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“I’m Finally Interested”…

Good morning, GHers!

Am I the only one concurring with Hells?

It was as though the devil whose henchmen wear Nada read my mind when she swatted at Ethan’s arm and said, “Ssshhh! I’m Finally Interested!” because that is exactly how I’ve been feeling about General Hospital lately. Up until very recently, the only thing that kept me tuning in daily was my favorite couple of all time, and when they weren’t on, I found myself vacuuming, doing laundry, watering plants, or even dozing off while GH was on.

Not anymore.

Listen up, Mr. Carlivati! You have got my attention, and “I’m Finally Interested!”

Port Charlesians are probably on the same wavelength as me, as it seems even they are finally interested in what’s going on around them for a change! I have been so excited to see our favorites interacting with people all over the canvas, no longer just those inside their inner circle, or inside their own apartment!

This is exciting stuff for GH, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I PITY THE FOOL NOT WATCHING GH RIGHT NOW!

The mystery surrounding Wyndemere had failed to garner my interest since Nikolas Cassadine left Port Charles. The storyline surrounding Cassandra bored me nearly to tears almost as much as the weeks and weeks of wet footprints, bare feet and chests, and white hemlines running around the castle. Even when Helena was back most recently, having her slink around the tunnels and not engage anyone in her venomous threats was a waste of my time and Ms. Towers’ talent. Now that Helena is back, and the writers actually bothered to explain Luke’s latest disappearance, I feel that Spoon Island is rockin’ again! Add to that the fact that Holly Scorpio is back long enough to tell Luke the truth about Ethan, and hopefully long enough to cross paths with her old love, Robert, and oh, YES! “I’m Finally Interested!”

The last couple of times Robert and Anna were in town, they barely said three sentences per week. nd if they did, they obviously weren’t memorable sentences,  as I cannot remember anything they said or did. Yet, in the first five minutes of their return this time, they had me glued to the television. “I’m Finally Interested!” Let me take a moment to congratulate the new team on using not only flashbacks so intelligently to pull at our heartstrings, but having Anna sit there looking at pictures of her and Robin from years ago was so damned perfect! Robert and Anna had me tearing up, and had me going way back in my head to my favorite moments o them as a family over the years. Good stuff!

My interest in Kate and Sonny has varied from somewhat interested to yawning fits, but I have to admit that just when I thought I couldn’t take one more D.I.D. storyline, Kate goes and gets about as intriguing as the character has ever been for me! “I’m Finally Interested!” I love the whole “letting her hair down” thing whenever she is about to take on her other persona! And I loved that she was running around in her bloody wedding dress – it was like Carrie 2: The Wedding! I think this storyline and the possibilities it brings to GH is something to anticipate, and  cannot wait to se the direction in which Mr. Carlivati takes it! I think Liv being the one to notice Connie’s unraveling is brilliant, as it gives Olivia more to do than occasionally meddle in her son’s lie, or in Steve’s big secret. This is gettin’ good!

One thing you may not know about me is that the recent storylines involving Starr Manning while on One Life To Live didn’t really grab my attention. However, since she came riding into PC, I cannot wait to see what happens next involving he Manning Brattess and our new and improved Michael.  “I’m Finally Interested!” In fact,believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to her parents turning up and setting off a n exciting new chain of events that will shake up PC!

While nothing about Liz interests me, I do find myself oddly drawn to Ewan Keenan scenes. There’s something about him that makes me want to know what he does next! While he certainly has a physique worth seeing more than once, I was really getting tired of seeing only his feet, ankles, or chest. I’m not sure if it’s the way the actor is playing the character, or if it’s actually the actor’s way, but there is a soothing quality to his voice, making him truly believable as a therapist. “I’m Finally Interested!” While I am not sure what he finds so interesting in Nurse Webber, just having him stand in her house made the scene tolerable to me. I am pulling for this character. I hope they make him a permanent fixture in PC! Lord knows, no other career is more needed in Port Charles!

Sonya Eddy is one of my favorites. I like everything she brings to the character of Epiphany, but I gotta LOVE the dialogue Ron Carlivati has FINALLY brought Nurse Johnson! This is what I a talking about when I say that GH has finally gotten what it is about the CBS soaps that make them say at the top! On those soaps, every character counts! Every character has a personality, and something to contribute to the stories on the canvas because everyone is written for! On Young and Restless, even Esther and Mamie has significant storylines, and they were just the maids! What a novel idea! On Bold and th Beautiful, Megan, Ridge’s assistant, has always had dialogue because the Bells obviously understand that even the “little people” contribute to daily life. 🙂 Gh has always failed miserably at that – until now! Watching people who don’;t usually have a voice finally be given one to not only exercise their acting chops, but to contribute significantly to the story being told, has been really rewarding to me as a viewer. “I’m Finally Interested!” because nothing  feels like “fluff” anymore! *Applause* for Mr. Carlivati and Mr. Valentini! This is definitely a recipe for success! Epiphany’s talk with Patrick was both emotional and sensical. Epiphany has used her muscle around GH’s doctors to get them to do exactly what she wants for years! How moving to watch her use that influence over “Drake, Jr.” to  get him to get it together! Pure genius!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have sincerely and sorely missed the magical scenes between Jason and Sam as a couple. Certainly, the show feels a little emptier without The Love In The Afternoon they exemplify so beautifully. However, as a fan of the character of am since day one, I have to say that it has been a great thing to see Sam expand her adult interactions. “I’m Finally Interested!” in what Sam is doing outside of her interactions with Jason  because she is FINALLY being given something more!  Thank goodness! Kelly Monaco is one of those people who seems to form an instant connection with the person she’s working with, and while Kelly and Steve scenes are by far my favorite, I, for one, am happy that she isn’t offscreen whenever Steve Burton isn’t working! This is the way to connect people on the canvas! I am genuinely impressed!

“I’m Finally Interested!” in upcoming storylines instead of just enduring them! I am so excited for General Hospital and where it’s headed right now, that I can barely stand to wait for the next episode!

THAT should say it all!




2 responses

  1. Traveler

    Thanks for another Great Blog!!
    WooHoo – Helena said it best!! We are FINALLY interested in EVERYTHING GH!! Like you.. I cant wait until the next episode!!
    OMG – Seeing the Robin Flashback from 1985!! Totally had me crying like a baby!!! I remember that scene almost like it was yesterday..
    Now… I cant say I was happy when it aired the first time. You see, I was a HUGE Robert/Holly Fan.. And was not happy when Anna and Robin came to town…. However… That doesnt take away from the years that Robin has been a part of my life… Oh the History!! *Tears*
    Hoping for some JaSam scenes soon. As much as Im loving GH these days… The Morgans are still my #1 reason for watching!!

    March 1, 2012 at 9:22 pm

  2. Hazel Wyche

    Hi Jasammers,
    I Love Flashbacks! Thank You GH! Anna,Robert and Robin brought tears to my eyes! It was a nice visit to a History Lesson!
    I absolutely LOVED the scene between Patrick and Epiphany. It was a true testimony to Epiphanys no nonsense style of caring for those at GH. It was Epiphany who finally got through to Patrick and it was a great scene to watch!
    GH definitely has turned a corner!
    As much as I have enjoyed GH I miss my Jasam!

    March 1, 2012 at 11:11 pm

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