, and quoting Olivia in saying to me, “Girrrrrl, you’ve got a problem!”

And the truth is, I do. GH is such a big part of my life that I can’t bear to turn my back on it. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t run home to flip on the TV and watch my favorite soaps. Now there are only 4 left, and only 2 that have been a part of my life my whole life, and I am just not ready to turn my back and say, “It’s been real!” I don’t know – maybe I’m still reeling from losing so much of what was normal to me, and this would just be too much. I ned that one hour to turn off the rest of the world and turn on GH to find familiar faces – some I love, and some I love to hate. (The biggest problem is I find myself hating more and more people every time I watch) Still, I am not ready to let it slip away. Maybe it’s something I need to explore with my own therapist. 🙂 I just can’t do it! Not yet.

Call me crazy like the rest of Port Charles’ resident, but I still have some fight in me, and I cannot lose faith in saving GH!

That being said, I am Losing Faith in so many different characters and story lines.

I have a confession. I detested the Jess/Tess/Bess storyline on OLTL. I didn’t always, but it got outrageously out of control, and I was turned off. Surprisingly, I don’t hate the Konnie storyline YET, though I wish it would stop taking up so much of the hour I get to spend in Port Charles daily. I understand the triggers for Connie, and I could totally understand how someone like Kate, who is so used to being perfectly in control, would have such an emotional reaction to losing control of her feelings for a man who has only caused her pain – and nearly her life, with very little payoff. I will even go as far as to say that I appreciate that the writers have kept true to that. However, I am Losing Faith in the ability of the writers to tell the story without making everyone around Kate into deaf, dumb, and blind idiots who don’t see or notice the freaking over the top panic attacks Kate is having before Connie takes over! Are they kidding me? When I am about to have a panic attack, my kids would be able to see and hear the difference in my breathing, in my ability to remain in one place, and my fidgeting. Olivia watched Kate’s eyes nearly roll back into her head, and thought nothing of it – and they weren’t even in one of those religious establishments where people “fall out”! In other words, there is just no excuse for no one noticing! None!

By the way, I get that Olivia wants to get the monkey she used to sleep with off of the back of the dodo bird she is currently sleeping with, but to turn to the mob boss she kept her son from because of the life he lives? Uh uh. Nope. I’m not buying it. I am Losing Faith in Olivia all over the place – as a mother, as a cousin, as an ex-lover, and even as a girlfriend. Why would Olivia turn to Sonny, apparently without even telling him that she didn’t want Johnny hurt first, and drag Steve into another possible murder that he will have to feel guilty for? And will she lie to her son’s face again when she denies knowing anything about it? It doesn’t make any sense!

I have never liked the character of Steve Webber – and it’s not even because he shares DNA with the other Webber I cannot stand. I started to dislike the  character since that last guy who gave “Steven Lars” that weird Barbarino vibe, and while I loved Scott Reeves as Ryan McNeil on Y&R, he hasn’t made me love Steve either. Until now, I never really gave Scott’s Steve much thought, but now that I am Losing Faith in the fact that Olivia didn’t screw him senseless, I cannot stand to look at him. What the hell is wrong with Steve’s brain when he sees his crazy-ass mother attacking a doctor at the nurse’s station and doesn’t haul her ass back to the hospital for the criminally insane? And that’s not even the first questionable thing he has seen and ignored. He should have driven Heather right back to Fern Cliff on Day One, and told her she still had to work off the last part of the $10,000 she sold him for!

I am really Losing Faith fast that there are any good mothers left in Port Charles! My goodness, it is a miracle from heaven above that Joss even knew her mother the other day, and I am starting to suspect that the reason the poor baby girl walks around with a toy constantly hanging from her mouth is that she has security issues and severe separation anxiety! And who wouldn’t? Carly is all over the place and in everyone’s business – and pants, and barely gives her daughter a thought! Did it even cross Carly’s mind that it’s been a year since Joss got her life-saving kidney? I doubt it  – because she was busy getting Johnny’s – – – never mind. My point is that I know for a fact that kids were not invisible on OLTL. What is going on here in Port Charles that we can’t see more of the kids that remind us that GH is all about the families we’ve grown up with? Why haven’t we seen more of Joss and Morgan? Cam and Aiden? Molly? EMMA??? I just don’t get it.

The one child we do see is Michael. I say child because I am still not convinced that Michael is ready to be called anything else. While I totally get why Michael felt a sense of being in Starr’s debt over not being able to save Cole and Hope, but my goodness, I am Losing Faith that Michael has totally lost his sense of family. I would hope that the day someone speaks about me with such hostility and contempt to my children, they would use the brains I helped nourish for nine months to tell them where they could stick it, and then end all contact. Instead, Michael has offered Starr his friendship and his home, and looked as if he were about to cry when Starr left. Get a grip, Mike! Get a grip!

Nothing has me Losing Faith or Heart in GH as much as the cursed, reprehensible storyline surrounding The Morgans. My dear, dear friend Stephanie said it best when she posted the (now famous) Morgan Honeymoon Scene, and said that it takes true skills to mess up the perfection of those moments in 7 short months! To that, I say, “AMEN” (as I hang my head in sadness). In what other business do you take what works and dismantle it piece by piece until it’s not only not working, but unrecognizable to even the expert eye? That is exactly what Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini have done! Jason and Sam made each other feel safe – and that is why they were able to overcome everything that had gone wrong for them before, learn from those mistakes, and avoid making them again. It’s also why Jason and Sam have what it takes to make their marriage the exception to the soap rule that a marriage can’t work, and sweet Jesus! They were sexy as hell to boot! The ratings have spoken for themselves. Jason and Sam’s wedding and honeymoon got the highest ratings in recent GH History. If I were writing the show, that cabin of theirs would be rockin’ more than the boats down at the Port Charles Marina!

Instead, these mysterious, incomprehensible men have swooped in like a series of dark, terrible tornadoes, and have ripped the very things that define GH up by the roots and sent them flying in all different directions, leaving all of us to declare Port Charles a disaster area! I mean the damage at Harborview Towers was so gruesome, I could barely stand to look – or listen! And we are talking about my two favorite soap characters of all time! I am quickly Losing Faith that these two (not-so-former) OTLTers will ever be able to acclimate themselves to the new town and new people of Port Charles, NY. They are trying to transform our stable, well-known (to us) characters into the unpredictable, dishonest Llanview characters they knew best, like some creepy Stepford Experiment.

I watch Jason and Samm and though I know they are the same people, they are so not. I am Losing Faith faster than it can be replaced that this new team knows, or wants to bother getting to know, the Jason and Sam we’ve fallen in love with over the past eight years. The Jason I know would not be grilling Sam on what Heather said to her, he would be forcing her to sit down and take care of herself and the baby while he tracked that crazy bitch down, and held a gun to her head until she spilled the real truths about Franco. And my Jason wouldn’t be upset that Sam kept the scary paternity secret from him (for a hot second, compared to how long Liz kept Jake’s paternity from him) under these circumstances, he would be in tears over the fact that his wife was dealing with the realization that her rapist (his enemy) had fathered that growing baby she’s wanted more than anything! Someone sent me the link to an article where Steve Burton explains that Jason cannot fathom raising this baby as his own for fear that it may turn out crazy! Has he forgotten Michael?

Uuuummmmm…and what kind of husband would even stop to think about his feelings about this baby before his wife’s feelings?


She cannot get on the bike and ride away from the reminders that she was raped. She cannot escape the horror that the man who terrorized her left behind! Why isn’t that the focus of Jason and Sam’s angst? That would be more than enough for them to get through, and it wouldn’t have to portray Sam as some lying cheat trying to keep her baby’s paternity a secret!

Apparently, Ron and Frank are clueless when it comes to how this all sounds and feels to women like you and me. It makes me angry, it offends me, and it turns my stomach that this doomed-from-the-start storyline would, or could, be written to be even more damaging to the plight of victims and survivors everywhere. I am hurt for every woman who has ever dealt with a crisis like this, and has now watched this play out with such little sensitivity or thought to what it’s really like to get through something like this.

Our soap, which is already living on borrowed time, needs to do better. Writers should be finding opportunities to reach out to women and give them a community of support on all of the issues that affect them instead of alienating and turning them away in horror. How can women feel supported when Sam, the victim, is being promo’d as a liar and emotional cheater?

That’s a question I would love for someone over at GH to answer. I intend to ask it in every way available to me, and I intend to apply the pressure like never before.

What about you?

No matter what, there is no Losing Faith in each other! You are all the very best of the best!

Love you,



Call: GH Comment Lines: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583



Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027


6 responses

  1. Inlovewithjasam

    I too am a very sad, disappointed Jasam and GH fan….they are literally ruining every person and relationship little by little. I dont even recognize the couple who.I have loved and supported for years through all their ups and downs, its very sad for me and hard to except. Love you and your blog…..keep the faith! Viva La Jasam!!!

    April 19, 2012 at 9:01 am

  2. Dawn

    Devils advocate– This reshuffle of all the couples and loyalties at GH has been swift and dark and it may be a way for the OLTL characters to quickly integrate into the fabric of GH so that they become a comfortable part of everyday life. I do not understand how Jakes death was such a taboo subject and many viewers were appauled at the thought of it just one year ago. However, in the last couple of months Robin was killed and Cole and baby girl Hope were killed. Not to mention the disgusting rape that Sam has to endure.

    So here are a couple of my theories:
    -The new writers have revamped the show from the flow of it, which I like better, to the darkness of the characters. It seems to have a more primetime feel now with the storylines and themes. The writers are making their mark but at somepoint need to have a bit of happyness other than Carly and Johnny, because they are in a relationship that will soon self-implode.
    So moving on to the Morgans:
    -At the time of their wedding Jasam had a pure, solid, trusting relationship that was the envy of all, including Liz (remember at Kelley’s Liz asked Sam how she and Jason got back together). Unfortunately Sam has been jaded by the real world and they will never be back at the point of purity and honesty because Sam has been violated in the worst way and full recovery from rape, especially when a child is conceived, is extremely difficult. In fact she didn’t even say that she was raped until Tuesday.
    -Secondly, this is daytime, we see these characters everyday and sometimes a day in their world is Monday-Friday. Think of fights that you have had in your life that do not end quickly or wrap up neatly in a bow. Jason and Sam are devistated by all the recent events in their lives and unfortunately you seem to hurt the one you love the most. They are working through their issues, I think Sam needs to do a lot more working through and Jason needs to just support her and listen to her feelings until she begins to heal.
    -Being daytime, they need to string these stories out because GH must have plot. And we wouldn’t be satisfied with happily every after Morgans just decorating the nursury. The reason we love Jason and Sam is because of who they are individually and as a couple. Some sweet scenes are awesome, like the ultrasound. But I also enjoy scenes like Jason ‘handling’ Johnny the other day. Or especially when Sam and Jason were in the cabin and Jason was bringing in firewood…OH YEAH! On a brighter side, I am a firm believer that Heather Webber didn’t just magically appear for the ratings boost to GH, she is a part of the Franco arc and it will be uncovered that she is behind all of the paternity questions. Probably before the baby is born the truth will come out that the baby is actually Jason’s and that Sam was never raped. I am not sure how that is going to play out, but either way I do not see Jason walking away from Sam and the baby.
    -Thirdly, McBain is long overdue! Or at least a male character to play in Sam’s orbit, that isn’t a foe of Jason’s and out to kill/hurt Sam. I am SICK of Carly and her ownership of Jason. When she has confrontations with him she acts like a teen age girl fighting with her Dad. Remember last year–I think–when Carly barged in and kissed Jason to make Jax jealous. That was innappropriate on many levels but Jason didn’t feel he had to tell Sam. However, Sam doesn’t have a mail ‘bestfriend’ on the show, unless you count Spinelli, but I don’t because there is not the knight in shining armour possibility there. I get all jazzed up when Sonny and Sam have a scene, or even when Jason and Sonny speak of Sam because there is an ode to a long past relationship between Sam and Sonny that makes Sam less of an outsider. I think that is why I hate Carly’s character, because she thinks of Sam as insignificant and does not respect that Sam has been in Port Charles for a very long time. Anyway back to Jason’s indescretions that he ‘forgot’ to discuss with Sam first: the prison term he agreed to without Sam’s imput, keeping Brenda’s secrets (while also making Sam very suspicious with all there past, the hugging, supporting and Jason running to her when Brenda had nightmares). Not to mention that Jason just took off after Jakes death on his motorcycle and Sam thought he was never coming back, which he confirmed the thoughts of never coming back. These are not things that make you more stable in a relationship, these point to a relationship where one of the partners is not ‘all in’. So as I said earlier, McBain is long overdue. Hopefully he will be used properly and create some tension but not destruction within our favorite couple
    Also, maybe it iwill be good that the rape is re-hashed by Jason so he can re-prioritize his life. The consequences to this event seem to be everlasting, at least right now as they stand. Jason was truly saddened by Sam’s rape and he even mentioned it yesterday, that as soon as that happened he resolved to kill Franco. I think that Jason needs to see that Franco may be dead, but pain like what Sam is dealing with is crushing and comes at you in waves.

    These are my theories, hopefully they come to fruition and our Jasam will survive.

    Have a great day!

    April 19, 2012 at 10:11 am

  3. Melissa

    On the days I feel I’m losing faith I always know I can come here and be rejuvenated by your positive outlook for our beloved couple. The fact that even you are losing faith really makes me worry. It’s difficult to rejoice for the extension of a show that I’m really not enjoying yet can’t seem to turn off. That makes it an addiction right? Addictions are not usually healthy right? Now what do we do?

    April 19, 2012 at 11:48 am

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for today’s Blog!! As always I love reading what you say and feel.. 🙂

    I’m “choosing” to Keep the Faith and look at the Big Picture when it comes to my all time favorite’s JaSam/GH.
    Sure, some days are harder than others. Some storylines are harder to watch than others. However, all this current Angst and Sadness… Well… Its just going to make the good times even better!! Its a great reminder to me, not to ever take the good times for granted. I dont think I was doing that, but it doesnt hurt to remind myself from time to time…….

    April 19, 2012 at 6:15 pm

  5. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers, This Blog was great today all of thse view points especially Dawns did me some good! I feel heartbroken watching GH but I come here and I am uplifted now this is the Beauty of Gh! We may not agree with what is going with GH but we still are Holding On! Angelique your perspective always comes shining through!!

    April 19, 2012 at 9:52 pm

  6. Lara

    Someone posted on the GH Facebook page that Jason should leave Sam b/c she’s a lying bitch and how she brought this on herself b/c she didn’t go to the police or the hospital after the ‘rape’. I was appalled and shocked that someone would even write that, and had to respond back that it is not ok to make accusatory statements against someone in that’s situation. First of all more than half of all rape cases aren’t reported b/c the victim is so traumatized. I’m really saddened by by how callous this s/l line has been handled. There wasn’t even a PSA after the episode. Now somehow the attack that was on HER body is about Jason?! You’re mad that she lied?! How about the fact that your lack of presence and your inability to truely see that your wife is in pain is what’s driving her into the arms of another man!!! I was so mad that she apologized to HIM about the baby not being his. She didn’t cheat on him, she was raped. Raped by a man that he brought into their lives!!

    April 20, 2012 at 8:07 am

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