Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning, my fellow stressed-out GHers!


I have always had a problem with the saying, “Forgive and Forget.”

While I have certainly gotten better in life about forgiving, I will never understand how someone could even suggest that it’s possible that forgiving means we can automatically forget. Certainly forgiveness doesn’t suddenly make us amnesiacs. If I ever needed proof that my theory was correct, I got it as I watched GH…alone once again.

Take Patrick. Over the years, he has been able to (with Robin’s help and urging) forgive his father for the years of resentment and anger he felt towards him for having been unfaithful to his mother and abandoning them, especially since Patrick’s mother died. Now, here we are, all these years later, and Patrick is sitting there, talking to his father from the same perspective, and again not able to forgive – only this time it’s himself he’s having trouble forgiving. Patrick now has to wonder if someday Emma will be trying to find the same kind of forgiveness for Patrick that he had to find for Noah, when like Anna, she finds out that Patrick was unfaithful to her mother, who also died. It’s a terrible thing for Patrick to have to imagine such a terrible thing, but imagine it he must, because he did it. I love that Noah is there to tell Patrick that there is “no timetable” for forgiving oneself, you just “have to put one foot in front of the other” in order to be able to get to the place where you’re able¬†TO FORGIVE, BUT NOT FORGET.¬†

One person I desperately wanted to see move towards forgiveness, mainly for herself, was Anna. She has been beating herself up ever since she beat up Patrick, and while I certainly wished she hadn’t gone after Patrick on the day he buried his wife, I did feel enough was enough. It was good that her old friend, Luke could be there to thrown her a lifeline and bring her back from the edge. I thought the dialogue and the way Anna and Luke commiserated over their most dreadful regrets was touching, and I felt it honored their longtime friendship. It also helped Anna to move forward, so that she can finally try¬†TO FORGIVE, BUT NOT FORGET.¬†

Let’s hope that the newer viewers will be able to do the same at the changing of the name of Jake’s to “The Floating Rib”. I know that viewers with a longer GH history, who actually recognize the new name from one of ¬†Port Charles’ old haunts, like me, had to smile.

What a conundrum Johnny is face with when it comes to Connie, huh? On the one hand, he has a soft spot in his heart of gold for “crazy broads” like Claudia, while on the other hand, he is faced with the golden opportunity to make Sonny pay for destroying her. What to do, what to do? Johnny has put hits vengeance on hold on more than one occasion, and for more than one reason. Molly, Morgan, Olivia, Jason, Kristina, Michael, and now Carly have all played a role in why Johnny has been able to live by the truce he and Sonny came up with this long. How long that truce will last is anyone’s guess, as I am not sure anyone can expect Johnny even¬†TO FORGIVE, BUT NOT FORGET.¬†

Oh! How it irked the crap out of me that Carly would be able to get her hands on the proof that Connie was at Johnny’s, apparently desperate to get to him! Ugh! I am so tired of Carly walking around town spilling everyone’s secrets when her own have always been so destructive, self and otherwise. I am so glad that Sonny jumped on the same bandwagon as his mortal enemy, Johnny, and called Carly on her incessant need to try to ruin Jason’s happiness, but of course, his admonishments fell on deaf ears. While I am almost sure that at some point Sam will move past what Carly did, I can tell that you that I won’t. I will never be able¬†TO FORGIVE, OR FORGET.¬†Instead, I shall look forward to the day that Carly gets exactly what she deserves. I can only hope it means losing every friend she’s ever had.

ūüėČ I know…I should probably resign my post as a SS Teacher.

And I haven’t even confessed that I wished I was close enough to push Jason off of Robin’s bridge yet! Well, I did. Jason’s larger than life hysteria over losing Robin made me want to grab him by the leather jacket, tell him to man up, or I would shoot him in the foot. I just want Jason to stop making this all about him, dammit! I mean, it took Jason a good few minutes to even ask about Patrick, the man who’s lost his wife. Jason is dealing with a double blow here – first he was not able to save Robin, as he usually saves the world. And second, Robin died saving him. I think Jason is projecting the anger he feels at himself onto Sam, and making it about the fact that he wasn’t told, when actually, being told would not have changed a thing. Which is why I was so confused as to¬†why Liz thought it might have been a good idea if Jason had at least made it to the funeral. Uuummm, has Liz heard anything Patrick has said lately? Is that bridge really high, where the lack of oxygen might affect her own brain function? Patrick would have had a seizure of his own if Jason showed up at that church, since he already blames Jason! Whether we agree with it or not, as Robin’s husband, Patrick should have been afforded the opportunity to grieve without staring into the eyes of the man whose life she died saving. Patrick needs to be given some time if he is ever going to have a shot at being able¬†TO FORGIVE, BUT NOT FORGET.¬†I would think that Liz would get that.

Liz showing up at the bridge while Jason was there also led to a conversation about Jake. As a SamFF, and a loyal to the death JaSam Fan, I had only one complaint about those scenes: that they didn’t happen long ago. I don’t know about all of you, but I felt that every headwriter since Jake’s death has floundered on how to give both his parents something that we, as viewers, could interpret as some type of closure. Instead, they have floundered with everything from the awkward to the contrived to the awkward again. I thought they FINALLY got it right. Those scenes, and their conversation, were about losing Jake. Not some weird dialogue that people milked to death as having ¬†“hidden meanings”, but honest grief, and finally a chance for Jason to be part of something having to do with his son, even though I thought it was incredibly sad that it was so long after his death. For that, Mr. Carlivati deserves a whole lot of credit. Those scenes didn’t bother me one bit. What’s that? Jason touched her hand? And?¬†This is a soap, not preschool! A few weeks ago, when Sam told Sonny she was pregnant again, he, who shared a baby girl with Sam, was so happy for her, he kissed her. That’s what should’ve concerned us all the most, as we all know all Sonny has to do is “look at a woman” and she gets pregnant! ūüėČ All kidding aside, Jason was Jake’s father. Liz was Jake’s mother. She was letting go of something she’d been holding on to since his death, and Jason reached out to help her do just that, and to finally feel like he had a ¬†connection to Jake, even though way too late. It was nicely done, and in order for these stupid, poisonous fanbase wars to stop killing our show, we have to take a step towards trying¬†TO FORGIVE, BUT NOT FORGET¬†the pain of the past, and move on. NO, THAT DOES NOT MEAN I AM GIVING UP MY LIZ HATE! Let’s not get crazy!

Sam has been friend-deprived for so long, that even a stranger’s kindness feels helps fill the void. I guess I am not the only one remembering that Jen Lilley is Maxie, because they haven’t shared one scene together as friends. Not after Sam’s honeymoon nightmare, not after finding out she was pregnant, not during Jason’s brain drama, and not even after Robin died. It’s no wonder that Sam would open up to someone who might’ve been her friend, even in a “past life”. (Oh, Mr. Carlivati, you can be so clever!)¬†I thought it was a nice touch to have John give Sam some hope that sometimes a lie doesn’t have to destroy the love, and that sometimes it’s possible¬†TO FORGIVE, IF NOT FORGET,¬†because I think we all needed to be reminded of that! It has been a rough ride for a while now for fans of this SUPERCOUPLE.

Jason and Sam have had one major crisis after another since Hawaii, and while we know that their love is of the indestructible kind, it’s still been a challenge lately to feel as though there are good things to look forward to. I cannot deny that, nor will I try to. I think that part of it may just be a simple issue with short-term memory. While the new team has done an UNBELIEVABLE job with honoring the part of GH’s history that requires long-term memory (hence the old faces coming back), I feel their short-term memory needs some exercising. So many of you, like I, have expressed your frustration with Jason doing and saying things that are just completely wrong, based not he Jason Morgan we know and (used to) love. (just kidding!) Perhaps all they need to do is spend a couple of night in bed watching those JaSam by the year, like so many of us do! ūüėȬ†I am going to give them the time to do just that, and to work out the kinks in their stories and the personality “disorders” in our characters¬†(like Jason yanking his arm away from his pregnant wife, or yelling at her when he hasn’t even asked her if she’s eaten or slept!), and I am going to keep turning on that TV daily while they do it. (Thanks, my beloved Becky for vowing to do the same! *tears of joy*)

I will also continue to try to communicate with the new team daily, letting them know what I found to be The Beauty of GH in every episode, and even what I found to be a Shadybrook moment, when I find one. What we can all also do is to try to stay positive. For example,¬†I am going to ignore the doom and gloom stuff, like the¬†“bearer of bad news”¬†article from SID that warned us of the TRIFECTA of BAD NEWS for our couple, because¬†I have had it¬†*up to here*¬†with all the¬†“obstacles”,¬†and¬†now I am still dreading Jason being upset about Sam talking to John!

Oh – the anxiety! Let’s stay away from the spoilers and the baiting and just watch it play out for a change.

It can only get better….NO?

If not, and I am wrong, please TRY TO FORGIVE ME, IF NOT FORGET.

Just know that I did it all in the name of LOVE for our beloved GH!



6 responses

  1. Hazel Wyche

    Hi Jasammers,
    As upset as I am about this weeks heartache I too will watch to see what happens! If the new team at GH will do their homework! I am staying away from the spoilers at least I will try to. Once again Sam is my girl and Jason had no right to treat her that way!
    I did enjoy the scenes with Luke and Anna,Patrick and Noah they were well wriiten. Lets see what tomorrow brings!
    Thanks Angelique for all you do!

    March 22, 2012 at 7:02 am

  2. Comforting to know you are sharing your GH wisdome with TPTB. As for all of us, we never have to forgive the best fan GH ever had or will ever have. Nor will we ever forget all you have done and are doing to keep it on our TVs. You are the best, and thank you is not enough…but thank you Angelique. I share your feelings about Jason, and are hoping that the gentle way he has always treated Sam (since 2009 and the early years) will come back soon. I hate this harsh and mean Jason, and it is horrendous now that she is carrying his child. Keeping the faith.

    March 22, 2012 at 1:35 pm

  3. Traveler

    Thanks for todays Wonderful Blog!!
    Ive decided to try and stay positive about our GH.
    I will try extra hard during the lows…
    I will enjoy every second of the highs!!
    I will continue to Love my favorite characters!!
    I will continue to enjoy hating on those I dont like.
    Thats what Soaps are all about….
    I will continue to tune in EVERYDAY and Support my all time favorite Couple (JaSam) and my all time favorite Soap (GH)..

    Doesnt mean I wont have those hard to forgive but never forget moments… (Wink..Wink). ūüėČ

    March 22, 2012 at 6:37 pm

  4. SamJasonsHeart

    Well said.. I am trying to stay positive so I won’t post my negative thoughts about Jason. I will hold off and see what tomorrow brings.. When he better let my girl Sam know he understands why she did what she did.
    I will go and watch JaSam scenes from the first pregnancy and let them remind me why I love Jason.. Because right now I don’t like him very much, I am still deeply and totally in love with JASAM!

    Hugs xoxo

    March 22, 2012 at 10:00 pm

  5. Hello my Bella;
    !st Hope Gram is good and home and that our incredible Karina knows that she truly is a blessing to her and you. I moved in, changed my plans and took care of my grandparent and I have no regrets. I got to learn history. legacy and incredible strength from them and actually gain a friend not just a grandparents.
    2nd You are under orders to BE WELL….we miss you on twitter and when you are unwell to blog and just want our healthy beautiful Angelique who always manages to make me smile.
    Now..GH blog 2day Hahahahaha….. Get out my head. As usual we were watching the same GH unlike a social network full of loons who saw Eye Sex, hints of returning missing organ children in dried leaves and December pregnancy because of a hand hold..WTH were they watching. And McPain and Doc ABS don’t bother me..BRING IT!! its time SAM had a friend…like that its guys and maybe they can sit on the couch and talk about thier CONNECTIONS and pasts and secret handshakes like Carly, Lix and even Robin. Its time for Jason to get a taste of Jealousy…you have a beautiful amazing wife who fought for your life like her’s depended on it…Hmmm! Alexis nice idea. Maybe Thank you SAM is still coming from him.
    I wish he had showed up at the funeral and Patrick or Anna would have knocked him on his grief stricken all about my box of pain azz. Anna barely tolerated Sonny and probably would have round house his butt if Emma were not there. Imagine Jason standing there making it all about him. And Patrick can’t be civil to a pregnant terror filled woman imagine him with the man his wife sacrificed herself for. Think Jason will be feeling Patricks pain or his fist VERY SOON.
    Carly is as Sonny says is Dead to ME! You once again are enjoying your friends pain for your own selfish all about me pleasure just like in the bar when you told Sam about chasing Robin away from Jason and she decked you then..Hmmm! Sam where is your Dagger…
    Carly hates that Jason and Sonny have moved on, have a life that does not involve her or her input and she will destroy both of their relationships so she can be the center of their universe again while still married to Jax, sleeping with Johnny and stringing Sean along plus look out Todd think her fangs were showing.
    I want Jax to come back and for Mercedes to testify that Carly is never with Joss, has no involvement in her upbringing and the JUDGE awards him full custody and they go to Aussie–minus–Carly. HA!
    I want Blair to buy Nikolas’s interest in the Metro Court and then Carly have 2 women who are all in her territory….HA!
    I want Sonny, Michael and Jason to protect, pamper and provide for Sam and Crazy ConnieKate fruity cupcake and Johnny to tell Jason how Carly is plotting against Sam and Jason’s marriage…HaHA!
    And I want the FOS of SPinelli to put a nasty virus in her phone, hotel software and her who to bed next to annoy Sonny scheduling book.
    JMO….LOL xoxo Soapfanfiction {steph}

    March 22, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    • SamJasonsHeart

      haha Steph.. You always make me laugh!

      March 23, 2012 at 12:25 am

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