Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

“Like A Stake Through The Heart”…

Happy Hump Day, GHers!

It was a long, drawn out day, but the good news is that my grandma was released from the hospital, and Karina was with her when the news came that she could go home! It was like a soap – well, actually better than a soap, as I am not sure there’s any good news on soaps these days! 😉

Thanks to all of you for your kind words for us, especially for Karina. As soon as she gets caught up on sleep, I’ll have her sit down and read them all. Most of all, we thank you for the prayers and well wishes for my grandma. Since Karina is the one caring for her, I fear she is the one to feel the strain of having so many uncertainties about her condition the most, and I could hear that the weight had lifted from Karina’s shoulders the second she called with the news. I am incredibly grateful.

Thanks again for being part of my support system!

Well, John McBain has made his presence known in Port Charles rather stealthily, hasn’t he? Dante seemed to be caught completely unawares that Detective McBain was in town, not just to handle “the grieving grandfather”, Todd Manning, but to go after Dante’s Daddy Dearest. Had the PCPD rolled out a welcome mat for the out-of-town cop coming to collect his fugitive, Dante unceremoniously tugged it out from under John, and rolled it up and away. The problem with that move was that Dante managed to roll out the doubts about his ability to remain professional when it comes to Sonny. Dante wanting to know about John’s connection to his dad seemed to give John all he needed, as we can all admit that detectives in Llanview actually pick up on clues, but Dante took it a step further and actually asked John to “just go home”. *sigh* Too bad it appears the only friendly, yet terribly sad, face he found in Port Charles was Sam’s. I bet that was something else he felt “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

Can’t say that I blame him. Things all over Port Charles had me feeling the same way.

Poor Patrick. The one other person around him who is feeling the same desperate loss he’s feeling has now turned on him, and he must feel even more alone than he did when he left the house that morning for his wife’s funeral. Talk about something that must feel “Like A Stake Through The Heart”. I imagine Patrick must wonder if the pain will ever stop choking the life out of him, and I’d bet if he could, he’d ask someone who might have the answers. Someone who might have experienced the very same pain of losing a wife, and having to deal with the guilt of not just being the one to live, but living with the guilt of having betrayed her. There was a time that Patrick couldn’t forgive his father for being the person to have had that experience, but when he opened that door, and Noah offered him the compassion that could only come from having been there once, I’d bet Patrick finally breathed a sigh of relief.

I knew that Anna would replay everything she said to Patrick in her own mind over and over, and that she would realize that what she chose to say to him on the hospital’s rooftop must’ve felt to Patrick “Like A Stake Through The Heart”. I imagine that once she thought about how Robin might have reacted to Anna’s “evisceration” of Patrick, she felt completely ashamed of herself. Her daughter (I just heard the word “daughter” in Anna’s accent) chose to forgive her husband, and to hold on to her marriage and her family, and Anna had no right to make a judgment about it either way. At least not out loud, because every mother has the right to make a judgement about how a man has treated her baby girl.  Now Anna has to live with knowing that she not only overstepped her boundaries, which did not die with Robin, and I guess it was a bit hard to handle without the help of some liquid courage.

If anyone would know about liquid courage, it would be Luke. And as if on cue, he was right there to offer Anna what little he could. I wonder how it must feel for Luke to know that he can’t really take a drink, and he feels as though he can’t really tell Anna why. But most of all, I wonder how it feels to know that the truth that Luke has decided to bury deep down along with his conscience, is the reason that the only other person who knows exactly what Anna is feeling isn’t there to help her through it. I imagine that seeing his old friend’s pain, and knowing he may have had a hand in making its sting a little more pronounced may actually feel “Like A Stake Through The Heart” to Luke’s vampire-like old ticker. Perhaps he and Sam can start a support group for those who’ve told a lie in order to save a life.

Why, oh why wasn’t Sonny hunting down Dr. Keenan while at GH, and asking him to go find Kate, Connie, Carmen, whoever she is? As if it isn’t bad enough that Sonny is about to be shocked out of his italian suits that Kate wasn’t role-playing, it now appears that Carly will have one more secret to hold over one of the men she considers to be completely hers, and will get yet another opportunity to take pleasure in trashing their relationship. At this rate, John better move to a penthouse where Connie can’t find him, because Carly is going to be “in the mood” for quite some time. The fact that Carly gets to smile about anything right now, for me, is “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

Nothing, and I repeat: NOTHING felt more “Like A Stake Through The Heart” than the stone cold way Jason treated our Fair Samantha yet again. He seems unable to recall that he has been guilty of doing the same thing, and has shut down completely. Our friend, Darlene, offered a perspective that very honestly, had not even crossed my mind in the throes of my anger and disappointment. She suggested that the reason Jason is acting so completely differently than he has with the other lying women in his life is because “He is in love with Sam, and therefore, she has the power to hurt him.” That thought teased my own brain all day, and when I heard John describe to Sam how he felt when Natalie lied in order to protect him and their child, that it really tore him up, and felt “Like A Stake Through The Heart”, I realized that Darlene had a valid point. (Thanks, Darlene!) The more we love someone, the more a deception hurts. And Jason has never loved anyone as deeply or as wholly as he loves Sam – even if he is doing a piss poor job of showing it these days. (Ass)

I will admit that Liz being on the bridge at the same time as Jason didn’t really bother me. What bothered me more was this seemingly out-of-the-blue depth of loss that Jason is feeling over Robin’s death. Understand this: I am not minimizing their connection, or their history. How could I when I lived through it with them? It’s just that this “newfound”, over-the-top reaction just feels…wrong. Off. While I lived through Jason and Robin’s love story, I have also lived through the past seven years since Robin’s return, and while Jason and Robin have remained friends, and I’ll even stretch and say they’ve remained close – the emotions Jason should be feeling should stem from the guilt of knowing Robin died trying to save his undeserving ass, not this devastation as though they were closer than ever. Come on, writers! Don’t insult our loyalty over the years by writing this as though these years didn’t happen! To us, it’s “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.


To my delight, the scenes between John and Sam made me smile a bit – because of the way they played with the actors’ history (such as the “Like A Stake Through The Heart” comment, which gave a nod to their vampire days on Port Charles as Caleb and Livvie) without making the scenes feel forced. Sam had just had me in tears when talking to Robin’s picture, and within seconds, I caught my lips twitching towards a smile. Kelly Monaco did a fantastic job of playing those scenes as an emotionally spent wife who just needed to unload, even if to a complete stranger with familiar eyes. She breaks my heart when she cries, and I could totally understand why someone would see her sitting in a church crying and want to help. I actually would not mind Sam having herself a confidante of the opposite sex, even if only for Jason to get a taste of his own nasty medicine. I hope his brain cells sizzle with jealousy and insecurity, and that the very sight of another man taking the time to show Sam some kindness and compassion rips into him “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.  (Then get in line behind me to pour the salt into his wounds!)

 As for Liz, I will say this, as I know you guys expect me to have an opinion on it: I think it is so pathetic that the only way writers can ever write these contrived Jason and Liz scenes is for Jason to completely go off the rails and be someone he himself wouldn’t recognize. I guess the writers were going for irony when they had Jason ask Liz if she would have lied, as we all know that was EXACTLY what she did when she had a secret to keep from Jason! And Liz answering that she didn’t know, and that’s why she didn’t visit him? O.M.G. I KNOW. WE ALL KNOW. We all could have answered for Liz. Of course she would have told Jason! Liz can only tell the truth about a secret when it isn’t her secret to tell, just like she did with telling Patrick Robin’s secret, and just like she’s always done in the past. Give me a break. 

It’s no wonder no one else in this house today would sit and watch my beloved soap, now stricken with D.I.D. Not even Vanessa would stay and watch after Jason yelled at Sam the first time. I think she may have even muttered a word that I would not have approved of to describe Jason as she stomped up the stairs!

I acted as though I didn’t hear it. If it was the word I think it was, it was true.

My concern is that just as in this house, people in lots of other houses may refuse to sit and watch a General Hospital they don’t recognize.

That they won’t watch something they can’t wrap their brains around.

That they’ll turn off their TVs and, like Vanessa, walk away from General Hospital.

The very thought of that wounds me “Like A Stake Through The Heart”.

*pass the tissue, please*



9 responses

  1. SamJasonsHeart

    That is wonderful news.. I know Karina must finally be able to exhale, God heard all the prayers for your grandmother what a glorious day it is for your family!

    Are you kidding me.. Jason asking Liz if she would lie.. Hello Jason are you new? With this latest surgery I think Jason has forgotten everything Liz has lied about over the years *shakes head*

    I will promise you this, as painful as this has been to watch.. I will not tune out or change the channel. If I can’t take what is on my screen I wll leave the room like Vanessa.. But I will leave GH playing in the background.. I will not take part in putting a “stake through your heart” ❤

    Love you!

    March 21, 2012 at 2:32 am

  2. Connie Hernandez

    Hi Angelique, I’m back. The past few days of GH were very difficult for me to watch. I think I’m just as heartbroken as Sam is right now. One thing about watching Kelly, you get to feel whatever she is feeling. That’s how great our KEMO is. And because of the events of the past days plus the stuff I read on twitter inspired me to write a very long “tweet” to Mr Ron & Mr. Frank I poured my heart out and bared my soul. All for the love of GH and of course my couple. I just hope they’ll find the time to read them. Just want to say thank you for continuously inspiring us to support the show and the couple we love.

    March 21, 2012 at 2:53 am

  3. Karlene

    Hi Angelique,
    I’m glad to hear that your Grandma is doing much better and that the weight has been lifted off of Karina’s shoulders. I realize that what Darlene said about having the power to hurt him b/c he is in love w/ her is true but I still want to slap Jason for the way he has been treating Sam. I want to kick Carly into next week and give Johnny a big kiss for trying to tell Carly the truth that she refuses to see, which is that SHE is jealous of other women in Jason’s life, not Sam. I honestly don’t want anything to happen to our beloved Jasam but if anything can come out of Sam having a friendship/connection w/ McBain, I hope Jason will finally see the error of his ways as far as Carly is concerned. If Jason can have a friend of the opposite sex always interrupt his life, why can’t Sam?!?! I don’t think anything will happen w/ McBain b/c he is a cop but one can hope that Jason will finally kick Carly to the curb after getting jealous of a guy being friends w/ his wife and realizing what Sam has been dealing w/ for as many years as one can remember(too many). Glad to see you blogging again!! I have missed you being inside my brain and knowing what I’m thinking as well 🙂
    JASAM Love Always,
    PS. Liz needs to jump off that bridge like Robert was trying to do b/c that would make life a hell of a lot easier on a majority of us. That may sound mean and callous of me but I don’t see a purpose of her character anymore except for “Woe is me, let me fix my crooked halo” and “WTD” storylines. While everyone is trying to call Carly and Sam out on their crap, someone should call Liz out on hers.

    March 21, 2012 at 3:05 am

  4. Traveler

    Yep… I felt that stake through my heart yesterday!! *Sighs*
    I even made a call or two to the comment line. I will sit back, watch what plays out on GH and hope for the best. Especially when it comes to JaSam.
    Argggg! Seeing Carly smile yesterday.. Just made me want to smack the hell out of her. She is so “UnDeserving” right now!!

    Thanks for another great blog!! As always I so enjoy reading it.

    So happy about “Grandma” getting to leave the hospital. 🙂

    March 21, 2012 at 6:40 am

  5. samjase

    So HAPPY your grandmother’s health has improved. There’s nothing more important!
    Thx for the nod regarding my comment about Sam having the power to hurt Jason. That thought is the ONLY thing that kept me from wanting to bat him in his brain-damaged head.
    Jason lied to Sam for MONTHS (NOT HOURS) about Jake. Liz lied to Jason AND Lucky about Jake’s paternity so that Lucky wouldn’t revert back to drugs. Are these writers on DRUGS? I could list MANY MORE LIES..but, that’s not importatnt. What IS important is that Ron C. see Jasam as “incredibly popular and strong”, and this guy just wants to shake things up.

    March 21, 2012 at 8:39 am

    • samjase

      There’s not a doubt in my mind that Jasam will come through this and the other stumbling blocks Ron C. has planned for them.’s all for entertainment value! Also..Ron C. cannot RESIST having Michael E. and Kelly share scenes. He loves them both…and will have “fun” with their history. We need to keep strong and laugh a little at the irony and stupidity of what we’re seeing for our FANTASTIC COUPLE.

      March 21, 2012 at 8:43 am

      • samjase

        I keep forgetting to mention this! IMO..Jason’s head problems are far from over. IMO..his anger doesn’t fit the crime. He’s completely OTT. He’s actually treating Sam like he did the Q’s after his accident. Sam saying..’you need to go back to the hospital’ was a huge anvil..IMO.

        March 21, 2012 at 11:50 am

  6. First, foremost: So happy Grandmother is home again, and Karina is feeling relief. Praying that all will go well, and you can love and cherish them both for a long while. Blessings to you all.
    Yesterday must have had every JaSam fan muttering and swearing and groaning all over the place. Ugh!! Jason is being a supreme ASS, and how dare he berate Sam for the very things he, himself is guilty of, more than once?? And then to ask the liar of all liars if SHE would have done it? Hah! And she had the nerve to say “she didn’t know, but thatwas
    why she didn’t visit”….REALLY? I thought it was because she was busy playing Mama to Emma, and consoling Patrick, and being otherwise occupied! Phoney witch! Don’t know where this is all going, but don’t much like it so far. Calling,writing, and turning away from the TV whenever they show this stuff. Darlene is right, but still, to watch it is just too hurtful…….When will they be happy together again?
    Thanks so much Angelique, and I hope copies of your words go to TPTB every single time. Much love..

    March 21, 2012 at 11:44 am

  7. Hazel Wyche

    Hi Jasamers,
    Angelique welcome back and you are on fire as we all are! Right now the only word I can utter is IDIOT!!! Guess who!
    I am happy that your Grandma is doing better and home!Give her a BIG hug from all of us!
    I am so pissed right now! I will leave at that!
    Sam is my girl hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    March 21, 2012 at 8:25 pm

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