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TGIF, GHers!

I hope you are all looking forward to an awesome weekend!

Sometimes in life, we are faced with situations, or even people, that are HARD TO BELIEVE. No matter how we try, no matter how we deal or react, some things will remain downright HARD TO BELIEVE.

Holly Scorpio is one of those people who creates one of those situations that make her HARD TO BELIEVE. One really can’t blame Luke or Ethan for not believing a word out of her mouth, and even when they finally do, it won’t make it any easier for them to accept. How will Ethan feel when he finds out that Robin, not Lulu, was the sister he should have been getting to know all along? And how devastated will he be when he finds out that it’s too late for any of that? That Robin is gone? I’m not sure Holly would or should be forgiven. Her reasons for lying to Ethan and Luke were purely selfish, and no apology in the world can buy back time.

Robert Scorpio was a man on a mission unlike any other he’s ever taken on before. While every mission Robert takes on is dangerous, none will ever be as dangerous as this one was – to his heart. For Robert, the second he heard the devastating news from Anna, it was HARD TO BELIEVE that Robin could really be gone. “She doesn’t make mistakes,” he said to Anna. Robert could just not wrap his brain around the fact that something like her life’s work – saving people – could ever cost her her own life! I am not sure that it was intuition, or a long life of understanding that some things require proof beyond a reasonable doubt that caused Robert to need to see Robin’s remains, but I totally got it. It didn’t seem that anyone else got it, as poor Mac tried to protect his brother from seeing the one thing that would tear his heart out. Mac begging Robert to understand what Robin would have wanted, how he would know because he raised her for more years than Robert had, was heartbreaking, wasn’t it? It’s too bad that big brother still seems to have the upper hand when it comes to besting his little brother. Mac was down for the count, and by the time he could get himself together, it was too late. Robert was already inside and had locked the door behind him. Wow. Those were some spellbinding moments with Robert in the morgue, willing himself to lift the sheet and face his greatest fear. Tristan Rogers proved that he’s still got what it takes to scoop us all up and take us along a journey! I was in tears as he fell apart, and when he actually saw “Robin”, I lost it when she asked him where he was when she needed him most. I have convinced myself that the “Robin” everyone is seeing is really the voice of their own conscience – and isn’t it completely apropos that conscience would take on her form? Robert was struggling with the cold, hard truth that he had basically abandoned his daughter, and so when he saw “her”, that is what he had to face. I thought that moment where the hand was sticking out of the sheet, and “Robin” put it back under was brilliant! Robert was broken, and I am sure that so were most of us! Not many shows have the longstanding history and connection with a group of actors that have the power to reel us in and make us feel all the sadness they are. I am so proud of GH for finally capitalizing on that! Even when Anna got the tex message from Robert, where he told her he couldn’t do this, that he loved her, and good-bye, forced a lump into my throat all over again! Thanks, Mr. Rogers and Ms. Hughes, for being willing to come back and making this tragedy about the important things: family and love.  It’s what The Beauty of GH is all about.

Poor, poor Patrick. HARD TO BELIEVE doesn’t even begin to explain what he’s thinking right now. Literally – one minute he and Robin were happy and enjoying the prospects of a long, happy life together,and the next minute, Robin is gone, leaving him with very little to look forward to at all. It’s no wonder Patrick can’t stop crying. I loved hearing Patrick talk to Anna about Robin, and how she didn’t like him at first. Those were some classic moments, and it’s great when our favorite characters can look back and make us recall those moments right along with them. I also loved hearing Anna talk about Robin – reminding us all of the little girl we watched grow up right before our very eyes. It’s nice that Patrick actually has someone who feels the same, devastating loss that he does. I loved that Anna offered to help him break the news to Emma, and that she respected his decision to do it alone. I think Patrick and Anna have always had the kind of relationship most sons-in-law could only dream of.

I must tell you that what happened next at the Drake home really was more than just a little HARD TO BELIEVE for me. I get that Liz wanted to stop by and see her friend, Patrick, and to express her sincerest condolences, I really do. I get that she would give him a peck talk on how much Emma needed him. That’s where the “getting” stopped. I will never “get” what the hell Liz was thinking when Emma came into the room looking for her mom, and Patrick took his daughter in his arms and prepared to tell her the biggest thing he’ll ever tell her, and Liz didn’t wish him the best, and LEAVE. Perhaps is the writers wanted us to believe that Liz actually had some kind – any kind – of relationship with Emma, we might have been shown some of those moments. Even a warm hello at the hospital might have helped. But watching Liz watch Patrick and Emma during such a private moment, and then swooping in to add her (stupid) two cents only pissed me off! I was so upset by her intrusion that I nearly forgot to be devastated for Patrick and Emma! In fact, I had to go back and listen to Patrick talking to Emma before I actually got emotional again. Liz ruined the moment for me. (I bet that’s NOT HARD TO BELIEVE.) If anyone had to be there with Patrick, it should have been Anna, not this piranha, who can smell a vulnerable, suffering man as if he were bloody bait. Hey, Liz, how about you go home and deal with your own vulnerable, apparently freezing kids, who’ve already lost so much?

I am hoping Dr. Keenan gave up on trying to fix Liz’s furnace, and went instead to the hospital to try to find some information on any shooting victims brought in to the hospital, so that he could try to track down the woman who should be his newest patient. Kate is flicking personalities on and off faster than a light switch. She obviously needs help, and I don’t think it’s the kind Sonny (or his lovemaking) can provide. Kate’s mental instability makes her unable to stick to a decision about Sonny or their relationship, and I imagine that’s not the most dangerous of her decisions. Yes, Dr. Keenan needs to get to work on helping Kate – and fast!

Some of you may find this HARD TO BELIEVE but I am actually liking Johnny and Carly. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I’d always rather see John in amorous situations, and I always rather see Carly five miles from Jason and Sam. Unfortunately, now that Carly took the time to check the weather, if not check in on her children, and knows that Robin is dead, I have a feeling that The Morgans’ peace and quiet while Jason recuperates is over. Damn.

 It’s actually still a little HARD TO BELIEVE just how much I look forward to the next episode of General Hospital these days! HARD TO BELIEVE, but NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND WHY!



5 responses

  1. Trini

    GH Rocks Everyday. Must see TV. I really tried to find something good about Liz showing up at Patrick, but alas SHE JUST PISSED ME OFF. She is a predator and I really dislike her. Whenever she shows up around any man warning bells goes off – *maneateralert*

    March 2, 2012 at 9:45 am

  2. samjase

    If I didn’t know better…I swear we were separated at birth! You echo every single thought I had about Liz and her “support”. “Her freezing kids” cracked me up! OMG..hilarious. All your comments were so awesome! We’ve got a few icky moments coming up with our Jasam…but, hey…it’s Jasam..they’ll be “better than ok”! Love you!

    March 2, 2012 at 11:45 am

  3. Hazel Wyche

    Hi Jasammers,
    Even though I am enjoying GH’s rise above in extreme venue! I still miss Mr and Mrs Morgan! That being said I want to Thank Mr Rogers and Ms. Hughes for not only showing up but showing up in such great style! Anna has really made me feel her pain! Roberts guilt is eating him alive! As virtuous a man he has always been Robin and Anna have always been his “stone wall” he could not scale! Liz why bother,I am pretty sure I know why but they are always FORCING her down our throats! Shes just this wonderful giving Lady…….right in whos dream!
    Bravo GH! for allowing to Hold on a little tighter and longer! Please do not forget Jason,Sam and their Bundles of Joy and how long they(we) have waited for this!
    I am upset that Ethans Character is leaving GH! I like Ethan not the s/l he just got rescued from but I like his Character!

    March 2, 2012 at 11:37 pm

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for the Blog!!
    What a Great week this has been for GH… Oh the Drama!! I love it all, this is what Soaps are all about… This is the reason I started watching…
    Wow – Sam has had a really rough few weeks. Im looking forward to seeing her smile again… Im hoping sooner rather than later…
    Loving GH these days… But missing Jasam… Im missing the excitement of our long awaited JaSam Baby. Again… Im hoping for sooner rather than later……

    Speaking of awesome weekends…Im totally looking forward to Sat Night… WooHoo – Hubby is taking me to see Pork Chuck!! 🙂 How cool is my Hubby.. Taking me to go see by Boyfriends.. He,he,he,he!!

    March 3, 2012 at 12:56 am

  5. Liz being there with Patrick and giving Emma some kind of “fish” story, was hard to watch. I just wanted her to leave and go home to her own kids for a change. I loved how Sam stood up to Carly and I want to see more of this take charge attitude from Sam. Don’t undersand how Carly would not see how Sam is just trying to make sure Jason is OK before breaking this terrible news to him. And talking about she is going to give Jason “what he needs” is just plain old stupid Carly at her worse!
    Sam goes thur the pain of trying to get Patrick to save Jason’s life and Carly swoops in as usual to “be by his side”.Ugh!

    March 5, 2012 at 11:04 am

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