Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


Good morning, GHers!

This post must begin with a heartfelt *sigh*.

As a lifelong soaper, I usually take the token Dissociative Identity Disorder storyline that apparently must visit every soap town, and cause upheaval and drama for a few of its residents, in stride, I really do. Sometimes, I even love them. My God, I remember Jane Elliot (GH’s Tracy) playing Carrie on Guiding Light opposite Jerry Ver Dorn (OLTL’s Clint) as Ross, and the story had me riveted – even though I think I was about 10. 🙂

Through the years, I’ve held on even when the story lines wore on my patience and interest, only because I know that at some point, the patient with the disorder will either be treated, or shipped off to a mental institution, and the issues resulting from the disorder will be resolved.

THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS, for me, comes when it seems that the condition seems contagious.

Yes, I said it. Or at least I typed it.

And I mean it, too!

I found myself watching GH today thinking, “WHO THE HELL WAS THAT?” Is everyone in Port Charles suddenly suffering from some kind of personality disorder?

And listen, I am not even talking about Kate/Connie and now Carmen (Miranda)! Although, I heard myself take a really deep breath when Connie told Sonny she was now Carmen. I guess what bothered me most is that Sonny may not always be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I will tell you what: if my significant other randomly started calling himself by other names, while already under the care of a licensed psychiatrist, I would be backing out of that room while dialing said psychiatrist’s number! For Sonny to just think that Kate was suddenly turning into some kinky chick was just ridiculous! Sonny is bi-polar. Surely he knows what the beginnings of a breakdown look like in someone else, no?

What about Maxie? This is a tough one, because I am still trying to get used to seeing the lovely and talented Jen Lilley and registering her as Maxie. The fact that this Maxie is already so different is one thing, but to have Maxie completely break down and cop to killing her cousin in front of her grieving family – especially her young daughter? WHAT THE #&%$!  (And by the way, we all know that Liz is completely useless, but dear God, did she have to just sit there gawking at Maxie all that time when she should have been getting Emma to safety long before she did? Pffft. It made me want to bash her head in with Robin’s commemorative brick!) Maxie was obviously out of control from the moment she walked in. In fact, I was screaming for Father Coates to stand up out of that chair he was sitting in and perform an exorcism, because obviously, Maxie was possessed! Even for Maxie, it was just too damned much. Too damned selfish. Too damned thoughtless. Too damned hard to watch. But when Maxie hissed, “I’m Maxie Jones, and I am a murderer”, I rolled my eyes like a 5th grader, and walked out of the room. Who are these people?

I love Anna. I do. In spite of the fact that she hasn’t exactly been the best mom to Robin over the years, I do really love the way she mothers when she is around. The one thing I thought was a bit out of character was that Anna was back on the roof after days and says of watching her daughter’s husband struggle to envision his life without his wife, ripping him a new one over his affair with Lisa Niles! Oh how I wish she had out that much passion in telling Robert what a dirt bag he was for leaving town instead of attending his daughter’s funeral! Or how I wish Anna had actually been around more so that she wouldn’t have had to hear about this after her daughter was gone. And that barely disguised threat to take Emma from Patrick? Did she want Patrick to jump off the freakin’ roof? (asked in my best Chandler Bing voice!) Anna talked to Patrick about wanting to think about her daughter being happy, and always laughing. I am sorry, but I would need to do more than imagine that. I would need to be near my daughter a lot more than Anna was near Robin. At the very least, Anna could have kept tabs through Mac – there was no way Mac would’ve held back on the Lisa thing! The timing was completely off for me, and things got even darker for Patrick – and me – in a matter of seconds. And trust me when I tell you – darker is not better.

I know this was like the 5th day of Robin’s funeral, but Carly is the one who is DEAD TO ME. Carly’s personality disorder is different in that they are all rotten. I thought there was no way she could make me hate her more after Friday’s episode, but boy, was I wrong! That BITCH has sunken to an all new low. In my own life, I try to follow one very simple guiding principle when it comes to how to handle questionable behaviors from the people in my life. That is to try and understand the motives behind their actions. Very often, the people we care about do the wrong things for what they truly believe are the right reasons, and the right reasons are usually not self-serving. If Jason were to take a moment to do the same, he would soon realize that Carly’s motives were pure evil. Just as Johnny did before Carly jumped his bones for some celebration sex. *gags* Carly could not even keep her crocodile tears going long enough to feel sorry for Jason once he’d left the room. Once she was done trying to destroy his marriage to Sam, she was gloating triumphantly! It turned her on, and sent her running to John’s for a romp, instead of home to hold her daughter, thankful that Dr. Robin livelong enough to save her godfather, or I don’t know, celebrate the fact that Joss is alive and well a year after receiving Jason’s dead son’s kidney. Carly is the scum of the earth, and even if she offered her own kidney to Sam on a silver platter, she will never be redeemed in my eyes. Did you read that, Mr. Carlivati? NEVER!

There was only one thing that made me smile about today’s Jason and Sam scenes, and that just breaks my heart. Jason and Sam, their love, and that baby we’ve all been praying for since 2004 were the only rays of sunshine peeking through the massive storm clouds that seem to have rolled into Port Charles once more. That one thing, sadly had nothing to do with anything they said, or anything the writers wrote. It was actually a comment on the JaSam scenes uploaded to YouTube by ashleycramni. Check out the comment: Jason please do not make me come through this tv and smack one care that you are can be a lil upset, but you are being really selfish with your “BFF” Carly!! Carly comes in after the fact, but where was she when you were “dying” sleeping with Johnny.seriously grow up and be a is it me,but how is he up so fast and mad after having a complicated brain surgery?? Jason get it together and stop letting Carly run your life…SO SELFISH Robin come down and smack Comment by: mommiesangelej

To that, I say: AMEN!

I wanted to slap the shit out of Jason’s head.

I wanted Sam to take off one of her spiked heels and leave a piece of it in Jason’s brain where that piece of the dashboard used to be, because obviously removing that “inorganic matter” has caused pieces of his brain to fall out, and it needs to be plugged up.

I wanted her to tell Jason that he was right. His hypocritical ass wasn’t worth the sacrifice.

And when he said that maybe Carly did know him better, I wanted her to grow fangs like she did as Livvie and drain the life from his already dead soul. That Mother #%$^&#! 

Then . . .

I shut off my TV and did laps around my living room as I went over all the reasons I should start blogging about The Bold and The Beautiful, or retirement, or gardening in New Jersey!

And that was when the increase of oxygen helped to clear my own brain, and I realized that this is THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS. 

When we heard that the Misters Carlivati and Valentini were taking over the reigns at GH, we pleaded with them not to turn our beloved characters into people we didn’t recognize.

Unfortunately, that is what just happened right before our very eyes!

Surely Jason Morgan would not be so much of a hypocrite that he would forget that he did the exact same thing when Carly was pregnant and he couldn’t tell her that Claudia was responsible for Michael being shot! Or that he made the choice for Sam when she was shot in his arms and he decided that his life was suddenly too dangerous for her. Or when he decided that Sam would be too heartbroken to hear the truth about the lie that Liz told him when she lied for months and let him believe Lucky was her baby bump’s father, so he turned around and kept that from her, too. Were those his choices to make?

And certainly Jason would never, ever use Carly against Sam to hurt her! Not when she just sat by his bedside, willing him to live for the 69874095708374598643598th time, all while pregnant with the baby she wanted more than anything, and was scared it might not have been his because she might have been raped by his enemy while on their honeymoon!

No way. No how.

The Jason Morgan I know would never hold Sam to such an impossibly high standard when he himself could not live up to it. And the Jason Morgan I know would never purposely hurt Sam with careless words. Not again. Not after all they’ve overcome to find their way back to each other and start the life together that makes each of their halves complete!

So, yes, I am still pissed, and yes – I want to draw blood. But I have reset my sights on a new target for my anger and frustration: The idiot(s) who actually wrote this new, emerging personality disorder Jason is dealing with.

Whoever it was, they realized THE TROUBLE WITH PERSONALITY DISORDERS for themselves when they got an earful from all of my own personalities.

  • They heard from the angry me, who refuses to be treated as though we should all have amnesia and not remember what our favorite characters are like.
  • They heard from the disappointed me, who trusted them to keep their word when they said they would honor the history of the characters on GH.
  • They heard from the me dealing with my anxiety disorder, who cannot stand idly by and watch the train wreck I fear is going to happen without screaming to get someone’s attention.
  • They heard from the emotional me, who is devastated at even the thought that our favorite couple could be written so drastically different that I feel as though they are lost.
  • And they heard from the teacher in me, who demanded that they do their homework, brush up on their history, and treat me with respect!

I am thinking that after all of that communication, they, like us, have now had their fill of personality disorders, too!

We can only hope!

YOUR HOMEWORK: Communicate, communicate, communicate! Let TPTB know exactly what’s on your mind – on all of your minds of all of your personalities. Silence is not an option here!

Much love from all of Me, Myself, and I,



8 responses

  1. Connie Hernandez

    Oh Angelique! After today’s show I just wanted to run to HOLY ANGELS church and give SAM a Hug AND SMACK JASON’S HEAD! And him asking Sam “how could you?” and telling to SAM’S face that maybe CARLY JUST knows him BETTER THAN HER was just UNACCEPTABLE TO HEAR FROM HIM! CARLY never KNEW WHAT SAM HAD TO GO THROUGH to save JASON! SCREAMING ,EVEN YELLING ,PRACTICALLY GOING DOWN ON HER KNEES BEGGING PATRICK TO SAVE JASON! ALL Carly cared about was to look good in JASON’S EYES! GRRRRR. I JUST HOPE THIS FIGHTING IS OVER SOON . SHEEEESH, IT’S GETTING TO ME .
    LOVE YOU ,

    March 20, 2012 at 2:02 am

  2. Gloria

    If this is how General Hospital is taking Jason and Sam then you have lost me as a watcher. After all they have been thru for Jason to act like a scum and to treat Sam lile that he deserve to be alone without Sam. He is a real dirtbag right now hey writers take a detour let them be happy.

    March 20, 2012 at 4:11 am

  3. Traveler

    Thanks for today’s Blog!! I have really missed reading your thoughts!!
    What can I say.. Other than I feel the same way!! Especially when it comes to:
    Carly – What a Self Serving Bitch!!
    Jason – Ouch. He’s breaking my heart right along with Sam’s.
    Sam – I dont think I could love her anymore than I do right now.
    Lets just hope Jason snaps out of this and realizes that Sam is the best thing that has ever happened to him!!
    Im hoping that the New PTB take your advice and do there homework.

    March 20, 2012 at 6:12 am

  4. samjase

    I cried. I shook. I seethed. I cried again. I have NEVER been more disgusted with Jason in my life. I couldn’t hate Carly more if I tried. I thought of the lies he was fed by Jake’s mother for MONTHS and not a word of anger towards her..and THEN IT DAWNED ON ME! He didn’t care about Elizabeth Webber. “Sam HAS THE POWER TO HURT HIM BECAUSE HE’S IN LOVE WITH HER”. This is what finally allowed me to let go a tiny bit of the hurt and anger I felt for Jason. I want you to know that when Jason tells Sam that he wasn’t “alone”, he was with Elizabeth…I won’t be able to handle it. HOW DARE THESE WRITERS DO THIS TO MY SAM. SOOOOOOOO ANGRY RIGHT NOW ALL OVER AGAIN.

    March 20, 2012 at 6:27 am

  5. Good Morning Anglique;
    I don’t know if RC wants us to hate Jason but if that is what he wants he certainly is achieving his purpose (almost). I could hardlycontrol my anger at the TV yesterday watching Jason be so cruel with Sam; this women who puts this man first in everything she has ever done; this women who laid her soul bare to Patrick to save her husband, begged, pleaded, prayed that Patrick would do the right thing because “he’s a good man”.
    When Jason told Sam that maybe Carly did know him better than she did; I totally dispised Jason at that moment and like you, I had to calm down and re-think this thing. I think that RC wants us to hate on Jason so that we would be more encouraged if Sam grows closer to John McBain and I’m sorry, but that is just not happening for me either. I want RC to go back to the drawing board and educate himself on the history of our couple because Jason Morgan would never have done and said the things he said to Sam. I’m still hoping this is some kind of test RC is putting us threw and that we don’t fail miserably! but at this point, I’m thinking that Sam deserves so much better than Jason!

    March 20, 2012 at 7:12 am

  6. Angelique,please,please send this to EVERYONE connected with GH, from Valenti to the janitors… are so right, right! If this is a sample of what they are planning, forget it! Sam becoming Jason’s punching bag is NOT what I see for their future. He was totally hateful to her yesterday, turning the knife, pouring salt in. The surgery changed his personality??? No, don’t buy it. And FW,liar supreme, is ok? Give me a break. McBoring is not for Sam..never. Every example you mentioned should be a wake up to Carlivati and Co. to LEAVE OUR COUPLE ALONE! Or the demise of GH will come sooner than they want it to.

    March 20, 2012 at 11:35 am

  7. Hazel Wyche

    Hi Jasammers,Angelique you always make me smile!
    I do not know where to start! Jason Morgan you have got to be kidding! After EVERYTHING Sam has been through because of your ass give me a break! How could you……….REALLY! If I asked the same of you I would be into next year plus before I would be 1/2 way complete! Sam you asshole has given you ALL she had no matter what! Carly is a piece of work and Jason you are Brained Damaged if after all this time you do not see it! If the new PTB think this ok its not! After all they have been through to get to this amazing point in their relationship you give them/us this! You may think its ok BUT believe me iT IS NOT! I was ok with Jason he was doing good by my girl until……………………Sam has always been my girl even when TPTB tried to trash her! It amazes me how they portray Liz as this Saint regardless of what she does or who she manipulates! But they leave Sam on a ledge without any support other than her husband who just acted like a Brat! If Sam gets support from how he just acted towards her I say about Dam Time! I hope someone anyone tells Jason Morgan about himself and lets him know how much of an Ass he is! I hope her Mom and sisters including Kristina rally around her with all they have. She did not deserve this not this time or last! Do not get it twisted! Jasam are my favorite couple ever!!!!! This kinda of chemistry is once in this lifetime! Angelique you are right to stay true to who they are and this was not it! I guess I got so upset because this is not the 1st time Jason has taken Sams Love for granted the spin on this is she is pregnant with his child! Carly,LIZ and even Robin have lied to him and Carlyand Liz multiple times.Everyone just kept saying how Jason does not like being lied to! So I guess that immediate scenario does not include himself! New writers,producer WHOEVER you are totally wrong on this one! Sam nor Jason or US deserved this! We should be smiling at how Jason is hovering all over Sam and their Twins to be named later! Not ready to go through the TV and kick Jason ass! Or is this why! Instead of giving us Love in the afternoon you are giving us this ANGST! Jason has done many,many things I have a problem with still!! But this I know he would never,ever treat Sam like that especially while she pregnant! Remember how protective he was with Liz when she was pregnant,so Sam does not deserve that and SO MUCH MORE……REALLY! As you can tell I am pissed! I just watched todays show and if Jason and Liz conversation is not truthful and on point I am going to LOOSE IT!!!!! For the die hard fans you know exactly what I mean! “you would not have lied to me…….I know thats why I didn’t come to see you”! Are you both delussional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!

    March 20, 2012 at 8:02 pm

  8. SamJasonsHeart

    Aloha Babe,

    I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I am at what I had to watch. It made me sick I can’t believe I am going to say this but at this moment I hate Jason and he does not deserve Sam. How dare he speak to her that way after all she has done for him over the years not to mention all the shit she has put up with for him.
    Now don’t get me wrong I love JaSam and always will but I am a Sam fan first and foremost. So if Jason wants to pull this crap and dump on my girl I say bring on McBain.. Jason needs to worry about his place in Sams life instead of her always wondering if he is going to walk away again!

    As for Carly well that bitch needs to die. Truth.. she wants Jason to know the truth well why doesn’t she tell him she is sleeping with the enemy.
    I am mad as hell about all the crap going down in PC.. If they destroy Sam and Jason again I’m done.. I won’t be able to watch the destruction of the best couple in daytime history again!

    Love and miss you tons.. We need to chat soon!

    March 21, 2012 at 1:27 am

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