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And Just Like That…

Good morning, GHers.

My sleep patterns are completely off again, so I’m sorry for the irregular posts.

Once again, General Hospital seemed to make the hour FLY BY, and I couldn’t even believe that it was over when I saw the credits on my screen!

There is so much going on in Port Charles! Blink, and you may mis something! We have undergone some BIG changes over at out favorite soap, AND JUST LIKE THAT…it is MUST SEE TV!

Funny how that happens sometimes, isn’t it? How sometimes things take time – may even take a while, and yet, other times, things happen JUST LIKE THAT.

That was the case in PC, for sure.

One minute, we were all watching our regular Port Charles residents going about their daily lives and messes, and then suddenly, we’re watching Starr and NuCole come riding through Port Charles with Baby Hope in tow. For a second, I didn’t even process that here were three new characters to PC. The instant recognition of Starr as herself just felt normal instead of completely out of the ordinary, and I realized that it felt “right”. Then the cruel realities of mob life in PC came barreling into poor Starr and her family, and JUST LIKE THAT, her ONE LIFE will never be the same again.

For Michael, I would think accidents are quickly becoming all too familiar. MIchael’s quick and reaction and genuine concern for Starr made me prouder of Michael by the second! I would think Abby would be extremely proud as well. Michael put forth his best effort to keep his promise to Starr, even though I would bet that promise was more about Abby than anything. Michael acted selflessly and bravely, and those are two traits we hadn’t seen much of  in Michael over the years. I say better late than never. Michael didn’t just walk away from Starr. He took her to GH himself, and made sure she got the care she needed. And, JUST LIKE THAT, Michael will have a whole new LIFE TO LIVE. I find I am actually looking forward to Michael becoming involved with a girl like Starr, with a family so much like his.

Spinelli is the kind of person that everyone needs at least one of in their lives. His loyalty goes beyond what anyone would expect in a relationship like the one he has had with Maxie. Why Maxie would be willing to trade that in for the indifference, distrust, and low expectations she can expect from Matt, I will never understand. It broke my heart that Spin was trying so hard to avoid breaking Maxie;s heart with the news of Robin’s death, and JUST LIKE THAT, Maxie spit out that she needs him to move out, and broke his. Yet, Spin remained undeterred from his mission, which was to help Maxie deal with the devastating blow, even when she told him to leave. Just another striking difference between him and Matt – Maxie can’t seem to get Matt to stay, even though she is always asking him to stay; and she can’t get Spin to leave, even though she’s always asking him to leave.

I have to make a confession, and since I am not Catholic, I can easily make the confession to all of you. Helena managed to do the one thing I had longed to do for the past few months. Given the opportunity, I would have shot The Lady In White character without a second thought as well. 😉 While I found it quite disturbing that even a cold snake like Helena could so easily take the life of her own daughter, I just never cared enough about this storyline to be affected either way. I am just glad it’s over, and that JUST LIKE THAT, the focus has moved back  to characters we actually know and care about. 

Patrick is walking a dangerous line…not just with me, but ethically and personally as well.  Patrick is a doctor first and foremost, and the oath he took as a doctor makes it fundamentally wrong for him to even entertain the thought that he will make Jason pay for Robin’s death with his own. Personally, Patrick knows that Anna was right, and that Robin would never forgive him for not doing everything in his power to save her friend, and the one reason hers and Patrick’s lives ever crossed in the first place. I am not usually a fan of ghost storylines, but I have to say that the use of Robin’s ghost has been smart and effective for the scenes chosen. JUST LIKE THAT, the people she chooses to show herself to are made to see things from her perspective. A control freak ghost? I LOVE how true to character that is!


Is it me, or has poor Sam been wearing that blazer for almost a month? I seem to have lost track of how many days have actually gone by, but if wardrobe is one of the areas affected by cost-saving measures, I would like Mr. Valentini to know that I could have Karina dress Sam for a fraction of the cost, and she will always look adorable. I just need Sam to have a change of clothes more often, please! (This is where Maxie’s friendship might have come in handy, since she knows that Jason has been in the hospital, and therefore, so is Sam!) However, if I am to be thankful about something, it is that the writers seem to have remembered that Sam and Sonny once shared a very close bond, especially when it came to loving Jason. I was so glad to see that Sonny went to the hospital to check in with Sam, and that he was there to offer her his support, as well as to seek some from her, when there seems to be no one else to offer it to him. I was grateful that Sam finally got to give voice to what has been burdening her, and that she got to unload her fears about Jason’s survival. Sometimes, it’s not until we voice our biggest fears that they lose some of their power over us. I also ADORED the fact that Sonny was able to give Sam, and so many of the more recent viewers some of the crucial history of his and Robin’s unique relationship, and their relationship with Jason. I think it made huge strides in undoing some of that stupidity of Sonny going over to Robin’s with a gun, and shooting Robin by mistake with Emma in the house. I also think it showed that Robin’s loyalty to Sonny over the years truly made sense, even if not to Patrick. It was a beautiful moment when Sonny shared the memory of the tiny Christmas tree with Sam, and it made her smile, but actually watching the memory in a flashback made all of us smile, too. With a history as rich as GH’s, flashbacks are the golden key to helping newer viewers form bridges to the stories they may have missed. WIthout those bridges, so many things don’t make as much sense. While I loved all of the reminiscing Sonny did about Robin, I still would have to say that my favorite moment between Sonny and Sam was when she told him she was pregnant, and they shared a moment. A moment of not just joy – but a shared memory of  the last time Sam was pregnant, and the pain they both experienced when the pregnancy ended with the loss of their daughter. Sam and Sonny have shared so much over the past eight years, and though so much of what they shared was about Jason and their love for him, it was still something shared, and something special. It only makes sense that they would share moments like this at times like this. And JUST LIKE THAT, connections that took years to establish were reestablished, all because of really good writing and a revisiting of really great history. You’ve gotta love that!

JUST LIKE THAT, General Hospital is the best it’s been in ages!

However, we know that also JUST LIKE THAT, it could be taken away from us forever! Make sure you are doing your part to keep GH Alive!




4 responses

  1. I am so sorry your sleep is disturbed….nothing is worse than being overtired and not getting rested. Hang in there.
    So glad you continue to support GH and encourage everyone to do so. Twitter is full of negative stuff,particularly one person who just rags on it every day. Asking them to cool it is a waste, just gets you a nasty reply.
    So hope real fans continue to watch, and also that our JaSam get some happy days soon. Take care…blessings………

    February 29, 2012 at 11:39 am

  2. Traveler

    Thanks for the Great Blog!!
    Right now.. I am one Happy GH’er!! Normally Im usually a pretty Happy JaSammer.. Which of course I still am… To be honest I cant remember the last time I was such a Happy GH’er… Ive been LOVING every episode for the past week!!! Now.. If I could just figure out how to slow down the hour its on… It just goes by way too fast!!
    ICAM about Starr.. She really does seem to “Fit” right in. Im looking foward to “Mist” (Micheal/Starr) story….
    With Robin leaving.. And with Starr coming… Its a great way for ABC to carry on with a character most of us saw grow up on TV!! Oh the history.. Gets me all teary eyed…..
    *Sighs* Patrick and Sam!! What an emotional roller coaster… Im a SamFF (Period)!! Team Sam all the for me!!
    Doesnt mean my heart doesnt ache for Patrick, because it does!! Its just a bit hard for me to watch him take out his grief on Our Sam. She is just trying to fight for Jasons life.
    WooHoo – Flashbacks!! Hope this is the start of more to come!!

    Hope you get caught up on your sleep!! xoxoxo

    February 29, 2012 at 7:09 pm

  3. Hazel Wyche

    Hi Jasammers and GH’ers!
    I think Traveler said it best! I too have always been a fan of our favorite couple and i held on to GH with all my might. Just waiting for the “tides to turn” so to speak! At this moment it seems they have! I too enjoyed the connection between Sonny and Sam! Again we saw why we love this character so! Even though Sonny can be a pain in the ass and selfish as all hell! Sam has always been the type of person who will not kick you when your down or lost! I thought it was intersesting she asked Sonny why he let Jason into “the Business”??!! Michael and Starr,hmmmm!!
    Maxie is going to turn around one day and Spinelli will not be there! He is a good man very much more than Matt!
    If the new heads at GH want to use Flashbacks to tell a story they may want to start using them for Mr and Mrs Morgan and their INCREDIBLE Love Story! Helena is one crazy person! And she proved just how dangerous she is! To have your own child shot because……………she turned the tables on you……..really! Back to the Flashbacks they were a great and enjoyable surprise!
    How many times did Robin tell Patrick he was not the Almighty One who could choose Life or Death just because he is a an exceptional Dr.?

    February 29, 2012 at 8:50 pm

  4. dawn

    I LOVED Sam and Sonny! Thought it was brilliant and very long overdue. I have a soft spot for Sonny’s and Jasons brotherly friendship; I find that looking back at the past adds depth and reality to our characters lives on GH.

    The show is AWESOME now, I feel like I am watching fantastic actors that are evoking real emotions from me. This has not happened in a very long time.


    March 1, 2012 at 7:41 am

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