Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

“How Can This Be Happening?”

Good morning, GHers!

I need your arsenal of good thoughts, prayers, and positive energy for today. Today is a very BIG day, and I need all of the support I can get. I know that I can always count on you all to have my back on days like this, and I thank you in advance.

As many of you know, I deal with anxiety and panic attacks, and have been a nervous wreck in anticipation of this day. I have been as shaky as Kate before she starts channeling Connie, and have been trying everything I know how to do to keep a full-blown panic attack from winning this battle, but it hasn’t been easy. *deep breaths*

I hate to say it, but my favorite all-time soap hasn’t really been helping, either!

I agree with Sam. (No surprise there)

How Can This Be Happening, indeed? 

If something doesn’t change quickly, the marked sadness and romantic lethargy which is affecting viewers all over the world is going to bury our soap in an early grave. It’s as if the writers have forgotten what kind of television show they are writing! I’ve gotten so spoiled from having to watch my grandmother’s telenovela with her, (since I refuse to watch any of the craptastic daytime shows ABC put on the air – and that will include Good Afternoon America and Katie Couric), that I switch the channel back to ABC at 3:00 pm faithfully, but often find myself still in an escapism mentality. I tune in and expect to see misunderstandings between lovers be resolved passionately and emotionally – with tears and kisses and the sweeping off of feet as the characters hastily take off up the stairs to apologize and make amends in every 18-49 woman’s idea of the best possible way. Every telenovela has super couples to root for, to invest in, and to fight for, because the spanish telenovela never fails to give viewers exactly what they tune in for – lovers whose love can, and eventually does, overcome anyone and anything to be together. It’s a beautiful thing, but more importantly, it draws in millions and millions of viewers every day who are seeking an hour of escape from their real worlds and real problems.

I guess it says a lot about the understanding the men in charge have (or don’t have) of their audience. I mean when my favorite super couple has more problems than me to deal with, I almost feel that I need to spend my hour at therapy talking about them! That is not my idea of escapism!

Romances are not the only relationships in trouble in PC, either. Michael Corinthos, III has been sleeping in close proximity to, if not with, the enemy. Starr Manning wants to see Michael’s dad rot in prison, and she doesn’t even make apologies for it. And while I get that, I do have trouble getting how Michael could walk into the courtroom for his dad’s verdict, and choose to sit on the opposite side and next to the girl who hates Sonny more than anything! “How Can This Be Happening?” If there is one thing I thought Michael understood, it’s loyalty. I guess I was wrong.

To be fair, I guess we can’t really judge Michael too harshly. The apple never falls from the tree. His mother, after all, has made quite the life for herself by continually aligning herself – and sleeping with, Sonny’s enemies. Alcazar, Jax, and now John. Of course Carly would see nothing wrong with walking into the courtroom and sitting on the opposite side of Sonny’s defense, even though she was also sitting opposite her “best friend” Jason. “How Can This Be Happening?” Honestly, I think it happens anytime Carly finds someone she’d like to sleep with. No one comes between Carly and her lovers of choice.

Kate Howard is hanging by a very tattered, thin thread. She is desperately trying to stay in her Kate moments, but Connie is more like the viewers said to be disgruntled with everything Sonny gets away with. Just the thought of him going free makes Connie crazier than she already is. It’s as if Connie is always thinking, “How Can This Be Happening?” once again, and Kate does nothing to stop it? In most cases where someone who cares about you tries to stop you from making what hey think are the same mistakes over and over, you have the choice of telling them to mind their own business and/or to butt out of your life. Not so in this case. In Kate’s case, Connie quite literally does take over. I still have to say that Kelly Sullivan does an excellent job of being Torn Kate.  Kate loves Sonny in spite of the danger and pain he represents for her, and her absolute terror over the thought that Connie might be the cause of danger or pain to Sonny is enough to turn Kate into a shivering, shaking hot mess.

Allow me to refresh my memory. Steven Lars Webber is a licensed, practicing M.D., corrrect?Okay, then I have to ask myself, “How Can This Be Happening?” How is it that Steve doesn’t realize that his mother is still quite off her rocker? Oh well, one can only hope that Steve will finally get what a menace to society she really is when she does us all a favor and gets rid of his sister. One can dream! 🙂

“How Can This Be Happening?” that Sam is being portrayed in every promo as a woman who cheated on her husband, got knocked up, and is now hiding the paternity secret from her husband? Talk about misogynistic writing! SAM IS A (SUPPOSED) VICTIM OF RAPE, AT THE HANDS OF HER HUSBAND’S ENEMY. Jason should have no right, or even a thought,  to feel angry or betrayed here! This is all about Sam, and what she thinks happened to her and her body. And guess what? For years, we have all moaned and groaned about the fact that every woman in Jason’s past gets to keep what they think is a connection with Jason. They get to seek him out in times of trouble. They get to lean on him in times of distress. They even get to barge into his house and launch themselves into his arms whenever the fancy strikes.  For years, I wished the writers had written Sam the same courtesy. I wished LUcky had always been someone she could still share a connection with, even if just to complain about the same things we were complaining about! Now the writers have given Sam someone to talk to, since her husband is out saving the world for Sonny to rule, and she feels she can’ keep burdening him. Do I like how contrived the whole thing is between McBain and Sam? No. Do the scenes make me uncomfortable? Yes. First because he is a cop, and second, because I wish that it they just had to pair them in scenes together, they’d written them as people who knew each before, instead of all these ridiculous “other life” deja-vus. Third, I don’t even want a hint of a romantic pairing for John and Sam, because I believe in the vows Jason and Sam took, and more than that – I believe they believe in the vows they took. That being said, if it makes Jason’s heart race and his fists clench to know that someone other than he was there to lend support to the Fair and Fairly Pregnant Samantha, then so let it be written; so let it be done. And this time, rather than run off to crush leaves and send them off a bridge with Liz if he gets ticked off at Sam, I hope Jason becomes paralyzed with fear that John will be more than happy to be there for Sam in his absence. Perhaps it will give Jason pause, and he will be forced to wonder how Sam has been able to put up with all the other women he “supports”.

I just want all of this Franco drama to be over and done with, so that I can stop asking, “How Can This Be Happening?” How can I again be spending my sleepless nights going through thousands upon thousands of Vintage JaSam vids, trying to fill the romance void left by those writing for our couple lately (the couple with nearly 2 million views of their honeymoon night already – just over 6 months ago!)because onscreen, it has been one major emergency, crisis, psycho, and paternity test after the other.  “How Can This Be Happening?” when we are all fighting so desperately to save our show? Viewers are starving for some of the LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON playing out on every other daytime soap!  It was no wonder that Twitter was afire the other day over a kiss Jason planted sweetly on Sam’s forehead! Poor romance-deprived soap fans!  

Droughts make us appreciate even the drizzle.

We need a DOWNPOUR…and some dancing in the rain!


Hang in there, and don’t forget about me!

Here I go!



12 responses

  1. OK.deep breaths, Angelique. Picture every JaSam friend you have made over the years standing with you, beside you today, having your back and every other part of you. You are not alone, because beside your wonderful and loving family, you have our “family” in your corner, and you can get through anything. Believe it.
    You are totally amazing to be able to share your GH thoughts with us, while all these things are going on. As before, I hope you are sharing them with those new writers as well, because they surely need it. You help us have faith, hard as it is, and we will keep telling them how it should be, and pray they listen.
    Be strong, dear friend. We, who may never meet you, love you, and we care. MUCH love…………

    April 18, 2012 at 10:32 am

  2. on a daily, consistant, minute by minute…second by second basis. I ADMIRE YOU…& agree with blog 1000%

    April 18, 2012 at 10:53 am

  3. samjase

    OMG…my heart is with you and supports you. Anxiety is such a rough thing to get through…but, just from reading your blogs..YOU can do it. We’re here for you just as you are always here for us!
    Your blog today is a masterpiece. Every word is so heartfelt by your readers. Every word is SPOT ON! This entire “rape” scenario should be about SAM…PERIOD. Her husband should be kissing the ground she walks on for not walking out on him.

    April 18, 2012 at 11:07 am

  4. You make such a great points love it great blog this is a hard s/l to watch especially now that the baby is Franco’s I hate the way Heather just automatically assumed Sam cheated hated that but she is physco Im a Sam fan first and always I only want what makes her happy & deserves .

    April 18, 2012 at 11:09 am

  5. Carol

    Bravo!!!! I totally agree with everything you have written. I just cringe when Sam is talking to John and falling into his arms crying over her anxiety about Jason finding out about Franco brother and the beloved baby we have all been waiting for. Sam is the one that was raped and has had the rug torn out from under her and yet she is worried about what Jason will think and react! I am so over this Franco mess even though I know it is just angst for our JaSam…..I am copying your blog at this moment to mail it to the mags and TPTB hoping it will do something to change what we see happening on screen!
    So sorry about the anxiety but know that we are all in this together and at least we have each other to get us thru these rough spots and no matter what “WE KNOW JASAM ARE THE BEST”.

    April 18, 2012 at 12:50 pm

  6. Traveler

    First of all.. You are in my Heart, Thougts and Prayers!! xoxoxo

    What can I say… BRAVO!! BRAVO!!
    Bravo on today’s Blog especially when it comes to Sam!! Im so annoyed over them comparing JaSam’s WTD to John/Natalie!! They are NOTHING alike!! Arrgggg this pisses me off!!!! You are so RIGHT… This needs to be more about Sam and less about Jason!!! I know, Jason is also a victim but right now Sam is the REAL victim IMHO!!

    Here is a difference between me/you (Which is rare). Unlike you, i dont go to YouTube/JaSam Clips and immerse. What I do is start to pull away from my JaSam/GH Obsession. I distance myself because I dont want to get my heart broken/crushed like it did in 2006/2007. 😦

    Regardless of whats happening right now on my TV Screens.. Im staying loyal to JaSam and will ride this out. Just hoping its not to painful of a ride….

    April 18, 2012 at 2:32 pm

  7. Karlene

    As usual, I agree w/ everything you have written. These writers are so misogynistic in their way of paying more attention to Jason’s feelings than to the victim’s feelings. It’s such crap and such bad storytelling w/o thinking about the audience that they are writing for. A lot of people, like you and me, started watching b/c of the older generations. For you, it’s your grandmother. For me, it was my sister that got me started on GH. While on twitter, I have had many conversations w/ people about how they started watching and they said w/ their moms. A few are still teenagers and watch w/ their moms. What kind of message is this type of writing sending to the younger generations that watch? Only the man is important so shove your feelings aside?!?! That’s such crap that it’s making me upset and not want to watch anymore. I have been watching for 20 years and have never seen such disregard for the POV of the victim. I understand that RC has said that he wants to break Jasam down to build them up stronger but at the same time, you are going to be losing viewers if we can’t have some Love in the Afternoon to enjoy. I have to go back, like yourself, and watch the old scenes of them being happy to remind myself what they were like b/c it’s been so long since they were. I completely avoid the Dark Ages b/c I feel like we are going through those again. Jason and Sam may be together, but it’s not the same. We will have to be strong together.
    JASAM Love Always,

    April 18, 2012 at 6:15 pm

  8. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    I hope you know Angelique if it was not for this blog many of us would have left GH by now! But when the light at the end of Jasams Tunnel begins to close you are able to open it up! That is an incredible thing! Time and time again we come here searching for some advice about GH. But mostly we are forever joined because of our Loyalty to Jason and Sam!!!!! Not saying that there are not other characters we care for but no one pulls at our Hearts the way Jasam does. Whether its simple or investing Jason and Sam have always taken us there with such emotion its hard to explain! “WE WILL HOLD ON”!
    There is a postive to this maddness……………….Sam/KM has held her own! I do not agree with this s/l but I do appreciate seeing Sam on the screen more! Her scenes have been with variety! I am a Sam fan 1st so yesterday as I watched her scenes with McBain I smiled at how KM nailed it! If this angst makes Jason realize really realize all this woman has been through because she fell in Love with him then maybe it was worth it! What annoys me the most is that these new TPTB do not KNOW their HISTORY! I am sure they can resesarch YT if they needed to! I know I sure have I miss our Jason and Sam so much! When we went down this road before I sparingly watched GH.I am trying as we all are to HOLD ON because I do not want to see GH cancelled! So Angelique do what you need to stay grounded and when it gets away from you think of all of us with our arms around you!

    April 18, 2012 at 7:58 pm

  9. SamJasonsHeart

    Love and hugs to you.. I am always here if you need to talk.
    This JaSam s/l has made me very sad.i am trying to hang in there but this is breaking my heart. But as promised I will continue to watch or if I can’t watch because it breaks my heart I will still have GH playing on my screen. *tears*

    Love you so much!

    April 18, 2012 at 11:50 pm

  10. Kathy G

    Angelique, these are my sentiments exactly!!! I can’t believe the way the writer are writing for our favorite couple!!!Jason promised to love Sam and be by her side “No matter what”!!!!! Now she needs him more than ever!!!She was raped for God sake!!!This baby is a product of violence when it should be a priduct of love. It should be Jasons child not Franco’s. I’m trying to hang in there but like you I wonder,”How can this be happening”. Th

    April 19, 2012 at 8:31 am

  11. Kathy G

    Jason should be thinking more of Sam as she is only thinking of HIS feelings. She was honest”I should have told you sooner but I didn’t know how”. He saw her crying and wiping tears, his arms should have been around her,kissing her. The woman was RAPED because of him!!!!!

    April 19, 2012 at 8:43 am

  12. Lara

    Another wonderfully written post as always. You always manage to capture the intense emotions that we as fans have for out fave soap and couple. With that being said, I can’t stress enough how much I hate the s/l that is being written for Sam and Jason. 8 years, 8 long years we’ve waited to see this two settle down and start a family and this is how the writers repay our loyalty?! I couldn’t agree with you more on the misogynistic way they’ve been writers Sam’s part, the promo this week had me seething! Even my brother who rarely watches GH caught the end of Friday’s with me, ( where she’s talking to Jason) yelled at the t.v, “this is bullshit, who’s writing this shit!” I just had to shake my head b/c he’d voiced a frustration that’s so many of us our feeling. And I had to ask myself if he’s picking up on it after a few minutes, how are aren’t the writers?!

    April 20, 2012 at 7:47 am

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