Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning, GHers!

I apologize for not posting sooner – I hadn’t really slept much over the past week, and finally fell asleep – while going over yesterday’s GH clips. -____-

So much is going on in Port Charles! A murder trial is getting under way, not one-but two insane women are on the loose, a psychiatrist’s business is booming, soon-to-be-parents get a glimpse of their baby, and a psycho’s reign of terror continues even though he’s gone.

The one common thread is that the outcomes of each situation will depend on what can be proven BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

The one thing we might all be able to agree on BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT when it comes to the new headwriter is that he knows his older GH History. (It’s the more recent GH history he needs to brush up on!) I rally do get a kick out of all the name-dropping and nods to history that Mr. Carlivati uses during the course of an episode, and the scenes at Kelly’s were a perfect example of that. Hearing names like Rose Kelly, Aunt Ruby, and Bobbie Spencer are subtle, but powerful ways of reminding all of us viewers that it’s crucial that we do all we can to make sure GH is around for its GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY next year. Celebrating 50 years of GH magic is something that still isn’t guaranteed, so honoring its most loyal viewers with reminders and remembrances like that are a nice touch, even when honoring someone’s history of insanity. Like Heather Webber’s.

How funny that Olivia would bust into Dr. Keenan’s office going on and on about the crazy family member who needs to be institutionalized, and that Dr. Keenan would actually agree with her, without realizing that she was talking about a different crazy family member. Hey, I guess it’s safe to say that every family has more than one crazy. 🙂 Certainly I understand why Olivia would feel such a sense of urgency to get Heather Webber back to Fern Cliff, she did, after all, offer Liv a cup of tea! All kidding aside, Liv picked up on the fact that Heather was not just being hospitable when she offered her the tea; she was issuing her an acid warning. (No pun intended) Liv wants to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that Heather is still criminally insane. Too bad Steve, the M.D. is so racked with guilt of his own to see that his mother is completely playing him, because I think Heather is going to cause a whole lot of damage for a whole lot of people, our poor Mr. & Mrs. Morgan included. And that guilt will also have to rest squarely on Steve’ shoulders.

I think it kinda sucks that Olivia is so caught up with Steve and his crazy mother that she wouldn’t realize that she was among the first to believe Connie crazy when she walked in and found her in her bloody wedding dress. Perhaps she could have spoken to Dr. Keenan long ago, and they could have done something to stop this train wreck known as Konnie. Unfortunately, I believe Konnie is about to prove something other than Sonny’s innocence BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Talk about courtroom drama! The one thing I had hoped for when Mr. Carlivati joined GH was better legalese for characters like Alexis and Diane. I guess we’re halfway there.

I have always enjoyed Alexis in the courtroom. It reminds me of a different era on GH, and it allows us to be reminded that when an attorney represents a mobster, she is going to be quite busy. Years ago, Sonny faced the music much more often, giving Alexis lots to do…and say. I have to say that I am happy to see Alexis involved in a big storyline again, even if she has the daunting task of trying to prove her client cannot be found guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, (even if she reserves some doubts herself). 

The unimaginable burden that Sam has placed on herself while she tries to determine her baby’s paternity BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is hard to watch, but I have an awful confession to make. I totally understand what she is doing. In fact, I have (ashamedly) been guilty of keeping pertinent health information from my husband in order to “protect him” until I knew for sure what we would be dealing with. I am not proud of it, but it’s true. Certainly it was not about our children – or anything so personal to him as paternity (LOL), but as my husband, he had the right to know that I was facing a health scare, and I chose not to tell him until I knew for sure, because the protector in me wanted to keep him from any undue stress. Even when that meant I carried the stress by myself. When he found out, he did NOT see things my way. In fact, he was hurt and angry that I would keep him in the dark, and even more upset that I chose to carry the burden alone during the agonizing wait for concrete information. I got it. I totally understood his reaction, and to be honest, I cannot even tell you what i would have done if he ever did that to me (for fear that I will incriminate myself). My point is, that sometimes women, more so than men, feel the need to protect those we love from the burden of worry and stress, and operate on a need-to-know mentality. The problem with that way of thinking is that when you are married, your vows automatically make your partner the one other person who needs to know when it comes to things that affect you physically or emotionally.  I am not saying that Sam is right in continuing to tell Jason lie after lie to facilitate his protection. She’s not. I am just saying that I get why she’s doing it, and in her defense, I don’t think women ever feel as protective as when they are carrying their growing baby inside of them.

BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, Jason Morgan has reminded us all why we fell so head over heels in love with him once upon a time., and why we fell even harder for the idea of Jason and Sam being a couple! Jason, like Sam, is a natural protector, but nothing brings that out in him more than the idea of fatherhood! I love how he approached Sam at the hospital, his only concern that he might have missed her appointment. (In spite of Liz’s attempts to plant other concerns) My heart melted when Jason told Sam that he just wanted to support her and the baby, even if I know that his very presence was causing Sam more stress because of her real reason for being there. I love that Jason put Sam and their baby first, before Sonny’s trial. It’s about damned time!  And in spite of the stress she was under, I don’t think that was lost on Sam, either. Jason is so excited about their baby, and I only wish Sam and the rest of us could share his unabashed joy without the thought of Franco!

Even with that being said, The Beauty of GH was, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, the precious moments Jason and Sam shared in the sonogram room. I love how gentle and attentive Jason was with Sam. THOSE are the moments that pulled at our heartstrings when Sam was pregnant with her baby girl, and Jason was being the partner and father Sam needed him to be. I am so disappointed that we haven’t seen more moments like those. But I digress. The enormity of the emotion both Jason and Sam were feeling while seeing their baby for the first time was heart wrenching! I cried when Jason said, “Wow, look at our baby, Sam.” I love those glimpses that prove that Mr. Morgan isn’t Stone Cold at all when it comes to his family.

More than that, really, Jason was talking to all of us, not just Sam. This is OUR baby! The baby we’ve all wished for and longed for and prayed for since 2004. It fills my heart with joy that Jason can finally walk around with a sonogram picture – not because it’s the only glimpse he gets of his baby, but because he wants to carry around a tangible reminder of the first memories he and Sam created with their baby.

The Beauty of GH indeed!

Now all we need to do is convince Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini that those are the things that will keep GH alive – Love, Family, Intimacy. Supercouple Magic! *sigh*

And while we’re at it, let them know that if ever there was a time for Jason and Sam’s history to come flooding back through flashbacks – or HEY! For their song to be playing in the background – that was it! Where is our theme song???

No matter what you say to them today, just please be sure to gush over and thank them those all-too-brief, but TREASURED moments of The Morgan Family, first.

Have an awesome weekend! See you on the Drive!



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8 responses

  1. Alva Ratliff

    Thank you for the positive write ups. I fell in love with Jason/Sam and their relationship in 2008. I haven’t watched the show in about a week because I do not approve of the current story line. It is not entertaining to me. I have watched GM off and on for 30+ years and just don’t find this angst entertaining. Reading your synopsis of General Hospital,though, lifts my spirits. Keep up the good work. I am sure that I am not the only person who feels this way.

    April 13, 2012 at 1:34 pm

  2. Carol

    Sorry that I havent been around in a while. So much personal soap opera going on in my personal life, I havent had time to think about my beloved Jasam or GH. The good news is I am a great grandmother to a beautiful baby boy and it was scarey during the first few days of his small life but thank the good lord all is well with him.
    Back to JaSam, I agree that sometimes it is best just to keep the truth from our loved ones to protect him although it leaves a great burdon on ourselves to carry on our shoulders. I see Sam doing that for Jason and I felt so bad for her during that sonogram because she still doesnt know the truth while Jason is blissfully in the dark. I loved that he wanted the picture to carry with him so he can show everyone, where he couldnt do the same with Jakes. If I remember correctly he had to burn it. I just hope the writers get the paternity stuff straight eventually because I am sure we will get even more angst from that darn Franco.
    Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful weekend and I will try to get back more often because your posts always make me feel better about GH and JaSam.

    April 13, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    • Traveler

      Congrats on the Great Grandson!! ❤

      April 13, 2012 at 8:48 pm

  3. Traveler

    Thanks for another Wonderful Blog!!
    BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT I am a JaSam Fan 4Ever!!

    OMG – How cute was Jason “Showing Off’ the first picture of our Stelly Baby!! ❤

    See you on Sunday's Drive!!

    April 13, 2012 at 8:52 pm

  4. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,Carol Great Grandmom you trully have come full circle!
    No other couple pulls at my heart the way Jason and Sam have since 2004. I was happy and sad with their scenes! Wishing that they could be so overwhelmed with Love and Joy without……………Franco!When Jason said Sam look at OUR Baby I smiled and cried! When he asked to take the Sonogram picture once again same reaction! I was surprised he did notthink twice about Lizs comment(that so not called for) he just wanted to find Sam. How he was hoping he had not missed “their” appointment! Jason Morgan totally pushed Sonnys issues aside and put his family 1st! I do think this angst will bring them closer! I think some things are going to be talked about that need to be! BUT they,we deserved better than this for the family we have wanted for them for SO LONG! We Jasammers have waited and held on through it ALL so have Jason and Sam! This moment should have been so happy we could not stand it! So time will tell!

    April 14, 2012 at 6:51 am

  5. My friend I have missed ur blogs. one of your first reader and love them all. I have had so much going on that I haven’t been to your site in awhile. After such a heart breaking week for Jasam. i need some inspiration. none can keep my faith alive more then you. Your blogs always are dead on. You keep my hope alive and thank you. Moonpie1997 I love u *Hugs*

    April 14, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    • Moonpie…how I have missed you!
      I hope that with everything going on in your life, you are taking care of yourself!
      Thanks for all the faith you have in me for keeping your faith alive.
      I hope I can always live up to it!
      I Love You, too!
      LOTS & LOTS!

      April 14, 2012 at 10:35 pm

      • Share of health problems but doing my best take care of me. not always easy. I have my moments when I just want to throw up white flag and say “I surrender” something keeps me marching on. I have read all blogs of late. I want you to know u r not alone. I am standing by GH no matter what. I have watched the heart wrenching scenes of Jasam and I bust into tears. I keep telling myself theres reasoning behind all this.

        I have to say it took me taking a step back to realize history was repeating itself. Last time lies tore them apart. This time around they r stonger and will survive it. although I don’t consider this last lie really a lie. She just didn’t share all of it with him. Jasam will make it through this. GH really needs us to stick all this out. so hopefully we all can stand together and give them all out support.

        I am so sorry missed out on your blogs. you are one of a kind and make me smile.

        April 19, 2012 at 6:05 pm

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