Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning GHers!

My kids are on Spring Break this week, so I cannot promise to post every day, but I will try my best to post when I can. It’s just that when they are home, I I truly try to take advantage of every minute I have with them. That means no catching up on lost sleep during the day. So once lights are out, I attempt to close my eyes and at least get some rest, if not sleep, so that I am not a complete zombie the next day.

Thanks in advance for understanding!


I have a confession to make.

The more I watch GH lately, the more I am starting to feel as though I am suffering through a plethora of mental disorders. Perhaps part of it is that I wouldn’t mind a private session with Dr. Keenan, but whatever it is,  I am getting worried.

You see, lately, I’ve found myself struggling with what feels like:

  • D.I.D. After one episode, I am thrilled that the new headwriter and EP seem dead serious about saving GH. I see snippets of hope , and I read their interviews and think, “Awww…They are fighting for GH as hard as we are.” Those are what we will call my Kate moments. Then the next episode plays out, and I am morphing into someone I have tried to leave behind, like Connie.  I am cursing at the screen, nearly ripping my own hair out, angry that I allowed myself to get sucked into believing in that new team again, because obviously, they are going to shoot me right through the heart with the mess they are making of MY GH. So, I consider ways to end the relationship before I can take a bullet for them again, but then the ME still in love with my beloved soap resurfaces, and I am trying desperately to work things out with them. It seems to be a vicious cycle.
  • Paranoid Schizophrenia The warning signs are there. I have moments where I want to withdraw, and not even discuss GH. Other times I think the new team is out to get me, or at least everyone I care about in Port Charles. And I find that I seem to have lost my ability to express joy or to cry while watching these days. The reality in PC is so different from the one I used to know, that I feel completely disconnected from that reality. I mean Franco – Jason’s twin, born minutes after Jason, then cleaned up, and sold to a nurse, who then took him home – while she was on duty? Where did she hide him? Her lunch bag? And Heather Webber being in the delivery room when Susan gave birth? The writers must be trying to make me think I’m crazy! What other reason could there be for their gross misrepresentation of facts?
  • O.C.D. The more the facts and incredible history of GH are distorted onscreen, the more obsessed I become about investigating them, even if only to prove to myself that I haven’t completely lost my mind – or my memory! From Heather Webber’s whereabouts at the time of Susan Moore’s delivery, to recognizing that something was wrong with a newborn by the “look in his eyes”,  the stuff coming out of people’s mouths as of late is utter B.S., and enough to drive anyone to become obsessed with the details!
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder I think I have taken this one on for Sam, as she seems to have forgotten that she was (supposedly) raped on her honeymoon. Unless she has blocked it out – along with the possibility that she could have contracted an STD, or the very serious possibility that whatever drug Franco gave her in order to rape her, as she lay unconscious, and while Jason watched, may have some serious effects on her fetus. Her brain must have blocked all that out, as we have seen no proof of a prenatal visit, and even though the baby has not kicked (that we’ve heard of), apparently, the only thing that would scare or worry Sam or Jason would be that Franco could still be the father. *wrings hands in utter desperation* Meanwhile, I am the one experiencing adverse reactions whenever I think of what happened in Hawaii, and whenever I am faced with the disgusting reality that the writers are treating Sam’s concern about Franco still possibly being the one to have fathered her baby as something  she is “keeping from her husband.” Uuuuummmmm! Sam is the victim here, not Jason. What Sam decides to share (as rape victims need to exercise their power to choose – from the crucial to the mundane, in order to start to heal)  with Jason about that horrifying event, after she processes it and deals with it as she sees fit  –is entirely up to her! I am so $&#@-ing offended at the very idea of Jason being upset by Sam not telling him something that affects her (the victim) most of all! Have we learned NOTHING from decades of poorly-written rape story lines on all soaps? *flashbacks* If we must continue to do them , can we finally work hard to get it right, and send the right message to victims? *deep breaths* A rape victim owes nothing to no one – except herself (or himself), dammit! This should offend EVERYONE! 
  • Depression  I cannot remember the last time I felt happy or joyful about GH. In fact, sometimes I feel downright *whispers* UNINTERESTED  in turning it on. Who could blame me? IN THE PAST COUPLE OF MONTHS ALONE, there have been three deaths, countless mental breakdowns, beloved characters acting totally UNCHARACTERISTICALLY, and enough tears to end a drought! Romance, right along with chivalry, is dead. Love has been replaced by anger, and trust has been destroyed by the best of intentions. *sighs* The one “happy couple” still together hasn’t had happiness lasting more than a brief moment in MONTHS, even though they finally got married and are expecting their first baby. Everyone is Port Charles is fighting, making threats, and turning on each other! Who’d want to live there, much less visit daily – even for an hour? My God! Even Olivia, who not that long ago pulled a gun on Sonny for threatening Johnny, is now asking Sonny to do whatever it takes to “wipe that smug look off Johnny’s face.” WHAT THE HECK is going on here? *pulls covers over head*
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks I can’t help it, but any time Jason or Samantha Morgan are onscreen, my heart starts racing, my palms get sweaty, and I have a terrible feeling of dread and/or fear that they will suddenly start behaving like people we’ve never met, much less known and adored for eight years! Just a glimpse of that new promo is enough to make my heart wanna pound its way right out of my chest! GH should be my escape, not the reason I want to escape the room where it’s on!

Yes, I need a doctor! Unfortunately, it seems there is no one at General Hospital who can help me, as I don’t trust anyone to be who they say they are anymore. 

And they wonder why ratings are on life support? 

Our soap needs a life-saving intervention in order to survive. Make sure you INTERVENE by phone, email, snail mail, and any other measures you have at your disposal.

Lives depend on it!



Call: GH Comment Lines: 818-460-7477, Press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464, GH LA: 323-671-4583



Snail Mail: Ron Carlivati, Headwriter / Frank Valentini, Executive Producer
c/o ABC-TV General Hospital, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027


5 responses

  1. samjase

    Have a terrific week with your kids..Spring Break/Easter..nice break! I hope your family will enjoy a blessed holiday.
    GH makes me twitch! Jasam’s baby s/l should have been a no brainer. Each of them lost a child, & each of their children saved the life of another child. These writers don’t have the brains they were born with..that’s for sure! Sam should be feeling that baby kick on screen with Jason right there to kiss Sam’s tummy. Sam should be showing fear of losing this baby like the 1st one, with Jason reassuring everything will be ok. I feel like these writers need a smack in the head! OH..I DON’T BELIEVE FOR A SECOND THAT FRANCO IS JASON’S TWIN.

    April 4, 2012 at 10:41 am

  2. lt4bama

    Angelique I’ve been looking forward to getting your take on the last few days. Always love to read your view.

    I’m having multiple personalities when it comes to GH as well. One minute I can’t get enough, the next I’m scared to watch for fear of what will be displayed on the screen. I have been watching 2004 and now 2005 because I’m so disappointed with this pregnancy. And the sad part is I was looking forward to it but it has been let down after let down.

    This new turn of events is just too crazy and far fetch. If the baby in the video and picture is NOT Jason, how the hell did Franco end up with hospital bracelet? Who was born first? How did they hide him or get him out of the hospital? Why wouldn’t Sam’s baby still be Jason’s if they are only fraternal twins? Just too many holes in this story line!

    I told myself (yes they got me talking to my damn self) yesterday “no matter what I see on the screen, including scary ass promos, Jasam will be happy, they will have their baby, they will stay together and nothing is going to change that.” Not even the BS that plays out for the next few weeks is going to change that view. I’m slowly starting to believe it. LOL. I have to, if only for my own sanity.

    I know they are just doing their job but I still wonder what KeMo and SBu really think (not the politically correct version) about the new direction of their characters and nonsense that comes out of their mouths courtesy of the writers

    Phew! I’m done venting.

    April 4, 2012 at 10:46 am

  3. Think of what we have read from KM and SB in past times about their love story,relationship, marriage, etc……..they were so totally invested.
    SBu likened their story to “The Notebook”, one of his favourites. What are they thinking now? One can only imagine. What are we thinking? You all have said it, over and over. We can’t recognize our soap, or the characters we love. It has become depressing…it really has. Again, as I have before, I hope this blog gets sent to TPTB. Twitter is full of trash, and haters gloating. Also fans, threatening to quit watching. None of which is good to keep GH afloat. What are these writers up to? I guess time will tell…Thank you, Angelique, and everyone for doing your part to
    bring and keep the story we love on our screens. Write,phone, pray…Much love

    April 4, 2012 at 1:50 pm

  4. Traveler

    What a GREAT Blog today!! Bravo!!
    All I can really say is… I need to make a Doctor appointment right along with you!! Im feeling the exact same emotions you are when it comes to our beloved GH. *Sighs*

    April 4, 2012 at 8:32 pm

  5. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    At this point and time I do not what else to say or do! Iam literally pissed off at what I am seeing on my beloved GH! THIS SHOULD BE A TIME OF JOY AND LOVE BETWEEN JASON AND SAM! AS THEY WAIT FOR THEIR TWINS TO BE BORN! THIS BS THEY ARE ENDURING NOW IS EXACTLY THAT,BS! Here we go again not even believing what we are being forced to endure! I just do not get it! Gh is not and should not be a duplicate of OLTL! Its ironic OLTL is cancelled and TPTB at GH are tieing them together,WHY! Iam no way a writer or do I pretend to be but there are so many other ways they could have gone to Spice-Up GH!

    April 4, 2012 at 8:33 pm

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