Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


TGIF, GHers!

I hope that you are all enjoying the same kind of fabulous weather we are enjoying in Jersey! I LOVE IT!

Am I the only one who finally exhaled after today’s episode of GH?


Truly, I thought Luke’s warning to Lulu: “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!”, was a bit of foreboding for us all. Thankfully, it was just a sign that GH was gonna deliver some good ol’ classic soap.


Still, had I been given the opportunity to warn Spinelli myself, I would have warned, “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!” How difficult it must be for Spin to keep slamming into the brick wall of his Maximista’s resolve to punish herself for Robin’s death by self-destructing and taking the blame for Lisa’s murder. Bradford Anderson rarely gets the chance anymore to show us what he’s made of, but I have not forgotten. He never fails to show us Spinelli’s vulnerability and innocence, in spite of the fact that he works for Stone Cold. Today was no exception. I was completely sold that Spin’s hearts literally breaks for Maxie and the pain she’s feeling over Robin’s loss, and it reminded me that once upon a time not that long ago, Spin and Maxie were a couple I was rooting for. When he brought in Maxie’s makeup, I felt a lump in my throat. These are the reasons that I will always believe that Maxie walked away from the man who would love her like no other, and most importantly, would always believe the best of her first. What a mistake. And to think that Maxie is even involved in the Lisa Niles’ murder mess because she was afraid for Matt and his involvement in it just adds to the heart ache, because he is so undeserving. Perhaps this nightmare and the support that stays the staunchest will help Maxie to see that she still has a choice about the man she trusts her heart to.

I am hoping that Maxie will be allowed to have some friends nearby during this crisis. Perhaps when Lulu is done hanging out with her dad’s crowd over at The Floating Rib, she can take some time for her old friend, especially since Maxie made it easy for her by getting herself stuck at her job. Lulu’s relationship with her dad hasn’t been an easy one – or a healthy one. When Lulu walked into the bar formerly known as Jake’s and started berating him for being in a bar on the anniversary of Jake’s death, I thought to myself that this role reversal is one of the biggest issues for her. Lulu is always doing the parenting in this relationship, and maybe she needs to leave that responsibility to Luke from now on. Of course, it would help if Luke wasn’t always about to say something to his daughter that required “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!” as a preface. Luke should know better than telling Lulu something that he was going to ask her to keep from her “cop” husband. Hasn’t his being her dad put enough of a strain on her relationships?

Besides, Dante’s already got his mother keeping secrets from him – and it is a mother of a secret, too. I was actually a bit surprised that Liv would lie to her baby’s face, especially while he was on the job, all in an effort to make a deal with her ex-lover to save her current lover. I would have to say that before Dante is told what his mama was really doing at Johnny’s, someone issue the familiar warning:“Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!”

Awww, was I the only one who was happy to see Anna and Noah come face to face again? While I have to agree with Noah that I wished it was under better circumstances, reunions like theirs I’ll take under any circumstances! I am sure that Anna would have welcomed the opportunity to catch up with Noah, chat about their granddaughter, and discuss how they could help Patrick get through this together over a cup of coffee and some shared tears, but Noah had other plans. “Brace Yourself, Anna, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!” No one would like having to hear what Noah had to say when she was already saying the very same thing to herself. Noah let her know, in no uncertain terms, that he was not going to let Anna take out her pain on Patrick. It was interesting to see both parents reacting to their child’s pain, in spite of the fact that their connection is about more than their children having been married. I thought Patrick coming in to back Noah off, because he earnestly felt he deserves everything Anna had to say, was just the thing to convince Anna that she was doing the right thing by offering him heartfelt apology. I wept during their conversation, mostly because as a mom, I totally understand everything Anna has felt: from wanting to rip Patrick a new one, to being devastated at realizing that her daughter had kept things from her. Mostly I understood when Anna warned Patrick that the ass-kicking Robin saved him from by not telling her about his cheating would have been a bad one. What mother wouldn’t want to beat the crap out of anyone who hurts her baby? And as Anna said, what mother wouldn’t want to murder the woman who tore her daughter’s life apart? If I were Anna, I would console myself with that. That Robin didn’t tell her because she knew Anna would have murdered that crazy bitch at the first sign of trouble. It might someday even give her a reason to smile.

One thing that did not give me a reason to smile was Jason when he first got home. In fact, when Jason yelled at Sam that “it was his life,” I had an Ally McBeal moment where I walked in, stood between him and Sam, and asked him to hand me his gun. So that I could shoot him between the eyes. As for the rest of it, I tried really hard to try and look at this issue between him and Sam as impartially as I possibly could. Sam never thought that what she was doing in keeping the truth from Jason was the right thing. And she never thought there weren’t intrinsic consequences that would come as a result of her choices. In fact, she told Carly that she would rather have Jason pissed at her, but alive. I am not saying that Sam deserves any of the bullshit Jason has dished out at her, and neither am I saying that Sam was wrong. What I am saying is that she knew it wouldn’t be the right choice for Jason, and she was still okay with that, because the benefits outweighed the risks. It’s something I would have done myself, placed in the same position. However, I would have to be prepared to do something else Sam did, and that was apologize. I was having a tough time today in trying to understand how Sam apologizing for something she knew was wrong for the man she loves was seen as weak by some. I thought Sam was giving as good as she was getting in their conversation. I thought she was fighting for Jason to see her side. That didn’t make her weak – that made her the fighter I know her to be. So easily, Jason could have shut down, focused on what Carly convinced him was a betrayal, and stayed there, but Sam was not allowing him to stay there. I’m sorry if it upsets you when I say this, but Sam did owe Jason an apology, and she knew that the moment she made the decision. Offering an apology doesn’t make someone weak, it makes them strong enough to admit that sometimes we do the wrong things for all of the right reasons under the sun. I loved that Sam apologized for doing the one thing Jason hates the most, but I loved even more that she was willing to tell Jason “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!”, but if I could go back, I would do the same thing. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t sound like a weak, pathetic woman to me. Sam made apologies for doing something she knew would not sit well with him, but she wasn’t making apologies for the reasons she did it. That’s the Sam I know and love.

As for Jason, sure he was holding on to the fact hat Sam took away his power of choice like a dog with a bone, but I thought he seemed to get it when Sam defended her rationale. As for Jason “rubbing Liz in her face”, I’m sorry. I just didn’t see it. To me, it would have been a hundred times worse for Jason to have come home and not told Sam that truth right away. And judging from Sam’s reaction, Liz is not a threat to their marriage, and therefore, neither was the truth about them talking about their dead son on the anniversary of his death. There wasn’t even a need for Jason to offer an advisement of “Brace Yourself, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!” I thought the way he told Sam about seeing Liz on the bridge was very matter-0f-fact, and inconsequential to them as a couple. I didn’t see him saying it to hurt Sam at all. Even when Jason said that Liz said it wasn’t Sam’s fault, and he knew that, I took that to mean just that. Liz said it, but he knew it. Liz’s comment was superfluous, because the fact that his anger and pain weren’t Sam’s fault wasn’t something he was even entertaining. I must say that I know Jason pretty well. I did say yesterday that this was about two things for Jason, and both of them involved Robin. 1. He couldn’t save Robin, and 2. Robin saved him. Jason told Sam today that he was angry with Robin, but we all know that more than that, Robin’s death forced Jason to put down that superhero cape of his. Of course he doesn’t know what to do with that. Jason was lost. Sam and their baby were his compass this time, and helped him find his way back. That’s why he loves her.

Do I still think the writers were way off on his reactions towards Sam for a couple of days there? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY! We know our Jason as well as Sam does! But what’s done is done. They did a good job at bringing me to a place where I could be as content as Sam was, lying in her husband’s lap, and finally able to get some sleep after a few sleepless nights. Jason and Sam talking peacefully on the couch like the good ol’ days was The Beauty of GH for me today. Like most of you, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jason’s outrageous behavior towards Sam either. Let’s just be thankful that the thought of Sam leaving their home freaked Jason out as much as it did us, and he grabbed onto her, told her he loved her, and didn’t let go. Most of all, let’s be thankful that Mr. & Mrs. Morgan needed to reconnect almost as much as we needed them to! (Hence the over 1,000,000 YouTube views of their wedding night!)

Too bad that it should have gone without saying that even with the new headwriter in place, we should have recognized the warning.“Brace Yourself, JaSammers, ‘Cause You’re Not Gonna Like It!”

Of course Spinelli would arrive with information that could not wait just as they were racing up the stairs for some “rest!”



The least of our worries, I’m sure!


Keep watching, GHers! It’s now or never!




8 responses

  1. SamJasonsHeart

    Aww.. Jason you are no longer on my hit list. When he told Sam ” Let me see my family” and touched her belly that was the Jason I know and love! I just rewatched them again.
    I agree with everything you said about their conversation, Sam was strong and fighting for the man she loves and when she told Jason I can go to my moms.. I think I saw a little fear in his eyes and was so proud of him for holding on tight and not letting her go. Their love for one another is “The Beauty of GH”

    Off topic happy to hear you didn’t start running until after you got up the stairs. *tears of laughter* ❤

    March 23, 2012 at 1:58 am

  2. Kathy Glagowski

    Loved it! Jason redeemed himself in my eyes. I have been so upset at the way he treated her. She apologized to him but she didn’t and that was great! Now he’s going to flip when he finds out she knows McBain!

    March 23, 2012 at 5:56 am

  3. samjase

    Angelique..I saw the Jasam fight “closure” exactly as you did. I saw TWO people who were solid in their POV’S but UNDERSTOOD why the other one did/reacted the way they did. Sam did not back down. She only wanted him to know that it was what she HAD TO DO to protect him and knew it would be AWFUL for their relationship. THAT’S LOVE! She wanted him to forgive her..but, SHE WOULD DO IT you pointed out. They both love each other enough to “agree to disagree” and move on. Sam never said..”I’m sorry”..she merely said “you have to forgive me”. He did obviously.

    March 23, 2012 at 9:01 am

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for today’s Wonderful Blog!! Boy, do I enjoy reading it!! As usual Im in total agreement!!

    What a week on GH.. Especially for our Couple “JaSam”!! *Sighs*
    Its been an emotional roller-coaster!! It was a bumpier ride than I was expecting. And I have a feeling this ride it just getting started. However, Im buckled in and committed to staying on.. No matter how bumpy it gets!!

    I believe in GH and I especially believe in the Stelly Magic that is
    JaSam!! 🙂

    March 23, 2012 at 5:28 pm

  5. lt4bama

    First I must say I’m new to your blog. Stumbled across it 2 weekends ago and was hooked! Read back a lot of the old post. Love your writing style, POV etc. I check every day for your insight on GH. I must say I was disappointed and a little worried when there was a gap last week. Glad you’re doing great.

    On today’s writing, as I do with most of your posts, I agree with what you had to say. You hit the nail on the head. When it comes to Jasam, the only thing else that needed to happen was for Jason to apologize to Sam. I agreed with what she did even if she was wrong, but it needed to be done. She owned up to it and asked for forgiveness. He needed to do the same because his behavior to her was horrendous, even though we know it was out of grief. He should have man up to that and apologized. Was that asking for too much? Anyway keep up the great work!

    March 23, 2012 at 6:46 pm

  6. Hazel Wyche

    Hi Jasammers,
    You know Angelique how I love your perspectives you always allow us to think aboutthings it a much broader venue! I am happy that Sam and Jason made up but……..I am not happy about how it happened! Jason seems to time and time again put others before his relationship with his wife. He needs to address it TRULLY address it! He totally disrespected Sam for doing something he has been guilty of more than once! Jason openly shared his anger with his wife with 2 woman who both have questionable motives when it comes to Sam! I get it Jason believes he is untouchable at times with decisions that he makes. But how many time has those decisions COST Sam! It should not have taken ALL of Sams convincing to get him to be reasonable! What should have stopped him dead center was the fact that Sam is carrying their child! All the worrying is not good for her or the Twins! Sam is the one who brought that 2 light not Jason! Jason is the reason Sam had to have a procedure just to try and get pregnant! And he comes at her like that! I love them together I always have! I am just tired of Jason not REALLY recogonizing what he has in Sam! The only person that has ever excepted him for him has been Sam NO ONE ELSE! Sam was supposedly “raped” by Jasons enemy not Sams Jason! Does he still realize how vulnerable she still is!
    Has she ever thrown his choices back at him like he did with her and all she was guilty of was trying to protect him! If there is one thing that has
    happened the last few weeks GH has people sharing their perspectives.
    Most of the opinions voiced just make you smile some you just ignore but its been interesting to read the different perspectives!

    March 23, 2012 at 8:50 pm

  7. Sonia

    Thanks for your wonderful words on GH

    March 25, 2012 at 8:44 pm



    March 26, 2012 at 9:32 pm

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