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Happy Friday, GHers!

I am a bit melancholy today, as it the last day of Spring Break for Matt and Ness, and I adore having them home! Now our countdown begins for Summer Vacation… 😉

So it seems that almost everyone in Port Charles is either mental – or some kind of  Mentalist, trying to get inside someone else’s head.

While Liz thought she was getting inside Ewan’s head, I think he was totally using everything he’s filed away from the times he’s gotten inside hers to give her only what he knew would keep her intrigued. Of course, it didn’t surprise me that Liz brought up Ewan’s past failure – the patient who died before he could be helped. There’s nothing that intrigues or attracts her more than a man in some kind of vulnerable state. Yet, the thing that surprised me most is how quickly – and neatly the writers have completely cut Ewan out of that debacle over at Wyndemere, and seem to have dropped him very mysteriously into the Jacks Family’s orbit. Huh. Wouldn’t it be something if Ewan was Jax’s long-lost son? Or Jerry’s? That would be interesting. I kinda like the character, and still think the writers missed the boat by not having Carly and Liz go head to head for his affections. (Especially if he is a Jacks!) One woman about the jump in the ring for his attention – even if it’s the worst kind of negative, is Connie. That chick needs a cold shower! She seems to be  trying to give a piece of herself away to just about every warm-blooded male in Port Charles!

Except for Jason, who got too close to Connie’s truth for her comfort. Connie really had to put on quite the show to keep her Kate impersonation front and center for Sonny, and because Sonny wants Kate to be his salvation, he bought it: hook, line, and humdinger! It bugged me how quick Sonny was to assume that Jason crossed the line with Kate. He went over to Jason’s trying to get inside his head, as if he might figure out what “led” Jason to be accusatory towards Ms. Perfect. Jerk! I cannot wait until he finds out just how wrong he was!

It was nice to see Matt and Patrick leaning on each other during these difficult times.The family angle works for me with just about every storyline – I am just hoping that Noah isn’t gone already, considering we barely saw him! I think both his sons could use more time with their dad,  who has learned so many hard lessons. Either way, if it’s just the brothers, I am sure they will continue to show the other that they care about each other, and that with some continued moments of trying to understand what’s going on in the other’s head, they will be able to get the other through.

Some brothers try to get in each other’s heads to try to figure out how to help, while others try to get inside the other’s head to find the best possible way to torture their brother, such as Jason and his alleged twin brother Franco. Yet, while Jason is trying to play mentalist to Kate’s bizarre behavior, and investigator extraordinary to Sonny’s defense, his poor wife is falling apart from the burden she is carrying. Oh, how sad that Sam came home first, desperately seeking Jason, while he was out desperately seeking Sonny’s acquittal. *sigh*

I often ask myself how it is that Sam hasn’t cracked from the pressure of holding in everything that she’s been through, while having the pressures of Jason’s brain issues, his consequent surgery, and the fear that she would lose him forever added to the already heavy burden! Now she is carrying around this incredibly freakish secret (or just plain stupid, if anyone asks me) about Franco being his twin. I will say that I am thankful that the writers had Sam investigate Heather’s claims, because it was driving me nuts that Sam would just take the word of a criminally insane mental patient. As long as we are able to suspend belief long enough to believe that in one day, Sam flew to NYC, then Woodstock, and back to Port Charles, all whine the sun is still shining, we can also suspend it long enough to believe that Betsy Frank told Sam a believable story. *deeper sigh*

Honestly, I detest contrived angst, and I was willing the storyline to miraculously change right before my very eyes, all so that I didn’t have to endure watching John pull Sam into his arms, but in Sam’s defense, I totally understand how she really must have been “choking on” what happened to her. Talk about a mentalist – John knew exactly what to say to get Sam to need to talk about whatever it was that was tormenting her, probably because he was taking the time to notice that she was being tormented. (I get where the writers are trying to show here. I still don’t like it!)  There is still no way that I could blame Sam for breaking down – even to John, even though she knew she probably shouldn’t.

I remember a very dear friend of mine explaining to me years ago that finally telling someone about what happened to you was like holding in the urge to pee for far too long. When it finally can’t be held in any longer – it’s going to come out, no matter where you are and who you’re with. Chances, she said, were that it wouldn’t come out to the most opportune time, or to the most opportune person, but it’s still an indescribable relief when you let yourself go and release it. I thought about that conversation as I watched Sam fight the urge to talk to John, and then finally give in, almost as if she didn’t realize she was doing it, and realized it was a really brilliant analogy.

Think about it – Sam had held in so much for so long. The shock, the horror, the blame she had for herself, the questions, the overwhelming need to bury it all and never face it again. She was told that she was raped while drugged. She refused to go to the hospital for a rape kit. Never got medical treatment or counseling. And hasn’t really been forced to deal with it, because it has been all about Jason and his needs since their return. I think when Sam went to Alexis’, she just needed to finally let it out- out loud, so that it was no longer bottled up inside of her tortured soul. When John prompted her to do just that, the temptation to release it, and get it out, was just too great. My Poor Sam. It isn’t fair that even this is about Jason for her, because she deserves the right to let it out when it felt the right time for her. Not Jason. And not between crises, or Sonny’s messes, or medical emergencies.

When I saw all of that pain come gushing out of Sam, (Kelly Monaco is so freakin’ good at tearing my heart out. Her incredible talent was, for me, The Beauty of GH yesterday) I was relieved for her that it was no longer a silent torture, or something she had to fight to hold in against mounting pressure to release.

No victim should ever have to suffer in silence.

What the writers will do from here on out is anyone’s guess. One can only hope (and call, email, tweet, snail mail, etc.) that it will be a learning and growing experience for  Jason and Sam as a couple, and that it will lead to a deeper connection. I just will never be able to comprehend what would lead writers to even think about messing with the perfection that is Jason and Sam, so that’s what I will hold on to.

With both hands.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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3 responses

  1. AG

    I got why it has to be McBain that Sam talks to.
    If it had been Jason, Spin or Alexis, then we would not have the full impact of only Sam’s POV because Jason would be fully emotionally involved and it would totally dissipate the effectiveness of Sam’s POV on screen and as well as Spin and Alexis having reactions to Sam’s confession because they would express shock and anger, sorrow, etc on behalf of Sam. With McBain, we had none of that, and I loved it.

    McBain was very inconsequential part in the scenes because he was just there so that we can finally see Sam’s POV. He was detached, unemotional while lending an ear with no reactions, and I got to feel the FULL EFFECT of Sam’s devastation.

    I truly don’t believe anything is going to jeopardize Jasam’s relationship. I feel actually it’s high time the issues in their relationship are highlighted instead of swept under the rug (which Guza and then GW did). Since they reunited, they never brought up the past which actually irked me but I learned to accept it. Then the rape happen, and Jasam never really got to talk about it and also glossed over it about if it was Franco’s baby. This time, RC is setting it up for that very purpose. Yes, Sam should have told Jason what she discovered instead of with McBain, but then we would never have gotten that wonderful awesome emotional scenes from Sam’s POV and Kelly Monaco rocked those scenes, and now RC is setting it up and leading it to Jasam having it all out in the open between them soon. I think those are the scenes FV was raving about on twitter a few weeks ago.

    April 6, 2012 at 11:15 am

  2. Traveler

    TGIF 🙂
    Thanks for today’s Blog!!

    April 6, 2012 at 5:45 pm

  3. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    Angelique and AG Thanks for your point of views! As upset as I am with GH right now reading your views allowed me to step back and take it all in! If this Journey leads to a “very open” discussion between Sam and Jason then it is/was a good thing! You are right Sams pain always ends up being about Jason!The only time it was not was when Sam lost her little girl! I still am brought to tears when I revisit that s/l! One more thing that has occured lately on GH Sam/KM has had her own time on screen! Once again she has confirmed why I Love this character! I do not agree with a lot of the dialouge but its good to see my girl hold her own!
    Sonny once again is an Idiot! Hes not seeing nor is he listening!

    April 7, 2012 at 7:10 am

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