Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching



If someone had asked me just a couple of weeks ago if I could see General Hospital making such a drastic 180, I sadly would have had to say,


Not that I am complaining that it HAS turned around so completely, it’s just that I would have thought that it would have taken a little longer, or been more gradual! Who knew that seemingly overnight our GH could undergo such a transformation?

We are watching General Hospital FINALLY do wat the Big Boys over on CBS have been doing for years…theyare writing for EVERYONE on the canvas, and EVERYONE is BRINGING IT!

If you go back and watch yesterday’s episode, would you be able to say only that the show was one of the following:  Intense, Emotional, Compelling, or Funny?



GH is on FIRE right now! And I pity the fool who isn’t watching!

Robin’s death, unlike the explosion she was involved in, has had ripple effects throughout the hospital. And soon those ripple effects will be felt throughout Port Charles.

I would like to think that though my own mother is not a secret spy, and works valiantly at a government agency that protects children, instead of government secrets, she would handle a tragedy like the one Anna is facing with the same brave face. It’s an amazing thing to watch a strong woman try to deal with the unthinkable, and Anna Devane is nothing if not strong. However, if you ask Anna if she ever could have imagined a scenario like the nightmare she is living through, of course,  “THE ANSWER IS NO.” I felt myself taking the emotional roller coaster ride with her a she went from brave to vulnerable, from devastated to practical, and back again. She refuses to fall apart, and refused to let Mac get sidetracked in his own grief by having to hold her up. She is standing on her own two feet, and she is thinking clearly, even if when alone, she ha to lean on a door for strength to keep from crumbling. As destroyed as she is, the one thing Anna is not doing is losing sight of who Robin was, and what she stood for. I am so thankful she happened upon Patrick and Sam, just as Sam was begging for her husband’s life. I am counting on her to be The Voice of Reason.

I have ben a fan of John J. York since Mac had an accent. I think Mac is a standup guy, who is a really good influence on a lot of people. I also think his character has been underappreciated and underused. Watching him fill up the scene with all of that emotion when Anna told him about Robin gave me the chills. His reaction to the news was absolutely riveting! If you ask me if I could bear to look away during any of it, and “THE ANSWER IS NO.” Mac reacted as any father would, and let’s be fair: Mac has been Robin’s father in every way that counts! Watching him go through the same stages as Anna broke my heart. There was denial, more denial, angry denial, shock, heartbreak, and then more anger, as he absorbed just how unfair it is that a life with so much promise and fulfillment ahead could be cut so short. While I know that Mac’s anger and rage may have been misplaced, his lashing out at Sonny was understandable. As a dad, he had to question how it could be that someone like Sonny, who lives a life of danger and violence, could be standing in that hospital alive – stitched up for the umpteenth time, while his Robin, who lived a life of giving back and healing others, is gone. That was a tough moment to watch, but oh so worth it! It was great TV!

Sonny, Sonny, Sonny. One would think that a tragedy like Robin’s death would make him take a moment to ponder the possible consequences of heading out in the middle of the night, with a gun in tow, to deal with an enemy. Yes, one would think, but “THE ANSWER IS NO.” The last time Sonny was like this, he ended up at Robin’s house, and she ended up shot, in front of Emma. Already, it’s been a rough night for Sonny. His attempt at being perceived as Mr. Benevolence as he raised money for pulmonary research, and in the process scoring points with his firstborn, was shot to hell – just like he almost was, while taking a bullet for Dante. His girlfriend had her third nervous breakdown of the evening, and broke things off with him after handing him an ultimatum that he just couldn’t handle. And finally, he learned of the death of a faithful, loyal friend in what sounded a lot like finger-pointing. All of that sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, but when it comes to Sonny, he’s a little hard of hearing, I guess. *shakes head*

Speaking of Kate, that was THIS WEEK’S WTF MOMENT!Vanessa looked at me and asked, “This is not like when Monica, Phoebe and Rachel put on the wedding dresses, right?” Ummm, my dear, sweet girl, “THE ANSWER IS NO.” In fact, this is unlike anything I could have expected! I thought Kate was just coming to terms with looking at the dress again, (though I still cannot understand why she would still have it!) I had no idea she could handle putting it back on, digging out her veil, and wearing it out of the house! Wow, wow, wow. If your mouth was not hanging open like mine was, then I just don’t know! I guess we should all be thankful that the sexy Dr. Keenan has finally gotten a storyline worth pursuing!

Perhaps when Dr. Keenan finally gets back to the hospital, after admitting Kate to Shadybrook, he can insist on Patrick getting some emergency grief counseling. Even with all of his insistence, I am almost positive that for Patrick, “THE ANSWER IS NO.” Patrick will of course think that he can handle his grief, and that he will be fine, but he is so wrong. Listen, I get that Patrick is angry and devastated, and completely lost without his wife, but then he should take the time to go find himself. Find a quiet place, or an open field (all that rage needs a big place) and let it all out – even the stuff he was afraid to feel at first. The nagging feeling that Robin chose Jason over him when it counted most. Of course, I don’t think she chose Jason over Patrick; but I do I think she chose wanting to save Jason over Patrick. As noble a profession as being a healer is, Robin’s final decision was flawed, and it will have far-reaching consequences for  those she left behind. Even for Jason, as it appears Patrick is hell-bent on making sure that Jason doesn’t live any longer than Robin.

Sam is going on pure adrenaline right now. Once again, Sam is fighting for Jason’s only chance to stay alive. Isn’t this a familiar theme between these two? It seems they are always fighting for the other to stay around because they cannot imagine a life without each other. Sam tried to appeal to Patrick on every possible level – as Robin’s husband needing to honor what she gave her life for, as a husband facing life without the love of his life, as a parent, as a doctor, and finally as a woman desperately begging for the life of the man she loves. It was quite a (literal) journey, as Sam not only kept after Patrick with her words, but crossed the entire nurses’ station as she pleaded with him. Kelly Monaco also took us on quite a journey because she never fails to make the audience feel exactly what it is Sam is feeling: hope, shock, desperation, anger, disbelief, and absolute anguish as Patrick looked at her, and said, “THE ANSWER IS NO.” I even went as far as feeling rage for her when Patrick turned around and suddenly slammed his hand down on the counter, making Sam jump back. All I could think was how all of this is affecting our Baby Morgan! *sigh* Sam finally had to leave Patrick to his own conscience, and to his mother-in-law, but I don’t doubt for a second that Sam isn’t done fighting for Jason’s life. She will move heaven and earth to keep him alive, and that never fails to move me to tears.

General Hospital is at the best its been in years! Make sure you are spreading the word, and that we are all doing our part to make people want to tune back in. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, message boards, or simple face to face communication with friends and family, let’s be sure to spread the excitement about how HOT GH is again!

If you are wondering if I have any doubt that GH can be saved,

Let’s Do This!




7 responses

  1. Christie

    The past few days of watching GH I have been wanting more. They have been on their A game. Kelly Monaco, Jason Thompson, and John York were all amazing in yesterday’s episode. I hope the show keeps this up.

    February 24, 2012 at 10:51 am

    • I agree Christie; the past few days have been fantastic for GH and between Kelly Monaco and Jason Thompson and John York there certainly was no “weak linK”. Kudos!

      February 24, 2012 at 1:44 pm

  2. Bella,

    My High Priestess of Words.

    Thanks for always having an amazing view of GH world….and giving my Jasam sanity back with every post.

    As they say in the old country Bravissima!!!

    February 24, 2012 at 10:58 am

  3. I absolutely loved Sam McCall yesterday. I thought she was the best that she has been in a long, long time and I loved seeing her fighting for her man. Their comfontation was riviting and I could not have taken my eyes off my screen if someone had yelled “FIRE”!..these are the scenes that make me love GH and want to sit and watch it everyday!
    This is what i’m talking about! KeMo “served it up” yesterday and kudos to her because I felt every emotion that she had from pain, to disbelief to shock to finally leaving Patrick with “you are a good man and will do the right thing”. Kelly Monaco “RAWKED” her scenes!!
    I can’t wait for more and as you said..”I pity the fool whose not watching”!!

    February 24, 2012 at 1:41 pm

  4. Traveler

    Thanks for another Wonderful Blog!!
    Wow – What a week this has been in Port Charles!! *Claps hands*
    OMG – JT and KeMo “Rocked” those scenes on Thursday. I must have watched them at least a dozen times. Oh the Drama!! I Love it!!!!
    This is the first time I’ve been excited about GH as a whole in a long time. Normally I only get excited about JaSam.. But this week I was excited about the whole show for the most part….
    Now… I will say I missed seeing Jason the past few days.. But since Sam was all about saving his life.. It was almost like he was there.
    Sidenote: I can NEVER get too much JaSam… Looking forward to some JaSam scenes next week….

    February 24, 2012 at 7:17 pm

  5. alwaysaromantic

    Hi Jasammers,
    I am jumping on the band wagon too! The writing has been so on point this week. And the way the story flowed you could not believe a hour had passed. Anna Devane is stepping up for her daughter and what she stood for! I wanted to reach in and hug her and Sam both for entirely different reasons! As much pain these 2 woman are in they still stepped up to the plate for those they Love. Anna for Robin and Sam for Jason! Sam has always been able to make feel her emotions both good and bad! When she told Patrick she would gravel(sp) at his feet if she though it would change his mind! I was undone! GH has turned a corner and they are fighting back! I am proud they did not throw the towel in! We cannot foresee what will happen to GH down the rode but we can stay Positive and Supportive! This was a great GH week all the way around!
    Now give Jason and Sam some Joy,Happiness about there little bundle to come! I still want Twins!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You Angelique for everything!!!!!

    February 24, 2012 at 11:07 pm

  6. Sonia

    Thanks yea I feel for Sam begging Patrick.. Yea Kelly rock she put everything in those scenes

    February 26, 2012 at 11:01 pm

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