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A COZY Sunday Drive Down Memory Lane

Happy Sunday, Gorgeous GHers!

Why a COZY Drive? Because I can barely “drive” from the layers and layers I am under!

As I type, I am wrapped in my plush blanket, wearing two pairs of pajamas and fuzzy socks, with a heating pad around my neck. I am trying to fight off the chills from the inside out – you know the kind that don’t really make it to the surface, but still feel like they’re all over? My eyes are burning, and I have a headache that just won’t quit! I am fighting something, and I am screaming at myself, “FIGHT HARDER! FIGHT HARDER!” 

I just don’t want to be sick, dammit! 😉

Don’t worry. This is the kind of drive that will keep you all safe from catching my germs! I PROMISE!

I will promise you something else – Jason and Sam will make you smile, and they will make you sniffle, but they will always, always leave you feeling happy! By the time I was done watching and posting them all, I almost forgot I felt like crap!

So, hold on, and enjoy!

Let’s start with a song we haven’t heard in way too long, and the last time we enjoyed a slew of happy memories!

“Just You & Me” Credit: JaSamFanForeverLove

“Arms” Credit: nishelle1983

“I Won’t Give Up” (The JaSam Mantra) Credit: jasamfan2007

“Lighters” Credit:lalachik

“Teenage Dream” Credit: CocoaGirlie4

“I Cross My Heart” Credit: aproditebeauty

“Proud Of You” Credit: lalachik

“I Know Where I Belong” Credit: ashleycramni

As always, it’s been wonderful to spend my Sunday with you all! 

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Much Love,




5 responses

  1. Boy am I happy to find something upbeat. I am ready to ignore the “spoilers” forever, for SPOILERS is what they are right now. They spoil our outlook for JaSam and make us wonder what the “new” AGENDA is for our couple. Honestly, Angelique, I hate it. And I am mad at myself for feeling like this, when I want to look forward to their happy life and their coming baby. Kick me, yell, do something, and take my apology in advance for not being encouraging. I want you to feel better, and hope you do. Take it easy, hot tea and honey, and know we love and respect you always. Much love….

    March 4, 2012 at 11:19 am

  2. Hazel Wyche

    Hi Jasammers,Feel better Angelique!
    Thru it all you still take the time to be here for us,Thank You!
    Another wonderful Sunday Drive! For all those who create this Videos it always amazes me!
    I MISS OUR JASAM!!!!!!!!!!!
    I too am concerned about the spoilers that are out there! All we can do is wait and see what happens! I just hope the new heads at GH know what we have always known about this once in a lifetime couple! They deserve some happiness and definitely need to be enjoying their Bundle(s) of Joy who are the way!! Please put a end to Franco! It was a s/l that never really had a good flow too many “holes”!!!! I have enjoyed the the recent shows lately but I am hoping Mr and Mrs Morgan are allowed to stay together BETTER than ever! Allow to be wonderful parents together!!

    March 4, 2012 at 8:20 pm

  3. Traveler

    Thanks for today’s Sunday Drive.. Special Thanks to all the JaSam Mvider’s!!! What a Great Drive….
    Hope you feel better soon!! xoxo

    March 4, 2012 at 11:29 pm

  4. Angelique..please take care of yourself.
    I read some posts that RC was going to make Sam more fiesty, give her more of a story, make her more of a lead character and not so much a supporting character. That he is going to also not shy away from Jason and Liz’s past relationship and have them in more scenes together. I really don’t care if he does (Jason and Liz) as long as Jason does not do anything to hurt Sam with Liz I can watch Liz and Jason’s friendship. Also I love to see them give Sam more of an upfront role and not so much always in the “shadow” of Jason. Whatever they do, I just hope they do not forget the love and beautiful magic of JaSam. Do not forget that fans have wanted to see Jason and Sam in a beautiful relationship for more than 8 years now. And most of us are still waiting for that Morgan family that we so desperately are waiting patiently for. I know Jason loves Sam, and his baby, I just want the world to know it and see it and watch it on my screen.

    March 5, 2012 at 10:30 am

  5. Karlene

    No getting sick!!! I just had the flu b/c the roommate decided to share it w/ me and it’s not fun!! Thank you for the wonderful drive and for the reminder that is the Beauty of GH. Stay well, friend.
    JASAM Love Always,

    March 5, 2012 at 9:35 pm

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